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08-30-2004, 06:51 PM
Anyone have a complete checklist of what character is on what card?
Including Holograms?

are there any variant cards?

08-31-2004, 10:59 AM
complete checklist can be found here:

09-01-2004, 01:28 PM
Here you go...paste to word and print away:

# Card Name Subtitle Rarity
1 Agent Faces Infiltrator H
2 Agent Jinx Martial Arts Expert C
3 Agent Jinx Ninja/Intelligence Agent R
4 Barbecue Firefighter H
5 Beachhead Drill Instructor R
6 Big Ben SAS Fighter U
7 Blowtorch Flamethrower H
8 Chief Torpedo Navy SEAL R
9 Cross Hair Infiltrator/Sniper U
10 Dart Pathfinder U
11 Dial Tone Communications Expert R
12 Duke Field Commander H
13 Duke First Sergeant U
14 Dusty Desert Trooper R
15 Free Fall Paratrooper C
16 Greenshirt Coast Guard Joe Recruit C
17 Greenshirt Communications Joe Recruit C
18 Greenshirt Diver Joe Recruit C
19 Greenshirt Infantry Joe Recruit C
20 Greenshirt Marine Joe Recruit C
21 Greenshirt Paratrooper Joe Recruit C
22 Greenshirt Ranger Joe Recruit C
23 Greenshirt Rifleman Joe Recruit C
24 Greenshirt Sailor Joe Recruit C
25 Grunt Infantry Trooper C
26 Gung-Ho Front-Line Marine H
27 Gung-Ho Marine U
28 Hi-Tech Operations Support Specialist H
29 Law & Order M.P. & K.9. R
30 Lifeline Medic H
31 Low Light Infrared Sniper C
32 Low Light Night Spotter R
33 Mirage Weapons Expert C
34 Muskrat Heavy-Fire Specialist U
35 Outback Survivalist C
36 Psyche-Out Deceptive Warfare Specialist R
37 Recoil Long Range Recon Patrol U
38 Recondo Jungle Trooper U
39 Rip Cord HALO Jumper R
40 Roadblock Combat Camo-Soldier C
41 Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner R
42 Scarlett Counterintelligence Agent H
43 Sci-Fi Laser Trooper U
44 Scoop Information Specialist U
45 Sgt. Hacker Information Retrieval Agent U
46 Shipwreck Navy SEAL U
47 Short-Fuze Mortar Soldier C
48 Sideswipe Medical Specialist U
49 Snake Eyes Commando U
50 Snake Eyes Covert Mission Specialist H
51 Snow Job Arctic Trooper R
52 Spearhead Point Man U
53 Spirit Iron-Knife Tracker C
54 Sure Fire Military Police U
55 Tunnel Rat Explosive Ordnance Disposal R
56 Wild Bill Scout U
57 Zap Bazooka Soldier U
58 Aleph Night Creeper Leader R
59 Alley Viper Urban Assault Specialist U
60 Annihilator Destro's Airborne Assault Trooper R
61 Armored BAT Battle Android Trooper U
62 Baroness Intelligence Officer H
63 BAT v 1.0 Battle Android Trooper C
64 BAT v 2.0 Battle Android Trooper C
65 BAT v 2.1 Battle Android Trooper C
66 Big Boa Trainer R
67 Blackout Sniper H
68 Cobra Commander Enemy Leader H
69 Cobra Commander Sinister Dictator U
70 Crimson Guard Elite Trooper U
71 Crimson Guard Immortal Elite Trooper U
72 Crimson Guard Veteran Elite Trooper U
73 Croc Master Reptile Trainer H
74 Destro Munitions Expert U
75 Destro Weapons Supplier H
76 Dice Bo Staff Ninja R
77 Dr. Mindbender Evil Genius H
78 Firefly Saboteur H
79 Hotwire BAT Mechanic R
80 Inferno BAT Battle Android Trooper C
81 Iron Grenadier Destro's Elite Trooper C
82 Laser-Viper Laser Trooper U
83 Laser-Viper Leader Cobra Officer U
84 Laser-Viper Recruit Laser Trooper C
85 Mega-Armored BAT Battle Android Trooper U
86 Moray Infiltrator Frogman U
87 Moray Recruit Frogman C
88 Neo-Viper Infantry Officer U
89 Neo-Viper Commander Infantry Officer U
90 Night Creeper Ninja Trooper C
91 Night Creeper Initiate Ninja Trooper C
92 Over Kill BAT Leader R
93 Range-Viper Wilderness Trooper C
94 Range-Viper Recruit Wilderness Trooper C
95 Rock Viper Mountain Trooper C
96 SAW Viper Machine Gunner C
97 SAW Viper Recruit Machine Gunner C
98 Scalpel Medic R
99 Sergeant Major Iron Grenadier Officer R
100 Shadow Viper Counterintelligence Trooper U
101 Skull Buster Range-Viper Leader R
102 Slice Ninja Swordsman R
103 Snow Serpent Polar Assault Trooper U
104 Snow Serpent Commander Cobra Officer U
105 Storm Shadow Ninja U
106 Storm Shadow Ninja Leader H
107 TARGAT Trans-Atmospheric Rapid Global Assault Trooper U
108 Tele-Viper Communications Specialist C
109 Tomax Elite Trooper Commander R
110 Viper Infantry C
111 Viper Grunt Infantry C
112 Viper Thug Infantry C
113 Xamot Elite Trooper Commander R
114 Zartan Master of Disguise H
S13 Duke First Sergeant H
S69 Cobra Commander Sinister Dictator H

09-01-2004, 09:34 PM
Thanks to all!!

For a starter this week, I sure did well!

The booster packs are a little pricey in Canada though...$4.50 each!!