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    Missile base backdrop kickstarter now up!

    A few years ago, when Hasbro pulled out of Joecon and there was nothing for fans to take photos with. like a giant package, I wanted to do something. I had a explosion back backdrop made and brought it to Joecon.

    Then inspired by the Star Wars set pieces and other backdrops at cons, I felt GIJOE fans needed something also and the Terrordrome concept art backdrop by Dusty was born.

    Thanks to your funding, that became a reality and is now seen at cons where the Finest appear.

    Well if Star Wars can have a Tattooine backdrop, a Death Star backdrop and more, why can't the GIJOE community?

    When Hasbro announced it was going to remake the Sears exclusive Cobra missile base I knew we had stumbled on to a new project.

    I emailed Dusty almost that day and he agreed it would be a cool idea.
    (Sorry Joes, maybe the next one won't be Cobra)

    Today I am launching a kickstarter to get the backdrop funded.

    The Missile base backdrop will be an artistic interpretation of the original playset just like the Terror drome and most of Dusty's art.

    Once it is funded and created, it will travel with the Finest to cons all over the country that they attend. Now that they are making life size props it will fit right in.

    You can see the project here.:

    Every little bit helps and you could get your own Dusty Crosley art.

    Here is the Terrordrome backdrop in action.
    (photo courtesy of The Finest on Facebook)

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    also one of the levels has a nice 11X17 print as a reward. It would make a nice smaller backdrop for shorter Joes and Cobras.


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