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  1. syco_one14 on ebay is a bad seller
  3. my package from david allen rushka
  4. davidallanhrushka1973's back on ebay
  5. DO NOT BUY from davidallanhrushka1973
  6. Tkcollectibles78 in GA has stolen my money
  7. Never buy from bladethedemon on ebay
  8. Rules Reminder - Profanity
  9. ebay seller joe**daddy
  10. This guy is bold he uses all is auction pictures downloaded from YO JOE, shame!!
  11. Paypal buyer protection policy protects sellers!!!
  12. Can somebody tell me why this seller is still on Ebay?
  13. Alert Gijoetoyseller Is Back!!!!
  14. This Rat Is Still On Ebay!
  15. do not deal with
  16. Don't trade with
  17. Don't Sell to VanillaGorilla
  18. Beware of Ebay Seller Raven Darkholme
  19. Saabthesnob any info?
  20. davidallanhruska1973 update
  21. GIJoeForSale maybe needs to get it together
  22. I can't believe this. Can you?
  23. L'Ombrageux aka virtualogik on ebay is a deadbeat...have a look...Updated!!!
  24. DON'T DEAL WITH vint-fig13!
  25. DON'T BUY FROM shaarberg ON E*bay!!!!
  26. Thetuskentrader on ebay
  27. Anyone dealt with Swamp Rat / Keving Gardner???
  28. Any one dealt with allysmedia D & K .Killingsworth ?? DONT BUY OR SELL FROM OR TO!!
  29. drveovru2 bad seller
  30. Bad seller - ME!
  31. primalprimeape bad seller
  32. if you got beat by gijoetoyseller this is what to do.....
  33. Do Not Deal With Rapid Fire (Updated 10-28-2004)
  34. Looks Like I got screwed-Alafan2616-Daniel Byrd
  35. Do not let YoJoe member L'Ombrageux aka ebay member virtualogik bid on your auctions!
  36. Boog's ebay help topic.
  37. Bad Joe eBay seller (bonniejay)
  38. Seller using YoJoe Pic
  39. 2 U.K Teammates out to screw you!!!!! BEWARE SETH AND JAMES
  40. Help/Advice Please: cobra_de_aco1976 aka the_jun_horde
  41. Watch out for these e-Bay members!
  42. UK collectors I have an offer!
  43. Anyone remember ebayer 'plichtas'?
  44. Bad E-bayer Sonofabastage
  45. Naughty_noble_productions from ebay
  46. James Poole is a SCAM ARTIST
  47. Can some of you guys help me out here.............................................. ..
  48. Anyone deal with rebeltoys379 on ebay?
  49. 375TOYS??? What's up?
  51. la_designs is a horrible seller.
  52. Ebay user kerryofborg using stolen pic
  53. Cobras Toys
  54. figures have directly arrived yet!!!
  55. Stay away from tymewarptoysactionfigures
  56. paul aka maryking
  57. Kid Canada Stiffed Me
  58. Mikes toys and hobbies
  59. jaylay form ebay
  60. oldschooltoys12880 bad seller
  61. Help gi joe vet(people who been doing it a while) collectors
  62. EBAY SELLER : kaylynkayla COMPLETE FRAUDS !!!!
  63. Mike & Mark Robb ,You have been scamed by them !
  64. Comprehensive Bad Trader/Seller List?
  65. davidallanhrushka1973 news
  66. GIJOEAUCTIONS - ebay
  67. Question??
  68. Royal Zarak ok- just likes giving me small coronary, ok now
  69. DANGER : coin-corner on e-bay
  70. boobookitty toys?
  71. Plastic Dreams Is Pure Evil!
  72. Does anyone know anything about this guy?
  73. SHION don't deal with!
  74. 5 Missing Posts
  75. Chad Fava
  76. Plasticdreams ripped me off and threatened me!
  77. Avoid nes-boy at all costs!!!!!!!!!!
  78. My Defense - Nes Boy
  79. jaggy57 from ebay has me annoyed
  80. Hate to do this but ... TOLAN (TIM) [email protected] still hasn't sent his end
  81. Anyone have troubles with The Store On 44?
  82. Brian Cripps all over again-0352Infantry on ebay
  83. coronaboris from ebay= unprofessional
  84. mortalkombatninja AKA Nate Doyle AKA Jason Moore
  85. universal_re_monster
  86. Minus one
  87. 0352infantry on ebay
  88. Desert Rat 157 minus 1
  89. jonathanholy331 on ebay, avoid!
  90. Guru Planet - PDD MOC
  91. Pepsigeneration
  92. Gabby3b (Gary) is a BAD Seller!!!
  93. worst ebayer ever
  95. avoid gi_nova UPDATED..
  96. KGoodyBoy Cop Out
  97. Bad trades with Dukenukem 1 and Jonathon Torres
  98. G I NOVA is a Bad Trader!!! updated
  99. RICK McMASTER at 334th Joe Co. - two times - BAD SELLER!!!
  100. I do not recommend cobrakai/cobratoydealer/Jonathan Torres
  101. Do not deal with KILLERCLOWN !!!
  102. Cobrakai/Jonathan Torres is a Con-Man???
  103. Alyosha-bad seller--*Resolved*
  104. Racer223 is not a good Seller
  105. ChrisNeal -DO NOT DEAL WITH !!
  106. boobookitty_toys
  107. Thanks Darth Silliness...for Nothing
  108. ebay user: the_darkness_falls
  109. False Accusations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. Avoid trading with Cobra_egg
  111. cobra_egg/Louis Adcock is a con man!!!
  112. Cobra_egg TERRIBLE TERRIBLE person
  113. Ebay user:kottonskandy DON'T DEAL WITH!!
  114. skywalters is a good buyer
  115. Crimson1 Stinks!!
  116. [email protected] bad trader!
  117. Timeless_collectibles2005 is Boobookitty_toys! All are Charles Green
  118. crimsonelite, K. Miller, of Florence, KY
  119. Uncharacteristically HORRIBLE service from SmallJoes.Com
  120. Brain aka: Dodger MINUS 1
  121. desert rat 157 bad trader -1
  122. **bad Trader Warning*** - Sniper
  123. shill bidding ravensattic/gijoedealer2000
  124. 'Kevin' a.k.a. Kevin Gardner
  125. This incident with Destroscastle has taken too long!
  126. guess who!!!!!!!
  127. Cobra Egg ripped me off too.
  128. : actually a good seller ;-)
  129. Aargh! again?
  130. BUSTED! arleen39 is Cobra_egg on ebay!!!
  131. GangstaX bad seller/trader
  132. Is this a scam?
  133. samcar-half.... Worst E-Bayer Ever!!!
  134. Still false promises...
  135. mrivera313 is a pain to deal with
  136. Dragonfire needs a negative
  137. Bad Trader List
  138. Poor Yahoo Canada Auction seller
  139. ronnie754 aka Ronnie Coleman -no longer registered
  140. Doesn`t Ship International Customers` Orders...
  141. Disappointed with 334th GI Joe Company
  142. toybuyer123 items arrived after 3 months. case closed
  143. Watch out for eBay user stock2005
  144. heads up to a potential crook out there
  145. Beware of fashioncustome on eBay!
  146. Toy Boy at it out for this class act!!!
  147. "gijoepit" on ebay (new name, same crook)
  148. Zedhatch
  149. ebay darksithtoys.. paypal [email protected] name of pp Karyn Riley
  151. bad trader
  152. thetoymastersupreme is Steven Lopez Ramon's new name
  153. The Toy_Vault on EBAY BEWARE!!!
  154. took my $50 and ran
  155. Bad Trader category etiquette
  156. Steve French did came though
  157. Arashikage Storm...
  158. Topes?
  159. I need some help - Guru-Planet.
  160. Beware of eBay seller themortgagecanwait
  161. Do Not Buy From Evil_henchman
  162. Do Not Buy From Evil_henchman!
  163. BIGDOG Dwon Crawford is a thief!
  164. Dragonfire aka(Jonathon Woodman) is a deadbeat trader!!
  165. irishcop21 bad communication
  166. Be wary of Sir Smokealot
  167. One I had problems with
  168. Shawn Matthew did not come through on our deal
  169. Warning, avoid this eBay Seller/Buyer: ktp
  170. SHILL HUNTING UPDATED - Ebayer rc_ashe is back!
  171. Josh Vilensky (aka aka themortgagecanwait) and the law.
  172. Don't Buy From Octofest On Ebay
  173. eBay seller mpiremine
  174. Beware of Shawn Matthew Bruyere (YoJoe ID shawn_matthew)
  175. Beware of boba_fetts_diary aka steve verges on eBay
  176. I am Upset with
  177. ebay user: joemfinschmoe1
  178. Avoid Ebay user petelovesangie
  179. Bad Ebay seller jamteal
  180. Having a hard time (ebay win trouble)
  181. BEWARE OF THERESA-S (Ebay ID)!!!
  182. Problem with forum member battlemunky
  183. Colbey Hopper
  184. Mpiremine strikes again, as lovelylumps on ebay.
  185. caution, Sandy Thaddeaus, aka ebay seller 041997, poor communication
  186. Bstc
  187. Beware of 80s_toyz: Didn't mention that Heavy Metal Mic was super glued!
  188. Darksidetoylord2005 on Ebay = resolved 1/25/06
  189. Dont buy from ebay user erickkecw
  190. complex3 - you dont get your item unless you file a paypal claim...
  191. toyfan18 on eBay
  192. Resolved, Delete If You'd Like
  193. Beware of ebay seller cahobby_best
  194. Beware of
  195. raiderad6 on ebay Skyraider toys shill bidding
  196. anyone heard of topes49311- updated 1/24
  197. Gemini Matrix is a bad trader
  198. Zombieguide bad trader!!!!!
  199. anyone dealt with makeauctionsfun1 on ebay? UPDATE: ALL IS GOOD!
  200. New info on plasticdreams
  201. Bad Ebay Seller - rubenysara
  202. Can we get a Stickyed (pinned) List of Worst offenders
  203. MY bad trader topic
  204. jrca or Jose Ricardo Campos = thief and liar
  205. Omg I pray I did not get screwed.
  206. Edit: Deleted
  207. Nathan Doyle- THIEF!
  208. karakarabear01 now 2006shells
  209. Shill Bidder/Seller alert - nate30132/gatorfred8
  210. E-Bay Seller: complex3
  211. ebay seller: geostrophicflows
  212. omar gomez
  213. update omar gomez
  214. Ebay Member: Seeley2193
  215. eBay member: lonerangersports
  216. eBay user bargainboyone
  217. $tr8balln = fraudulent seller AND buyer!
  218. Major problem with a YoJoe member
  219. Sellers be careful
  220. Just opened up.
  221. Spike (aka Josh) -- Buyer Beware
  222. Brain Cripps back on e-bay (beliketrump75)
  223. John Armijo (colorednuggets) -> a total waste of my time!
  224. (ADMIN EDIT) was: Curt (aka BigFan) is shill bidding...
  225. Curt (aka BigFan) is shill bidding
  226. Cobra Comander ripped me off in a trade
  227. SCAM!!! MOC joes on eBay, shill bidding...
  228. eBay user hwbeanies is a picture thief
  229. Beware e-bay member Toyfinger, Shipping Scammer
  230. darkstormtrooper007 ----- MSV
  231. Cripps....again
  232. ebay: lil rain cloud, not all bad, but heed
  233. ebay bad times !!! toys2play1
  234. International Convention Set Shipping Scam?
  235. Bad Sellers Who use little/no Packing material
  236. timeless_collectibles2005
  237. E-bay user: bonesgod... Watch Out!
  238. E-bay seller Ripped me off! Loser!
  239. Problem with a seller
  240. Cobra toys hasnt refunded my money!
  241. Resolved...
  242. bushro81
  243. yojoeEllijay = Waste of time
  244. Derek R. Anderson - Where is the refund ?
  245. Hey phillinley
  246. can anybody contact phillinley for me?
  247. pilch_1
  248. Shawn Matthew: Deal completed one year later.
  249. ebay seller "thetoss"
  250. Small JOES ---BAD place to do business