The Russian Rangers A.K.A. “Blackout”
Real Name: Kasem Carcani
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Birthplace: Vlorë, Albania
Primary Military Specialty: Hostage Rescue Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Security and Defense

Real Name: Augustin Fieraru
Rank: Major
Birthplace: Oancea, Romania
Primary Military Specialty: Counter-Terrorist Intervention
Secondary Military Specialty: Tactical Special Operations

Real Name: Bořek Hanuš
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Birthplace: Děčín, Czechoslovakia
Primary Military Specialty: Soviet Tank Commander
Secondary Military Specialty: Czech Mountain Fighter
*ex-Member of ÚRN / URNA {Elite Anti-Terrorist Unit}

Real Name: Galdin Artemiy Timurovich
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Birthplace: Leningrad, USSR
Primary Military Specialty: Special Mountain Training Officer
Secondary Military Specialty: Special Counter-Sabotage Diver
*ex-member of Alpha Group {Special Forces}

Real Name: Edward Zelenski
Rank: OR-9 Starszy Chorąży Sztabowy (Command Sergeant Major)
Birthplace: Kraków, Poland
Primary Military Specialty: Urban Warfare
Secondary Military Specialty: Sabotage and Subversion

Real Name: Anton Teodorov Valchev
Rank: Senior Lieutenant
Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria
Primary Military Specialty: Para-Recon Specialist
Secondary Military Specialty: Navy Combat Diver {Black Sea Sharks}
*ex-member of the S.O.B.T {Special Unit for Combating Terrorism}

Real Name: Péter Dávid
Rank: Chief Military-Major (First Lieutenant)
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
Primary Military Specialty: Recon and Support
Secondary Military Specialty: Attack Helicopter Pilot

Real Name: Stian Thomassen
Rank: OR-8 Kommandersersjant
Birthplace: Lillestrřm, Norway
Primary Military Specialty: Counter-Terrorism Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Hostage Rescue
*ex-member of the Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK) (Norwegian Special Operation Forces)

Real Name: Jaqueline Auernheimer
Rank: Staff Captain
Birthplace: East Berlin, East Germany
Primary Military Specialty: Counter Terrorism/Special Weapons Operations Specialist
Secondary Military Specialty: Protection of Internationally Protected Persons
*ex-member of the GSG 9 {Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Unit} and former member of KSK {Elite Special Forces Military Unit}

Real Name: Geng Zan
Rank: OF-4 Lieutenant Colonel
Birthplace: Peking, China
Primary Military Specialty: PLA Guerrilla Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Domestic Counter-Terrorism
*ex-member of the Snow Leopard Commando Unit aka SWCU {special operations unit)

Real Name: Christopher Panagakos
Rank: OF-3 Lieutenant Commander
Birthplace: Argos, Greece
Primary Military Specialty: Naval Special Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Unconventional Warfare
*ex-member of the Underwater Demolition Command aka OYK {Special Forces)

Real Name: Aarón Gálvez
Rank: OF-2 Capitán
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Primary Military Specialty: Long Range Reconnaissance
Secondary Military Specialty: Arctic and Mountain Warfare
*ex-member of the Special Operations Groups, (GOE) (Special Operations Forces of the Spanish Army)