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    Warhammer 40K/ G.I Joe conversions

    Hello, this is my first post on yojoe.com. I have recently finished a G.I. Joe-themed Warhammer 40K conversion project and thought that someone on these forums might be interested. In case you are not familiar with 40K, it is a miniatures wargame using about 28mm tall pewter or plastic miniatures. All of the following minis have been converted from original 40K minis.

    Hope you enjoy these images.

    EDIT: new links.

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    EDIT: all the old links died, so here are new ones.

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    Really Really REAALLYYY COOL!!!Now you have some special figs to use if they ever get around to doing the RPG!!!GREAT JOB!!CC
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    work! everyone is recognizable so don't worry.

    Maybe you could do a custom Mauler using the Biasi Pattern Baneblade Super Heavy Tank?
    http://www.joetoonarchive.com/ - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    Thank you, guys. I already ran a homebrew G.I. Joe-themed RPG, but that didn't use miniatures. Also, a Baneblade might be a bit out of my price range.

    EDIT for more pics:

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    I love these. I personally was going to take an extra MOBAT model kit (slightly smaller than toy MOBAT) to make an actual game usable Baneblade.

    John M.
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    Those are amazing! It's a good thing you weren't hanging around in my shop (when I used to own one) or else I would have gone broke paying you to make me a Cobra Imperial Guard army!

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    amazing work, being a fan of 40k and gijoe these are awesome!

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    Can you repost the links/images ? I cannot find them...

    I did some GI Joe paintjobs on 40K mini's too. Roadblock, Scarlett, very easy to do.

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    Wow those are incredible from a Joe custom point and as a miniature gamer great pieces of art


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