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Prince Adam
08-01-2004, 07:23 PM
Here are pics opf a few of my customs. Unfortunatelyt right now these are the only ones I've got pics of. Enjoy!

Animated Snake Eyes: 3A%3D3232686%3A49%3A29nu0mrj

Billy: 3A%3D3232686%3A49%3A2%3Bnu0mrj

Claymore: 3A%3D3232686%3A49%3A33nu0mrj

Snakes is one of my all time favorite characters so I made an Animated style version. I also made Scarlett to accompany him. Billy now has a new torso, from a Salvo figure, but I still like the look of the Duke v3 one. So I guess he's got two versions now, one regular, and one with more weapons. As far as ?Claymore, I didn't like the look of the original, he's special ops! So I've made him leader of Night Force!