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    50% off all remaining figures! Plus file cards (not 50% off, but you may make offers)

    Here's the deal. Deduct 50% off all figures and accessories below. (No additional discounts on filecards, but you may always make an offer)

    Take 50% off the following prices:


    Avalanche with gun: $7
    Skidmark with file card: $11
    Stalker with maskL: $5

    all sold

    Lots and lots of Big Bens and Mirages plus other joes from army builder packs: $30

    Giant box of vintage accessory pack accessories: Make offer

    Pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/118576...57684026810275

    These are not 50%, but you may make an offer:
    $1-$6 each. Full card backs are more. Prices are negotiable, so please make an offer if it's too high for you.

    Iron Grenadier full card $5
    Iron Grenadier x1 $3 each
    Voltar $2
    Starviper $5
    TARGAT x2 $2.50 each
    Frag Viper $2.50

    Starbrigade Ozone full card $3
    Tiger Force Roadblock, Chinese, full card $3
    Sonic law $3
    Scoop $2
    Sneak Peek $2
    Fast Draw $2

    Filecards pre-1987

    Doc full card $12
    Brazil Secret Agent/Cover Girl full card $10
    BAT $4
    Baroness $4
    Firefly $6
    Storm Shadow $6
    Crimson Guard $5
    Stinger Driver $4
    Strato Viper (red back) $3
    BBQ $4
    Torpedo $4
    Mainframe x2 $3 each
    Airtight $3
    Beachhead $3.50
    Lowlight $3.50
    Iceberg $3
    Jinx $3.50
    Jinx (red back) $3

    Everything else
    Full mint Impel Card Set: $17

    Please PM me here, through flickr, yojoe, or other means. Thanks And Please be aware I haven't collected for many, many years, and there may be a small error in condition or a minor mistakes made in this list. I am being very generous with dirt cheap prices and am offering these last few items and figures from my collection "as is." All sales final, no exceptions.
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