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06-01-2004, 09:57 PM
Alright realize the price is a bit high, so i added a few things to my want list to maybe get some interested customers

Here is what i would take in partial trade or as a whole considering what you have

Tomax Head (Preferably unpaint worn)
Red Star Waste(can be broken, but not paint worn)

Agent Faces mail in (10 trade value) with helmet or complete dont matter

Non Joe:

A Team Van (unbroken and complete) only the Galoob one

PTE Horse (x15)
PTe Camel (x5)

otherwise 25 bucks a piece for each CG

they are very nice complete have the symbols on the arms and the chest ones all intact

anyone, im not too keen on ridding them too fast but they are not out on display currently so i would rather get trade stuff i have left room for to display.

let me know anyone?