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09-08-2004, 12:39 AM
not really a variant, but i thought someone from here may recognize these....i rec'd them in a lot today and havent seen them before.

they are blizzard skis but they are really really light blue. at first i though they were just discolored, but nope, its way too even for that. they are molded in an almost baby blue plastic.

im thinking arctic street fighter movie guile, anyone else have any thoughts?

i can post pics wed night if needed, but im not sure the color will be noticable in a pic, its that subtle.

09-08-2004, 02:06 AM
Those definitely go to Guile. I hadn't noticed until this thread, but his skis were either white or light blue. The ones in the archive are white:

I think there is actually a variation on all of the Street Fighter Guile figures with a Van Damme head. The consistent difference is with the eyes. One of them will have the top eyelid (I'm not talking eyebrows here) painted and the others have just a dot for the eye. Then there are a few other more significant differences:

Paratrooper - brown pant detail & white helmet or solid green pants and black helmet
Night Fighter - black or white arrows
Navy SEAL - black accessory hose & black detail on figure or yellow accessory hose and yellow detail on figure

I'm sure there are probably more on the others, because I know I have some of the eye changes on them.