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    Roll Call suggestions

    This is the place to make any suggestions/corrections/changes you have regarding the GI Joe Comic Book Roll Call that was announced on Sept 16th.


    It is massive and I expect some corrections will be needed.
    GI Joe comic fan since 1982.

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    Looking very, very nice! If I could make a couple of corrections to the UK end...

    The five Action Force promo mini-comics were given away fortnightly, not weekly. They were packaged with Battle #428, 430, 432, 434 and 436 - not 428-432 as is mentioned.

    There was a free Action Force promo Micro-comic (figure-height) with Battle #480

    The Battle Holiday Specials containing Action Force material were 1984, 1985 and 1986, the annuals were 1985, 1986 and 1987.

    I would suggest axing Battle #001-421 / 426-427 / 429 / 431 / 433 / 435 / 437-439 / 605-664, Battle Holiday Special #01-10 / 14-17, Battle Annual #01-08 / 12-14 and the D-Day Dawson Battle paperback. These have no Action Force content (by the same token you have not listed the entire run of DC Showcase).

    The Marvel UK Action Force Annuals and Specials were all renamed accordingly to the shifting toyline. The first two specials and three annuals were titled Action Force, the third special and fourth annual were titled GI Joe - The Action Force and the fourth and fifth special and fifth annual were titled GI Joe.

    GI Joe reprints also ran in Marvel UK's "The Incredible Hulk Presents" #01-12

    The BFTB Colouring Project is a proposed ten volume set, not seven. Three have been completed, with seven more in development.

    I will plug this project in the BFTB forums.
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    Great list!

    You could add the new comics that were given as exclusives:

    - Duke vs. Lamprey issue from Amazon.com, free with Joe purchase.

    - Snake-Eyes vs. Night Creeper issue from WalMart.com, free with Joe purchase.

    These are both full-sized issues that were planned for release in 2-packs, but were dropped when the shift to movie toys happened. Thankfully, Hasbro found a way to get them to the fans.

    By the way, does anyone know what happened to the 3rd issue in that set? The arctic Scarlett v. Cobra Commander comic? Is it planned for release somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryon View Post
    Great list!
    Great list, would love to see an update of the IDW series' considering they have since published a few hundred more I think.

    One suggestion to the Excel format generally is to add a column next to HAVE NEED (loose) of "GRADED (grade)" I added my own of course but this is a massive undertaking so I appreciate the tons of time that must have gone into this.

    Mine is also more simplified, Example:

    Comic Title (YEAR) #
    GIJOE - Cover A 1 NM 2 NM 3 4 VF (black box signals the end of the series)
    GIJOE - Cover B 1 NM 2 3 4 (orange signals comics I own)
    GIJOE - Cover C 1 2 3 9.8 4 (unhighlighted are issues I do not own)
    WANTED: Rise of Cobra & Retailiation movie memoriabilia (from scripts and production items, props, to movie and billboard banners, store signage and larger items!). TOP $

    Hasbro Items: Paperwork & design sketches, ARTWORK, licensing books, promo flyers/slicks, employee items, presentation art.

    Licensed Merchandise (non-figure/vehicle) like towels, Coleco ride-on toys (sleds or bicycles) , vintage child clothing, and an original Konami Arcade game.


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