Hello. I am selling a lot of my vintage LEGO and putting everything into LEGO Town. All sets are complete unless noted, with the instructions. There are no extra parts left over after the build. I am selling these in lots to move them quicker and to keep the price down. I really just want them to find a good home. Prices include shipping to the continental U.S. Thank you!

Space Police $250
6781 SP Strike (electronics work)
6831 Message Decoder
6886 Galactic Peacekeeper
6895 Spy Trak I
6955 Space Lock-Up Isolation Base (w/4 extra Blacktron minifigures)
6986 Mission Commander

Pirates $100
6235 Buried Treasure
6245 Harbor Sentry
6257 Castaway's Raft
6260 Shipwreck Island
6234 Renegade's Raft
1464 Pirate Lookout
6261 Raft Raiders
6262 King Kahuka's Throne

Crusaders $200
6049 Viking Voyager
6016 Knight's Arsenal
6039 Twin-Arm Launcher
6042 Dungeon Hunters
6081 King's Mountain Fortress (missing one helmet)
1463 Treasure Cart
6018 Battle Dragon

Black Knights $200
1491 Dual Defender
6009 Black Knight
6057 Sea Serpent
6086 Black Knight's Castle (missing one flag, two side plumes)
1547 Black Knight's Boat
1624 King's Archer
6034 Black Monarch's Ghost
6059 Knight's Stronghold

Forestmen/Wolfpack $150
6066 Camouflaged Outpost
6103 Castle Mini Figures
6038 Wolfpack Renegades
6075 Wolfpack Tower
1596 Ghostly Hideout (w/extra Wolfpack minifigure)

Royal Knights $250
6008 Royal King
6036 Skeleton Surprise
6044 King's Carriage
6078 Royal Drawbridge (missing Dragon Master and horse)
6090 Royal Knight's Castle
1804 Crossbow Boat
1843 Catapult