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    Yeah, I have already been F5'ing on and off all day today. I cannot wait to add one to my cart, and have it be unavailable again by the time I check out. That happens year after year to me. haha. Special thanks to work with the slow network connection to the outside world.

    Action Man looks soooo good, and I do not mind the head sculpt at all. I like a cartoony look to the toys, which is why Renegades was so fun for me!

    When I used to use an ACTUAL camera a few years ago, I always had a spare battery that I left in the charger, so that whenever mine would die, the spare was ready. It was a great rotational plan, and extra batteries are cheap.
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    Yeah, an extra battery was the plan. But when I went to check out there weren't any available at a reasonable price. So it's on the wish list
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