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09-04-2004, 01:15 AM
First of all let me state that I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS SITE!!!! If any of the moderators see an item that they would like to add to please let me know--I want this site to be as complete as possible. In an effort to pump a little life into the misc section of the forums I'm going to try to post pics at least once a week of items that aren't on this website.

OK, having said all that, on to today's topic at hand--G.I. Joe water. I recently picked up a bottle of water from the 2002 Licensing Show in New York (this was how the seller described it but I think he was talking about the Toy Fair). This water has never been available to the public and was only available at the show. The bottle is marked "Clearly American" and also says, "G.I. Joe, Real American Refreshment." On the back it says, "Visit Hasbro @ Booth 3517 for more refreshing ideas." Please check out the pics, and feel free to start your own thread of rare items!