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  23. 1985 Alpine variant
  24. psyche out variant
  25. Footloose and shipwreck variants?
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  27. I dont know how to post a picture, but I think I have a variant....
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  33. Identifying Beach Head-like and Steel Brigade-like variants
  34. Need Help Identifying a Firefly
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  36. Tollbooth Variant
  37. Mainframe Computer with Small Legs in 1984-85 Pre-Production image
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  39. v25 2007 Hooded Cobra Commander head
  40. why do you prefer G.I.Joe games?
  41. Code H-1
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  43. dusty v3 pet sandstorm color variant?
  44. Repeater v1 1988 Made in Hong Kong - Made in China
  45. Terror Drome Turret Base in Black and also Dark Blue