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  1. Air Viper with Rocket Pack
  2. Anybody else on the fence with movie figures?
  3. Hasbro parts?
  4. To open or not too open that is the question..
  5. Q&A is up!
  6. RoC figure packaging as a deterrent?
  7. RoC Cobra Commander question
  8. ROC Wave designations
  9. What's Your Favorite 25th style Firefly?
  10. ROC Firefly TRU exclusive
  11. ROC figures with hole punch and GI tag?
  12. TRU Exclusives at Ross
  13. I'm Going to The Store
  14. Jungle Assault Ripcord and Desert Viper
  15. GI JOE Ninja - USA 2009?
  16. ROC vs 25th/Modern era
  17. Found Locally: Items Somebody Might Want
  18. Q About RoC and 25thANN Figures.
  19. New Joe 5-Pack (Footloose)
  20. Store restock question
  21. Canceled five-pack Mercer/Viper filecards?
  22. Nitro-Viper
  23. Definitive modern/25th Stalker?
  24. SDCC Exclusive Baroness Review
  25. I Came Away Converted...
  26. sideshow
  27. 2009 SDCC Destro 2-pack
  28. Best 25th figures for vintage collectors?
  29. Quick note on Target's Price Matching
  30. What Most-Wanted Toy/s Did You Whiff on?
  31. Dial-Tone
  32. Only 1 version of RoC Hawk looks like Dennis Quaid
  33. SDCC figs/vehicles that caught your eye
  34. Scarlett, Zap, Breaker, Rock & Roll and Steeler Questions
  35. Who Has a 7-Pack & Waddaya Think?
  36. ROC Dragonhawk is a must have
  37. How did everyone make out at the TRU sale
  38. RoC Scrap Iron w/Snake Trax ATV
  39. Has Rock n Roll gone the way of Roadblock?
  40. RoC Deep Six question
  41. Big Guns....what is the deal?
  42. does this seem fair to you ?
  43. RoC paint job checklist.
  44. 2009 Comic Con Destro set on sale now
  45. Is the YoJoe forum board hiding new posts?
  46. 2009 Best in 20 Years
  47. RoC figure your LEAST likely to get
  48. Unofficial RoC Checklist?
  49. Arctic SE, Para-Viper, Doctor Found at retail today!!!
  50. Rise of COBRA SuperPage at GeneralsJoes updated!
  51. New perspective on RoC figures
  52. viper
  53. Star Cases
  54. New RoC figure images: Charbroil!
  55. Weird head jobs
  56. Anyone Have the BBI PaveHawk?
  57. What's missing from the movie line?
  58. RoC Olive green Elite-Viper
  59. My first experience with new Joes
  60. Target Exclusives
  61. Stupid Iron Grenadier ID question...
  62. 3 3/4" 25th style convention set box art and convention comic book
  63. Stupid Bombstrike question...
  64. Broke down and bought ROC figures
  65. Newer Joes are driving me nuts (dumb questions thread)
  66. Release dates for Night Adder, Kamakura, Red Fang Ninja
  67. "Shadow Back" 25th figures question
  68. What comic book two packs do you think are the best?
  69. Official Pit Commando Thread!
  70. Best "common" RoC figs?
  71. Which RoC fig would look best standing on a birthday cake?
  72. Anybody else leaving some carded some open?
  73. Can You Stop This Cobra Army ???!!!
  74. PIT or HCC?
  75. Burger King Toys
  76. Interpretations on Snake Eyes...
  77. The ROC Flash is one of the best revamps I've seen
  78. Resolute 2010 - Resolute Trooper redone in black ala Pit Commando setup?
  79. White Coat Doctor & Artic SS Unmasked
  80. Still dislike the new vipers?
  81. Searching for names of the following Figures/vehicles
  82. What's the scoop on Speed Metal?
  83. Who has a Crimson Hydra?
  84. I Loved The Movie!
  85. Missing accessories?
  86. TRU computer glitch for Joes Special sale Anyone else have this issue?
  87. cobra claw
  88. 2 pack idea for Hasbro
  89. so with the new cobra island 7 packs...
  90. ROC characters/figures in the movie?
  91. Joecon09 literary
  92. zartan
  93. ally viper
  94. Anyone go for the troop builder?
  95. Tele-Vipers coming soon?
  96. Anyone else wish for more Arctic Joes?
  97. Who/What is the Steel Brigade?
  98. Will RoC Cobra Commander ever come with tubes?
  99. has anyone seen these before?
  100. Holy Geez, they went and made a Dragonfly!
  101. New GI JOE action figures coming with the RIse of Cobra movie
  102. Pit commando Question
  103. More Target ROC Coupons
  104. Eels w/ Wave Crusher:Target Exclusive=AWESOME
  105. 2009 Joecon Pictures
  106. too much
  107. convention question
  108. I Got The RHINO
  109. ROC 12 inch figures
  110. New Joe & Cobra figures for 2010 posted at!
  111. 2002-2005 GI Joe Figures
  112. So the collectors club Dr. Venom is going to be 25th style?
  113. Past & Present Joes
  114. RoC snake trax (?)
  115. What's with the hose on City Strike Beachhead's leg?
  116. new collectors club products
  117. serpentor
  118. Is There a List of ARAH style VvV/GvC figures anywhere?
  119. Do kids still play with GI Joe?
  120. Got Jungle Assault Ripcord today
  121. From the mouths of babes - Turtlewrench
  122. Helix is Dial-Tone
  123. Walmart exclusives release date?
  124. 2010 MAIL AWAY Cobra commander???
  125. Finally picked up a Pit Commando
  126. metaphoricly speaking...
  127. So how long do you think?
  128. Who ended up buying the Convention set?
  129. Joe con dio
  130. Anyone Noticing This?
  131. Stinger, Arctic HISS, etc.
  132. Flint: Special Missions - France
  133. Best of the 80's :(
  134. The Most Awesome RoC Fig Yet...
  135. Speed Metal and Rampage ?
  136. 7-Pack BAT Question
  137. Whats the odds you think we will get these vintage vehicles in the new line?
  138. Joe Declassified Newsletter
  139. When will you stop collecting?
  140. The Doctor
  141. Defense of Cobra Island Alley-Viper question...
  142. Firefly Stormshadow comic pack help
  143. End of 25th anniversary?
  144. Which Firefly do you like the most?
  145. 1-2-3- Snake Eyes!
  146. Cobra in a Box!
  147. Destro, the Arms Dealer doing what he does best.
  148. Would you buy ROC figures in classic ARAH colors?
  149. "Green Shirts" Question
  150. Simply amazing that by 2010 there will be probably 50 versions of Snakeeyes!!!
  151. Anyone else won over by ROC?
  152. How well do the ROC vheicles fit in?
  153. Vintage Human WHOBIT seeks 25th Human WHOBIT
  154. Is it possible to swap out body parts on 25th line figures?
  155. video reviews: mole pod and steel crusher apv
  156. Completed checklist 2007-now gi joe 25th and sideshow
  157. Toys R Us Wave 4 :(
  158. Crimson Guard Commander
  159. Let's see some ROC troopbuilders!!
  160. Anyone noticed this with the Tiger Force Duke's packback?
  161. Exclusive bonus items
  162. New Sculpts
  163. Question dealing with the doc and CC of ROC
  164. Ghost Hawk's Removable Engine Panel
  165. RoC Night Adder question
  166. Vintage guy getting into 25th stuff
  167. TRU ROC Senior Leader 3-packs
  168. I hate it when that happens
  169. kmart set is live
  170. Your 25th line Air Support
  171. My Lucky Day
  172. 2004 Cobra Infantry Team Question
  173. Did Han Solo join Cobra?
  174. 25th army pics
  175. Which ROC figures do you feel are still missing?
  176. TRU exclusive 5 pack
  177. What next for Rise of Cobra?
  178. 2002 rockslide question
  179. My Snake Eyes Paris Pursuit!!!
  180. Fixed Duke Arms.
  181. Force of arms
  182. Is the resolute storm shadow being released in the ROC line?
  183. Not good for Hasbro or RoC
  184. Who here has not bought ROC
  185. Looks like we might get more 7 packs!
  186. What ROC video game charcters/vehicles would you like to see?
  187. Sky Sweeper Jet !
  188. Which ROC figures actually appeared in the movie?
  189. Worried about Victor Sikorski
  190. Snake Eyes (City Strike) Review!
  191. New direction for G.I. Joe
  192. Wave 4 discontinued!
  193. ROC suction cup accessory?
  194. Solutions to the current Joes situation
  195. What happens with all the extra RoC figures?
  196. USS FLAGG-would you prefer ROC or an upgraded 25TH?
  197. Just messing around...
  198. TRU Crimson Guard & Green Shirt 5-Packs at Ross
  199. anyone buying the pitt for their kids xmas?
  200. Recycling molds going overboard?
  201. Anyone curious at what's next from Hasbro ?
  202. Do you think ebay has been less good in terms of pictures of Joes ?
  203. the mystery that is Spc. Altitude and more
  204. hi
  205. best of 80's cobra commander
  206. Will we ever see Reality-based vehicles again?
  207. City Strike Snake Eyes
  208. Hawk from the PIT
  209. Storm Shadow Arctic Assault Variant Found?
  210. Bench Press aka Rock-n-Roll
  211. "Black Tattoo" Night Adder...
  212. Collectors Club News
  213. Duke - City Strike - coolest Duke ever!
  214. Target 4 pack
  215. Resolute figure list?
  216. Helix!!!
  217. Wave 5 :(
  218. Rumor of Alpha Vehicle wave 3 cancelled
  219. My best one day joe find in months!!
  220. Cobra Commander ROC?
  221. CH repaints
  222. walmart exclusives
  223. question
  224. Desert Ambush Scarlett
  225. Then and Now
  226. 25th Dusty
  227. Why so many figures released this year?
  228. Target Deluxe Figures
  229. More figures on the 80s styled packaging?
  230. One of my best ebay wins
  231. What are the more rarer figures on sale right now?
  232. City Strike Snake Eyes sighting
  233. What ROC figs fit with the 25th line?
  234. RoC Para-Viper
  235. Which modern Grand Slam is the coolest?
  236. What wave are we in?
  237. Mantis Attack Craft
  238. A request for those who have ROC COBRA Commander and Desert Ambush Scarlett
  239. I you tought RoC was overpriced, wait for Avatar
  240. Is Arctic Threat Storm Shadow Just a re-paint of Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes?
  241. RoC Display Stands
  242. Which ROC figures are believed to be "short packed"?
  243. Desert HISS driver?
  244. Cobra Viper Commando with Snake Armor
  245. Is quality hit or miss with the new stuff?
  246. Best place to find Resolute Storm Shadow for a reasonable price?
  247. 25th Collectibles Price Drop??
  248. Black Friday
  249. I.D. GI JOE Figures Question
  250. G.I. Joe Comic 3 packs