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08-06-2004, 04:59 PM
I have a ton of figures, parts, accessories and so forth to trade from figure lines of all kinds. Below is my trade list. Visit my website to see my want list as well as my full trade list including MOTU, Transformers & Star Wars.


Vintage Figures:
Battlestar Galactica Cylon (2) no accessories
Blackstar John Blackstar no accessories
Captain Power Captain Power no gun
Clash of the Titans Perseus with sword
Dragonriders of the Styx Dragon Man complete
Legends of the West Buffalo Bill Cody no accessories
Muscle Men 17 pink assorted
Power Lords Disguyzor complete
Robotech Zor Prime with weapon
Robotech Breetai
Sectaurs Dargon V2 with right leg harness, mask, dagger
Sectaurs Waspax (2) figure only
Shogun Warriors 24 Great Mazinga no accessories, missing shooting hand
Super Naturals Burnheart has visor
Super Naturals Skull has chest piece
Super Powers Wonder Woman missing lasso
Thundercats Mummra Mail Away no staff
Thundercats Hammerhand
Thundercats Monkian no accessories
Thundercats Panthro has blue half of nunchucks
TMNT 1988 Splinter has weapons rack, 2 stars, bow, cane
TMNT 1988 Splinter no accessories
TMNT 1988 Rocksteady complete
TMNT 1988 Foot Soldier has knife
TMNT 1988 Shredder has kama & belt
TMNT 1989 Usagi Yujimbo has pole arm, knife
TMNT 1989 Usagi Yujimbo has knife
TMNT 1989 Baxter Stockman no accessories
TMNT 1989 Metalhead has backpack & radar dish
TMNT 1989 General Tragg has knife & hand gun
TMNT 1989 Casey Jones has golf bag
TMNT 1990 Slash has mace, belt & knife
TMNT 1990 Leonardo The Sewer Samurai has shield, quiver, sign
TMNT 1990 Sewer Surfer Mike no accessories
TMNT 1990 Raph The Space Cadet has sword
TMNT 1991 TD Tossin Leo no accessories
TMNT 1991 Slapshot Leo no accessories
TMNT 1991 Talkin Don no accessories
TMNT 1991 Tokka no accessories
TMNT 1991 Midshipman Mike no accessories
TMNT 1991 Movie Star Mike no accessories
TMNT 1991 Tokka no accessories
TMNT 1991 Classic Rocker Leo no accessories
TMNT 1992 Chief Leonardo no accessories
TMNT 1992 Beach Combin Mike no accessories
TMNT 1992 Night Ninja Raphael
TMNT 1993 Road Ready Leo no accessories
TMNT 1993 Movie III Splinter no accessories
Total Justice Aquaman MOC
Tron Flynn no accessories
Tron Warrior no accessories
Visionaries Witterquick complete
Visionaries Leoric no staff, weapon or helmet
Voltron King Zarkon no accessories
WWF LJN Adrian Adonis
WWF LJN Bruno Sammartino

Vintage Figure Weapons & Accessories:
Aliens Sgt. Apone gold rubber mace
Aliens Alien Queen staff
A-Team 3 3/4" rifles (9)
A-Team 6" machine guns (8), backpack (3), belt
Battle Beasts Colonol Bird weapon
Battle Beasts Pew-Trid Skunk weapon
The Black Hole Sentry Robot crotch
Blackstar Gargo wings
Blackstar Kadray helmet
Bravestarr Marshal Brevestarr blaster & rifle
Captain Power Sgt. Scout Baker blaster
Centurions Max Ray Cruiser Assault orange missile
Centurions Max Ray Tidal Blast yellow piece
Centurions Jake Rockwell Fireforce green chest piece
Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Reed Smith Staff
Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Chuck Norris Battle Gear Staff
Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Chuck Norris Kung Fu Training Staff
Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Ninja Warrior Sword
Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Ninja Serpent Sword
CHIPS by Mego black revolver
Convertors Rex sword
C.O.P.S. Sundown hat
Dinoriders Anklyosaurus (with Sting) crossbow & red triangle shield
Dino Riders silver necklace (2 different)
Dragons Knights & Daggers large accessory lot
Flash Gordon Thun or Lizard Woman staff
Ghostbusters Highway Haunter Motor Ghost
Gobots Jeeper Creeper gun
Gobots Cy-Kill engine
Indiana Jones Map Room pick
Mask Ace Riker Ricochet mask
Mask Floyd Malloy Buckshot mask (2)
Mask Julio Lopez Streamer mask
Mask Matt Tracker Jungle Hunt red crossbow and case
Mask Rhino side ramp
Mask Slingshot missile
Men of Medal Penn "Piranna Jones" medal, flipper
Metal Man (Zee Toys) Corporal Chrome gun
Power Lords Gripptogg club
Rambo weapons pack missing boomerang & Tokarov pistol, extra whip & crossbow
Rambo Colonel Trautman machine gun
Rambo Firepower Rambo belt
Rambo Rambo knife
Rambo Turbo pistol
Rambo Gripper Uzi (2)
Rambo 6x6 machine gun
Rocklords Granite red rifle
Robotech Dana Sterling helmet
Secret Wars red shield (2)
Secret Wars Wolverine silver claw & black claw
Secret Wars Tower of Doom black chair gun
Secret Wars Dr Doom rifle
Sectaurs Skito harness (2)
Silverhawks Copper Kid Mayday bird
Silverhawks MonStar rear armour
Silverhawks Steelwil Stronghold bird (2)
Silverhawks Steelheart wings & Rayzor bird
Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Transport & Repair Station blue leg piece
Spawn Cosmic Angela knife
Super Naturals Eagle Eye spear (2)
Super Naturals Sakebite helmet
Super Naturals Lionheart sword
Super Powers Green Arrow bow (no string)
Super Powers Dr. Fate cape
TMNT 1988 April Oneil grey briefcase, handgun
TMNT 1988 Bebop light grey knife (2), gun (2), shield
TMNT 1988 Rocksteady dark grey knife, rifle
TMNT 1988 Leonardo belt
TMNT 1988 Michealangelo kama, belt
TMNT 1988 Raphael knife, kama & shuriken
TMNT 1989 Metalhead backpack (3)
TMNT 1989 Ace Duck wings
TMNT 1989 Genghis Frog belt (2)
TMNT 1989 Leatherhead shotgun (2), trap, belt (2), trap (half)
TMNT 1989 Sewer Swimmin' Don harness
TMNT 1990 Donatello with Storage Shell axe
TMNT 1990 Scum-bug beetle
TMNT 1990 Panda Khan shoulder pad, knee pad
TMNT 1990 Sewer Seltzer Cannon refill bottles
TMNT 1991 Walkabout rifle
TMNT 1991 Raph Green Teen Beret pistol
TMNT 1991 Talkin Raph boxing glove gun
TMNT 1991 Talkin Mike spear & sausage nunchucks
TMNT 1991 Rahzar grappling hook
TMNT 1991 Super Shredder shin pad, mace
TMNT 1991 Mike's Kowabunga Beach Buggy surfboard
TMNT 1992 Mutatin' Mike nunchucks & pizza throwing star
TMNT 1992 Spike n Volly Don pistol
TMNT 1993 Leo as Wolfman sword & pistol
TMNT 1993 Cave Turtle Rapheal spear & sai
TMNT 1993 Cave Turtle Don staff & dinosaur harness
TMNT 1993 Ninja Action (any of the 4) dagger
TMNT 1993 Mutatin Rahzer male collar half
TMNT 1994 Pizza Tossin Leo belt, blaster (purple)
TMNT 1994 Raphael Airforce Mutation sai (2)
Thundercats Hachiman helmet (2)
Thundercats Liono sword (1 corner of cross piece broken off)
Thundercats Tuska rifle
Thundercats Mummra helmet, dagger
Thundercats Wileykit/Wileycat hoverboard
Thundercats Rataro tail
US Forces by Remco rifle
Voltron Pidge key (2)
Voltron II white shoulder wheel
Wheeled Warriors Gun Grinner green spinning weapon
Zoids Robostrux Gordox part
Zoids Robostrux Stang part

08-06-2004, 08:08 PM
PM sent!