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    Figure and Vehicles Update!

    More Overhauled Figures, and New Figure and Vehicle Archives!...

    To insure your action figure collection, get in touch with our sponsor Collectibles Insurance.

    We're working overtime to get as much done before the Retaliation toys hit!

    Cobra (1982)
    Flash (1982)
    Cobra (v1.5) (1983)
    Flash (v1.5) (1983)
    Baroness (1984)
    Cobra Commander (v2) (1984)
    Annihilator (1989)
    Dee-Jay (1989)
    Rock & Roll (v2) (1989)
    General Hawk (v3) (1993)
    Cobra Dice (v2) (2013)
    Kim Arashikage (v2) (2013)

    For the Vehicles:

    Ninja Speed Cycle (2012)
    Wheel Blaster Bike (2012)
    Iron Assault Bike (The Avengers - 2012)

    Let us know what you think!

    For a great selection of G.I. Joe and military-themed action figures, comics and collectibles, check out SmallJoes.com, Guru Planet, BigBadToyStore.com, MonkeyDepot.com, BriansToys.com, and ToyWiz.com.
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    Looks really great but you may want to experiment with the DOF (Depth Of Field) on your camera as the focus is sometimes too shallow (weapons slightly out of focus on those "All Geared Up" photos). I am using a DOF calculator on my Iphone to make sure I have enough depth on my photos for my own site
    Best Regards

    Check out http://www.action-force.dk if you want to see my GI Joe/Action Force collection
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    It's called being artistic
    Quote Originally Posted by skinny View Post
    Don't You Go Injecting Reality Into My Fantasy


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