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  1. Wave 3 HTS orders now shipping and arriving!
  2. OMG...look what I found
  3. Cobra terror drome question
  4. anyone know of a website with emblem pics?
  5. Dumbing down the new joe toys.
  6. Where do the toys go?
  7. Hasbro reply to my Wave 3 and 4 question? Shipping to stores???
  8. Mauler or Tomahawk
  9. A point of interest for those who are...interested?
  10. Whats the best Joe snow figure to use
  11. Was their a female Cobra soldier figure released around 1982?
  12. question on the transportable tactical battle platform
  13. St. Joe's Hospital - GI Joe Figure repair
  14. Favorite cobra jet
  15. do they make a "star case" large enough for the 97-98 TRU packs?
  16. Who would be a good partner in crime for Snake Eyes on a covert op?
  17. V1 and V2 Snake Eyes gun
  18. Anyone know the measurements of joe screws
  19. Comic pack on Hasbro direct.
  20. AFA grading questions
  21. look at this stuff
  22. DTC Ice Sabre repaint!!!!
  23. MC Exclusive fig!
  24. Do You Want Joe Prices To Be Reduced!!!
  25. G.I. JOE Products to be Released in March, April and May
  26. Cobra pistol shoot
  27. Long Range S6 on HTS, skull keychain or no?
  28. Ambush- love him or loathe him?
  29. Sunglasses
  30. Anyone who is going to the Joe Convention willing to help a fan out
  31. If you were a Joe...
  32. robot rebellion cobra commander what is this?? (auction alert)
  33. Zartan needs medical attention.
  34. Whose legs are these?
  35. What are the rarest fig's and items
  36. Anyone have detailed pics of the Defiant Space Center?
  37. Question about Tracker (Not Spirit or Kwinn)
  38. Is anyone getting tired of Cobra?
  39. mail in figure?
  40. Cobra Pitfighter Competition.
  41. Why is Claymore rare?
  42. Great New JOE 4pks at Big Lots!
  43. Wave 7 at K-B CHEAP! New shipment!
  44. Med Alert: Underrated IMHO
  45. Looking for pics of Baroness Redback filecard
  46. where do I get new cobra emblems?
  47. Any news one GI JOE Collectors new figure?
  48. 1985 Snake Eyes filecard
  49. Who else thinks T-crotch figs aren't so bad?
  50. How much is Heavy Metal and Keel Haul worth?
  51. Any other "new-sculpt" fans get sick of the constant bashing?
  52. I got the j.u.m.p. today
  53. wow thats to rich for my blood
  54. swampfire question
  55. 1984 Firefly carded 32-back
  56. Do you still put accessories in the hands of 82 figs?
  57. WWII weapons in 3 3/4" GIJOE
  58. can anyone help me find an old Joe toy ?
  59. Who here collects Sigma6?
  60. Armageddon & Virgin mock up kit bashed GI Joes
  61. 89 Frag-Viper question
  62. Cobra vehicles that could/should be converted for specific enviornments?
  63. does anybody know snake eyes real name
  64. Take a look at this ......Custom? perhaps?
  65. Anyone have a helecopter, plane or vehicle from Elite Force?
  66. SNAKE S.N.A.K.E. armor question?? Please Help?
  67. AFA grading blistered figures?
  68. Glue question
  69. Does Version B Starduster really exist?
  70. Ram question
  71. Agent Jinx
  72. Lowlight/Law/Ace V3's Uzi question... (variants)
  73. Parts I.D. Help
  74. What ever happened to VvV Wave 6?
  75. Newbie with a question
  76. So what "New" Charcaters have you folks incorporated into your Joe-verse?
  77. Stands
  78. Do your Joes interact with other 1:18 figures?
  79. Did anyone ever actually think that the weapons shot?
  80. Characters you'd be PLEASANTLY surprised to see in DTC?
  81. NOOB - Quality of New Joes
  82. will 2002 jvc heads fit on 2004 vvv bodies?
  83. Opinion on two questions
  84. SnakeEyes VS FireFly
  85. stupid question?
  86. Micro Figures,
  87. my friggin collection
  88. What was/will be your "payoff" moment of collecting?
  89. They live.
  90. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.
  91. Why did you start collecting G.I. Joes?
  92. Barbecue/Star Brigade Payload mold
  93. What if something happens to you?
  94. anybody else waiting for a dtc sale?
  95. Mark Bellomo's new book?
  96. Does anybody have Stardusters Canadian filecard ?
  97. screw size question...
  98. can someone help with a snowcat ?
  99. Valor vs Venom Wave 3 at CVS
  100. Should G.I. Joe emulate the Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection?
  101. Some of my collection - Detonators, Nitro Vipers, Alley Vipers v1
  102. Colonel Courage, Majors Altitude and Storm
  103. VH-1's I Love Toys: It has begun...
  104. Display stands for Joe's?
  105. Need Help From Someone With A Boxed Moccasin, Loose Dragonfly and Loose 83 GI Joe HQ
  106. Would you want a Budo figure from DTC??
  107. Marauder, Inc. guns: Worth buying?
  108. Share your favorite GI Joe File Name...
  109. A Tale of the Defiant
  110. A little exposure didn't post right
  111. Rice Krispies Lifeline
  112. Kwinn v2
  113. Operation Flaming M.O.T.H. Mastercollector exclusive set
  114. 1982 Waist ?
  115. Replacement plastic hinges for the Cobra Missile Command HQ?
  116. Hawk, General Hawk, General Abernathy..
  117. Store displays/planograms
  118. Why in the name of...
  119. AFA collectors what do you think about an AFA registry?
  120. Update: DTC has arrived @ TRU!!
  121. question about helmets
  122. v4 iron grenadier why is it so hard to find ?
  123. What got you into/back into collecting?
  124. Ice Sabre sold out?
  125. Any pics of the Eversparkle Figures???
  126. Question about Box Sets from Master Collector
  127. Cobra Night Viper
  128. Wal*Mart & GIJoes
  129. ? for MCC members
  130. My rather long winded story about an interesting find at a toy store
  131. Repo stickers for the Cobra ice sabre
  132. Cleaning the Terror Drome and Flagg
  133. WAVE 4... what are YOU most looking forward to?
  134. New Hasbro discount code at HTS
  135. BBI Elite Force 1:18 scale mi-24 Hind helicopter
  136. Need help identifying a weapon!
  137. Hi-Tech = Psiche-out ?
  138. Code Names
  140. Munitia ????
  141. looking for toy pics
  142. Operation Flaming MOTH Figures!
  143. Re: harassment of GI JOE Collector Club + banned at JoeCustoms
  144. question on officer and soldier crotch
  145. Favorite Battle station
  146. Anyone here use Stalker v5 as their default Stalker?
  147. Question about Goro's weapons..
  148. Bronze Bombers?
  149. A Generic Cobra Pilot.
  150. The history and future of GI Joe
  151. Are the dimensions on the Terror Drome meant to be taken literally?
  152. Springfield, COBRA Temples, or Terror Drome?
  153. Why not a Night Force Snake Eyes?
  154. Please help with my addiction!!!!!
  155. I'm new the site
  156. Helicopter Crew Chiefs? Why aren't there any on the Joe team?
  157. Any repaints of the Battle Wagon?
  158. Unproduced Characters
  159. Fixing loose limbs
  160. Do you have T-Crotch Figures in your collection?
  161. Disappointing figure when compared to card art
  162. Good T-Crotch figure, fact or fiction?
  163. Check Ross Dress For Less for Joes
  164. Ice Sabre and Viper Lock Down
  165. several questions
  166. How do you collect?
  167. Lanard figures & playsets related
  168. Viper lock down.What to do?
  169. Sure fire and Sparks
  170. G.I. Joe Night Attack Chopper
  171. Just Curious How You Send In Your AFA Carded Gi joes.Help!!!
  172. Not sure where this belongs but...
  173. Comic 3 Pack Zartan Figure
  174. File Cards
  175. Snake Eyes in NCAA Style Heroes Bracket
  176. Do you have a Hasbro Wishlist?
  177. which --- enamel paint or acrylic paint?
  178. Does your Collection pay for itself?
  179. cobra army pics
  180. Load of joe's at marshalls
  181. G.I. Joe Collectors Convention Exclusive Sgt. Slaughter
  182. Some Updated Pics of My Joe and Transformer Collection
  183. Help ID vehicle Parts
  184. 2004 Convention Swampfire
  185. DTC 6-pack FOUND at TRU!
  186. Vehicle foot pegs - marketing or cool?
  187. G.i. Joe on Vh-1
  188. question about overkill and his BATs
  189. MarauderJohns Wave 2 for sale.
  190. Favorite Dreadnok?
  191. Bronze Bombers (Page Change Update)
  192. DTC/TRU Cobra B.A.T. 6-Pack
  193. How do you envisage the Crimson Guard?
  194. Claw Commanders and Neo-viper Commanders
  195. Why Cobra-la?
  196. DiCaprio's Joes?
  197. question about realistic missiles
  198. What Do u think of the interrogator
  199. replacement hoses
  200. Slaughter's Marauders weapons - same plastic?
  201. Two different Lifelines
  202. What's going on in your Joe-verse? vol. 2
  203. Joe box art?
  204. I am back after a hiatus.
  205. Interesting thing I found at Big Lots
  206. Marauder Weapons
  207. Photo Album Of Toys!
  208. Street Fighter Movie vehicles
  209. Which single 80s year do you have the most items from?
  210. Dark Skinned Comic Pack Hawk?
  211. Annhilator is a danged cool mold!
  212. I hope everyone has seen this movie!
  213. Does anyone have a smaller collection than me?
  214. Sunnyshine's protos
  215. Quick overview: Comic Set #26 and ROCC Vehicle
  216. Wargaming with GI JOEs
  217. Elite Force Air Force Helicopter
  218. Do you still have your Steel Brigade file card?
  219. Tunnel Rat Art on Ebay?
  220. Cobra Commander V19
  221. Mail-away Twins, one file card or two?
  222. For anyone looking for Viper Lockdown ...
  223. SGT Hacker
  224. Hardtop Variant?
  225. short video with Joe toys and Brian Savage
  226. Have the in demand item shifted?
  227. Gi Joe Wish List- Figures yet to be made
  228. Unproduced character wishlist
  229. What do you love so much about GI Joe?
  230. wolf w/ black parts
  231. Tips on hanging the Jets, helicopters, etc?
  232. COBRA planes
  233. Figures you wish had no permanent headgear
  234. Holy Smokes! Get to your Targets and grab these...
  235. names of joes
  236. How Long did your Rattler Landing Gear last?
  237. Things From the Original Line that Won't Be in Your Collection.
  238. Big Lob - necessary fig?
  239. Chameleon...
  240. Steel Brigade file card dimensions please
  241. viper lockdown ummm
  242. ninja bat yes or no
  243. Is there a market for ARAH female COBRA Officers/Soldiers?
  244. Finding Gi joe Misb Items at Toy Shows!!!!!How Much Luck Do You Have???
  245. reason for your joes?
  246. I'm surprised more people don't make dioramas of scenes from the cartoons and comics.
  247. Who here has the most Viper Gliders?
  248. Ever Use Wet Toilet Paper to Encase Your Joes/COBRAS ???
  249. Jeepers, creepers...
  250. joe items to id