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    Wrong name on money order

    I just sent a money order to pay for a large collection of Joes. The guy didn't take paypal. I get an email from the guy today that the wrong name was on the money order, but he was able to cash it anyway. He said that the back told him to wait 7-10 to see if they would reject it. I was in a hurry and could have made a mistake, but this would be the first time. I am nervous because it was a large amount of money and the guy was new to this forum. He signed up the same month he put the stuff up for sale and that was his only post. Has any one heard of this or has something similiar happy? Since the money order was cashed, if he says his bank rejects it can I get my money back? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I can't believe that the money order had a wrong name and the bank still cashed it, it's not usual. The same thing happened to me about 2 years ago, i sent a money order to a guy whose last name was 'Powers' and I accidentally wrote 'Bowers' in the MO, of course, he wasn't able to cash it.
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    I once had someone send me a money order and they also endorsed it (signed their name on the back) I scratched out their signature, signed it and deposited it with no problems

    Where did you send it? (just the city and state)
    That might help someone on the board to tell if this is a known scammer

    Also, search the Bad Traders/Sellers to see if their real name is listed
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    It was sent to Encinitas, CA. Anyone know scammers from that area?

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    doesnt ring any bells as far as a scammer.
    my banks deposited m/o with a slight mispelling of my last name before with no problems.

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    I have had misspelled & wrong name money orders before but if they are USPS I could cash them from my p.o. as long as I have a valid ID. It's a lil bit dicey if I have to deposit it in the bank since I have to explain the circumstance. Mostly though I just get a blank m.o. w/o any info included.

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