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    Big News in Optimus Prime #3, GI Joe #2 & ARAH #236 + More

    Marissa Faireborn is asked to join GI Joe by ......

    In Optimus Prime #3, the GI Joe and Transformers world has finally had an in comic confirmation that Flint is Marissa's father. Marissa Faireborn first appearance was in the Transformers cartoon episode "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1", September 15th 1986. The only confirmation before this was on the 20th Anniversary edition Transformers The Movie DVD commentary by creator Flint Dillie.

    Finally a mystery has been solved at least for just the IDW continuity.

    First we have the A Real American Hero #236

    GI Joe A Real American Hero #236
    Stalker, Storm Shadow and Zap continue their mission fighting with Quad Blue Ninja to get to Red Lazer. Bombstrike and Black Major put an end to their personal war with Tunnel Rat, Alpine, Torpedo and Leila coming in support her.

    See all of IDW section Revolution related series. http://www.yojoe.com/comics/idw/

    Flint recruits Marissa into GI Joe to help Scarlett run the Earth Defense Command (EDC). They have a sit down meeting face to face with Thundercracker and Chameleon waiting outside. The EDC is analyzing the Junkicons ship. And Optimus Prime is on Cybertron talking to the Council of Worlds about Earth.

    GI Joe Series

    GI Joe #2
    Roadblock, along with Doc, Rock 'n' roll, Quick Kick and Cover Girl, go to Mongolia to investigate Dreadnok activity. Gung-Ho and Lady Jaye are undercover in Greece. And Scarlett kind of has a meal with secret captive.

    Micronauts #9
    No GI Joe Crossover. But Miles Mayhem of MASK does make an appearance.

    The new Reconstruction logo will be appearing on issues connected to the Revolution crossover.

    Revolution takes place in the "IDW Continuity", which is the continuity that was started by IDW in 2009 (not the ARAH comics Larry Hama currently writes). Also for all of the Transformers series, the "IDW Transformers Generation 1" continuity, which began in 2005, is now directly connected to GI Joe through the Revolution crossover. GI Joe characters will be appearing directly in many of these crossover titles.
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