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08-11-2004, 12:29 AM
cleaning house before the move and I found these, forgot I had them all are MOMC (might have a little shelf wear but very nice)

all from the 1996-1997 line of Hulk figures most were from the short lived cartoon

here they are:

Hulk Grey
Hulk Rampaging
Absorbing Man
Maestro (cool hulk from the future, wears the weapons and body parts of heroes he has killed like captain america, iron man, wolverine, nova, ultron, a few more)
Chainsaw (from the outcast line of the cartoon)
Two head ( " " " " " " " )

also still have MOTU Cobra Khan, Ultimate Rhino from the spidey line and Killer Croc from the Batman line MOC

PM or email me offers and what you are interested in.

Thanks for the read:


my wants are as follows:


Figures: (complete and c8 or better condition preferred)

SA or swivel Scarlett
Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander
Crimson Guard v1
Snow Serpent v1
BAT v1
Viper v1
Mission Brazil Leatherneck
Mission Brazil Wet Suit

Tiger Force Frostbite

Slaughter's Marauders
Mutt & Junkyard
Sgt. Slaughter


Cobra officer gun x 2
Cobra soldier gun
Crimson Guard rifle x 3
EELS v1 air hose x 2
Hit N Run need knife
Iron Grenadier sword x 2, machine gun
Mercer v1 need gun
Night Force Falcon need antenna
Night Force Outback need gun, flashlight and webbing and crotch
Secto-Viper helmet
Snow Serpent need blue belly pack, gun, bipod x 3
Star Duster need black visor and gun
Steel Bridgade back pack x 3, rifle
Techno viper gun x 2, hammer, hoses x 4
Tiger Force Recondo need gun
Claymore need correct helmet


Mission Brazil Leatherneck
Mission Brazil Wet-suit
SM Sgt. Slaughter
Night force Spearhead and Max
Night force Lightfoot
Night force Shockwave
Night Force Repeater
Night Force Charbroil
Tiger Force Recondo
Tiger Force Frostbite
Create a Cobra
Listen N Fun Tripwire
Silver Pads Grand Slam
Zartan PC version
Scarlett with Cover Girls pic

Vehicle parts needed:

Dreadnok air assault need landing skids to Skyhawk and two missiles, main rotor to the Fang copter

Dreadnok ground assault need kickstand to cycle and passenger side door to jeep and front bumper thing

Firebat need 3 bombs

Hammerhead need 1 clip for the mini sub, antenna

Missile defense need wall (both pieces), ammo box and lid, launcher and stand

Night Shade need top engine cover

Tomahawk need back left side engine cover


Action Force : 39, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, Annual, holiday

1986 Milton Bradley trading cards

17, 135


Axer need complete cycle
Broadside need one missile and ax
Camshaft need missile x 2
Carnivack need handgun
Cyclonus gun
Grandslam need middle gun
Jazz action master need gun and board
Kick Off Action master need orange hand gun
Krok action master need figure have all else
Main Frame need action master Push-button
Overload micromaster need front of trailer
Prowl action master need cycle and all parts
Quickmix target master need yellow gun Ricochet
Raindance gun x 2
Roadbuster need missile x 5, antenna, and all stickers
Rollout action master need figure, handgun and short arm to Glitch
Roughstuff micromaster need 2 gray missiles
Scoop target master need both guns Tracer and Holepunch
Scorponok such as: Fasttrack, Fasttrack gun, Fastrack arms, Shield, Antenna 1, 2, 3, 4, orange gun, Gun cover, claw, side gun
seacons need black bases, stands and middle parts x 3 for all
Shockwave action master need handgun and action master Fistfight
Soundwave action master need figure and handgun
Starscream need two long missiles two short missiles and landing gear
Thundercracker need 2 horizontal wings
Wreck gar need ax

Need a lot of tec specs like:
Rough stuff
All tecs to action masters
and more give me list if they are in good shape!

Decoys needed:

20 Mirage
#21 Hoist
#25 Windcharger
#39 Kickback
#50 Frenzy
#53 Laserbeak




49. Flying Squirrel

72. Crow

Laser beasts need 79-81, 85, 89-112

Laser weapons needed: 82, 83, 86, 87


Need Shocking Shark back fin and front big gun (looks like a pincher) and back exhaust fan (on rear of shark)