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    Package sent to wrong address....what's the law?

    Recently I purchased some items from GI JOE HEAVEN-they sent it in a timely manner, but unfortunately it was sent to my old address due to it still being registered in my paypal acct. It had delivery confirmation and I just found out that the package was delivered and the person who now lives in my old house lied to me a few weeks ago when I asked if it had been delivered. My question is what is the law concerning packages that have your address but a different name on them. Obviously it was addressed to me and the items were in a very large box--2 skystrikers both boxed, what legal rights do I have? The post office here asked me to notify the sender to send a tracer, which I did today, so apparently the Inspector will be notified and sent to this person's residence in the hopes of retrieving my package. I thought the federal law was whatever you recieved in the mail is yours, but is that only if its addressed to you? Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks


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    from my understanding (Which may be misguided) If it doesn't have your name or say current resident, it's a federal offence to open it

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    I am no expert in postal law but I think if you are not the person the package is addressed to - you can't open or keep it. I think that person should have returned it to the post office and told them you don't live there anymore or just contacted you directly.
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    Yeah, I would think the law is on your side, but enforcing it may be difficult. It's good you've got delivery confirmation.

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    I would contact the new home owner and see if he got it. If he did ask him to take it to the post office and have it forwarded to you.
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    Thanks guys, actually I did ask him first 2 weeks ago and after being told he gave it back, I went directly to the post office, hence this is where Im at now. Andrew at GI JOE HEAVEN has been really understanding and patient, hopefully the matter will be resolved. Andrew just contacted me and will start the trace tomorrow am or by the latest monday. Im hoping the fact that THE POSTAL INSPECTOR going to the guy's house will be enough to help him do the right thing. Thanks again for the perspectives and links, appreciate all the help.

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    It is indeed a FEDERAL OFFENSE, punishable with a FINE and IMPRISONMENT! I talked to a friend of mine who is a Postal Inspector. Hopefully, they will give the package back. Fighting local laws is one thing, but Federal guys are another.
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