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09-01-2004, 09:13 AM
Have you heard about this movie? Its coming on VHS and DVD in few days

09-01-2004, 10:10 AM
I pre-ordered the DVD. I thought Spy Troops was pretty good and I expect this to be similar. Here are some product details:

Release Date: 9-14-2004


G.I. Joe Trading Card Game Guide: How To Play, Advanced Strategies
G.I. Joe CD-ROM Game
The Making of Valor vs Venom
Drawing Board-To-Film Comparison
"Valor vs Venom" Music Video
"Valor vs Venom" Trailer
Link To Exclusive G.I. Joe Website

Video: 1.33:1 Color

Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo [CC]


Studio: Paramount Pictures

Length: 80 mins

Rating: G

09-04-2004, 09:42 AM
Have you seen the trailer. Its amazing! You can find it here:

Crimson Guard Commander
09-04-2004, 04:48 PM
Lets just hope its better than that Spy Troops Crap!!:mad:

09-11-2004, 11:30 AM
I live in the UK and my pre-order was sent to me last week! Don't ask me why, but at least it allowed me to cobble togther a quick review.

As for CGC's quote; "Lets just hope its better than that Spy Troops Crap!!", if he's the type to be so dismissive of SPY TROOPS (which I enjoyed) he probably won't like VALOR VS VENOM either. Having said that, it is a LOT better than SPY TROOPS. For a start it's longer: At 77 minutes it's almost twice the length of the first film. This allows for more characters and locations to be included, and boy are there plenty! The opening raid on the zoo plays out as the production credits display on screen. It's a nice touch that makes this feel "more of a movie". It's also nice to see civillians appearing (a zoo security guard and some kids) as SPY TROOPS seemed a little bereft of background characters. The animation of vehicles and backgrounds is FAR better this time. Characters themselves, while having more detail, still look a little too 'unreal', but hopefully it's a learning curve for the production team and even this will improve in any subsequent films.

I won't go into plot details too much - It follows the toy concept pretty accurately. I was suprised to see that VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is actually a mutated GENERAL HAWK. It's a nice idea but makes it tough for the two figures to co-exist (which they will in my universe!). MAXIMUS himself is an excellently realised character and threatens to usurp COBRA COMMANDER as head of the organisation soon after his creation (shades of SERPENTOR).
How GI JOE take on this threat is told in a very evenly paced way, thanks to the experience of Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens as writers of many a cartoon series. The finale is far more than just a big gun-fight, with the JOE's employing brains as well as brawn to win the day. Humour is far more sophisticated this time round too - even a potentially embarassing moment when DUSTY gets magnetized (you'll see!) is well handled and actually contributes to the plot.
Characters get a lot more to do in this story: TUNNEL RAT has a major role, as does JINX and KAMAKURA. Even WET SUIT gets a look in this time, but in a small cameo. It would have been nice to see ROADBLOCK take on the role given once again to HEAVY DUTY. I've nothing against HD at all, but prefer Marvin a lot more! BEACH HEAD now has a far better voice (similar to his "original") while GUNG HO turns up with his Cajun lilt. FLINT still looks a bit young, but at least he gets more to do this time.

There are superb battles here! A Cobra attack on a JOE base (they have more than one this time!) begins with BATTLE HORNETS strafing the place (and they look great on screen!), is followed up by a NIGHT ADDER attack being intercepted by (desert camo) TIGERHAWKS before THUNDERWING reinforcements turn up. It all sounds very busy, but unfolds beautifully on screen. STORM SHADOW now takes on JINX and KAMAKURA as well as SNAKE EYES, and a motorcycle chase involving them all is superb. It all culminates with a showdown on a hanger roof (while the afore mentioned battle is taking place!) as STORM SHADOW awaits pick-up and KAMAKURA brings down a NIGHT ADDER by slicing off a wing with his sword. Believe me, it works better than it sounds!
Other great touches include COBRA's snow-bound base and a showdown between the new ICE SABRE'S and COBRA SNOW WOLVES (lots of 'em!).
Oh, and the reason the new figure of FROSTBITE comes packaged with a paint-ball gun is fully explained! Other good points include the 'comedy double act' of SLASH and SLICE. At first you wonder "what the.." but it grows on you. Also, the BARONESS actually disguises herself this time (as in the Sunbow series) as a "granny" - A very welcome touch. Although she still looks odd, I find this BARONESS far more fanciable than the SPY TROOPS version. Unfortunately, DESTRO looks absolutely awful this time round.

This leads me to a few other critisisms. HAWK's voice is just wrong (IMO) and his appearance looks off too. Faces of the other characters still seems too ugly as well, and some movement is a little awkward. The incidental score is better than SPY TROOPS, but the song at the end is not great ("The Unseen Glory" I think it's called) but just okayish. I was also disappointed that FIREFLY still hasn't made an appearance (no ZARTAN this time either!). The use of a BUILT TO RULE vehicle is a little cheesy, despite it being pulled off as well as possible, and the lack of COBRA infantry forces such as VIPERS (the entire non-Venom enemy ranks consists of the new brick-red BAT) is a let down, although this does allow the prescence of OVERKILL in quite a meaty role (and he has a cool voice).

This really does feel far more 'epic' than SPY TROOPS. The diversity of locations (for JOE and COBRA) makes the film a lot more fun. Extras are pretty much as before, but even without any, the main feature is well worth owning. Some people will hate it of course, as they seem to have a resistance to seeing GI JOE presented as a children's property (which, after all. it is!). But the thrill of seeing the MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE pull up outside the gates of the zoo will hopefully give a kick to some of the most jaded viewers.

Here's a "cast" list of regulars (from memory):
General Hawk
Flint (odd colours!)
Snake Eyes
Beach Head (doesn't do much, but a great voice!)
Gung Ho (the Wave 1 version!)
Tunnel Rat (nice voice and a meaty role!)
Heavy Duty
Hi-Tech (a bit more annoying than last time)
Dusty (much bigger role)
Link (starts as a civilian ex-Navy SEAL but is recruited to the JOES at the end)
Shipwreck (far smaller role this time)
Torpedo (hardly registers)
Wet Suit
Ace (voice only)
Wild Bill (much reduced role)
Cobra Commander (helmeted version)
Destro (does very little)
Storm Shadow
Dr. Mindbender
Venomous Maximus
Electric Eels (involved in a great underwater fight!)
Wild Weasel (mainly voice only, barely glimpsed!)
Razor Troopers (It's not too clear if one of them is Razor Claw himself)
Desert Scorpions
Snow Wolves
Coil Crushers

(edited to add "cast")

09-18-2004, 04:47 AM
Thats a great review mukkidog but too much. I got tired reading.