I mainly collect loose, and I don't see similar auctions, so I'm unsure how much I overpaid for this. Do any MOC collectors have an opinion?

I was on a trip this weekend and visited a retro toy store. A store I'm not about to visit again due to distance, and to be honest there's no way for me to prove the damage was there beforehand.

It's a MOC Sci-Fi and the card is near mint. It's awesome. No stickers, nothing. The figure and accessory bubble are clear and the figure bubble is attached firmly.

The accessory bubble, the one w/ the backpack and hose, is what I missed. The store even offered to let me inspect it out of the case, but I felt I could see just fine without handling it.

Only now when I photographed it, did I see something odd. The accessory bubble is split clear through on the right side, the top AND half way down the left side.

It was a crazy stroke of bad luck that I didn't catch that in the store. At most angles it looks perfect.

Anyway, I admit I made the mistake and am just curious how much I overpaid for it.

I paid a flat $90