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Richard J.
08-18-2004, 01:02 AM
With the Eco-Warriors figures, is there a safe way to remove the color change paint and leave the regular paint under it untouched or is there even normal paint under it? If this has been answered before, I'm sorry for asking again but it's just been eating at me lately. I just want to get those ugly stains off my guys, but if they're going to come out looking worse, why bother right?

Second Q. Does anyone here read or write Joe fanfic? I know people do Dio Stories and I'd love to do one myself but I'm still hunting materials. But what about plain old novel-like fanfic?

Just curious. I've been outlining my own version of GI Joe Reborn (what it should have been IMHO) If anyone wants a read, I'll send you the prologue tomorrow.

Thanks for any answers on the Eco-Warriors! Thanks for any interest in the story! Thanks for any interest at all!

Richard J.