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08-04-2004, 10:17 AM
I found this while doing some research on another movie. It's a little cheesey.

08-05-2004, 04:39 PM
Interesting list there. Let me give my opinion on them.

Neal McDonough / Duke. Not a bad choice actually. He's a great actor but maybe a little too old.

Christian Bale / Tomax & Xamot. Again a pretty good choice.

Patrick Stewart / Destro. Would have been a great choice 15 years ago. I think he's way too old.

Andy Serkis / Cobra Commander. Terrible choice. They guy is way too effeminate. I think Gary Oldham is a much better choice.

Russell Crowe / Serpentor. Okay choice but Crowe would want half the budget for his salary alone. Plus production credit and several points on the back end.

Catherine Zeta Jones / Baroness. Pretty good choice. But again her salary would destroy the budget. I like Salma Hayek better. Plus she has an accent already. Yes it's Spanish but who cares.. It's SALMA HAYEK. ;)

Amanda Tapping / Lady Jaye. I have no idea who she is so I can't comment.

Julianne Moore / Scarlet. I hate this choice. She is way too old.

Bruce Campbell / Shipwreck. Great choice.

Ray Park / Storm Shadow. I don't like this one. Can Park even act? I think the guy that plays Storm Shadow needs to be more than a stunt man.