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    50% off! Final Clearance of GI Joe Collection for sale. Last few items!

    Ok, here's the deal. This is the very last of my collection. Please see the list below. You may deduct 50% OFF ALL LOOSE ITEMS! That's half off everything! All unopened items are bolded and are 33% off. The minimum purchase required is $25. This is the last thread I will post for my collection. Thanks for looking

    50% off everything below:

    LINK 1185762no5's photosets on Flickr

    Sorted below by year. See pictures.

    1982-1986 loose GI Joes for sale
    No accessories
    Zanzibar c7: $6
    Iceberg c75: $4
    Torpedo c8: $5

    1987-1989 Joes
    Pictures: 1987-1989 GI Joes: Loose - a set on Flickr
    Blizzard: Missing snowshoes and handles $8
    Hardball: complete $10
    Snake Eyes: missing nunchuck pole $9
    Budo: $10
    Lightfoot: missing belt $10
    Slaughters Marauders Mutt: has mask $7
    Slaughters Marauders Lowlight: broken thumb and missing gun stock $6
    Shockwave: pack (and broken gun) $10
    Sneak Peak: has tower $5
    Slaughters Renegades (no Mercer: sold): broken thumbs on Reddog, 1 pack $10 for remaining 2
    Tiger Force Dusty: nothing, broken crotch $2
    Deep Six: nothing $3
    Psyche Out: Pack missing 1 antenna and gun $5
    Blizzard 2: Both guns, helmet, one ski, pack and Canadian filecard: $7
    Blizzard 3: Helmet and pack: $4

    1990s GI Joes for sale
    Pictures: 1990-1994 GI Joes: Loose - a set on Flickr

    Red Star: No missile launcher or missile $9
    SciFi: Complete $12
    Sonic Viper army x2: $15 each (no accessories, 2 of 8 figures still available)

    Shockwave: nothing $4
    Roadblock: missile $5
    Heavy Duty: missile $3
    Sonic Cobra Commander: Nothing: $5
    Destro: gun only: $5

    33% off everything below:

    Vintage unopened figures and vehicles:
    Pictures: Unopened GI JOES For Sale - a set on Flickr

    MOC Vehicle Gear Accessory Pack #1 x2: $8 each

    Convention/Mail-away Hawk x10 mint in bag: $15 each
    Moc and MISB Real American Hero 2000-2002

    BigBen and Whiteout $10
    Low light and Surefire $25
    Snake Eyes and StormShadow $13

    2005 Direct To Consumer: Wave 1 Sealed Case (8 moc): $106
    Flickr: 1185762no5's Photostream

    View my flickr album for other 80s toys and video games for sale!

    Please PM me here, through flickr, Hisstank, or other means. Thanks And Please be aware I haven't collected for many, many years, and there may be a small error in condition or a minor mistakes made in this list. I am being very generous with dirt cheap 50% off prices and am offering these last few figures from my collection "as is." All sales final, no exceptions.
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