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    Hello everyone, my name is Maeve! I'm a fan of classic cartoon and the Marvel comics, and I'm very interested in creating stories about G.I. Joe. Nice to meet you.

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    Right on Maeve! Glad you're here. We've got a few good threads in the Customs and Fan Creations section where you can share your Joe stories. Can't wait to see them!!
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    Hello again YoJoe. I was active on the boards in the early 2000's and have made my way back. I can see a lot has changed but also stayed the same over the past decade. Anyone remember me? I would like to reconnect with some of the great people on the board. Chris

    PS: Ignore the Have and Want Lists below until I have time to update them. Thanks!!!

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    New subscriber to the site, worth the $3 a month. Played G.I Joes my entire childhood since the first ones came out. Recently I have been obsessing with G.I Joe and have been buying up Joes and Vehicles on Ebay and looking for Stores in my area and buying there too. Every morning I watch one episode of G.I Joe cartoons while getting ready for work starting with Season 1 Episode 1 on watchcartoonsonline.com. As I kid I could never finish a G.I Joe cartoon in the morning because I had to leave the house to catch my school bus. I have a to learn about collecting but I mainly collect because of my love of the toys. Seeing G.I Joes bring back so many childhood flashbacks.

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    Welcome to all newbies!!!!!
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    Hello everyone, I'm Karl from When It Was Cool. I've been collecting G.I. Joe action figures since they first appeared on toy shelves in 1982. My first G.I. Joe comic book as Marvel's issue 7 and my first action figure was Clutch (straight arm) with the V.A.M.P.

    I've lurked around here for years, just now finally signing up. Thank you.


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