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Agent Orange
09-06-2004, 10:59 AM
General Hawk - Sam Shepard
National Security Advisor / former General Flagg - Brian Cox
Falcon - Colin Farrell
Roadblock - Tom Lister, Jr.
Scarlett - Scarlett Johansson
Snake Eyes - Ray Park
Ghostrider - Neal McDonough
Outback - Eric Bana
Cover Girl - Kate Beckinsale
Big Ben - Clive Owen
Taurus - The Rock
Cross Hair - Gary Sinise
Duke - Ron Eldard
Heavy Metal - Oded Fehr
Flint - Hugh Jackman
Lady Jaye - Carrie-Anne Moss
Slip Stream - Luke Wilson
Ace - Val Kilmer
Jinx - Miki Nakatani

Cobra Commander - Gary Oldman
Destro - Sean Connery
Storm Shadow - Jet Li
Tomax - Adrien Rayment
Xamot - Neil Rayment
Dr. Mindbender - Ben Kingsley
Baroness - Monica Belluci
Wild Weasel - Jason Isaacs
Zartan - Hugo Weaving

And of course it would star F-14 Tomcats as Skystrikers, M-1 Abrams as Patriot Grizzlies, SR-71 Blackbirds as Ravens, AAV-7s as Warthogs, Merkavas as Maulers, F-22 Raptors as Thunderwings, S-37 Berkuts as X-30 Conquests, DPVs as AWE Strikers, 2S1s as Maggots, A-10s as Rattlers, and one [email protected] CGI X-19 Phantom!

09-07-2004, 07:18 PM
nice cast...but it would cost a gazillion bucks to make with such a cast lol

Agent Orange
09-13-2004, 10:41 AM
Like I said - it's a dream cast. Or course it would never happen.