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05-26-2004, 09:01 PM
Below is my For Sale\Trade List. Please email me if you are interested in trading and I can send you my want list. If you want to buy something, please email me as well. I can send pictures and descriptions. Thanks for your time and I look forward to dealing.

For Trade Only
1986 Avac figure only
1990 Decimator figure only
1987 Hardtop figure only
1987 Payload v1 figure only
1982 straight arm Grand Slam figure only
1982 zap two handle bazooka (slight stress on scope)
1992 Spirit air commando figure only
1992 air devil figure only
1992 night vulture figure only
1988 secto viper figure only
1989 payload v2 figure only

Body Parts for sale or trade
1983 Duke head, torso, left leg, right thigh
1989 Slaughterís Marauders Sgt. Slaughter right arm
1986 Beachhead legs, torso, head, left arm
Bag filled with random body parts and broken weapons good for customizing

Figures for Trade or Sale
1985 buzzer figure only
1993 DEF cutter v3 (vehicle driver) figure only
1986 claymore figure only x2 (both have broken crotches)
1985 flint figure only
1986 lift ticket figure only
1984 cutter
1986 slipstream
1983 major bludd figure only
1987 cobra commander v3 with gun and backpack
1984 ripcord with black gun, parachute, helmet, breathing mask, and fc
1992 toxo zombie with water cannon
1987 raptor with wings and bird (no feet)
1991 clean sweep with water tank, helmet, gun, and 2 piece backpack
1985 lady jaye with gun, camera, and backpack (silver paint on pack)
1985 shipwreck with half of rope weapon
1988 lightfoot with backpack, remote bomb, and hand controller
1987 backstop with helmet
1984 tan clutch with helmet
1983 snow job with 2 skis, 2 poles, backpack, and gun
1991 Eco Flint with water gun, backpack, blue gun, and helmet x2
1993 bushido with 6 weapons
1989 scoop with helmet (no mic), backpack, and camera
1986 zarana figure only
1986 thrasher with lacrosse stick
1985 ripper with backpack and jaws of life
1989 recoil with 2 guns, case, and backpack
1993 leatherneck with 2 guns, missile, and launcher
1992 gung ho with missile, launcher, broken gun, and flag
1991 snow serpent v2 (paint chipped off boots) with broken rifle
1987 zanzibar with hammer
1990 rampart with broken gun and missile launcher with strap
1990 laser viper with broken backpack
1991 heavy duty complete (red scope is broken)
1986 roadblock v2 figure only
1990 sonic tunnel rat with gun
1989 gnawgahyde with boar and gun
1991 talking general hawk with broken gun
1989 slaughters marauder barbecue with nozzle gun (missing peg)
1989 python copperhead figure only
1989 targat with visor
1990 ambush with 2 tent poles, 2 nets, and backpack
1984 mutt with pistol
1992 ace figure only
1990 undertow (broken chest peg) with sled
1990 overlord with helmet
1988 tiger force duke with helmet, binoculars, and gun
1987 maverick with helmet
1988 budo with helmet, backpack, sai, and silver sword
1987 law and order with helmet
1990 captain grid iron with backpack, broken gun, and one armband
1991 talking cobra commander with gun, missile launcher, and 2 missiles
1988 hydro viper with manta ray, helmet, backpack, and gun
1992 sci fi v3 vehicle driver figure only
1992 destro v3 with launcher and 2 disks
1991 tracker figure only
1992 dojo with sword and scythe
1992 wet suit v3 with sled, helmet, and flipper
1990 range viper (peg on head missing) with backpack, gun, and gun clip
1993 night creeper leader with several weapons
1993 ninja force snake eyes with all weapons
1993 colonel courage with several weapons
1993 ninja force night creeper figure only
1993 effects with several weapons
1988 road pig complete
1984 thunder complete (pegs on headset missing)
1990 sonic dodger with backpack
1990 darklon figure only
1986 sgt slaughter v2 figure only
1988 storm shadow v2 with backpack and sword
1988 tiger force roadblock with broken gun, tripod, and helmet
1990 salvo figure only
1984 major bludd with gun
1987 knockdown complete
1985 alpine with backpack, broken pick, broken grappling gun, and broken hook
1992 eco deep six complete
1983 airborne figure only x2
1987 dress marine gung ho figure only x2
1991 lowlight with gun and knife
1982 straight arm rock n roll with broken gun
1993 bazooka with launcher and missile
1984 blowtorch with backpack, helmet, and mask
1987 fast draw with visor and broken backpack
1989 countdown with various weapons x3
1993 ryu complete
1986 hawk with backpack (silver paint on pack)
1989 snake eyes v3 with gun, 1 piece of the club, blowgun, and broken pack
1987 golobulus figure only
1986 dial tone with pack
1985 quick kick with sword

Vehicles for sale or trade
1984 Asp (missing both blast shields, and crack at the end of one barrel)
1988 Skystorm with windmill (missing one missile and windmillís gun)

Figures for trade or for sale at $3 per figure
1986 hawk v2
1987 raptor with bird (no feet)
1987 mercer with broken gun
1987 psyche out
1987 knockdown x2
1992 duke
1986 cross country
1989 countdown
1985 barbecue
1993 beach head v2 x2
1987 sea slug
1989 dogfight
1987 crystal ball
1988 skidmark
1989 recoil
1985 frostbite x3
1989 stalker v2 x2
1989 deep six v2 x2
1987 royal guard (peg on head is missing)
1984 roadblock with backpack and broken tripod
1992 gung ho v3
1993 armor tech duke with gun and 2 missiles
1993 armor tech rock n roll with helmet and gun
1990 captain grid iron with broken gun
1991 talking stalker v3 x2
1987 law
1989 downtown
1989 scoop
1989 long range
1984 mutt (yellowed head)
1988 muskrat
1987 blocker
1989 hot seat
1993 general flagg v2