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    Question MOC Figure Pricing - All About Year - Not Character?

    I may be getting the chance to pick up one of my favorite MOC figures from when I was a kid tomorrow. Either Sci-Fi, Blowtorch or Dial Tone.

    Now, we all love the big guns like Storm Shadow, Destro, etc.. and I get why those AAA characters are super expensive because of the character popularity.

    However, outside of the obvious fan favorites, I'm surprised that some guys w/ average popularity jump in price and seemingly only because they are 2 years older.

    In my example, Blowtorch. I was surprised that he's significant more expensive than either Sci-Fi or Dial Tone.

    Do those 2 years really make all the difference, or am I missing something?

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    I think it's only a question of number. There are less Blowtorch or Storm Shadow or Destro moc than Sci Fi or Dial Tone.


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