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    Bootleg Starduster in auction lot

    I know the Black Major bootlegs of the Steel Brigade and Starduster aren't new (and I really like them) but I thought I should point this auction out:

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/gi-joe-action-figure-lot-of-6-with-accessories-from-the-80s-features-Starduster-/263201689818?hash=item3d480b10da:g:qsMAAOSwCCVZtyv q

    People are bidding high on a small lot of older Joes featuring a BM Starduster, so I can assume they think it's a complete original Starduster.I think it's important to point out the differences between an original and the BM bootleg (because there are many small differences).

    The BM bootleg (all of them in fact) have reverse elbow rivets. Also: no camo spot near the left knee, very thin facial paint apps, too much paint app on the gloves (original only half painted the wrist) and a gun that is way too silver (probably painted and not dark silver plastic).I hope this helps.
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    Thankfully, the seller ended the auction and relisted it correctly.
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