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    First Strike #2 and Revolutionaries #7 continue the Hasbro Universes adventures

    Sgt. Savage histroy is told and the Joes fight on Cybertron

    See all of IDW section Revolution related series. http://www.yojoe.com/comics/idw/

    First Strike #2

    aron Ironblood (a.k.a. General Joe Colton), Destro, Empress Shazraella (a Micronaut) and their followers have invaded Cybertron. Starscream and his Decepticons, alongside Optimus Prime and his Autobots, with the help of Marissa Faireborn, Flint and his G.I. Joe away-team, attempt to hold off the attack. Meanwhile on Earth, Colonel Scarlett and her G.I. Joe squad search for any means to transport themselves to the Transformers’ home-world, hoping to provide aid.

    Revolutionaries #7

    n Washington DC, Sgt. Savage explains his history to Mayday. As the G.I. Joe team arrives to claim the Revolutionaries’ prisoner, General Blitz (Garrison Kreiger), they are surprised by an enemy ambush. The Red Shadows, the Oktober Guard and Doctor X are transported in by the M.A.S.S. Device and engage Sgt. Savage, the Revolutionaries, G.I. Joe and members of the Action Man Programme. The time-displaced Sergeant rips the helmet off Baron Ironblood, and underneath the heroes are astonished to learn that this archenemy is Joseph “G.I. Joe” Colton, the former General over the Joes.

    Revolution takes place in the "IDW Continuity", which is the continuity that was started by IDW in 2009 (not the ARAH comics Larry Hama currently writes). Also for all of the Transformers series, the "IDW Transformers Generation 1" continuity, which began in 2005, is now directly connected to GI Joe through the Revolution crossover. GI Joe characters will be appearing directly in many of these crossover titles.
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