Hey everyone, it's me Jin Saotome! It's been a while. In fact years since I've created a custom GI Joe or any 3 3/4" character to be honest. I'm full up on my 6-7" scale customs and have been focusing there. Looking at my stock I have fourteen pounds, yes POUNDS of GI Joe complete figures, body parts, custom cast heads, accessories, weapons, guns, backpacks, literally THOUSANDS of parts. I'm selling them as one big lot on Ebay and wanted to give you all a heads up.

Tell your friends or get together and create a bidding pool, then part out the pieces you all need to each other! This is literally every GI Joe piece and part I own. I loved customizing the line but no longer have time to work on them. So it's up to you all to continue my legacy! I'm also offering Marvel Universe and Star Wars 3 3/4" lots this week and combine shipping. Have at it everyone and good luck!

The auction link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/332156599096