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  1. Have you Ever gotten an AFA item that graded high and you were really disappointed???
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  11. How many MOC collectors are there here?
  12. Where could I find clean MOC/cardback pictures?
  13. Are you kidding me? Missile Command
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  15. No AFA bashing allowed...
  16. On the topic of "Legitimate criticism"...
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  22. Are You Ever Amazed By The Prices 1982-1985 Misb Items Bring????
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  24. ANy one know of a decent on line Carded shop?
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  26. MOC Figures 1987
  27. Has anyone ever...
  28. Would you allow a movie cast member to autograph one of your 80s MOC Joes?
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  30. 1982 9-Back Rarity?
  31. Rapid Deployment Force MISbaggie Value?
  32. AFA from another hobby's perspective
  33. Who out there has a complete MOC collection, by year?
  34. Joe clamshells/protectors
  35. Explosion Backs vs. Redback file cards
  36. 1983 Explosion Back Grunt/Breaker unpunched??
  37. Cards w/o promo stickers
  38. storage options?
  39. Vintage AFA 95 Firefly and other high grade pieces..
  40. storage for uk gi joe moc
  41. AFA your 25th Figs?
  42. Please, . . .be real ?
  43. MISB Cobra Water Moccasin
  44. MOC question
  45. Anything fun recently?
  46. Major Find !!!! 22 Moc, and 9 Mint in Bag Gi joes
  47. Funskool Wild Weasel question...
  48. Smoke
  49. AFA Questions for those who have had items graded.
  50. 1984 Storm Shadow MOC with yellow head
  51. removing stickers on MOC figures
  52. Stores with '80's MOC's in stock.
  53. joint movement inside MOC figures
  54. MOC/MISB sellers
  55. Mmmm... Firefly.
  56. Mmmm... '83 to '85 carded Joes.
  57. Here's my MOC collection
  58. Beach Head and Tunnel Rat
  59. Value of a MOC Tiger Force Duke?
  60. Eels vs. Eels. Peach/Flat vs. Gray/3-D.
  61. Is this a good deal?
  62. AFA Dial Tone & Roadblock +more
  63. My latest AFA acquisitions
  64. Da Last 2 Walk's G.I. Joe Collection
  65. Afa Cases
  66. Triple Win, no offer, still graded?
  67. Displays for single carded Joes
  68. 82/83 MOC GI Joe figures $5 each on Ebay!!!???
  69. Pricing for AFA graded joes from 1988-1991
  70. MOC collectors "back in the day"
  71. AFA Ownership Question
  72. Explosion Back count?
  73. 1991 GI JOE magnets
  74. Anyone else see this? Hasbrotoyshop selling AFA
  75. whats AFA graded figures?
  76. Protective Cases
  77. Does anyone buy sealed cases and leave them that way ?
  78. Should AFA graded items be given a date stamp and expiration date on the label?
  79. AFA85 9-back Flash on ebay is damaged; Don't bid.
  80. How to ship figures to AFA?
  81. What does it cost a 25th MOC figure graded?
  82. My GI Joe Collection
  83. What figure cases does Hasbro use?
  84. G.I. Joe Holy Grail! AFA 90 Snake-Eyes 9-Back!
  85. Similar MOC's weirding me out...
  86. AFA 60 USS Flagg!
  87. Hasbro Protective Cases too snug?
  88. My Straight Arm MOC figures
  89. 1997 & 1998 toys r us joes
  90. Can custom figures be sent to the Action Figure Authority.
  91. Hard to find MOC/MISB items
  92. Why doesn't Hasbro AFA other lines?
  93. MOC/AFA help
  94. Misb Flagg
  95. Some of my old collection photos
  96. Going price for an MISB Rolling Thunder
  97. MIB Bridgelayer, Moray Cardboard Inserts?
  98. Snake Armor
  99. cash back cards
  100. Some AFA questions
  101. Cases for foreign carded figures? Chinese, older funskool, etc
  102. Was original Ace packaged in bubble or baggie?
  103. Hello everyone
  104. Newest addition, Destro's Despoiler!
  105. 1989 Toys R Us Exclusive Night Force Night Boomer MISB!
  106. Acrylic Case Question
  107. Havoc Misb?
  108. Triple Win vs. Non and Peach vs. Grey
  109. Do you replace Loose with MOC?
  110. Collecting in WV
  111. WOW this is getting really old! AFA related.
  112. Does Special Offers on MOC Figures Hurt Values?
  113. MOC Wild Weasel,Copperhead?
  114. The saddest day of the Chuckle's Army...
  115. My Yellow Stalker (MOC & AFA)
  116. Price Check on MOC 1987 Falcon
  117. Is Anyone Sending ROC Figs or Vehicles to AFA?
  118. How do you store MOC/MISB?
  119. How should i Grade a Bagged Conv. Set
  120. AFA 80 Uncirculated U.S.S. Flagg For Sale On Ebay!
  121. ebay?
  122. Where & How do I obtain AFA ratings?
  123. How long does an AFA grade last?
  124. Acrylic Cases for larger carded Joes
  125. 1983 sealed-boxed headquarters
  126. Question regarding AFA grading...
  127. Peach Card vs Grey Card?
  128. AFA Loose Figures
  129. This week's high bids on Ebay
  130. "C" Grading Scale?
  131. Ninja Force cases
  132. TGA Graders???
  133. Removing price stickers?
  134. Finally complete: SF Movie collection
  135. Want to open my MIB stuff, please advise
  136. Night Blaster Misb Question
  137. Tracking Invoice through AFA Website
  138. Night Force Cardback Dimensions
  139. Lifelong Fan, New Collector
  140. My Small but growing AFA Vehicle Collection
  141. Moc Stormshadow China
  142. MOC collecting in general
  143. what is so special ?
  144. question about vintage ARAH MOC variations
  145. New vs With Swivel Arm Grip Cards
  146. MISB slugger
  147. Bubble damage help...?
  148. a common problem ?
  149. is this a "star case" ?
  150. Am I Missing Something?
  151. unpunched cards
  152. AFA90 Battle Copter Heli Viper
  153. Leaving AFA items in the poly bags, yes or no?
  154. How's the market these days?
  155. MISB Toxo Lab
  156. Action Force Red Laser Exterminator MISB....
  157. 2007 joe convention starduster & grandslam 2 pack?
  158. Some of my vintage MOC GIJOE collection
  159. MISB/MIB pricing
  160. To Open or Not to open! 1984/85 Storm Shadow
  161. What to grade?
  162. To open, or not to open. That is the question
  163. Protech cases
  164. Vintage MOC's
  165. Sell me on AFA...
  166. I was wondering
  167. custom cardbacks
  168. New additions
  169. MOSC storage
  170. FUNSKOOL MOC figures
  171. broken o rings moc?
  172. Zarana with earrings MOC question
  173. 2004' ninja cobra strike team
  174. An ad For my Comic
  175. Help Pricing some AFA Graded Items?
  176. Advice for selling 25th MOC
  177. MOC 1986 Gung-Ho on EBAY
  178. MISB 1984 ARAH Zartan and Missile Defense Unit on Ebay
  179. My Nordic Action Force MOC & MISB Collection (Sweden, Norway & Finland)
  180. Question about MOC Snake Eyes Figures
  181. Where Should I Start?
  182. Resealed Cards w/figure Question
  183. Baroness 1985 question
  184. Ok, lets see some pics of the BEST MOC/MISB Collections out there!
  185. Ebay MOC mis-representation
  186. Need sealed (or nearly) Vintage Stinger/Vamp MkII help
  187. Snake Eyes 9 back MOC - broken O-ring?
  188. Grade it sealed or open ?
  189. Chance to win 1987 jinx moc
  190. Your thoughts on the 1985 "Triple Win" offer cardbacks.
  191. Help for someone starting out.
  192. Price Check: 1985 MISB Spirit & Dusty
  193. Acrylic cases for vintage Baggie figures
  194. Are the any known authentic Vintage MOC's without the waffle pattern present?
  195. Lets see some MOC MISB Collections!
  196. Looking for advice - Starting a new MOC collection
  197. Where can we buy protective cases for carded figures?
  198. What is in this carded figure?
  199. Price check on Hard Top sealed in baggie.
  200. GIJOE Nilco MOC figures
  201. Best search terms for sealed original ARAH Joes on eBay?
  202. I've been opening carded GI JOEs lately and posting them on YouTube.
  203. MOC Figure Pricing - All About Year - Not Character?
  204. I Made a Mistake - How Much Did I Overpay?
  205. what is uncirculated and 34back?
  206. starcase2 or starcase4? protective cases
  207. Does the language on the packaging matter?
  208. Series 1 MOC prices $$$
  209. Starting a MIB Collection 82-85 - Need some help/advice