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Viper Commander
02-26-2005, 05:54 PM

NV1, Gold, Codec and I are waiting in a luxurious marble reception area, about to meet the Crimson twins for the first time, well my first time meeting them anyway. We have flown in during the dead of night to avoid prying eyes, here to receive a new mission, this one should be interesting, if the twins need us, that means none of their Seigies could do the job. Its been a while since my last journal entry, well almost two weeks to be exact. We spent some time with Zartan after getting to Florida, he heard about my infection with the nanites and wanted to duplicate something that he tried on himelf. Since the nanites cured Zartan of his deteriorating DNA, than he hypothesised that it would enhance my genetic modifications if reactivated and reprogrammed correctly. I spent a whole week in Zartan's lab, soaking like a pickle with tubes attached all over my body. After I came out of the lab, tests were done while Burnout further upgraded our Night Mamba with the newly arrived parts from MARS, he also gave it a nice paint job(to NV1's specs of course). It turns out that my speed and power have been raised at least to 3-5 times that of a normal human now, its nice to know that I was holding back during the tests. A funny thing, when Zartan issued our funds, I decided to split my share amongst the squad for ammo and supplies, I wanna ensure that when the big jackpot comes nothing will go wrong. Sensei Storm Shadow patched a comm link to Codec earlier today, he says that he has sent my pesky pursuer on a wild goose chase which will last for quite a while, I am ordered not to engage or kill any of Snake Eye's students, but Sensei will keep them out of my sight. Fair enough, business is top priority. The receptionist that GM has been trying to hit on is telling us that the Crimson Commanders are free now, and NV1 just walked into the main conference room. Ill let Codec and GM go ahead of me and slip in last......

james strickland
02-26-2005, 11:49 PM
Today after we arrive in Louisiana we find that our little cobra team has left and no directions to go. Dailtone tells me that we are just going to have to fiogure out what to do at this point. Thats when me and dart go into the swamp and ask the great spirits for help. They give us a snake sign on a map of florida I now know is going to believe me but I am going to trust my answecestors on this. So me and my team head for Florida on our ansestor and my trust. Snake Eyes looks unhappy with his pupil, but he is still a young one it will take many mistakes for him to be a great ninja. I am tired of playing Cat and mouse to this team it is time for them to go down. We will suceed in this.
Spirit out

james strickland
02-27-2005, 12:07 AM
Junkyard and me are not happy with what we are doing right now. First of all we are in new york trying to find a team of cobra specialist and we can't find nothing to tell us were they are. Now we are in Louisiana were we are at a dead end. All we got is the remains of a cobra base and nothing else. After awhile of us all scratching and searching this base for Nany clue. Spirit tells us we need to go to florida. I hope this time we can catch these specialist because junkyard is getting bored and so am I.
Mutt out

02-27-2005, 12:11 AM
Journal entry, two-six-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five-mark-two:

I hate suits. I really do.

After arriving in the Keys, Zartan payed us and intorduced us to his new hacker/communications guy, Virus. How original, right? Anyhow, he gets us in touch with the Corsicans. Figures, they can't meet here with us. It's always on their terms. So we fly here in the Night Mamba, land at an underused Cobra base, and take a provided limo to Extensive Enterprises HQ. Thye sent us suits too. To make us blend in. I hate suits. Did I mention that?

Anyhow, we just wrapped up our meeting with Tomax and Xamot, and are grabbing chow on our way back to the chopper. Turns out, they had a job to be done, and the Commander recommended us for it. You should have seen the way Recluse's eyes lit up to hear that the head snake himself was recommending us. This was his idea after all. I just put it together.

They are sending us to a place in Afganistan where one of their "associates" is based. Apperantly, they have been out of contact with him for quite some time, and have recently learned his where abouts and that he was involved in the 9-11 ctastrophy a few years back. Incidentally, they lost a few major subsidiary home offices in that fiasco. And this guy was one of the people in the planning for it. For his failure, they want him eliminated with extreme prejudice. Which means I send in Gold Mask and Recluse and give them carte blanche to handle the situation as they see fit. Codec will stay in the air to do an EVAC if they end up gettin interrupted, and to frag the place if we have to extract before the job is done. I, on the other hand, will be running recon and surveillance and, if needed, cover fire. Give a fomer Recon Marine sniper a rifle, a cloudy night, and a target rich environment, and you have yourself one very happysoldier.

We'll be meeting a Cobra warship once we launch, and will transport on that until we are within extended flight distance of the op-site. And we'll launch as soon as we're all done ordering dinner. Well, the rest of us are finished. We're waiting for Gold Mask to finish up. Man, this guy can eat!

Night Viper One, out.

Delayed Entry: Codec, stop reading my files!

Viper Commander
02-27-2005, 04:32 PM

We are about to be deployed via Attack Pods, since taking off on the Indian Ocean, it has taken us about 3 hours to reach the Hindu Kush(this Night Mamba is fast!). I cant believe GM was sleeping in his pod the whole time, I had to turn off my comm link so I wouldn't hear him snore. Our target (a rogue Seigie, this should be a nice challenge) is in a remote village on the strip of Afghanistan that borders 3 countries, he has set up his own drug refinery, smuggling operation, financed a small army of poorly trained but well armed mercs, and forced the locals into submission. Once we are within striking distance of his stronghold, our pods will deploy, take two strafing runs hitting four vital targets with our missiles and upgraded auto-cannons. Codec has identified from satellite images that our targets are an ammo dump, a gas station with a garage next to it, a small hangar, and an old rusty ASP. After we provide the initial "Shock and Awe", we will land our pods on their dirt strip of an airfield and track down the leader. He should by then be in only one area, holed up with bodyguards in the armory/treasury nesting a stockpile of weapons, cash and jewels, the only cement building(possible air-raid bunker underneath) in the village that we think is also his private home. I see that dumb Viper waking up in the other pod now, that means we are about to deploy, I'm gonna turn on my comm link now...

Viper Commander
02-27-2005, 05:55 PM

I am reloading my weapons right now, my bloodlust has been awakened! The past few minutes since landing our pods will be a funny tale once I've bagged the final target. Gold Mask managed to get himself tagged by the ASP after a missile was already on its way to the AA installation, so instead of landing next to me on the airstrip, he crashed his pod into mine, good thing we both jumped clear with our weapons and gear before the pods blew up, well he made it thanks to some help from my foot. Good, maybe the hostiles will think we perished in the blaze. I ordered GM to take out any hostiles and make his way to the front entrance of the concrete building, situated at the base of the mountain village which was nestled in a small rocky valley. Im glad I dont need to climb up for this, but that means I cant call an airstrike or demo this place. I sure with NV1 out there lurking around and our link up via Codec in the sky, we have all the support we need. While the Viper made his way down the hillside shooting his HK 23 machingun (, fitted with 100rd drums and customized with a night scope and assault grip as well as barrel, chamber, and ammo upgrades. I took out all of the sharpshooters on hut rooftops, as well as any hostiles that GM didnt see. That guy missed quite a few, I think he would have died a few times if not for my cover fire, a few times it was NV1's cover fire when I couldnt make it fast enough, I couldnt see where he was shooting from though, to me thats a good thing. Im now trying to catch my breath from all that jumping around, reloading my weapons, same as last mission (, but I have two sai with me this time also. I want to eliminate this target hand to hand, the whole squad has agreed to let me do this, we are all at the side of the main building now. NV1, GM and I are regrouping, I was gonna jump off but NV1 told me to hold, seems theres something he wants to tell me before I take out my final target...

02-28-2005, 12:06 PM
Journal entry, two-eight-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

Man, Recluse is taking forever. I sent him back in to record a little demonstration for the micro-cam the Corsican Brats sent with us, making sure others know what is in store is they turn on Extensive Enterprises. (Bought one of their ties once. Should be called Expensive Enterprises Cheap pice of crap.)

I wasn't able to make an entry during the raid last night. Was too busy sweeping the perimeter and covering Rampage's @$$, not to mention, I broke my comm-link in the insertion phase of this op. Codec just finally landed to refuel using the Crimson Shiek's refueling platform, and fixed my comm-link while he was at it. He and I did a brief fly-over for a little recon, and are now back on the ground, waiting for Recluse. I have already sent Codec back to the Cobra warship with the Night Mamba, and found some stolen US Marine uniforms stored in the armory our renegade CG was hiding in. Full gear and weapons. We also packed our MARS gear in the Night Mamba, and dawned the US uniforms and gear so we could blend better. I'm going in to check on Recluse's progress.

Looks like he's done in here. Now we just have to get that cam back to the Twins and get paid. Codec is tracking us by comm-link, and will extract us once we get close to the ocean. We have to hoof it out of here since Recluse and Rampage destroyed their drop-pods on insertion.

We're geared and ready, and the sun's coming up. It's gonna be a long, hot walk home. Better get moving.

Night Viper One, out.

02-28-2005, 12:39 PM
After that waste-of-time mission to Florida and Louisiana, I was feeling pretty low. All of that effort to design my nanites and they still got away...

Well, after I went back to my lab in the pentagon, I kept monitoring the frequency just to see what would happen...
And AMAZINGLY.... the signal started to come back!!

At first I didn't know how this was possible... BUt then I remembered that HACK Dr. mindbender... I'll bet he somehow tried to modify MY nanites. Maybe he tried to use them for some crazy strength boost or with animal DNA or something... I'm not sure what he'd do. But he apparently he made a LOT of these things and saturated someone with them...

Well, the thing he doesn't know... Any of my nanites that he used were designed to revert to their original code once they preformed a system check... What this means..., whatever he thought that these nanites would do, they won't be doing for long. They are all now back to broadcasting my transmitter frequency!!!

So, OK, I lost track of the point, sorry... Anyway, we tracked our nanite-junkie to the Extensive Enterprises building in NYC.

We were in the process of getting the necessary permission for a full scale assault on that facility, when he left. (Darn that beaurocratic nonsense)

Next, we picked up the signal in AFGHANISTAN!

Snake Eyes, Mutt and the boys will be giving these guys a surprise any minute now... Hehehhe (Hey, why didn't they take me on this mission?)

Hi-Tech out...

02-28-2005, 12:47 PM
We see some men walking toward our ambush point.

They are dressed like US troops! I was about to step out and wave these guys over to us... Then Master grabbed my arm and pulled me down! He shook his finger at me like a mother might scold a child....

He handed me his binoculars... I didn't see anything unusual...

Master pointed to his neck...

NOW I SEE IT! These guys are not wearing Dog tags or name badges! I would have NEVER noticed that!

Snake Eyes has given the hand signal... Everyone is spreading out further to surround these guys!

I'm ready!! I think...

02-28-2005, 12:51 PM

Move a muscle and your heads will be a fine mist!!




And DROP that little knife you [email protected]#!!

Viper Commander
02-28-2005, 02:23 PM

Hahahahaha, these nanite treatments that ZARTAN provided me(based on designs provided to Zartan by Destro's son Alex) are working out better than expected. The nanites have totally bonded with my DNA, making the strength and speed enhancments permanent and irreversible as well as boosting my immune system. Im getting ahead of myself, first I should record how I came to be back at the Cobra warship, escorted here by a UN motor column, far from the Joes that thought they finally had us. I will remember this one forever.

(Back in the Hindu Kush)Once I gained entry into the home of our Crimson druglord, I immediately came upon his bodyguards. The first one had a scimitar in each hand, As he tried to slice me, my body contorted in mid-air to avoid his slashs, disarming his scimitars as I landed to his side. The next few seconds were a blur, at the end of everything, the only whole person in the room was me. I made my way down to the basement safe, our Crimson boy was already waiting for me, C4 in hand, ready to blow us all to kingdom come. I dont think he expected me to move like a blur, and I dont think he expected the Sai in his back a split second after he saw me. After taking a looong while to meditate and calm my bloodlust(the poison from the jungle dart and now the nanite enhancements have made my berserker rage almost uncontrollable), I went back outside. When I showed NV1 my footage of the job outside, everything looked like a blur. So I went back into the building and dragged the bounty back out, where Codec then took a picture of the target ( He mentioned something about how the picture makes better publicity than a video, I didnt understand then but I understand now. NV1 is telling me that we need pack away our gear and put on Marine gear. He took my custom SMG and tossed me an M4. Wow this thing brings back memories and feelings that I cant remember, but I wont let it bother me. Codec sent us a comm link as we walked, all of us cracked a big smile like the dawn that was coming when he heard the news, the next few hours are gonna be good.

(At the Afghanistan-Pakistan border) As soon as I dropped my knife, my foot kicked it up at Tigerclaw's face, the Joes tried to open fire on only me, but it seems that they didnt expect me to move so fast, each of them have a welt to remember me by. Snake Eyes grabbed my sai right before it flew into Tigercub's face, and threw the reverse blunt end at me hitting me on the back of the neck and knocking me to the ground. Tigercub tried to jump on me, but Snake Eyes slapped him so hard he fell to the ground too. Sankes then walked over to me, and held his hand out, I gave hime a small memory stick containing a copy of the photo ( that showed our target. One of the Joes said, "Sorry we didnt know it was you, good job guys. Lets hope we wont cross paths on different terms next time." As we got ready for our UN humvee escort to our rendezvous point with Codec. News blared over the UN camp radio intercom that we had eliminateded one of the biggest Al Queda operatives to be caught since the war in Afghanistan. The Twins had made a deal with the Jugglers to trade them something that no one knew about. Maybe next time Joes....

02-28-2005, 04:50 PM
Journal entry, two-eight-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five-mark-two:

We were so close to our goal. If the Joes hadn't had Snake Eyes with them, we would have made it clean. As we reached the border, we were drawn down on by a group of the Joes, including Snake, one of his students, a couple of other agents and a few greenshirts. Never even knew they were there 'till it was too late. Recluse was fast enough to excape, probably due to his animal genes. Rampage and I, however, are stuck.

Our weapons are now in the hands of Joe greenshirts, I am on my knees, hands behind my head, and Rampage is layed out cold. He decided he didn't want to cooperate peacfully... thanks to Snake Eyes, he's quite peaceful now. We're apparently awaiting transport to a ship, then back to the states, and from there, especially since we are both former US Military, on to Fort Levenworth, no doubt. Hopefully, Recluse can reach Coidec and get out before any others can catch up to him. When he bolted, I thought I saw him running on all fours. If so, they don't stand a chance. They may have got us, but if he gets back to the Twins with that micro-cam, it's still a successful mission.

Guess it'll be quite some time before I can make another journal entry.

Night Viper One, out.

Viper Commander
02-28-2005, 10:25 PM
(Dallas, Texas) I just came out of a meeting With an unnamed Juggler and the Crimson Twins, they are quite impressed at my job in Afghanistan. The Juggler was impressed with how I got away from Snake Eyes, and the twins see a golden oppurtunity in our squad to impress the Commander. There is a deck of 52 Crimson rogues that have joined rival terrorist factions of Cobra. They are in No. Korea, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Japan, New York, China, etc. Our squad will be freed from prison to complete the deck that we started, this will strike a major blow to threats that are more immediate than Cobra, satisfying the Jugglers, and do some major house cleaning for the Twins without the Commander finding out full details. Hang on brothers, Codec and I will get you out of prison soon...

james strickland
03-01-2005, 12:04 AM
today we caought some corbra scum today. Junkyard and I tracked the one that got away in what looked like a mamba. After that I had to head back to the pick up spot for the prisoners.They will head back to the us for questioning and trial. At least Junkyard and Order have something to attack if they move. Law and I are also to keep an eye on these crazy culprates. General Hawk is going to have comidationm for hightech and his gear when we return.

Mutt out

Viper Commander
03-01-2005, 12:53 AM

Just got word that my pass has been given by the US government. Due to the work of the Jugglers and crimson Twins, Rampage(GMs new codename) has been freed from prison to rejoin our squad. Although this squad of three is now without a leader, I think I can maintain that role for the time being. Codec and Rampage seem to be more relaxed now, things have been crazy since Afghanistan. Since our new job for the near future is hunting down high risk terrorists that the Joes just cant seem to track(they seem to worry about Cobra a bit much when there are bigger problems for them to worry about), the Joes have been handed direct orders by the Pentagon to stay out of our way. NV1 has been kept in prison, since he was the leader someone has to be the scapegoat for the press..... I will get him out one day.

03-01-2005, 06:12 AM
March first, twenty-oh-five,

Man, I can't believe how easy it was to get that Viper out past the Joes and their dogs. Sometimes I amaze even myself. And it seems the knife-wound from Zartan on Cobra Island really has healed properly. Nery a twinge the whole bloody time I was there, no matter how I bent. And trust me, that old ductwork took some serious bending. Yeah, he was already being released, but I had to be there disguised as a guard to make sure we got through the doors safely.

Anyhow, I got him and we got back out to their fancy little black Mamba, and got our @$$es outta there. Once we got back, the twin bimbos payed me pretty good. More'n what Zartan was expectin' Sayed to keep the extra between us, and asked if I could stay onb retainer for when they want to get that Night Viper out. I saw the old codger, and personally, I don't see what they wanted him out for, ever, and I said as much. Seems the wrong move, though, since not only the ninja and the Viper, but even that pnecil-neck Tele-Viper pulled hardware on me. Bloody &#!!, these guys are armed for bear. Big, iron, armored bears! Anyhoozles, the brats asked that I stay with this team until they contact me to extract their leader, this Colonel Stryker. I guess I can do that. Especially after they helped the 'Noks in the swamps.

So, we got a Tele-Viper with a serious little-man's complex, a Viper with something to compensate for (I mean, look at those guns), and a Ninja who is bound and determined to prove old Tommy Arashikage's a fake. Heh, this ought to be fun. Maybe I can give this ninja a few pointers on how to use them knives he's carrying.


03-01-2005, 09:17 AM
We sprung an ambush on 3 low level cobra operatives. This should have been an open-and-shut mission... 1 ESCAPED and another one got let out of prison!?! Maybe these guys are more than they seem.

I'm still confused by all of this, but here is how it went down...

We had this trio surrounded with intersecting fields of heavy fire. We even got them to lay down on the ground and put their hands behind their heads.

That is when I made my mistake... I went in to secure them too soon.
Roadblock yelled that one of them had a knife, but it was too late. That guy was crazy. He whipped his knife at my face! If I hadn't dodged as quickly as I did, I'd be in a pine box, rather than just having a black eye.

We fought a little bit, but he kicked my butt... :(
Apparently the other joes COULD have shot the dude, but I was in the way and they didn't want to shoot me. (We were moving very quickly.)

He put the smack down on the joes who were trying to dog pile him.

I tried to go at him again, but Master held me back. I didn't understand WHY at the time. It seems that Snake Eyes WANTED this guy to get away?!?!
The guy was jabbering something about the crimson twins and the jugglers. I wasnt sure what he was saying, but he tossed a data disc at Snake Eyes.
(later we learned that it has this picture ( on it)

We would have taken him down, but he ran off like a crazed bear and leaped into the back of a passing US vehicle... Some of the greenshirts tried to run after the truck and flag it down, but they just ended up with dust in their faces as it sped across the nearby boarder.

We still netted 2 others though! That was at least something!

Apparently Hi-Tech was TOTALLY wrong that this guys nanite enhanced powers would have faded away. We can still detect and track him for some reason. Hi Tech doesn't know what is going on with this guy... We'll catch up with that freak again...

Anyway, days later at Leavenworth, I went to watch Psych-Out interrogate the remaining two prisoners. When I arrived, Psych-Out was arguing with one of the prison guards. It seems that one of the prisoners was RELEASED!! I don't believe it! *&%^$

Well, I guess we still have this one to get answers from. I will guard this guy with my life until they get whatever answers they need from him...

03-01-2005, 06:28 PM

Ah don't believe this! We travel half way 'round the world, trackin' down these scuzz-buckets, take 'em down, and now the boys in DC are tellin' us to let one go!? You gotta be $#!%%!& me! I'm so mad right now, I could spit up my grits 'n gravy from last week!! And Hawk didn't sound none to pleased himself about it, either. So here Ah am, with Snake's student, Tiger somethin'-or-another, Law, Shock Wave and Wide Scope, along with over a hunerd' greenshirt MPs, at Fort Levenworth, watchin' the remainin' trooper, a Night Viper who's been with Cobra for a real long time. We done tried everything, but he ain't talkin'. Yet. I say we hand him over to Snake Eyes and see what he can find. Anyhow, I'm gonna get back to this card game against Tiger-boy. He may've whooped me the first twelve games, but I got a feelin' this hand's all mine. Let's see... pair of twos, huh? Figures.


Viper Commander
03-01-2005, 06:50 PM

Codec, Rampage, Zandar and I are in the Night Mamba, flying in the dead of night over the Pacific Ocean, heading to Japan. Once I ripped the 2 of diamonds card that we "cleared" in Afghanistan, I picked up the 3 of diamonds. He is a former Siegie that defected to North Korea, and is now running operations for the North Korean mob in Japan. Japan, my old stomping grounds, too bad we wont be going to Tokyo, this time its Hokkaido. This Crimson NK agent is due to deliver a large "package" into Japan from one of its northern ports, and detonate it so North Korea can send a "message" about its capabilities in Asia. We are going to stop him on his freighter, and capture him alive to get intelligence on other "Crimson Rogue Cards" that are on my hitlist. Looks like my target will know some martial arts, I hope so. We have permission to land our Night Mamba at one of the private docking areas in our BOOP, a harbor town that the freighter will be docking at. All the civilians have been evacuated, and the JSDF are ready to back us up, the mission will be done before this night is over...

03-01-2005, 08:51 PM
March first, twenty-oh-five, second entry

So, here we are in Japan. Looks like we got ourselves a fight with another ninja. As always, I got me knives on me, and I'm oh so ready to use them. These guys got what it takes to do about any job they want. Maybe this Night Viper geezer put together a good team after all.

After getting to know Rampage and Recluse better, I'm thinking they'd make really rocking 'Noks. Especially that Rampage guy. Even his name fits the bill. And his attitude would make Gnawgahide proud, it would. Maybe after we clear this bloody Segie rot, I can sit them down and we can chat about the possibilities. Maybe then, if I brought these guys in, Zartan and Zarana'll stand up and recognize me. Or at least claim me. Bastards.


03-01-2005, 10:01 PM

Well, Ah guess it ain't all bad. Yeah, so Ah lost three more hands to Tiger Claw after mah last entry. Ah swear, Ah'm gonna' have him win back everything Ah ever lost to Shipwreck. Maybe Ah oughta stick to gamblin' with mah body and health and not cards. Seem to do better that way, anyhow.

Anyway, Ah ended up playing against one of the Marine guards here. We agreed that the loser gets the prisoner PT group in the morning. Yeah, Ah lost that game too. But, as you can guess, that was kinda mah intent. Duke done told me Ah can't beat on this Night Viper, but bright in the morning, Ah get to find out how many of these jar-heads around here need a little TLC (Tough Lessons Coaching). Those are the guys Ah get to p[rove a point to. By lunch, they'll know exactly what it means when Ah say, "These boots was made for walkin." But for now, it's rack time.


james strickland
03-01-2005, 11:39 PM
We been in Baja, Mexico for three weeks now and all we have came a cross is tire tracks. It seems that the cobra operation is done with. I just kinda wondering what we are going to do about all the time we have wasted here. I now the mission is done here I think. Stalker has told me we are on the verge of finding out what cobra was doing here. I just hope my next mission is suceessful. I still have nightmares of my missions in Afganistan, but I think I will live. Well I going to leave now, but I am done.
Dusty out

james strickland
03-01-2005, 11:51 PM
I have been very busy with helping Courage gain some courage. He has been kinda of a wimpy guy and hiding in a corner all week. I am tired of doing his work for the last two months. I know he out ranks me, but I decided I couldn't have a superior who is a chicken and always hiding. I just wondering how he made the team anyway. If any one could help I now Grid Iron can. I asked Sgt. Slaughter,but he had to refuse. His refusal was because of his assignment with the renagades.I think we will get the job done.
Falcon out

james strickland
03-02-2005, 12:06 AM
I have been at the pitt for three weeks now. I been working on My puilot similator I had fall behind for quit sometime. I hate these computer things they look real, but Its not like the real thing at all. I was talking to Ace who was in the similator next to me he said he would like to place a wager to were he scores higher than me I accepted his wager. I also won his twenty dollars. After he handed over his twenty dollars, He just stormed off saying How luck I was. I guess he was doing the A-10 Similation or something like that. Later on, I ran into Slipstream he told me that Ace isn't very happy with me right now. I ask If it was because he lost to me today. Slipstream noded. I knew that was a yes. Well I going to see whats going on in the rec. room.
Wild Bill out

Viper Commander
03-02-2005, 04:39 AM

As we watched from a icy small alleyway between two warehouses, two freighters slowly pulled into the harbor, it would take at least an hour or two before these behemoths could be fully situated. Zandar looked like he was freezing, he's really not dressed for this type of mission. Codec really surprised me, when we met up with the Japanese officers in charge of this mission, Codec busted out in fluent Japanese. He got the JSDF to allow usage of our Night Mamba for this mission, no missiles, only guns and auto cannons. He is up in the Night Mamba now, running communications, intelligence, and air support all at once. Did I also mention that he is our pilot now that NV1 got bagged? I think I am going to nominate him to be leader after this mission is over, that will help keep our team together. All I want is the action, not the glory, at least not until its the right time, I've seen what the Commander will do to an overzealous employee(I dont wanna end up like ol' Scarface from Louisiana). The Night Mamba is about a mile away, too far for the NK to see from the freighter, but close enough for the Mamba's advanced scanning equipment. Codec tells me that both freighters have something large inside giving off radiation, in all probability, they want to blow up two massive vats of nuclear waste. Primitive, but effective, too bad they'll never pull it off...

(Freighter 1) We are on the deck of the first freighter, I didnt expect there to be so many troops! Zandar and I are having a field day with our knives, even Rampage has a machete in his hand, we'll save the gunplay for the last freighter. A thing that I should not forget, these NK troops all had Cobra and Coil gear on, but with NK symbols instead of snake symbols, what the heck is going on? After we cleared the deck, I made my way to the vat while Zandar and Rampage cleared the rest of the boat. Since my Neo Viper genes (editor's note, Recluse has NV Genes and not Animal genes) are enhanced by the nanites I am immune to radiation damage. Codec says that it was really easy to track me when he picked me up in Afghanistan, but after I walked into the freighter, the signals just stopped. I deactivated the countdown on the detonator just in time for a Night Creeper to kick me in the face, I flipkicked his face just to return the favor and ended the whole thing with five stars into his chest, love that trick Storm Shadow taught me. Time to call Rapmpage and see if the rest of the freighter is clear yet.

(Freighter 2) After discovering that the NK were counting on the explosion from the first boat to detonate the second boat, we knew that we had free rein for method of elimination of the NK and the capture of their Crimson leader. The Crimson NK agent came out to the deck with the last of his troops, he had bootleg Flak Vipers with him! We knew that we had to grab their leader so Codec could just buzz the whole deck, so Zandar and Rampage started blasting a clear path for me. Since I couldnt kill the leader and I had to subdue him, I got pretty banged up this time. I guess my enhancements dont include pain tolerance. Later Zandar said that we looked like a mix of a UFC match and an HK action flick. Codec cleared the deck right after we jumped of with our prize on my shoulder amidst a drone of gunfire and the pound pound pound of his auto cannons, his maniacal cackle over the comm link gave Rampage the shivers, hahaha.......

03-02-2005, 06:28 AM
V/A JOURNAL: SNEEDEN,W9231 / 02MAR05 0600

GOOD MORNIN', LADIES!! Oh, it's been a very good mornin' indeed. Up at 0400, get the girls on the PT grinder by 0415, and done with 'em by 0600, and standin' in the chow line. Ah'd say it's been a very productive day so far, and the day's still young. After breakfast, Ah gotta go file mah report for Hawk's approval, like it's gonna be any different from yesterday.

Luckily, Ah done been informed that Hawk's rotatin' us out, soon, and sendin' someone else to take our place. That's fine by me. Move me and Tiger Claw to somewhere we can get into the action. 'Cause man, this kid needs some action, and how! Ah'll check back later after Ah done some work.


03-02-2005, 06:33 AM
March second, twenty-oh-five

I can't say how right I was about these guys. Only thing I was wrong about was the Tele-Viper, Kodak. Strange name, but, eh... who am I, right? This guy laughs like the Joker out of a comic book when he's blowing up his targets. Even Rampage got the willies from that... which we all thought was cool. Anyhow, we're onboard a Cobra Moray, on our way back to the coverbase, soaking wet, and happy as can be. We got what we came for, caused some collateral damage, and got out. Oh, it's been a real nice day! Can't wait to call Zartan to let him know what's going on.


03-02-2005, 12:10 PM
Subject: Cobra Night Viper
File Name: Unknown.

Subject has been in our custody for over a week now. My techniques of sleep deprivation and annoying noises seem to be getting to him. (If I hadn't slept in a week, I'd be irratible too).

Here is what I plan to ask him in the taped interview later:

1) What is this new Cobra Special Ops team that you were a part of
2) Who are the other members
3) Where is their base of operations
4) How do they get their missions
5) Who do you report to.

I'll also let him think that his buddy got released because he cut a deal against this guy...

We'll see what happens...

Viper Commander
03-02-2005, 03:15 PM

We are enjoying sushi at a restaurant owned by the local Yakuza capo, who is very happy that we eliminated his bosse's biggest competition. Rampage cant seem to get used to raw fish, but he's gobbling it down to impress the geisha girls that have his attention right now. After asking everyone except our squadmates to leave, much to Rampage's dismay, I officially nominated Codec to be squad leader. I think he was happy about it by the way he was drinking with Rampage and Zandar, everyone needed a little time like this after all the trouble with GI Joe...

Just got an email from Interrogator on my PDA about our next mission, it seems that the two freighters we recovered are part of five stolen from a large US Oil company. Our 3 of diamonds is part of a weapon smuggling ring that goes all the way up to the Ace of Diamonds, a Crimson colored Viper presumed dead who resurfaced to start his own operation based out of North Korea. Weird, a Viper leading all these elite traitors. The twins have told me to eliminate the Ace at all costs, but capture his underlings alive for intel, sounds strange, but they are the ones that can keep the Joes away with documents and court rulings so Ill do the job, we are now heading to Russia, where 4 5 6 7 8 9 of diamonds are based running weapons and nuclear materials to various terrorist sponsoring states, these missions feel so familiar to me, I wonder why? With so many traitors, no wonder the Commander can never get anything done, so many things drain away at his organization...

03-02-2005, 03:27 PM
Journal entry, zero-two-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

Seems thes guys think they have the trick to breaking me. Sleep dep. Give me a break. After four tours in 'Nam, just to get crapped on when I got home, then the past sixteen years as a Night Viper, sleep dep is a part of the daily plan. These guys are going to have to do better than that. Although, I do have to admit, I admire their gusto. This kid that's doing the interrogation is really into his work, too. But he still manages to stay within the rules of the Geneva Convention. To be perfectly honest, if I were anyone else, I'd porbably have started squawking by now. Come to think of it, were I most ranking Cobra agents, I would be close to it. But me... I'm not just a Night Viper. I'm the Night Viper. The first Night Viper. The rest are just knock offs.

This next part I hate to admit. I'm really starting to like some of these guys. Take that ninja for example. Tiger Claw, I learned his name was. He's a good student, far as I can tell, though he takes critisizm from his sensei a bit hard. He'd have made an awsome Night Viper, though. I think, after playing with him a while longer, I'll give him a small bit of info. Who know, it might even be useful info. But he's gonna have to worok for it.

Speaking of the devil, here he comes for another session.

Night Vip... skip it.

Col. John Stryker, out

03-02-2005, 03:37 PM
Codec's Journal #1

Well, everyone else keeps one of these things, so why not me?

Today, the mission was really cool. We whiped the opposition off the face of the earth without breaking a sweat. Later we had sushi and watched naked Geisha girls. Man, Cobra needs some recruiting posters, seriously. Anyhow, at dinner, Recluse nominates me to lead the team. I'm all, "Huh!?" Dude, I couldn't drink enough to get the idea out of my mind. I was only with Cobra for a couple of months before I got sent to this team, and he wants me to lead? Look at these guys? He's a Ninja. A real life ninja. Like out of one of my animes. And then there's Rampage... like something out of one of my Xbox games. It's unreal. Then there's this Zandar guy, but I have no clue who he is. Good with a knife, though... and he has an accent. That's so cool. I think I'm going to try talking with an accent. Hope he doesn't kick my @$$ for it. This is so cool. I just turned 20 years old, joined Cobra barely out of Air Force boot, and now I get to lead my own strike team. I LOVE BEING ME!! Oh, we need a battle cry. I better go work on that!

Viper Commander
03-02-2005, 06:43 PM

I got a scecret communique from NV1 this morning, he says that he likes how we're raising heck out there and not on home soil scaring the wits out of our own citizens. He didnt say anything about the Joes, and that part worries me, I hope he hasnt turned like Mercer. I dont think the Twins will like the sound of that, so Ill keep this detail to myself. The Night Mamba is now flying over Mongolia, we are deploying into the Mountains near the Russian-Mongolian border, where our small stack of diamonds are delivering a "dirty bomb" into China. They have been given orders by Crimson Viper to transport the bomb to Shenyang China, then to Kaesong North Korea, and last with target destination Seoul South Korea where detonation will take place. This isnt good, if they succeed that means the whole region will boil over into total war, a good chance for an aspiring dictator to build his power base. After I take out 4-9 in Russia, its on to China for the 10 of Diamonds, the first one on my list thats from the "First Crimson Division". This is gonna be tough...

03-02-2005, 06:52 PM

Got a message from Duke. He wants me, Tiger Claw and Dusty in a couple of Tiger hawks and on our way out to the Flagg II so we can head overseas. Seems we got a lead on where our renegades are, and they want me, Tiger Claw and Dusty there to track 'em. Ah only got one problem with this order: Ah don't like the Tiger Hawk. There ain't no way anybody's gettin mah southern rump in that thang, no way, no how. And I'd like to see 'em try!


03-02-2005, 07:01 PM

So here we are, Dusty, Tiger Claw and me, flying formation in our assigned Tiger hawks, headed out to the Flagg II. Not... a... word! Ah know, Ah was really against the idea of usin' these mini-jets, but they changed mah mind pretty easy. Duke reminded me that Shipwreck's currently servin' some sea-duty on the Flagg II. This gives me the perfect opportunity to get Tiger Claw to win back some of the money Shipwreck beat me outta all those times. It may be a good day, after all. Hoowah!


james strickland
03-02-2005, 11:49 PM
I am traveling with beachead and tiger claw. We are to team up with Shipwreck for some type of mission on the flagg I guess,. I hate being put in to these missions were I am not familiar. On another note I am kinda don't like these tiger hawks. If I had my chose I would love to fly a skyhawk or a locust. I guess we got to do what we can but I will live.
dusty out.

03-03-2005, 12:02 AM
I'm off on another mission.

I am frustrated to be leaving now though. I had been talking to that Night-Viper guy and felt like he was on the verge of telling me something worthwhile. I DID get his real name though. (He was muttering some things in his cell and I overheard him...) I had our intel guys run the name he mentioned. He's a Nam vet " Col. John L. Stryker" Well, I hope that info does Psych-Out and his boys some good.

I can't believe I'm flying a plane!! When I was recruited for GI Joe, I thought it would just be for my Martial Arts skill. I had no idea that they'd train me on so many exotic vehicles! I never even had a DRIVERS liscense until I was 18! Now, a few years later and I'm flying an exotic mini-jet. This is so cool!!

Viper Commander
03-03-2005, 04:49 AM
Voice Entry #001:


Yo yo, this thing on? My old recorder got destroyed in Afghanistan, its been a while but I finally got a new recorder! For some reason Recluse let that geek Codec be our CO, I bet I could fly that stupid helicopter jet thing too. Speaking of Recluse, that ninja is getting more and more scary all the time, he just sits there on the side and no one knows what hes thinking. It doesnt help that his new uniform makes him look even more evil than before, I gotta get a picture of the squad saved to my PDA...

03-03-2005, 06:09 AM

First night on the Flagg was revealin' to say th' least. Turns out we ain't goin' back to the sandbox like Ah thought we was. No, we're going to Japan. Ain't been there in some time. Almost makes me wish we'd broguth Snake with us, but we got his pup, instead. We's all talkin' last night over chow, and he told us about how he actually got some info from the Night Viper back at Lev. Turns out he's an old-school Marine Colnonel, 'Nam vet, decorated war-hero. Wonder what made him turn to Cobra. Maybe later we can look further into his files, see what we can find.

Anyhow, right now we're on the Flagg II, gettin' a mission briefing from Hacker. Didn't know he was even here, till we hit the war room this mornin'. Seems he has satellite photos of a job these Cobra pukes pulled a couple nights ago.

*A chorus of groans, including one from Beach Head, are heard in the background.*

Aw, man. We just saw a close up of the people involved. The Viper and Ninja are no big deal, but they got that slimey Drednok leader's brother, Zandar with 'em. Now we gotta watch out for heavy fire, ninja tricks, and ambushes. 'Cause this guy tends to set them even if he has no intended targets. Ah was intendin' on sending Tiunger Claw after the ninja... only natural, right... but Ah think I'm gon' send him after Zandar instead. This ninja, Ah can handle. He don't act much like a ninja, far as Ah've seen, but then, Ah don't like ninjas anyhow.

*he looks to the side, where Tiger Claw gives him a mock-hurt look.*

What? Anyhow, Dusty's got alot of experience against guys with heavy weapons, so I think Ah'll set him in that direction. As for that chopper, well, we're callin' Wild Bill in for transport and air support. Ah'd like t'see their Tele-Viper outfly that redneck in his airborn Ford. This mission ain't just gonna be intense... it's gonna be fun!


james strickland
03-03-2005, 10:33 AM
I am at the flagg. Where beachhead regusted me to bring a air borne ford. So I brung a night attack chopter with as much fire power as it could hold. It also has troop capibilities also. Now this cowboy is ready for so action I just wonder what the mission is since I missed the briefing flying at full speed trying to get here after I got the call. I like to be a help. I now I almost flew that copter at full speed. It was fun. Kinda like riding a bull at the county fair. I was going so fast I almost misseed the flagg. Lucky for me, I can fly a chopter in any direction possible. When I finally landed this chopter I was met buy my good friend Airborne, who has been gunner for me countless times. He took me to the war room where I met the team. Well it is a small team of three or four joes. I then met up with beachhead who filled me in our mission. I finally get some action. I been transporting stuff for a while now. We will be leaving as soon as the Chopter is full of fuel.

Wild bill out

03-03-2005, 11:10 AM
This seems like it may be a tough mission, so I'm prepared this time.

Instead of my normal rig: (my ninja Gi, my sword and a grenade or two)

I'm coming prepared. In addition to my usual gear, I have special infared/UV goggles to help me find that sneaky Drednok guy. A bunch of special grenades and a few additional ninja toys. (Shuriken, Caltrops)

Beachhead promised that he had a new "toy" for me too. I assume it's some fancy machinegun...

We're taking these guys OUT this time!!

Viper Commander
03-03-2005, 03:15 PM

(Somehwere in the Altay Mountains, Mongolia) Im surrounded by 6 Crimson Guardsmen, all with knives out, all their ammo has been drained and I told the rest of my squad to stand back, I cant risk #9 getting killed or else we'll never know where #10 is located at. We've been doing hit and run raids on their caravan for about 2 days now, and their troops and ammo have been depleted. These Crimson traitors look exhausted already, and on the brink of insanity. Number 9 has the suitcase with the mini-nuke inside, handcuffed to his right arm. #4 and #5 slash at me with their blades, but the knives end up in each others necks with a flick of my wrist, hahaha. 6, 7, and 8 all rush me at the same time, first slash towards my neck, I lean back and snap his wrist, snatch his blade and stick it in his eye. The three remaining cards immediately drop to their knees and surrender, and #9 uncuffs himself from the suitcase...

(Onboard a UN humvee) We are heading back to our Night Mamba, then its on to Shenyang China, where we will capture #10 and find out where the Jack, Queen, King and their Ace of Diamonds are hiding in North Korea. Im going to be making entries when I can, since we are going to see a lot of action. The UN troops escorting us keep giving us dirty looks, maybe they're not used to Cobra hunting terrorists for them. Like Ive said before, if these guys were doing their job, they wouldnt need us, just like those idiot Joes. No wonder the Jugglers want to get rid of them. I wonder what would have happened if no one stopped those attacks that our squad prevented, its too scary to think about. It looks like there are things going on that GI Joe and Cobra dont even know about. Man, Im beginning to sound like one of those annoying Joes...

Viper Commander
03-03-2005, 03:57 PM
Voice Entry #002:


"thud" thud thud" This thing on? Ok. We are almost in our target zone, except this time Im still in an Attack Pod, with Zandar in the other. Recluse said that he'll just jump out without a parachute when its time to deploy, he said it like its normal! I dunno what Zartan did to that "ninja", but hes pretty freaking different than the scrawny Infantry Trooper that loved knives and loved to fight. Codec informed us that our target is deep undercover at the US consulate in Shenyang, China. We are to land our Night Mamba after Recluse deploys, and just wait. Since we cant do a big bang em up show, Recluse needs to sneak in by himself and fetch our bounty. Oh yeah! I finally got Zandar to take a picture of our squad ( for me, as you can see Recluse wasnt too happy about it, he almost gutted us...

james strickland
03-04-2005, 12:34 AM
I was sent with duke and a unit of joes to Investigate several stange going ons in a field in Colorado. It kinda of a odd thing to here locals complaining of wierd jet noises at night and stuff. Maybe It is a hidden cobra base or something any ways we are going to steak out this Field for a while. I don't now when we will return to our normal outfits, because this Plaid shirt I am wearing is driving me batty. Well I got to send some data to Harddrive back at the pitt so I am out.
Dailtone out.

james strickland
03-04-2005, 12:51 AM
Today I was sent on a mission to The African congo to meet a Sceintist who is doing very important work I guess. The team I am with is Out back, Repeater, Recoil, recondo and myself. We are heading deep into the African congo to find this scientist person. All we now is that they are hiding from cobra agents,and it's our job to stop them. Well this rest break is over we are moving so I am out.
Big Brawler out

03-04-2005, 04:12 PM

Go time. These guys aren't sure what's up, and Ah ain't supposed to tell 'em 'till we're airborne. Someone suspects a leak on the Flagg. Right now, Ah'm just worried about Wild Bill's mental state. Ah mean, Ah love Johnny Cash as much as the next guy, but if ol' William up there jumps into just one more chorus of "I Been Everywhere," Ah swear, Ahm' gon' kill'im.

Anyhow, Ah just handed everyone their mission brief's. Ah also reached in the crate everyone was askin' about, and handed out some goodies. Well, mainly to Tiger Claw. Ah handed him command of this op, first, which Ah think almost knocked his mask off. Turns out we're headed to Japan now. The look on Dusty's face is like when mah Pa drank the cow's "fresh-squeezed" by accident. Ah think he really wants to go back to the desert.

Anyhow, Ah was able to brighten his day when Ah uncovered the modified Desert Fox we'd be usin' for transport and support. He lnow's he's the only person in this chopper qualified to operate that thing. Ah swear, like a kid on Christmas morn.

Back to Tiger Claw, Ah handed him a copy of the modified combat uzi with the silencer and suppresor like me, Snake Eyes and Shock-Wave used to carry. Ah think the boy's finally found a gun he likes. And last, but by no means least, Ah handed him the file on that Night Viper he was interrogatin' back at Lev. Hard-Drive sent it to Hacker via encrypted ZIP file this morning, after breakfast. Seems it was so large, it'd take several hours to send via normal encryption means. Heck, Ah didn't even know you could encrypt a ZIP file! Well, let's see what we can dig up on this guy while we're in flight

Ah, naw... Wild Bill's starting up again!


Viper Commander
03-04-2005, 09:25 PM

(China) My target is a good martial arts expert, but I am a master! We are silently fighting in an office of the US consulate, the only sounds that can be heard are grunts, thumps, and the cracking of bones. I have the #10 of Diamonds in a submission move, and Im injecting him with something so I can carry this lackey to the Night Mamba effortlessly. Following instructions from my UN contact, I leave behind a PDA filled with evidence on our #10's dealings while working for the US as a diplomat to Asia, this renegade CG was selling US technology to North Korea! With this scum in our hands, we can get intelligence on the facecards who can lead us to the Ace. On my way out an MP detected me, but instead of killing him, I just tossed some tear gas at him and roped away with my grappling hook. I dont know why I didnt kill him, whats going on with me? Now there are MPs and Dogs everywhere, gotta stay in the treetops, the Night Mamaba is about two miles away, hidden at a triad warehouse. When I get back Im gonna smack Rampage upside the head for telling Zandar to take a picture of me...

Viper Commander
03-04-2005, 10:00 PM
Voice Entry #003:


We are now over the Yellow Sea, heading to South Korea to drop captive #10 off with our UN contact, who will then report our progress to the Jugglers. Codec is in charge of reporting to the Twins, since that pencilneck is our "leader", I still think thats funny. While waiting for Recluse, Zandar got in a knife fight with one of the triads at the warehouse. Good thing Recluse dropped into the skylight before anyone got killed. After we got our Mamba out of the warehouse, the squad took off for SK. There were five NK jets that tailed us earlier, but Codec shot them all down before they could identify us and contact HQ. Only thing is, does he always have to laugh like that when hes gunning down his targets?

03-04-2005, 10:41 PM
Got into a knife fight with the Triads today. What a bunch of losers. Had three disarmed and was going for the kill when recluse busted it all up. Yeah, I was madd at first, but then he and I had a little heart-to-heart about killing the clients being bad for business. Okay, I get the point.

But then that little punk Tele-Viper wants to gewt in my face and start screaming at me like a little kid or something. I don't even let Zartan talk at me like that. Not now. Not ever. Me and camera-boy, we're gonna be spending alot of time together I think. I noticed good old Rampage don't like the geek none. That might help me out. And if it doesn't, I take a hike. Not like they'll remember me next time we meet. No one ever does.

And that's bad news for those Triad pukes, too.


03-05-2005, 12:41 PM
Well, We're in Japan. We inspected the wreckage of those ships and talked to the local authorities.

As we thought, there is some serious Nuclear smuggling going on.

Unfortunatley, our quarry and their funky Mamba are long gone.

So, I used my "Underground Connections". I visited some of my local Arishikage contacts to see if any of them knew about this...

First, I called up the "IronMaster" the current keeper of the Arishikage forge.

He didn't know anything about this, but suggested that I speak to the "Vypra Twins". These twins were the daughters of the former keeper of the Arishikage forge (who was supposedly killed by Zartan)

So I tracked down these ladies in a remote location near Mt. Fuji. They didnt' want to talk to me at first, but later opened up... They had recently been working on weapons for some Cobra affiliated ninjas. They had overheard one of them talking about guarding a nuclear shipment to North Korea, which had been compromised. (These guys must not have been very good ninjas to spill secrets like that)

So, anyway, we called up the US Coloniel in the Korean DMZ. He transmitted images that he'd captured of a MAMBA crossing the border that had been in some kind of dogfight! I think this is our guys.

We then got his into air traffic control records and tracked our guys to Sokch'u, near the sea of Japan.

So, now I'm going to sleep. We'll be in Sokch'u before they could even get that chopper serviced and refueled....

Viper Commander
03-05-2005, 05:21 PM

Our Night Mamba is again in the skies over the Yellow Sea. We are heading to Kaesong after having refueled and resupplied at Incheon, where I heard news of some renegade Joes being detained by both the South Korean military, US marines, and UN troops. It seems that they disobeyed direct orders from the Pentagon, and were on their way to track our squad down and bring us back to the states. Lucky to a mole within their own organization, they were lead to Sok'cho instead of our location at Incheon. At Sok'cho they were met with a big "welcome party" of Coalition troops. Last I heard they were being sent back to the States to be court martialed, they are also going to be interrogated to make sure that they aren't trying to help the North Koreans. Ill bet that Beachhead guy is steaming mad, Ive heard about his tempermant from Cobra dossier files. I hope they come after us again, maybe next time Ill have clearance to terminate, haha. Good thing they didnt get in our way again, because #10 is now on his way to one of North Korea's secret nuclear facilities, heading to a meeting with the Jack and Queen of Diamonds. Intelligence suggests that Ace of Diamonds is going to try and persuade North Korea's leader to fire the opening salvo and start war in Asia. I finally realized something, we Cobra have always failed at our missions because we never wanted to complete them in the first place. Since joining our squad Ive seen Rampage transformed into a disciplined if still rough soldier, is it a coincidence that he fights for a good cause now? I dont know how I fit in to all this, with all the blood Ive had on my hands. I better stope thinking now, Rampage and Zandar are turning up their 50cent CD in our Mamba again, those two are like two big babies...

03-05-2005, 10:22 PM
March 05, 2005

Can't imagine what happened. Codec had the last watch last night, but when Recluse, Rampage and me woke up, he was dead as could be. Had his throat slit right open, he did. Ear-to-bloody-ear. I tried to tell Recluse that maybe those Triads sent some of there ninjas after us. Funny thing is, he didn't really seem to care. Rampage, on the other hand, he cared alot. Cared so much I had to hand him a hanky. Honestly, I ain't never seen nobody laugh that hard. Said it looked like Codec was smilin'!

Anyhow, Rampage's decided to be our new pilot. Not sure that's such a good idea, but I'll be buckered if you think I'm gonna sit in the whirllybird while these blokes have all the fun. 'Sides, that things got guns Rampage'd love to have, but can't quite carry. We took Codec's gear and left his body in a shallow grave, and took off, headed for the next mission. Oh, T and X better be paying real good for this.


03-05-2005, 10:32 PM

Again Ah say, Ah don't believe this!!

Thanks to Tiger Claw, we finally caught up with those renegade snakes over in Korea. Then, we get jerked up by our proverbial collars, and hauled away by a bunch of UN and Coalition troops. Ah believe Dusty cussed almost as much as I did. But Tiger Claw... I seen the look in his eyes in only one other place at only one other time. That was when Snake Eyes learned tommy'd gone back to Cobra. That kid may be a young'n, and maybe a little wet behind the ears, but Ah sure as heck don't wanna be the man in his way when we find these punks.

As it stands right now, we're back in Washington, just after our interrupted Court Martial hearing. Just as the judge was about to pass sentence, Hawk comes in with bloody knuckles on his one hand, and a bloody General Mason in the other. Oh, Ah know Mason real well... me and Flint dealt with him a while back, and learned hge was one of them Jugglers Hawk stomps around about so much. Seems they might be behind this little fiasco, or at least, they were. Once Mason got past the doors, he started squealin' like one of mah grand daddy's hog's on slaughterin' day, givin orders to call off the trial, and let us go. Man, he may be a pencil pusher, but sometimes Ah love workin' for General Abernathy.

So, now we're on our way to Camp David to get a day or so R&R while the spooks get us some new Intel. Ah think Ah'm gonna take Tiger Claw to the range and get him better familiarized with his new firearm. Ah'm willin' to bet he can use the release as bad as Ah can. It's time's like this that Ah really miss Flint.


03-05-2005, 10:52 PM
I still don't know what to think of that mission.

I think I did a great job of tracking down those punks, but apparently I made one major mistake. I looked for help from outside of my team.

I've got Hawk's permission to take this investigation further. So I have Harddrive and Hacker hacking into Korean files and getting me the real flight logs from that chopper....

Hawk's not as concerned about the Commando team, as he is about a renegade Juggler. He got that Creepy Mason guy to get us out of that trumped up Courth Marshal, but he says that Mason was NOT behind this. He knows that it was one of the other Jugglers though, and when he can prove who, he's going to have that man out for good.

Even though our mission was a flop, we were able to narrow down where the leaks were coming from. The soldiers that we dealt with on this mission all worked for one of two Jugglers: Jamison, or Rawlings. If there is another slip up, Hawk will be able to tell for sure who is behind this.

james strickland
03-06-2005, 12:26 AM
I have sometime to do r&r at campdavid. I think this is what I need to get my mind back in shape. Ever since Flint's death I have not been able to cope with it. I guess now I can get rested and relaxed too. This last mission I don't now what has happened all I know is once I land the chopter we are arested for some wierd crime or something. If it wasn't for hawk I think we would not be gijoes no more. I am glad for hawk saving my butt. I just wondering when that juggler that put us up for that fony charge is going to get it. Well I going to sleep so I can get up and catch the flight to camp david.
Wild bill out

james strickland
03-06-2005, 12:45 AM
A very strange couple of events happened this week. One event, was I got to drive a desert fox all over Japan. Second, we land back at Flagg and are imediatly thrown into the briageand put up for court marshall. Last is the fact that we can't trust our govern body mainly the Jugglers. After this craziness, I will be glad to get some R&R at Camp David. The funniest thing I did was drive that desert fox. It was so great. I noticed the that this desert fox had a missle laucher at the end in stead of a gun and that it was all controled by the back consol. I thought it was cool to drive this vehicle. At times,I forget how much Hawk cares for his team. When I was going thru the court marshall, I was surprised when hawk brung in a bloddy nosed juggler, who sung like an angle. I am glad he is in charge of the joe team and no that guy.
Dusty out

Viper Commander
03-06-2005, 04:51 AM

(Aboard Night Mamba) Last night, Codec failed his test. I wanted to see if he could survive a fight with Zandar, so I didnt interfere when I heard them go at it while I was meditating. Our targets are going to be much more dangerous from now on, so I wanted to trim some fat, I guess Codec was the fat. Rampage seems happy, and Zandar has a smug look on his face. The T & X Twins better keep their promise after I bag all 52 cards, but I dont even know if I want to go back to Cobra after all of this, but then what could I do? Well Im getting NV1 out of prison first, if the Jugglers cant help then Ill break in myself and do it. Oh no, we've been made, three NK jets are on our tail...

(Kaesong, North Korea) Zandar and I are in a dense forest, our Mamba has been shot down, just as I expected. We landed our pods and regrouped, but it looks like Rampage wasnt so lucky. He ejected when the missiles hit, but got captured and taken away so it looks like we're down to two now, I hope that 50cent CD burned up with the Mamba. I thought I saw Zandar have a moment of sadness for Rampage, but after I gave him my "look", he got back into shape. So here we are, deep in hostile territory, with no way to communicate with Cobra or our UN contact, and no transportation. Haha, reminds me of South America. Now we have no SAW support either, Zandar has knives, a wicked sawed off shotgun and a suppressed pistol, lucky for us, Im carrying a custom A-91 Assault Rifle ( shortened to SMG length with 7.62mm AP rounds, no armor can stop this baby. I've also got two HK Mark23 on my chest holsters, and a lot of weapons strapped to my pack. A crossbow, with grappling hook attachments, net expander, and HEAB(High Explosive Air Bursting) arrow heads, and much more special surprises for anyone that wants to find out what a Black Ops merc can do. Of course Ive got my sai too. We found the secret facility around first crack of dawn, but now we have a big problem, without Codec we have no way of finding out where exactly our target is, so Im sending Zandar into the nuclear facility disguised to find Rampage and locate our target, he jumped at the chance to use his talent...

Viper Commander
03-06-2005, 05:22 AM
(Rampage is in his NK jail cell and he thinks back to what just happened)

North Korean officer: So, who do you work for?

Rampage: I tell you, I work for your mother as a stud, hahaha!!!


NKO: If I can figure out how to get that helmet and uniform off of you there will be more pain!

Rampage: With a sissy punch like that you cant do nuthin!

NKO: I know you are working for the Americans! You have a Cobra symbol on you but I know you are a GI Joe!

Rampage: Me? a GI joe? hahahahahahaharhahaha thats the funniest thing since I seen Codec's smile!

NKO:You will talk soon, as soon as I get this water boiled and I've heated up this glass probe with my torch, Ill get something to cut you out of your uniform, believe me my American friend, you will talk... guards! bring me my... guards!! where are you all? ( leaves the room)

(Rampage looks at the size of the glass probe, and makes a secret promise that if he gets saved before the NK officer comes back, he will try to reform himself, maybe even convince his squad mates to leave Cobra)

03-06-2005, 12:11 PM
March 6th, 2005

Well, never saw that coming. I decide to catch a few Zs in the Mamba's drop pod, and next thing I know, we're having our bloody tail buggered off by a North Korean fighter jet. I had a bad feeling about Rampage being our new pilot from the beginning. Ah, well. If I'd have had to deal with that Tele-Punk one more day, I'd have had to kill him in front of the others, probably in combat, too. Never send a techno-weenie to do a fighter's job.

Anyhow, that left us with just myself and Recluse, since Rampage got taken prisoner. Al I found of him was his melted down 50 Cent CD. Seems it missed the fire somehow. But only by a few inches. Oops, dropped it... and right in the fire too. My bad. :DI did, though, have to take a moment of silence. I think Recluse thought it was for Rampage. It was actually for the six-pack of really killer grape soda I picked up yesterday.

Bloody glad I kept this. Me bloody clothes are ruined, so I have donned the combat suit that I got while working for Serpentor, mask and all. Was able to save my boar (shotgun), the pistol I lifted from one of the twins, all of my various fighting knives, and my bow and quiver of special arrows. Not to mention, my small disguise kit. Which is good, 'cause now Recluse has me disguised as a faicility worker, and going into the nuke-plant where the Korean's are keeping Rampage. Luckily the battle suit and my knives fit under the coveralls, and the pistol fits into a pocket but the shotgun has to go into a toolbox.

I think I made it to the door to the room where they're keeping Rampage, 'cause it's the only one what that guy I took the stuff from ain't got a key to. Some supervisor. Anyhow, I done took out over half the guards that might cause problems, and retrieved the arrows from the bodies of the ones Recluse took out, and hid all the bodies to not raise alarm. Man, that bloke's almost as good a shot as Zartan. Now, I'm waiting, coveralls and tool-box gone, and mask back on, for whoever's in that room to come out. I do hope there's alot of 'em. I'm gettin' plum-D bored!


james strickland
03-08-2005, 12:32 AM
I have had surefire and falcon helping me find the traiter in the jugglers. As far as I know we are lucky now one else 2was thrown up on fony charges./I have Agent Faces, Chucles,and Mace inside cobra right know trying to get me info on why cobra is in North Korea. I do have Hacker and Hard Drive working on it as well. Hightech who has been busy modify or tracking eguipment to find the cobra who has the nanonites in him. I hope we can find and capture the cobra unit that has given us trouble for so long. This unit has killed an abassdor and a major player in the terror goup called Alquada. I thought that terrest goup might be afiliated with cobra but hope they weren't. I guess Those intelegent files I found before We reformed was iportant at the time. As of know we are just tracking corbra ghosts. I do know one thing That terror drome we found last year had alot of good stuff information on cobra plans but so far they have been duds. Mainframe told me that they might have covered thier tracks very well.
Hawk out

james strickland
03-08-2005, 12:47 AM
Sure fire and I have been helping Gen. hawk with the jugglers insident. I have found nothing yet but of course these things may take time. I have very little trust in these guys anyway. Know we canonly trust HJawk and Flagg to give us orders. Hawk has Ask the highest rank general in pentagon to get this all squared out this whole mess when were done. I also heard that Gijoe was stepping in to help out a little. Boy, I know that guy has to be at least eighty that makes him the oldest joe on the force. I just hope we can suvive all this craziness going on right now.
Falcon out.

james strickland
03-08-2005, 12:59 AM
Recondo, Outback, Recoil, Repeater,and I have found the Doctor. And are heading to the rondvue point with lift ticket and his tomahawk.Acording to what this doctor has told us Cobra commander has a weapon that could change the hole world into monsters and he can control them with a staff. I hope we can get out of here safely. It has been a rough three weeks for us here in the congo. The doctor must have been in this jungle for a week or two before we found him. When we found him he was in a small cave with a fire going. Well after this mission is over I hope to get some leave time in so we can all get some r&r. Recond is signaling that are break is over guess I will stop here.
Brawler out

Viper Commander
03-09-2005, 01:12 PM

(Inside a secured watchtower of the NK facility) I've cleared this security room of NK guards, and Im hanging from a dark corner of the ceiling, I screwed the suppressor onto my HK-Mark23 and I have it pointed at the door ready to shoot anybody thats not Zandar or Rampage. Zandar disabled all the secuirty cams in the areas that he cleared, so I cant tell if he found Rampage yet, but I do see Rampage sitting tied up, in what looks like an interrogation room. The officer that was questioning him left and never came back, so Im thinking its safe to assume that Zandar has Rampage covered. #10 of diamonds has given the signal, he left the tracking beacon in the meeting room where he set up the facecards for us. I forgot to mention, after getting #10 to Incheon, South Korea, he was forced by our UN contact(a Secrect Service agent) to wear a wire and track this facility for us. We thought we lost him when the Mamba was shot down, but I guess #10 completed his mission, maybe he remembers the little sparring session we had in his office. Now, I also have to assume that #10 warned the facecards that we were coming, so there will most likely be a trap of some sort. I think the best thing to do, is find a bluprint of this facility and wait for Zandar and Rampage to come back...

Viper Commander
03-09-2005, 01:22 PM
Voice Entry #003:


(Zandar and Recluse can be heard in the background whispering about the next plan of action) Whooooohoooo!!! "smack" oh, sorry Recluse, Ill be quiet. When the NK officer left the room I thought I was done for, but after he didnt come back for a while, I knew my buddies were here to save me! Zandar popped his orange-maned head in and started laughing when he saw the NKO's torture devices, he says that I owe him a 24-pack of Grape Soda now for saving my butt, literally. Well, now we are waiting for Zandar and Recluse to come up with a good strategy, since we know where the facecards are now. Since my weapons were taken, Ive got an AK that I lifted off the North Koreans. "Smack" "Smack" (one from Recluse and one from Zandar) ok, ok, Im sorry for crashing the Mamba!!!

03-09-2005, 08:35 PM
Ha-HA! Rampage payed up on the grape soda he owed me for crashing the Mamba. I was just about to whop him again, when he got back from the corner market, but he tosed me the bag and headed for the kitchen. Good thing, too. He even remembered the doghnuts. Good lad.

Looks like we're holed up until Recluse (our current team leader), decides what we're doing next. I got in touch with my contact in the Night Creepers tonight, just after we arrived back where we're bunking. He says their clan's impressed, and they want to know more about ol' Recluse. I, of course, told them I can't tell them anything. Which they weren't happy with. But, I believe, they rather enjoy their rather lucrative agreement with Zartan. Sop I don't think they'll push the issue. I do, though, plan on informing the kid he's raised a few prominent brows, see what he wants to do with it. Knowing them, they want to recruit him. Still trying to recruit me, as it were.

Speaking of Recluse, he likes the 'Coils' uniform I donned for our last go-round, and suggested I use it while I'm operating with them. Sounds good to me. Makes me fit the bill better. Oy, hang a sec...

'Right, then, I'm back. Just got a line from Zarana. She says the Night Creeper Leader contacted Big Brother tonight, and started asking him about me mate, Recluse. I was right; they're recruiting. Wonder what he'll say if they confront him about it.

Anyhow, time for me to get some shut-eye. Supposed to meet up with Zanya and Zanzibar tomorrow to pick up a new pair of knives Zartan dug up for me, and some Intel Zartan and Zarana dug up on our mysterious 'Face-Cards', as Recluse likes to call them.


03-09-2005, 08:56 PM

Ah am so bored. Tiger Claw and me hit the range alot when we first got here, and now he's almost as good a shot as Ah am. Ah know he won't use the gun unless he's got no other choice, but when he does need it, he'll do fine. Lately,m we been practicin' more on hand-to-hand. He's fast. Real fast. But Ah think Ah shocked him with my skill with a combat knife. He thought Ah was all guns and grenades... he knows different now, though.

Got a visit today from General Joe. Man's finally starting to show his age. Ah thank it's alot to do with everythiang that's goin' on lately. Can't say Ah blame him. Ah mean, that's one old soldier.


Viper Commander
03-10-2005, 02:05 AM

After we saved Rampage, we cleared th rest of the facility and sealed off the lower bunker levels with a NK tank that we found on the grounds. That way our targets (#10, J, Q, K of diamonds) are stuck down there with no contact to the outside world. Zandar made me wise up to one fact. The Jugglers will use me to acheive their deal with the Twins and hand me over to the Joes, so me and Rampage can join NV1 in Ft. Lev when Im of no further use. He told me that it was better to secure these targets for ourselves and use them against Cobra, the Joes, and the Jugglers. He told me about Night Creepers interested in recruiting me, but he kind of hinted underneath his breath that it wasn't the wisest choice. Night Creepers arent even fit to be my students, hahaha, I remember a few that I dispatched. A side note, I have no idea how Rampage managed to find a convenience store within walking distance of this NK nuclear facility, but he brought back soda and doughnuts? Well as long as him and Zandar are happy I dont really care. Zanya and Zanzibar are coming to give us new supplies and a new vehicle, I hope they bring some goodies, there are at least 100-200 elite troops down in that bunker, holed up with weapons and waiting for us to come for their leaders. Zandar says that he has a suggestion for me regarding where I will be "throwing my hat", so Im gonna go sit down with him.......

Viper Commander
03-10-2005, 06:18 AM
Voice Entry:


Wow, we are still chilling in this now safe and secure NK facility. I cant believe no one except Dreadnoks have come to this base for a week now, they must have been given a lot of trust by North Korea's high command. They did call in on the video comm to do security checks every 6 hours, but Zandar took care of that with a little disguise and acting. Ive been treating this as a little vacation, as have Zandar and Recluse. They like to teach each other knife moves and martial arts moves, I like to stay out of their way, those psychos. I even found a mess hall with a fully stocked market(all kinds of food, these military guys were definitely treating themselves well while the rest of North Korea was starving), I had to shoot the NK soldiers guarding it, but now I have my own big stash of food to share at my leisure, heeheehee. Tonight Im serving up some Korean BBQ, at the request of Recluse. They also dont know that I found a HIND chopper that looks like it came right outta Rambo, man this thing would be fun to fly! This facility is full of good stuff, but all Zandar and Recluse can think about is strategy, planning the raid on the bunker thats blocked by a parked tank, or sparring. Zanya and Zanzibar have decide to remain with us at the request of Zartan, I hope he wants us to be Dreadnoks!!! If that happens Ill persuade Recluse to join too, hahaha, I always wanted to be a Dreadnok!!! One thing that sucks, Zanya is always watching the two psychos spar, so its only Zanzibar hanging out with me most of the time, he let me borrow his Air Skiff though, that thing is a blast to ride!:eek:

Viper Commander
03-10-2005, 06:47 AM
Dear Diary:

After reviewing the files that the Jugglers gave up, I also cross-referenced data from Hard Drive, High Tech, and Hacker. I dont know why anybody else didnt think of this before, but its quite obvious the Cobra squad that has been making some big splashes were running Black Ops missions for the Jugglers. Since Black Ops is right up my alley, Hawk has given me full authorization to do as I see fit. I just got finished interrogating the various "mole" that led my Joes to SockCho, same guys that trumped up the court martial charges and from what they are giving up, the Jugglers want to make us look ineffective and vengeful to the tax paying public. They want to make us overlook immediate threats while we bother with Cobra, a snake so torn in pieces by infighting that they cannot be lethal for now. I think we should find the Cobra squad and work with them, try to mold them into a squad of Mercers. I want this squad to work for us and not the Jugglers, bottom line, if we have to force them we will. I dont think Zandar has any hope, but the Ninja and the Viper may have a chance at salvation, we still have a Night Viper thats just been sitting in prison for a while now. We'll see, since Beachhead has seen fit to put Tigerclaw in charge of this operation I see no reason yet to find any fault with his choice...

Conrad Hauser Out

P.S. Its great to be active again! I sure do feel left out...

03-10-2005, 06:48 AM

Banger, now I got one of these lil' video gadgets everyone keeps talkin' to. Zanya brought it you me with our supply shipment. Got me new knives and got a couple of those rifles the Coils carried for Rampage and a really old katana for Recluse. He calls 'em incentive. Goes along nice with the other item he sent me... his personal authorization. Today over lunch, I'm gonna break down Zartan's deal to get them into the 'Noks. If they say no, then no big deal. I still get to operate with 'em. But if they say yes, things'll get a whole lot more interestin'

For now, Zandar, out.

Viper Commander
03-10-2005, 07:37 AM

I've been offered membership into the Dreanoks, with Rampage okayed only if I join too. On a PDA filled with video and data, Zartan showed me evidence that the Twins planned on betraying me with help from the Jugglers after I bag all the targets for them. Zartan wants me to stay a Cobra on the books and switch loyalties to suit my missions, but my truest loyalty would be to the 'Noks. Zanya seems to be intent on me joining too, that one makes me nervous when she gets too close to me with those huge .50 handcannons. When they made the offer they also showed me Zartan's "incentive". This stolen beauty from the Arashikage clan finally gives me the potential to surpass Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, all I need now is to get "familiar" with this baby. After accepting the sword, I could not refuse the membership. Zartan sounds like the only guy I would willingly call "boss" anyway, he also promised to keep the law off my hide. It didnt take long for the rest of the squad to start celebrating again(where is Rampage getting all this food and drink?), but I made my way to the tank at the bunker. I moved the tank just enough to unblock the small access door on the side of the bunker and walked right into the bunker, the other side was pitch black. It was also vast and deep. Too quiet to be normal, but I didnt care. I shot my hook up at the ceiling and roped off, after they wake up they can come and play catch up, help me clean up the trail of bodies Im gonna leave behind on my way to those Crimson Guards...

Viper Commander
03-10-2005, 11:16 PM

(Deeper down the bunker at the North Korean nuclear facility) The enemies down here arent slouches, I couldnt stay hidden for more than three minutes! There are NK troops dressed in Cobra uniforms, Night Creepers, and Russian mercernaries down here. If not for all my physical and genetic enhancements, I would be dead like so much fodder. Im in a small ammo dump, reloading my custom rifle, and leaving a small beacon so when Zandar, Rampage and the gang get here, they'll know Im ok and Im alive. Most of the troops down here are armed with short assault rifles, SMGs, and pistols. Their armor was like butter to my 7.62mm AP ammo. I left my arrow heads up with the rest of my gear and only brought my grappling hook attachment. As always I have a Sai strapped on each leg. My best weapon is my new Katana...

(Deeper still) Five Night Creepers have me in the middle of a circle of swords. I only have my two sai, I decide to pack away my rifle for this and they obliged. "fwooosh" fwooooosh" fwooosh" Katana blades fly as I make the first Creepers stab each other instead of me. My two sai are hilt deep in the faces of two more Creepers within an instant, and the last one is dispatched in one swing as I unsheath my new sword. #10 of Diamonds steps out of the shadows, with Jack, Queen, and King following behind. These four Crimson Guards each have a different weapon:

#10 has two hook swords similar to ones that Storm Shadow likes to use, this guy wants payback for the bones I broke in China.

Jack has a Benelli shotgun, and a big flash light trying to blind me in this darkness.

Queen is a female Seigie holding a PSG-1 rifle, as soon as she showed herself she melted into the shadows again...

King of Diamonds is a big and buff Seigie holding a "Ma Deuce" with a big chain of ammo all over him.

These guys are good, it seems that they spent the week planning a nice setup to pin me down, they are using their weapons in perfect harmony. Too bad I cant kill the King of Diamonds, since he knows where the Ace is, I would really like to stop his cover fire. I hope my squad gets down here soon, its taking all Ive got just to fend them off and not to get tagged by these Seigies, Im gonna need help to take them out...

03-11-2005, 11:21 AM
I just got back from a Trade Show!

AFCEA Technet Tampa. There were lots of SOCOMM personell there looking for new gear.

One booth was showing off a remote controlled attack chopper that can be controlled from inside another helicoptor. I bet Wild Bill would have fun with that.

I'll be back to planning missions in the next few days.

03-11-2005, 07:08 PM

Not so tough a job once we caught up with Recluse. Bunch of Seegies had 'im pinned down in a rather hidden area. The sheela with the sniper rifle was a cinch. She never even noticed I was there, 'till I had already walked past. No one ever notices I'm there. Not till they turn their heads and their throats split open. Pretty common, really. After I sliced her, I walked around the piller she was using for cover and grabbed the PSG-1 as she fell.

Rolled around a few other ones, making for a good place to drop the shotgunner from. Wasn't too hard. Ended up not ten feet behind him. Hadn't realized the gun was silenced until after I shot him. Think I'll hold onto this baby.

From where I was, I had a terrific shot at their heavy gunner, too, but as I was targeting his face in, I realized he was the bloke Recluse wanted alive. I made my way over to him, plain as you please, and found out another nice bit of info on this here gun. The stock makes a "smashing" club.

Did I really just say that? Crikey.

That just left Recluse and the guy with the F'd up swords. 'At's fine by me. Let spider-man make this crimson crack-head look like an idiot. By the look Recluse gave me, I knew he had it.

That's right. He saw me. Shocked me, too.

For now, Zandar, out.

Viper Commander
03-11-2005, 08:25 PM

Soon as Zandar took out the Seigies that had me pinned down and secured the King of Diamonds, I smashed into #10's back with both of my knees jumping down from my hiding place. I flipped back a few steps and he spun around, my enemie's face grimaced in pain. I could sense his fear, but I could also tell he's not giving up. I stood silent and motionless, taunting him with my eyes. Zandar on the other hand started laughing and talking trash, making our target even more afraid. Finally #10 lunged at me with both of his swords swinging, I waited until the precise moment, and then sliced everything in half, metal and flesh. Zandar ended up covered in splatter, but he was still laughing...

(Back up at the NK facility) While Zandar and I headed to the locker room to clean up, Zanya and Zanzibar started to interrogate King of Diamonds on the whereabouts of ACE, the Crimson Viper. Rampage was still asleep on his bunk, oh well, he must be tired from manning the grill yesterday. After some chow we reviewed the data that was acquired. Our Ace is in Pyongyang, the capitol of North Korea. I decided to capture ACE alive instead of killing him like the Twins requested. I asked the rest of the Dreadnoks what they wanted to do, should we keep bagging these Seigies? They are high risk terrorist after all, I have a nagging urge to stop them just because, but Ill let my squadmates have a voice before any decisions are made...

Viper Commander
03-12-2005, 04:37 AM
Voice Entry:


"Yawwwwwnnnnn" man, so much has happened since I went to bed full of beef and drink yesterday. I guess Recluse and Zandar cleared the whole bunker by themselves and completed all the objectives. The other Dreads already interrogated our target, now we only have to decide if we keep going or if we leave North Korea and leave this mess for the Joes to clean up. Recluse says that since I slept thru the mission, he's making me go back down the bunker to clear any stragglers and plant some demolition charges so we could seal the bunker and the warheads they stored down there. I grabbed a couple of AKs, a pack full of ammo, and walked in. Why did they make me come down here, theres no survivors and whats left aint exactly "pretty", in fact its making me wanna lose my lunch. After I went back up to the surface again, we detonated the charges. Now the North Koreans wont be able to use these warheads for anything. I also went around the whole facility with Zandar and gathered up any goodies that we could use. Next move for us is up to Zandar and Recluse, but at least I get to say, Dreanoks for life, hahahahahahahahahahar:D!!!

Viper Commander
03-12-2005, 04:56 AM
Dear Diary:

While waiting for Tigerclaw to plan his next move, I went ahead and authorized some new vehicles for them. I also dug up some more intel on the Jugglers. These generals have done business with both Destro and the Twins before, we all know that, but they have things also going on thats not related to Cobra or GI Joe at all. If I was a betting man, I would say that whoever worked for these co-conspirators found it more profitable to betray their employer, and now the Jugglers and the Crimson Twins want someone to destroy evidence and clean up loose ends before they are discovered by their respective peers. For the Jugglers, its Gen. Hawk and the Joes. For the Twins, its Cobra Commander. This merc squad is being used as a pawn in a deadly game, Im going to interview their imprisoned leader first thing in the morning again. See what his reaction is after I let it slip that his sqaud is in danger of being betrayed by their "dealmakers". Went down to the range to visit my boys today, they all seem to be jumpy and ready for battle, Im glad to see my boys like this after all the things that have happened to our team lately. In the morning I get to wear my Tiger Force uniform, today I wore my Night Force one.

Conrad Hauser out

03-12-2005, 09:41 AM

Woke up to a refreshin' change this mornin' Seems good ol' Duke joined our unit today. At first, Ah's a little not too sure of this idea, but then he told me he plans on goin' with what Ah'd decided when this all started, and that's to let Tiger Claw be in charge, since he had done most of the preliminary on this gig. Ah just can't believe he was wearin' that crappy Tiger Force uniform when he arrived. Didn't we burn all'a those a while back? Huh? Oh. Ah was just informed by Dusty that those were just the contaminated ones. Crud.

Speaking of Dusty, he's happier'n a cat on a dairy farm. Seems sincs we ain't destined for the desert, Dusty's goin' back to the sandbox with a platoon of Brownshirts (desert specializin' Greenshirts) to keep a lookout for either that Cobra merc unit or the people they're chasin' Now, I don't exactly know who that may be, but Duke seems to know somethin' But, of course, he ain't tellin' us. Always been a problem with that boy.

Ah believe, though, that he has told Tiger Claw, seein' as the Joe Ninjas also seem to be a part of our Intel staff. Ah sure hope he has, since 'Claw's in charge of this op. Well, we're headed back down to Fort Levenworth to see if Duke and Tiger Claw can't get anything new outta that Night Viper we got down there. Now where di Ah put that Chris LeDoux CD?


03-12-2005, 10:06 AM

I don't understand what happened last night. Since coming back here, I had all night to think it over. Seems when we got there, they were ready for us. I wasn't really sure how, until that laughing started up. Recluse was convinced it was me, but I talked it over with a him breifly this morning. The laughing wasn't me. He'll realize that unlike most 'Noks, that ain't the way I do things. But at the same time, it wasn't him either. We got alot in common, me and him. Anyhow, one thing I didn't ell him. The laughter sounded familiar. It sounded alot like the way that Codec fella' laughed when he was blowing away troops on those boats. But that can't be possible... can it? I mean, I killed him. And no one comes back when I kill them. Not so far, anyhow.

I did manage to learn something from Rampage, though. Turns out, Codec was recruited from Night Viper One straight from Cobra High Command. With Dr. Braincracker around, there's no tellin' what they done to their Tele-Vipers. After all, what good would high command be if their main line of communications got downed. And recluse has that gene-tech stuff... and he was just a trainee when NV1 recruited him.

If that lil' runt is still around, I aim to make good on it next time we meet. Main problem right now is that he knows our objectives, and he was in on the earlier planning. He could jump ahead of us in the itenerary and set up an ambush or anything. I got a bad feeling about this. Very bad.

Zandar, out.

Viper Commander
03-12-2005, 02:29 PM

(Kaesong, Secret North Korean Nuclear Facility) I cant believe someone was watching us and we couldnt detect him! Makes me regret the fact that I never completed my stealth training to this day. I've gained lots of experience from combat, thats true, but I failed to recognize that the voice didnt belong to Zandar. Looks like I still have a lot to learn. We didnt come right out and say it, but I think Zandar is guessing the same thing I am, that cackle sounds like Codec. Maybe Im not the only one thats been experimented on, I just wish I knew for sure. We are heading down to the hangar on foot now, Rampage wants to show us a HIND chopper he found, Im sure with Zandar disguised and us hidden, we could fly right into Pyongyang and take the ACE Crimson Viper if we have the NK copter. If not I say we all pack into the two Thunder Machines that Zanya and Zanzibar brought. Zanzibar wants to man his Airskiff for the remainder of our time together instead of towing it with a Thundermachine, so I guess we wont be that crowded if we decide to go by land. What I am sure of, if we see Codec face to face again, Zandar and I will make sure theres no piece left of him big enough to come back...:mad:

03-12-2005, 11:22 PM
Journal entry, one-two-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

Saw this coming from a mile away. After the Joes that were interrogating me were pulled out of here, I got a break from them. They'd send in a civilian cop to interrogate me every now and then, but he was weak. He ended up telling me things I wanted to know. Idiot. But this afternoon, after lunch, I got a n interesting visit from the ninja kid that was questioning me before, and none other than the Joe's field commander, himself, Duke. Pretty impressive guy... for an overglorified grunt.

They spent the better part of the afternoon and evening questioning me about things I really no absolutely nothing about. Of course, they don't believe me, and they said they'd be back tomorrow. Idiots. Send that red head back down here if you want me to say something interesting. No chance of that, I'm sure. Anyhow, from what I gathered from their questions, my team is making some serious progress on a mission I'm not privy to over in Asia. Apparently, after the first job, they were assigned a whole list of them by the Twins. They did tell me, however, that my team was going to be betrayed by Tomax and Xamot. I, of course, gave them no reaction, but my gut tightened up at that. I can't let that happen. They're running good without me right now, but they need a leader, especially one with experience at being used as a pawn. One way or another, I have to get out of here, and to my team.

Night Viper One, out.

james strickland
03-13-2005, 12:00 AM
I am going on a mission with Psyc Out, Rock-n-Roll,and Hightech. We are on a mission to North Korea. We are going as U. N. Soldiers. I am glad our friends Red Star, Big bear,and Big ben will meet us there with some special Agent guy named action man. We are to find out why the cobra forces have been doing in North Korea. Even though I our cover is to protect the U.N. Inspectors going in. I just hope Northern Korean forces never find out what our mission is. If this plan fails than We may never now what's going on. I Know we will have to take U.N. aproved gear with us, that is why my team doesn't have any of the ninjas I guess. General Flagg made this team So I will have to deal with it. I also know that Tiger claw won't like this but he will have to deral with it too. I am out got to find my old Sonic force uniform so I can look like a UN soldier.
Falcon Out

james strickland
03-13-2005, 12:12 AM
Coming back form my vacation, As soon as wild bill lands the chopter we are sent straight to hawks office were we are given our assignments. We are ghoing to cobra Island to see Chuckles he says he has some info for us. We need to bring him home with out any problems so I am ready.
Dusty out

Viper Commander
03-13-2005, 09:57 PM
Dear Diary:

Im a happy man, my Joes are off on missions assigned by Hawk and I. They look rested, healthy, and best of all, they seem to be ready and willing. Before heading out I gave them intel on their missions:

Lt. Falcon will meet up with Oktober Guard contacts in North Korea and try to gain a different perspective on our Cobra merc squad. Hawk and I agree that this taskforce should try to get into Pyongyang undercover for recon, they are not authorized to engage, thats Tigerclaw's job. Tigerclaw's operation will be entirely separate from this operation.

I gave Tigerclaw all the intel I had on his objectives along with full command of this operation, and we interrogated the Night Viper together this time. Nothing new, but I have a feeling that he might escape to rescue his squad from falling into a trap. Since Beachhead is with Tigerclaw, I feel safe not going with them on this mission. I never stay at base while my men go out and fight, but this time I need to be here guarding this Night Viper, even if he escapes Im going to track him to his squad. I believe this is the best move.

This last bit of intel I didnt share with anyone, it seems that Mindbender might be in on this scheme too, some rumors indicate that Tomax and Xamot have been siphoning charity funds for running front hospitals with help from the Jugglers. Mindbender might be using these hopsital to do sick and twisted research some sources have vaguely confirmed that he is making homicidal super soldiers that arent performance enhanced but never die due to cell regeneration.

I also ordered everyone that was going with Tigerclaw to wear Tiger Force uniforms so they look like a cohesive squad out there. Tigerclaw is now planning his move and they are gonna head out soon. Now Im gonna go and try to interrogate our Night Viper again, see if he'll give anything up. This is gonna be a looooong night.

Conrad S. Hauser out

james strickland
03-14-2005, 12:03 AM
bean busy trying to get all the intel straight about last couple of cobra missions. I have help from sparks, hacker, mainframe, and harddrive. All thisinformation means something, but what I have no clue. Maybe Scarlett or lady Jaye casn help us out with this. I have Given Duke and Hawk leads they sent joes to the the edges of the world. I also now Agent facesand chucles Have information they need to give hawk. I wondering how Sure fire and his Urban assult team search is going.iIGOT MORE WORK TO DUE I AM OUT.

james strickland
03-14-2005, 12:20 AM
I am taking a NAC to cobra Island. I am not to land we are launching a rubber raft with Dusty, Snake eyes,Beach head, Kamakura, and Crosshair. They are going after Chuckles and Agent Faces. They a posibly have data that will help us find and stop what ever cobra is up to. After I launch the raft I am to head inland to the tatical battle platform that is place several thousnd feet of the coast of Texas It is manned by Shipwreck, Torpedo, Depth charge, Deep six and his sharc, Wet Suit,and Wet Down. A soon as I land they will fuel the chopter and wait for the raft to return I just hope they don't find us.
Wild Bill out

Viper Commander
03-14-2005, 04:48 AM

(Still at the NK Facility, but outdoors at the entrance to a hangar) Rampage says that the code for this door has been changed by someone, Zanzibar went around to the front of the hangar with his Airskiff to check things out. Zandar and Zanya are both alert, weapons drawn. We all know none of us changed the code for that access panel. If my guess is correct, only Zandar and I know who the intruder is. I also decided to release my pigeon at this point, in case somethings about to happen. This pigeon will eventually fly to NV1 and get him the cannister on its leg. The cannister contains info on what we've been up to, for helping him I put in a minute dab of C4 with a micro wire and detonator Rampage found after searching the dead seigies. I also implanted a device in its feathers so that if anyone other than NV1 touches this bird the C4 will explode right away. I know this is more than he needs to get out of that place if and when he wants to. OK, lets get this door open so we can get in the air...

03-14-2005, 08:28 PM

I'm not really sure what happened. All's I know is that we had just set the charges to get the bunker doors re-opened, and started moving back to a cover position, when all of a sudden... BOOM... the whole bloody place goes up. Out of the wreckage comes the Hind-D we was aimin' to get our grubbies on, with that lil' twerp Codec in the pilot's seat. The initial explosion put Rampage down, as he was laggin' a bit behind us, but not for good. Crazy sod's got more guts than brains, but it saved his life for true. Zanzibar weren't so lucky, though. He turned his skiff back inland from where he were keepin' a lookout, and started firin' at the chopper. Codec's new lil' toy wasn't the least bit phased by that, though, and the Tele-Twerp spun the bird around and opened fire. The fact that the skiff got shredded so easy is probably what saved Zanzibar's butt... so far. We fished him out of the water, but he was tore up somethin' fearce. Zanya, who also tookm a bit of a beatin', took one of the Thunder Machines and bokked out, taking Zanzibar back to an extraction point, so he could get back to Zartan at the 'Noks New Zealand base.

Now, it's me, Recluse and a thoroughly shaken, but otherwise operational, Rampage. Of course, he's livin' up to his name more'n ever now. Once we get our hands on that boy and his bird, he's gonna wish he'd stayed dead the first time!

Zandar, out.

Viper Commander
03-15-2005, 05:02 AM

(En Route To Pyongyang, North Korea) After that surprise attack by our former communications guy, we split up and took off from Kaesong. That big explosion and the plume of smoke is going to attract attention. In one of the Thunder Machines, Zanya and Zanzibar headed for an extraction point so they could get themselves patched up at the 'Noks New Zealand chapter, they are also sending some updated intel to Zartan when they get a chance. Zandar, Rampage and I are in the remaining Thunder Machine, cutting directly thru the inner mountains of North Korea, straight to the capitol. There are no cities on our route, just mountains and forests as far as the eye can see. Zandar had enough good sense to shoot a tracking arrow during our firefight with the HIND chopper, so we know that Codec is also headed to Pyongyang. We have to assume that he switched sides on us, or that he was a "mole" for the Crimson sissies this whole time. We are hoping that he'll lead us straight to ACE, the Crimson Viper. Im on the outside ledge of our vehicle, with Rampage catching some Z's and Zandar driving. We reach Pyongyang in two hours, in the morning we ditch our Thundermachine at the outskirts of the city and make our way by foot, after our mission is accomplished, we will find our own way out to the river. There a Water Moccasin will be waiting to take us outta North Korea...

03-15-2005, 09:02 AM
I'm finally surfacing to make a journal entry.

Once my team made it into N Korea, we all donned elaborate disguises to make us pass as locals. (I even learned a little Korean) We also are accompanied by this guy called "Black Dove" who is some sort of South Korean deep cover agent.

First, we tracked down the crash site of a recent aerial fire fight with that modified Mamba.

Then, we found a Televiper, who had his throat slit. Apparently, it wasn't slit very well, though. He had managed to patch himself up a little bit, before going into shock. Stretcher managed to stabalize the guy and fix him up. He was happy to cooperate with us after "being betrayed".

Televiper told us what he knew about some "Deck of cards" that these misguided Mercs were trying to track down.

That info led us to some big underground bunker. I used my ninja skills and scoped out the place. I saw a couple dreadnok looking guys in there, and even saw that crazed ninja-viper. Of course, I couldn't engage any of these targets by myself, so I pulled out once I had a good idea of where things were located.

I had a plan to screw with these guys really well...

I came back and bypassed some traps later that night with Liftticket tagging along, dressed as a Televiper. I helped him steal a big ol Hind.

Next, Hacker bypassed the security on the bunker's entrance and shut the door.

Once these guys finally got the doors open, Liftticket, dressed as a Tele-viper (to screw with them) was waiting to swat them down.


Viper Commander
03-15-2005, 03:38 PM

(On The Outskirts Of Pyongyang) We are almost at the capitol of North Korea, we are on the opposite bank of the river that Pyongyang sits by, its daytime, but a typhoon blowing in from the Pacific has made the skies wet and dark grey. Zandar was on the radio pretending to be an NK officer, he alerted the NK military in Korean that one of their choppers had been hijacked by us with orders to terminate at all costs, we wanted to see if they'll destroy Codec's chopper or let it pass. We watched from the cover of a thick forest as 5 NK jets decimated the HIND-D and blew it to pieces, I dont care how good a pilot you are, an outdated HIND is still just that. Since we didnt want to take any chances, we went to check out the wreckage site. Zandar, Rampage and I arrived just in time to see something very interesting. Codec was with the GI Joes: Tigerclaw, Beachhead, Lifticket, Hacker, and a few others! Just as everyone was recovering from the crash, a large group of NK troops overtook the GI Joe taskforce. They didnt treat Codec as a prisoner though, they looked like they were following his orders. He ordered the NK troops to execute all the Joes except for Tigerclaw and Beachhead, who were taken hostage for interrogation. They burned the bodies of the dead along with wreckage and headed back to base, with our Cobra merc squad lurking in the shadows, tailing their every move. The last we saw of the Joes, they all looked ticked off at being betrayed and captured by the geek Tele-Viper, and they were being taken into a large palatial facility, it looked like a cross between a vacation resort and a military base. This must be where ACE the Crimson Viper is holed up. Zandar and Rampage are ready for blood, Zandar says that nobody but nobody saves one of his kills and lives to tell about it. Looks like they are all in trouble now, Gi Joe or NK troops alike, Zandar has never looked more serious. We'll teach them a thing or two about messing with Dreadnoks, hahaha...

Viper Commander
03-16-2005, 04:45 PM
Voice Entry:


(sounds of heavy pouring rain and thunder) We are on the outer perimeter of Crimson Viper's NK base, Zandar is getting into disguise so he can do some recon before we decide how to take this base. Its a good thing this facility is on the outskirts of Pyongyang, otherwise we would have much more to worry about besides the enemies in this fortress. Recluse thinks we should cut off the whole base in terms of communications, power, and, alarms. I think we should steal a tank or attack chopper and detroy this place. Zandar wants to go in and silently kill everyone inside, only leaving alive the ones that we need for intel. Recluse was hesitant to say it, but he also wants to rescue the GI Joe team from Codec. He says that if any more Joes get hurt, then NV1 will be blamed, since nobody knows that Codec is a traitor besides the Dreadnoks. Ill let him and Zandar decide what to do next...


Viper Commander
03-16-2005, 04:58 PM
Dear Diary,

Im still at Fort Lev guarding this Night Viper, but somethings wrong. Theres an emergency, just got a distress signal from Wild Bill, they are stuck in a heavy firefight over at Cobra Island. Whats worse is Agent Faces and Chuckles are nowhere to be found. Their NAC is fighting two CCCs! I dont care if I have to leave this Night Viper here, Im deploying right now to Cobra Island in another NAC filled with greenshirts to back them up. I also requested backup Locusts, and Slip Stream in a Thunderwing to provide strafing runs.... Hang on Wild Bill, Im coming!

Conrad S. Hauser

03-16-2005, 07:11 PM
Journal entry, one-six-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

Breaking out of that cell was easier than I thought. Hijacking this chopper was even easier. And attuning my internal comm to Duke's personal comm-set wasn't that much harder. Now I can communicate with him, without it bleeding over the Joes' airwaves. Plus, I can record the conversation this way. Okay, I just turned to Duke and lifted my visor. *Laughter* I can't help but laugh. The look on his face is priceless. Okay, here goes the negotiations...

*Voice raised over the rotor-wash*
Don't worry, Mr. Hauser, I'm not going to kill you. I'm sure you have a few questiuons for me... even a few demands... but that has to wait. Right now, you need me to get your men to safety. Afterwards, I need you to get mine out the same. I advise we work together on this. Afterwards, we go our seperate ways. Heck, if you can make me, I'll even go back to my cell. It's in your hands, now, Duke.

*Vpice back to normal*
I've extended my hand... let's see what he says.

Night Viper One, out.

03-16-2005, 07:21 PM

*sounds of gunfire in the background*
Wild Bill's out of the fight, but calling for backup! Tiger Claws been deafened by a too-close grenade, but he's up and shootin'! And Ah done been hit in the leg twice. Ah may be out of commission for a bit after this here little shindig. Ah ain't sure how it happened, but we got ambushed when we got down. Lift Ticket's in bad shape, himself, and unconscious. Ah don't know who Bill's callin, but he better make it quick. Ah'm almost out of ammo... figures. Skip that last "almost". Crap! Oh, well. My rifle and both pistols empty... but Ah still got my trench-knife and my fisits. Looks like Tiger Claw's out of ammo, too. Here comes that sword. Them NK boys are in serious doo-doo now. YO JOE!!


Viper Commander
03-17-2005, 12:48 AM
Dear Diary,

I dont know how, but that Night Viper got free! (Note to self, remember to find out who is to blame for this lapse in security and make sure they take full responsibility.) I almost pulled out my pistol, but I realized he had a .45 trained on me already. He proceeded to make me an offer, but I dont really trust him that much. What he said was true though, even if I get Wild Bill outta his jam, we still need to find Chuckles and Agent Faces. I need someone like a Night Viper who is familiar with Cobra Island if we're gonna get anywhere on this mission. After this mission on cobra Island, we head to North Korea and try to contact Tigerclaw and the Ninja Viper, hopefully they havent killed each other. I shook his hand, but I told him, if his squad refuses to co-operate with the United States and become GI Joe operatives after I get them a real pardon, I will personally hunt down each of them and lock them in Fort Lev forever! No way Im just going to let a Cobra merc squad walk away from all this, when they can use their skills for truth and justice. Ok, enough talk, we are almost to Cobra island and I can see the CCCs chasing Wild Bill just over the horizon. I only just noticed that there are no Greenshirts in the back, Night Viper pretended to be an officer and told them to disembark. The Greenies were only too happy to oblige, when I get back Im gonna have Beachhead work their hides. Speaking of Beachhead and Tigerclaw, I hope they are doing OK over in North Korea...Yo Joe!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-17-2005, 01:28 AM

Zandar and I finally agreed on a plan of action. We're gonna save the Joes like I wanted to, but Zandar gets to take them prisoner for Zartan, who will have the final say what we do with the Joes. Now Zandar has his disguise on and is gonna go in for some recon. after he comes back out we'll all take this base, save the Joes, and capture instead of kill ACE Crimson Viper(he will also be brought to Zartan for interrogation instead of killed directly disobeying orders by Tomax and Xamot). Hahaha, Zartan is gonna have three very big presents in a few days. Rampage seems happy, since we get to go to Florida after this mission is over. So far we have taken out 12 of 52 targets, so after we bag Crimson Viper there are 39 more Crimson Guard operatives plotting attacks and selling weapons. Who knows what else they are doing. For now, we wait for Zandar to come back with intel...

Viper Commander
03-17-2005, 04:08 AM
Voice Entry:


While waiting for Zandar to come back, Recluse decided to search around the outer perimeter for anything unusual. Unusual is an understatement for what he found, because we found the rest of the missing feighters ( from our earlier mission. They were in a giant hangar that was visible to us from our elevation, but they seemed to be converted into giant flying battleships! There were giant boosters on the bottom, with the whole bottom covered in exotic machinery. The top of these freighters held a massive arsenal of weapons, kinetic cannons, artilley, missiles, you name it it was on that thing. The most incredible thing was, we watched one take off! It flew! When it was in the air, an artificial dark cloud covered it up, and rain started to fall. It looked like a massive storm cloud floating away, nothing more. This weapon is crazy, Recluse and I both know if that thing is loaded with nuclear or chemical weapons, things are going to get ugly. I dont know how we can convince the Dreadnoks to let us play hero though. Recluse also told me something after Zandar left, something we both forgot. When the Twins enlisted us to help them eliminate loose ends, they lied ( and told us it was sanctioned by the Commander. Since they are now obviously trying to get us killed by Cobra High Command, we made a pact to off the Twins whenever we get a chance. Recluse says that he'll make it so we can get paid for it too. We just need to be patient. Zandar's back, Im sure he saw that incredible machine too, I wonder what other intel he got...

james strickland
03-19-2005, 12:14 AM
Crazy up here Wild bill is fling with one arm while the rest of us are trying to shot the Crimson chopters. I hope we survive oooooooohhhhh!! Noooooo!!! we just go hit in the tail we are going down. ..........................(audio box ends)

Viper Commander
03-19-2005, 11:36 PM
Dear Diary,

It was a heck of a mission, but we got our boys out without a scratch! Right now, Agent Faces, Chuckles, Wild Bill, Dusty, and the Cobra defector Night Viper One are in my NAC, we are dropping off the injured in Hawaii, whoever wants to go on with me to North Korea can let me know at that point. Night Viper One wont have the luxury of a choice, I told him that as of now, he is a temporary Gi Joe recruit if he likes it or not. I introduced him to the rest of the Joes as Night-Stryker. Since he was the one that got them out of their jam and off Cobra Island in one piece, they took to him immediately. I dont know why, but this guy has charisma to match my own! After we shot down the Crimson choppers that tagged Wild Bill(we took them by surprise after they downed Bill's NAC), Stryker fished them out of the drink on the tow lift one by one. He then requested that I drop him off at a remote beach on Cobra Island and circle around the whole island once, with Slip Stream up there as support. When I came back to the same location he was waiting with Chuckles and Agent Faces for extraction. Hawaii is just over the horizon now...

Conrad S. Hauser

03-20-2005, 03:03 AM

Clear. Ah can't believe we made it out of that one alive. Let alone, with very few injuries. best Ah can tell, Tiger Claw didn't take a single hit. Good thing. He's too new to be sittin' up in a hospital room like me and Bill are. Well, at least we're in Hawaii. Beautiful view out the window.

Duke and that Night Styker guy done took off. Said they was headed to North Korea. Goin' after those Cobra mercs. Well, Duke did anyhow. That other guy never said a word. Kinda strange, really. At first, Ah thought he was just a new pilot. But then Duke drops him on the island, and he comes back with our agents all on his lonesome... something strange about him. Somethin' familiar. Tiger Claw must have noticed it, too. He just kept staring at the guy, and pulling a Snake Eyes. Not a single word. Ah really think he knows somethin', and he just a spillin' it. Well, it's sleep time. Those seditives are *yaaaaaawn* sartin' to kic... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


03-20-2005, 03:10 AM
Journal entry, one-nine-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

Night Styker, huh? How original. This Duke guy may be a good leader, but he has no knock for codenames. Ah, well, it is just temporary after all. He's informed me that I am currently an "acting member" of the Joe team. I think that ninja kid in the team we picked up recognized me. I mean, he did spend enough time in my cell with me. I didn't talk while the rest of the guys were around, so no one could recognize my voice. But I think that ninja had me made from the second he climbed into the chopper. Something in the way he hesitated... the way he stared. If he knows and decides to act on it, he could put the entire mission at risk. I can't have that.

I came to respect the kid while he was questioning me, even came to like him. I'd hate to have to kill him to save my team.

As for the team, Duke and I are now on our way with a team of greenshirts and a few more agents, including Tiger Claw, to North Korea to try and pull my team out. How things will go from there, I have no idea. But I can't just leave them there to fall into the trap the Corsican Twins have layed out for them.

Night Viper One, out.

03-20-2005, 03:20 AM

Joes. Not Codec come back, but Joes. I shoulda known it'd be something like that. I mean, not something I would expect from the Joes... this is a new tactic for them... I applaud them for it... but something I should be used to, what with my siblings and all.

Now, I'm headed back to the boys, to let them know what I found out. Didn't even have time to strip out of the Segie uniform I kifed, just ripping it off as I go. Probably leaving a trail a deaf/blind/mute mule could follow, what with all this [email protected]$$ red laying all over my trail.

While I was inside, I stumbled across a communication center. And low and behold, who should I see, right there in front of the giant comm-screen? You gottit... the Crimson Viper... the very one we come for. And who is he talking to? You'll love this. The Crimson Twins, Tweddle-T and Tweedle-X themselves. They inform him that we are right outside, and trying to get in, so he orders someone to release one of the "Air Busters", which would leave a hanger open for us to conveniently "sneak in". These bastards layed this out as a trap the whole time. Never liked those mangy, double-talking rump-runners, and now I possitively hate 'em. Now, I just hope I can get back to the boys and warn them before they take the bait.

Ah, there's Rampage, waiting where he was posted for his guard watch. Just a little further and I can warn.... *a series of automatic gunfire* What th he... I'm too late. AMBUSH!!!

*transmission ends in static*

Viper Commander
03-21-2005, 06:42 AM

After I left Rampage to wait for Zandar, I infiltrated the NK base again. I found their prisoner-cellblock just in time to see Duke in a NAC silently lifting his troops out of NK captivity. Someone is also down there fighting Codec! I snuck closer to get a better look, but I dont like what I saw. Codec was fighting NV1, and he had the geek pinned and cuffed before I could make anything of the situation. They took off, NV1 and a helicopter full of GI Joes. From my vantage point, I could also see that Zandar was watching things too, I was going to call out to the 'Nok, but he started off in Rampage's direction so fast I lost him. I decide to backtrack Zandar's trail, heading further into the base, after a few minutes I found what he was looking at, our target. The giant comm screen just blinked off, so I couldnt tell who he was talking to. I decided to take the Crimson Viper right away, and then head back out to rendezvous with my squad. Since he was alone in that control room, it was easy to subdue and restrain him. After I cracked a few bones he gave up some interesting info. All of the 39 remaining Crimson officers designated in my hitlist are on one of the "Airbusters " that didnt take off yet! The first one that took off was occupied by none other then Dr. Mindbender! I decided my plan in an instant. I dragged Crimson Viper to the hangar with my .45 to his head, so his troops gave me a clear path to the third Airbuster that remained unoccupied. The second one was taking off, I had to stop it!

(Onboard Airbuster-3) Im activating this behemoth of an airship, but it looks like the second one has taken off beyond my reach, I cant figure out how to get this thing to levitate! I curse loudly, first I find out that NV1 is helping Duke, and then my chance to bag all of my targets fail miserably. When I turn around something else greets my sight, two Joes! Snake Eyes and Scarlett are circling me, Im blind with rage, so I pounce at them. Within seconds Snakes has me in a headlock and Scarlett shoots me with a tranquilizer dart...

Viper Commander
03-21-2005, 06:52 AM
Voice Entry:


(Gunfire all around, mostly coming from NK troops) Zandar and I are pinned down in an ambush set up by NK troops, how did they know exactly where we'd be? Zandar was lucky to even make it to my position alive, but we are gonna be out of ammo and dead unless we get help. Woah!!! Whats happening? All of a sudden the NKs are dropping like flies! That sniping reminds me of......... NV1!! I looked around, and saw him up in a tree with a bunch of back up Cobra troops! How did he...... wait those aint Cobra troops, those are Joes!!! Hey!!! Who just shot me with a tranquilizer dart? Woah... Zandar has one in his neck too..... "slump" (you hear Rampage snoring as gunfire dies down)

Tigerclaw's voice: woohoo we finally got them! Scarlett just gave the signal, Sensei Snake Eyes bagged the Ninja Viper and secured the last "Airbuster"!

Duke's voice: turn that thing off!!


Viper Commander
03-21-2005, 07:07 AM
Dear Diary,

Im so proud of my Joes, this mission could not have ended any better (well we could have stopped the other two Airbusters, but at least we have one). My Joes and I are onboard Airbuster-3, our NAC is in the docking bay of the behemoth. We have all of our targets, namely the infamous Cobra merc squad( all still sleeping from the tranq darts) and this crimson colored Viper that needs to be interrogated. Tigerclaw is so happy that he wants to jump out of his seat, but Snake Eyes has the apprentice under control. We are heading to remote deserts in Australia, I have a secret plan I want to carry out. Since I dont know who to trust at this point only Night Viper One will know about this plan. He can be trusted as long as he needs me to clear his name. I have been thinking about this for a long time, if the Cobra mercs keeping catching these Crimson scum for me, I could possibly gather up enough evidence to end this "Juggler" fiasco once and for all. How can I convince the other Joes? I just wont tell them, its better that way...

Conrad S. Hauser

03-21-2005, 07:49 PM
Journal entry, two-one-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

I can't let this happen. We just rescued my team from the ambush the Twins had set for them, but Snake Eyes and Scarlett put out and apprehended the team. Duke is checking them over, and getting ready to make an official arrest. He is taking info from Recluse and Rampage and... wait a minute... where'd Zandar go? Oh, wait, I forgot about his abilities... they'll never know he's missing. I have to laugh.

Anyhow, I find myself now in a tough predicament. As i have many times in the past, I make a command decision. Once again, I route my gear into Duke's personal comlink, and give him my deal.

"I surrender"

He looks shocked. That's good. He was expecting a fight.

"Let them go, and you have me. I'll go back to Levenworth, and I won't try and escape again. If you want, I'll give over all info I have on Cobra High Command. If you decide to take us all in, we will escape, and you know it. You know as well as I do that that pile of rocks can't hold us. Only you can do this. Disarm my men and send them on their way, and I'll go quietly. The ball's in your court."

Let's see what he has to say about that deal. i hate to do it, but I am not losing this team to a battle they have no hope of winning.

Night Viper One, out.

james strickland
03-21-2005, 11:48 PM
Junk yard and I are watching over the cobra merc squad with Law & order, Wide scope, Bullet Proof, Road Block, Shock wave, and Long Arm. I know we have two shifts of joes here. I just hope Zartan don't show up to bust his brother out or Zandars sister. I know junk yard will stay alert and order will do the same, but I was just wondering about lamote I am not familiar with this dog. I know his handler looks as tough as Shock wave so I hope we can trust him. I just hope the Extra troops General Hawk posted outside Is enough to keep the corbra forces back. I have to get junk yard a potty break so I am out.
Mutt out

03-22-2005, 12:15 AM
I can't believe that we finally subdued this Merc squad.
And I hardly did anything!

It all seems so unfinished somehow.... Apparently a bunch of their rogue Crimson Guards targets escaped.

Well, there was one -personal thing that I still wanted to clear up...
I went up to Mutt and the other guys who were guarding the Merc squad. I convinced them to wait outside while I talked to one of the prisoners.

Now I am going into the cell of that Crazy ninja to see if he's really as tough as he thinks he is.

I've got a nanite grenade with me. This Ninja knows that it will scramble and destroy all of the mods that Mindbender or Zartan or whoever implanted in him.

Lets see if he'll use it. If so. Then we can have a real fight...

I'm sure that Master would NOT approve of this... BUt he's not around tonight...

james strickland
03-22-2005, 12:42 AM
I am left in charge here at the pentagon. While General Hawk,Sure fire,General Flagg, and Psyc out go and check on some prisoners we just picked up. I am to keep my eyes open to make sure cobra don't get a drop on us again. I heard Col. courage is in charge at the pitt for now. I hope If I get attack he can back me up. I know I would do the same.
I just ask this new lady joe out and got rejected. I guess she must of talked to jinx. I also had time to talk to ace recently who told me that he loves our new jets the thunderwing. I hope one day I can fly one. I got a lot of paper work to do so I am out.
Falcon out.

Viper Commander
03-23-2005, 09:16 PM
Dear Diary,

After hearing the offer from Night Viper One, I knew everything was in place for my plan to work. I put the Ninja and the Viper into an interrogation room and asked everyone except NV1 to leave and one Greenshirt to post outside at the door. Right before we started talking, Tigerclaw burst in with a small grenade in his hand. I asked him to wait outside until we were done, I told the ninja apprentice he could have his turn after I was finished. Finally alone, I laid out my ultimatum for this Cobra squad. I know they have all heard the tale of Mercer, and I told them to do the same, plain and simple. I could see that NV1 wanted his squad to finish capturing the Seigies that got away. I demanded that they keep catching these targets for ME, so I have evidence to put away the Jugglers for treason. Since the other Joes have seen NV1's face he will remain with us as a new full time Joe, I told NV1 that he could pick his own codename. I also added two Jokers to the stack of Crimson cards I returned to Ninja Viper. The two cards contained intel on Tomax and Xamot. The Cobra merc squad will "escape" without harming any guards, and continue their previous mission. I will be keeping an eye and acting as backup support for them with NV1 and Joes while pretending to be tracking them, only Snake Eyes and Sacrlett will be authorized to know about this beside the people in this room. After every thing was agreed, I uncuffed my new operatives and handed them two large metal briefcases packed with weapons and gear, they can only open those after they get off this base. I told the Ninja Viper not to worry, his sword is in the case as well. After pretending to lock them back up, I left the room with NV1. On our way out we saw Tigerclaw going in followed by the Greenshirt guard. (Note to self, remember to reprimand that Greenshirt for have long orange hair, and such a disrepectful sneer on his face...)

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-23-2005, 09:28 PM

After a very interesting meeting with the leader of Gi Joe, my nemesis Kittyclaw walked into the room! I almost lost it and attacked, but "thump!", he slumped to the floor falling into dreamland as soon as the door closed. The Greenshirt guard behind him was grinning evilly with a "Blackjack (" in his hand. At this point I knew the Greenshirt was in fact Zandar! He tossed Rampage an extra Greenie uniform while I stripped Kittyclaw and put my prisoner duds on him. We left him in that interrogation room tied up, Rampage even drew on his face with a marker. We left that base as Tigerclaw and two Greenshirts, after we got to a safe distance we emerged from some bushes as our old selves. After checking in with two very surprised Crimson Sissies and pretending everything to be OK, we stole some choppers from a lot and started to Dreadnok central in Florida. First thing I want to do is get Zartan's take on all this...

03-23-2005, 10:10 PM
Journal entry, two-three-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

This was not what i had in mind. Duke was supposed to let my unit go. Instead, he recruits the entire team against their will. I agreed to whatever terms he lkayed out for me, and if that requires me to join the Joe team, then so be it. But my team... former team... will not be forced into this with me. I'll kill them before I let Duke force them into combatant slavery. And if it comes down to that... God forbid it does... then he can consider himself dead, right along with them.

Covert (aka Night Viper One), OUT!

james strickland
03-24-2005, 12:03 AM
I don't why we are not pursueing these cobra scum. They just stole two of our newest chopters. This really got me made same with junk yard I think we will go and chew on some leather staps.
I SO MAD......GRRRR......
mutt out

Viper Commander
03-24-2005, 01:25 AM
Voice Entry:


(sounds of arguing in the background) Recluse is on a comm-link with NV1, ever since getting to Zartan's den he's been arguing with NV1 about loyalty and betrayal. Recluse thinks that NV1 sold us out to the Joes, and negotiated a deal with Duke throwing us at the Joe leader's mercy. NV1 is telling Recluse that Duke changed their deal at the last second, and that he would rather kill us then let us be slaves. Zandar is on the side taking everything in but not saying a word, I dont think anyone knows what he's thinking. Recluse reminded NV1 that we ride with Zartan, and if Zartan says we abandon this whole mission right away, then we listen to Zartan. I dont think I ever seen NV1's face turn red like that, he looked really ticked off. Recluse ended the conversation saying that when Zartan's decision comes down, we will inform NV1 of it. He told NV1 to consider the deal with Duke null and void, and that he will press Zartan for a rescue mission to get NV1 outta Joe hands. Recluse dared to give NV1 an ultimatum! Come back to lead our squad, if the Joes come we fight until the end, or, remain with the Joes. I left the room to get a drink, I was too depressed to listen anymore...


Viper Commander
03-24-2005, 01:30 AM

After getting to Florida, I had a small exchange with NV1. I left him with a descision to make and ended our comm-link at that, I turned to face Zandar. "What do you wanna do now? I guess our next move is up to your brother Zartan..."

Viper Commander
03-24-2005, 01:40 AM
Dear Diary,

It didnt take long for the Cobra squad to escape, but they hurt one of my men! I also get the feeling that Night Viper isnt happy with the deal I forced upon them, he told me as much. I reminded NV1 that he and his men are wanted war criminals with offenses too long to list, and if they want to earn their freedom, no complaints about getting a "raw deal"! He looked furious, but I left him to stew in his own thoughts. Im not giving these crooks any leeway, if it wasnt for General Hawk's desire to put an end to the "Jugglers", I would personally throw them all in prison and let them rot. Hopefully I can get this thing to run smoothly without blowing up in my face.

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-24-2005, 05:25 AM

Well, something funny just happened. Cobra Commander sent me an encrypted comm-link, somehow he is aware of everything that has been going on lately! The only thing he didnt know is that Rampage and I are Dreadnoks instead of Cobras now. The Commander was so nice to me that I know he wants to use me for something...

Zartan informed me that CC had Red Ninjas spying on me during some of my missions, and he is impressed with my skill at working the Joes into a frenzy. Now the Commander wants me to get 2 of the 3 "Airbusters" back into his clutches and kill the remaining 39 Crimson traitors. The Commander says that Tomax, Xamot, and Mindbender have confessed their plot and are now being "reconditioned" by the Baroness and Interrogator. Mindbender's "Airbuster" will be on loan to us so I can recover the other two with it. Zartan told me to accept the Commanders cash and offer for now, and we can just keep all three flying battleships if we feel like it later. I still wanna see what Zandar has to say before anything happens, since he is kind of a co-leader for this squad, but one thing I know for sure, I love being a Dreadnok...

Viper Commander
03-24-2005, 05:51 AM
Dear Diary,

I have assigned a new mission to my Joes, Tigerclaw will go with Wildbill, Falcon, Dusty, Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Flint, Beachhead, Steeler, Covert(night Viper One) and Bombstrike. They are going to secure research data at a secret weapons factory owned by MARS in the deserts of Iran, after they destroy the data they will set off an EMP bomb so the facility will be rendered useless. As soon as Dusty heard Iran, he was jumping for joy, he cant wait to go back to the desert! I really needed to get him out to the desert so he wouldnt look so depressed. I know Covert has been to this location before so I place him in charge of this mission, he still looked like he wanted to kill me, but he snatched the briefing folder from my hand and leafed thru it, so I think he'll do the mission just fine. Wildbill will take half of the team in a desert scheme NAC, while Steeler will take the other half in a desert scheme Patriot Grizzly. There will be two squad of greenshirts with me in two Desert Humvees for support. Alright Covert, this will be your first test as a Joe, I hope you know that Im only doing whats good for you. Lets go! Yooooooooo Joe!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

james strickland
03-24-2005, 11:56 PM
We are taking a team of joes in to Iran. I am to be a comfidant and back up any decision of this ex corbra agent. I don't trust him, but I don't want him to know. I been on several mission with mercer he has earned my respect I just hope that he won't let us down. I am going to ride in the NAC with Wild Bill, TigerClaw, Road Block and the ex corbra agent. So who is this new Flint guy we have on the team and why is he calling himself Flint any how. I just don't know why duke has to be our cover we have wild bill and roadblock for that. I mean I seen Wild Bill do stuff in a helicopter that is totally strange and unheard of. And you can't give just any chef a big gun like roadblock and expect him to provide coverfire.
LT. falcon out

03-25-2005, 06:14 AM

Man, Ah swear, Ah don't get no breaks lately. Duke comes in a bit ago and tells me Ah'm on a mission squad, on the assault team. Ah'm all, "YesSIR. Ah'm ready for action, and rarin' to go. But NOOOO. In comes Lifeline, screamin' about my injuries, and bein'; on light duty, and combat stress complicatin' things. Man, if he hadn't posted Law and that mut of his at the door, Ah'd already be in the Grizzley with the guys, headed over to the go site, and hittin' the bricks. Man, that squeaky lil' punk gets on my last nerve. Next time Ah see him, Ah'm gonna put a hurtin' on him like he ain't never ha.... um... wait a second. Here comes the doc now. Night night time.


03-25-2005, 06:21 AM

Finally, Zartan recognizes me. I mean, he said we were square after Cobra Island, and we had that heart-to-heart about me being a valuable member, but I still ain't feelin' it. Anyhoo, he was happy that I was able to get the team out of the slam, but now he's pulling me away from them. Nothing personal, he says, but he doesn't want me mixed up in anything that the Joes are runnin'. His logic's sound, too. Since the Joes don't know these guys as 'Noks, they can't pin their actions on us. But if I were with 'em, it'd be a whole new croc-shoot. But he did give me another mission with me niece, Zanya, and Thrasher. I showed Thrash a pic of Zanya's mum once, and he asked how someone what looks like Zanya came from someone what looks like that. Seein' as she's me niece and all, I don't really pay attention to her looks. But I did have to reply, "How did Zartan bag a woman what looks like that!?" Elch!!!:confused:


03-25-2005, 06:39 AM
V/A JOURNAL: FLINT,T4732 / 24MAR05, 1742 HOURS

This is so cool. I'm finally on my way out on an op with some of the top guys on the team. I may be a greenshirt, but like Duke said, we are the backbone of the combat aspect of GI Joe. Armed with my stanbard issue "Greenie" gear, as Beach head puts it, and my modified M4, and bowie knife, I am acting as forward scout for my part of the unit. The best trackers on the team were tied up in other ops, and they needed one here. I think some people are a little upset about my name, though. Turns out there used to be a guy here codenamed "Flint", and everyone was really close to this guy. But they don't realize, that's not my codename, it's my real name. Travis R. Flint, US Pathfinder. I'm just a greenshirt. I don't have a codename, yet! But I do like this Video/Audio journal doohickey. So cool!


james strickland
03-25-2005, 11:36 PM
I am flying a nac to Iran right know. I have been waiting for a speicial mission for sometime know. Looks like we will get to take a new ex-cobra operpative on this mission, though I am like Falcon and don't trust this guy, he is our only way in to the Iran cobra compound. I juastghope he don't change sides because I think if he does tiger claw will kill him where he stands.
Wild Bill out

Viper Commander
03-26-2005, 05:06 AM
Dear Diary,

I am somewhere in the Zagros Mountains, deep inside Iran. My attention is focused into binoculars while standing on a cliff with my new Greenshirt officer, Corporal Flint. Our Desert Humvees are looking over the MARS weapon research facility that my Joes are infiltrating. Wild Bill and Steeler will be arriving with our striketeam soon, Im sending Flint and Bombstrike in first so they can perform recon and open the "front door" for Steeler. There is a change in the mission ordered by General Abernathy, instead of destroying the data we are now going to retrieve it. This place is crawling with Iron Grenadiers and Nullifiers, the grounds are patrolled by Detro's AGPs, Cobra Devastators, Trouble Bubbles, and DEMONs. The blueprints and data that we are getting is for the "Airbusters" that we found in North Korea, since we captured one of the flying warships, the blueprints will come in handy to us Joes. After I make sure everything is fine here, Im going back to the FLAGG to check up on Beachhead, that old warhorse didnt get cleared for this mission due to his injuries. Im also going to try and see if I can contact Recluse and his team, they haven't checked in at all since leaving prison, Im worried that they might disappear again. I hope not, Covert is a good man, but if this whole deal heads south he's going to take responsibilty whether he likes it or not!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-26-2005, 06:07 AM

Zandar has left our team, I dont like it, but its Zartan's call to make not mine. When Cobra Commander personally delivered his "Air-Buster One" to Florida, I met him for the first time. All I will say is that Im glad Zartan is my real leader, why he listens to this clown I dont wanna know. Zartan must have his own reasons, for me, I dont know why I ever joined Cobra in the first place. Cobra Commander stocked this flying fortress with a small squad of Cobra troop to be used at my disposal. I asked him about my funds, "Well, you will get it after you get all three Airbusters for me buffoon!" screeched the Commander. Ill bet my troops are also going to be spies for the Commander, so Im going to utilize them as little as I can. Rampage is the only guy I can trust for now, since NV1 hasnt been heard from since our little "chat". One word from him and Ill rescue him in this thing if I have to hijack it, if he turns Joe for real then Ill use my Airbuster to send him away permanently... I wish I knew for sure.:mad:

Im reviewing data that the Commander stored on my ship's databanks. Zandar and Zanya are escorting the Commander back to Cobra HQ, and then heading out on their new mission, finding some lost relatives from what I could gather. Rampage is going around making his presence known to our troops. I think he gets a kick out of knowing that he can order other Vipers around, I hope he wont get carried away with it. According to my intel, the Joes are keeping their Airbuster-3 off the coast of Guam, waiting to be tested over the Pacific Ocean. The last Airbuster-2 is being guarded by 39 Crimson Guards somewhere over the Barents Sea. I will need to retrieve them or destroy them. Cobra Commander has ordered me to go on a test mission to familiarize myself with this flying arsenal before undertaking the real thing. The Head Snake has ordered me to flatten Tehran so Destro can take advantage of the chaos and sell defective weapons to the Iranians. Rampage must be in heaven, this thing has the biggest guns that any of us have ever seen...

Viper Commander
03-26-2005, 06:24 AM
Voice entry:


Wooooohoooo! Recluse put me in charge of all the Vipers that CC loaned us, I get to order them all around! My first destination will be the armory bay, Im gonna see what goodies the Commander packed for us in there, haahaaha. We are heading to Iran for our trial mission, this thing is cloaked so well that nothing can detect it. On Radar, GPS, Thermal, or any kind of sensor it registers like a giant stormcloud. I saw something called "Thundercannon" when I was clicking on the control screen for our weapon packed new home, but Recluse kicked me off. I wanna try that thing so bad...


03-26-2005, 10:09 AM
Journal entry, two-6-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

Here I am... in Iran... again. Seems Duke let the team in on who I am. Well, basically anyhow. I'm pretty sure even he hasn't figured out everything. Anyhow, it's pretty easy to see these guys don't trust me. That's good. If they had decided to trust me this quickly, I think I'd have had to ditch them to save them from their own stupidity. Seems Duke has a pretty squared away team under his command, though. At least Duke makes sure his guys have brains to go with their other attributes. The commander just wants guys that can fight, and barely that. Yeah, I could see myself getting used to this.

I met with the infamous Mercer just before we took off on this op. I can't be sure, but I believe he recognized me. We were in the same Viper unit just before he defected and I got assigned to the first Night Viper unit. He didn't say anything, except to call me by name. "How's it going, Stryker?" he asks me. The look in his eyes tells me there was more behind it. I'm certain he'll let Duke know what he knows about me.

While we've been in flight, I have been able to send a recorded copy of my private conversation with Duke back in North Korea to Recluse. After reviewing that info, he should know what really went down. He'll know what I was willing to give up in the name of my unit. Hopefully he and Rampage will understand what really went on now. If not, then they're on their own. As for right now, it's almost dirt time, and I have to check my gear.

Covert (aka Night Viper One), out.

james strickland
03-27-2005, 12:05 AM
Wild bill and steeler are almost to the base location. I am waiting on the sidelines with duke and the green shirts. I love the desert's AIR. I love this warm heat. I know Frostbite was mad at me last week when I turned our quaters heat on. I don't know why I had to share quaters with him. He loves cold I don't. I took it up with duke and he told me just to deal with it. So I guess I will.
dusty out

Viper Commander
03-27-2005, 12:45 AM
Dear Diary,

The mission is underway, and Im back on the FLAGG with Beachhead and Mercer. Our ship is stationed off the coast of Kuwait. We are monitoring Covert's performance on the field, I asked Beachhead to come because he is our drill instructor and can tell me how good Covert's abilities are, I also asked Mercer to see if this ex-Night Viper can be molded into a good guy or not. Mercer also informed me that my Ninja Viper operative is most likely gone for good, this Recluse guy had a reputation in Cobra for being bloodthirsty, cunning, and ruthless. After our team gets back from Iran, we will take the FLAGG to Guam so we can use our captured data to test "AIRBUSTER-3". Hopefully everything goes well, wait, somethings wrong. Mainframe just informed me that Covert sent out an encrypted recording from the NAC just before they entered the combat zone, and he also told me that somethings happening in Tehran! From what the computer expert could gather, its being destroyed by a gigantic stormcloud spewing thunder, lightning, and tornadoes. The Iranian media is also reporting that US missiles are dropping from nowhere out of the sky! Those missiles are not ours! What the heck is going on? Uh oh, we just got a reading, three huge missiles just flew out of the stormcloud and are inbound from Tehran's direction, everyone evacuate the FLAGG!!! Come on Beachhead, Mercer, we gotta get the other Joes and get everyone off this thing before it goes up! Yo Joe!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-27-2005, 01:15 AM

(In The Main Control Room Onboard Airbuster-One) Man, Rampage is going overboard with the weapons on this thing! This thing is more powerful then we could ever imagine, its quite an experience to have this much power at my fingertips! All of the battle data is getting streamed to Cobra Commander in realtime back at Cobra HQ, and he is cackling like a madman over the comm-link. The Techno Vipers are telling me that our air-to-surface missiles are hitting 99.9% of their targets, and we have deployed 300 already. Our mission is almost complete, we have tested every weapon except for the huge ballistic missiles stored in the belly of our flying arsenal.

(At the outskirts of Tehran, Airbuster-One is pulling out after completing its mission) Just got a new directive, the Commander wants me to launch three of our eight ballistic missiles at co-ordinates off the coast of Kuwait. Destro just informed us that a target of oppurtunity presented itself. I wanted to use GPS to see what exactly was at the site before launch, but Rampage bypassed the countdown at the Head Snakes command. We are now heading to Guam, where I will retrieve the "Airbuster" that got captured by Joes. I hope NV1 is doing ok, I just got an encrypted email from him, I wonder what it says...

Viper Commander
03-27-2005, 08:28 PM

(Over the Philipine Sea, en route to Apra Harbor) Im studying a picture ( of the area that our target will be at, this picture shows the location, but instead of an Aircraft Carrier, Airbuster-3 is stationed there. I had a chance to view the email and listen to the recording with Duke and NV1, now I know that I was wrong about him. I glad, but that also means he'll have to make a choice if Duke decides to send him after me. Its been 8 hours since we left Iran, and Destro is reporting that the Joes are still busy at his facility in the Zagros Mountains. Televipers at Cobra HQ have also confirmed by satellite that our Cobra Ballistic Missiles have caused critical damage to the USS FLAGG. Its unconfirmed if we managed to sink it though, so Duke might still be alive. Since that means they have minimal knowledge of the Airbusters, I can lift my target right outta Guam using Airbuster-1's onboard remote controls.

(Two hours later, at Cobra's Australian compound) My mission was too easy, we have both Airbusters and now we are refueling, rearming, and taking off for North Europe, where the last Airbuster is over the Barents Sea. Ive been sitting in this control room the whole time and its driving me crazy! When we get to Europe Im ordering the crew to drop me off so I can infiltrate the last Airbuster with Rampage on foot. I never signed up to be the captain of some flying battleship...

Viper Commander
03-27-2005, 08:39 PM
Dear Diary,

I am somewhere onboard the USS FLAGG, when the missiles hit everything went dark and all of us were thrown around! Now Im in a room stuck shut, and half filled with water. Mercer and Beachhead are with me too, but Beach is in bad shape. All that tumbling around is not helping his wounds. My wrist communicator is still functional, so I know that help is on the way. The worst thing is, I havent heard from our striketeam in iran yet, I wonder whats happening over there? Why is it taking so long for them to finish the mission? I hope everything is ok, hang on Joes! I know you can do it! I hope all of us can make it to debriefing...

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-27-2005, 08:49 PM
Voice Entry:


Man, Im glad NV1 sent us the email, at least we know that he didnt betray us! I hope he's gonna be ok with the Joes, if we ever get the chance, Im busting him outta there for sure!


03-27-2005, 11:06 PM

Okay, thgis has got to be the compartment Duke is trapped in. With my M4's IR scope, I am detecting 3 heat signatures inside, and Conrad said Wayne and Felix were in there with him. That makes three. Now it's my kind of work. I hope Duke remembers his Morse Code.

Using the butt of my kbar, I tap out a message for Duke to get everyone away. This passageway is flooded waist deep, and could cause some pressure change if they ain't as deep. I type out the message three times to make sure they get it, then I set my charges: one at each hinge, and one at the dogging lever. Just stepped back, and took cover in the vestibule leading down to the mess-decks, and here we go. Man, I hope Conrad got that message I sent.


*The sound of four small explosions, and a heavy piece of steel hitting more steel (hatch hitting the deck).*

Well, it looks clean from the outsied. Time to check inside.


03-28-2005, 08:49 AM
Well, it seems that Duke and some others are going to be OK after being trapped.

Apparently, we're under attack from some cobra BuGGS! The information that we recovered from Iran must be vital.

I am running away from the information analysis room after recovering the technical specifications that we got in Iran. That must be what they are trying to destroy.

My wrist communicator chirps, so I activate it. Hi-Tech fills me in... Apparently, these plans I have, describe everything on those flying battle stations!
Most importantly,these things are easilly trackable! They emit a special thermal signal that can be easilly detected by spy sattelitesif we know what to look for.

Next, I hop in one of those crazy little jets and take off.

The flag is tilted, and I almost fall off of the launch deck, but I'm lucky.

Zipline, my Greenshirt wingman, isn't so lucky. His little plane fell into the ocean. Hopefully he is OK...

"All Joes, take off! Ho-tech will transmitt you the coordinates! Lets take these beheamoths down! yo JOE!!"

03-28-2005, 01:14 PM

Looks like Duke and the others in the cleaning-gear locker are fine. Luckily it had a few metal trashcans in it that they could hide behind. Just as I got them out, though, I heard Tiger Claw's call over the com. After getting Duke, Mercer and Beach Head to Shipwreck and his Zodiac R.H.I.B., I headed for the bow, where Zipline's Tiger-Hawk fell in the drink.

"I here you, Tiger Claw, but I'm stuck in here. Don't worry about Zipline, I'll get him. Wet-Suit out".

As I dive off the end of the ship, feet-first, I get the feeling that those missles weren't the only thing wrong with the ship. They hit the top, but there's a hole in the side.


Yup, just what I was afraid of. Morays. Zipline first, then the gene-freaks.


Viper Commander
03-28-2005, 07:38 PM
Dear Diary,

After Wet-Suit freed us from the wrecked FLAGG, we proceeded to get the dead and wounded back to our naval base in Kuwait for medical attention. All the Joes that went to Iran came back in top shape, and are helping the medics and emergency personnel with rescue and cleanup of the disaster zone, as well as a Greenshirt that fell into the drink. Wet-suit dived down to retrieve him, but there are Moray setting c4 charges down there! Looks like they wanted to finish off the FLAGG for good, but I also sent Chief Torpedoe and Shipwreck to back Wet-suit up, so it was no surprise they mopped up the Morays in under a minute. I also need to remind Tigerclaw, its good to go after bad guys, but when there are so many injured and dying, our first priority is to help them first, even if it means the bad guys might get away. GI Joe's duty is not vengeance, it is truth, honor, and justice. We protect innocent people from those that have no regard for human life. While the rescue operations are still going on, I ordered all the Joes to regroup for debriefing. I wanted to find out what exactly happend inside Destro's compound and what exactly did my Joes find. I have a feeling that sending fighters to confront them would be sending lambs to slaughter, so I want our tech guys to study the captured blueprints for more useful data before we decide our next move. Our base in Guam reports that our "Airbuster-3" took off on its own during a big typhoon, and Hightech locked on to the weird heat signatures coming from the giant stormcloud that we know is "Airbuster-1", nothing on Earth generates so much heat AND cold at the same time. We know that both Airbusters are heading towards Europe, so I patched another message to Tigerclaw, "Tigerclaw, come in, I want you to keep tracking the flying battleships, but do not engage, just keep tracking them until we find a surefire way to take them back. Try to get onboard one of those things, keep yourself hidden and see if the Cobra merc squad is in command of those flying arsenals, also, try to find the main engine room, the main fuel valve, and make it dump fuel manually. Yo Joe!".

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-28-2005, 08:13 PM
Voice Entry:


We are still heading to North Europe, now somewhere over the Caspian Sea. Recluse is outside, up on the deck doing some martial arts training, he's been doing that since we left Australia. I wonder why he hasnt flew off the deck from all that wind. I have no idea how a person could survive being outside on the deck while our Airbuster is flying thru the atmosphere, what with all the electricty, heat, rain, and cold thats being generated from this flying arsenal. One of my Techno Vipers just informed me that there is a small jet tailing our two Airbusters, Recluse is commanding one and Im commanding the one we captured in Guam that got stocked with a full crew of various Vipers while refueling in Australia. I clicked on the control screen and pulled up "Thundercannon", this thing can lock on with my mouse, so it was very easy getting a lock on the Tiger-Hawk. "Booooooooom!!!" a clap of thunder and that little bird was no more. I saw the pilot eject parachute and float down to the surface, but I wasnt worried, any country he could drop into around here would probably be hostile to an American popping outta the sky from nowhere, hahaha!


03-29-2005, 09:40 AM
I am tailing these cloud-blimp things in my Tiger-Hawk. Hopefully, If I stay above and behind them, they won't notice me.

Apparently, Duke is annoyed at me that I took off to track these things. What is he thinking?? If I'd waited around at the Flagg, the vital plans that they were hoping to stop us from accessing might have been lost!


I've been hit! It was like a clap of thunder! The engines are dead! I can still stear though... I've got an idea...

I eject after aiming my falling little jet at the closest Airbuster. Just as my chute opens, I hear another boom!

My jet rammed the right starboard engine assembly of the left airbuster shearing it completely off! Without that engine this beheamoth is starting to turn to starboard!

I'm watching this from my ejection seat! I better do something!
I wrap my arms through the chutes cords and whip out my sword to cut the seat free so that I can control my descent.

The seat falls into the Caspian sea below. (If I end up in the water, I can swim and find that floating seat later)

I have my chute wrapped around my arms and carefully guide myself toward the injured airbuster.

The winds are amazing though! It's going to be tough to get near this thing!

I tie one end of my grappling hook to my harness and whip it out...

It has snagged on something!

I reel myself into some tower that is sticking out of the top of this thing.
It's hard to see anything, but at least I'm finally onto this thing...


What?! The missing engine... This Airbuster just rammed into the other one!

They're locked together! These things are both starting to go down!!

I wish I had my parachute back!

Maybe I can find a way inside...
I see someone hanging on for dear life on the side of the other vehicle... There must be a hatch around here...

Viper Commander
03-29-2005, 06:04 PM

I dont know what happened, one second Im meditating on the deck of Airbuster-1, the next I hear a big explosion, follow by a crash, and another explosion! The impact almost knocked me off the deck, but I held on to a rail so I didnt fly off. I beeped Rampage on my comm-link "Hey!!! Get our gear, get your butt into the GI JOE NAC thats stored in Airbuster-3 ( and come pick me up! We're ditching these things!" I flipped myself back onto the deck, all the while keeping my balance. I wondered "What the heck happened? why would these things just explode?" I saw my answer right away! My nemesis Tigerclaw was in a watchtower on the deck of Airbuster-3, I shoulda known it was him! That persistent pest has been a thorn in my side for too long, but no more!

Rampage dropped the tow line from the NAC, and now we are both safely in the GI Joe chopper. Tigerclaw saw us and climbed to the roof of his watchtower, he had grappling hook in his hand aimed at our NAC, and he managed to get a shot off before Rampage emptied his missile battery at Airbuster-3. As both Airbusters exploded for the last time and crashed into the Caspian Sea, Tigerclaw reeled himself up on his hook line. I went to the side hatch and started firing both of my MARK23 pistols, sending a hail of .45 hollow tips into his body armor, one even grazed the side of his forehead. I dont think they killed him, but he fell off his grappling hook and into the ocean, I saw the splash myself. I tore off Tigerclaw's hook from our NAC, and tossed it into the drink after Tigerclaw. Now we are heading to a Cobra outpost in the Ural Mountains, where we will ditch the Joe chopper and get new transportation. Im sure that NAC has some sort of tracking device that the Joes can track us with...

Viper Commander
03-29-2005, 06:18 PM
Dear Diary,

We have studied the blueprints from Iran, and are ready to capture both of the Airbusters for ourselves! Hightech invented a device that can bypass the controls on all three flying battleships, so if we can get close enough, we can take the flying battleships without a fight! Im sure those Airships would be a valuable asset to us Joes if brought back undamaged. Now we are all trying to contact Tigerclaw, "Tigerclaw, do you copy? We found a way to control the Airbusters, gimme your location and we will be there shortly! This is our chance to take these things for ourselves again! Yo Joe!" There was no answer from Tigerclaw, only lots of static. I hope he hasnt gone and done anything rash, that ninja has a problem with acting on his own before receiving orders from command. I ordered Snake Eyes to have a serious discussion with his student sometime...

Conrad S. Hauser

03-29-2005, 09:08 PM

After Duke couldn't hail Tiger Claw, I had Shipwreck take me out to his last known location ASAP, in a Piranha attack boat. Soon as I found where the Airbusters had gone down, I didn't even wait for the Chief to stop, I just hit the drink. Didn't take me long to find my ninja buddy, just had to follow the blood trail. Kid's tough as his trainer, I swear it. The wound on his forhead shouldn't require anything more than a couple of motrin and a band-aid, but that salt water has to sting. This is experience talking. Anyhow, I have him back on the Piranha, and he's fine. Mad as heck, but fine all the same. Duke says Snake Eyes needs to calm this guy down. I don't know, though. I kinda like seeing a ninja get his skivvies twisted... reminds me that their only human, too.

After talking to him, I told Tiger Claw my idea, and Shipwreck sounded off with a few modifications, too. For me, Hector, Eddie, and alot of other sea fairing Joes, the Flagg isn't just a ship, it's home. Now that we're in danger of losing it to battle damage... again... we had to find a way to salvage it. With mine and Shipwreck's knowledge of shipboard activity and repair, and Tiger Claw's knowledge of an Airbuster's layout, I sent Duke our idea to capture and use a couple of Airbusters to haul the Flagg out of the drink the way you'd use a CH-47 to do the same with a HUM-V. As far as getting the Airbuster, Tiger Claw's up for another shot at it, and me, well, I am a Navy SeAL, after all. Covert Operations is the order of the day. And, hey, if we for some reason can't capture the Airbuster... well, no one told me not to blow it up.

Come on, Duke, give us a greenlight, and let us go.


james strickland
03-29-2005, 10:25 PM
I been helping the wounded and the seals clean up what we can form the flaggs damage. I did recieve information from duke about a way to save the flagg. I hope it works. I have the USS enteprise helping us get our serious wounded out of here. I have also got info that hawk wants Duke and me to repart back to the pentagon immediatly. I told duke this and he is on his way I hope. I did ask who was going have in chargbe of this mess we have. I was told to leave it in torpedo's hands I know he will do good job. I wonder why hawk wasnts to see me and Duke. I saw something wierd today. It was a look on keelhauls face of disgust or something when the Airbustwer crashed into. Dusty has had a smile on his face for the last few weeks ever scince we mad irt to the desert I know he loves it, buit I never new how bad he does. For me, I love to be jumping from chopters into the heat of the battle. I guess I am missing all this action being behind a desk and state side alot. Here comes a nother chopter for loading of wounded I guess this is were I stop forb know.
Falcon out

Viper Commander
03-30-2005, 12:38 AM
Dear Diary,

After hearing Wet-suits plan, I immediately approved it! I was stuck on a solution to pull the FLAGG out from seawater but Wet-suit came up with a perfect one, capture the last surviving Airbuster-2(the one thats being guarded by 39 seigies) with our remote device(the one that High-Tech invented to hack into Airbuster's controls) and bring it bak to Kuwait so we can use the flying battleship to salvage the FLAGG. Sounds good Joes, I knew you wouldn't let me down! I'm also glad Tigerclaw is okay, when he spoke to me on the wrist-com he sounded shaky but in top shape, probably just the cold from falling into the sea. Tigerclaw also says that he saw our Cobra merc squad in command of the Airbuster, so I gave my Joes full authorization to take them in. The deal is off! These guys are going to rot in prison the next time we catch them! The most disturbing thing is, Covert is missing!! All the Joes said that he disappeared after eveyone got back from Iran, so we are assuming he took off to regroup with his Cobra buddies. Im so mad, they played me for a fool! I gotta tell Hawk about this, so for now, I'm flying to Washington DC for a meeting with General Abernathy, I have so much to update him on!

Conrad S. Hauser

03-30-2005, 06:30 AM
Journal entry, three-zero-tac-zero-three-tac-zero-five:

*sound of whistling, which abruptly stops*

Can I help you? Huh? Hmph.

Sitting here in the armory where we landed, cleaning my PSG-1... had to get away from the stares of everyone... and along comes Wild Bill. One heck of a pilot there. Anyhow, he justs stops, his eyes get real big, and he says, "Oops." The he turns around and bolts out of here. I wonder what that was all ab... ah, man. I bet since I wasn't front and center they reported me missing.


Guess I better go out and play with the rest of the kids. This is going to take some serious getting used to. Maybe I can talk with mercer and see how he dealt with it without just taking out everyone that looked at him wrong.

Covert (aka Night Viper One), out.

Viper Commander
03-30-2005, 02:49 PM
Dear Diary,

Right before I stepped into Hawk's office, a Greenshirt almost ran into me running down the hallway! "Sir! Sir! We have an ermergency call from Wild Bill! He says its about Covert!"

The Greenie handed me a cellphone, then Bill proceeded to tell me that he found Covert! Turns out he was just cleaning his rifle in the armory, since everyone was too busy with rescue and cleanup, we didnt think to look there. I told Bill to put him on the phone. Then I informed him of what Tigerclaw saw, that his Cobra merc squad was in command of the AIRBUSTER that almost sank the FLAGG. I told him that any deal was off, but if he brings them in Ill let him stay a permanent Joe. The rest can rot in prison for all I care. I opened my file folder, tore out the page with info on capturing Covert, tossed it into the garbage, and stepped into General Abernathy's office.

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
03-30-2005, 03:12 PM

(Recluse and Rampage just arrived at the Cobra outpost in the Ural Mountains to be surrounded by a big group of Crimson Guards pointing M4s at them, Cobra Commander steps out from behind their shadow) Cobra Commander looks ticked off, he started screaming at us about crashing both of the Airbusters that we captured, but he did inform us that he is already in possesion of the last and final Airbuster-2. Seems that while everyone was playing in the Middle East, CC sent Sensei Storm Shadow to Europe and he captured the flying behemoth by himself. The 39 Seigies that were guarding it were "reconditioned" with the brainwave scanner, and they are the very same ones pointing guns at us right now. The Commander then pulled out his .45 and shot Rampage in the head!!! My Viper buddie fell over, dead as can be, and CC told the guards to dump him in the incinerator. I made a silent promise to myself, I will get revenge for my friend. After Rampage was killed, CC turned me over to Sensei Storm Shadow. Now Im in Japan again, Sensei is talking to me while we spar in the dojo.

SS: "You have vastly improved since last we met, but your technique is brutal, not graceful. It matters not my student, I will change that over time."

Me: "What do you mean Master? Are you saying that you want me to be your apprentice again?"

SS: "It was the only way to keep you alive, the Commander was going to kill you."

Me: "Thank you, Master Storm Shadow."

Perfect! I will learn all I can from Sensei, then I will exact revenge on all those who tried to kill me. Duke, Tigerclaw, Cobra Commander, Tomax and Xamot. They will all die by my hand...:mad:

03-30-2005, 04:32 PM

BLOODY... !! Cripes! I knew what was in store for Recluse and Rampage when they got here, but my disguise was too good, and they had me on other duty. I wasn't able to get to them in time, and now Rampage's dead. I hate that hooded cackling freak more'n I hate... well... anything truth be told.

Now I'm in Japan, dressed as one of Storm Shadow's Ninja Vipers. I ended up having to spar with another guy earlier. I really do have to dumb down my disguises a bit. Now I know what Zartan and Zarana meant about "never let'em see you sweat." Anyhow, lucky for me, Storm Shadow likes to make sure that you can survive, and if a student dies at the hands of another in sanctioned sparring, it was the dead's fault, not the living's. Good thing. This guy was so wrapped up in getting his uzi into position, he never saw either of me knives... the one in his kidney, or the one in his lung.

Now, as I pass the main dojo, Storm Shadow's private one, I see old whitey giving Reclue a lesson. As I pass within Recluse's sight, but behind Storm Shadow, I adjust me hood just a bit... enough for Recluse to recognize me. I give his the sign to shush, then move on my way, confident that he'll not give me over.

I just jumped the fence, and I'm on my way to let Zartan know that at least he is still alive.


james strickland
03-30-2005, 11:53 PM
I been flying survivers back to kuwait. While I was waiting for a refuel I went to armory to pick up some ammo for my six shooters and ran into covert Every one thought he left. After words I called duke and let him know about Covert. I hope we can find those two cobra mercs. I just hate that they given duke and us a stupid look.
wild bill out

03-31-2005, 06:36 PM

Since Duke gave us the greenlight on this Op, me and Tiger Claw have been wracking our brains on how to get on that thing. Just as we were about to call in Wild Bill and just go full frontal assault, Hi-Tech chimes in on the coms.

He finally found a flaw in their defenses. Turns out, because of the static that ship creates, they have to set down in the water when they fuel. Imagine, those things are still sea-worthy. Anyhow, it seems Cobra has several fuel depots of their own out in the oceans, all disguised as oil rigs, all of which, it turns out, are owned by... you guessed it... subsidiaries of Extensive Enterprises. He even plotted out the location of the one they will most likely use when next they fuel. According to the satellite tracking, he was right, too. And it's about time, too.

Time to activate the plan, and here's how it works.

-Tiger Claw pilots his Tiger Hawk (man, he loves those things) towards the ship after it lands, close enough to the water to avoid being picked up on the Airbuster's radar, with me in a submersible pod attached to the belly.

-When we reach a predetermined distance from the Airbuster, he drops me, and then gains altitude, flying over to create a diversion.

-Meanwhile, I use the pod to get closer to the Airbuster, and get on board.

-Once I have cleared an area, Tiger Claw comes back, and boards as well, and we make our way to the bridge, dispatching what we can of the crew as we go. Only targets of opportunity, though, nothing out of our way or obvious.

-Once we have the bridge secure, we call in Wild Bill, who'll fly in with a Tomahawk full of Joe Naval Greenshirts, followed by Lift Ticket with another packed the same. We'll then do a search and clear the rest of the boat, and head back to the Flagg.

I been waiting in this pod for 3 hours now, and I just released it, and hit the drink. Wish me luck. Yo Joe!

Wet-Suit, out.


james strickland
03-31-2005, 11:46 PM
My tomahawk is all fueled up and ready for take off I just waiting on tigerclaw signal. Lift Ticket Is also ready with his team. I was told by lifeline he needs us to return in one piece or he just go insane. I told him to relax. With me and lift ticket in the pilot seat thier is nothing to worry about. Thats when He shook his head. After that we got the okay for lift off. As far as I know the plan is for us to wait for as sign to land on the flying aircraft carrier. I have radio lift ticket to follow me. Any ways better take this thing off auto and fly it fopr awhile. I sometimes miss my old dragon fly though. I don't now if these rookies can handle my flying of this chopter I should shake them up a little but I ain't in the mood. I just trying to get this done. Tommorrow is my twenty four year with the millitary And I plan on having a good time with my team mates.
Wild bill out

04-01-2005, 01:21 AM
I've been assigned to pilot a Tiger-Hawk AGAIN!

Is this someones idea of a joke? Is Ace on vacation or something? I just recovered from being shot down and now I'm at it again...

Well, we've made it to the proper GPS coordinates.

"Covert! Release when ready!"


now I guess I fly around and wait.

Wild Bill was telling me that he plans to land on TOP of this thing... WOW, that would take some gutts. with all of the artificial clouds and weapon systems up there, I don't know what he's thinking!

I hope I can find a place to land this thing. I don't want to eject again...

The Faceless Master
04-01-2005, 01:04 PM
... I've lost count of what journal entry this is supposed to be
so lemme just do this by date.

Code Name: Mercer, former Cobra Viper
Journal Entry: APRIL 1st, 2005

Since I am confined to the sick bay per Lifeline's orders, altho Beachhead got the most damage, all I pretty much suffered are some scratches & a bump on the head - I might as well make an audiovox entry...

A former Night Viper going by the code name COVERT approached me the other day. I recognize him from the days that we were basic Vipers & we used to patrol the murky swamps of Cobra Island avoiding stupid Croc Masters pets in the marshes & such.
I never really had an opinion of him, altho I did overhear some conversations he was having with some Seegies, and he sounds very intelligent.

Man, is HE gonna get it today, it being April 1st & everything.
Hope he doesnt take the jabbing too seriously, especially from Kurt Schnurr - aka Airtight
Aaggh, thats it from me, for now

- Mercer Out
*doesnt completely turn off audiovox yet*
Hmm, wonder if Bombstrike is doing some volunteer Nurse duty... :p

04-01-2005, 07:16 PM

Alright, in the drink. I just ditched the submersible, and swam the last half mile to the rig. Just as I am getting ready for a long wait, the water gets really rough, even at my 20 foot depth. Then the Airbuster hits the water and settles in. Man, what a sight.

Anyhow, because of the havoc they'd wreak with the high-grade sonar use on most Naval ships these days, Cobra hasn't put any Morays in the water for security. Makes my job easier.

As I swim up to the vessel, I notice something that may help me out quite a bit... external doors. I suppose these are meant for jumpers to use when the vessel is airborne. After studying it, I don't see any external airlock status indication lights, so it must not be for divers. But either way, it goes inside the ship. Swimming up, I poke just the top of my head and dive mask above the water to have a look around. I still have half an hour until sunset, and they'll be fueling for at least another three after that. Swimming back down, I plant a discreet amount of SYMTEX and a detonator at a strategic point on the jump door. Making my way aft, I find two more doors, and another three on the other side, where I repeat the plant each time. It's safe to say, if we can't take this boat, then there's no doubt we can sink it.

Hey, wait a minute! Did... did he call me... Covert!?

Wet-Suit, out.


04-01-2005, 09:06 PM
I managed to land my little jet on a beach 3 miles from the Airbuster. I'll wait here until sunset then take off to support Wetsuit.

I think I might have mistakenly called him "Covert" earlier. I must still have that cobra traitor on my mind...

Viper Commander
04-01-2005, 09:24 PM
Dear Diary,

I am back in Kuwait, we are repairing the parts of the USS FLAGG that we can access for now, and we are constantly draining it to keep our ship from sinking further into the sea. Lt. Falcon and I met with General Abernathy, who reprimanded us for letting Tigerclaw crash two of the AIRBUSTERS into the Caspian Sea. Now we have to somehow lift 300x2 metric tons of AIRBUSTER wreckage out of hostile waters before any rogue states can get a hold of its technology for themselves. I am now meeting with Mainframe, Torpedo, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Jinx, Kamakura, Gung Ho, Roadblock, Rock & Roll, Shipwreck, High Tech, Stalker, Hacker, Firewall, Hardball, Lady Jaye, Covergirl, Hardtop, Vorona(Daina), Spirit, and Heavy Duty. We will deploy to the Caspian Sea when a plan of action has been decided. Yo Joe!!!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-01-2005, 09:39 PM

I have just finished my morning sparring session with Sensei Storm Shadow. He has taught me much in the past month, but I need years of practice before I can even come close to being as skilled as my Master. Since I am now an official apprentice of the Arashikage clan, he has decided to grant me an Arashikage tatoo. Im glad he doesnt know about my dealings with Zartan, if I remember correctly their history isnt so good. Sensei also sent a flying messenger pigeon to all surviving members of the clan informing them of the new membership. I cant wait until Tigerclaw finds out, hes not gonna be very happy about it, of that Im quite sure. I also patched a comm-link to Zandar's secret hideout to inform him of this latest development. I hope Zartan's happy, now the Dreadnoks can have their very own Arashikage Ninja, not just the Joes and Cobra. Well, time to sharpen my sword, Slice and Slash have challenged me to a duel this afternoon. Seems they aren't so happy about my status with Sensei Storm Shadow right now, so Master has sanctioned a duel to settle things...

04-01-2005, 10:22 PM
Journal entry, zero-one-tac-zero-four-tac-zero-five:

Just finished checking the comm I recieved from Zandar. He told me of Rampage's demise, then of Recluse's current whereabouts. He knows I won't go find Recluse, and he knows I'm done with Cobra. But I think he also knows that he just gave me a serious advantage. After a few modifications to the message, I listened to it back:

*in the voice of Zandar*

"This is Zandar to Night Viper One. I have bad news for you, mate. I trailed the remains of your crew, Recluse and Rampage, back to Cobra's current base of operations. Seems the Commander wasn't to thrilled with their failure, though. I'm sorry, mate, but he executed Rampage and Recluse on the spot. You're all that's left of that team. If we meet on the field, and you're with the Joes, don't worry... you'll never know what hit you.

-Zandar out."

Satisfied that it was complete, I sent it to Duke via my new "Joe-comm":

Covert (aka Night Viper One), out.

Viper Commander
04-01-2005, 11:25 PM
Dear Diary,

Just got a recorded message from Covert via his new Joe-comm, we decided to issue him one immediately after that little misunderstanding in Kuwait. Sounds like I have one less thing to worry about, but the deaths of Recluse and Rampage will have to be investigated sometime in the future. Seems like the most troublesome Cobra agents have a habit of coming back to life after being killed. I asked Covert to join us in the meeting if he wanted to, and apologized for the mishap that happened in Kuwait. I think that he genuinely wants to be a Joe, and I want to include him on as many missions as possible. I want all of us Joes to accept him as one of the family. We will be pulling an all-nighter, but Im confident that we can find a solution to pull the wrecked Airbusters out of the Caspian Sea. Yoooooooo Joe!!!!!!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

The Faceless Master
04-02-2005, 02:19 AM
Audiovox Log, april 1st 2005 II

I was at Covert's doorway when I overheard him playing a message from what
sounded like Zandar promising him death. I can tell he's very worried about the
next confrontation he is involved in against Cobra or the Dreadnoks, cuz he is
a marked man now.
A lot of the Joes arent overly concerned about Covert's well-being, but quite
honestly I am, but a lot of suspicion arose especially how he conveniently went
MIA during the last skirmish.
I am going to have a word with Brawler myself first thing tomorrow morning, cuz
he seems the most disturbed & is obviously the most vocal at the fact that there are too many Cobra Vipers that are defecting over to the GIJoe team.

Mercer, out

Viper Commander
04-02-2005, 07:42 AM

I have defeated my enemies in combat, and both Slash and Slice are being rushed to Tokyo Medical University by helicopter, they need to have their hands surgically reattached. Sensei had a look of surprise when he saw my Arashikage Katana(the gift from Zartan), but he told me to use it well. I saw Zandar among the spectators, I hope he enjoyed the show, hahaha.

04-02-2005, 01:15 PM

Just intercepted a message sent to Duke from Night Viper One, or "Covert" as it seems he's going by now. Figured I better track the message to see if he turns us in to his new bosses. At first, I thought that's exactly what'd happened. Then I listened to the message. It's the one I sent to him... but different. He made it out that Rampage and Recluse are dead. Not sure why he did that, as I can tell he plans on staying with the Joes, but this is good.

I just finished watching a dueling match between Slice, Slash and Recluse. Boy lives up to his name. Just as the match was over, I shifted my hood just enough for Recluse to catch a glimpse of me and know I was back. Not worried about anyone else seeing... to anyone else, I'm just a face in the crowd... or less. Which is just the way I like it.

As everyone cleared out, I made my way to Recluse's chambers, and left a recording of the message I intercepted between NV1 and Duke, for Recluse to check. I got out of there before Recluse could arrive... it'd do no good for us to be seen together while he is here.


04-02-2005, 01:55 PM
Journal entry, zero-two-tac-zero-four-tac-zero-five:

When Duke got back to me about the message. He seemed relieved about the situation. Good, now we can move on to other things than chasing down my old team. Zandar's threat meant very little to me, though. So he's gonna kill me, huh? He better learn that he's not the only one trained in knife combat. I see two of the Joes, Snake Eyes and Beach Head, share my enthusiasm for Trench Knives, too. Good choice.

Anyhow, Duke invited me to their little war party pow-wow. Big step on his part... even bigger one on my part to accept. Funniest thing, though, was the looks on everyone's faces when I stepped into the war room. I don't think they expected me to show. All except Duke and Mercer, though. They actually seemed like nothing was amiss... like they new I'd be here.

"Alright, boss, where do you want me?"

Covert (aka Night Vi... , hmmm... Covert, out.

04-02-2005, 02:09 PM

Alright, rear defenses are out, and a few other guards besides. This oughta be more than enough space for a sneaky little creature like Tiger Claw to board. I send him a tight-burst signal to execute via Joe-comm.

Unfortunately, with the sun coming up soon, I can't wait for him to get here. What th... aw, crud, this thing's taking off now! C'mon, Tiger Claw, get your skinny butt on this boat and help me take it! Until then, it's time for a bit of SeAL-borne stealth. Away goes the M-4, and out comes the k-bar. Say hellow to "Old Painless".

Wet-Suit, out. Yo Joe!


04-02-2005, 05:11 PM
I'm here prepping my plane and I get a message! The Airbuster is already taking off!

It shouldn't even be fully fueled yet!

I speed toward the beheamoth before it can get very far.

Now, how do I get aboard without crashing it again?

OK, I'm flying along side the craft and they don't seem to have noticed my jet yet...

so I'll punch out again!!


Now to angle my descent so that I land on top!

Great! my chute is caught on one of the side masts!!

Now to finish this!!

Wait?!? Who is that!:! :eek:

04-02-2005, 07:52 PM

Alright, after wading through more Cobra troops than I thought would be on here (and that was just the ones in my way), and bandaging a wound from one that was a little better with a combat knife than I expected (though not good enough to beat "Old Painless", here), I finally made it to the bridge. Instead of coming straight up the aft ladder into the command deck, I come in the bridge-wing, that way I can take out the port lookout. That done, I move around behind the bridge-house and take out the starboard lookout as well, and enter through that hatch. No one's quick enough to draw down on me, since my M-4's already raised, and everyone does as I say. After getting the on-duty Tele-Viper to switch on the comm-gear, I send a message to Tiger Claw, Duke, Wild Bill and Lift Ticket.

"Tiger Claw, Wet-Suit. I'm on the bridge, and the bridge is secure. Duke, I am waiting for Tiger Claw to meet me at the bridge, and the boat is our's. Wild Bill, Lift Ticket, commence deliveries. Wet-Suit standing by, over."

That done, I secure the hatches to the bridge, and wait for TC to get his ninja butt up here. I sincerely hope he leaves enough Cobra grunts alive to answer some questions for us. While I stand here, though, I can't help but think that something's wrong. Not sure what, but something eating at the base of my skull. Torpedo calls it that "Warrior's Instinct" while Shipwreck calls it "Bad JuJu". I call it a real bad feeling, and I step out on the bridgewing to see what's up. Looking aft, I see Tiger Claw, sword drawn. But he's not alone. Who's that wit... NO!!

"Wild Bill and Lift Ticket, Wet-Suit. It's no good! Abort, I repeat... ABORT, NOW!! I REPEAT, ABORT NO... UGH!"



Viper Commander
04-03-2005, 01:29 AM

So NV1 has decided to stay with the Joes, I hope they do right by him. If we ever meet on the battlefield, Im laying down my weapons and walking away. A while ago I was ready to leave Cobra, now I feel like Im deeper then before. Cobra Commander arrived at our mountain top retreat by helicopter this morning. The Commander is growing impatient, he wants Sensei Storm Shadow to send me on a mission. The Commander wants to see if "sparing my life" was a wise investment. Im being sent to Taiwan, seems Taipei has been buying weapons from Destro in addition to the weapons they buy from the U.S., and Beijing is not happy about this. They have been sending PLA commandos to hijack Destro's shipments, and its costing MARS billions in lost revenue. Cobra Commander wants Destro to owe him a favor, so he is sending me to Taiwan. I'm going to be in charge of guarding Destro's freighters until his contract with Taipei has been fulfilled. Sensei says that fighting PLA commandos is perfect for developing my martial arts combat experience. He wants me to rely on my sword less, and use my limbs more. Before our meeting was even finished, a Seigie interrupted us. I dont know why, but I felt compelled to record the conversation:

CC "Address your supreme leader, what do you have to report!!!"

CG "Sir! The Joes have found our last AIRBUSTER! They have boarded!"

CC "Excellent!!! The Joes have fallen right into my trap!!! Dont worry, I have a "special project" guarding that thing. Even if the Joes defeat it, the whole thing will blow with them inside!!! Ill just build another AIRBUSTER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

I sent a copy of this to Zandar, just in case Zartan might want to know about this. Sensei also told me something else, when he sent the carrier pidgeons to our fellow Arashikage members, he never told them who he accepted as a new clan member. I guess my identity is still safe for now.

Viper Commander
04-03-2005, 03:43 PM
Dear Diary,

After a long night of brainstorming, we have a plan of action. We've decided to dive down and strip the AIRBUSTER wreckages from inside. We'll send two teams of divers to pilfer all vital components from the sunken behemoths, making reverse engineering of the AIRBUSTER impossible. Im taking volunteers for this mission, but so far Covert and Mercer seem to be in, I want them to work together more often. I need water familiar Joes to take our tech guys down there and cover them, I need guys up top in case Cobra or any other hostiles crash our party. I also need Air support, and Ive called in Slipstream and ACE for this purpose, but Wild Bill isnt here so I need a rotary wing pilot. I think working with Mercer will help Covert's transition into a full time Joe. We deploy to the Caspian Sea at dawn.

Conrad S. Hauser

PS, I forgot to add, Yooooooo Joe!!!!!!!!!!

Viper Commander
04-03-2005, 03:56 PM

I am getting ready to leave for Taiwan, AKA Formosa Island. Sensei Storm Shadow allowed me to select a few of his men for backup. I only selected one, and thats because I know its good ol' Zandar under that hood. We are now in the armory, sharpening our blades and shurikens, loading our SMGs and pistols. Zandar is happy to be going on a mission after having to spy on me for so long. He said he was so bored out of his mind that woulda killed me if I didnt pick him to go on this mission. I know he was just joking, but I still think he was half serious. I wouldnt have Zandar any other way though, its good to know he's still razor sharp and bloodthirsty as ever.

04-03-2005, 04:06 PM
Journal entry, zero-four-tac-zero-four-tac-zero-five:

We just came out of the briefing, and I overheard Duke talking to some of the Greenshirts. Seems he needs a helo pilot. I know he wanted Mercer and I in the water with him, but I'm a Green Beret, not a SeAL. Giving Mercer a smirk, I step up and tap Duke on the shoulder. Time to throw in some personal info. I upload my dossier from my Comm, and hand the disc to Duke. He now has my Personell file from my Cobra days, and he can attach it to my eisting military file, to gtet a complete record. Now he knows he's got a guy that can fly anything with a Rotor, from a UH-60 Huey, to a CH-47 Delta Chinook, to a Cobra Mamba. And I can shoot a tick off of an aborgine's ear in the process.

"I ask again... where do you need me, boss?"

The look on his face is simply priceless. I have to smile.

Covert, out.

Viper Commander
04-03-2005, 04:29 PM
Dear Diary,

Wow! I didnt know that Covert had so many skills! I assigned him to pilot a NAC, and now we are heading to the Caspian Sea in a C-17 Globemaster 3 Transport Plane. This thing is packed to the brim with our Joes and our Joe vehicles. We have one NAC, one Piranha Attack Boat, and two Tigerhawks covering us. This mission should go smoothly, but keep alert Joes! We dont know who might be at the crash site already, so stay on your toes! Yoooooo Joe!!!!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

04-03-2005, 05:33 PM

Thank GOD we're out of that dojo. I couldn't wear that bloody robe another minute! Anyhow, we're off on another whirlwind adventure, Recluse and me. Not sure where or why, but I'm sure he'll let me in on it when we get there.

I still don't know what his intentions are if we end up running on Night Viper One, but I know what I got planned. Heh, he's Cobra's loss, not mine. Samew thing I said when that guy, Merce, left. Not my problem., When it effects the 'Noks, then it becomes my problem.

For now, we have traveling to do.


04-03-2005, 11:44 PM
I have not seen any updates on the airbuster mission from Tigerclaw or Wetsuit. I wonder why no one else is worried?

They should have reported in 3 hours ago.

I'll go show Scarlett this info and get her to tell Duke before he takes off on that salvage mission...

Viper Commander
04-04-2005, 04:50 AM
Dear Diary,

Snake Eyes stopped me in the loading bay of our transport plane just before we deployed by parachute. He pointed to his watch, and I realized, Tigerclaw and Wet-suit aren't back yet! We dont even know if they have that last AIRBUSTER-2 or not! Not only that, we haven't heard from Wild Bill either. Just worrying about the Caspian Sea salvage operation was hard work, I must have been a fool to forget about my Joes, so Im glad Snake Eyes alerted me. I also gave him authorization to find and bring back Tiger, Wet, and Bill, Scarlett will go with him. Alright, let's roll, godspeed everybody. Yoooooo Joe!!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

james strickland
04-04-2005, 06:11 PM
I have lost my tomahawk do to our miss information about the air buster. Tiger claw and wet suit are with me. thier were only three of the green shirts that survived lucky for us they one had medical training. I don't know if lift ticket and his tomahawk got a way or not but I hope so. All I know is Wet suit called the mission off I think. Thats when we decided to head back to the hq in kuwait. Thats when six or seven Mambas and fangs attacked us from behind I told lift ticket to keep going I would slow them down .Well at that point I just remembered I was not in a dragonfly or NAC and that was when a fang took out my second engine in my turn to get a better shot. Then, I tried to land softly on a near by beach. We sucessfully did land on the beach but the rear engine was shot as soon as we got out. I yelled run. After that the tomahawk exploded and two of the orginal survivors died. After that tiger Claw crashed in front of the Tomahawk ruins. He must have nine lives because his came from the reckage unscaved. Wet suit came from the water afew hours later. I have not seen or herd from Lift ticket after my crash I hope he made it back. I just hope we can be found by A search party soon.

Concerned wild bill

04-04-2005, 06:29 PM

Aw, man, what hit me? All I know, is I look back and see Tiger Claw squaring off against Overkill, and surrounded by BATs. Wish that little tidbit had been in our intel briefing. When I saw we were done, and watched Tiger Hawk jump over the side, it was all I could do to jump as well. No way I was gonna let that kid fall to his death without doing something.

Of course, imagine my suprise when I see him swinging from the cable of Bill's Tomohawk. Oh, I almost forgot. Snake-Eyes's student... DUH!

Knowing the kid's safe, I cross my legs and grab my mask, so I hit the water with minimum impact.

I swam up onto the shore a few minutes ago, and saw the wreckage of the chopper and the body bags for the dead Greenshirts. More kids dead because of Cobra. Well, one thing left to do. Now where did I put that Symtex detonator? Ah, here it is. If we can't have that Airbuster... neither can Cobra.


Man, look at that thing blow. Better make the call.

"Duke, Wet-Suit, mission failed. I repeat, mission failed. We didn't get the Airbuster... but neither did CXobra. I repeat, the Airbuster has been destroyed."

Now we wait for pick-up and debriefing... and the bust in rank I feel is coming. My only defense... nobody told me not to blow it up!

Wet-Suit out.


Viper Commander
04-04-2005, 08:03 PM
Dear Diary,

We parachuted out of the C17, to my right was Torpedoe, to my left Mainframe. We are dressed in Night Force gear. As Im dropping from the sky I get Wet-suit on my Joe Comm, Cobra's AIRBUSTER-2 has been destroyed. Not the most ideal result, but good enough for me, funny that Wet-suit and Tigerclaw ran out the door before I could tell them blowing up the AB was authorized. Mainframe is telling me that something looks strange on his tracking device. We are hitting the water......... "Splaaaaaash"

This is bad, once we dived down to the surface and found the wreckage, we found the main control room for AIRBUSTER-1. Someone had already stripped it!!! Torpedoe swam around to check the rest of the ship, and Mainframe used his device to scan the place. Both confirmed what I suspected, there is nothing left here but a big empty hulk of wrecked freighter. Thats why Cobra designed it this way, for easy cover up and evidence tampering. We radio to the other Joes, telling them the mission is off, and our three man lead team do a once over of the other AIRBUSTER-3. Empty as well...

When we got back to our naval base in Kuwait, more bad news awaited us. Even though Lift Ticket was able to get help and bringa rescue team for Wet, Bill, and Tiger, more Greenshirts were KIA. We also lost 44 men when the FLAGG was hit, in addition to a construction accident which killed an American contractor who was volunteering to help fix the FLAGG . All the Joes present held a memorial service to remember the brave souls who sacrificed their lives for their country. I think Wet-suit and Tigerclaw expected me to chew them out, but I only told them "Good job Joes, you did the best you could, none of us could have known the BATS would be there with OVERKILL. Dont be too hard on yourselves."

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-05-2005, 02:52 PM

When Zandar and I arrived in Taiwan, I updated him with our mission objective, protect Destro's weapon shipment and eliminate all PLA opposition. Destro was waiting for us, along with the Baroness, and his son Alexander. He informed us that the weapons shipment is coming in from his factory in Russia, the freighter will travel thru the Sea Of Okthosk, making a wide detour to avoid US ships stationed in Japan by going deep into the Pacific, head back over to the Philipine Sea and end up at the Pescadores Islands. The PLA usually send their commandoes onboard during the brief time that Destro's freighter is in the South China Sea.

We travelled with the Baroness to Russia, and checked over the shipment. After the Baroness made sure the whole shipment was accounte for, Zandar and I headed out with a full crew of IG and Undertow while Baroness returned to Destro by air. The next few days should be pretty uneventful, so Zandar and I will just spend the time teaching each other knife tricks that we can show the PLA commandoes, hahaha...

james strickland
04-05-2005, 11:09 PM
Today I was informed by Hawk to use my CIA and other intellengence Agencies to find a A man called Action Man to help us find out what cobra up to. After I contacted Big Ben he told me that Action Man was on top secret mission. I ask If big ben new what the mission was he said he had no clearence for that. I talked to Hawk. He told me to contact Chuckles. When I did he told me he would find Action Man for us. I then contacted Duke and the team in Kuwait to return back to the states emiditly. I also have great news Beachead is getting better. His wounds are almost completely healed. Doc told me he is lucky he wasn't in any worst condition. Col. Courage has 40 new recuits that are being trained. I talked to Flagg about the my problem finding Action Men . He told me he would help me on it.
Falcon out.

james strickland
04-05-2005, 11:20 PM
I was glad to see Lift ticket ealier today fling his tomahawk to pick us up. I was just thinking about all the problems with the that merc cobra group and I was wanting to know when we could stop all the blood shed. I am willing to fly any thing to stop them including the missle storm chopter. I am in the mood for revenge for all the young recruits we lost. I want to stop them now. I going to talk to Duke and see what we are going to do about all this I am sure he has an answer. If not I am going to get a straight answer I going to get a tiger claw and Covert. We will find these mercs and stop them.
Wild bill out

04-06-2005, 08:10 PM
V/A JOURNAL: STRYKER, J2766 / 06APR05, 1427

Tiger Claw and I were walking down the hall, on our way to the gym to get some sparring in, meanwhile, the kid was explaining this new Video/Audio thing to me.

Anyhow, physically, I'm still fast for my age, but I want to learn what this ninja can teach me. Catch me up to techniques I don't quite know, yet, or at least a few moves. Plus, seems he needs to work out a few aggressions after his and Wet-Suit's last mission. Wet-Suit got sent out to help with the FLAGG, so he has something to do. This kid's a bit reckless, though, and still has alot to learn about discipline. Whoa, DejaVu. Seems I was just saying that about Recluse, when we first met. Honestly, Tiger Claw reminds me alot of Recluse... but not as viscious... more elaborate.

On our way to the gym, though, we had to move out of Wild Bill's way. He didn't even seem to notice we were there as he passed, mumbling to himself. Something about "those Cobra mercs" and "that Night Viper leading them." When he was passed, I turned a questioning eye to Tiger Claw. I must have looke totally befuddled, because Tiger Claw started laughing when he looked at me, and just held up a hand.

"Just let it go," he said, "Maybe Duke hasn't told everyone who you really are, yet."

From there, we continued to the gym... and I got my old @$$ handed to me by this punk kid. I'm glad I'm on his side. How embarrassing. Where's my retirement package?

Covert, out


04-06-2005, 08:15 PM

This it it! Ah swear, this whole dang outfit's gone completely clownshoes! Ah come up on Wild Bill talking to Duke about the cobra mercs, and Ah decide to back Bill up. Then Duke tells us they're dead, except that Night Viper leadin' 'em. Whe Bill suggests we go after him, then, Duke tells us we already have him. AND NOW HE GOES BY "COVERT"?!? We got this terrorrist among us, a bonafied sniper, and he claims to be one of US now. And Duke's buyin' into this malarkey!! Well, Ah don't know about ol' Bill, but Ah ain't sure how much more o' this Ah can take! Ah need a Tums.

Berach Head, out


04-06-2005, 08:30 PM

You have got to be kiddin' me. If he'd have told me we was workin' for ol' chrome-dome this go-'round, I'd have contracted a case of the Bubonic plague, or something else more enjoyable than this. I can't stand that pompous limey's guards. They're almost as stuck up as he is. Luckily, me and Recluse have spent most of our time going over unarmed combat and knife combat. He's also started showing me a bit about long blades (swords), and I am helping him with his stealth. You'd think he was quieter for a ninja. But hey, he was trained by the same guy that trained Slash, Slice and Dice. Go figure. Anyhow, I gotta go up top on this train and get some air. If I have to smell the oil these Grenadiers use to polish their armor much longer, I'm gonna shoot meself!


04-06-2005, 08:41 PM

V/A JOURNAL: FLINT,T4732 / 06APR05, 1933 HOURS

Man, no matter where I go, or who I talk to, people ask my name, and after I tell them, they won't even look me in the eyes anymore.

I just got back from a recon op with Lady Jaye, probably the toughest chick I've ever met, but on the first day of the op, she started trying to get aquainted with her assigned Greenies. After she heard my name, she spent the rest of the op acting like I wasn't even there. I was kept on point, which is my job, but I wasn't ever able to report directly to her, just our comm-guy.

Man, I really need to talk to someone about this. I know these people were really close to the guy whose codename was the same as my last name, but why do they gotta keep taking their loss out on me? I never even met the guy.

I'm gonna find someone that'll talk to me. And if that fails, I think I'm gonna have to resign from the team. I know we're busy and all, but if I'm gonna be that much of a distraction, maybe it's better if I just go back to the Rangers.

Cpl. Flint, out.


04-06-2005, 09:54 PM
Today I was training another squad of Greenshirts on the target range. Nothing new...

One if the most promising ones apparently is raising some eyebrows... His actual name is Flint... He looks unhappy, and people have been staring at him...

I have an easy way to fix this...

"Hey uhh... Stoney! You quit giving me that look. Keep your eyes on the target!

That's right Stoney! Much better..."

(Now I'll have to see if I can make the new name stick for a while...)

04-06-2005, 09:58 PM
I just got through sparring with Covert. He is pretty tough for an old guy. I showed him a thing or two, but didn't show him any of my best moves.

I was hoping that he would tell me something about the others in his Merc squad, but he didn't say anything.

I just know that he's hiding something...

I'm still bewildered about that run in with Overkill. He had a bunch of BATs with him back on that Airbuster, but they were like no BATs that I've seen before. They were armed like Ninjas! And they were fast. Normally, my sword would make short work of any robot, but these things could actually Parry and dodge! And while I was fighting them, Overkill kept yelling about "The RIse of the Robots" or the "Robot Rampage"


james strickland
04-06-2005, 11:55 PM
I got to talk to Duke today. All he told me was that those mercs was dead. Personally I don't believe it. I just won't to know who knew we were taking the airbusters. I think I only have one person on my side and thats good ole beachhead. Glad to see him standing though. I think I will get him a joe cola and have a talk after I cool down for a while. I just don't know why Duke wants all these ex-corbras on our side. I would just prefer to see them in jail cells myself. I mean we have Mercer, Agent Faces, Chuckles, Sgt. Hacker, and Mace What are there jobs. To me they are all intelegence so why do we need more ex-corbras. I think I might go and talk to Hollow Point he seems level headed enough to talk to.
Wild Bill out

james strickland
04-07-2005, 12:09 AM
I am on assignment in Washington State. We are checking out a warehouse were bat parts were found and a couple of ninja weapons. Radio has called the info back to HQ. I haven't been writing for a while because I been lazy. for awhile. I just wish I was not with these Greenshirts. I do have Nunchuk here to help me figure out If these are of his clan or not. I do not now why I have to be here. It reminds me of a CSI show. I mean there are all types of goverment officials here in our way. won't let my men solve the problem just keeps telling us to stay back.
Big brawler out

Viper Commander
04-07-2005, 01:17 AM
Dear Diary,

This is getting outta hand, people are angry and morale is low. I gotta do something or else our teams going to fall apart. There are still a list of things we need to take care of, we still have to find out who stripped the Airbuster wreckage and why, we still need to make sure that Cobra Commander cant build any more AIRBUSTERS, we still need to investigate Tigerclaw's report of new "Ninja Bats" that he fought, we still need to confirm Covert's story about his ex-squadmates being killed by Cobra Commander, we still need to get the other Joes to accept Covert as part of the team, and most importantly, we still need to get the FLAGG lifted out of the Persian gulf for final repairs.

Wild Bill and Beach Head just stormed out of my office, Im not surprised, they still dont really like Mercer to this day and now we have another Cobra defector joining our ranks. I had enough of this, if they dont like Covert, they should at least try to follow orders and work with him. I called everyone to the gym, all the Joes and Greenshirts that are stationed here with us. I asked Covert to step out in front and announced to everyone that he is our new operative and he also happens to be an ex-Cobra. Mercer then stepped out and said that if anyone had a problem with Covert, they can talk to Mercer about it. Beach Head and Wild Bill stepped out, and Covert and Mercer started to stare them down. They better not take things too far...

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-07-2005, 03:51 AM

(South China Sea, PLA attack boats have surrounded Destro's freighter.) The Iron Grenadiers and Undertow are in a heavy firefight with PLA special forces, Destro's men are better trained and better armed, but PLA forces are slowly but surely gaining the upper hand. Zandar and I are in the shadows, Im practicing some sneaking moves that Zandar taught me. We have been moving around, observing the battle, testing out our new knives on those unfortunate enough to reload in our vicinty. The battle raged on but the tide was turning in our favor while we kept killing enemies like two wraths, swallowing the enemie in our dark shadows and throwing the bloody bodies overboard. Eventually, the PLA forces were depleted. A few remaining stragglers scrambled back to their boats and retreated to a distance, taking off into the horizon. The IGs cheered their victory as we floated into a Taiwanese naval facility. While Destro's men cleaned up the bloody mess and unloaded his merchandise, we met up with the man in the iron mask.

Destro was very impressed with our job, and offered us a paid vacation to his resort in Europe, but Zandar and I both declined. We returned to Storm Shadow in Japan, but on the way flying from Taiwan to Japan, Zandar and I had a long conversation. Seeing that working for Cobra Commander made Zandar sick to his stomach, I decide that telling him my true intentions ( would be safe. After he heard what I had to say, he wanted in. "Recluse ya crazy lad, yer gonna go straight for the beeeg feesh? Goin ta slice up Duke and Chrome Dome both oy? Soun's loik fun, I wouldn't miss it fer tha world!" Zandar's right, the war between Gi Joe and Cobra will end in a way nobody expected...

Viper Commander
04-07-2005, 07:21 PM

When Zandar and I got back to Japan, I went back to Sensei Storm Shadow's dojo while Zandar headed back to Florida. Zartan wants an update on his Arashikage Ninja, and he wants Zandar to tell him face to face, he also wanted to know why Im staying with Master Storm Shadow. When I walked into the main hall, Master was waiting for me with Cobra Commander.

CC "Excellent!!! Destro tells me that you completed the contract with ease! Storm Shadow! I have another job for your apprentice!"

SS "Commander, I want to keep him here so I can continue his training."

CC "Bah! He can continue after he completes this small job, Recluse, I want you to wear this motion recorder and go to Seattle. Then you must eliminate all Gi Joe and government agents that are at one of my warehouses right now, doing an investigation on my new NINJA BATS! After you dispatch the meddling rats, gather any loose evidence and destroy it. Doctor Mindbender will use your battle data for his new NINJA BAT Operating System! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"

Cobra Commander marched out of the building with his Seigies in tow, and Storm Shadow looked at the Commander with hatred as he was leaving. He turned to me and bowed, I didnt understand why. He then apologized for the Commanders demands, but informed me that I have to follow the Commander's orders for now. I understand that well, and I have patience, Rampage and NV1(Covert) will be avenged. I hope he's doing ok with the Joes...

Before getting on a plane for the States, I patched a comm-link to Zandar in Florida. I invited him to join me on this mission if he chooses to, if he wants then he can meet me in Seattle.

04-07-2005, 09:07 PM
V/A JOURNAL: FLINT,T4732 / 07MAR05, 1942 HOURS

Stoney? Stoney!? Where did he get a name like Stoney?I mean, my name is clearly printed on the back of my kevlar. You can't miss it.... oh. I get it now. He was making an attempt to get everyone's attention off of my name, and decided to give me a new one. Ha! Stoney. I have no clue where he got that name, but it was cool of him to make the attempt. I'll have to thank him later. Maybe he can help me with a real codename, so I can get everyone's minds off of my real name. Man, what a day.

Cpl. Flint, out.

Stoney. Heh... heh heh heh.


Viper Commander
04-07-2005, 11:20 PM

Upon arriving in Washington state, I was picked up by a female biker at the airport. I hopped on the back of her chopper and we rode to a rough and rowdy bar on the outskirts of Seattle. Inside, Dreadnoks, Vipers, and Iron Grenadiers drank the night away and bet on fistfights. I was taken to a back room where Lady Jaye waited for me! Wait, thats not Lady Jaye, thats Zarana. She gave me all the intel I needed on my mission, all the while changing back into her true look. I guess thats how she got my intel for me, by impersonating a Joe. Im supposed to take out Big Brawler, Nunchuk, and whoever else is with them. I decided to plant my motion sensor on one of the fistfighters at the bar, I dont want Mindbender to know my moves...

04-08-2005, 03:24 PM

(Taiwan) : As the ship finished unloading, Destro called me to the bridge. I gave him the video on Recluse he asked me to get during the PLA attack. Unfortunittly Destro could not get him to take a "vacation" at his resort. Destro seemed pleased with the video dispite what he called a "set back".

Those PLA members where mercs Desto had dress up and attack an unarmed vessel. Poor fools never new they would be assulting a freighter with 2 squads on IG and a few well trained operatives. Thanks to Cobra Commander always trying to show up Destro he sent Recluse as asked. Perfect opertunity to watch him in action.

But the part I can not figure out yet is why Zandar is with him.

*beep, beep* Off to escort the Baroness again.

Till next time

james strickland
04-09-2005, 12:08 AM
Beach Head and I were in gym meeting when we saw our two ex-snake buddies take the floor. After the two said thier words Me and Beach Head step out and stared at each other.Thats when we walked up and to every ones surprise we shuke both thier hands and welcome covert to the joe team.I never saw Dukes face turn so white in my entire life. Afterwards, me and beach head laughed about it all night. I think it was a desent thing to do. I don't have to like them I just better treat them with the respect they deseve. I hope maybe this covert guy may be decent. I hope all joes see what we did and follow. I need to thank hollow point next time I see him for the idea. I am also going to give duke an idea on how to pull the flag out of the water. I hope it works. I know we have enough aircraft to do it.
Wild bill out.

The Faceless Master
04-09-2005, 02:45 AM
April 08, 2005

Duke called for a mini-conference with all the new recruits & some veterans,
mainly attended by those who had "issues" about ex-Vipers like me & Covert.
I tugged on Covert's uniform & motioned him to step in front of the group
with me to call out anybody who had anything to say about us.
Much to my surprise, Wild Bill & Beachhead - I would have to say the two
most vocal about defectors in the Joe team actually stepped forward & finally
gave Covert a "welcome to the group" kind of stern handshake & pat on the
back. There was still obvious animosity, but HEY thats an A for effort.

On the way back to my bunk, i heard a thumping in a nearby janitors closet.
I opened it up to find lady jaye bound & gagged. She's been there for 2
days, which means it has been somebody else has impersonating her during
that 48hr Newbee Training!!! I had Sideswipe pick up LJ & bring her to the
infirmary ASAP & I alerted Lt Col Sure Fire about this incident. Just as I left
Lt Col's office, he seemed pleasantly amused & picked up the phone ready to
make a call. Connections at the pentagon maybe?

Thats it for me for today,
Mercer - Out

The Faceless Master
04-09-2005, 02:59 AM
AudioVox Log 22026

Law escorted Mercer into my office at 1705 hours this afternoon. Mercer
apparently had stumbled upon a bound Lady Jaye in the janitorial closet who
had been in there for more than 48hours. During this time, a person whom
the COs thought was Lady Jaye was assigned to "break in" the new wave of
recruits that just got stationed here.
After dismissing Mercer, I quickly called for Scoop to give me all the secret
surveillance tapes of cameras hidden thru-out JoeHQ known only by top brass
such as myself, Col Courage, General Hawk, General Flagg, and of course
Scoop cuz none of us know how to operate these danged things.

In actuallity, we KNEW all about LJ's unfortunate mishap, we even caught the
assailant on camera & witnessed where LJ was hidden, but couldnt risk the
location of our cameras to be blown. I was, however successful in swapping
the fake LJ's ID card with a homing device, and if I know how this spy works
she is going to wear the ID card & lead us straight back to her base camp.
Time to catch us a weasel.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
04-09-2005, 03:09 AM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log1

While serving Cobra Commander's frosty pink lemonade, I overheard him
speaking to an individual named Recluse ordering him to eliminate all GIJoe
personell in the Seattle area, and something about Ninja BATs??

Need to contact Lt Col SureFire ASAP about this info

Agent Faces, out

Viper Commander
04-09-2005, 06:36 AM

(Seattle, 3:03AM) I'm hanging from the ceiling of this dark and quiet warehouse using Ninja foot and hand claws, below me are the loud Joes and 5 crime scene investigators. They are fighting about being in each others way, giving me plenty of opportunities to sneak around in the shadows, seeing them from all angles while planning my kills. I decided to try something Master taught me recently, I tied a blindfold over my eyes, and I gathered up a handful of smoke bombs.

My plan is to kill everyone in the smoke with my shurikens and kunai, saving the martial arts expert Nun-Chuk for my Arashikage Katana. This guy was also trained by Master Storm Shadow before he rejoined Cobra, so our fight should be interesting. I dropped all the smoke bombs and dived down from the ceiling, throwing 5 shurikens with one arm and 5 kunai with the other while the room filled with thick white smoke instantly. All ten bladed weapons found their target and the CSI fall to the floor, and now I see that fool with his name on his shirt trying to punch at nothing. I pull my Mark23 and shoot the ammo belt that he's wearing on his legs. I rope myself back up to the ceiling as I hear his ammo belt going off, sounds like theres a machine gun in his pants, hahaha. When the smoke clears, all the CSI are dead and Big Brawler looks like he'll be dead soon without medical attention. Nun-Chuk looks mad, and he whips out his trademark weapon. I untie my sash which is carrying my shuriken and kunai and whip it at him, sending my remaining 20 blades at him all at once. He deflects them all with his sticks on a chain, but that gave me time to lop off his head with one precise strike of my Katana. I gathered up the evidence they were working on and set an incinerator drone to go off within seconds of my leaving...

As I take off on the flight back to Japan, I look down and see that the fire has spread to the whole warehouse district, I doubt anyone can survive that. Upon arriving back at Sensei's dojo, I enter the main hall to inform him of my success.

Recluse "Master, it is done. Big Brawler and Nun-Chuk are dead."

SS "You really did it, I didnt think you would succeed. I thought Nunchuk would at least fight you to a draw and everyone retreat. But you........ you've improved even faster then I thought, but you are still too vicious and brutal. I need to stop the Commander from turning you into his killing machine. Trust me Recluse, thats not the life that you want. I should know that more then anybody."

Recluse "Master, whenever you are ready to stand against the Commander, I will stand with you."

The Faceless Master
04-09-2005, 09:59 AM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #1, day 192

This is my first journal entry since infiltrating the rogue mob that call
themselves Dreadnoks led by a mysterious hooded individual named Zartan.
So far all we've done was ride around in choppers, drink grape soda that seems
to be really rotting my teeth away at this point, and fight anything that moves.

Last night, at a bar in the outskirts of downtown Seattle, we awaited the
arrival of a ninja trooper called Recluse. He was met in the back room of the
bar - by of all people - Lady Jaye???
Big dummy Road Pig informed me that its not really Lady Jaye but Zartan's
sister Zarana in disguise!! How long she's been disguised as LJ, I do not know
but I need to inform JoeHQ intel about this right away. I contacted Lt Col
Sure Fire & he told me that they are aware of the situation and are sending a
Quick Strike Unit to this imposter ASAP since she is wearing a homing device.

In the meantime, i overheard Zarana giving this Ninja Trooper orders to go to
the warehouse district in Seattle & KILL Big Brawler & Nunchuk!!
Sure Fire ordered me to tail Recluse carefully & make sure that I am able to
make this Recluse person think he has successfully killed BB & Nunchuk.

I tailed him to his mission objective this morning, i had a very very difficult
time tracking him down, so I stayed in the shadows behind some crates near
BB & Nunchuk since i KNEW they were his mission objective. A puff of smoke
gun fire, bodies dropping on the floor, Brawler is slashed to the ground, and
Nunchuk gets decapitated. Recluse sets the warehouses ablaze, but not
before I drag Brawler out of there call for Medivac & exit myself.

Time for me to return to the Dreadnoks hideout before they realize I am not
there with them.

Undercover Chuckles as Dreadnok Knuckles, signing off

The Faceless Master
04-09-2005, 10:03 AM
*FYI* Please dont kill of a USED character from Page1 unless that
character is being used by you, or is OK by the original user, thanks!! :D

code red shockwave
04-09-2005, 07:16 PM
Dear Diary,
It has long been assumed that Headman died, but it turns out he's still alive. Instead of smuggling drugs, he now smuggles weapons. With the help of COBRA Commander, he now has Alley Vipers as well as more Headhunters to guard his operations.

It will now be much harder to stop them under these new circumstances, so our Urban Assault team will need plenty of improvement, as well as some new technology to assist us in the assault against the Headhunters. I've discovered my mini-robot tank can not only fire battering rams to break down doors, but it can also take out columns of soldiers in one shot! I've also had Hi-Tech and some of the more technologically savvy specialists of GIJOE to build for us a more armored version of the Patriot Grizzly, since the Alley Vipers' COBRA Rage tanks will be tough to take out on foot.

As leader of the Urban Assault squad, I find each of these individuals to be perfectly qualified for the roles they've been assigned. If I had to choose a better team out there, I wouldn't be able to because this is as good as it gets. The only thing I find annoying about the team is when the recruits ask me if Wide Scope and I are related.

Headman, of course, isn't the worst of our troubles, but it is COBRA Commander that makes life difficult for us. We sometimes cope with sleepless nights as we travel on night missions with none other than my old team, Night Force, to sneak up COBRA's urban Headquarters.

On some occasions, when I am not out there preparing my men for battle, I am able to have a nice chat with Mayday. The fact that a woman like her can shoot practice targets(cardboard versions of COBRAs) in the head from 50 feet is enough to make any man shake in his boots. I feel a slight sense of attraction between me and her, and I hope one day we can have ourselves a personal relationship.

Now I am about to get ready to go on another mission. Until next time, these are my intimate thoughts for today.

Viper Commander
04-09-2005, 11:16 PM
Dear Diary,

I got even more bad news today while Wild Bill was telling me his plan for lifting the USS FLAGG out of the Persian Gulf. A Greenie intelligence expert dashed into my office and told us that Big Brawler is severely injured and Agent Nunchuk has been murdered! They were investigating the NINJA BATS that Tigerclaw fought on AIRBUSTER-2, but an undercover Agent Chuckles witnessed the crime, and he saw a Cobra Ninja named Recluse as the perp! Recluse....... I thought he was supposed to be dead! I knew that we should have checked up on his status, Covert pulled one over on me! I decided to let only Mercer know about this fact, and I called Covert into my office. I asked him why Recluse has been seen again, he shrugged and told me, "Maybe Mindbender cloned him, you never know with Cobra Commander." Covert then calmly stepped out of the office, and Mercer gave me a confused look. We need to catch this Recluse right away, clone or not, he is now our #1 priority. Wild Bill is authorized to start his FLAGG salvage operation. Whoever is not busy with Bill will come with me back to the states. Im going to meet up with Lt. Col. Surefire and give him all the intel I have on Covert's ex squadmates, maybe he'll have some info for me as well.

Conrad S. Hauser

james strickland
04-09-2005, 11:49 PM
I have been injured by chinese stars, and my own extra storage weapons. I was lucky the extra police backup heard my gun go off and they got me out. I fill for nunckuk thought he is dead I do miss him. I am going to be in hispital probly for along time they positioned two Mps, Afew green shirts, and FBI agents by my room. I just think that I will live I may not walk right for the rest of my life but I will get that ninja back for what he did to me. I know he left me for dead. He should relise I am a suvivor and I will get him back. I just wish I could have lost my head and not Nuncuk.
Big Brawler out

04-09-2005, 11:50 PM

[email protected]#N!

*the sound of mettal being smashed as Covert punches a locker he passes*

Looks like Recluse went and drew attention to himself sooner than I expected. I believe I covered myself well enough, but I can't protect him anymore. He killed one of my team-mates, along with several local police up in Washington. I can't just stand aside on this. But at the same time, I swore I'd never fight them. I would volunteer to go along as Wild Bills aviation sniper-cover, but I saw the roster, and Barrel Roll already signed up for that. Low-Light, too, for Lift-Ticket. Unless they need more chopper pilots, I'm stuck going to Washington. I only hope Recluse has gone back into hiding... I'm getting too old for this!

Covert, out

*The sound of another crash, as Covert throws the exit door open hard enough to smash it against the outside wall.*


james strickland
04-10-2005, 12:00 AM
I was told Duke my plan today. Hope it gets the green light. Anyways I going to talk to General Hawk about this hole mess the joes are in because I hate it. I thats why I am going to find Beach head and Sgt. Airborne to see if they want do any thing to night. I know beach head is bad about deoderant and his time off the base.
Wild bill out

04-10-2005, 12:02 AM

Don't know what Covert's deal is. Honestly, really don't care. Me and Bill welcomed him to the team, but we both agreed that we don't trust that snake. Ex- or otherwise. He ain't my problem now, though. Ah got bigger fish to fry.

Brawler's down and Nunchuk's gone. Ah can't believe this. Life-Line still ain't released me to full combat duty, although he's lettin' me push the greenies around. This is unacceptable. That boy don't know the first thing about combat, and Ah'm startin' to believe he ain't learned squat about family yet, either. Yeah, we may all be different in the Joe team, but we're a family... even the ones we don't like. We back each other up, and when one of us is done wrong, we find the person responsible, and we fix it.

Bunk what Life-Line says. Ah'm signin' for Duke's team. Brawler and me been through alot since joinin' the team, and where as Ah may not like the whole Ninja Force gig much, Nunchuk was a Ranger before he was a Ninja, and that means he was real family, which means this Recluse kid is mine! Ah'd love to go help my boy, Bill, but Ah believe that he'd agree that my combat experience is better needed elsewhere.

*Sound of Lifeline's voice coming closer*

Life Line: Wayne, what are you doing? I told you you're not fit for...

*He cut's off with a choked yelp, as he is slammed bodily into a locker*

Beach Head: Listen here! Right now, Ah don't care WHAT you ordered! We got men dyin' out there, and it's gonna keep happenin', 'less we put a stop to it. You wanna stop me, boy, then you go right on ahead and try! You wanna help...

I gave him my pen... I can get another.

Beach Head: ... Then sign up and help!

Ah don't know what he decided. When Ah turned and left, he was still staring at the pen like it was a puzzle that would open some special door for him. Who knows. Maybe it is.

Beach Head, out


04-10-2005, 12:30 AM
V/A JOURNAL: FLINT,T4732 / 09APR05, 1921 HOURS

Man. I come around the corner in the HQ's main hall, because Hollowpoint told me that's where the sign up sheet is for the upcoming Ops. I was planning to sign up on the salvage mission, but after hearing Sgt Mjor Sneeden bawling out Sgt. Steen, it made me think. This team is going to need a few good trackers and and some good combat personell... I think maybe I'd be better off on Duke's list.

I go ahead and move up, after Beach Head leaves, and makes to sign, but I seem to have lost my pen. Looking at Life-Line, I see the one he's holding, and he looks at me as I take it from him, and sign the board. I smile my thanks, but he just gives me this look like I was a dead-man-walking. When I tried to give the pen back, he waved it off like it was a pregnant mama rattlesnake, and turns his back on me, almost running down the hall away from me. Well, I guess I have a pen, now.

Cpl. Flint, out.


04-10-2005, 12:42 AM

Just got off the horn with Duke. Looks like me, Torpedo and the guys that are trying to salvage the FLAGG are about to get some help. Ever since mine and Tiger Claw's plan fell through, I've thought it was a futile effort,anymore, but seems old Bill came up with some new, crazy scheme. Amazing how his crazy schemes seem to work out for the best.

Anyhow, turns out they have a large team going to Washington for a major S&D op, concerning this ninja guy that used to work with that former Night Viper, Covert. Seems he attacked and killed a bunch of cops, plus our own ninja, Nunchuk, and seriously injured Brawler.

Man, what I wouldn't give to be a part of that evolution, but I'm needed here. Keel Haul wants this boat out of the water. I don't think the poor guy even has another home outside of this ship. Poor guy. Get a beach house already!

Wet-Suit out.


04-10-2005, 12:51 AM

Got word from Recluse about a mission he was given from the head Snake, himself. Boy, I bet that steamed ninja boy's hide but good. Old Rag Head better start watchin' his back.

Right now, we're at a party that was quickly thrown together when we got the news. I'm hangin' out with Zanya with the rest of the 'Noks (God only knows why either of us hangs around the bloody morons), and Zartan walks in, smiling big enough that half his grin was hid by that hood o' his. He walks over and turns off the rugby game (thank the maker!) and turns it to the news.

Everyone's complainin' and whinin, but me, Zartan, Zanya and Zarana understand fully when it starts talkin' about a group of cops and 2 GI Joe agents that were attacked. All the cops and one of the Joes... one of them Ninjas... are dead, and the other Joe is in serious condition. It's a party from there. Well, for everyone else.

I head outside, followed by Zanya. I go one way, she goes the other, laughing like a madman. No clue what she's upto, but I have to send a congradulatory message to Recluse. 'At's my boy!


The Faceless Master
04-10-2005, 06:13 PM
Log 22027

Field agents have reported that a gang calling themselves Black Dragon Clan
have been causing a ruckus in the gang world. Hmm, interestingly enough,
there are traces of this Black Dragon Clan being headquartered and financed
via Extensive Enterprises, but we have no solid proof to back this up.
We DO have, however some evidence that the Black Dragon & the Headman
have had dealings with each other, so am gonna have to send Shockwave &
his Urban Assault team to shakedown this operation before things get bad.
This Urban Assault team will comprise of:
Bullet Proof, Mutt & his k9 Junkyard, Coast Guard operations Cutter, Long Arm,
Barricade, Law, Muskrat, & lastly undercover agent Mace all led by Shockwave
I will use my connections with the LAPD, NYPD, Detroit PD & lastly Miami PD for
full cooperation on this crackdown.

Duke requested a meeting with me to talk about Recluse & his former
squadmates. Unfortunately my superiors at the pentagon have deemed this
a classified subject matter on a need to know basis, and Duke doenst need
to know.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
04-10-2005, 06:21 PM
April 10, 05

After convening in Duke's office to talk about the Seattle incident, I confronted
Covert down the hall about what exactly he knew regarding this Ninja Recluse.
He gave me silence. I looked him dead in the eye & said:
"You better start fessin up about EVERYTHING you know regarding Cobra
Commander, his clones, his Ninja BATs operation & this Recluse fella, or the
ONE person who DOES believe that you have changed loyalties, wont believe
anymore. And just to let you know, I aint that guy."
I left him in the hallway to ponder that. Duke seems to be losing faith in him,
so hopefully he straightens out.

Mercer, out

The Faceless Master
04-10-2005, 06:24 PM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #2, day 194

I returned to the temporary Dreadnok hideout, aka bar after the Seattle fiasco.
Doesnt seem like anybody noticed i was gone, since everybody is either drunk
or passed out.
The "Z's" looked serious, but Zandar stepped out followed by Zanya.
Not sure if anything is going on between those too, and it would look too
suspicious if i followed them. Better lay low for a while.

Undercover Chuckles aka Dreadnok Knuckles signing off

The Faceless Master
04-10-2005, 06:35 PM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 2
*Deep in the inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

A big operation is going down. The Cobra Hierarchy is being gathered up for a
massive 3 hour meeting in the conference room. Unfortunately none of the
faceless Cobra troopers, not even the Crimson Guard Immortals are telling me
about it cuz the information is not leaking.
Some Crimson Guards have undergone cranial testing, and those who passed
were immediately sent to Scalpel for facial reconstruction. Wonder what that
is about. Luckilly for me I knew just enough NOT to pass so that I dont have
to undergo the invasive surgery.
I will see if I can grab some quick info while serving the hierarchy their pink
raspberry lemonade this evening & will report to Lt Col Sure Fire asap.

Agent Faces, out

04-10-2005, 06:36 PM

Just got confronted by Mercer. After what he told me, I had to laugh. They want to know everything I know about Cobra Commander. Thing is, I already told Duke everything I know about that freak. No love lost here... I never liked the guy to begin with. Why did I stay working for him? Eh, who knows? Why does anyone work for him?

Then he asks what I know about these Ninja BATs. I think I did a good job of keeping a straight face, and hiding my confusion. "Ninja BATs" I remember back in the early '80s, when the ninja craze hit the US, old Towelhead tried that out. But Mindbender couldn't figure out how to do it. Technology was different back then, and it was impossible at the time. The entire idea was scrapped in exchange for the beginning development of the Venom project. That failed, and was subsequently scrapped, too, but recently, Mindbender found a way to make it work after all. I guess that means the Ninja BATs are a possibility, too, now. Doesn't matter, anyhow. My access at the time was severly limited, as, at the time, I was just a grunt Viper and had no clearance. But the way things look, even if I told them that, they wouldn't believe me. Ah, well, orders are orders. I'll send that info, limited as it is, to Duke in a digital report, and let him decide from there. Lately, though, I'm starting to wonder the same thing I wondered as an agent of Cobra... why do I bother staying? And again the answer... "who knows?"

As for Recluse, well, even what I know about him is limited. Cobra Ninja Viper, trained by Agent Strom Shadow. Oh, and he has a problem with his stealth capabilities, and a penchant for violence... obviously. I'll give that to Duke, but that's still not much to go on. I'm poretty sure it's stuff he already knows or has guessed.

Anyhow, I'll send all that in a report before I hit the rack, and if they want to believe me or not, I'm getting to the point of not caring anymore.

Covert, out.

*Covert's voice*

Covert: I'm getting to old for this.


Viper Commander
04-10-2005, 09:28 PM
Dear Diary,

After arriving in Seattle, one group of Joes stayed with me and the others reported back to HQ for new assignments. My team consists of: Beachhead, Mercer, CPL. Flint, Covert, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Tigerclaw, Kamakura, Jinx, Lifeline, and Mainframe. Wild Bill has started his salvage operation in the Persian Gulf, and will let everyone know the good news when the FLAGG is lifted. Every Cobra hideout we found had been long abandoned, its apparent they finished their business and left no traces. I hope the Lt Col. has better luck than I. We did manage to find Agent Chuckles posing as a Dreadnok recruit, he had to reveal his identity since Beachhead was about to lay the smackdown. He told us what he knew, and now Lady Jaye wants to nab Zarana really bad. One lingering question remained, where did Recluse go? It seems that after he completed his job he simply vanished. Covert looked relieved to hear it, and that didnt sit well with the other Joes. This nonsense is going to stop soon, I know that when Covert arrests Recluse himself the other Joes will finally trust him. I have always believd that a good leader should have faith in the loyalty of his men, hopefully Covert will not let me down. Snake Eyes and his students are getting restless, I know they want to find this rogue Cobra ninja and take him in. Scarlett tells me that Snake Eyes wants to search in Japan, he thinks Storm Shadow may have accepted Recluse as the mysterious new memebr of the Arashikage Clan. I called a couple buddies stationed in Japan and set things up with the local JSDF officer. The GiJoe ninjas led by Scarlett are off to Japan, while the rest are coming with me to the swamps of Florida, we're gonna bag a Dreadnok. Yooooooo Joe!!!!!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-10-2005, 10:09 PM

Master Storm Shadow has taught me a lot these past weeks, I now understand why I shouldn't strike the killing blow even if I have a clear shot. Cobra Commander has been trying to get me on more missions, but Master has managed to dissaude him everytime. We are on Arashikage holy ground, doing our morning meditations, just last week my name was inscribed in the official Arashikage logs. Now, no other tattooed member can kill me and I cannot kill another tattooed member, that is the unwritten rule of our clan. After our meditations its a full day of training, I like this life, pursuing the prefection of my art. That night I checked my comm-link, three very interesting new voicemail, one from Firefly, one from Zandar, and one from NV1.

FF "Good job killing taking care of the pest problem kid, looks like your making a name for yourself. Just stay outta my way and we'll be square, Firefly, out."

Zandar "Oy! Recluse! We're 'avin a party in yur honor lad, all of the Noks are real proud o ya, Zartan sends his congrats as well as Zarana! Dreadnok 4 loif!!! We'll be seein ya real soon after yur trainins done, stay sharp boyo!"

NV1 "Recluse!!! What the heck do you think your doiing!!! Duke' and the other Joes are going to make me arrest you for all the trouble you caused, give me one good reason why I shoud cover your @$%??? This is your commanding officer NV1, over and out."

I sent NV1 a copy of the Commander barking his orders ( at me, I hope he'll understand that I had no choice...

04-10-2005, 11:03 PM
We're in Japan again...
The best of the best Joe Ninjas...

At the Arishakage complex high in the moutains...

Snake Eyes has given us newly updated maps the complex here and we have fanned out to block all possible exits routes. We're all Ninja's too, so we know what tricks these guys might use to get away....

We weren't sure that we'd actually find "Recluse" here until I just got recieved a message from Hacker!! Apparently a large file was just intercepted being sent to Covert's wrist com from HERE! It's from this Recluse guy.

He thought that he'd set up a false file path and protected the router's location, but apparently he's a deadly assasin, but not such a great hacker...

Master Snake Eyes is on the roof and just gave us the thumbs up, meaning that he has visual contact!

I'm going in!

There is Dice!


There was Dice... He won't wake up for a while!


james strickland
04-11-2005, 12:42 AM
Wlid bill (team A leader):"team A on one side, Team B on the rear,Team C takes the other side opisite team A, and Team D takes the front"
Ace(team D leader): "roger wild bill"
Slip stream (team C leader) : "Team C ready"
Lift Ticket (Team B leader): "Ready"
Wild Bill:" Okay now that were in position drop the lines"
Wet suit:"We are hitching the hooks know"
Wild Bill: " Wet suit give me the okay when your ready"
Wetsuit:"We will be ready here soon"
Lift Ticket:"Wild Bill You sure this will work?"
Wild Bill:"Yes, It should partner. With these skycranes and Heavy duty wire it should be enough to get us a shore at least."
Wetsuit: "your ready Wild Bill"
Wild bill: "roger"(Radio Break)"All teams Slowly now pull up"
Wetsuit: "We got you covered down here"
(The flagg slowly lifts out of the Persion gulf with no problems. )
Wild bill: "Slowly every one move foward"
(the Flagg moves east nice and slow with wetsuit and his divers in Sea Devils behind them. )
Wild Bill: "Okay partners we are almost thier. As soon as we get the flagg to the Repair docks we will slowly lower it into place."
All teams:" 10-4"
(Every still going good at the repair docks Admiral Keel Haul waits for the flagg with the repair crews. )
Wild Bill: "Ace, You see the docs yet?"
Ace:"Yes, I do I see the boats thier"
Wild Bill: "good"
( they lower speeds as they aproch the docs and prepare to stop to a hover)
Wild bill:" Alright partners I want you to follow me word by word"
All team leaders: "Roger"
(they reach the repair docks and Start lowering it)
Wild Bill: "Thats good boys, keep it up slowly know"
teams: "roger"
Wet suit: "The ship has landed"
Wild bill: "Yawho,Drinks on me once we land boys"
Teams: "yeeehoooo"
Wet suit: " all disconnected.What about my Divers Wild Bill"
Wild bill: "thier welcome to join as well,sorry Partner"
Wet suit'steam:"yawhoo"

Later(personal log)
Boy I am glad that was over I was glad it worked. I just told Hawk and Flagg the good news.
Wild bill out

The Faceless Master
04-11-2005, 01:04 AM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 3
*Deep in the inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

Cobra Commander called for 12 goblets of Pink Raspberry lemonade into the
conference room wherein the Cobra Hierarchy were convening.
The 2minutes that I was inside, i was able to gather this information:
Apparently Ninja BATs are controlled remotely from personell on Cobra Island.
Cobra Commander has hired a freelance mercenary named Aleph & a group of
hi-tech ninjas calling themselves Night Creepers, basically computer geeks
with blackbelts.
Each of the 20 elite Night Creepers has a headset that can remotely control
one or up to 10 Ninja BATs at a time, instantaneously moving just as they do
<*similar to that scene in Spytroops with Storm Shadow ;) *>.

That is all that I could gather cuz a Crimson Guard Immortal shooed me out
of the room. Am transmitting this info to Lt Col Sure Fire ASAP.

Agent Faces, out

The Faceless Master
04-11-2005, 01:10 AM
Log 22028

Duke & his team arrived in Seattle several hours ago with no sign of Cobra
whatsoever, just as expected.
No word from Shockwave or his team of Urban Defense Specialists, as the
pentagon wants to rename them - either.
The ONLY bright note tonight is the fact that Agent Faces came back with
some intel about how Ninja BATs are controlled and who is controlling them.
Who or what Aleph & the Night Creepers are, we dont know yet. I should
contact our Joe Ninjas & ask them what they know about them.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

04-11-2005, 06:37 AM

SKYHOOKS!?!? As soon as me, Eddy and Hector heard that, we just covered our faces and groaned. Why didn't we think of that!? Well, probably because we're SeALs, not SeaBees or Airdales. Well, much to everyone's satisfaction, it worked.

Now, here we sit, in a bar not too far from where the ship is docked, Bill dishing out a month's pay for the first round. His mistake, really. He said he was buying, but he seems to forget, if there's one thing we do better than fight, it's swim. And if there's one thing we do better than swim, it's drink. I'll be doing shots, thanks you. But Torpedo... look at him... just sitting by himself, sipping fruit juice... not a soul to talk to... and you know that bastard's still having fun, in his own odd little way. Freak.
Wet-Suit out.


04-11-2005, 09:58 AM

Seems this Recluse is stiring up the Joes a bit. Good it keeps them off our operations here at M.A.R.S.

Apparentlly the Joes have managed to get the Flagg into doc for repairs. As Destro has ordered me to infiltrate the Flagg and set up some software into the Flaggs weapon systems, along with a few other suprises. I will have squadron of A.G.P.'s, along with a deversion force of dominators headed by Metal Head. I'm not to sure about him yet hopefully he will not forget why we are here. Being called to the Hanger 4, time to load up.

Till next time

04-11-2005, 10:59 AM
(headset Com traffic)

Jinx: Report in!

Tj'Bang: east wing secure!

Bushido: West wing secure!

Banzai: Haia!!! Front bridge secure!

Kamakura: I'm busy here! Hang on!! Clang -Clang!

Dojo: "I'm injured, but the rear door is secure!"

Snake Eyes: "Click-click!"

T'ginzu: "No action back here in my pile-driver!"

Tigerclaw: "I'm going in! Wish me luck!"

Jinx: "OK, then lets all proceed to backup Snake eyes in the main chamber!"

I can see Snake eyes locked in a battle with Stormshadow and a couple other ninjas in the main courtyard...

And what do you know... Here is our guy! Trying to sneak up on Snake eyes while he's occupied!.

Now is my chance! I toss one of those little EMP grenades into the guy's grappling hook holster!

He feels it and starts running for me!

This is going to knock out my wrist com... I hope it works...


He's on the floor....... fizz// ..///.........

Viper Commander
04-11-2005, 06:26 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

After the USS FLAGG was lifted, I volunteered for another mission while the rest partied for a few days straight, I joined Duke in Florida to bag some Dreadnoks. Its been a while since Ive used my Balisong, and Im itchin for a knife fight with a Nok. Ive just arrived in Dade County, and after stopping at an old SEAL buddie's house to pick up a ride, I roared into a remote dirt lot in my buddie's 68 Chevelle. Duke was already there with Beachhead, Mercer, Lady Jaye, Lifeline, Mainframe, Covert, and a Greenie CPL. Flint. After getting our gear ready, we started heading into the swamps, the Dreadnoks wont know what hit them. Yo Joe!

We ran into a few Noks on the way in, mostly just low level recruits. Beachhead and I dispatched them with ease. We came upon a small bunker half buried in swamp marsh, Dreadnoks were guarding the front entry of this place. Covert took one out with a well placed sniper shot and LJ took out the other with her crossbow. Mainframe disabled the security panel and we made our way into the Dreadnok bunker...

Viper Commander
04-11-2005, 07:13 PM
Dear Diary,

After getting into the Dreadnok bunker, we made our way down a long narrow corridor. Myself, Beachhead, Mercer, Torpedo, Cpl. Flint and Mainframe are carrying M4 carbines with a Knights silencer. Lady Jaye has a crossbow and two Colt .45 Autos. Covert has his PSG-1 and both him and Lifeline also have MP5s for backup. Covert took the lead since he has the most experience in the dark, I kept pace with him as our squad kept traversing down the stairs.

We found a massive underground warehouse! And Torpedo and I both could tell that the Dreadnoks were storing AIRBUSTER parts for Cobra Commander! And worse, we saw one of the "Jugglers"! He was having a conversation with Tomax and Xamot, with Cobra Comander overlooking them on a wall mounted monitor. They were talking about transporting the "Black Boxes" from all three AIRBUSTERS and using the data to build a new and improved version. I recorded everything with my Joe-comm camera. Im gonna get a copy of this to HAWK ASAP! YOOOOO JOOOOEEE!!!

All of a sudden we turned around and Zartan was standing there with his brother and sister!! They started shooting without a word and we started shooting back. Crimson Guards poured out of every corner and hiding place and soon the firefight was on!!! During the melee all the big fish started to retreat, and pretty soon the Dreanoks were gone too, it was just Joe Vs Siegies. Lady Jaye took off after Zarana and I told Mercer and CPL. Flint to follow her and make sure shes safe. While the rest of us kept picking off Seigies, Mainframe scanned the room to see if the "Black Boxes" could still be at our location, no such luck. All thats left is munitions and weapon control system panels. After we defeated the Seigies, a Greenshirt taskforce was called in to secure the area, I sent all my updated intel to my superiors. I hope LJ, Mercer, and CPL. Flint get back soon. Yo joe!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-11-2005, 07:59 PM

When the EMP wave hit me, I blacked out for a few seconds. Little did Tigerclaw know that my nanite treatments are self repairing and the EMP had a very limited effect on me, so I pretended to stay down. When Tigerclaw came to grab me, I let him slung me over his shoulder and I made my move! I put his head into a headlock and kicked his torso, flipping myself off his body and twisting his neck enough to injure but not kill. He was slammed against the wall and I pinned him to it with two Kunai thru his arms! I then stuck two more into his shoulders to keep him pinned to the wall, he screamed in pain. The fight stopped and everyone had their attention on me! Snake Eyes dashed at me but I extended my blade to Tigerclaws neck so he stopped. I then decided to try some forbidden ninja arts that I learned from my time with Master Storm Shadow. My first move is called the "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (,kage%20bunshin%20no%20jutsu)", or the Shadow Clone Technique. Master Storm Shadow looked pleased when he saw my success at this move, since no one has achieved this in 500 years! 38 clones of me filled the room and the Joe ninjas were soundly defeated by Master with help from my clones. After the battle was over, one of my clones freed Tigerclaw from his wall, but Tigerclaw slashed his throat open and he puffed into ash. At that point all my clones puffed into ash and I used my second move "Biransei No Jutsu (,biransei%20no%20jutsu)", the poison gas technique. Tigerclaw and the others passed out and I escaped with Master...

We are now in Tibet, and will be hiding here for a while. Master has decided to give me the "Arashikage Forbidden Scroll", full of long lost techniques that even he and Snake Eyes cant master. We are not with Red Ninjas, so its just me and Master, sparring and training all day. When next I reveal myself, the world will know to fear the name Recluse.

04-11-2005, 09:21 PM

We are over the drop zone. Light just hit green. I am jumping with three well tained Annihilator's. Metal Head will continue with the rest to the landing zone just outside of town. The A.G.P. Squadron is waiting just outside of the Flaggs radar capabilities. here we goooo........

We have hit the ground no one seemed to notice. The Annihilator's quickly hide our heavy gear and change it to doc worker uniforms. I gave them there final instructions. Find the Joes and keep an eye on them.

I leave the Annihilator's with the knowledge they will do as ordered or have to deal with the Destro and the Baroness.

Upon making my way through town I found a dive just off the docs. It was full of Joes. Wetsuit, Wild Bill, Lift Ticket, Low-light and a few others I did not take the time to find out. This was almost too good to pass up but if I do not complete my mission Destro will not be pleased, although Metal Head may just find out about it. He would relish the situation. For now on with my mission. This may be more difficult than planned. May need to make a few extra securities before my main project.

Next log when I'm aboard.

Till Next Tme

04-11-2005, 09:24 PM
Journal Log #1

Its funny to see how many journal books I've gone through since Destro darling and I have been together. Reading back on some of my entries, I just can't understand why I stay with him. He's arrogant, malicious, secretive (but who isn't), and a womanizer! Yet, I'm drawn to power, and Destro is power in its most solid form. Cobra Commander believes himself to be almighty and powerful, yet he is nothing but a cowering child compared to my darling.

Today that infantile Cobra Commander was throwing a fit because someone had starched and accidently bleached his hood. He was ranting and raving all through the morning and shooting any laundry viper that happened to cross his path. What a sight he was! His hood looked like an inverted snow cone with patches of white, light blue, and dark blue.

There is a new female viper that was recruited today. I caught her several times eyeing my Destro. It seems another accident may have to be arranged.

04-12-2005, 06:50 AM

Bloody... !!

Well, our trap for the Joes went off almost perfectly. Half the Segies we had here went to take on the Joes after Zarana, Zartan and I buishwacked. 'em. When we turned to go, though, a stray round (I believe from one of the Segies... morons)... caught Zartan in the leg. Zarana took off a different direction, with Lady Jaye in tow. Her and her vendettas!

Anyhow, Zartan was able to igone his wound until we hit the top of the excape tunnel. By then, his leg had had enough, but good 'ol Zanya was there to catch his left side when I caught his right, and we eased him onto the Segie HISS that was there. One of the Segies there, a Physician by trade (what is with these guys!?), took a look and said it was really more of a fleshwound, but the running tore it up a bit worse. It'll require a few stitches, and a day or two off of it, and Zartan'll be right as rain. Oy, he's had worse'n this before, by far.

I head off to the side on my own, and send out a call to Recluse, now, and let him know that it appeared his old buddy, Night Viper One, was leading this little shindig.


The Faceless Master
04-12-2005, 09:32 AM
April 12, 05

Quick audiovox log while Cpl Flint <aka Stoney> and I chase after Lady Jaye.
Why is she carrying a crossbow?
Man!! She sure is determined to catch that Zarana...

Mercer, out

The Faceless Master
04-12-2005, 09:34 AM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #3, day 196

Am currently riding on Monkeywrench's chopper escaping a group of Joes who
ambushed us at our hideout. Lt Col Surefire didnt notifiy me of this & pretty
much caught me off guard!! Three joes are still giving chase.
Lady Jaye, the ex-Cobra Viper? and a newbee I havent seen before.
I sure hope that ex-Cobra Viper & newbee KNOW that I am on their side!!

Undercover Chuckles aka Dreadnok Knuckles signing off

04-12-2005, 10:11 AM

*whispering* I have managed to infiltrate onto the Flagg. This thing is crazy with activity fixing the repairs from the last attack. There are a number of green shirts doing guard duty. As far as Joes go i have only seen Keel Haul up on the command deck barking orders like a mad man.

*whispering* I have made my way into one of the weapon system room's. Need to hurry someone will start missing those two green shirts soon that where guarding this area. Have started downloading the info Destro gave me. Shows 15 min and counting...... Making a sweep of the area......

Till Next Time

The Faceless Master
04-12-2005, 01:04 PM
*audiovox communicators recording a conversation between security personell*

Law: Psst, did you hear that?

Spearhead: Hear what?

Law: Blipping

Spearhead: So?

Law: We just resurrected the sunken FLAGG Carrier, why is the computer
systems blipping already?

Spearhead: Uh oh, should we alert the others?

Law: Lets send our rabid security pets in there for a looksy...

Lightfoot: Hey!! Whats with all the whispering?

Law: Sshh, we think there might be an intruder aboard!!

Lightfoot: Hmm, my thermal indicators are sensing 35 warm bodies on the FLAGG tho

Spearhead: There's only supposed to be 30 of us, HIT THE ALARM!!


04-12-2005, 04:30 PM
.....just finished my sweep saw a couple of Joes, Law and Spearhead, but they didn't seem notice me. The timer for the download just ended. DAMMIT who wrote it to beep when it was finished. I'll have a discussion when I get back........"INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT"....... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GREAT someone will pay for that snafu.

Broadcasting on scrambled channel. "Metal Head move in with the Dominators, Annihilator's grab your gear and cover from the docs, Nullifiers need air extraction A.S.A.P."

Need to get this decoy program running......Done it has started time to leave...Wait I hear foot steps outside going stealth mode..........

Till Next Time

*Blam* the door busts open as a dog and a big cat come flying in. Two maybe three figures just outside the door. The animals look a little confused and move towards the two green shirts in the far corner. Some says "Looks clear, Order and Max have found something in the corner. I'm going in." Law starts to step through when "Wait there’s a heat source to your left". Close enough. I drop 2 grenades as I shove Law through the door way. A concussion inside the room and an IR Smoke in the hall way. Law trips on the seal as we go through the door, I use this leverage to tumble past Spearhead and Lightfoot. As I come to my feet "FREEZE". I stop and turn around to see Law on the ground and Spearhead have draw their pistols, Lightfoot is holding some odd device. Must be the thermal sensor. "Hands Up" yells Law as he comes to his feet. I slowly raise my hands knowing smoke and a boom are coming. About the time I have my hands near my chest the smoke canister blows, I shut off my optical sensors and hit the flash pack on my vest, while dropping to the ground. Gun fire rings out and bullets start bouncing off the walls. "STOP SHOOTING THE ARE BOUNCING ALL AR........*BOOM* the concussion grenade blows in the room behind them. One of them lands on me. Turning my optical sensors back on, I get up and stab him in the leg, one less to follow me. I slowly start making my way to the flight deck through the smoke and ringing in my ears.............

Broadcasting scrambled channel..*cough, cough* the Joes know I'm here accelerate evak A.S.A.P. ...out.

james strickland
04-13-2005, 12:45 AM
I gettin sent to the dock's for communcation checks on the flagg. On my way to the tomahawk Lt. Falcon, and several green shirts hope on as well. Once in the air, I asked why he ran aboard. he told me thier was a security breech and general hawk wanted to know why we are headed that way with you. Boy, I thought I was going to fix something now sounds like a battle is going to happen. I hope it works.
dial tone out

james strickland
04-13-2005, 12:56 AM
I was stuck at the main gates to the dock and an intruder got in, boy, I know junkyard and me would have the intruder for lunch if we were thier. I now Its not any of the joes thier fault. corbra has aliot opf snakey p[eople with them.Any how I heard General Hawk is sending Falcon in to make sure we can handle it. I know this has been Rough few mionths but we have to straighten up and get every thing going on the right track ,if we don't we will fail.
Mutt out

Viper Commander
04-13-2005, 05:16 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

We're still watching the Greenshirts clear out this Dreadnok warehouse, Im just tossing around my Balisong. Sure is taking LJ a long time, I hope Mercer and that new kid Stoney have her covered, I should've gone with them. This is my first time in action with Covert, although I still dont know what to make of him, at least I know he's highly competent in battle. Duke's talking to the suits back at the Pentagon, while Beachhead is teasing Lifeline and Mainframe about not showing up for morning drills the past few months, haha good old Beach. From the looks of things, Cobra wants to build a new AIRBUSTER using an aircraft carrier, with smaller flying battleships to form an aerial armada. We all saw what Duke recorded on his Joecomm, and now Gen Hawk, Gen Flagg, and Lt. Col. Surefire will see it too. I wonder what our next moves gonna be, cant stand all this waiting, think Ill go help the Greenies with some heavy lifting.

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out.

Viper Commander
04-13-2005, 05:39 AM
Dear Diary,

Just got off the Joecomm with my superiors, I hope they appreciate what I captured on video. I think one of the Jugglers is a deep cover Seigie, gotta see if I can prove it somehow, what should my next move be? I tried getting LJ, Mercer or Stoney on my Joecomm, just static. I got the same thing when I tried Scarlett's team in Japan. Just then Torpedo alerted me to something he found! One of the crates that he was carrying was marked for delivery to Cobra Island, and it was a huge coffin sized crate. We pried it open with crowbars, and lifted the lid. Inside lay a new shiny BAT, instead of arms it had swords and spikes all over its body, this thing looked like a giant action figure from that turtle cartoon! All of a sudden the BAT's optical sensors lit up, and the other crates burst open as well! Off to the side we heard the screams of Greenies as more of these BATs came walking towards us, everyone jumped to their feet, ready for battle. Where's a ninja when you need one? Yoooooo Jooooe!!!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-13-2005, 06:02 AM
Digital Entry:

On my way to extract Wraith from the USS FLAGG, all of our AGP got downed except mine and two wingmen, but we did some major damage to the already shaken Joes stationed here. Metal Head and the Annihilators will seal the deal with ease. I've just landed on the flight deck as our friendlies begin their assault, I love the smell of ordnance at midnight :D! Wraith jumps into the back of my AGP and we take off, fighting our way up and off the USS FLAGG. We shoot down quite a few Tigerhawk jets on our way out, those things are no match for Destro's elite! All I know is that Im supposed to take him back to Destro, and nothing beyond that, so Ill do the best job I can.

Viper Commander
04-13-2005, 06:45 AM

I haven't made an entry for a while, since Ive been training my Ninja techniques with Master Storm Shadow. Today, I defeated him during sparring for the first time! Instead of being angry, he looked extremely pleased. He asked me if I knew about the history of our Arashikage ancestors, I had to stop him, OUR ancestors? He told me to take off my mask and look in a small mirror, I guess I never noticed since my memory was erased when joining Cobra, Im Asian! He told me that only a person with pure Arashikage blood running thru his veins could master the forbidden arts which he has taught me, and I was probably one of the long lost twin sons of Hardmaster! Stormshadow was originally not supposed to be the heir to our clan, because Hardmaster had his own children who were kidnapped by the Yakuza when they were barely infants, Stormshadow was called in at 15 so the clan could be passed down to family blood. No one ever knew what became of the newborns who were taken away on that stormy night. A little too much for me to swallow all at once, so I ran out of the cave and climbed to a snowy peak to meditate. Just then my comm-link beeped.

Covert just led the Joes on a raid of a Dreadnok warehouse, and now Zartan has it in for him. Great, more good news, hopefully I can stay out of a confrontation with Covert. I need to find my lost brother, I never knew anything about my family before!

After going back to the cave, Master persuaded me to stay and finish my training. I accepted my cousin's offer, and we started to spar again right away...

04-13-2005, 08:46 AM

*wind whistling by* After ditching Law and Spearhead through the lower levels. I ran into Nullifier 68 for extraction. We made our way back to his A.P.G. There was some gun fire as we took off but he expertly dodge as his wingmen provided cover.

*Broadcasting on scrambled channel* "Metal Head, Annihilators we are cleared out, pull out."
MH: No way I have the Joes pinned down and I still have plenty of ordnance left.
"Fine your in charge of the ground forces, out"

I hope what ever that program was does its job. Now back to Destro for debriefing.

Till Next Time

04-13-2005, 08:51 AM
Well I was pretty annoyed. I got beaten up by that Recluse guy again!
Next time, I'll know to try a different tactic. But how will I deal with some of those cartoony techniques? What is this guy, a video game character?

The rest of the team have a few bruises, but are mostly fine, wxcept Dojo, who was stabbed.

Despite this setback, this mission was apparently a MAJOR success.

Before the "Attack of the Clones" we had successfully neutralized over two dozen Arishikage members. Including infamous Cobra operatives such as Slice, Dice, Slash and Junko. So the Rogue/Cobra faction of the clan is nearly all in custody!

Being ninjas ourselves, we know all of the escape tricks, so we were very careful in securing these prisoners. We have them all stripped to the waist, blindfolded, cuffed behind their backs and at the ankles. All of that in addition to the fact that some of then are still unconscious.

Later we transferred these prisoners to a number of secure locations that we secretly selected. We don't want any infiltrators or spies picking up on where these prisoners are being kept. And even if they do, keeping these prisoners seperate will prevent a mass escape.

Beep-beep... Another message from Hi-Tech!!

He has intercepted another transmission from Recluse. Apparently Recluse doesn't know that we have his com transmitter's frequency and it's randomization algorythm...
What should we do now, Master?

04-13-2005, 06:35 PM

Well, it's a crying shame Eddy went to Florida and missed out on this one. Had an intruder on the FLAGG tonight. Got passed Law and Spearhead, and into the control room. Lightfoot went to assist them, but ended up with a knife in his leg for his efforts. Looks like instead of Lightfoot for a while, it's gonna be Leftfoot.

Well, so far as we can tell, wasn't no damage to the ship, except that the guy was using the computer for something. Hacker's searching the system, now, looking for any kind of virus or anything, while me, Depth Charge and Mainer patrol the area under water, and Shipwreck, Cutter and Topside patrol above decks in Piranhas with the guns manned by greenshirts.

So far, nothing, not even an Eel or a Moray left behind to see how this plays out. I don't know. Something just ain't right.

Wet-Suit out.


04-13-2005, 06:49 PM
V/A JOURNAL: FLINT, T4732 / 12APR05, 2106 HOURS

Man, lady Jaye must really want Zarana, bad. It's all Mercer and I can do to keep up. Mercer's out ahead of me, and Lady jaye ahead of him. I'm more used to the open of the deserts, being as I'm from New Mexico, and all my combat experience has been over in the Middle East, so this forest Zarana's running us though leaves me a bit apprehensive. Suddenly, there's a blur of movement, and I stop. My tracker's instinct tells me we're not alone out here... Zarana's got friends. I turn to tell Mercer, but he and Lady Jaye have already rounded the bin. Well, that's why we have the "Joe-Comms". I'll just call them up, and tell them what I think... UGH!

A sharp pain in my chest... looking down, I see the combat knife there... looking up I see the smile, and I realize my mistake. Zarana doesn't have company here... she has family. I feel the knife ripped out of my chest, and all I can do is fall. Looking up, or rather, back, the way we had come, I see Covert round the bend. He freezes for a second, then he yells something... all I hear is a dull drone... I see him drop to a knee, his big rifle coming up... and... and............

*Computerized voice from lifesign monitor*

Pulse: Stopped
Resperatory: Stopped
Brainwave: Faili... Stopped

Subject, Flint, Travis, SN: 4732, US Army, Deceased, 12APR05, 2109 HOURS


04-13-2005, 06:54 PM

Yeah, that's right Joes, follow ol' Zarana out into the deep dark forest. That's where the big bad wolf's waitin' for ya'. Here we go... I'll let Lady Jaye and Mercer past... Zarana wants Jaye for herself, and Mercer can wait. I'll get this rookie, first. He stops... must have seen me move... that's pretty good. But not good enough, as I step up from behind, bring my knife around, and plunge it deep into his chest, up through the lungs, and the heart beyond that. The look on his face is pricelss. I pulls the knife back out, and he drops like a sack of jello.

*Background voice* NO!

I hear the voice, and I turn to look. By the time I get turned, there's our old buddy, Night Viper One... or as the Joes are calling him, "Covert"... on one knee. I fugred to give him a wave, but I see that rifle come up. Realing I'm his target, I try to duck to the side, when I see the muzzle flash...


04-13-2005, 07:06 PM

After we got the goons at the 'Nok HQ knocked down and mopped up, I figured Lady Jaye and Mercer could use a hand from my night vision gear out in that swamp. I took off at a run after them...

... and come to a stop as I round a bend. Standing there, a bloody knife in hand, stands Zandar, while Cpl. Flint falls, in slow motion, to the gound. The kid tilts his head back, and looks at me, life already fading from his eyes. Zandar turns to look at me... I may have yelled at him, I'm not sure... but I drop to a knee, bringing the rifle to bear. Dropping my gaze through the site, I see Zandar's eyes widen in realiziation, and he makes to dodge.

I've seen him operate. I've seen how he moves. He's impressive.

But this is night time. My time. And the sniper rifle is my chosen tool.

I fire once, and I see the red spray from the side of his head, as he goes down in a heap beside Cpl. Flint. I wait a moment, then crouch-crawl over to them, watching the forest through my NV for more Dreadnoks. I don't see any, not even when I switch to IR and UV. I check Flint's signs, and even his life meter on his wrist-comm, and there is no doubt in my mind. Hawk has a letter to write. The I check Zandar. The wonund to his head is sup[erficial, but I may have cracked the skull under it. He'll live. That's good. Death's too easy for his kind. Rolling Zandar onto his back, I cuff him, and disarm him, then I check Flint.

When i look into his face, I see he really is just a kid... dead in a jungle.... where he never should have been. Suddenl;y, if only for an instant, I'm back in 'Nam. Just like then, I snap Flint's dog-tag chain, and put the tags in my carg pouch. Then I call it in.

*Over Operations frequency*

Covert: All units, all units, this is Agent Covert. I have Dreadnok "Zandar" in custody. He is in need of medical attention, but he is alive.

*A brief pause, followed by a more subdued voice.

Covert:Also, Cpl. Travis Flint is KIA. I need a pick up for both of them. Sending signal now. Come down on my position.

Taking a squat in the shadows, I wait. Every few seconds, a new idea on how to "accidentally" kill Zandar comes to mind. I push it away, though. I'm one of the good guys now... again... and that's not how we operate.

Covert, out


04-13-2005, 07:24 PM

Ah'm standin' here razzin' Mainframe and Lifeline about missin' PT. Truth be told, Ah'm glad Lifeline come along on this after all. It really helps to have a medic along, and I been through alot with this one, here. We're just getting ready to pack it up, and... wait a second, Covert's saying something on the emergency frequency... oh no!

Ah don't think Ah ever seen Lifeline look so angry. Grabbing his big metal medkit, he turns and sprints off like he PTs 5 times a day or somethin. That's aight, though, cause I'm right behind him. He ain't watchin' his flanks, and he's gonna need cover.

Beach Head, out


Viper Commander
04-13-2005, 07:51 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

Before we fought the the heaps of scrap that Cobra left here, Covert took off into the dark jungle to see if LJ needed backup, its no good for a sniper to be fighting robots in CQC. A few seconds later and Covert is on the Joecomm requesting a medic ASAP! Lifeline and Bechhead take off after them, and thats when the BATS come to life! These Ninja BATs are fast! They seem to be reacting to my moves, as if someone was controlling them from a remote location, good thing my reaction is faster. Ill tell ya right now, no martial arts is comparable to my SEAL CQC training, so we started to mop these suckers up real quickly. I can wrestle sharks if I wanted to, and I have before, this was a cakewalk. I started ripping the arms off of these tin cans, while Duke and Mainframe bashed their metal faces into scrap with crowbars. We were all a bit cut up, but nothin major to worry about. Soon as we make sure none of these metal trash cans can move anymore, we follow the others out into the jungle. What I saw made me extrememly angry...

Lifeline was on the ground, desperately trying to revive CPL. FLint. Beachhead was helping by trying to stop the blood from his chest, while Covert pointed a SOCOM pistol at a cuffed and bound Zandar like he wanted to kill him. We ran up to them, and I asked Covert what the heck happened. So this oranged hair punk killed our recruit! I almost lost control and bashed the Nok's head in, but I remember how much I pride myself on discipline, so aall I did was tighten the cuffs on Zandars wrists. It was no good, CPL. Flint was long gone. In over twenty years of being with GI Joe, we have to deal with casualties from time to time, but lately its to much to cope with. Cobra is getting outta hand, and Cobra's going to pay, I bet anything that Commander Chrome Dome is responsible for all this bloodshed. Now we are waiting for Lift-ticket in a Tomahawk chopper for extraction, I called my SEAL buddy and let him know to pick up his 68 Chevelle from the dirt lot where our mission began, and we all have a moment of silence for our fallen recruit.

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out.

04-13-2005, 07:54 PM
V/A JOURNAL: Balkun, JB824 / 06APR05, 1427 HOURS

Well, here we go. Got my newly updated gear, and signed the dotted line. Looks like I'm back in action. All of the blue of my original armor and weapons has been stripped and repainted in an "Urban Friendly" mottled grey, which I kinda like. They asked for a few big guys for this new Urban Force Surefire's putting together, so figured why not. I also cover the Heavy Weapons spot they were trying to fill Two beirds with one stone.

Well, here I am at the Surefire's office. Better go in and make my presence known, see if he wants to keep me.

Mirage, out