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05-27-2004, 12:44 PM
Need to drastically downsize my collection so im selling a good chunk of my vehicles mostly complete and some figure packs as well. so serious/best offer takes the lot. I want to sell it all in one shot and no trades thx.

82 Jump Complete
83 Fang Complete (Chip on one end of the rollcage)
83 APC Good for parts been played with (missing tuuret, belts, one camp top snap is broke)
83 Stinger (practically a shell has passengers door, back rollbar, back figure stand piece)
84 VTOL Complete
84 Cobra ASP Complete (hairline crack on one canopy bar)
84 CLAW (missing only the cover over the gun)
86 Hydrosled Complete w/prints
87 Wolf Complete and Clean (no ice viper)
98 Mobat Complete w/prints and w/thunderwing (no heavy duty)
01 Night Rhino Complete w/box /prints (no dusty)
02 Shipwreck Vs Bat MOC
03 CAT II Complete in White Box SEALED