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  1. trade list
  2. Obi-Wan's trade list UPDATED!
  3. Reloaded Wave 3 singles and more trade list
  4. Have / Want list for Trade - GI Bri
  5. 3idmp's Trade List HUGE!!!!!!!
  6. Delete me! All forms accounted for!
  7. BRAZIL MOC Figs 4 Trade or Sell
  8. Complete near mint set of V1 Crimson Guard Twins for trade!!!
  9. Trade List
  10. CG, Night Creeper V1, Polar Assault FF for trade!
  11. Have: Blue vipers, Want: Gray viper(s)
  12. Have: 82 Rock 'n' Roll stuff, Want: some '82 accessories
  13. Accessories & More 4 Trade
  14. WAVE 7 Vipers coming out my ears! 4/21/05 update!
  15. 4 cards needed! *Base and AS extras for trade*
  16. 1997/98 Three packs for trade............!!!!!!!!!
  17. Starduster visor/ wave 3 singles FT
  18. One sealed wilbill from 2001 Locust!
  19. Desperate!!! Take my Joes, Please!!!
  20. My trade/sale and want list
  21. swamp rats & grey iron grenadier/Jaye MOC
  22. Complete mint v1 Payload for Trade.
  23. I have 2 Spy Troops Viper/Alley Viper 2 packs for trade....!!
  24. Joes for trade (or for sale)
  25. Wave 3 single packs for trade!
  26. EpIII Clone Commander ROTS to trade for joes
  27. My want list
  28. Haves and Want List , Need some AS cards
  29. NEW STUFF!!!!! Trade/Wants list
  30. mu updated needs/haves lists
  31. bayou benny wants & haves
  32. for trade. Updated!
  33. Vintage figs/vehicles, WAVE 7 Vipers, Misc cobra figures...
  34. FT/ Crimson Guards for new Cobra vipers
  35. Tons of Joes, weapons & parts to trade!
  36. TFC-10 Soundwave reissue for trade
  37. ROTS Red Royal Guard (loose), Rock 'n' Roll v1 gun for accessories
  38. figures for Sale ARMY BUILDERS / TROOPERS
  39. Purge Valve for the USS Flagg, MINT
  40. Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series on VHS
  41. FS or FT Remco Commando Force and Corps figures
  42. Let's Trade Comics...
  43. Single Pack Sand & Night, ML9 Angry Bullseye, Ep III, Gundams & more
  44. Cobra's Toy's TON of NEW!!! STUFF ADDED!!! 7/17 with wants!!!
  45. Street Fighter Vehicles and Fig accessories for sale or trade
  46. v6 Vipers and v5 Alley Vipers for Trade!
  47. 1982 Scarlett for an 1982 Hawk
  48. V1 firefly complete with phone for REPUBLIC GUNSHIP
  49. Viper / Gung Ho 2 packs and Snake Eyes Swamp Rat two packs for trade
  50. BTR Ground Striker, Vintage figs, OCS, more
  51. 2004 viper/teli pack and loose pack for trade
  53. VvV python viper, televiper, Eel, and several versions of bats for trade
  54. 2000 Hasbro Major Bludd/Rock Viper 2 Pack
  55. Wave 3 Singles, Marvel Legends, Army builders & more
  56. Have TRU exc Yodas for trade..
  57. My New wants and Haves Trade list.
  58. Earth Quake missiles: somebody was looking for them a few weeks ago...
  59. blue NeoViper singlepacks for NeoViper commanders o-ring
  60. VvV Army Builders for Trade/Sale (3 BLUE VIPERS, Swamp Rat, Night Creeper Singles)...
  61. Over 2,000 1982-93 Gi-Joes up for trade
  62. my trade/sale list
  63. OLDER JOE stuff for trade 82-87
  64. Will trade in order to complete set. (OPEN)
  65. BTR Ground Striker, Vintage figures, vipers, filecards
  66. Help me complete my Terrordrome & Mobile Command Center
  67. (3) 1989 G.I.Joe Raider Side Guns for Trade/Sale
  68. FOR TRADE: Wave 7 Gung Ho / Viper MOC x 2
  69. HOLOs for trade!!! Need only 5 more to complete my base set!
  70. gung Ho/Viper packs for trade
  71. Wave 3 Single Packs, RAH figures/Vehciles, Bowen statues, MOTU, Gundam & more
  72. Foreign paperwork: Argentinian Album
  73. FT: Single packs, 6-packs, comic packs, Ice Sabre, Q-strike
  74. 98 Grey TRU Viper Officer for Crimson (not fuschia) Viper
  75. I have 3 unopened mail in storm shadows for trade.
  76. 1 unopened mail-in storm shadow for trade
  77. Will trade SwampRats for CloneTroopers. . .
  78. Anyone Need Sand Vipers?
  79. 2 unopened Storm Shadow unmasked for trade, CHEAP!
  80. Complete Secto Viper for trade/sale
  81. my trade list
  82. will trade my unmasked storm shadow(s) for your comic book set 2,5,6,or 7
  83. I have 3 unopened mail in storm shadows for trade for any of the following figures.
  84. V1 firefly complete with walkie green
  85. My star wars stuff for your gijoe stuff.
  86. Wave 7 Viper/Gung Ho Moc (misprint) for trade
  87. TF Tunnelrat
  88. Figures are now gone, thanks!
  89. Storm Shadow Mail Away For Trade
  90. Need a Spirit v.1 backpack?
  91. Figures, Parts, Accs, Star Wars & Transformers 4Trade
  92. Storm Shadow Mail In MIP for Trade
  93. Funskool Yellow Torpedo
  94. Will trade my complete vs6 bats for your horrow show or tomax (from CG 6 pack) figure
  95. Complete star bridgade invader and near complete star brigade starfighter for trade.
  96. Weapons, Backpacks And Accessories
  97. WHALE propeller for trade
  98. Figures For Trade Or Sale
  99. 2 Blue Sand Vipers complete w/fc for Trade
  100. trading old vehicle bombs/missiles and rare parts lot for a couple complete 80s figs
  101. I'm trading boxes and paperwork for TCG cards.
  102. Needing Newer Vipers.. see my trade list!
  103. Gi-Joes for trade with photos
  104. Trade list
  105. Minty fresh trade list
  106. Big stuff for trade...Terro Drome...Killer Whale and others...
  107. Celebration Vader WITH CASE for trade for Joes
  108. AVAC Filecard, Falcon, other paperwork and VINTAGE figures, FIREBAT
  109. 2 ROTS Clone Pilots for 2 CGs
  110. G.I. Joes for Battle Beasts or Laser Beasts
  111. 2 Gung Ho / Viper MOCs for Desert Patrol OR Ninja Strike Team 6 pack
  112. Infantry Force Blue Shirts for Comic Pack Figures
  113. A couple of Cobra & Revenge/Sith army builders for sale/trade.
  114. Lots of Army Builders, Hiss 3s and weapons replacements sets for trade!
  115. Anybody want a free xbox?
  116. Gi joe sale/trade
  117. I have Exclusive TRU Clear Yodas for Trade..
  118. wave 7 Viper for trade
  119. Figures, Weapons, File Cards: Lets trade!!!(7/18/05 update)
  120. I have two Rattlers for trade.
  121. Joe Items For Trade (Or Sale)
  122. Huge Trade/Sale List (1982-91) C8-C9 figures
  123. Trade WHALE 'propeller' for 'cannon cap'
  124. have rattler battle damaged panels, need mamba exhaust pipes
  125. For Trade/Sale...H.I.S.S. w/ Pit Viper, Air Assault w/ Sand Viper, Wave 3 Singles...
  126. For Trade Have/Need List
  127. McDonalds figs
  128. Wave 3 Singles
  129. Will trade my mail in storm shadow, 1 C.guard from 6 pack,& bats vs6 for comic pack 7
  130. Tiger Force Psyche Out on Belgian card
  131. complete 1990 Decimator
  132. Single-pack Wave 3 Tele-Vipers, Sand-Vipers, and Night-Creepers for trade.
  133. Patriot Grizzly and Ice Sabre for trade
  134. mob.dub 4 Trade:5/26/05 moc Psyche-Out 87, moc Bat 86, MIBag RDF, MISB Swampfire+more
  135. Boog's stuff for trade...
  136. FRENCH Carded "Action Force" Cobra Commander ("NOUVEAU" sticker)
  137. will trade before Ebay
  138. I will trade 1 JvC grey IG for ....
  139. 20 GungHo Viper Packs for Trade and more
  140. G.I. Joe vs. Transformers Vol. 2 #1 DF cover anyone?
  141. TONS of Holos and other cards for sale/trade
  142. 3 cobra officers with no emblem for one with???
  143. wave 6 Eel complete for JvC shipwreck complete
  144. New & Improved Trade List 8-16-05
  145. 2005 Convention Stuff for Trade
  146. I will trade one Cobra Infantry 6-pack for...
  147. Trade List
  148. Super Huge Vehicle Parts Trade/Sale List
  149. storm shadow unmasked
  150. Cobra Imperial Procession single figs for trade
  151. Techno-Viper weapons swap?
  152. CGs for trade! Updated list!
  153. Gi-Joes for trade/sale (1982-93) with photos
  154. A few figs for trade/sell
  155. Anybody interested in these?
  156. Trading Joes for Star Wars Vintage
  157. A few vintage weapons to trade!
  158. Still need 19 cards! HELP!
  159. Want wave 7 Vipers..Have Moblie HQ, Raven, ML's & more
  160. I need a Moray; MOBAT, VAMP & Joes FT... and lots of Corps! Need Star Wars too!
  161. MOC Action Force 85 Snake Eyes
  162. Trading my Joes for Star wars LEGO
  163. Snake Eyes Stuff to trade
  164. Hey, stuff you'll actually WANT
  165. void
  166. My Cobras for your Cobras
  167. Original Stinger almost complete!
  168. 2 Snow Wolves and 1 Frostbite from wave 6!
  169. Tiger Force 5 pack for trade!
  170. UP-DATED-MOC GI Joe for Star Wars. Take a look.
  171. error saw viper for trade
  172. Soul's Joe Trade List
  173. RARE Vamp II Jeep **CANADA VARIANT** (light tan) - PICS!!
  174. WHALE parts for trade
  175. Action Force Snake Eyes MOC/Ninja Ku Satan
  176. ton of accessories for trade!
  177. Build your COBRA ARMY with MINT COMPLETE figures!
  178. Weapons, Helmets, Backpacks For Trade
  179. accessory trade list (added more new stuff I need)
  180. Gi-Joe 82-91 figures, accessories, trade + want list. E-mail for pictures
  181. Tomax/Xamot Crimson Copter
  182. My STAR WARS for your JOES!
  183. Want Vipers...tons of NEW items for trade, current Army builders & more
  184. 100% complete 1983 GIJOE HQ for trade/sale
  185. My trade/sale/want list
  186. Trading 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 for newer vipers
  187. I have what you want! You have...
  188. Figures For Trade Or Sale
  189. Alley Vipers for trade...vintage V1 and others!!!
  190. 2005 Convention AGP for Trade!
  191. Ice Sabre (VvV) for HISS IV Repaint
  192. Venom Chamber, 4 new vipers, sand viper and more for trade
  193. Parachute Jungle/Forest Viper for Army Builders
  194. My comic list I have to trade/ warned it is a big list!!!!!
  195. This is my joe trade/sale warned it is big!!!!!!!
  196. Gold Steel Brigade gun...broken. Any takers??
  197. UPDATED, Huge list of accessories and vehicle parts for trade!!!!
  198. Army Builders for Army builders!!! Lots of other action figures as well
  199. Agent Orange's Trade List - Lots of Army Builders!
  200. Iron Grenadiers and Iron Anvils for trade, Plus few others
  201. Need Vintage V1 Acc's
  202. Recent list, still more not listed yet
  203. steamroller figures, bats, others, vehicle parts, blueprints for trade and want list
  204. Trade in your favor cause I could really use the room!
  205. Thunder Clap Front + Rear Cars
  206. Snake Eyes #50 foil needed. Have plenty to trade!
  207. MOC Battle Corps for trade
  208. Cobra troops available!
  209. New Figures to trade
  210. Missles For Trade Or Sale
  211. Tbf Guns For Trade
  212. Mail away storm shadows any one.
  213. Royal Guard Antenna for Trade
  214. Lowlight's Trade and Want Lists
  215. New trade/sale/want list (army builders, RAH and JvC)
  216. Ninka Ku for trade ASAP
  217. ----------
  218. cjb725's Trade and Want list
  219. Want Cobra troops?
  220. Desperate, Take my Joes Please!!! Part 2
  221. gi joe body parts for trade
  222. Lots of Cobra troops: RAH & 2000 -up, lots of other figures for trade
  223. ft-my g.i.joe for your starwars lego's
  224. Some 97/98 Joes for trade!
  225. Extra loose Shockwave or Deepsix(w/Dolphin)? Make me an offer you can't refuse!!!
  226. MOC Joes, Loose Joes and Joes movies for trade.
  227. these joes are for trade
  228. etmartin's FOR TRADE/SALE list...
  229. Tons for sale or trade
  230. New to the site
  231. For Trade
  232. Joe and Non-Joe stuff for sale/trade (w/ wants)
  233. Joe Vehicle Parts & Misc. For Trade
  234. BAT 6pack 2 regs for 2 infernos
  235. Cobra Army builders from 82-2005, HISS, Hydrofoil, Night Raven & more
  236. 98 Vypra (complete w/fc) for trade towards A-10
  237. Marvel legends Chase figures any one
  238. Thunderwing or Patriot Grizzly for Battle Wagon
  239. Cobra Morray Hydrofoil For Trade
  240. Whale Hovercraft For Trade
  241. Complete Secto-viper, steamroller, bats 3.2vs5 and others for trade/sale and my wants
  242. whos got deals on blue cobra infantry troops?
  243. Cobra Hydrofoil to trade/Sale c8 100% complete w/lens
  244. Single card Sand OR Tele Viper for single card Neo Viper
  245. Night Attack Chopper Parts and Missles
  246. Crimson Guard Force/ Imperial Processon
  247. Tons to trade: Army builders, Vehciles, RAH..other figure lines
  248. 145 figures for trade/ 3 for 1.... 5 for 1 con figure!
  249. for trade
  250. Send your list here!