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Viper Commander
04-13-2005, 08:33 PM
Digital Entry:

After I got Wraith safely to Destro's location, I was shooed away by Baroness and Mistress Armada while the big wigs had their meeting. I wanted to go and clean up and hit the bunk, but on the way some punk IG looked at me wrong so I had to bash his head into a soda machine. Destro called me into his office on my helmet comm-system.

Destro "Did I authorize you to fight that Grenadier, Nullifier #68?"

Me " Uh, no sir?"

Destro "Since you seem to have plenty of energy left from your previous assignments, Im sending you out again, report back when you've visited the armory. This time you are not piloting an AGP."

As I left Destro's office, I cursed inside my mind. I was looking forward to soaking my sore body into a bath, and some sleepy time on my good old bunk. Now because of that stupid IG I gotta go back out again, man whoever I gotta fight is gonna be sorry. I wonder if they've got any .50cal mahineguns at the armory?

Viper Commander
04-13-2005, 08:52 PM

After I learned more about my family's history, I discovered a lot of things I never knew before. Zartan killed my father! How am I supposed to tell Master Storm Shadow that Im secretly a Dreadnok? I decided to take the "Arashikage Forbidden Scroll", my family heirloom, and bid farewell to my cousin. He told me that he would be waiting in Japan, rebuilding our clan until I returned, he owed Hardmaster much and wants to repay it to me. Now I have to choose between my allies and my family blood, not to mention the honorable bond I had with NV1. I smashed my comm-link in Tibet and left for the remote mountains of Siberia, to perfect the techniques in my scroll and ponder my life...

04-13-2005, 11:08 PM
Just left Destro's office. Had a meeting with him, the Baroness and Mistress Armada. Turn's out the program I loaded was actually a three part program. The first part released nanites into the system that litterally attached themselves into the fiberoptics. They will lay dormant untill activated. Not sure how they will be activated or what here purpose is. The second part will find the tageting aray for the automated systems and relay that info to the nanites, at this point the third program activates and erases the second, then starts to bury itself in the comm networks. This program is designed to be found . It will look like we were trying to set it up to send us all communications to and from the Flagg. I guess well see how well this trinket Destro has works.

All of a sudden Destro looks at his desk and hits a button

Destro "Report to my office at once."...... Nullifier 68 walks in.

Destro "Did I authorize you to fight that Grenadier, Nullifier #68?"

Me " Uh, no sir?"

Destro "Since you seem to have plenty of energy left from your previous assignments, Im sending you out again, report back when you've visited the armory. This time you are not piloting an AGP."

Seems my new aquaintence has an attitude.. Nice. Destro then released me ,but told me to stay close. A new assignment was coming up. Time to clean my suit and let it charge up, and a nice dip in the spa......

Till Next Time

Viper Commander
04-14-2005, 06:59 AM
Digital Entry:

Im supposed to guard a new shipment of weapons that Destro is selling to Cobra Commander, but Raghead wants us to deliver the cargo to some clown named "The Headman". I dont even wanna know what this guy is about, all I know is that he better have Destro's cash when I get there. When I got to the drop point a masked man in a pin striped suit greeted me and my squad of back up IG, funny, this "Headman" was with some ninjas that looked like IGs with no armor and no helmets. "Black Dragon" I think they called themselves. Anyway, I got the cash back to Destro and he let me off for 3 days. AHHHHHHH time to go soak my achin body in a tub, I need a masseuse...:(

Viper Commander
04-14-2005, 09:49 AM
Dear Diary,

After getting all the evidence from Florida into our labs for analysis, we obtained a warrant to raid some research facilities belonging to Extensive Enterprises, and another relating to the NINJA BATS marked for delivery to Cobra Island. For some reason Lt. Col. Surefire stopped us before we served the warrants. Cobra Commander wants to build a vastly improved version of the flying carrier that he used in an attempt to destroy the Statue Of Liberty way back in '87, this is why the AIRBUSTERS seemed so familiar to me. Scarlett's team is back from Japan, they captured most of the Arashikage ninjas except for Storm-Shadow and Recluse, those two got away again. Tigerclaw looks like he's angry all the time now, this time he was grumbling to himself about "Attack Of The Clones, Video Game Ninjas!" I hope Snake Eyes can calm him down until we know more, we only know that Recluse is somewhere in Tibet. Wild Bills team is still in Kuwait repairing the FLAGG, they were attacked by Destro's men but nothing seems to have been damaged beyond repair, the disturbing thing is that someone in a stealth suit managed to get onboard the FLAGG and disembark again. LJ and Mercer checked in, they are still hot on Zarana's trail, I hope they can bring her back. We bagged Zandar for the murder of CPL. Flint, and we're gonna hold him here at the PITT under maximum security, with him and hopefully Zarana in custody maybe we can get Zartan too. I also hear that Shockwave is in charge of a new Urban taskforce, they are trying to get guns off our city streets since its been a record year for murders relating to gang warfare. Seems Cobra has cronies running guns to inner city gangs too. Once again some ninjas are involved as well, "Black Dragons" they call themselves. I once again update my superiors with everything thats been going on, and wait for further orders.

Conrad S. Hauser

04-14-2005, 05:53 PM

Well, looks like we're back in action. Being the techno-whiz of the team, the L.T. wanted me to keep a record of our new missions and all. This is gonna be so totally gnarly. Right now, it's him, me, Sgt. Savage and Ballistic headed in to see good ol' Duke. Last we heard, Hawk hasn't told him we're back in action. He said the guys needed some Extreme help, so here we are.

And here's Duke's office. Lt. Stone knocks on the door, then enters.

*Stone's voice*

Lt Stone: Conrad? Clayton said you were in need of help. GI Joe Extreme, is here to help.

Man, you should see the look on his face. This is gonna be awsome!!

-Metalhead, totally out, dude.

The Faceless Master
04-15-2005, 09:25 PM
Lightfoot, Journal entry #92
*in the sickbay*

Well, Lifeline just showed me some xrays of the damage done by that intruder.
The knife cracked thru the bones in my foot, and am out of commission for
at least a month. At least I dont have to attend any of Sneeden's PTs *whew*

Ugh, another get Get Well Soon, Leftfoot card. :mad:
Am gonna have to get Wet-Suit back for that "leftfoot" remark.
Hmm maybe have Airtight get him back for me, Kurt owes me a favor. :D
Time to dose myself with more morphine.

The Faceless Master
04-15-2005, 09:28 PM
Quick voicelog while I *gasp* try to catch my breath.
Lady Jaye hasnt said a thing to me since we left the others at the Dreadnok
hideout. Hey? Where's Stoney?
Hmm, didnt even notice he was gone.

LJ looks really frustrated. This wilderness sure covers tracks quick. LJ isnt
trained in the fine art of tracking, unfortunately neither am I.
*branches snap* Hey, what was that? Gotta go

Mercer, out

The Faceless Master
04-15-2005, 09:37 PM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 4
*Deep in the inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

It was my turn yesterday to be on Cobra Commander guard duty. The Hooded one was livid & threw a glass of Pink Raspberry Lemonade at a Crimson Guard Immortal's crotch after learning of the Cobra Arashikage Clan's capture at the hands of Joe Commando Snake Eyes.
He immediately ordered for Mindbender to activate the Ninja BATs, while Aleph - whom i assume is the leader of these Night Creepers - ordered his minions to wear these Motion Capture type outfits. On a huge monitor, several Night Creepers controlled Ninja BATs who seemed to be attacking Duke, Torpedo & several other joe members by surprise. After a promising surprise attack, they failed to cause any casualties, thank goodness.

Today, I overheard Cobra Commander planning to contact the Crimson Twins to carryout some dealings with a Black Dragon & Headman character. I forwarded all this info to the Lt Col. Hopefully they can make something of it.

Agent Faces, out

The Faceless Master
04-15-2005, 09:54 PM
Log 22029

Still no word from Shockwave or his team of Urban Defense Specialists.

Early this morning, i had a Joe come in my office volunteering to be part of the Urban Defense Unit, but I know all about Mirage's background & file.
He is much better suited assigned to the Advanced Weapons department, cuz we unfortunately will be forced to use these billion dollar weapons soon if all the intel we are gathering about Cobra is correct. I would like to suggest to the Generals to have Mirage as part of the GIJoe cloning project.

I was forced to stop Duke from serving the warrants to Extensive Enterprises bigwigs Tomax & Xamot due to the fact that the primary investigator is missing. Secondly all the evidence we have to incriminate the twins is missing as well. However, I am not allowed to divulge this information to the rest of the Joe team, cuz of a possible Cobra spy in the ranks.

Intel from the NY sources say a deal went down with one of Destro's henchmen making a delivery to the Headman. Not sure what was in the crates, it will take a while to get a warrant to search what is in those crates unless we just send a couple of stealth ninjas to check it out instead.
Snake Eyes, TigerKlaw & Jinx will be assigned to do this within the hour.

No word yet from Mercer & LJ giving chase to Zarana. Good thing we already have Zandar in custody. Will have Law & Mutt, two of our best security personell on primary guard duty on him.

Hmm, incoming message from Agent Faces.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
04-15-2005, 09:57 PM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #4, day 198

Zarana ditched her trike & got on mine - or should i say Monkeywrenches instead. We headed really deep into the wilderness & Shoot, we're headed towards the cabin. And from 100 yards away, I can tell that there are two purple STUNs, 5 purple Trikes, & two dreadnok RAMs. Looks like a full house of dreadheads, and Zarana's about to ask them for a favor!!
zarana: WAIT HERE
Lemme input this info in my journal real quick... *bzz*

Uh oh, Zarana is coming back!! And she aint alone...

Undercover Chuckles aka Dreadnok Knuckles signing off

Viper Commander
04-16-2005, 01:01 PM

(Remote Siberia) Ive been here for a few weeks, training the forbidden moves in my scroll, hunting for food with the Dragunov SVD that I pilfered during one of my raids on Russian supply outposts. Now there are local legends of a Masked Demon that comes in the dead of night to kill Russian troops and steal food and supplies, heheheh that would be me. I've made some descisions while being in seclusion, I know that I will be true to my word. I will still return to lead my father's clan with Master Storm Shadow, but Zartan is still my ally, if Im to be a leader I will need powerful friends. I never knew my father therefore I never grew to care about family, so if Storm Shadow and Zartan never meet up again I wont be forced to choose sides. I will have to manipulate things so that the two interests never collide, but NV1 is another matter. If Im guessing correctly, Duke will try and force him to confront me, arrest me, and lock me up. Ill just kill Duke, and get Covert outta there, maybe get Zartan to take him as a Nok. Ok, a few more days and Ill have perfected the Arashikage Forbidden Scroll. Once Im done in Siberia, Ill go back into that Russian base I found and steal a HIND chopper for transport, stopping off in China to get a passport with my Triad connections. Then Im gonna make my way to Florida, I wanna meet up with Zandar, Zartan and Zarana, cant wait for them to see how powerful Ive become... Dreadnok 4 Life!!!!!

Viper Commander
04-16-2005, 01:32 PM
Digital Entry:

Hooooooooo!!!!!!! Those few days of rest really did me good, my back is still a little sore, but way better then before! Laird Destro just called me in again, gave me a new assignment, seems Headman has been falling behind on his payments. I gotta go talk a little sense into him, make him understand that MARS isnt a charity. Wraith has been spying on him and found out that he's been using Cobra funds to run drugs on the side again. We told Cobra Commander but he doesnt belive us, Laird Destro says that Chrome Dome is preoccupied with his current pet projects. So now Destro is gonna send us in to destroy Headman's little nest and incinerate all his drugs. Then Destro is gonna make the pin striped fool work for free as punishment, thereby increasing our profit margin even more! Wow, Laird Destro is a genius.

04-17-2005, 02:24 AM

I have been sent to run survailence on Cobra Commander's new lacky Headman. I was coming to check on why Destro has not received the rest of his payments. After finding a willing *cough* partiapant I found out Headman has been using CC''s money to run drugs. After reporting in to Destro he told me he is sending some troops to collect one way or the other and that CC doesn't care what Headman is doing on the side. i am to have a schedule of the Headman's troops movements and a layout of the wharehouse before we start this. I have been told Nullifier 68 is going to lead the troops. Should be interesting. Time to make my paycheck.

Till Next Time

The Faceless Master
04-17-2005, 03:30 AM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #, day 198

As per Zarana's orders, the Dreadheads plus Crusher Demolishor Thrasher & I
are in the bushes ready to ambush the two Joes that were hot on Zarana's
tail since yesterday. Am sending an urgent SOS message to Lt Col Sure Fire
to send EVAC ASAP!!
I know LJ is a tough cookie, but taking on 12 dreadheads plus the other three
AND Zarana will be too hot to handle.

Lt Col Sure Fire, this is Chuckles. Please send EVAC to my homing signal
I sure hope he gets this soon.

Undercover Chuckles aka Dreadnok Knuckles signing off[/QUOTE]

The Faceless Master
04-17-2005, 03:34 AM
Log 22030

Finally I hear from Agent Chuckles about needing an EVAC sent to his coordinates for LJ & Mercer. Something about being outnumbered.

Am dispatching Wild Bill, Muskrat, Mirage & Lifeline on a NAC NOW!!!

Urban Intel has reported that this Headman character is getting on Cobra Commander's bad side. Hmph, never thought chrome dome had a good side to begin with!! Am gonna need to send in some deep cover agents in major urban areas to find out more details.
I still havent heard from Shockwave, no word from my other undercover agent Faces neither.

I wonder how the ninjas are doing with finding out about the crates?

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
04-17-2005, 03:42 AM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 5
*Returning to the inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

Early this morning, I was quickly assigned to "visit" Extensive Enterprises in Manhattan via Crimson Command Copter. An EE CG handed me a folder with expense reports in it, and apparently the Hooded One is none too pleased with the graph made by someone with the name of Headman.
The eager EE CG also divulged info that the Twins have "activated" scattered undercover CGs all over New York to trap this money laundering culprit & make him pay dearly for taking Cobra lightly.

I am now on my way back to Cobra Island. This evening there is a planned bigwig meeting again with Destro, Baroness and Cobra Commander with a NEW individual referring to himself as The Black Dragon Warlord regarding what to do with this Headman fellow. Will transmit more info soon as I can

Agent Faces, out

Viper Commander
04-17-2005, 06:27 AM
Dear Diary,

I was pacing around in my office, bored out of my mind since I had nothing to do. For some reason, Ive been wearing a lot of dark green lately, and Ive grown attached to my trusty MP5K. Mine's a modified version that shoots .45 caliber HP shells. All of a sudden there's a knock on my door, and LT. Stone walks in with a few of his men! Shocked is putting it mildly, but I was glad to see that he and his men are fit for duty, except for the blonde hippie looking one who needs a haircut. I shook everyone's hand, and asked Lt. Stone if he had any orders for me, he is a higher ranking officer then me after all. He asked me if I had any leads, and I informed him of a lead Mainframe along with Hacker found that suggests Cobra is using Arbco facilities in Alaska and Siberia to build their new and improved AIRBUSTER-Mark2. I think Cobra Commander is readying a bunch of important projects to set a bigger plan in motion that will involve everything we've been seeing latley, from the new BATs to this AB-m2, he is up to something for certain. I updated Lt. Stone with all the intel I had and what limited info I knew, Ill leave it up to him what his next move will be. After getting Gen. Abernathy's approval, I got into a C-17 and deployed in an Ice Sabre onto the peaks of frozen Alaska with Frostbite, Gungho, our Oktober Guard partner Schrage, and Bombstrike. We need her to call in our co-ordinates after we find this secret Arbco facility by sight, since nothing is showing up on scanners or sensors. Schrage is here to lend a fighting hand should we run into heavy resistance. Frostbite is here for obvious reasons, as are Gung-Ho and I. Right now we are traversing the icy peaks, Im driving the Ice Sabre with Gung-Ho riding shotgun, Schrage is in the front machinegunners nest, Frostbite is in the main battle turret, and Bombstrike is in the back hatch area keeping warm. I hope we find this hidden snake factory soon, YOOOOO JOOOOE!!!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-17-2005, 07:04 AM

Looks like I got to Florida just in time, I see that a big group of Dreanoks have got two Joes surrounded. The fighting is fierce and ugly. A NAC just showed up, its mounted miniguns and wing missile pods are making short work of the Nok recruits, tearing up their vehicles. A few manage to shoot back from a STUN, but the Joe pilot easily dodged the blast and fired back with another volley of missiles. To keep Zartan's sister safe, I throw a small pebble at Zarana's temple, knocking her out behind a bush for a bit so she'll stay down, I dont want any stray bullets hitting her. I aim my SVD at the pilots cockpit, "Blaow!!!", I destroy the pilots flight helmet not killing him but letting him get some beauty sleep. The bird starts to fall, but not far, the NAC crashes in a heaping mess right on top of some unfortunate Dreadheads. The Joes inside look alive, and two other Joes are on the ground passed out from being tossed around. I look to make sure Covert is not with this team, and I wake Zarana up to make our escape. We hop on a Dreadnok RAM and bust out of there, I toss a sleeping gas pellet behind me so that when everyone wakes up Zarana and I will be long gone. Zartan owes me big now...

Viper Commander
04-17-2005, 07:19 AM
Digital Entry:

I just got to NYC, Im supposed to meet Wraith in Brooklyn so we can go over the plan of action for this operation. Destro tells me that even though Im leading two other Nullys and a small pack of IG, Im supposed to follow Wraith's orders. I aint got a problem with that, as long as Laird Destro keeps the paychecks comin Im a happy camper. As soon as he give the orders we will go in and execute. Ive got my new MARS multi shot grenade launcher, packed with computer guided air burst frag warheads. In my left hand I got a G36 with a beta-C magazine. I heard this Headman's got a lot of Headhunters working for him, mostly drug crazed junkie dope dealers with a penchant for violence, but that makes them dangerous too. At least this time I wont feel any guilt when I take them out, just gotta remember to keep the Headman alive, or else no employer cash bonus for me.

04-17-2005, 11:52 AM
I've been checking out these crates in some warehouse...

I think this job is a little easy...

So far, I've just snuck past lots of oblivious troops who, I believe, work for the Headman. Apparently he is still smuggling drugs and now guns too.

I've taken notes on these crates about the contents.
Mostly, they are standard assault rifles. AK-47s... BUT some of them contain bags of heroin inside of the clip...

I'm not sure why smuggling drugs with smuggled guns makes any sense to me...

But then, maybe that's why I'm not a smuggler.

I tagged about 30 different types of passive homing beacons to these various crates. Hopefully some of them will lead us to something important.

OK, I'm back on the road in my "Ninja Lightning" cycle.

TigerClaw out!

04-17-2005, 11:55 AM
It's me Double-Blast! I'm back and ready to kick cobra tail!

That's what I'll say when I'm going to say to Sure-Fire in a minute when he lets me into his office.

I really want back onto the Joe team and onto this new Anti-terrorism team...

Apparently they might already have a heavy-weapons specialist... But why can't a team have two guys who are the same??

04-17-2005, 12:20 PM

This place is so drark, I even lost then with my NV, so I switched to IR. Ah, there they are... that's gotta be Zarana in the lead, then Lady Jaye and Mercer right behind. But who are all those in the bus...

*Wrist-comm traffic*

Covert: Mercer, Lady Jaye, fall back... I repeat, fall back, now!! It's an ambush.

About then is when I have to duck and cover, as a chopper comes in low overhead. There's a rifle crack, and the chopper starts it's descent. The battlefield has become, chaos, and then there's a puff of smoke, and everyone starts dropping. There are a few heat signatures still moving around inside the NAC, and it looks like Mercer and Jaye stopped soon enough to avoid the gas. I hear a motorcycle engine and I run past them, briefly glancing to make sure they're okay... I get an odd look from each, and continue on. The cycle comes barreling our way, and I drop to a knee, levling my rifle.

From where I am, I must just be another shadow, which is fine, because so is the driver of this bike. I pop off a .50 cal round from my Haskins at the front tire... and it comes to an abrupt halt, the aluminum wheel crumbling under the impact. The rest of the bike flips up and over, throwing Zarana into the brush, and the driver over me. I see him land, and turn to follow. He steps out of the brush, just as Lady Jaye rises, and I see who it is.


He has his blade ready for a strike at Jaye, and she still has he back turned.


On instinct I dive, knocking Jaye to the ground, just as the blade's strike comes in. I feel it hit the armor on my abdomen... and go through. Funny, the blade cutting through me doesn't hurt so much as it... I don't know... tingles. I crash to the ground, and that hurts. Trying to hold myself together, I raise my SOCOM with the other hand, trying to aim, but my sight is already blurring. Turning, Jaye sees my injury, and instantly removes my helmet, as Recluse has already backed into the shadows. She probabvly believes he's gone. But once my helmet is off, he does leave. Quickly. But what was that look in his eyes before he took off? I don't know. Lady Jaye's saying something, but it's all a.... oh, lie still. Got it. Where did Lifeline get of t...

*In the background*

Mercer: What's his condition!?

Lady Jaye: I think he'll live. Lifeline, I need a medic, NOW!!


04-17-2005, 12:31 PM
V/A JOURNAL: Balkun, JB824 / 12APR05, 2152 HOURS

What hit me? Oh, Lifeline.

Mirage: Hey, buddy, glad you made it. Get off of me!

Lifeline: Thanks... hey! *thump*

Okay, so while Lifeline checks everyone out, I'll just grab my gatling 12-gauge, and see what's cooking on the outside of this heap.

Lifeline: Everyone's fine.

Man, he's quick. Alright, so we got ourselves a Dreadnok version of the RAM laying on it's side, and what appears to be sleeping gas... who uses sleeping gas in an open, breezy environment? Idiot. Probably another 'Nok. Okay, there's two more up going for that STUN.


Well, there goes the stun's tires. Amazing what a barage of 12-gauge flechette will do to a tire... and an engine block... and the gunmount... heh heh... hang on.

Lady Jaye just sent out a distress... OOF!!

Mirage: Well, excuse ME!

There goes Lifeline, probably headed to that location Jaye just called from. Better go after to provide cover. What was that he was mumbling about not losing another one? I better get caught up, I'm so confused.

Mirage, out


04-17-2005, 12:34 PM

Well, there it is. A distress call from Lady Jaye. She says... what? Covert's down? Man, Ah NEW Ah shoulda done followed him when he took off. Not in that dark. Hey, where's Lifeline? Oh, okay, he just called that he's on his way. Ah tell the driver to let me out, and send the prisoner back with the others, while Ah go see how Ah can help. Provide cover, at least. There's Jaye's flare... what was that noise? Sounded like a heavy gun o' some sort. Man, Ah hope that's on our side!

Beach Head, out


The Faceless Master
04-17-2005, 01:23 PM
Log 22031

TigerClaw just reported back from the warehouses. Apparently just weapons & few drugs, nothing major like more Ninja BATs.
Urban Intel has just told me there is a new breed of Urban Terrorists that Headman has just hired calling themselves Headhunters & more heavily clad troopers called Headhunter Stormtroopers. I hope the ninjas dont bump into them while on their way back to HQ.

Apparently the NAC I sent for EVAC got shot down by the Dreadheads. Now am gonna have to send an EVAC unit for the EVAC unit. Just moments ago,
Doubleblast came in asking to be assigned somewhere, specifically Urban Ops, but right now I need more troops in the Dreadnok Swamplands.
Attention SKY PATROL, deploy to the Dreadnok Swamplands at once!!
Exact coordinates will be determined by LJs tracking communicator.
Sky Dive, I know you are team leader, so I will need Super Trooper *whispers "jeez, super trooper, ice cream soldier, where do these guys get their names from?" - to pilot the Sky HAVOC, and Double BLast to help you with heavy artillery.
Am hoping I wouldnt need to send in a 3rd Wave to get them out.

Col Brekhov just contacted me from Russia informing me that Daina & Shrage are helping out Duke, Lt Stone & his unit of EXTREME troops - hmm, never got why they referred to themselves as EXTREME.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

04-17-2005, 02:10 PM

I had just finished mapping out the warehouse when I saw what I thought was one of those Black Dragon Ninjas enter through one of the high windows. So I decided to stay and observe. Stealth mode activated. He is being way to sneaky, hes up to something. He finally got close enough to make out...Tiger Claw. What the **** are the Joes doing here. Drugs and simple armament don't seem high on their list of things to checkout. He seems to be placing something in a number of crates. Doesn't matter, they will burn like the rest of the stuff in here. He's gone. Time to go meet the troops.

An old apartment complex in Brooklyn near the warehouse.

Wraith: Everything secure.

Nullifier 68: Yes sir, IG's have combed the area and are stationed at all exits.

Wraith: Take this, hands 68 a data pad, Here is a layout of the warehouse, here are the guard locations, these are the best points of entry and retreat. Once the gunfire starts I would expect a heavier resistance from this areas. This should be a simple in and out. Headman stays in the area here. He keeps around 8 Stormtroopers with him at all times. Black Dragon ninjas have been seen now and then but recently I have not seen any.

I will take out the guards here, Nullifiers 68 and 143 will pick 8 Grenadiers and go directly to the Headman capture him and extract quickly. Nullifier 179 you will take the remaining Grenadiers to the warehouse set the explosives and incendiaries. Once you are in position signal me. I have already set explosives on the power and water lines intering this area. When the power drops off that is your signal to start your assigned tasks, Understood.

Troops: YES SIR!!!

Wraith: lets Move!!!

Till Next Time

code red shockwave
04-17-2005, 07:24 PM
Col Lt. Sure Fire, Mayday, Mutt, Low-Light, Barricade, Wide Scope, and a few others followed me to track down Headman at an abandoned warehouse out in my home town, Dearborn. We spotted several armored guards that we suspect are Alley Vipers, Headhunters, and Headhunter Stormtroopers. What's this? Gristle just came out and he has a black briefcase in his hands. I wonder what's in it?

Our mission here was not to do battle, at least not today. Instead we were here on recon, spying on Headman and the rest of his entourage. We were approximately 30 feet away from them. Slowly, Gristle opened the black case but I could not see the contents from my position. Low-Light told me that after looking through his scope, he saw a few black stones that looked like diamonds.

Mayday pointed out that she saw from a movie called "Cradle 2 the grave" that those stones were powerful enough to destroy entire cities and even ignite a new world order. I knew right there that not only we must stop them as soon as possible, but it could be possible that Headman could use a weapon even more powerful than what COBRA Commander's been able to use.

I told Mayday, "Good job. You truly are an asset to this team." She thanked me and I could hear some of my fellow Joe members snickering. Anyway, we slowly sneaked away, when suddenly the most unthinkable thing happened: a group of Night Vipers were heading our way. I was unsure if they had spotted us or not, but whatever the case was, I knew we'd be forced to stir up a ruckus.

I fired the first shot and took out the one in front, and the rest of us took out the other Night Vipers without much trouble. I overheard Gristle shout in an angry voice, "Get those lousy sacks of dirt you idiots!" The Headhunters were the first ones to get a shot off at us and we retreated, running back as we returned fire. We were lucky enough not to suffer any causualties as we ran into our van, and our driver pushed the gas pedal as hard as he could.

It was a close call, but now that Gristle is probably going to report to Headman what happened, they're going to move their headquarters to another location. When we must fight them face to face, we'll be ready.

The Faceless Master
04-17-2005, 10:28 PM
Log 22032

LongArm just contacted me under heavy fire. Apparently Shockwave's Urban Defense unit is pinned down between a Cobra Night Viper unit, and some wannabe Crime Boss calling himself Gristle with the new Headhunters & Stormtroopers.
Am ordering the Ninjas back to the warehouse for support.

I wanna know how the Dreadnok Swamplands crew is doing...

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
04-17-2005, 10:36 PM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #6, day 198

Zarana fell to the ground, and a shadow helped her back up & raced off on a Dreadnok Ram!! I hopped in a purple Dreadnok Trike & tried to chase them, even eluded a sleeping gas pellet the abductor tossed over his shoulder.
I dont think he saw me, at least that is what I am hoping!!
I went to the dreadnok cabin, hotwired a blue skyhawk <?> *what the hey is a skyhawk doing out here?* and am tailing both of them as well as I can!!

I think i have an idea where they are going, need to contact Lt Col Sure Fire for some support to capture these two.

Undercover Chuckles aka Dreadnok Knuckles signing off[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]

The Faceless Master
04-17-2005, 10:46 PM
*transmitting a report to Lt Col Sure Fire*
Ugh, so much to say, am on a NAC right now headed back to HQ

Lifeline patched up a bulletwound on my shoulder. Just a fleshwound.
Covert got cut up pretty badly by what appeared to be a Dreadnok Ninja.
Ninja BATs, Ninja Joes, Hitech Ninjas, and now Dreadnok Ninjas??
Well, one good thing about this trip LJ sure appreciates that he saved her life.
Seems like the crew appreciates that as well.

Basically came down like this. The Sky Patrol arrived with heavy artillery.
Dreadheads are all in custody right now getting transported to a nearby maximum security prison.
Zarana got away, so did another Dreadnok that seems to always be tailing her.

Thats about it, sir = mercer out

Viper Commander
04-18-2005, 06:52 AM
Digital Entry:

After receiving orders from Wraith, We each started our delegated tasks. Nullifier #143 and the IGs went around to go in from the front, while I made my way to the side alley. Alley Vipers! Nobody told me Alley Vipers would be here! They raised their weapons at me, but I fired first , "fwoom", "fwoom" two warheads from my launcher and they all get shredded. The only one left standing, is some grungy looking bum with a black briefcase cuffed to his wrist, even with my helmet on I could tell his eyes were extremely bloodshot. Well, that left no doubt in my mind that this guy is probably one of the dope dealers that work for Headman, I raised my G36 at him but he started to scream!

Gristle "No! Dont shoot the briefcase! We'll all die! I knew Destro would find out about this, here take the diamonds but dont kill me please! Its all Headman's idea, yeah it was all him, I'll tell ya everything I know just dont kill me!"

N#68 "Well, gimme that briefcase you worthless junkie! Ill bet you were about to take these to Headman right? Where is he? (I lift him off the ground by his ponytail and slam him into the brickwall.) Good! if he's not there Im gonna come back and make you WISH the Joes arrested you!"

I rip the cuffs off the briefcase, drop kick him and Gristle tumbles down the alley and lands in a dirty smelly heap. I open the briefcase and drop the diamonds into one of my armor compartments, woah, these babies are all black! I hope I get a mission bonus from Laird Destro for this, I heard the Baroness loves diamonds. I hear heavy gunfire and explosions coming from inside the warehouse, I better get inside. I kick down the side entry and burst in, ahhhh, just how I like it! The Headhunters are pinned down in various positions, and the other Nully is making progress with IGs using him as moving cover. I flank the Headhunters and unload my grenade launcher on them, calling out to the IGs to get behind me while I provide suppression fire with my G36. We overrun their fortifications and I leave the IGs while I head into the main office to grab Mr. Pin Stripe. 8 Stormtroopers are covering him, but for my strength and armor, busting their heads is no problem. Their spikes did nothing to me, so it was only a matter of time before I had Headman hogtied and packed into a nearby AGP. I signal the others to detonate and extract, on my way out I see the place go up in a small mushroom cloud. I hope the others do ok, but I gotta get the cargo back to Laird Destro before I get demoted to IG for being late.

Destro "You are right on time Nullifier #68, I see that you have the Headman, good."

N#68 "Laird Destro, I also confiscated these diamonds from his henchman, here they are sir."

Destro's eyes glowed in his mask! I never seen him do that before! He asked me if Headman was really in possesion of these, I said yeah I took them from his man Gristle. He then wrote me a check and shooed me out, calling all of his high command into the office while I was leaving. I looked at the check after I walked down further, I never saw so many zeros in my life! Those diamonds musta been worth a lot, wonder why? Who cares, Im gonna go cash this at payroll and send a cut to Wraith, since he put me in that side alley to begin with. Man, a nice mission and a nice bonus, now I get to relax for a few days again. Im gonna go hire the best therapeutic masseuse money can buy, maybe my muscles will stop achin for once....whew:D

Viper Commander
04-18-2005, 08:22 AM

I stabbed NV1 by accident! I was going to take the female Joe as a hostage, but NV1 pushed her out of my way, too late for me to stop my knife so it goes hilt deep into his abdomen. I didnt know it was him until the female removed his helmet. I had no clue what to do, so I grabbed Zarana, threw her over my shoulder and hopped into the trees. I make my way onfoot to a small river, and I use Zarana's communictor to call for extraction. A while later, we get picked up by a Dreadnok Hydrofoil and taken back to HQ where Zartan eagerly waited. I expected Zandar to be there, but only Zanya was with her father, her uncle was nowhere to be found. After getting Zarana patched up, we all updated each other on the latest happenings. I left out the part about my family discovery, only telling them I was training in Siberia. I also told them my new descision, Im having no part in any operation involving Cobra. If its against anything Raghead, then Im in, but I refuse to help the Commander achieve his ends. I told Zartan that I planned to kill the Commander one day, no matter what Zartan orders. Zartan looked annoyed, but he knew that my mind was made up.

Zartan "If your not gonna help me with the Commander's jobs, then go get my brother outta jail! That wont help the Commander one bit! That OK Mr. Recluse?"

I accepted my new mission, and left Florida. Using the money Zartan paid me for saving his sister, I bought new weapons from Destro. I arrived at MARS and was told that Destro wanted to meet with me in person.

Destro "I heard much about you, friend. I admire your "efficiency" in handling Gi Joe interference. Now, you dont have to admit it, but I know that you are deeply involved with the Arashikage. I dont know how you are connected to the ninja clan, but I also know that you are close to Zartan and his siblings. You walk a dangerously thin line, and you need as many allies as you can get. I will offer my assistance to you, in exchange for your word that should I need to hire you for jobs, you will at least consider my offers with careful review. A man such as yourself can mean big profits for me if the right moves are played at the right times. Do you accept, friend?"

He presented me with a case of custom weapons, tailor made to my skills according to battle data that he gathered about me. How has he been watching me this whole time? It didnt matter to me, Im getting what I need. The first thing that caught my eye was my new rifle, a MARS custom FN SCAR-H in CQC configuration ( Now Im at the MARS weapons lab getting some range time with my new favorite rifle while my requested intel is gathered by Destro's men, my old SVD is getting worked over by Destro's technicians too. When I find out where NV1 and Zandar are, Im gonna get them both out of Joe hands. Anybody in my way will die...

04-18-2005, 09:31 AM

The plan went off with only 1 causality ,his family will be compensated. As for the Headman, he is now in Destro's dungeon, after some nice work from 68. Hmmmm Think its about time he has a name instead of a number, I'll run it by Destro. Just started to change when Destro called an immediate meeting. Apparently those jewels snagged are more than they seem. Some kind of power source. Kind of droned out when the Techs started rambling on and on. All I got was these will be used in some new weapon system. Immediately after the meeting all leave was cancelled, reserve units were called to active duty, defensive systems went on full alert. For a moment I was wondering if the Joe's where knocking on our door already. I have never seen Destro so full of life. This is going to be big.

I was just leaving when he asked me to stay. He told me a guest was about to come in and would like me to stay hidden just in case. Destro called in his personal bodyguard. Five min later Recluse walks in, not who I was expecting.

Destro "I heard much about you, friend. I admire your "efficiency" in handling Gi Joe interference. Now, you donít have to admit it, but I know that you are deeply involved with the Arashikage. I donít know how you are connected to the ninja clan, but I also know that you are close to Zartan and his siblings. You walk a dangerously thin line, and you need as many allies as you can get. I will offer my assistance to you, in exchange for your word that should I need to hire you for jobs, you will at least consider my offers with careful review. A man such as yourself can mean big profits for me if the right moves are played at the right times. Do you accept, friend?"

Two IG's bring on some cases and presented them to Recluse. Apparently he saw what he liked and agreed. He was taken down to the weapons testing area.

Destro: "Wraith follow him, watch him, let me know if he does anything. I don't think he could know about these diamonds already. But you can never be too safe."

Wraith: "Yes Lord Destro!!!! If I may my Lord, I would suggest moving Nullifier 68 to a higher position and give him a code name."

Destro: Yes that would do nicely. take care of it.

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro!!

It will be much harder sneaking around him here. Maybe I need to talk with him after I talk to Nullifier 68....hmmmmm a new name..

Till Next Time

04-18-2005, 09:57 AM
I just saw 68 came back to the locker room. He is SO lucky...

He's been sent on all sorts of fancy missions...
He's been commanding IGs
he's been taking prisoners...
he's been talking to Destro DIRECTLY and working with Wraith!
I heard a rumor that the Baroness even gave him a massage!!

I've just been spending all my time in the weight room getting bulked up and training in the AGP simulator....

04-18-2005, 10:11 AM
While I was biking away, I got a call from our Urban team... They needed backup.

SO I headed toward the warehouse that they were staking out.

Well, I was too far away to get there in time, but when we arrived the battle was over. I saw the warehouse go up in a ball of flame and an AGP flew away.

Someone was trying to drive away from the scene in an old Camaro. It looked suspicios, so I followed on my bike. As I pulled alongside, I recognized him as Headhunter's right hand man, Gristle!

He tried to throw a knife at me, but it hit his passanger side window. (He must have been too wasted to realize that it was rolled up...)

I was about to execute a ninja-move to dive into his car and kick him, but Gristle was looking at me, and not where he was driving. He drove right into a dumpster.

So, now I've got him in custody and am taking him in for Sure-fire to interrogate.

Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 06:04 AM
Dear Diary,

Our recon team has found the first facility! And Lt. Stone's team has found the other facility over in Siberia with assistance from Daina! We are glad to report nothing has been made, Cobra's plan is still in pre-production phase. Well, Our team is going to get help from Bombstrike, who will call in Slipstream and Wild Bill. When they get here, our two pilots will decimate this place. I wonder how Lt. Stone's going to take out the other base? Uh oh, something coming up on my sensors, we got Cobra incoming! Five Ice Snakes, and three packs of Snow Wolves on foot! Lets get ready for battle! I hope Wild Bill and Slipstream can make it here soon! Yooooo Jooooooe!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 06:17 AM
Digital Entry:

Oh great! I wake up this morning and find out that all leave has been cancelled and everyone will be on active duty indefinitely. This whole base is on high alert, no one can explain it, but everyone feels it. Our Laird Destro has something big planned for us. After a special breakfast in the mess hall, we were all gathered into the docking bay for an impromptu speech by MARS high command. Baroness came on first and introduced our Laird Destro, of course proclaiming his greatness as she did so. And then, the moment we all waited for, our commander in chief Destro took the podium. As usual, his words raised our morale until all of us were worked into a frenzy, we will lay down our lives for Laird Destro! Somehow, my muscles dont ache anymore, and I dont mind being on active duty again. I sure feel sorry for those Vipers over at Cobra, I hear morale is low all the time over there...:D

Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 06:44 AM

I stuck around for a few days at Destro's invitation, breaking in my new weapons on his range and testing out his state of the art combat gym. Ive also been sparring with this guy in a crazy looking suit, nobody wants to tell me his name for some reason. He's good, I could tell he was holding back, but then again so was I. Ill bet this is Destro's personal enforcer.

Just caught Destro's speech to his men, hahahah. The armored fools ate it all up, now his troops are cheering their allegiance to him, and his entourage beam at him with awe and wonder. While the speech is still going on, I contacted Master Storm Shadow in Japan.

SS "Cousin, its good to hear from you. Most of our men were captured by the Joe ninjas, but Im activating sleeper agents all over Japan. The very ones who have spent the last twenty plus years searching for you my boy, the best of our old clan. With their help we will get revenge for your father. When are you coming back to Japan?"

Recluse "Uh, soon, I have...loose ends to clear up before I can return."

SS "Make haste, you have much responsibility to your father's clan. The Arashikage needs to be restored to its rightful heir."

Recluse "Yes...I will be in Japan when I can."

I hope Destro gets me that intel soon, I have to appease the Dreadnoks by freeing Zandar so I can disappear to Japan for a while, what the heck am I gonna do when I free NV1 though... Would he even want to leave the Joes?

04-19-2005, 08:54 AM
Back at headquarters, I turned over Gristle, and filed my reports...

Once I returned to my quarters, I found a note left by Snake Eyes, and a scroll.

The note:

You have progressed well in these past weeks. You have finally begun to supress your need for vengance and ensure that your duty comes first.

During our mission in Japan, we witnessed Recluse using some forbidden skills from the ancient Arishikage clan. Although those moves, and others, are amazing to behold, it is said that the user of such powers will be corrupted andy always came to a bad end. THAT is why these techniques are forbidden. They are said to give a sort of "bad Karma".

Before he died, the Hard Master apparently saw me as the heir of his clan, even though I was not a blood relative. NOT because I was the most skillful, but because I tried to follow the "bushido"-like ideals that he held dearly. So, he entrusted me with this ancient scroll and taught me the techniques within. The name of this scroll can be translated as the "Shield of the True Son". It contains counters for all of the clan's forbidden techniques. He also taught me other undocumented defensive moves.

For instance, that "Shadow Clone" technique that we witnessed, could have been mentally cleared with the Arashikage Mindset...

At 0500 tomorrow, we will begin training on these new maneuvers.


04-19-2005, 09:03 AM

I have spent the last day or so watching Recluse. He is impressive with his knowledge of many weapons and figthing styles. I even managed to spar with him once. Watching him before gave me a small edge, but we were both holding back. I'm not sure he knows who I am yet.

The MARS rally has the troops pumped as usuall, time to go talk to 68. This place is busy looks like a number of personel and equipment are moving

I have spent the last day or so watching Recluse. He is impressive with his knowledge of many weapons and fighting styles. I even managed to spar with him once. Watching him before gave me a small edge, but we were both holding back. I'm not sure he knows who I am yet.

The MARS rally has the troops pumped as usual, time to go talk to 68. This place is busy looks like a number of personnel and equipment are moving somewhere else.

Wraith: Nullifier 68.

Nullifier 68: Yes Sir!!!

Wraith: Do to your past actions you have been offered a promotion. You will become a Special Field Operative. This package*hands to 68* has all the info in it you will need to make your decision. Good luck I'm sure you will make the right one.

Nullifier 68: Thank you Sir!!

Wraith : One more thing, start thinking of a code name, 68 will not do.

Destro summoned me to his office.

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro!

Destro: Take this to Recluse, it is the info he requested. These are your orders. They are almost identical, except I need you to find something in the PIT. Use your best judgment, but know this I MUST HAVE THAT BOX AT ALL COSTS.

Wraith: I will not fail you Lord Destro!!!!

I have never seen Destro so full of fire, something good is going down.

I leave Recluse for 20 min and he almost disappears. Luckily found him going over his weapons again.

Wraith: Recluse here is the info Destro promised you. He has also offered my services in helping infiltrate the PIT. *Walking off* Oh and my name is Wraith.

04-19-2005, 03:55 PM

Me, LT, Ballistic, Freight and Savage all got sent to Siberia. Man, what a bummer. Send a surfer to Siberia!?!? Man, that's cold.

Ballistic: No pun intended, 'eh?

Metalhead: Dude, pun so totally intended!!

Anyhow, we're out here freezing our cojones off, while 'Dragon and Harpoon are in Japan, trying to help out the Joes' main ninja-man, Snake Eyes, with some needed recon. Actually, 'Dragon's doing recon, Harpoon's running transport and EVAC with a submersible.

Savage: LT!! Over here!

Dude, looks like the old man found something, We're heading over to it as fast as our frozen little tootsies will let us...


Metalhead: Man, do you mind going and eavsdropping somewhere else, dude?

Stone: Banter not withstanding, people. This is what we came for.

Looks like Savage found himself an entrance. Me and Ballistic provide cover while Old and Older set some SYMTEX charges. Too bad I'm not demo trained. That stuff so ROCKS!! Hey, where are they going?

Ballistic: When you see a demolitions expert runnin'....?

Metalhead: Oh...

OH!!! Gotta GO!!!

**background noise**


-Ha HA! Metalhead, totally out, dude!

Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 05:02 PM
Dear Diary,

We are in an arctic fight for survival! Frostbite managed to take out 2 of the Ice Snakes, and Schrage managed to cap two of the missile gunners on the remaining 3 with our front mounted .50 cal. Gung Ho is shooting Snow Wolves with his M16 from a small hole in our canopy caused by a wolf fang. I maneuver around, dodging TOW missiles coming from the Ice Snakes while running down Snow Wolves. Frostbite unloads another volley of missiles up in his battle turret while the 3 Ice Snakes are grouped together in formation, and take them all out at once. The resulting explosion causes an avalanche! As I try to speed away, Snow Wolves get swallowed into the rolling mountain of ice and trees. We are heading right towards the Arbco base! We ram thru the front gates as the Avalanche proceeds to swallow a large portion of Cobras base. As we ram thru the back gates, we see the facility is completely swallowed by the massive wave of snow. Looks like Slipstream and Bill wont need to come after all... Good Job everyone Yoooooo Joooooe!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 05:27 PM

Something has been stirring within me ever since I used the moves from the Forbidden Scroll, my sleep is filled with nightmares. I keep dreaming of an old man, and he's telling me to change my ways. In the dream I always cut him down, but he turns into a demon that I cant run away from, and they multiply! In the dream I use all the moves Ive learned, but they are countered by the demons and I always wake up before they slash me with their blades! I wake up with a jolt, and I see that my Katana is pulsating with dark energy! The jewel eyes on the dragon hilt glow purple, inviting me to partake of its power! Something tells me that I shouldnt, but my body is no longer listening to me, I grab my Katana and the dark energy envelopes my soul. My forbidden scroll floats over and melds into my back, turning into a giant Arashikage tattoo that covers my whole back. Just then I get a knock on my door, and Destro's enforcer walks in. He hands me a folder with my requested intel, and tells me his name, Wraith. He tried not to show it, but I think he was a little freaked out by the way my eyes were glowing with no mask on. Well, looks like both Zandar and NV1 are at the PITT, GI Joe HQ. Wraith will deploy before me, he has his own mission to accomplish inside the PITT. Basically Im supposed to be his back up if anything goes wrong in there, and he will do the same for me. Im also supposed to try and create diversions for him too, some big explosions will probably do. We leave before dawn.

Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 05:45 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W

While the FLAGG is being refitted with new weapons and new defensive systems, me, Delgado, and Forrest are back at the PITT. Since Beachhead is back too, every morning PT has been hard on the Greenie recruits. He's trying to make them keep up with me, the poor bastiches. We all gathered around the gym this morning, everyone is watching Snake Eyes train his apprentices. Woah, they are busting out some amazing moves! I had a spar or two with them, even though they didnt totally whup my tail, I have to admit that our Joe ninjas are tough as nails. Delgado and Forrest were laughing, saying that Tigerclaw was holding back out of respect, so I tossed my fruit smooothie at them. Enjoy fresh Hawaiian pineapple fools! Hahahahaah, its good to be back.

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out

04-19-2005, 05:59 PM
I wonder who is training these Cobras. They don't appear to be very good. Either that or Cobra Crapmander is recruiting the stupidest people he can find. I'd actually be impressed if any 3 of his Soldiers could keep in step.

Short Fuze, Rock N Roll, Grand Slam, and I watched a squad of "The Enemy" march straight into a posted mine field. We just looked at each other in amazement as these idiots blew themselves up. Their Officers screamed and hollered to continue pushing on. It's almost like they were mind controlled. We didn't have to fire our weapons to wipe them out.

I really begin to wonder. Why would CC send a bunch of idiots to march into our mine field? What does he gain from this? Hawk sent the new guys Gung Ho and Doc to look for survivors with Tripwire. Maybe he hopes to get some kind of clue as to CC's plans that way.

Grand Slam showed off his new Silver Pads today as he took over all Jet pack reconnaisance operations. I don't know why he expected us to all be impressed, his outfit looks pretty much the same. Grunt and Clutch had a bigger difference in their uniforms. I wonder why Hawk let the new guys design their own uniforms. I wonder why Hawk had a non uniform uniform designed for us original team members. Well, at least the pay's bad and the chow's not any better.

Seriously, I like being the front line against this terrorist threat. Good thing they're so stupid, otherwise we might be in trouble.


Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 05:59 PM
Woah, I guess I just got promoted! Sir Wraith just handed me an employer benefits package detailing my new pay plan, stock options in MARS, retirement, ETC. Although I get to keep my Nullifier Armor, my face mask will be custom fabricated to show my status! Haw, I get a new codename too! Hmmmm too bad Sir Wraith wont let me keep my ID number, ever since joining MARS #68 has become sort of my lucky number. Cool, I also get first dibs on prototype weapons too, lucky! Woah, who the heck was that! Some freaky lookin Asian dude just walked past me with glowing eyes! Looks like he's going on a mission with Sir Wraith. Hopefully I wont have to work with him, that unknown guy gives me the creeps. Ok, now I gotta think of some kinda codename for myself...

04-19-2005, 06:14 PM
It's weird, Hawk had me sit down and listen as they interrogated the Cobra Troops who attempted to march through our minefield. None of them seemed to know who they were or why they were there. None of us thought they were lying, they were on so much pain medication they couldn't have lied very well.

Hawk thinks that there may have been some kind of mind control involved. That Hardass Duke was following him around all day making suggestions. I'm not sure how I feel about this guy.

Could Cobra be using mind control? I hope not. What if they made us do something we didn't want to? Could they affect us from a distance? I'm lining my bunk in aluminum foil.

Viper Commander
04-19-2005, 10:25 PM
Dear Diary,

After neutralizing the AB-m2 threat in Alaska, we returned to the PITT for new orders. I walked into Gen. Abernathy's office as he and Breaker reviewed interrogation data. I sat there while they finished talking, and made some suggestions to them about Cobra Commander's plans. Breaker didnt like being interrupted and stormed out of the office giving me a dirty look. Hmm, lately Ive been getting the feeling that the other Joes dont like me, wonder if its because of my constant uniform changing? Now Im gonna go see Lt. Col. Surefire, hopefully he has something for me to do. If not Im gonna go interrogate Zandar again.

Conrad S. Hauser

The Faceless Master
04-20-2005, 12:05 AM
Plz see page 1, item #4 to be specific for details

james strickland
04-20-2005, 12:48 AM
I have been at the pitt for three days doing nothing, but flight similation test. Acorrding to Hawk they will better my flight skills. If they wanted me to do this I would fly around the base with them shooting at me. Any ways I had a chance to talk to hollow point and he intruduced me to barrol roll. I think this guy would make a good gunner in a dragonfly or even in a tomahawk. I did find out though he likes to fly aircraft more than his glider. He also has a sister who is our new air traffic control person. He also told me of a brother who been out of reach since he failed to become a real gijoe. I was shocked at this, but not surprised. I think it is the same for snake eyes who sword brother is on cobras side. Anyways I was talking to mecer today about the attitude I have been given him over the years I had this uncotrolable urge to appolgize for it. I guess Times are changing. Well got to get some sleep PT has been rough since beachhead and the SGT. slaughter has been doing it.
Wild Bill out

james strickland
04-20-2005, 01:01 AM
I have been gaurding the Flagg while It's being repaired. I know the reason for the repairs . I was just wondering If we should replace the whole computer system after that unknown cobra agent tap the computer. I know I am no computer geek, but I do know how much It would make cobra commander feel If the flagg was placed out of commision forever. I mean I still remeber when I was playing the triple agent thing way back. That's how I got to Know about the way the head snake thinks. I think I will go talk to dialtone and hacker about what I am thinking I know they have more Computer knowlege than me.
Dusty out

Viper Commander
04-20-2005, 03:24 AM

Excellent! My plans are coming along quite smoothly, all the pieces are falling into place. Soon the world will grovel at my feet once more! Hahahahahahahahah Cough Cough "hhaaack" Ahhhhhhhh Everytime I laugh this friggin hood gets sucked into my mouth! Im gonna go put my helmet on. Seigies! Follow me, and bring that pitcher of lemonade with you!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

Viper Commander
04-20-2005, 03:44 AM
Password *****

Access / Granted Welcome Mr. Arashikage:

Journal Entry Function ? Y/N Y
__________________________________________________ _______________

I am currently in an ancient temple in Kyushu, where the gathered remains of our clan have just heard my tale of finding my uncles son, my cousin Recluse. These frail looking old men might look too weak to fight, but any of them could kill Snake Eyes or I within seconds. They are the strongest of our clan, and if Recluse cannot live up to his potential, these men will have to kill him for Hardmasters honor to be restored. I wont let it come to that, this is the reason I cant let Snake Eyes arrest my cousin, even if they have him locked up these old Arashikage retainers will track him down and free him or kill him. No one can fathom how strong these ancient monsters are, they were the ones who taught my uncle, and his sword brothers. Looking for Recluse has consumed their whole lives since he disappeared as an infant, so now that we found him nothing will stop us. I will do my best to keep things under control. Cobra Commander and the Joes are irrelevent to me at this point. Anyone in our way will feel the wrath of the Arashikage Clan!
__________________________________________________ ______________

Logging Out.......

04-20-2005, 07:57 AM
Dear Diary,

The rally has gone well. All are ready to lay down their lives for Destro.......especially that little red haired, green eyed minx. Soon, she won't even be a memory. Destro's logs may be locked, but hers isn't. Kali (as it seems her name is) is very ambitious and fancies that she will in the very near future replace me. Her downfall is that she believes me to be completely oblivious to her intentions.

Today, "Destro" has sent her a message asking her to meet him in the at the storage facility at the south gates. Her reply was quick in coming:

"Yes, Lord Destro. I will be there waiting for you at the appointed time. I am ready to do anything for you. Kali"

Destro will be busy with Wraith and Recluse. So, there will be no interruptions from him. Nullifer 67 seems very ambitious and envious of 68. I am sure this can be used to my advantage .


Viper Commander
04-20-2005, 08:40 AM

I am in the fifth level of the PITT ( with Wraith, the Joes are all outside due to some Cobra soldiers stepping on claymores and causing a ruckus. We also passed by a big group watching Snake Eyes and his apprentices do monkey tricks. they were so busy showing off nobody knew two infiltrators are deep in their home. While Wraith is stealing something from the "Top Secret" room, Im attaching a dongle to their servers, this thing will corrupt all of their HDs also deleting any backup files about "Covert", Destro, MARS, or me. I make my way down to the detention level while Wraith proceeds with his own mission, Duke is down here! I follow him silently in the shadows while he opens a cell and walks in, he leads me straight to Zandar. I flip down from the ceiling and stun Duke by applying extreme pressure to his sunspots, the Gi Joe leader lands in a heap on the ground. I uncuff Zandar from his chair, give him a drink of water and the belt of new knives I brought for him. The guy looks happy, Ill tell you that. We leave Duke tied up in that interrogation room with some gel explosive stuck to his chest and seal the door as we leave. I stick a note on the door telling the Joes that Duke's in there with a ticking bomb, I hope this will stall them. We find Covert sleeping in a bunk, but he wakes up the moment I get within hearing range. He points his SOCOM at me! I tell him that its time to go, and he asks me if I understood anything he's ever told me. He's not leaving by choice, so I use my "Poison Gas" technique and take him asleep anyway. When we are almost out of the place, I signal Wraith and get a "Green" status. Good, both our missions have been accomplished. While the charges that Wraith set go off in rapid successsion causing multiple layers of the PITT to implode on itself, I activate the timer on Duke's chest. Chase us or get down to save Duke thru all that wreckage, its your choice Joes...

Now we are in Vegas, Wraith has gone back to report to Destro while Zandar and I meet Zartan at a hole in the wall that the locals dont even frequent. Covert is still in dreamland, I wonder how he's gonna feel when he wakes up...

04-20-2005, 09:14 AM
Personal log 14689.

It has been a while. I have been under deep meditation for the past few months. The venom the tried to turn me into a zombie has finally been completely neutralized. My body is back into a pristine condition to start working again. A lot of my contacts think I had died. Some did not bother to pay there accounts while I was away. They will be the first to find out I am back. SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BE QUITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....The doctors tell me the voices will go away but they always come back. Someone will pay for this when I find out exactly what happened. Until then I have a few debts I need to recover. My bank accounts are getting low. Hhahahahahahahahaaaaaa....ahh to hear that rumble again.


04-20-2005, 09:22 AM
Mission log 2578

Wraith is on his way back with the item I had him steal from the PIT. He needs to be more careful when dealing with the Joes. They will not be too happy about the damage caused, but Recluse was the one seen rescuing Zandar. They should go after him. I need to finish securing the land in South America to start setting up my weapon assembly plant's. As soon as Wraith gets back I will have all but one piece needed to start the production of the Ga.......

Yes Baroness I was jus*log ended*

04-20-2005, 12:47 PM
Hawk seems to be in a mood. He didn't get any of the information he expected to get from the surviving Cobras. it was the weirdest thing, they were men, women, and elderly. The ones who survived had no idea what happened. It's like they went to sleep one night and woke up all chewed up in our hospital. Doc is trying to make them comfortable.

Breaker's driving me nuts with his tin foil. He made a tent around his bed and keeps trying to make us all wear tinfoil hats. That Snow Job played along for a while, but it seems like he was really yanking Breaker's chain. Those helmets we wear are bad enough, I can't undestand how Break doesn't bake his brain with the tin foil on his head too.

The Hawk's come up with a plan. It's a night op, so my laser rifle will only make me a fairly obvious target. It sounds like there might be a base around Midville Ohio. The brass hats think there might actually be a mind control machine. It sounds like bunk to me, but they're taking me along because I'm the electronics expert. Snakes is going to be in my hip pocket, I wish that guy would talk or something. He and Scarlett are watching out for me and Doc, because we'd have the best chance of figuring out what this machine does.

Our top shirt is calling, guess I better make myself presentable, weapons cleaned and hot.

04-20-2005, 12:58 PM
Midville, Ohio. Everyone that we talked to told us they were from Midville, Ohio. Doc got them talking with some drugs in their drip, and I recorded it all. We know nothing more than we did this morning, except that none of these people have any idea what happened to them.

I'm worried. My bunk was hot last night, with the tin foil curtains keeping everything in. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I've seen the movies. I've read the books. Cobra's got something scary.

I keep trying to protect my friends. Snow Job put on the foil hat I gave him, but then he started pretending he was some kind of futuristic person or space alien. He's an idiot. Flash keeps telling me not to worry, but he didn't listen as these people talked. They were confused and scared.

The Colonel is rolling out an op for tonight. I'm going to be in C&C with Hawk as the team rolls in. I'm supposed to pinpoint any radio transmissions so that we know where the base is.

Gotta skedaddle, I hear the whirlybird starting up.

04-20-2005, 01:36 PM
Hawk called me into his office this morning. Flagg Jr. and Duke were there discussing an op. Apparently, thereís some petty wanna-be dictator in Corto Maltese that our government wants a permanent solution to. Hawk seems pretty upset about this. The G.I. Joe team has never been used for political assassination. The only way he could refuse to give this order is if he stepped down, and then someone else would have to give it. What puts this in our balliwick is that this guy has Cobra ties.

It seems that heís incredibly popular with the displaced peasants and the disenfranchised youths. Heís made statements and proclamations against America and assassinated several tourists who happened to run afoul of him.

Hawk may not like it, but sometimes itís a necessity. You donít become a sniper if youíre squeamish about killing. Some people just need killing. I donít know about this guy weíre going after, but his Cobra contact definitely deserves killing. Firefly, I hate that guy.

Iíve been given a free hand to pick my team. Iím bringing Barrel Roll, Cross Hair, and Daina. One of us will get the target, and maybe Firefly as an added bonus. For special operations a second team is being sent, Duke picked Torpedo, Wet Suit, Wet Down, Link Talbot, and Depth Charge. At first I was confused, until I remembered that Link used to be a SEAL. I hope he still remembers his BUDs training. I think theyíre probably also sending in Snake-Eyes. Why not, he seems to be involved in every single other mission that ever came up. You hear some people talk about it, he IS the G.I. Joe team.

I hear my team assembling. Wild Bill is yelling something at them. Iíd better remember my fast rope gloves. No sense getting a rope burn today.

04-20-2005, 03:57 PM
I walked past the Baroness today on the way to the mess hall. She smiled at me and winked!

Woo-Hoo... She probably thinks I'm looking good from getting so RIPPED! All of those days in the weight room are starting to pay off!

Apparently #68 got some kind of promotion. He's having trouble thinking of a new code name. I suggested "Armor-All" ... he didn't laugh...

Viper Commander
04-20-2005, 08:08 PM
Dear Diary,

After I was saved by my Joes in the Detention level, we all left the PITT while reconstruction immediately got underway. Our top secret room is empty! We have no leads on who came in or did what, since all the security systems saw were shadows moving around in the dark. We do know that Zandar and Covert were taken, so Ill bet my tanned hide that its Recluse that caused so much trouble again. Hawk is mad about this, Cobra has been making us look like fools lately. Ive been taken off this whole Covert mess, Hawk is writing him off as MIA for now until we know more. I guess nobody trusts an Ex-Cobra agent. Ive been getting lectured by Gen. Abernathy and Gen. Flagg for the past 3 hours, Low Light walks in and we move on to a different subject, whew thanks Lowlight. We're sending a team of Snipers and a back up team of SEAL to take out the head of a terrorist sponsoring regime in South America. I picked Torpedo to lead the team of SEAL, I know that one wont let me down, never has before. For insurance against Firefly, we're sending Snake Eyes in as a last resort. I hope this one will go smoothly, Yoooooo Jooooeeee!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-20-2005, 08:21 PM

Hahahahahahahahahah Destro just told me that the PITT has been put out of comission! That bald fool told me since he did me sucha "huge" favor, Im not supposed to contact him at all for a few months, Ill bet he's got something sneaky going on like me. I wanted to send Storm Shadow and Recluse to spy on them, but all I got was static from their comm-links. The Baroness is ignoring me too! WTH is going on! I was so mad that I grabbed my .45 and shot the two nearest Seigies, but that didnt satisfy me. Im going to spend a few days locked in my harem, but first I transmit a command to Aleph, its time to start your Ninja BAT operation! Invade the GI Joe dojo in California and capture or kill all of Snake Eyes pupils, those pesky ninjas always get in my way!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

04-20-2005, 09:40 PM
Dear Diary,

Today has been a very profitable day for me. Everything is falling into place for my little scheme.

Earlier today, I was able to dispose of that temptress Kali. As it happened, a Sheik friend of mine from the Sudan had contacted me earlier in the week. It turns out that his son was creating his own compound and was in need of some flesh for his new harem. I had faxed Abdullah a picture of Kali, and he was pleased with my "contribution."

It was very easy to outwit that girl. From my hiding place, I was able to see her walk into the mobile storage unit. She looked so pleased when she saw the little picnic laid out on the blanket that was on the floor. As she sat down on the blanket, the cage dropped and locked her in. The look on her face went from surprise to horror as I came out from the behind crates. All the cockiness and arrogance had left her face. Before locking the door to the storage unit, I told her in no uncertain terms that if ever she was to go near my Destro again, her mother, father, and three sisters would suffer at my hands. I met Abdullah's men shortly after that to deliver my gift.

That fool Cobra Commander has been paging me incessantly. Luckily for him, I'm in an excellent mood to visit him. I wonder what idiotic plot he has planned now. The man has more matching hoods and helmets that I have shoes and jewelry. Come to think of it, he's also moodier than most women I know, and he has that screechy high pitched voice. Wait a minute....maybe CC is really a woman!!!!!!!

I will be taking Nullifier 67 as my personal escort. Destro has taken a dislike to him since I mentioned how well he personifies a well built soldier. Perhaps it is time for Destro to have a taste of his own medicine.


The Faceless Master
04-21-2005, 01:49 AM
Log 22033

SO much has happened since the warehouse incident a few days ago.
A much deserved leave was given to Shockwave & his Urban Defense Unit.
Kamakura brought in some stinky jamaican speaking drugee calling himself
Gristle. With Psyche-Out's help, we were able to squeeze out very little
information and we just have to ride on that for now.
Apparently Extensive Enterprises bought a plot of land under the name Arbco
Inc in South America. Within 2 months a factory was built & locals were
forced to work inside on some assembly line. Intel figures that they may be
the Ninja BATs Duke & his team encountered in the dreadnok hideout.

Yesterday evening, a ninja - still unsure what affiliation he alligns himself with
was able to tie up Duke, set a bomb on his chest, break out our top prisoner
Zandar, and based on our top secret video tape footage which unfortunately
can not be disclosed outside of pentagon officials - abduct Covert.
Law, Mutt & Spearhead are suspended indefinitely due to this security

Lowlight has been acting weird. The Generals informed me that he entered
unannounced & uninvited into the interrogation room while they were in a 3hr
meeting with Duke, & blurted out some mission that "must be done" in a small
area called Corto Maltese.
I gave him authority to pick his own team, and he wasted no time bringing
Barrell Roll, Cross Hair & the lovely Daina.
Lowlight even took this oppurtunity to assign Duke to a 2nd Spec Op
2nd Team with Torpedo, Wet-Suit, Wet-Down <all this time i thought that
they were the same person!!>, Link & Depth Charge with his new tangerine

Back to the Ninja BAT topic. Latest intel confirms that the crates containing
the Ninja BATs originated from the same South American factory that Arbco
Inc purchased a few months ago. I am sending Leatherneck, Dial-Tone,
Mainframe, re-assigning Wet-Suit to THIS MISSION instead & Footloose...
er let me re-phrase that, he wears yellow pants & a green vest now & wants
everyone to refer to him as Claymore. Hmm *presses intercom* Hazel?
can you plz put down Lowlight & Footloose or Claymore or whatever he
calls himself nowadays for a mental evaluation with Psyche-Out next Friday.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
04-21-2005, 02:06 AM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 6
*Deep in the inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

Early this morning, Cobra Commander burst into the CG Secret Service area &
demanded that several of his Fred Clones escort him around the Terrordrome.
I sensed he was in a bad mood judging from the fact that he was strutting
around in his boxers & cape at 7 in the morning. Chrome Dome usually isnt
awake until 930a when Blues Clues comes on.
Since i havent had facial reconstruction yet to look like the other FREDs, I
quickly put on my CG Helmet & followed the others down the hallways
carrying Cobra COmmander's pitcher of ice cold pink raspberry lemonade.
Man, this guy is WEIRD.
Cobra Commander went back into his quarters & changed into his All Black (
"meaning I am All Business today" attire.

He was on the comm with a tele-viper with Destro, something about the PITT
going out of commission!! He blurted out a name that I was unfamiliar with,
Anastasia? Then shot the two CGs that was one to my left, the other to my
immediate right. And he STILL wasnt satisfied what that murderous act!!
He ordered me to get his harem ready & shooed me off. But before the doors
closed I overheard him order Aleph & the Night Creepers to activate the
Ninja BATs & attack the ninjas in...
Didnt get the final words of his orders. I hope this is enough info for Lt Col
to piece together.

Agent Faces, out

The Faceless Master
04-21-2005, 02:09 AM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #7, day 200

I was able to catch up with Zarana at their new base camp & convinced her
that I escaped before the dreadheads got captured.
She was mentioning something to Zanzibar about being re-united with her
brother...? Zartan? Zandar?
Not sure, but uh oh here comes a dreanok swampfire right now

Undercover Chuckles aka Dreadnok Knuckles signing off

Viper Commander
04-21-2005, 06:12 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

Zartan and Zandar are having a drink while I sit and count the thick stack of big faces Zartan just tossed me, theres no one in this bar except for the bartender who is an old retired 'Nok. For saftey reasons we put Covert in a detention cell down in the basement, Im not sure how he's going to feel when he wakes up, not taking any chances with him. I left his SOCOM and PSG-1 plus his gear down there, as a gesture of good will. Also down there are two briefcases, both filled with money, and a folder with a job offer from Destro. He wants real-time battle data to train men for his new "Iron Anvil" project, and he wants to creat a special squad of sniper IGs wearing heavily upgraded Night Viper gear. Since NV1 is the FIRST Night Viper, who is better qualified to train these new elites in a real combat situation? No one. I recommended NV1 for the job and Destro jumped on the idea. While we sit, Zarana comes in too, she's acting tough but we know that she's glad to see her brother alive. While they keep downing shots to celebrate, I go outside to see if the person I am waiting for is gonna come or not, and I see that he just parked his car and hopped out. I shake hands with Scrap-Iron, he is here to help me convince NV1 to work for Destro. We both walk down to the basement without any weapons or armor, having faith that NV1 wont shoot us. At least he'll be glad to see Scrap-Iron again. I hope NV1 knows that I dont want to force anything, if he wants to go back to the Joes he's free to go. I just hope him and Zandar dont kill each other. If they wanna brawl, its a different thing, Zartan wont even stop the two from working out some aggression.


Viper Commander
04-21-2005, 06:43 AM

Access/Granted Welcome Mr. Arashikage:

Journal Entry? Y/N Y
__________________________________________________ ________________

Now that my clan elders have been completely informed about Recluse, they want him back in Japan rebuilding the clan and planning a mission to destroy the "Black Dragon". They also want him to take back a lost artifact of our family, a sealed scroll called "The Shield Of The True Son". Without the teachings in it, Recluse wil eventually be consumed by the "Arashikage Forbidden Scroll". I hope brother Snake Eyes will give up the scroll willingly, I dont want to resort to force...
__________________________________________________ ________________

Logging Out...

04-21-2005, 06:54 AM

Now here's an odd way of doing things. I go to sleep in a Joe sickbay at the PITT and wake up in a Drednok dungeon. Well, the cell was nothing to get out of, and the guards were even easier to dispatch. Luckily, I opted for a uniform that was easy to pull on and clip together. Looks like Recluse even grabbed my hardware... good. Man, did he have to grab the PSG-1? He must not want my help that bad, or he'd have been smart and grabbed the Haskins. Oh well, I'll leave the PSG-1 here. don't need the extra weight right now, and I have both of my SOCOMs and my combat knives.

As I gear up, I also see that there are a couple of caes, turns out they're full of cash. And a folder with orders from Destro on some mission... oh, and look, a nice little disc to make it easy for me to view the info at my liesure. Ah, I can't remember any of the codes for the Joe base, so I just send it to Surefire's direct comm, and call for an evac. Now it's time to head for the swamops and wait. Just as I vanish into the trees, I watch Zartan, Scrap Iron and Recluse inter the holding area. Too late, boys.

Covert, out.


Viper Commander
04-21-2005, 07:11 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

Im going to Corto Maltese, Forrest was gonna come with, but he got pulled off our C-17 at the last minute by command. Hauser is here with us, but funny thing is MacBride appointed himself CO of this operation, he's ordering us around like he's Gen. Abernathy. Since MacBride didnt assign a lady to our backup squad to level out the testosterone, I asked Krieger to come along too. She brought a new portable TOW missile launcher with her, cant wait to see her in action. Ive got my trusty M4, my Balisong is tucked away in my boots. Hmmmm a tanned and fit Hawaiian boy would sure look good with a beautiful fashion model on the beaches of Aiea drinking pineapple smoothies. Too bad I dont know what else to talk about except mission stuff, man, she'll never like me...:(

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out.

Viper Commander
04-21-2005, 07:40 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

When we got down to the basement, two Dredheads lay dead on the floor, and NV1 was nowhere to be found! He left his PSG-1 and the two cases of cash, but took the folder and memory stick with Destro's job offer. He didnt give me a chance to tell him that the data has a fail safe Trojan Horse that will infect Gi Joe computers if stored in their servers. I hope the Joes wont think he brought back a virus, it would look bad for him. Looks like NV1 has made his choice, I just hope we wont have to meet on the battlefield again...

While Scrap Iron takes the cash and bad news back to Destro at MARS, I bid the Dreadnoks a temporary farewell and hopped on a flight bound for Japan. I was greeted at the airport by my cousin, and taken to an old dojo hidden underground, right under the hustle and bustle of Tokyo's Shinjuku district. I met eleven old men who professed to be my great-grandfather's kin. They ordered me around but I didnt want to listen, first mistake. One of them raised their hand and his shadow crept to my neck, his shadow was choking me! I tried to counter with another move, releasing myself by melding into the shadows myself. I tried to slash the old man's throat by popping out of his shadow behind him, but somehow he was behind me! He touched my forehead, and everything went blank...

I opened my eyes and realized I was tied to a tree, there were old men everywhere with Katanas and each of them stabbed me multiple times. Fireants also crawled all over my body biting my wounds. I didnt die but I bled and felt pain, this lasted for a straight three days, I almost fell over the brink of insanity...

I woke up, being shaken by Storm Shadow, only a few seconds had actually passed! The old man told me that if I didnt fufill my role as leader of my father's clan, the "Arashikage Mind Trap" could keep me entranced and paralyzed forever...


Viper Commander
04-21-2005, 10:02 AM
Digital Entry:

When Nully 67 made his suggestion (, I was too stunned to laugh, he hit the jackpot! Wooohooo! My new name is "Armor-All"! He was so psyched that I took his name, we started working out again, pumping some major iron. Ahhhh that California governor aint got nothin on us Nullys!

04-21-2005, 10:08 AM
Boo Yah!
I've hit the big time now!

THe Baroness picked ME as her escort. We're going to Cobra Headquarters. So I'll have the entire flight with just me and her!

I'm going to be super smooth about this...

I put on my "Old Spice".
I shaved my back.
I even put on a clean uniform...

Maybe she'll even talk to me...

Who's the MAN now, 68?!?

04-21-2005, 10:29 AM
For the past week, Snake Eyes has kept all of us Joe Ninjas in a closed Hanger near the PIT to train us in the skills from his ancient scroll. I have learned some amazing things. I would have thought that this stuff was hocus-pocus if I wasn't doing it myself! The main thing we learn is to focus our mind to clear any of this trickery. My personal favorite technique involves focusing my Ki force into a kind of energy shield....

THen, BOOM! A loud explosion! The PIT was bombed! We ran out of the hanger and I saw Recluse driving away. I almost hopped in my little jet to chase him, but then, I reached a turning point... I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.

I went into the PIT to help any bombing victims. I slid through a collapsed floor, and saw a bomb attached to a structural pillar that had not yet gone off! I carefully defused it. Thanks to my quick work, only the top level of the base was damaged. My clear thinking probably saved the lives of dozens of Joes.

Not long later, we got word from one of our undercover agents that a Ninja base is going to be attacked by BATs?! I wonder which base they are attacking? We Ninjas are all here in UTAH.

Snake Eyes, is for some reason, assigned to a mission in South America.

Scarlett assigned a couple of us to stake out each of our various facilities around the country to figure out where this attack is coming. I'm assigned to Snake Eyes' Cabin In the High Sierras with Tj'Bang. We're bringing LOTS of EMP grenades...

04-21-2005, 11:07 AM
I'm sensing a lot of resentment from other members of the team. They seem to think that I called for this mission, and Duke's not even helping me out on this one. Maybe they're just resentful that I was finally given command over a squad.

When we fast roped into the jungle of Corto Maltese, we were all greeted by Tracker. He was wearing enough gear to outfit any 3 Snipers, but I guess he had been there awhile. I'm not sure why Duke changed his mind and came along, but I guess he took control of the SEALs unit.

By the time we organized ourselves, Snake Eyes had already taken off into the jungle. I gathered my squad and, with a final code check rom Duke, followed Snakes into the night time jungle. I know the squiddies are good in urban environments and the water, I just hope they know something about jungle craft. Cross Hair has taken point, and we're ready to move out again.

I'm sure Duke is briefing the SEALs on their part of this mission even now.

04-21-2005, 11:21 AM
Midville was a mess. Tracers lit the night and flak was bursting before we had even reached the Piggly Wiggly. Breaker didn't have to pinpoint the source of Cobra Communications. It was pretty obvious by the troop movements in the streets that the hospital was their CP.

As soon as we roped in to a side street, Snake went haring off into the night. So much for protection. It's a good thing that I brought along my trusty XMLR-1A. Scarlett got Doc moving, and we leapfrogged down the street. We followed a path of destruction and dead bodies the likes of which only a true crazy or a deadly warrior can create

The ER entrance to the hospital was devoid of anyone living, but we could hear something a short distance away. It didn't sound like fighting, it more sounded like destrusction.

We caught up with Snakes in the ICU, he was dismantling a Cobra device with a fire extinguisher. Scarlett tried to get her to stop, but he just turned on her and backed her down with a look. I have no idea what that was about, but studying this thing would only be accomplished from picking up the pieces.

04-21-2005, 12:07 PM
Personal Log:

It has been a long week. I am headed to Puerto Acosta to oversee the mountain base setup. We already have an area clear to drop in supplies. The project should be under way and finished within the week. By that time Wraith will have the last piece I need to start production on B.H.E.R. If my calculations are correct. This ammunition can be set to warp through a solid object and the continue to its target. I will be able to fire through even the toughest objects to take care of what is hiding inside thinking they are unreachable HAHAHAHAHAAHA. I degrees.

That arrogant fool did not seem pleased that I told him not to bother for a few months. He acted like he agreed but I know better. He kept asking about the Baroness. I told him I was not her keeper. Then he started ranting and two shots rang off, to more loyal subjects gone no doubt. He is up to something, he better keep it to himself.

A few odd reports came across my desk this morning. Seems someone has been at some of Firefly's safe house across the world. Maybe he isn't dead, I'll have Wraith look into it after his current mission.

Recluse cannot be found again, I suspect he is with Cobra Commander again. Scrap Iron brought me back the money I offered to NV-1. He wants to play hero and sent the info to Joe Headquarters. The virus installed will continually reproduce its self across all systems that are linked to the poor computer it is placed in. it will cause all the info to be defragmented into individual files for every single code. It will take for ever to recode them to the proper locations. But before it does it will give the Joes a location of the "Meet that was going to happen" General Mayhem, Metal Head, and Scarp Iron will be waiting nearby with forces to "Welcome" the Joes.

Baroness is on her way to meet with that demented, childish fool of a leader. To see what he is up too. She has been acting strange lately. No matter.

*Ding* Pilot: Laird Destro we are approaching your drop point. Your despoiler is ready and the AGP are in route for escort.

Destro: Good continue with your flight pattern.

Time to get to work, when I land their will be an assembly if workers to give my speech.


04-21-2005, 12:23 PM

I just found Well ok. He accepted the position. Good he will be an asset to the field. We where just about to head and get some brews when Destro Summoned me. I headed to his office

Wraith : Yes Lord Destro

Destro: I have the last mission for you. It will be 2 fold. First the Baroness is about to board a plane to Cobra Island. You will be on that plane, hidden. I want a full report of what happens on there, after you finish your main mission. The last piece I need to start production of the B.H.E.R. is on Cobra Island. That arrogant fool doesn't know I am even looking for it. Here is a layout of most the base. You need to go to the 5th level room 545. In there is a metal case. Do not open it. It contains a black orb that absorbs energy around it to include your life force. Handle it with extreme care. Leave the Island as fast as possible. There will be a sub waiting just outside of Cobra Islands sonar systems. Remember anyone who sees you should be taken care of.

Wraith: As you command Lord Destro!!!!

Need to get geared up.

Till Next Time

04-21-2005, 12:57 PM
Log entry.

It has been a busy 24hrs. I have been all over the world setting packages to be delivered to the people who owe me money.10 in all. Each package will be delivered directly to the individual responsible for my payment at the exact same time around the world. In the packages is a data pad that has a fingerprint reader on it. Each package has a note on the data pad. It reads...

You may find the information on the data pad very helpful to you.

They will all be activated at the same time. It will ask the person to place a fingerprint on the touch pad. This will arm an explosive that will clear out a 50 ft square area with ease. The pad will then read...

*Firefly's mask appears**Classical music in the background* You may remember me, you may not. I am owed money in the amount of ************* It can be paid to he following account # ********************************* . If it is not paid within 5 minuets This pad will blow up killing anyone within 50 feet. If you drop this pad the thermal reader, where you are holding it at will set the explosives off. * at this point a timer starts on the pad displaying the time left.* Be warned any tampering with the case will also set it off. You need to hurry not much time to decide. I am monitoring my account now as soon as the money is sent I will disarm the device from here. Tick Tick time is wasting.

Once the money has been sent I will activate the next program...

Thank you for your payment. Sorry you felt it was not worth paying for the work that was done when it was done. BUT NO ONE CROSSES ME. Good bye!!! *BOOM*

If they don't pay buy the time allotted it will just blow up. I can hardly wait to hear the global news tonight. I am in Corto Maltese. I want to see at least one of these blow up...the noise...the flame....the smell of burning flesh....the mass pandemonium that will ensue. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. I am in a house across the street from where the package will be delivered. Too bad these folks where home. No witnesses. Soon it will all happen, soon.

The voices are quite, they must be pleased.


04-21-2005, 01:40 PM
Midville was incredibly exciting. As soon as we appeared within their radar these Cobras started filling the sky with bombs and bullets. Wild Billís Dragonfly took a hit in the motor mount, causing a severe wobble in the flight characteristics. He and Airborne had to set down and hitch a ride on the APC. Hawk was using the APC as his C&C hollering orders and harassing troops as we drove through town. I was trying to sort out the barrage of radio signals.

The heavy weapons team on the south side of town was routing the Cobra troops who were pulling back haltingly. It sounded like they couldnít decide between flight or fight.

Snake Eyes went berserk in the hospital that the Cobras were using as a CP. He destroyed the Brainwave Scanner. At almost the same time that he finished ripping the device apart, most of the Cobra troops stopped fighting and started milling around.

A few Cobras got away as we tried to figure out what was going on with these people. It seems like most of the town had been mind controlled.

Flash was cursing as he helped scoop chunks of Scanner into a box for transport to base. Doc set up an infirmary in the High School to check out the townsfolk and treat any injured. Torpedo, Airborne, and Clutch all received minor wounds.

I sure am glad I had my tin foil hat on under my helmet. No telling what that Brainwave thingy coulda done to me if I didnít.

04-21-2005, 09:42 PM


Okay, new plan. I was just settling in on the transport we were taking to Corto Maltese, when Sure Fire steps up, and pulls me out for a new priority mission. Okay, that's nice. He says my current gear will be fine, since I don't have time to head to the armory and re-equip before we get underway. Good thing, too. I was about to start laughing at Low Light. Even old Eddie cracked a grin when Low Light started going on about "hoping us SeALs could handle the jungle." Man, he obviously has no idea what SeALs do, is my guess. Ain't no terrain a SeAL don't go, and he's gonna find that out real quick.

Anyhow, in my new mission, I'm being sent with Leatherneck, Dial-Tone
and Mainframe to deal with... you're kidding me. More of those Ninja BATsI!!? Man, don't Mindcracker know when to stop? Ah, well, it's off to the landing pad, yet again. Everyone's waiting there, so I guess I'll jog on over and catch up, so we can shove off.

Wet-Suit out.

Wet Suit: (calling cadence as he runs). See-one-thirty rollin' down the strip! Airborn froggy gonna take a little trip!...


04-21-2005, 09:52 PM

Of all the... figures. In my escape I seem to have busted up my comm unit. It'll still send verbal messages, but I can't transmit the data from this memory stick. Eh, I still have the file folder, so I'll just ditch the memory stick here.

**bloop... fzzzt!**

Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have dropped it in water. Anyhow, I've hiked about 10 kiliks from the 'Nok hideout, so the chopper they're hopefully sending for me can come in undetected. Ah, here it is. Good, looks like Life Line's with them. While I was hiding out during the day, I noticed my abdomen was beelding again. Recluse must have popped the stitches when he carried me out of the PITT. I swear, his beside manner stinks. Heh heh.

Anyhow, I'm onboard the NAC they sent for me, and Lifeline's already grumping and moaning about the stitches being popped. I try to tell him it's not my fault, but he says it probably happened while I was running through the swamp. I tell him it was bleeding before that, and he says it was from my escape, then. I told him I had to get out, and he said I should have waited for Snake Eyes. I swear: I don't know if I'm starting to like this kid, or if I'm just going to strangle him before we get back to HQ.

Wild Bill just gave the sign that we are out of danger, and headed home. I hand Lift Ticket the file, which he puts safely away, and I try to ignore Lifeline's poking and prodding. Lifeline says that's good, and that I'll be fine... and sticks me with another sedative. I hate when he does th...

**Thunk... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz**


james strickland
04-22-2005, 01:08 AM
I been busy trying to get the flagg comm system back togather When dusty suguest we redo the hole control room. I Think it's crazy but who I am I to ague with a plan dusty he may be right I think I will get hawk or flagg on thiws and see what they say.
dailtone out

an hour later
Hawk just told me that he would send mainframe and hard drive here to help us Make sure there is nothing in the computer here on the flagg. I sure hope so.
Dail tone out.

james strickland
04-22-2005, 01:17 AM
I have been training alot of new joes lately. The biggest let done to me was when I heard what happened to the recruit I train about six months ago. I remeber at first He looked eager to start missions but He soon learned what a joes life ment. He name was Flint. He was a pretty good guy,. I hate the way he died. The biggest problem with training so many joes is trying to remembering thier names. I was talking to fidge yesterday he was just wondering about the death rate of all the new recuits and why they keep going into battle.
Slaughter out

Viper Commander
04-22-2005, 07:08 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

We made it into the jungle via a wide river, after air dropping out of our C-17. I carried Krieger's TOW launcher for her when we jumped into the drink, I know she's not a combat diver so we had her land in a CRRC. Rest of us were in flippers making sure there were no depth charges in the water to blow up the rubber duckie. Hauser made Langdon ditch his Wave Crusher in the C-17, all three of us are submerged. Im on point with my M4, Langdon is right behind me pulling the raft with his Benelli Super 90, Alexander is covering our flank with an M14, Talbot is covering the other flank with an M4 plus attache M203 and Hauser is covering the rear with an M4. Krieger is keeping low on the raft with her pocket rocket ready to take out anything with armor. Once we get to the target area we wait for the signal from Macbride. I got my IR pointer right on a big fuel tanker, and Krieger has her missile launcher raised and ready. If the snipers need a "diversion", our team is ready. When Macbride is done he's going to redevzous with us so everyone can extract via the river we just came in. Once we get out to Sea, Hardy will pick us up in a helo to go home. Yo Joe!

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out.

Viper Commander
04-22-2005, 07:50 AM

Finally! The Baroness is coming today! I put on my new suit, baby blue with white boots and gloves. I even got a baby blue helmet to match it, I was going to wait until I get on a boat to wear this outfit, but I want to impress Anastasia. When she arrived, I greeted her on the landing pad riding Serpentor's Air Chariot followed by a bunch of my Siegies, all running to try to keep up with me. I asked her to hop on, and gave her a tour of my newly redecorated inner sanctum, stopping at the grand meeting hall. She asked me what I wanted, dragging her out to Cobra Island. I ordered her to gather intelligence for me again, a plan needs to proceed NOW while the PITT is being repaired. I want information on how to "get in touch" with Gen. Hawk and Gen. Flagg. Since the PITT is being worked on they cant hide underground, this is my chance to take them out using my "Black Dragon" operatives! After she left I got a beep from Aleph! Aleph reports that he just burned down Snake Eyes private dojo and not a soul was there! I ordered him to leave some BATS there and leave with his Night Creepers to South America. Destro's got something cooking down there and I want to know what, I also ordered him to protect my Ninja BAT factory down there. KILL ANYONE that gets in your way! Major Bludd, lead a battalion of Vipers and HISS tanks, attack GI Joe's temporary HQ while the PITT is being repaired. I will send Wild Weasel and a squadron of Rattlers to back you up with two Night Ravens and some Firebats for air support! Fail me and DIE!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

04-22-2005, 01:49 PM

I can see why Destro calls Cobra Commander a pompous fool. Heís was wearing what had to be the oddest outfit I have ever seen him wear. He was riding around on a golden chariot shaped like a snake, and a whole squad of CGís running behind him. I almost blew my cover when I started to laugh. One of his CGís looked my way but didnít notice me. I followed them back into the complex. I saw the code they used to open the hanger doors. Always good to know how to get back out. Made my way to an elevator, waited till some CGís headed down. They mentioned something about Ninja B.A.T.S. Got me. Took a while to get someone to go to the fifth floor. A couple of Techno-Vipers had to drop something off. It was nice and dark down here. Easy to follow them around. They had a key card they used to open door 532. I waited till they walked out. Knocked them both out. I took there card and headed to door 545. I slid the card. Click it opened. The only thing in the room was the metal briefcase Destro told me to grab. So I did. Just then a voice comes from down the hall.

*Techno Viper 389 report, I show use of you card on door 545. You do not need to access this door. * 2 seconds later

*Techno Viper 389 report, I repeat I show use of you card on door 545. You do not need to access this door. *

As I start moving towards the elevator I hear it coming down. I set the case down next to the elevator and stood on the other side. *Get ready, opening doors NOW. * 4 vipers fall out and take up positions. *Sir a case * One of them turns to look. One quick strike and he is out, one of them saw me move he starts fire in my direction. I knock his gun up as it goes off. Grabbing another Viper I fling him into the one shooting. Red lights start going off. The elevator door starts to close . I start laying down some fire, as I dive for the case and into the doors. * swish * The doors close behind me as bullets come through.. I hit all the floor buttons. I slide the case into my backpack. 4th floor is clear. 3rd floor. It is clear . I move out not wanting to try my luck any higher up. As I am moving through this level, I get passed by several groups of different vipers. Finally another elevator. Finally catch a Strato Viper going up to the hanger level. I follow him into the hanger. Something is going on besides me. A squadron of Rattlers, a few Night Ravens and Firebats are being prepared for takeoff. My ticket out of here. I found a Firebat pilot about my size. Made some noise to get his attention. * a few minuets later * The uniform was a little tight no matter. As I am Ďinspectingí the plane I set a small explosive near the engine. I take off when the Firebats do. Shortly after take off I develop engine problems, BOOM.

Best I could, I maneuvered it towards my pick up point. I ejected and ditched it into the sea. A Hydrofoil was dispatched to pick me up. I sent a short range signal to the sub. Undertow met me with scuba gear to get back to the sub. Just in time I could see the Hydrofoil coming. Now for the long ride to South America


04-22-2005, 02:11 PM
Breaking News************************** Breaking News**************************Breaking News

We have just received reports from numerous affiliates across the world. There have been a string of bombings. They all seem to have gone off at approximately 12:00 GMT. We are getting reports from Tokyo, Washington DC, Salvador Brazil, Johannesburg South Africa, Istanbul Turkey, and Corto Maltese. The reason for the bombings is unknown. They have gone off in cars, homes and businesses. Officials have not released any more information. We will keep you posted when more information is released.

Breaking News************************** Breaking News**************************Breaking News

04-22-2005, 07:16 PM
Dear Diary,

Well, my flight wasn't as fulfilling as I had hoped. As soon as I boarded my jet, I had the odd feeling of being watched. What made matters worse was that there was a distinct smell of Old Spice throughout the plane. The last time I had caught that odor was when I was tailing Hawk and Duke. They positively reeked of it! I told Nullifier 67 to be on the alert because we may have unwanted company aboard. A thorough search came up fruitless though. Oh well, there is always the trip back. Perhaps then, Nullifier 67 can find his tongue and do more than stutter a response to my questions.

The site that greeted my eyes as I stepped off the jet unbalanced me and almost caused me to fall. I couldn't figured out if I should laugh or cry. Cobra Commander was wearing this blush blue leisure suit with white gloves and white patent leather gogo boots with heels. He was riding Serpentor's golden chariot, which completely clashed with his pastel countenance. Following him were some poor fools who for some reason adore this fashion faux paux. He requested for me to join him and reluctantly I did. He seemed quite pleased with himself and his new domain. I do admit that his facility was quite impressive. There is much potential here and could very well be the grandest compound he has had. My next mission for CC is to find out the whereabouts of Hawk and Flagg. I told him that I will have the information in less than a week.

After our meeting, I decided to give myself a tour of the new facility. On the west wing I found Dr. Mindbender in his new lab. He was muttering happily to himself while musing over his new B.A.T.s I was considering throwing in a smoke bomb just to ruffle his feathers when alarms started to sound. I sent Nullifier 67 to check on my jet and to make sure nothing happens to it. I do not want to be stranded here in case......well we all know that CC has the worst luck.

I received a call from Abdullah, Kali has arrived and has been "put to use already." He has sent me a "gift" for my generous contribution.

CC has asked me to stay for a day so that I could get the "full effect" of his island. I think it would be very profitable for me to make myself well acquainted with the layout. Don't you?


04-22-2005, 08:00 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

It seems Anastasia is paying one of her visits to the new compound. The Commander mentioned something earlier, but I wasn't listening. I had hoped that Baroness had decided to abandon the Commander's exploits. She is too talented for his cheap schemes. Hey, wait a minute, so am I. Maybe I should go to work for Destro as well.

The Commander baid me to follow him after he parted ways with the Baroness, which I did (like I had a choice).

Cobra Commander: Mindbender, I'm a genious.

Funny. I thought that was what he hired me for.

Cobra Commander: I have an idea.

How Thrilling.

Cobra Commander: I want you to find some subjects to use Rabbit DNA on for our Venom Troops.

Immediately, I saw the possibilities. Increased speed, enhanced agility. If I could get Storm Shadow to offer some of his Ninja Vipers, they would be perfect. Especially with the extra kicking power Jakcrabbit DNA would give them...

Cobra Commander: And make sure half of them are females.


Cobra Commander: This new plan will allow me to create new V-Troops by the dozens! And all through natural reproduction!

Why do I bother? I should just have Fire Fly shoot me. I'm sure I could afford that. Maybe Baroness would do it for me during her visit. Ah, well, suppose I had better get to work on this. Wait... Storm Shadow... I am formulating a plan. All this time, old Rag head has been using Alef and his lackeys for the Ninja BATs he had me produce. And they have been thwarted at every turn. It has always been my idea to engage the Arashikage Clan for this, instead, but the Commander says the Night Creepers are cheaper. I just think he likes saying that because it rhymes. But, if I could contact... ah, yes.

Now at my personal comm-center, I send a message to the former Ninja Viper, Recluse. I also send one to Anastasia. Different messages, of course. If this works out with the Arashikage, then my creations would be the prize in whatever army they are used by. Not to mention, the other possibilities this newest idea would open. Ah, both messages sent. Now... I wait.

The Commander's not simply insane. The man's an idiot. And I deserve better.


Viper Commander
04-22-2005, 09:22 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

Mindbender wants to meet with me, Cousin Storm Shadow advises against this, but our Elders disagree. If he can be used in the right way, our clan could build an Army large enough to set my plans in motion. I remembered the big battle on Cobra Island when I was an Airborne Neo-Viper still training to be a Ninja, Mindbender and.... ah yes, it was Zandar that worked with him. I sent a comm-link to Mindbender via Storm Shadow's secure channel, somehow the Joes always seem to track mine. Then I waited until the dead of the night, in their time zone.

I used one of my techniques, "Shadow Warp" rising out of the shadows into Zandar's room in Florida. Almost got a knife thrown into my skull for surprising him, but I was still in mist form and not yet materialized. He was freaked out by my entrance, but when I told him that Mindbender was involved and I needed someone to keep that bald mad doctor in check, he smiled and grabbed his knives. I widened a shadow and told him to hop in, good old Zandar, did it without even hesitating.

We reappeared in Mindbenders chambers on Cobra Island, he was having nightmares. I used my sleeping gas on him to help him during the trip, while Zandar looks around for anything to pilfer. We lift him up and hop back into my shadow hole, coming back out at my Dojo in Japan. The Arashikage Elders left way earlier to keep themselves hidden, but Cousin Storm Shadow was waiting for us. Now, Zandar and Storm Shadow are giving me some histroy on Mindbender while he sleeps off his gas. When he awakes, I will decide if he is worth keeping alive or not...


04-22-2005, 09:54 PM
Log Entry:

Ah my bank account has filled up nicely. Too bad a few of them didn't beleive. They were the first to blow up. Some didn't get the money fast enough, although it did clear a few minuets later. And some I just felt needed to die. There is one person left I need to speak with. Cobra Commander. It has been a while. And I havent received my payment for that mission in the desert I did for him. I have just gotten back to my vehicle hanger in Mexico.

I have loaded my supplies I will need to go visit the commander. I will be dropped in the water off Cobra Island. I'm sure he will be happy to see me. YES, YES we will be happy to see him.


04-22-2005, 10:17 PM
Dear Diary,

Well, it seems that intrigue is all around me. I've received a private message from Dr. Mindbender and have forwarded it on to Destro. It is good to see that my perception of CC is shared by others of intelligence. I tried to contact Destro, but have received no answer from him as of yet.

Feeling restless, I decided to seek Dr. Mindbender out. I'm sure he wouldn't be upset if I disturbed his slumber, afterall he was the one to contact me. Upon entering, I saw a shadow where there should not be one and in the next instant it was gone. With everything I have seen in my life, I know better than to dismiss anything. I did a quick scan of the room, but nothing else was amiss. I summon Nullifier 67 and order him to make a thorough check of the area even though I know he will not find anything.......but you never know.

I've tried contacting Destro again since coming back from the lab and still nothing from him. Where is he?!?!?

My contacts assure me that they will have Flagg's whereabouts by tomorrow. Of course, I will confirm their information before presenting my find to CC.


04-22-2005, 10:25 PM
B.H.E.R. Project log:

I have not heard anything from Wraith or the sub yet. If he did not get it this will be for naught. We have built most of the machinery needed to produce the first prototype B.H.E.R.'s. But without the last piece, the diamonds and the nose piece off the Weather Dominator (which was stolen from the Joes) are useless. I have increased security around the facility, although being deep within these zinc mines helps. You can never be too sure. I have forces undercover in the cities near here. If the Joes or the Commander decide to send someone out here we should know. The Ground to Air defences are in place. The tech's assure me it will work. I am skeptical , but if it does I will have the ultimate weapon. These rounds will have a special tip. When the tip hits a solid object it will literally disappear, travel a predetermined distance (based on the size of the tip), and reappear on the other side traveling the same velocity and mass as before. It will fire through walls with no damage to the wall. If they can get this to work on a larger scale we may even be able to adapt it to missles. Then the possibilites will be endless, I will be rich and powerful beyond belief.

*beep, Beep, BEEEP* The Baroness again. Third time within the hour. This had better be important.


Viper Commander
04-22-2005, 11:48 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

While we still waited for Mindbender to wake up, I gave Zandar a small present for coming along. I was gonna give this back to "Covert" upgraded with custom parts and cleaned, but he never gave me a chance. Maybe Zandar can make good use of this Haskins .50 Anti-material rifle. Good, Mindbender is waking up, lets see what he has to say...


Viper Commander
04-23-2005, 12:33 AM

When I woke up this morning, I watched Blue's Clues while my Siegies served me GI Joe cereal, I happily crunched little Duke and Hawk heads while that genius mutt solved another impossible case. Anastasia is somewhere on my island, doing something she thinks I dont know about, Destro's man has also stolen the piece of equipment that Destro needs to build whats going to be MY secret weapon. Everything is on schedule, good. I called Mindbender into my office after putting on my black outfit, but he never answered me. I was about to storm down to his chambers when Firefly dropped down in front of me from the ceiling!

Me "Ahhhhh my dear friend Firefly, you've saved me the trouble of finding you! I assume you've come for your cash? How about another job? I'll pay you up front and its a job you'll like. When Destro is done with his new secret weapon, I want you to steal it and flatten his research facility. Kill anyone who gets in your way."

FF "..............."

Me "If you can complete this assignment, I will send you on more and more jobs. What do you say Firefly?"

I ordered my Siegies to bring two suitcases full of cash. One for his old job, and one for the new job. Good, now that Firefly is back, I wont need Recluse or Storm Shadow for now. Major Bludd is reporting a major success with his operation, GI Joe HQ is destroyed (, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cough Cough "hhhhhaaaaaaacccck"


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

04-23-2005, 02:47 AM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

Ah, a wonderful sleep. I started out having nightmares about if the Commander found out about my plans, but then, suddenly, my sleep became as peaceful as the Commander's brainwaves. Heh heh... oh, anyhow.

As I awoke, I turned over, relizing I wasn't facing my wall anymore, and sat up. There, before me stood three of the people I most wanted the attention of at that time: Storm Shadow, Recluse and Zandar. Keeping my hands far out, to show I am unarmed (like they don't already know that), I stand, and make a proper bow for each of them, including Zandar. It somewhat amazes me how easily Storm Shadow allows his presence, even though he doesn't like Dreadnoks. I am aware that the Dreadnoks have their very own Arashikage Ninja, now... could it be that the Arashikage Clan now has it's very own Dreadnok, too? Something to ponder at a later time.

Anyhow, before we begin, I move to my clothing that I see Recluse was kind enough to grab for me, and I outfit myself... oh, he even grabbed the headpiece that I wore while the Commander had me in the field... ugh, the memories of that horid Yellow outfit... well, this particular device is quite valuable to my craft. I slide it on, after my wrist computer lights up, and activate it as well. I am now ready to begin.

Mindbender: I know all of you are quite busy with your own things right now, so I will keep this brief, and not waste any more of your time than I must. I believe you are all aware of my recent creations, the Ninja BATs.

I recieve noids from all of them... and a considerable (and expected) rolling of the eyes from Zandar... and I go on.

Mindbender: The Commander has, for some reason known only to him, deemed only the Night Creeper Clan to be worthy of operating these machines. Thomas, you helped me to begin the creation of these androids back in the 1980s. You know what the original prototype was capable of. I assure you, the new ones are capable of so much more!

I see I have his interest, as he looks down and away. I am a mental specialist, and I can read when someone is interested. Not wanting to lose him now, I press on.

Mindbender: Now, I know their performance thus far has been less than stellar, but look who is controlling them, my friend. The Night Creepers are barely even ninja! They are nothing beside the considerably skioll and might of the Arashikage, who I believe should have been controlling them all along.

I then turn to Recluse and Zandar. Time to catch their attention, too.

Mindbender: And the two of you. Not only your training and skill... but your more... shall we say... special... talents as well. Think of it. Zandar, you'r ability to simply go un noticed. And Recluse, your newfound Arashikage abilities... yes, I know about them... I know a great many things more than people give me credit for.

Storm Shadow: But why risk going against the Commander after all this time, Mindbender?

Mindbender: Because it's HIS fault that my reputtion has been soiled. I come up with the ideas he wants, I present them, and then he decides that my uses are wrong, and decides to toy with them in different ways. And what has happened every time, Thomas? Defeat? Humiliation? Or worse?

Ah, now I truly have him. It seems I have all three of them.

Mindbender: We have been made fools of time and again at the hands of that buffoon! How much longer will we stand idly by and subjugate ourselves to his idiocy? How long must we be his pawns to push the shame of failure upon? I believe... with your help... I can find a way to simulate your special talents into the Ninja BAT programming. All I need for you is cooperation... and maybe a little cover while I do so. I will remain here while you think it over.

The three of them look to one another... even Zandar is included, I notice once again... then each nods to me, and they turn and step out of the room. When they return, one of two things will happen. 1) They'll accept, and we begin. Or 2) they kill me... either way, I am done being Cobra Commander's lackey!


04-23-2005, 10:00 AM
This has been a spooky trip!

I think our Gulf Stream that we took to Cobra Island was haunted!
When I was doing the preflight check, I heard a noise in the bathroom, but when I went to look, the water was flushing, and no one was there!!

The Baroness DID talk to me, but I was too nervous around her to say much. IM AN IDIOT!!
Well, maybe if this mission lasts a little longer I'll get more comfortable around her...
It's just... when I see her in that leather outfit, my palms get all sweaty...

Well anyway, once we got to Cobra Island, she went about her business and I stayed in the hanger to watch her plane.

I was walking around the hangar to get a crescent wrench, and saw a nearly dead pilot! Apparently he had been attacked, but didnt see anyone!
Was it a ghost?

Later, The Baroness asked me to check Dr. Mindbenders room for an intruder. (Why was the Baroness going into Dr. Mindbender's bedroom? Ooooh gross!) As I opened the door, there was a slight movement of a shadow, and when I got there, NO one was there! Not even Mindbender.

Something freaky is going on!!

04-23-2005, 10:13 AM
Dear Diary,

I received the whereabouts of Flagg and am on my way to confirm this is true. Nullifier 67 has made sure all is ready for my departure.

I think I have mapped out this compound as much as I can. I'm sure there are many hidden rooms and passages that yet have to be revealed, but there will be time for that when I get back to inform CC of Flagg's location. There is still no sign of Dr. Mindbender. Since CC hasn't been screaming and shooting his men, I assume he hasn't realized Dr. Mindbender's absence yet.

I was in a bit of a devilish mood today, but really have no outlet......yet. Anyway, as I passed the kitchen earlier today, I noticed them preparing CC's breakfast. I suppose he's watching Blue's Clue's again. I order Nullifier 67 to cause a distraction. Once no one was looking, I switched out CC's 2% milk to soymilk and poured decaf coffee in this Blue's Clue's mug. Petty I know, but for some reason when I get around CC I feel like a child again and these pranks seem to come about naturally.


james strickland
04-24-2005, 12:37 AM
I have a team of joe investigating a bombing near the center of Washington,DC. I have Hollow Point doing Arerial survalince. Hollow point is the only pilot in the area at the time. Tripwire is checking the remains of the explosion area. Stalker is helping. Barbque is also there to keep hot spots cool. I am talking to local investigaters and the FBI to see if they found anything. I also have Mutt and Junkyard looking for any Survivors. Life line is also helping local medic in the area. We were all in the underground Hq when we felt the blast we immediately Left our facility to see what was going on. Breaker informed me that it has happened else were in the world and Hawk is sending teams to check it out. If this is Cobra Handy work then we will stop them. All I know now is that the buildings in this area are severly damage.
Falcon out

Viper Commander
04-24-2005, 05:10 PM
Digital Entry:

I am in South America under the command of Sir Alexander and Mistress Armada. Sir Alexander is leading MARS troops who are in charge of guarding the excavation site while Laird Destro is down in the tunnels overseeing something I dont know about, I just know it will make us all filthy rich...:cool:

I'm packing a new prototype weapon, a portable version of the XM307 25MM Automatic Cannon ( custom made for Nullifier use. The grenades are belted to a huge ammo storage pack on my back. Lord Destro says that if this new weapon works, he may try to fit "special warheads" on the ammo. I wonder what he means?

Viper Commander
04-24-2005, 06:05 PM

Access/Granted Welcome Mr. Arashikage:

Journal Entry? Y/N Y
__________________________________________________ ________________

Cousin Recluse is too rash, first he brings a Dreadnok to our Dojo, then he decides to even consider Mindbenders plan. I know from experience, the good Doctor has repeated this song and dance with Serpentor too, he needs someone powerful enough to kill Cobra Commander for him. After Mindbender's speech, we left him in his room and walked into the main hall. As soon as we stop my Katana blade is lifted to Zandar's neck...

SS "What is HE doing here? Give me one good reason not to decapitate him and YOU Recluse. I told you before that Zartan killed you father!"

R "Zandar has been a reliable ally on more then one occasion, Cousin Storm Shadow, at least he never tried to hypnotize ( me. Zandar is here as a hired mercernary, what Zartan did has nothing to do with him. Besides, Zartan was paid by the Commander to kill Snake Eyes, you told me yourself. I place the death of my father squarely on the shoulders of Cobra Commander, the Dreadnok shall remain my allies. As a mercernary myself, this is the only logic I can live by."

Z "Oy, rewoind! You blokes are related? And you Storm Shadow, you gotta listen to orders from Recluse? Hoohoohoohoohoo Zartan's gonna love this!"

R "When you communicate with Zartan again, inform him that I am no longer his subordinate, we are equal partners from now on. The Arashikage will be allies with your family as long as Im alive."

Just then, one of the Arashikage Elders appeared out of nowhere! He grabbed Zandar and pressed his palm into Zandar's head before anyone could react, oh no, I know what he's doing. When Zandar woke up a few seconds later, our Elder spoke...

E "You are now a servant of our clan, if you refuse, you will be in entrapped forever! I can reach you even more easily then Recluse, and you will never see me coming, you cannot hide from me boy. Do not speak of anything you have seen to your brother, or else I can destroy your family just as easily. Only inform him that Recluse is on equal standing with him. Zartan's life will be spared, and Cobra Commander will pay for the crimes against Hardmaster, as decreed by our Rightful Heir. Mindbender shall assist our forces, but make sure he knows who the MASTER is in our relationship."

Recluse looked angry with how things turned out, but I was glad. The Elders will keep him in line. When the Elder disappears just as quickly as he appeared, the three of us walk back into Mindbenders room. We inform him that we will protect him from the Commander and will assist him with his projects. If any of his technology leaks out to factions other then the Dreadnoks, he will die. If he tries to use brain washing or hypnotization on any of us, he will die. After we laid out the terms, Recluse extends his hand. The next move is up to the good doctor, our clan is getting stronger by the second.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Logging Out......

Viper Commander
04-24-2005, 06:15 PM
Dear Diary,

I wonder whats taking Lowlight so long, hope everything is ok. His Joe-comm is not responding. We are encountering pockets of resistance, but the SEALs are having a field day with them so nothing to worry about. We had to start using procured weapons from downed enemies becasue of ammo running out, but Covergirls launcher is still fully loaded with Torpedo carrying her extra shells. We discovered a poppy field guarded by a old Soviet tank, so we are going to burn it down and destroy this dictator's side drug operation while waiting for Lowlight, Yo joe!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

PS. I hope the other Joes are doing ok back at our temporary HQ and on their own missions... godspeed everybody.

04-25-2005, 06:32 AM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

I can see they do not trust me. That's fine, and not a problem with me. Recluse stands with a hand extended, and waiting for my acceptance of it, but they expect me to pull some sort of trick here. Ah, yes, Thomas doesn't know that I no longer carry a weapon, as I used to. Well, you'd think the world's top ninja clan would at least make sure you're not armed before bringing you into their secret compound. Anyhow, with nothing to lose, I grasp Recluse's hand firmly.

Mindbender: Then we have an accord, gentlemen. But... there is one... mor eperson I wish to involve in this, though. Someone equally as disgusted with the Commander as we are, if not just a slight bit more. Not to mention, he has the funds and the technology I need to carry out my intentions. Before you returned, I sent a message to Destro to meet with me at a place and time of his own choosing... as I did with you, Recluse... to discuss details.

I see the shock and outrage on their faces, but I extend a hand non-threateningly to stall their outbursts.

Mindbender: Wait, wait... I am not a stupid man, and you know this Thomas. I did not give away my current location, and I have proofed my personal communicator against tracking of any kind. Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit a of work to activate a rescue beacon from it, but it still has advantages. Like the Commander's very best Tele Vipers not being able to track and locate me at the Commander's whim.

Stepping away from them then, I clasp my hands behind my back, awaiting wehatever is to come, stoically. Recluse had reached for his blade when I announced I had contacted Destro, and Thomas could get to his easily, without my ever detecting the motion. Didn't they leave the room as three... ah, well, no matter. These two are perfect specimens for what I need.

Mindbender: One last detail to work out, gentlemen. When I complete the updated Ninja BATs... and when they prove all of your fears and trepidations incorrect... would you like to place the Arashikage clan symbol on them, or leave them completely blank?

I see my confidence and the ensuing smile unnerve them a bit... ah, they still do not trust me, and my confidence makes them wonder why. Let them figure their own feelings out.


04-25-2005, 06:37 AM


Does he really think a simple mind game is gonna have an effect on anyone from my family line? Old fool, he has no idea who he's dealing with. I step into the shadows when they watch the old man go, and, as expected, they walk away, already forgetting I was ever there. Pull a sword on me, Tommy ol' boy? Wrong move, mate.

I leave a letter on Recluse's bunk, and split for the comfort of the nearest 'Nok compound, then I'm headin' back to the Russia branch of the 'Noks, to see Crystal Ball. I do what I want, with whom I want, and when I want. No old man tells me my business... even Zartan doesn't think it his place to tell me my business. We'll see how this all works out.


04-25-2005, 01:59 PM
I found Daina. She got the shot. Chaos reigns the streets of this city. Between explosions and assassinations, everyone's either rioting or hiding. Neither of these courses of action appeal to me. I just want to get out of this city. My comms were wrecked by a stray bullet from one of the rioters.

Daina told me that she had split with Barrel Roll when she found a place to shoot from. He had gone to join Cross Hair in eliminating the leaders of this revolution's armed rabble.

I wish I knew where those squiddies were. I may give them guff, but there's really no one on the team I respect more. Daina and I will attempt to get out of the city tonight. Martial Law rules, but we're better than la policia.

We missed Firefly. no one saw hide or hair of the scum. I wish I knew where he got to. Haven't seen Snakes since we landed. maybe he was able to find Firefly. More explosions outside, don't these idiots realize that destroying business means that they won't have any place to buy the things they need. Bah, it's not my concern. My concern is getting my team out of here safely. Daina's finished cleaning her weapons. We have several hours before dark, I'm going to take a nap.

04-25-2005, 02:10 PM
We finally got something. It seems like Cobra's got some Mercenary working for him. A man with the unfortunate moniker of Bludd. I guess with a name like that you can only be evil. Bludd, a Major in someone's military, helped to set up the command center in that hospital but disappeared weeks ago.

As soon as the brain wave scanner had made several Cobra slaves, he left. The only official Cobra personel at the facility were a cadre of officers and soldiers. It's disappointing that we didn't get close enough to get some real info. All of us are pretty angry about shooting up civilians because they were mind controlled.

The Pentagon is pretty angry with Hawk, threatening to disband the team and court martial us all.

We just picked up a flyboy, a squid and a Jarhead. What is the world coming to? There's rumors that another group of "volunteers" are ready to join us, more specialists I guess. Hawk has his suspicions about where we might find Cobra high Command, but he's not sharing with the rest of us.

I hope we move soon. Snake Eyes seems kind of restless. When he gets nervous, I get really nervous.

04-25-2005, 02:17 PM
The Colonel has had me monitoring communications on specific radio wave lengths. Nothing is coming through that's uncoded, but there is information there. It seems to be originating somewhere in Florida, and relaying to somewhere in Scotland. Scotland? I don't know of any terrorist threats in Scotland.

Maybe I should check with one of the other fellas, they might know of something going on in Scotland.

I tracked information about this Major Bludd character. He seems like the type to shoot his own mother if the price is right. We were able to track him through some campaigns in Africa and the middle east. No one is sure where he was commisioned a major, but we were able to determine that he was severely wounded in some of his campaigns. He lost an eye in Zambia, and an arm in Uzbekistan. He was so mean that he continued the fight and won.

His arm was replaced with some kind of robotic monstrosity by a company called MARS. There's not much info about them.

Flash has been rebuilding that brainscan thing. I'm getting used to wearing tinfoil in my helmet. Everyone still rags me about that, but we all remember midville. So they can just stuff it.

04-25-2005, 06:52 PM

Lifeline's a good medic. Makes sure I eat right while I'm under his care. Measures out meds personally, ensures they're administered regularly, and even checks in on a regular basis. Yup, I'm certain now.

I hate him.

Anyhow, he says the wound is healing fine, but the major internal injuries are taking a bit more time. Understandable... my innards aren't exactly used to getting butchered. The whole event does raise a few questions, though. Like, what to do about Recluse, now. We had an agreement. He broke it. But does the fact I was wearing a helmet make a difference? No, I spoke, he's a ninja. My voice should have tipped him off.

And then the abduction attempt. What was that all about? Was he trying to actually kidnap me? Maybe take me back to Cobra Commander? Have Mindbender strap me into the Brainwave Scanner the way he did with Storm Shadow, Baroness and Billy? Billy broke it. Storm Shadow has come so close, several times. The Baroness was freed from it at destro's insistance. Is the Commander looking for new candidates? Did he send Recluse after me?

Too many questions. Too few answers.

*a door creaking and Beach head's voice from a short distance away*

Beach Head: How you holdin' up, there, John?

Covert: Except for the food, just fine, Wayne, thanks. You got the guard?

Beach Head: Yeah, That ninja boy ain't gettin' at you again until you're ready to get at him. Oh, and I'll smuggle a Big Mac in for ya' later.

*the door creaks again, and clicks*

Under that rough exterior, Beach Head's basically a good guy. He's rough on recruits, yeah, but in this line of work, they're in for a whole lot rougher than anything he dishes out.

Like I said before. Too many questions. Too few answers. I don't like it, and I have to get to the bottom of it. If Lifeline will ever release me from this steril prison.

Covert, out

Wait... did he say Big Mac? I better tell him extra onions.

Covert: WAYNE....


04-25-2005, 07:00 PM

Well, here I am, on watch around our camp in... um... heck, I don't know where we are! Sure Fire jerks me off of a C-17, and sends me on a different Op, but I didn't have time to figure out where or why. All I know is they nedded a SeAL and a good demo-tech, and I fit both billets. I'm gonna go find whoever's in charge of this little shindig, and get the scuttlebutt on what our P.O.D. is.

Wet-Suit out.


Viper Commander
04-25-2005, 11:45 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

When Mindbender made his announcement about Destro, I had to act surprised in front of Storm Shadow. He knows nothing of my dealings with the Scottish Arms Dealer, Mindbender is apparently thinking the same as I, someone needs to provide the funding and technology for our project to succeed. Im tired of hiding things from these men who call themselves my "family", they are only a stepping stone for me to carry out my ambition. If I can get the Elders out of my way and Cousin Storm Shadow to follow my orders, things will be much easier... something to think about later. For now, I am escorting the good doctor to a hotel in Tokyo, where he can stay in luxury until a meeting with Destro can be arranged.


james strickland
04-26-2005, 12:01 AM
I have been helping here in washington with the search for victims of the explosions, but I have not had any luck. Junkyard and I were assigned to grid five nobody had any luck here. I did find two survivors here last week. Any ways I hope everything can get cleand up. I am on a very irratable pace right now they destroyed all our support.
mutt out

Viper Commander
04-26-2005, 12:02 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

When I made sure all of the Doctor's need were taken care of and paid for, I told him my descision about the BATS.

R "Instead of putting my clan symbol, use Cobra's sigil on the new BATS. It will be easier to dismantle Cobra Commander that way, and we need to be aware of unwanted attention from the Joes. Tell me Doctor, do you know if the Commander still has his hold over Storm Shadow? Is there a way to, how shall we say, "transfer" that hold to another?"

I awaited his answer...


Viper Commander
04-26-2005, 12:23 AM

Good, Baroness is coming back with half of my requested info, my Black Dragon operatives are on stand-by. Once I get the intelligence I need, they will eliminate Gen. FLAGG with extreme prejudice! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! After Flagg, Hawk is next. I sent Firefly to the Armory to get weapons, telling him to take whatever he needed. I also told him to pick any vehicle he wanted to use from Cobra's arsenal. Once he's done, a Night Raven will take him to Puerto Acosta. The Night Creepers have found Destro's little excavation site, and are sending me more and more data about his project. Aleph is overseeing the production of my NINJA BATS elsewhere in South America, being produced at an astronomical rate, he reports that over 100,000 have been made! Mindbender is still nowhere to be found, Im going to call Zartan, hire him to track the bald jackal down and bring him back to my island!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

04-26-2005, 11:12 AM
We've all been listening to Breaker jabber for 2 days. He's trying to work something out, but it makes him sound like a lunatic. Something about Scotland, Florida and Mars. Mars? what is he talking about?

Scarlett walked in while he was talking about an hour ago, and suddenly told him to shut his mouth and keep it shut. She looked agitated. I wonder if it's that time?

She charged off to talk to the Colonel. I remember when enlisted couldn't just randomly approach officers. There was a chain of command. Of course we were all army before, and some of these guys didn't have beards, so why does this surprise me? Even Steeler is just a grunt. Sure he's a Lieutenant, but he's treated like the rest of us. Poor jig.

I wonder what it was that Scarlett heard that made her go charging off like that. Looks like that flyboy Ace is trying to get a game of cards together. I hate shoveling my money over to him, so I'm gonna go back to work on the pieces of the brainwave scanner. Grand Slam offered to help me.

04-26-2005, 11:19 AM
Dear Diary,

I have confirmed the whereabouts of the location of Flagg. As it turns out, he was only 3 miles from the explosion in Washington. I've relayed his coordinates to CC. Its still a mystery as to who masterminded all those simultaneous explosions. Destro has asked his operatives and is no closer to identifying who was behind them all.

My informants have given me the possible location of Hawk. I have sent Nullifier 67 (or Porcupine as I like to call him....he shaves his back) to verify this information. If he succeeds in this, a promotion will be forthcoming.

Dr. Mindbender's disappearance has sent CC into a frothy rage (he spilled his mocha latte all over his new blue suit). I have my contacts trying to uncover Dr. Mindbender's fate. Destro and I must find him before CC does.

I received my "gift" from Abdullah today. It was the most beautiful emerald I have seen. I wonder if any woman has caught Destro's eye.....I would very much like a Ruby next.


04-26-2005, 11:21 AM
No one can help me. They don't know what's going on in Scotland. They don't know anything about MARS. They don't even know what Cobra is doing in Florida. Some of them try to find out what I'm talking about, but it doesn't make complete sense even to me.

I even asked Snake about it. He held up a hand and brought Scarlett to see me. As soon as I started telling her about it, she started yelling at me. I had no idea what that was about when she went storming off to see the Colonel.

Hawk called me in to discuss what I had been talking about. I told him about the communications from Florida to Scotland, and Major Bludd getting his arm from MARS. He listened for a little while, before asking me to stop talking. Duke and Scarlett were both there, and they looked grim. Scarlett told me that MARS sold advanced weaponry systems. They were based in Scotland. It was fairly obvious to her that this is where CC was getting his weaponry.

There were rumors in the intelligence community of some new faces in the Cobra organization, all well paid. They talked for a little while about some of these faces, but told me that if I even wrote some of their names on so much as a piece of toilet paper before flushing it, I'd be in the stockade for years.

What I heard was enough to scare me. I'm gonna stop talking about it to anyone. I'm gonna go lay down in my bunk.

04-26-2005, 01:36 PM
Log Entry:

If all my contracts thought the way Cobra Commander does we would not have needed to blow all those people up. CC paid me in full, double, plus a healthy up front payment on my next job. My accounts are starting to look good again. Not were the where but close. I explain what happened to my other employers who did not pay. He laughed as usual, but I could see he was glad it was no him. I headed to the armory to take what I needed. Mountain climbing gear, more than enough explosives to tear down half the mountain, a collapsible stealth glider, and of course my favorite weapons. Looking at some thermal imaging from a Cobra satellite. I can tell Destro does not expect anyone to come from the northern mountain side. Only an expert could get through there. Perfect.

I have the night raven head to a preset coordinates. I jettison of its back in the drone. And take it in well out of Destro's radar systems. Upon landing I camo the Drone and pack my equipment for the long trek ahead. It will take me 2 to 3 days to reach Destro's mines. Thatís when the fun begins. Yes the fun muhhahahahahahahahaaaaaa.......shhhhhh they might here us.

Firefly out.

Viper Commander
04-26-2005, 06:07 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

I know my specialty is a combat diver, but sometimes a good firefight in the jungle to rattle your bones is a nice change of pace. I dont want any part of my training to get rusty. This poppy field isnt that big about the size of a football field, but legions of soldiers are pouring in from the city to stop citizens who want to burn down this vile symbol of oppression that sits in their village. While Hauser, Talbot, and Langdon make sure the dictators troops dont get a chance to slaughter innocent people, Krieger, Alexander and I will take out the the old Soviet tank and use it to start a massive blaze right in the middle of this poppy field. Alexander is going to act as bait, distracting the tank machinegunner with his M14 while Krieger and I get a good position to send a rocket up the tank's rear end. It turns out that we didnt even need to do so much. Seeing a good oppurtunity when the tank rolled close, I ran alongside the tank as soon as Alexander shot the machingunner right between the eyes. I grabbed onto the tank barrel and swung myself up like a gymnast, though not as smooth as old Snake Eyes. I shimmy my way up to the tank's acces hatch, and stick my Balisong into the neck of someone who tried to replace the machinegunner and shoot me off the hatch. Then, I unclip two frag grenades, open the hatch, pull the pin and drop them into the tank. I close the hatch and hear a muffled boom! I drop down into a bloody mess in the hatch and steer the tank into the little shack they set up as a drug refinery for the poppy field. Poom! one tank round decimates the shack causing the others to blow. Enemy troops who cleared the area of citizens by shooting at them to keep them from burning down the drug shacks are regretting their descision with screams of pain! I stop the tank in the middle of the field and run back to Krieger and Alexander. Kreiger disables the tank with a well placed rocket shot into the rear engine. Now we are going to see if Hauser is finished on his end, and then we are going to find MacBride so everyone can go home. Yo Joe!!!

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out.

Viper Commander
04-26-2005, 07:29 PM
Dear Diary,

As the citizens cheered us on, we arrested the surrendering troops of the dictator and hauled them into the local magistrate's office. The rebels have already started to deputize men with our help, and we are going to start clearing the streets of looters and rioters. A few minutes after we see the poppy field go up in a blaze far off to the north, the other half of my team show up. We start getting citizens to safety while fighting off criminals taking advantage of the chaos to start trouble for profit. In the chaos I get separated from my team while rescuing a little infant who was in a stroller right out in the open! Some of the dictators remaining troops take advantage of the situation and pin me down in this little shop, the other entrances are bombed shut and my M4 had to be ditched while I carry this baby, I only have my .45. Some sniper support from across the street would hit the spot right now. I send out a distress signal on my Joe-comm and hope the others get it. Once we make sure the streets have calmed, we can go home. Yooo Joooe!

Conrad S. Hauser

04-26-2005, 11:17 PM

I finally got off that sub. Man I hate those cramped quarters. As we are making our way up to the mine shafts I have this feeling someone is watching. Nothing shows up on my scans. I finally head into Destro's office. I hand him the case. He looks at me, grabs the case and walks out. Right before he leaves he say.

Destro: "Oh and Wraith, Job well done. You payment will be tripled for this one. Now head back to the airfield and take my jet to Tokyo. You will be escorting Mindbender here. Any opposition is to be meet with deadly force."

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro.

Well off to Tokyo, what the heck is Mindbender dueing there? Something big is going down. Better gear up for this before I go.

Till Next Time

Viper Commander
04-26-2005, 11:17 PM
Digital Entry:

I was on patrol with a squad of Nullys today, testing out my new grenade launcher. I thought my thermal sensor picked up something in the bushes, but whatever it was disappeared too quickly. I shot some grenades and blew up the foliage, hehehehehehh nothing will be there now! We finished patrol and headed down to the first sublevel of the mine, Nully 76 forgot his password so I had to use mine. Hey, no peeking while I type this on the keypad! 65789, good.

LOGGING OUT.........

04-26-2005, 11:30 PM
B.H.E.R. Project Log.

The finall piece is here. We will begin the process within the hour. The tech's tell me it will take 24 hrs to get the first test rounds set up. Till then I have ordered triple security at all entrances. All personell or armed and armored with the best we have. I will take no chances in someone ruining this. All troops have orders to use whatever force necessary. I have called in General Mayhem form his mission to help oversee this project. M.A.R.S. satelites are over head scaning for any anomalies. I have my personal heavy armament with me now. The lab area is sealed shut and only I can open it now.

I will contact Anastasia shortly to let her know I have Mindbenders whereabouts. She sould then return here to help finish the project.

Ahh I am being summoned to the lab.


Viper Commander
04-26-2005, 11:35 PM

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My Night Raven reports that Firefly has made it into Peurto Acosta without incident, soon Destro will know that he cant hide anything from me! Once Firefly has stolen the weapon and bomb the mineshafts, I will order Aleph to send in his Ninja BATs for the coup de grace. His 30 Night Creepers are waiting in an ambush nearby, each man controlling 20 BATs.

I fly down to the docking bay in Serpentor's Air Chariot, making the Siegies run to keep up with me. The Black Dragon Leader is preparing to take off with his men, they are getting harnessed into the Cobra Air Assault Gliders I prepared for them, I have their word that Gen Flagg will be dearly departed within days. Now I turn my attention to the giant comm screen with Zartan's ugly mug staring back at me.

CC "Zartan! Mindbender has disappeared! I need you to find him for me! NOW! Drop everything you are doing, I will pay you double the usual fee!"


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

Viper Commander
04-26-2005, 11:49 PM

Access/Granted Welcome Mr. Arashikage.

Journal Entry? Y/N Y
__________________________________________________ ________________

While Cousin Recluse tends to Dr. Mindbender, I have begun tracking the Black Dragon Clan for execution as ordered by the Arashikage Elders. Soon the Leader of these Black Dragon will pay for his traitorous ways,.

As I approach Cobra Island flying a Cobra CLAW, I see my query depart from the Commanders docking bay on Air Assault Gliders. From the way they are geared up I can tell they have a job from the Commander, I will follow them until they land and send my location to Recluse. Then we will destroy these so called "ninja" together.
__________________________________________________ _________________

Logging Out..............

james strickland
04-27-2005, 12:06 AM
I am in new mexico with spirit and dart we are doing some type of training for a mission I have no clue about. I was put on this team for my desert and airborne knowlge Yesterday,I was outside some indian hut or something, while Spirit and dart were prying or something. After they came out, they were speaking some type of indian langauge that made nosince to me. After the conversation Spirit and me talk about this topsecret mission. Not even spirit was able to give me all the detwails because he dosent even now what the mission is. Anyways Rapid fire joined us early this ,morning saying he was the fourth man on the team. Then left about midday. I guess he had a mission to do or something. That is when dialtone radio us and told us rapid fire was sent in to get us our vehicle. It soundas like this is the mission is going to be fun.
dusty out

Viper Commander
04-27-2005, 12:31 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

After escorting Mindbender safely to Destro's plane, I headed back to the States to redezvous with Cousin Storm Shadow. The guy they sent to pick the good doctor up was my sparring partner, I gave him an update of my situation to take back to Destro. I tagged along for the plane ride until they were over the West Coast, and then jumped out of the plane into the dark night....

(Washington) The Black Dragons have their attention on Gen Flagg, they've managed to kill all of his guards and have him cornered. As the Black Dragon Leader prepares to strike the last blow, I snatch his blade right out of his hand! While Storm Shadow gets the General to safety, the Black Dragons start to surround me.

The first attacker is disemboweled with a single slice of my katana, I toss the body into three more attackers, and open fire with my SCAR-H ( killing all three. Some of the 7.62 ammo punches thru them and hits the remaining BD troopers, injuring them. Swoosh Swooosh swoosh, is the only sound as parts start to fly. Soon only the "Leader" is left, and I have been shot in the chest. My armor stopped the round, but its making my breathing difficult. My enemy pulls out two small sickles and charges at me, we are locked in a dance of sparking blades. He manages to kick me in the chest and I fall to the ground, he shoots me again in the chest! I hop to the ceiling to catch my breath, throwing shuriken at him in a vertical straight line. Two of them hit while the others bounce off his sickle blades, one in his right eye and one in his cheek. While he is disoriented, I jump into his blind spot and kick jump off the wall at my target. At the last moment I twist my body like a curveball evading his blade and pitching mine deeply into his heart...

Storm Shadow and I drop Gen. Flagg off in Coverts hospital room. I leave a note with an apology and an explaination, hopefully he will understand. Ill bet Beachheads gonna be steamed that I put him to sleep so easily with a quick strike to his pressure point. Now Storm Shadow and I head back to his hidden dojo in LA, where we await news on some recruits the Yakuza have gathered for us.


04-27-2005, 01:11 PM
Last night we were able to clear out of the city and pop a GPS tracker near the poppy fields. Daina had to go back to the city. She couldnít stand to see the poor people being scared into behaving by corrupt police forces and military goons.

Even though it wasnít in our mission profile, we returned to clean that mess up. I guess technically a part of it was our fault, but we didnít set off the explosions. Ah, the people are good. As we worked to quell the brutality, I heard sounds of a pretty good dust up out near the poppy fields. Sounds like my Joe brothers are out there ďdustingĒ the crops. Smoke poured into the sky. I hope theyíre ok. Even that grouch Torpedo.

It seemed like things were beginning to calm down in the city as the people realized that they were free of their oppression. Free of the stigma of drug trafficking too. But, calm only lasts for so long.

I heard the chatter of weapons fire from several streets over. I let Daina know I was going, and took off at a run. These people werenít in the mood for more fighting, and I just knew that whoever was firing it had something to do with a team mate.

The guys firing into the shop had more discipline than we had seen from any of the local troops. They were laughing as they blazed away at the adobe storefront, chopping it to bits. I dove behind an old ford and plucked my rifle off my shoulder. The windows of this rust bucket were all shattered, providing me a clear line of fire to the troops.

They werenít disciplined enough to watch their backs, so I got the first one for free. In the moment of confusion that afforded me, I was able to get a second, before they switched their fire to my position. I heard the bark of a service automatic and a shriek of pain from one of my opposition. I slid to the ground, aiming under the vehicle, to shoot one of them in the shin. As he collapsed, in pain, his head came into view. A scarf fell from his head, blonde hair glinted in the sunlight, rare for this part of the world. I topped him, leaving one man, who was promptly finished by Duke doing something pointlessly heroic.

We both looked at the men who had been shooting, all Caucasians. Not El Jefeís men at all, more likely Cobras. Cobra financing warlords with drug money made my blood run cold. Duke looked pretty grim. I really hope weíre out of this place soon.

04-27-2005, 10:18 PM

V/A JOURNAL: FROST, EX5729 / 28APR05, 1427 HOURS

Wow, finally got my very own "Joe-Comm". This thing's pretty cool. Let's me keep my thoughts, and communicate, plus, my unit's models were equipped to read vitals and such from the ones carried by other Joes. Good thing for a medical unit to have.

My unti commander, Lifeline, is poretty cool. He's a pacifist, which is cool, and a vegetarian. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Then there's our pilot, Evac. He's a bruiser of a guy, man, but as gentle on a chopper's controls as a mother with a newborn kid. And he loves rock and roll. We get along great. Matter of fact, the whole unit does.

We're currently on board our chopper, the A.M.A.S.H. (Airborn Mobile Army Surgical Hospital). It's a GI Joe Tomohawk that was modified, and equipped with tons of medical gear, including tents and such for setting up an actual M.A.S.H., albeit, a small one. We're currently on our way to the site of a big-time mission where a bunch of Joes busted up a drug op, and took out an entire poppy field. I can see the combat zone, now, and man what a mess. Last report said all of our guys were cool, but some of the civilians may need some attention. That's what we're here for.

Evac: Hey, Frost! The dog wolf getting out, too?

Extreme: Huskie!

Evac: what?

Lifeline: He said Ice is a Huskie, not a wolf. And yes, she'll help Frost search the ruins for survivors!

We're about five seconds from dirt, and a few of the other Joes are waiting for us in the landing area. Time to earn my keep.

Extreme, out


04-27-2005, 10:47 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

I have just arrived at Destro's home in Trans Carpathia. I have never been to his famed fortress, but I have always wanted to visit, and now I am. We are waiting outside of his personal jet that brought me here, awaiting his arrival. Ah, here he comes now.

Destro: Greetings, Doctor, and welcome to my home.

I step forward and shake Destro's hand, as we turn, and walk away. Before we go to far, I turn and nod politely to the two Iron Grenadiers that had guarded me.

Mindbender: Thank you... very much.

Destro and I then turn, and head down one of the passageways in this labyrinthine fortress. Destro: I hope you were treated well on your trip.

Mindbender: Very much so. I understand your concern for this being a trap, Destro, but I assure you it is not. My ties to Cobra Commander are being severed more each day. Wioth each contact I make, I sever those ties just a bit more... unfortunately, though, those connections could very well land me back in that buffoon's lap, as well. A risk I am willing to take, though.

Destro: I see you are serious. What is this plan of your's, Doctor?

I lay out my plan for the Ninjja BATs to him, in great detail. I explain that with the assitance of those I am trying to contact, and the use of His own labs and technical staff, I could make the greatest fighting machines ever seen. I do not give him too much detail, now, though. I'll save that for the techniocal reports. I'm not terribly sure if I have convinced him or not, but he has decided to retirte for the evening to think on it, and even provided me with a room.

As I watch the sunset over the monutains from my tower room, I wonder once again... why didn't I go to work for Destro earlier?


04-27-2005, 11:46 PM
Dear Diary,

I am headed back home for now. Dr. Mindbender has made it safely there. Destro will fill me in on the details once I arrive.

Nullifier 67 has yet to confirm Hawk's location. Hopefully, he hasn't run into any trouble. Nikoli informs me that Hawk will soon be on the move again. Once, the business at home is settled, I will investigate this further.

I'm not feeling very well at all. None of the food I eat stays down and I feel dizzy all the time. I wonder if perhaps it is something I've eaten at Cobra Island.


Viper Commander
04-28-2005, 10:37 AM
Dear Diary,

Upon discovery of the Cobra Troops working in Corto Maltese, high command decided to investigate further into this matter themselves, even if Cobra Commander isnt running contraband himself the fact that his men are using Cobra weapons and gear to do so is bad enough. When we were picked up in a Tomahawk chopper right in the middle of a downtown plaza, the citizens cheered and tried to stuff fruit baskets at us, we dont take any gifts but we gave them some smiles and erect thumbs. I hope the rebels dont fall under Cobra influence, these people have suffered long enough.

Once on the chopper I was updated with some intel reports, GPS satellites show that Destro recently spent a lot of time underground in a mine in Puerto Acosta. We also captured images of a large group of BATS hidden nearby. Destro left the site a while ago, we presume he is returning to his castle. I decided to load up with more ammo, eat a MRE bar, drink some water, and head out again. This one is volunteer only, anyone who wants to go back home can stay on the chopper when we get dropped off in Trans Carpathia. Im going to ask the MARS CEO some questions and he better have answers.

When we flew over Destro's mine tailing his flight home from Peurto Acosta, Lowlight said he noticed the BATS starting to surround the excavation site. Torpedo then shouted that the BATS are the same type we fought in Florida right before CPL. Flint was killed by Zandar! What made us turn the chopper around was the huge deafening explosion and the incredible sight of a whole mountain caving in on itself! We headed back to the mine, Destro's men were locked in a battle for survival against Night Creepers and Ninja BATS while the mountain burned and crumbled into the deep crater that was forming. I called for backup from HQ and hopped off the chopper with my Joes. We destroy the BATS, round up all of the Night Creepers and IG, make them talk. Then we nail Destro and Cobra Commander good! Yoooo Jooooe!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
04-28-2005, 10:56 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

After we dropped a sleeping General Flagg off safely in Coverts hospital room. Storm Shadow and I managed to get ourselves back onto Mindbenders flight to Europe with our Cobra CLAWs. Im proud to say we infiltrated that plane right under Wraith's nose, he relies on that suit too much in my opinion shadows work so much better heheheh. We disguised ourselves as IG and gave Mindbender the signal that he will be safe even if Destro decides to harm the good doctor for any reason.

When the Doctor retires to his chambers, we step out of the shadows in our true look in front of Destro. He seems to have been expecting us, we proceed to update each other on the latest happenings. We are interrupted by the Baroness with an emergency alert from his men! He storms off with Baroness, only stopping to apologize for cutting short our meeting and asking us to make ourselves at home while he takes care of business. Now Storm Shadow and I are sparring at the combat gym with Wraith, the three of us are taking on some big Nullifiers who think they can bodyslam us, it is to laugh.


04-28-2005, 11:47 AM
Once we got on the chop, Duke started comming with base. It sounded like he had his mind made up about another op. He said that it was volunteer only, doesn't he know that this is a volunteer army? Of course we'd all jump at the chance to give chrome noggin a noogie.

My only worry was those BATs he mentioned. they're tough, and it takes some pretty heavy weapons to take them down. I've got a MAC10, a service pistol and my sniper rifle. No one on my squad packed anthing heavy. Snakes looks excited, it's in the body language. He's almost quivering.

As we approach the LZ Duke yells something about Night Creepers and Ninja BATs. Bats are bad, Ninjas are bad. Ninja BATs, what kind of deranged psychopath would come up with that?

Duke wants us to go after everyone? I think I'll work on the Ninjas and Ninja bats first. I think Destro is going to be most interested in hurting them as well.

as we go in low, I give my squad a thumbs up, which they all return. We're all ready to kick some ninja BAT tail.

04-28-2005, 03:30 PM
Hawk brought us all in for a briefing. Breakerís research had located a Cobra communications point in Florida. Somewhere out in the swamps near a new planned community called Broca Beach.

We were being sent to shut them down, capture operatives, and grab whatever records were around. After a year of fighting this terrorist threat, we were no closer to tracking them down. Sometimes I wondered if weíd still be chasing their schemes all over the world 25 years from now.

I was assigned to the demo team, Zap, Short Fuze, Snake Eyes, and Gung Ho. We were supposed to take out the transmitter and any dish or tower they were using to send a signal. I wonder why they built it in a swamp.

I wish I knew more of whatís going on. Hawkís been in conference with Doc, Ace, Steeler, Duke, and Gung-Ho. I guess maybe the planning meetings. Sometimes I feel like a mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of what comes out of the back end of a horse.

I wish that idiot Breaker would leave me alone.

04-28-2005, 03:31 PM
Iím worried, weíre getting closer to an op that is going to require exact teamwork. The more Flash works on that brainwave scanner, the more irritable he gets. Grand Slam has been getting cranky too. I bet that thing is doing it to them.

Iíve been trying to tell Flash about it, but he always tries to snap my head off. Grand Slam ignores me. I told Hawk, but he kept asking about my tin foil hat, like he thought I was crazy.

I really wish I knew exactly what was going on. Maybe Iíll check for transmissions on the base. I think Iíll tell Snake-Eyes too.

04-28-2005, 03:49 PM
Personal Log ***Barney, James J. S/N RA379541044**


Anthonyís been acting like a jerk lately. I have no idea what his problem is, but I just want to hit him. Actually everyoneís been getting under my skin. Especially Al. Antís been no help there, because as soon as the guy comes around he starts sniping at him.

The last time Al walked away angry, too bad. He shouldíve stopped pestering us while we were trying to work. That stupid tinfoil hat of his. He needs to take the foil off his bunk, it acts like a slow cooker, and he hasnít changed his sheets in a week, it reeks.

The weirdest thing though, after Al left I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and there was Snake-Eyes. (This is stupid, we work with a man who wonít talk, and wonít let us know his real name, or see his face.) He was just sitting there, still as a stone watching us.

Anthony growled something at him, which didnít phase old mask face, then went back to work. He became a master at ignoring the Snake. I just went back to work, sneaking peeks at our observer every once in a while. After a couple hours, he left as suddenly and silently as he had come. Anthony grumbled something about good riddance before snapping at me about being clumsy and slow. Heís lucky I donít hit friends.

I'm going to go back to work on fine tuning my JUMP pack.

"Grand Slam" signing off

04-28-2005, 10:46 PM

While escorting Baldy back to Trans Carpathia. The planes radar picked up two blips for a second and then they disapeared. After we landed the IG's traveling got of the plane first, odd not regulations. Then as Mindbender and I exited I noticed the 2 IG's uniforms looked odd and not up to standards. Something was wrong. As Mindbender and Destro walked off, one of the IG's motioned to Mindbender. As soon as I cleared their sight I went into stealth mode. I had a detachment of IG's meet me at the landing pad. By the time they got there the 2 'IG's' had disapeared and left their uniforms in the plane next to two unconscious guardsman. I contacted Destro immediately.

Wraith : Lord Destro pardon the intrusion, there are two infiltraitors in your castle.

Destro : Yes Wraith I am Quite aware of there pressence. Meet me in my office stealth mode, now.

As I make my way in Mindbender passes me on the way out. Just as i take my position, Recluse and who I assume is the legendary Storm Shadow appear from the shadows. Destro gives me the signal all is clear. So I head to guard Mindbender. Must be important buisness.

Till Next Time

04-28-2005, 11:23 PM
The Baroness gave me a mission, but it was not what I'm used to...
Well, it's still a chance to impress her.

She wanted me to confirm the locations of Generals Hawk and Flagg. Based on their plans, they should be at the Pentagon on the 29th.

Getting into the Pentagon is a little tricky... Luckilly, I'm a clever guy, as well as tough...

I showed up EARLY, before 7:00

I picked out a civilian tech in the back of the parking lot, about my size.
One punch, and he was knocked out. I took his ID badge and carefully modified it with a special adhesive picture of myself.

Then, I just walked in with a pack of other beaurocrats. The guy at the metal detector looked at the ID and then looked at me... and then let me through.

Once inside, I just headed for the military offices. Sure there were checkpoints, that I would need a higher security clearance to get through, but if I got here early enough, I wouldn't need to get into that section.

Sure enough, I just waited in the lobby for a few minutes and there I see Hawk coming in!

I waited for about 15 more minutes hoping to see Flagg, but didn't. I was starting to get people looking at me, so I left...

I hope this helps the Baroness, anyway...

04-28-2005, 11:32 PM
Log Entry

It has been a while since I have had so much fun. I have been watching the patterns of the Guardsman here on the mountain. Very tight, but not impenetrable. The first guardsman chased his head down the ravine. Of the three at the first entrance, only one realized he was going to die for about 2 seconds. I dropped off the side onto two of them. My blades penetrated their spinal cords killing them before they hit the ground. The third may have actually seen me right before the throwing spike penetrated his left eye. The scanner to get in the door was quite easy to bypass for Destro. I made my way deep into the mountain past all of Destro's minions. I set half the explosives on the bottom. I carefully planted more on the way back out. As I was almost finished 2 Nullifiers saw me. I had to make quick work of them with my sub machine gun. That may have been heard. I worked quickly to set the last 2 plants. I finally found a heavily guarded room. Six IG's in some heavy armor stood outside. I switch cilps to my armor piercing rounds. Two quick tosses and the fun begins. As the flash goes off I turned the corner taking out 2 of them. Smoke starts to fill the area as gun fire rings out from their position. As I closed on them a round grazed me, but 2 more fell. I reached the last 2, knocking one to the ground. Blam the others head explodes from my next round. After a few seconds of convincing, they give me the passcode for the door. Inside I find a very intricate weapon. Bingo. I stash it and head to the exit point. As I reached the surface I saw something move through the entrance I used. A Night Creeper. WHAT IS HE DOING HERE. If Cobra Commander is crossing me he will pay. I sneak up on him and shoot him in the back of the head. Not very good, not at all. As I head back out to the top of the mountain. I see BATS all over the place moving in on the moutain, but they look odd, swords and spikes. Not sure what is going on I get to the safespot. From here I can see the whole thing. Gunfire has erupted all over, BATS, Night Creepers, Iron Grenadiers, Nullifiers,and looky looky a Tomahawk coming in from the north. As I flip the switch cover I can almost feel the rumble from the explosion, the heat of the flames the smell of death..ahhhhhh * click*


As well placed as they are, the whole side of the mountain caves in. For miles the sky was lit with an eery glow. The smoke caresses me as the smell calms me. It makes me peaceful. The ground is still rumbling from the aftershocks and the tunnels colapsing from the weight. The Joes appear to be headed into the fight with Cobra Commander's and Destro's troops. Lets help hem. I pull out a small remote control plane. I fly it towards the Tomahawk. They never even see it coming, its to small and all the activity on the ground has them entranced. *BBBOOOMMM* it hits the front rotor. She starts diving to the ground in that dance of death I love to watch. Looks like the pilot managed to land it . Oh well Guess they will have their hands full. Now to make my way back to the Drone and back top Cobra Island.

Firefly out.

04-29-2005, 12:14 AM
Personal Log:

Mindbender will be landing soon. Storm Shadow and Recluse are aboard as well. This promises to be interesting.

Destro: Greetings, Doctor, and welcome to my home.

I step forward and shake Mindbender's hand. We turn and walk into my estate.

Mindbender: Thank you... very much.

Mindbender and I then turn, and head down one of the passageways in this labyrinthine fortress.

Destro: I hope you were treated well on your trip.

Mindbender: Very much so. I understand your concern for this being a trap, Destro, but I assure you it is not. My ties to Cobra Commander are being severed more each day. With each contact I make, I sever those ties just a bit more... unfortunately, though, those connections could very well land me back in that buffoon's lap, as well. A risk I am willing to take, though.

Destro: I see you are serious. What is this plan of your's, Doctor?

As he explains the plan, I am having him scanned for any devices. Scan clean.

Destro: Very interesting Doctor. Why don't you retire to your quarters. I will think over your plan and have an answer for you soon. IG's escort our Doctor to his quarters,
IG's: Yes Laird Destro.

The doctors plan is very ambitious, but it has to many variables. It may be just what i need for...yes that just may do.

*from out of the shadows*

Destro: Ahh Storm Shadow. Recluse. Good to see you again. We have much to discuss.........

*10 minuets later*

Baroness: *out of breath* Destro you must see this.

Destro: WHAT.......WHO......*calms himself* excuss me gentlemen, I must attend to a pressing matter. Please make yourselves at are my guests.

In the comm room

Destro: What is happening in Puerto Acosta.

Comm Officer: The whole side of the resarch facility has just blown up and caved in. Here are some shots from our satelite before the smoke covered the site.

Destro: Ninja BATS, Night Creepers and A Tomahawk full of Joes. * throwing the scans across the room* Who did this!!!!!

Comm Officer: We believe him. We cannot positively identify him but he just stands there during the whole thing.

Destro: Firefly......I should have known. I want all available personell to be sent to that location. The lab should have survived the explosion. We have 48 hours to get to it before...well lets say we don't want to be around if we don't. We will deal with him later.

At his desk

Destro: Baroness I want you to lead the ground forces into the site, Mindbender I need access to your BATS NOW if you want to do this, Wraith you will lead the air forces into the site take the new Iron Anvil troopers. Recluse , Storm Shadow I have a job for you. I need the Joes alive as hostages. They will be sending in reinforcments soon. They will use less force if we have some of their own. Metal Head I need a distraction in the states and I need it NOW. Take what you need. Undertow you will make sure nothing comes inland by sea.

To all: We must get the lab. It still has the prototype amuntion in it. We can reconstruct the weapon that was destoyed. We have less than 48 hours. Now is the time to show Cobra and the Joes what the Grenadiers are made of. Go to your assignments. Bring Glory to your clan.

Viper Commander
04-29-2005, 07:08 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

Upon receiving orders from Destro for a new job, Storm Shadow, pulled him to the side. I dont know what exactly they said to each other, all I caught was this:

Destro "Yes, yes you are absolutely right Thomas. Its a big bonus for all involved if you can manage to capture him alive, at the very least you and Recluse must stop him from securing the prototype ammo and my black diamonds. I will be indebted to your clan if the operation is a success."

SS "Do not worry, Recluse will be ready. The Faceless Master must meet the True Heir sooner or later."

Who is the Faceless Master........ Storm Shadow told me about this before. Firefly! My body coursed with dark energy like a black mist and my eyes started to glow purple again, finally a worthy opponent!


Viper Commander
04-29-2005, 07:24 AM
Digital Entry...

I'm blowing up BATS left and right with my grenade launcher, lucky Im wearing Nully armor, every exploding robot is like a shrapnel filled bomb going off. IGs are getting cut down left and right, and Ive had to snap the necks of some pencil-necked ninjas who tried to pry my armor open like a lobster. The IG captain reports that Laird Destro is on his way here to bail us out, hope he makes it here soon, Ill hold this position for as long as I can. Mistress Armada is yelling something about Gi Joes showing up! I look up and see a Joe sniper right above me! Uh-oh I remember this from training... "Blaow"! "ping"!!

Getting hit in the head with a rifle while having my Nully helmet on will cause me to get knocked out for minutes, liked getting punched really hard in the head. "Thump"...... snnnnnooooooorrrrrrreeeeeee......

Logging Out......

Viper Commander
04-29-2005, 07:44 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

Before hopping out of our downed chopper, I made sure to grab something we all needed for this mission. Crowbars and Baseball Bats! Luckily this Tomahawk had both, so I started passing them around with Duke's help. While the snipers provide cover, the rest of us are swinging away, knocking metal heads around like baseballs. I even manage to blow away a few Night Creepers and IG with my S&W 500. Langdon is blasting his shotgun too, Benelli is a good friend to have in these kinda situations. I hope backup shows up soon, wheres Roadblock and Heavy Duty when you need them!?! Yoo Joooe!!!

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out!

04-29-2005, 02:17 PM
Where'd that detonation come from? we were coming in pretty quick when one of the rotors took a hit. Luckily the pilot's good. We landed with a few bruises, but no one was really hurt.

Torp's got his team and Duke bashing BATs while My squad takes shots at the Night Creepers. The IG's seem pretty confused and start shooting at us. A freaking Nullifier just wanders up underneath me as I crouched on the roof of the downed Tomahawk. I dropped a handy wrench on his head. We might need someone to sing for his supper.

IG's and Night Creepers are fair game. Looks like Snakes is taking the whole ninja thing personally. He's a whirling dervish with those overgrown switch blades of his. I popped a Night Creeper about to pounce on Torpedo as he whacked away at a particularly stubborn BAT.

Listening to the chatter I can overhear from the IGs "Laird" Destro isn't here, but he should be coming. I'm wondering if we've got enough ammo to see us through this thing. It looked like Barrel Roll and Cross Hair were collecting Uniforms in their spare moments. I liked what they were thinking. Infiltration is always a fun plan.

04-29-2005, 04:44 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

Destro: I ned those BATs NOW Doctor, if you want this to work!

I had just come from my room when Destro began yelling this at me. I understand the need for haste, but they are simply not ready. Perhaps I should tell him that.

Mindbender: Destro, they are not ready. I still do not have all of the...

I stop short, as I notice Recluse and Storm Shadow standing nearby.

Mindbender: How did you get he... nevermind, it's not important. Fine, destro, I will use what I have. I need access to the supply of BATs I sold you behind the Commander's back a few years ago. They're not exactly right for the programming, but they will do.

Destro points to a computer console that sits unused. As I approach, an Iron Grenadiere begins the start-up, and stands by to offer assistance. I love Destro's soldiers. Again comes that nagging question... but I have no time. Immediately, I take the data-stick from my belt, and place it into the computer, and begin uploading what little I have done for the Ninja BATs into Destro's modified BAT MK IIIs.

Mindbender: It is done, Laird Destro.

Did I just call him 'Laird'? Oh well.

Mindbender: I warn you, though, they will not be up to the standars I have promised you. I will need more time and a better model. But these will be faster and stronger than any other BAT ever has been. It should make a good test run for the program, anyhow.

He gives me an approving nod, then turns, and moves along his ranks, making preparations. I move to follow, but I stop in front of Recluse and Storm Shadow. I was about to ask how they had gotten here, but I decided it was better left for another time, as I joined Destro in his technical department.


04-29-2005, 05:01 PM
V/A JOURNAL: FROST, EX5729 / 29APR05, 1642 HOURS

Man, what a night... and day. After the soldier boys took off in their chopper, me, Lifeline and Evac were left with ours to do a little clean-up and PR. That's cool though. For the time we're here, we decided to ditch the codenames and the uniforms we were wearing, and switch to regular Army ODs. Keeps the local guerillas off of our backs, and the Cobras in the area as well.

Last night, we were just about to turn in for about three hours sleep, but then we came across a fallen building that Ice told us there were survivors inside. Well, after Evac got the chopper in the air, and we started using it to drag wreckage away, we realized they were actually under the building, in an old bomb shelter. There were some serious injuries, but out of the fifty or so people there, there were only six fatalities. That may seem like alot, but if you'd seen the wreckage, you'd understand. It's a miracle really. I am currently getting a bite to eat while Eddie checks on a few of the patients. I'm a paramedic, not a surgeon. Speak of the devil, here he comes now.

Extreme: Hey, Eddie, how's the little girl?

Aw, man. He didn't even answer. Just sighed and shook his head, and walked away. The guy really takes his work seriously. I know how he feels. Working the slopes back home, I had to deal with it often enough, usually due to some moron that had never skied before trying to impress his chick. Oh, here comes Eddie again.

Lifeline: Good news is, she was the last of the critical ones. All the rest are recovering. Her wounds were just too serious for her young body to be able to handle. Get some sleep man. We've earned it.

Extreme: What about watches?

Lifeline: Just got a message from the Army medic unit that's rolling in to assist. They'll be here in an hour to set up. I'll keep watch until then, then I'll hit a bunk, too. Evac's already snozzing in the chopper. Go join him.

Well, that sounds like an order to me. I'm heading to the AMASH to get some Zs. Later.

Extreme, out


04-29-2005, 05:20 PM
I found a low level transmission coming from the Electronics room. I knew there was something going on. I knew Flash was acting weird, and I knew that my tin foil hat was a good idea.

I went to tell Hawk, and walked in on him speaking to Snake-Eyes. The pair of them looked at me, and Hawk asked me to tell him what I knew. So I described my suspicions and the low grade transmissions. His jaw clenched, and he looked at Snake-Eyes from time to time who nodded, and made slight gestures with his hands.

Hawk looked the Commando straight in the goggles and nodded, "Do it."

He dismissed me, and advised me to get to sleep early. He also mentioned that tin foil doesn't do anything to the brainwave scanner. I'm still not taking any chances.

When I woke up this morning, Flash was in a rage. Somebody had destroyed the scanner again and many components were simply missing. He and Grand Slam appeared to be suffering from some nasty headache.

04-29-2005, 05:30 PM
Somebody destroyed the brainwave scanner I've been trying to put back together. When I told Hawk, he just let it slide, so he must know who did it. It's like i wasted the last week of my life trying to put this stupid hing back together, and now there's no way I can.

I've got this splitting headache that just won't go away, and Breaker's acting goofy about his tinfoil again.

We're all getting ready to board a C-130 to Florida. Snakes keeps looking at me like I'm gonna freak out or something. I wonder why.

Duke's got everyone moving, gotta sign off now. I can't help but think Cobra's to blame for this killer headache.

04-30-2005, 12:47 AM
Dear Diary,

There is never a quiet moment even for the sick. Our B.H.E.R. facility near Puerto Acosta has been all but destroyed. There is a three way battle waging there....Cobras, Joes, and IG. Destro assures me that although we did suffer losses, our losses were not as great as our opponents would hope.

I've recalled Nullifier 67 back from his mission. CC will just have to be happy with the intel available. I admit its not up to my usual standards, but I have more to worry about right now. All information about Hawk has been forwarded to CC. Its up to him now on how to put that information to good use.

I've created a 3-D map of Cobra Island and its facilities. I have asked Dr. Mindbender to provide me with everything he knows about Cobra Island. Between Dr. Mindbender and myself, we should have a detailed map of the entire compound. I would ask Storm Shadow and Recluse for any information they have, but those two make me very uneasy.

I'm to head the ground forces once we arrive. Everyone is geared and ready, as am I. We plan on sweeping from the south and making a push towards the edge of the cliff. I've ordere the IG to try to take the Joes alive, but Cobras are to be slaughtered. I wonder if Destro had known about my condition, would he have sent me on this mission. Nullifier 67 has been ordered to keep an eye on me.


05-02-2005, 11:59 AM
B.H.E.R. Recovery log:

Forces have converged on the site. Baroness has swept the remaining Cobra and Joe forces towards the northern cliffs. Undertow reports no activity near the coast. Wraith has set up an air coverage zone around the mountain to watch for incoming aircraft. We have landed the cargo planes with the excavation equipment on them. Excavation has begun with little opposition, just a few B.A.T.S. that are unearthed as we go. I expect to have the lab uncovered in 5 hours. We are modifying the Dominators with a winch system so we can haul the whole lab can be transported to a cargo ship waiting off the coast. From inside this 'cargo ship' we can continue with the project until we arrive back home. Have not heard from Storm Shadow or Recluse, they should be to where the Joes are now. Metal Head just contacted me, and should begin the distraction shortly. He will cause enough damage in New York that the Joes will not be able to pay full attention to me here. Hahahahahahaha. As for Firefly no sign of him since the explosion. I'm sure he is on his way back to Cobra Commander. This is good I do not need him messing this up again. Mindbender is still modifying the B.A.T.S. I had in storage. He assures me these will be better than CC's B.A.T.S. We shall see.


Viper Commander
05-02-2005, 06:59 PM

Excellent! Firefly has just returned from his mission, just as I expected, a complete success. I now have all of Destro's research data and part of the compound that he will be using for his prototype weapon. Destro will be busy rescuing his pitiful lab while my "reprogrammed" Coil scientists move on with his research to creat my new "HYDRA" tank. Heavy Yield Detonation Rapid Artillery tanks will be able to shoot thru armor and buildings like a metal storm, detonating the targets from within! Hahahahahaha! Im such a genius! I also had the foresight to order a new cloning project, soon "Dr. Venom" and "Professor Appel" will be resurrected the same way that Serpentor came back to life! Two of my greatest scientists will be back to help me lead Cobra into a new age of glory! Why didnt I think of this before! HAHAHAHAHAHA Cobraaaaaaaaaa!!!

Im sending Firefly on a new job with the data on Gen Hawk that I received from Baroness. Firefly will bomb Hawk's location making it seem like he's dead, but Hawk will be brought back to Cobra Island, for a little "fun"... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I also send new orders to Aleph, activate the rest of the 100,000 Ninja Bats at your location and attack!!! Destro will never be able to excavate the site! My robots are making their way to the battle by foot like a locust swarm, soon all will be destroyed and my next step can begin.:cool:


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

05-03-2005, 12:30 PM
Me and TV 698 have been adding 00's to CC's Comm logs for troop assessment. By now he must think he's got 1,000,000,000 troops and BATs. This is hilarious. When he finds out, we'll just blame Destro.

So far he hasn't noticed our snickering when he orders stuff. Of course we did also add a couple 0's to the order the last time he ordered Pizza. I wonder what happened to that Baby Blue outfit he was wearing the other day. I like working for a man with fashion sense.

Boy, that Baroness is cute too. She called me Chipmunk cheeks. Does that mean she thinks I'm cute? She's always going off with a Nullifier, doesn't she realize that Televipers do it with cameras?

Oop, gotta order 100,000 BATs to attack. 100,000? *CHUCKLE*

05-03-2005, 08:42 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

As I install the Ninja BAT protocalls into the older BATs, I watch the screen showing the ongoing battle at Destro's mine. the Coammander is using the Ninja BATs "piloted" by that fool, Aleph, and his Night Creeper clan. I prefer the auto-programming, but I had a good idea with that remote... re.. mote... Oh, a new idea. I burst out in laughter, bringing Destro's gaze back to me.

Destro: Something amuses you, Mindbender? Perhaps the good doctor would like to share with the rest of the class?

Turning to Destro, I realize he doesn't see the humor in the situation. Of coure, I then realize it's because I haven't told him my idea. But I will. I think he'll like it.

Mindbender: I just brealized, Destro. Why send in your army of BATs, when you already have an army of my Ninja BATs there?

Destro turns to me, looking confused.

Destro: I am in no modd for riddles right now, Doctor. If you have somethin...

Mindbender: Remote control.

Destro: Pardon me?

I explain my ideas as I am implimenting them, making good on my promise to Destro. This will be an excellent way to demonstrate my plan.

Mindbender: The Ninja BATs taht are already there. They are run by remote control, and controled by Night Creepers. I can send these new porotocalls through the airwaves... I know the frequencies and codes; I made them up, after all... and reprogram the Ninja BATs that are already there. That will cut out their remote relays, and they will then act off of the new programming... and switch sides.

As I finish speaking, I also finish doing. I hit the last key, and turn to the monitor. I step up beside Destro, and see his smile widen, as the Ninja BATs on the screen suddenly pause in combat. Slowly, they turn... and unleash an entirely new fury upon the forces of Cobra Commander. The shocked troops have an even bigger fight on their hands, now, as the Ninja BATs are programmed with the info I took from Recluse, Storm Shadow and Zandar. A voice comes over the intercom near us. Anastasia's.
Baroness: Destro, the Ninja BATs are turning. They are attacking Cobra's forces, now.

Destro: The good Doctor is making good on his plans, my dear. Stand back, and let them do the work for now. When they are finished, Mindbender will have them stand aside, and you may do the clean-up.

Mindbender: Let the Joes go

Destro: Pardon me?

Mindbender: It could only work out well for us. They are severly beaten, and they will retreat, letting the Ninja BATs and your soldiers mop up the Cobra Forces. Later, you can send them a message, detailing what has happened, and why they were not attacked when you gained control.

Baroness: Destro, the GI Joe and Cobra forces are retreating, Orders?

Mindbender: Attack the Cobras, Destro. Let the Joes go. Think about the possibilities.

I watch as he mulls it over. The man is insufferably calm while he thinks. To what decision will he come?


Viper Commander
05-04-2005, 03:03 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

Cousin Storm Shadow and I looked for the Joes or Firefly, but we found something better. In a watery cave behind a waterfall, Aleph and his Night Creeper Leaders are manning the controls of Cobra Commander's Ninja BATS while a few hundred of his low level Night Creepers are out there alongside BATS fighting IGs, Joes, and local military who by now have gotten wind of our little shindig. I send a comm-link to Destro, "Local Authorities are inbound with ground infantry, jeeps, and two tanks, ETA unclear, be ready." I make myself known to Aleph by jumping into the center of his cave hideaway with Storm Shadow....

Aleph throws away his control helmet and faces us with mechanical claws raised. The claws are attached to chains on his arms, they look too short to stop my sword so I go in for the kill ignoring Storm Shadow's warning to stay back. I leap at Aleph and he strikes at me, his claws shoot out on the chains! I hit one away with my sword, but the other "thunks" into my arm, he pulls back and the chain mechanism on his arm starts to go "click click click" and starts to pull me towards Aleph. My enemy raises his other claw and strikes! I stand my ground and concentrate, grabbing his claw in mid air instead of letting it sink into my skull. In a panic Aleph starts to retract both of his claws, big mistake for him. I start flying at him at a fast rate while hanging on to his left claw with his right claw still embedded in my arm, at the last second I pull the rigth claw out of my arm and blood gushes into Aleph's face stunning him. I get around him, stab his own claws into the back of his shoulders, twist his chains around his neck and pull harder then I need to, stopping myself right before I kill him.

Storm Shadow slices the claw chains with his katana and Aleph falls to the floor in a coughing heap, his Night Creepers are staring in disbelief. His men attack us, but they are killed by Storm Shadow within a matter of seconds. We restrain Aleph and head back to Destro's excavation site, hidden in the shdadows. On the way back, we see something bad. Not only the local military, but the Joes have called in a lot of backup. Storm Shadow identified 11 Gi Joe agents each leading a squad of 6 greenshirts. I get some video on my comm-link and send it back to Destro with news that Ill be there shortly with my prisoner.


Viper Commander
05-04-2005, 04:14 AM
Dear Diary,

The backup I called for finally arrived on Tomahawk choppers! Destro had air defenses but they were easily taken out by Wild Bill, Ace, Major Altitude, and Slipstream. Beachhead is leading our cavalry into the battle, we got Heavy Duty, Rock N Roll, Roadblock, Mirage, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Tigerclaw, Gung Ho, Mainframe, and Lifeline. Each Joe is leading a squad of greenies, they also brought ammo and fresh supplies. While our boys in the air took off to do strafing runs for us, our attacks began anew. We pushed back from the cliff and started to obliterate the IG and Cobra, our tired Corto Maltese team found renewed strength to push on. Lowlight has a team infiltrating Destro's supply base for info on his exact location, the SEALs are gonna sink a cargo ship that we tailed from an escaping Nullifier. Scarlett and Snake Eyes will make sure that the Baroness is apprehended, while Im going to make sure their little dig is not successful by calling in airstrikes on Destro's construction equipment. The rest of the Joes and Greenies will keep fighting BATS and the rest of the terrorist fodder. I'm not letting Destro and Cobra Commander do whatever they want without repercussions! The US military is not to be toyed with liked this, we'll show them what being a real American hero is all about! Yoooo Jooooee!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

05-04-2005, 08:57 AM

Just as expected the Joes came to rescue their teammates. The Tomahawks made easy work of the Dominators. The nullifiers didn't fair much better only doing minor damage to a couple of the Tomahawks. But what the Joes aren't expecting is Destro's squadron of Rattlers. I am in charge of securing the escape route to the cargo ship.

Destro: Wraith the Joes are here. They are converging on my location quickly. I also have reports from Recluse that a local military detachment is on the way. I am calling a retreat back to the ship make sure our path is clear.

Wraith:Yes Lord Destro.

We take off from our hidden airstrip. A few of the tomahawks are on the ground. The rest are providing air cover for the ground troops. But one of the tomahawks are headed for the coast. I send the rest of the squadron to take out the Tomahawks around the excavation site. They will be no match for the Rattlers. I take Scrap Iron with me to take care of the one headed to the coast. Scrap Iron lines it up and launches a few missiles. The pilot manages to dodge using some chaff. We continue to pound it with armament. Soon it is smoking and spiraling into the jungle.

Wraith: Destro, the air route is secure.

Destro: Good we will be on our way soon. Destro out.

We stay in the area till Destro is aboard the freighter.
Till Next Time

05-04-2005, 09:42 AM
B.H.E.R. Project Log:

Mindbender: Let the Joes go

Destro: Pardon me?

Mindbender: It could only work out well for us. They are severly beaten, and they will retreat, letting the Ninja BATs and your soldiers mop up the Cobra Forces. Later, you can send them a message, detailing what has happened, and why they were not attacked when you gained control.

Baroness: Destro, the GI Joe and Cobra forces are retreating, Orders?

Mindbender: Attack the Cobras, Destro. Let the Joes go. Think about the possibilities.

Destro: Baroness fall back to my location. Doctor have the BATs finish off the Cobras.

Comm Officer: Laird Destro, Metal Head is trying to contact you.

Metal Head: I have destroyed a portion of the dcos and a few freighters have been sent to the bottom. Local police arrived and they have been delt with. this should catch the Joes attention.

Destro: Good job, noe get back to Trans Carpathia we wil be leaving.....

Comm Officer: Laird Destro incoming enemy aircraft!!!

Destro: G.I. JOE!!!!....All force retreat to the airfield for imediate extraction.

Troops: Yes Laird Destro!!!!!!!

Recluse: Destro not only the local military, but the Joes have called in a lot of backup. Storm Shadow identified 11 Gi Joe agents each leading a squad of 6 greenshirts. I get some video

Destro: Wraith the Joes are here. They are converging on my location quickly. I also have reports from Recluse that a local military detachment is on the way. I am calling a retreat back to the ship make sure our path is clear.

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro.

Destro: We will not have time to take te whole lab. Mindbender I need these files. * hands him some readouts *. Ohh and turn the BATs on the Joes we need as much time as possible. Baroness follow me we need to secure something before we leave.

Baroness and I have retrieved the last prototype and the pieces needed to go on. Dr. Mindbender has all the data we need to continue, i also ordered him to erase all data. I set the lab to detonate destroying everything around it. We all head to my escape jet. It survived the explosion from Firefly. As we loaded up I could see the Joes overrunning our positions.

Destro: All forces retreat we have what we came for. Let the Joes deal with the local military. Undertow set the freighter out to sea and activate its autopilot. We will take it home from their. Good work Men!

Launching the jet I am glad to leave this place. Now to a smaller research facility in Trans Carpathia. Most of my troops made it back to the transports and are headed back under Wraith and Scarp Iron's escort.

Destro Out

05-04-2005, 11:12 AM
Dear Diary,

Our assault did not go exactly as planned but we were able to retrieve most of what we needed. I wonder what CC was thinking when his BATS turned around and started attacking his own men! I wonder if the Joes even realized what was going on.

I had that red haired hussy, Scarlet, in my sights. Unfortunately, I was only able to get several shots off before Destro ordered a retreat. Before, I left though, I was gratified to see that some of bullets ravaged the left side of her face. Snake Eyes had dispatched the BATS he was engaged with, picked up Scarlet, and took her off somewhere. How cute....perhaps now she can wear a mask like Snake Eyes and they will match so perfectly!

Oh this wretched condition of mine! I can't keep anything down, but am always hungry. Luckily Destro has other things to keep his mind occupied or he might guess what's wrong.


05-04-2005, 12:36 PM
I'm back to escorting the Baroness around...
I apparently missed some big battle with Ninja robots...

Anyway, She has been really crabby lately, and puking a lot each morning...
I wonder what that means?

05-04-2005, 12:53 PM
698's been trying to convince me that he kissed Baroness. I think it's more likely he's been kissing that poster of her he's got in his bunk. After all, I'm her little chipmunk cheeks.

We've decided to play a joke on ole Tea Cozy head. We got his credit card number and are going to order the series Vipers gone wild. We get Vipers on spring break, and Vipers across the US, plus each month we get to preview another new Viper's gone wild. I figure since CC's going to be paying the charge card bill, we can keep them all.

This'll be sweet. CC's never going to know why he's ordering these things. 698's showing me a really bad collage of him and Baronness making out. I'm going to have to beat him up.

code red shockwave
05-04-2005, 01:30 PM
Dear Diary,
One of our informants told us that Gristle and some of the other Headhunters were beaten down badly. The Urban Assault team and I went back to take a look. Gristle had himself a bloody nose...and the Headhunters were laid out cold.

I looked at a message slashed on the floor, saying the letters "IG". So, Destro and Iron Grenadiers must have been here...and my guess is he took the black stones required for Headman's secret weapon. I grabbed Gristle by his suit and threw him against the wall. "Where's Headman and where did the IGs take the stones to?" He replied, "You'll get nothing out of me!" I punched him in the face and said "If you don't tell us right now not only will you be going to prison, but I will be making sure that even your boss doesn't recognize you! Then he confessed.

"All right! Destro said he would be going to Scotland and try to test it out. He also stole the formula on creating the device itself. He's going to manipulate COBRA Commander into giving him leadership of COBRA with it. That's all I know I swear!" We took them into a S.W.A.T. van and drove off, dropping them off in jail.

Afterwards, Mayday invited me to speak with her in private. So, I had her step into my office with the shades closed and the door locked. "What can I do for you, Mayday?"

She replied, "You did a great job today Shockwave. I'm impressed." I felt happier and I thanked her. I wanted to tell Mayday how much I really liked her and all of a sudden when I tried muttering the words, I broke out in song. After about three minutes of embrassing myself, she laughed and she told me, "Well at least your voice sounds decent. You like me, don't you?" This time she flat out surprised me. I never expected her to say those words to me first, and when she did, I told her yes.

Then the unthinkable happened, and she kissed me. I kissed her back while I embraced her and I think you get the picture about what happened during the rest of that day. Until next time...

05-04-2005, 04:42 PM
The mission was unsuccessful. We landed and organized, traversed the swamps and landed in a firefight.

We approached a shack in the swamp that Breaker was sure the transmissions were coming from. Suddenly all of these Cobras popped up from nowhere and caught us in a crossfire. When I say they popped up from nowhere, I really mean that. Unless Cobra's issued gills to their troops, there's no way those guys were anywhere before they started firing.

A group of Australian bikers started driving around amidst the Cobras and shooting at us. Biker's working with Cobras just sounds nuts. Steeler's MOBAT took a hit from a rocket, forcing him to abandon the vehicle. We found him groggy a ways away at the end of the fight, and he's been acting weird.

Speaking of acting weird, I think I owe Break an apology. I'm not sure why I was treating him so bad, but I feel bad about that. I've got to appologize to him.

The shack took a stray missile from the Wolverine and exploded, sending shards of wood and computer equipment everywhere. Just as suddenly, the Cobras faded back into the swamp. The bikers took off as soon as they were no longer covered by the troopers.

I can't make heads or tails of any of the equipment we found. I'm kind of leery of putting any other Cobra device back together. break's working on decoding the messages we recorded, but it's slow going. I think Hawk's gonna send a commando team to Scotland to find out who the snakes have been talking to.

05-04-2005, 04:48 PM
Cover Girl really blew the tar out of the Cobra Comm equipment in Florida. Flash is not willing to try to put it back together. I guess after the last time he doesn't want to trigger whatever the brainwave doohickey did to him.

He appologized for being a jerk, offered me a yojoe cola. I guess we're cool.

I've been trying to decode this Cobra comm signal for a while. It's a tough one. Hawk told me that we need it so we can figure out what they're doing. He's picked out a team to go to Scotland. I'm not on it though.

That CG is pretty cute. I wonder if I can get her with my southern charms.

05-04-2005, 06:13 PM
Personal Log ***Barney, James J. S/N RA379541044**


Anthony was completely unhinged when someone took apart that device he had been working on. It seems like being away from it and getting through the firefight helped him get rid of his vexation. Even I feel better. Al ditched his tin foil before we got on the plane. at least he doesn't look so much like an idiot.

Lt. Pulaski got knocked around pretty hard when his tank got blown up. He's acting like he doesn't remember some things. I suggested he should go see the doc.

Col. Abernathy is sending me with Shana, Lonzo and Snakes to reconoiter someplace in Scotland. It's some kind of castle, so he figures my Jet pack will give me a better view. We're taking off tomorrow.

Viper Commander
05-04-2005, 06:19 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

Our Seal team just boarded Destro's freighter without being detected. Right now its me, Langdon, Forrest(he joined our mission when the BATs started to leave his location), Talbot, and Alexander. Krieger was with us earlier but she went to rescue survivors from the downed Tomahawk that was coming to back us up. Hauser was on everyone's Joe-comm telling us that Destro decided to bury his own lab and run away, attacking soft targets in New York to distract us. He ordered us SEALs to continue on with our missions while the rest of the Joes clear things up with local authorities and extract the wounded. Hauser is taking off to meet up with Joes in New York, they are going to apprehend Metal Head.

After poking around for a bit, it became evident the makeshift lab on this freighter was empty, this ship is being used mainly for Destro's troop and vehicle transport. We make our way to the bridge and subdue the Captain, his crew, secure the cabin. Then we slowly turn the freighter around and send our co-ordinates to the US Navy, within hours, this freighter is surrounded and Destro's men are being arrested in a massive way. Now we are transporting Undertow, some IG officers and some Destro operative named "Armor-All" to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation. After that we go back to the newly refurbished PITT for debriefing.

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And OUT!

05-04-2005, 09:22 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

I'm not certain what it is that Destro has me deleting, but it is done. I, of course, kept a copy for myself so I can find out later, though. My completely automated Ninja BATs were a success on this first run, and their programming is not even complete yet. I believe Destro and I will be talking business soon, concerning these creations. I have assured him, that no matter how well they did this time, the plans I have for them will make them even better than these thrown together prototypes.

I only hope that having him let the GI Joe team walk on this one won't come back to haunt me. My reasoning seems sound to me, and obviously to Destro as well. But who knows with this crazy war we wage?


05-04-2005, 09:47 PM

V/A JOURNAL: FROST, EX5729 / 04MAY05, 1642 HOURS

Man, what a rush. We were taking care of helping the Army medic and MP unit that showed up build their M.A.S.H setup, when Lifeline called that we were moving out. Apperently there's a big time knock down drag out going on, and we're needed. Something about Joes, Cobra, Iron Grenadiers, bats and local militia, and a whole lot of wounded. Okay, guess that's where we're needed.

Anyhow, we're coming up on the combat zone now. I don't see any bats anywhere, though. Holy... what the heck are those.... robots? Ninja robots? Man, what did Mrs. Frosts little boy get himself into this time.

Lifeline: You sure you weanna do this, Frost?

Extreme: What choice do we have? They need a medic, and we got nowhere to land! Besides, I used to do this all the time for avalanche rescues back home! See you boys on the ground!

I give the a smile, and, medical kit strapped to the front of my harness, and bungee hooked to the back, I push off and away from the chopper. You boys need a medic... you got yourself a medic.
Extreme, out


Lifeline: (laughing) He's insane!


05-04-2005, 10:02 PM


Well, it's about time they called us in. Ah' been lookin' for a fight ever since Lifeline took off, and left me unsupervised. Now it's time to dish out a little payback for these boys. First stop, letting Mirage out with his big gun. Boy's firin' before he even hits the dirt, and takes out three of Destro's airborne doohickies. A 12 guage gatlin'!? Man, that ain't even playin' fair, Glad he's on our side!

Time to hit the dirt myself. The bird Ah'm in is close enough, and I'm on the ground. Time to move!

Beach Head, out


05-04-2005, 10:06 PM


Okay, so we're on a freighter. Man, this brings back memories. Now this is what SeALs are meant for. Swim to the enemy vessel, board, and blow it up. Um... or are we taking command of this one? I think I better go ask Eddie before I go planting Syntex charges. Matter of fact, I better ask him before I plant any more of them. It would explain why Doc Talbot keeps looking at me funny.

Wet-Suit: Don't worry, Doc. This heap'll make a beautiful artificial reef for the sea-life 'round here.

Huh. He don't look convinced. Depth Charge looks fairly ammused, though. Yeah, that seals it... I better go ask Eddie.

Wet-Suit out.


Viper Commander
05-05-2005, 07:11 AM
Dear Diary,

I'm chasing down Metalhead in the Atlantic Ocean just outside of US waters, he's with a small swarm of Water Mocassin which look like they are modified with extra big fuel tanks and special torpedoes. My guess is these guys think they can get all the way back to Trans Carpathia with their WMs. Im in a NAC after being picked up by a newly recovered Covert, with Sgt. Bazooka, Bombstrike, and Sgt. Airborne. We also got a squad of Locust attack choppers piloted by Greenshirts as wingmen under Covert's command, we are getting close, Covert fires the first volley of missiles...

Conrad S. Hauser

05-05-2005, 03:25 PM
BATs BATs and yes, more BATs. They just keep coming. I'm getting a little tired of Destro's troops, Night creepers and of course BATs. Somewhere in the confusion, the mechanical morons started attacking the Night Creepers they had been helping several minutes before.

I signal my team to withdraw towards the beach. I snag the unconscious Nullifier, and fireman carry him as we head out. At least if anyone takes a pot shot at me, he'll absorb the damage.

Duke's yelling something about helicopter pick up, medics, SEAL boats. I wish I could hear him over the noise. Our best bet is to steal one of Destro's craft to get out of here. He's got a speed boat tied up at the dock that we can steal. It looks like several craft have launched recently.

Daina points out Cover Girl being supported by that new medic heading our way. The darn nullifier showed signs of getting frisky, so I clubbed him on the head with the butt of my gun. Cross Hair hot wires the craft, sending a pout of water into the air and a runble of more HP than this thing should have standard.

I grabbed up my new comm device and radioed Duke that we were set to take any wounded down the coast to some friendly port. Barrel Roll was bleeding from several cuts, and was none too frisky about continuing the fight. Several green shirts stumbled our way. through radio checks we verified that everyone had been accounted for once our boat was full. Time to go.

05-05-2005, 03:56 PM
I'm here with a team of greenshirts looking at the aftermath of this Ninja BAT and IG battle. Crazy stuff!

One of my Greenshirts is a great com trooper called "Google". He is monitoring other Joe operations. "He says listen to this..."


Apparently Shockwave found Gristle and some headhunters who had been beaten up. Didn't I already have Gristle in Joe custody? Something strange is going on...

05-05-2005, 07:08 PM

V/A JOURNAL: FROST, EX5729 / 28APR05, 1613 HOURS

Dude, this is insane! Just as I hit the ground, I started looking for somone to help. Just as I turn, this chick... Scarlett, I think her name was... takes a load of shrapnel to her face. That commando/ninja guy... Snake-something or another... I really should get to know these guy's names... hurries her off. I stop him, and get her grounded. She was easy to stabalize... all flesh wounds, really. I extracted the shrapnel, and got the wounds cleaned up. The silent man looked at me, and it was weird. He had his visor up, so I could see his eyes. I never saw eyes like that unless they were in the head of a cadaver.

Anyhow, I give him the thumbs up, and he nods, returning the sign. He then picks up... um... what's-her-chick... And I hear a scream. I look around, and there's another hot redhead... I remember her name is Courtney, but I can't recall her codename... something to do with make-up, I remember that... Maybeline?... No... anyhow, I see a group of Joes heading for a Cobra boat, and I head their way. They have a few other wounded, so I feel that's my place, plus I can extract Cover Girl... That's it!!... with them. Wait a sec, got Lifeline incoming.

Lifeline: Extreme, come in!

Extreme: I can't get to you! I'm hitching a ride with a team of Joes that are commandeering a Cobra attack boat! I have Cover Girl with me, and she needs serious attention, as do a few of the others with Low-Light! Extract whoever else you can, and get clear! Extreme out!.

Lifeline: Negative! I repeat, I need all medics with me... *click*

Boring conversation anyway. They hold the boat while I leap aboard, then find a place to lay Courtney. I drop my pack, check and see if anyone else needs attention, and get to work. I'm gonna be real busy.

Extreme, out


05-05-2005, 07:12 PM


It's good to be back in action. Not quite fit to be on the ground just yet, but I am trained as a chopper pilot, and I have spent alot of time in Wild Bill's simulators since I was stuck at base. This NAC handles real nice... alot better than the Hueys I'm used to, but not quite as nice as my Night Mamba.

Looks like these snakes think they're going to get away. Heh... not likely. Here's a few sidewinders set for Air to Surface striking... enjoy.

Covert, out


05-06-2005, 01:34 PM
698'3 busting me up. He grabbed a blue pillow case and cut eye holes in it. Now he's calling people in CC's phone book and making weird orders. he told the twins to start buying up all stock in any company that makes hawaiian shirts or sells bananas.

He called the President of the U.S. to tell him some knock knock jokes. He called Destro and asked what sort of wax or buffer that he used. Then we ordered more pizzas. Last time CC signed for the first 20, but after that started screaming at the drivers and finally he shot one. No more pizza. We decided to try Dominos this time, the last driver was from pizza hut.

Whoops, here comes blue boy. 698 hasn't noticed yet, I'd better let him know he should take the pillowcase off before he's seen.

Viper Commander
05-06-2005, 01:59 PM

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Im furious! All of my Ninja BATS went haywire and attacked my Night Creepers! My Black Dragon operatives disappeared, and I hear Gen Flagg is still alive! My defeated Night Creepers are back from Peurto Acosta, they tell me Aleph has been captured! Tomax and Xamot have been buying up useless stocks, annoying pizzamen keep pestering me, and I just caught one of my Tele-Vipers doing a bad impression of me! How the heck did those pizzamen get on Cobra Island!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!


Take that Tele-Viper 698! HAHAHAHAH! 697! Clean this mess up and prepare my harem, Im not coming out until my HYDRA tanks are completed!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

Viper Commander
05-06-2005, 02:25 PM
Dear Diary,

Covert's first wave of missiles took out 3 of the 16 or so attack boats that were sent by Destro to sink civilian ships in New York. Suddenly, 6 Sting Raiders popped out of the water! In a matter of seconds we had an aerial dogfight over the Atlantic Ocean, the Locusts were busy with the Sting Raiders while Covert flew the NAC over one of Destro's boats.

Metalhead looked up at us and sneered, aiming his shoulder rockets at our NAC, before getting a shot off he was blown off his boat by Sgt. Bazooka's bazooka. Sgt. Airborne and I dived into the drink with a rubber duck to retrieve Metalhead while Covert went after the other boats with Bombstrike and Sgt. Bazooka. We secured Metalhead and are floating here on a raft while Covert dispatches the escaping boats and comes back for us, the Locusts finished with the Sting Raiders and headed back to base already.

I check my Joe-comm, the Peurto Acosta battle is over, regular troops are cleaning up with local military and Destro's men have all either been captured or escaped. My Joes are heading back to the PITT while prisoners are being sent to Guantanamo Bay, my next destination where Ill be meeting with Psyche Out to interrogate Metalhead. For some reason, I cant seem to reach Gen. Abernathy on my Joe-comm.

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
05-06-2005, 02:47 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

We arrive in Trans Carpathia with Destro's troops, and I hand Aleph over to Destro. I tell Destro and Mindbender that I will be back when they need me. Cousin Storm Shadow and I then fly back to Los Angeles, where Shadowstrike has rebuilt the Red Ninja Clan and taken over the underworld in Southern California, Shadowstrike is in a bitter war with the Russian Mafia and has requested our help in exchange for his allegiance. Now we arrive at a hidden gambling den to see what this Shadowstrike could possibly offer us, Storm Shadow wants to kill him if I have no use for him...


05-06-2005, 05:07 PM

He's gone too far, he killed my only friend. Now he's gonna pay. He wants a harem? I'll order the Crimson twin's all male harem to his bedroom. Everyone in the control room is going to get copies of Vipers gone wild.

I'm going to have to work on bringing him down. Maybe The Joes can use someone who knows all about Cobra island. I'll use the code name "Chipmunk Cheeks" I'll . . .

Hey, the new Televiper they brought in is a chick. She's pretty hot, well what you can see of her.

I wonder if I should cancel the twin's "personal massagers" going to CC's room. Nah, I'll just attach 698's comm code to the order.

Televiper #697 "Chipmunk Cheeks" out

"So, comm around here often?"

05-09-2005, 11:45 AM
Log Entry:

I have been watching Hawks movements for 5 days now. His routine is a little different every day except he always starts and ends his morning run in the park. There is a spot that he goes out of sight of his shadows. I have I identified the 2 operatives that follow him around. They were easy to identify. I have set charges up in the location they will be at. Just enough to kill them with little damage to anything around them if needed. I have rigged Hawks vehicle with charges that will incinerate anyone inside or standing to close. The plan is this. When Hawk is coming back form his run, I will use a high powered tranquilizer to take him out. I have hired a actor that looks like Hawk from a distance to continue the run back to Hawks car. He thinks this is a small part in a commercial. He will then enter the car in plain sight of the operatives watching Hawk. And boom no more Hawk....... I have 2 Crimson Guards in plain clothes with the actor. They will make him look like he just finished the run.

Right on time, Hawk runs by as usual. The CG's get in position. 15 min later Hawk Runs back into the extraction zone. *POP* he goes down like a sack of potatoes. I cue the CG's. The actor heads to Hawks car with the keys I had made for it. He gets in like instructed. The operatives move to get in their vehicles. I push the button ready to feel the shockwave from the explosion. *BBBBBOOOOOOOMMMMM* The sound of glass breaking, metal tearing, flesh sizzling, car alarms going off, screams of pain and terror of those around. Its like my own symphony. I snap back and grab Hawks unconscious body and head into the sewage system and back to Cobra Island. I have activated a small jamming device to stop any signals Hawk might be sending off.

Firefly Out

05-09-2005, 11:59 AM

Things are settling down here in Trans Carpathia. Mindbender is continuing the BAT's upgrades. Destro has the lab set up to continue testing on the B.H.E.R. project. Scrap Iron is the head field tester. I don't think they have got it to work yet. Scrap Iron seems angrier than normal for things not going right. O well. I have been giving instructions to form up a plan to extract our operatives out of Guantanamo Bay. Getting in is eay out is a different story.........*Beep*

Destro: Come to my office right away.

Wratih: Yes Lord Destro!

Till Next Time

05-09-2005, 07:07 PM
Dear Diary,

These past few days have been very busy for me. After we arrived back home, I found out that General Flagg is still alive. To "distract" the Joes, I have ordered Nullifer 67 to accompany me on another mission.

After a short phone call to my informants, I learn that Flagg has been released to home for recouperation. There are two guards who accompany him at all times and switch out at eight hour intervals. The only other person in the house is his wife, who of course will not prove to be a problem.

We arrive shortly before dawn the next day. I order Nullifier to act as a gardener in order to learn Flagg's daily routine undetected. I have taken a post as a nanny at the house next door to Flagg's house (their nanny mysteriously disappeared). After a week's observation, we notice that the only true time he is alone is when he goes to the bathroom. Its at the corner of the house with a big tree right near the window. He seems to sit there for about thirty minutes every morning just as the guards change down stairs. The guards seem to confer for about fifteen minutes for briefing, I believe. At this time, the alarms are off. We plan to go into action the next morning.

The next morning, I quickly drug the household that I have been working in. We watch as the guards start their briefing in the kitchen downstairs. Right on time, Flagg goes into the bathroom and starts his morning routine. Nullifier 67 (he really needs to get a code name) goes to complete his part of the mission as I stealthy go next door and climb the tree. The night before while everyone was busy, I had picked the lock to the window. After getting into a comfy spot in the tree, I heard the bath water running. After a few seconds, it stops and I can clearly hear Flagg getting into the bathwater. In a matter of seconds, I have opened up the window and shot two tranquiler darts into Flaggs throat. He automatically goes limp. I climb in and drag him to the window. Making a cradle out of the oversized towel he had, I tie him to the rope I had fastened to the tree. I lowered him quietly to the ground and hop down myself. I wrap his limp body in a big black trashbag and deposit him along with the other bags of leaf and lawn cuttings that Nullifier 67 had been working on the day before. I quickly head back to the house and change. Nullifier comes along in his work truck and picks up the "trash." I meet him at the end of the street where he slows down just long enough for me to jump in. After we get about three blocks away, I detonate the explosives that Nullifier had planted around the grounds.

We make it safely to my jet and arrive at Cobra Island without incident. At first Cobra Commander was not too happy....something about pizzas and men trying to touch him, but when he sees I have brought him General Flagg, he seems to cheer up considerably. I walk around the compound some more before meeting CC for dinner. I had briefed Destro on my goings on, and he kept laughing at the thought of Flagg being dragged around in the buff.

I wonder if the Joes will notice the little Cobra symbol we've "misplaced." Nullifier has served me well. He will get quite a bonus and has earned leave time. I plan on sending him to visit my friend Abdullah who assures me that he will be well looked after.

My morning sickness seems to have gone away, but now I'm hungrier than before. I need to purchase some cloaks as well as looser fitting clothing to help hide my condition before I start to show.


05-12-2005, 06:14 PM
Finally, I have been resurrected. My day of triumph is at hand. Soon, I will have waffles, with strawberry syrup! THIS I COMMAND! I feel so confused, too many thoughts in my poor little head. Feel like I should interject something.


Televiper #697: What the heck? Oh no!!!!!

That did not appear to go at all well. the televiper seems afraid of me, but it's more of a revulsion than respectful fear. I should go and throw that worm Cobra Commander out of this place. He's apparently spread some form of cowardice or misinformation about me.

First I must have a grilled cheese sandwich. THIS I COMMAND!

Serpentor: Worm, get me a grilled cheese sandwich. . . With Pickles!!

Televiper #697: Uh, ok sure, whatever.

I will crush these worms. They have no idea how serious I am. Ooooooo, pretty colors.

05-12-2005, 06:21 PM
I'm not sure exactly what that whack job Serpentor is doing out of his cage, but he came into the communications room and yelled at me to get him a Grilled cheese sandwich with pickles. This guy is out of his head. Everyone knows that you don't eat grilled cheese with pickles.He comes in and starts screaming his la la las right as I'm about to ask out Televiper 752. His royal pain in the *** just ruined the moment.

I texted Mindbender and the twins about him getting out, and called the kitchen for his disgusting sandwich idea. I advised him where CC was when he asked, I figured maybe one whack job can take out the other one. CC hasn't been seen since the crimson twin's harem went into his room. He has called for a lot of ice cream toppings though. Eeeewww, *SHUDDER*

I saw Baroness the other day, she's all I don't know . . . glowy. Not like glows in the dark, but radiant. oooo. whoops 752 is looking at me again, better pay some attention to her. Maybe she'll put on a Baroness costume for me. oooooo.

Viper Commander
05-13-2005, 04:22 AM

Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough Haaaaaack......... What are these men doing in my room? Stay back, stay back I tell you! (CC runs to his closet and grabs his Benelli Super 90 and Desert Eagle (, what happens after is not pretty...)

"Siegies! Get this mess cleaned up! Have my Televipers "reconditioned" by the Interrogator!"

I then walk into my private bathroom locking myself in, pressing a secret button on the wall. This opens a grand elevator made of pure gold which takes me down to my top secret "goodies" vault(secret facility roughly the size of a football field deep underground). When I walk down and open the vault door, Dr. Venom, Prof. Appel, and my "Coil" scientists greet me with revered respect ( They are eager to show me the work they've done with Destro's captured research data. My massive new HYDRA tank sits proudly in the center of the room painted Silver and Black, just like I ordered. My loyal scientists test the weapon right away, the cannon raises its barrel and "flash!" we run over to the comm screen on the wall, where a camera drone is hovering over Las Vegas. "BOOOOM" the huge pyramid in the middle of the desert is destroyed in an instant by a flash from the sky! I happily pat each of them on the back, handing them a sack of money each while doing so. They start pitching new projects to me but we are interrupted by Tomax and Xamot on the comm screen, after I hear their news I leave my secret vault and head back up to play idiot for the spies around me!

Serpentor escaped the pickling chamber! I had him soaking in a vat of pickle juice after his defeat but he woke up somehow and took off, last seen munching a grilled cheese while threatening Kitchen-Vipers! I ordered Croc Master to meet me in the kitchen and headed there behind a big group of Vipers. We managed to subdue him and lock his babbling behind into a zoocage.

I then head to the main docking bay, where Firefly has just arrived with Gen. Hawk. I pay Firefly his bonus for the mission and hand him a folder for the next mission with a new suitcase of cash, the folder contains info on two former Cobras turned Joes, Mercer and Covert. I want Firefly to blast them into oblivion! He asks me if I want only them blasted or the base they're stationed at. I told him he could do the whole base if he wanted, his eyes lit up like..... like a firefly!

After Firefly leaves to go on his new missions, two jets show up around the same time. One with Raptor and one with Baroness. I make Baroness wait while I see Raptor, so she scurries off to the buffet hall screaming about chocolate cake!

Raptor tells me that our recent investments into crude oil have really paid off, along with our investments into the video game industry, and the new defense company that we have set up to compete with Destro. I reward Raptor with two rare one-of-a-kind stolen falcons that he's been clamoring for, and he happily flys back to Switzerland to make my money for me...

Finally I meet with dear Anastasia, she has brought me Flagg! While my Vipers take him away, I give her a diamond encrusted pacifier to show that my Siegie spies know about her condition. I tell her to relax with Destro, promising not to bother them until the child is born while crossing my fingers behind my back...

During dinner we had quite a showdown in the Cobra Collosseum, Gen Hawk as Venomous Maximous in a fight to the death with a weaponless Serpentor. Both are wearing motion restrictors piloted by Baroness and I, its like we're playing a martial arts video game. HAHAHAHA Take that Anastasia!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

05-13-2005, 08:15 AM
This is strange...

I got back to Cobra Island AGAIN. I thought I worked for Destro? Why am I doing all of this stuff for Cobra? I hope I get paid....

Anyway, the Baroness and I brought General Flagg back with us. Now Cobra apparently has captured both him and General Hawk.

SO I'm thinking, this is great, lets attack GI Joe while their leadership is in dissarray! But, what do I know?

I get to sit in the audience while Hawk battles some crazy bald guy in a pit fight.

The bald guy keeps yelling "LALALALAALA" and you should see Hawk!?!

He is wearing strange midevial armor and Cobra Commander is calling him "Venemous Maximus". I wonder if he has something in mind for Hawk, or if he's just crazy...


Baroness has been acting stanger... She keeps asking me if she looks fat?! I say "No way, you're super HOT!". That seems to make her smile, but I think she is thinking of something else...

Viper Commander
05-13-2005, 09:56 AM

It has been a week since Recluse and I managed to hypnotize Shadowstrike into doing our bidding. We have pulled his ninja warriors out of Los Angeles and brought them back to Japan. I also activated the mental programming in all of my loyal Cobra Ninja Troopers and Cobra Ninja Vipers. When we arrived at our grand dojo in Japan a week ago, the remaining Black Dragon clan members were waiting for us too, as Recluse instructed. We now have a small para-military force of about 5,000 elite mercernaries. While Recluse makes a request for weapons and vehicles from MARS, I obtain the latest intel from Cobra Commander, for some reason his Tele-Vipers are still sending me data reports every morning. I almost laugh out loud, but manage to hold it in, Cobra Island is getting more bizzare by the day...
__________________________________________________ ________________

LOGGING OUT T. Arashikage ................

05-13-2005, 09:58 AM
Personal Log:

Everything is under way here at the M.A.R.S. research facilities. We have managed to get the technology to work on warheads. Now we will be able to fire missiles underground to reach bunkers and buried bases. There will not be an area we can not reach. HAHAAAAHHAHAAHAH!!!!! The B.H.E.R. has been adapted to most of the armament we use here. Scrap Iron looks like a kid in a candy store. He has blown up more captured vehicles and B.A.T.S. then I can count.

The addition to the castle is almost ready. It will be the most secure area of the castle. No expense has been spared to secure the room. I have flown in all the appropriate physicians to make sure everything goes well. Anastasia will be surprised when she see it. She thinks I do not know. I know what the president ate for breakfast this morning. She has been cleverly hiding it. Not good enough though.

My esteemed colleague has decided to fund an opposing defense company. If he thinks he can just waltz in and undermine my operations he is sadly mistaken. I will not stand here and allow him to proceed further. I have sent operatives to infiltrate his ranks at this company. Soon I will have the data I need to launch a full scale assault on any facilities he has and burn them to the ground if needed. Soon there will be a terrible accident at the facility. If the lunatic does not leave me alone he will pay dearly. He needs to just stay out there on his Island and pester the Joes. I think he forgets we are not enemies, but if he wants to we can. He is headed down that road and it will be a bumpy one. I digress.

Wraith has taken what he needed to free our operatives from Guantanamo Bay. Once he has finished we can concentrate back to the M.A.R.S. business.

Mindbender has the first hundred bats ready for inspection. He says these will out perform any previous models. I will be testing them soon to see how much these are improved vs. my older models.

Things overall are going good, that hooded freak is bound to mess something up. But I must say he has stirred up the Joes a bit. My sources tell me he has captures Hawk and Flagg. He is asking for a visit from some not so friendly Joes. HahahaÖI wonder about him sometimes.

*Beep* I just recieved a mesage from Recluse. Apparentlly they have been busy. They have gathered a small army of ninjas from the various clans running arround. The best part is they need weapons, armor and vehicles. I have ordered my current orders to be redirected to Japan. I will also order the facilities to have a few specialized weapons and vehicles made up and I will personally deliver them. This agreement we have is appearing to be more lucrative than i had originally thought.


Viper Commander
05-13-2005, 10:27 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

I watched our troops gather in the name of the Arashikage, seeing so many people yet all silent is a strange experience. For our morning training, I used "Shadow Clone Technique" to spar with all of them at once, these troops will serve our clan well. To fund our little army, we have voted to stage raids on Extensive Enterprises Savings And Loan Banks located in New York, London, and many other major cities. The goal is to hit all of their branches at once, that'll give Cobra Commander an ulcer I hope, hahahah. I send a comm-link to Destro requesting some weapons and vehicles on credit, along with a small update on whats happening. Once I get my needed weapons and supplies from MARS, my operation can begin.


05-13-2005, 10:34 AM

A viper has come and placed a circlet of gold upon my head. Obviously this viper knows that I should be emperor. He shall be the cornerstone of my newlegions. I see them spread out before me, my destiny burns within me.

My brain burns, my body moves of its own accord striking at a man that in one moment looks like my foe General Hawk, and in the next like a monstrous mix of man and beast. The anger burns in my blood. My body fights on its own, unskillfully. I hear the mad cackling of Cobra Commander, and suddenly my body begins to dance a jig!

Serpentor: Stop this instant!! This I command!!

Now the fool is singing something about a Macarena and y body is doing a strange thing, it's indescribable. I know who is playing with me like a giant toy. The Commander will roast in tartarus for this. Mmmmm tartar sauce. I want a peanut butter and monkey sandwich, like we had when I was Vlad Tepes!!! This I command.

Why do I smell like pickle brine? It is making me crave the delicious dills and gherkins.

Serpentor: Cobra Commander! I challenge you to a pickle eating contest for control of Cobra!

Little does he suspect that as Napoleon I won many pickle eating contests.

This Hawk is getting on my nerves, he's capering around like a monkey. Monkeys are delicious on toast. Serve me Hawk's liver on toast! This I command!!!

05-13-2005, 10:44 AM
When the siegies came and asked about Cobra Commander's room being filled with men, I plead ignorance. I explained that the now deceased 698 was known for reprogramming orders and impersonating CC. They buy it.

I hear about some kind of colliseum fight between Hawk and Serpentor. Sounds like it should be good. I ask televiper 752 to go with me, but she tells me she's seeing a toxoviper! Oh, why do all the smart ones go for the bad boys? I'll just have to fake an order from CC to have him go into the nuclear reactor. Then she'll be mine.

The colliseum fight starts interesting enough, but just devolves into CC and Baroness playing with their captives. Oh Baroness, my heart has not forsaken you. Even though you've started to put on weight, I'll be your chipmunk cheeks.

I've just realized that everything I'm thinking is running across my visor because 752 is reading my thoughts out loud. Darn these Televiper helmets! Who thought this would be a good idea? Apparently 752 thinks I'm a creep, I can read her visor too!! In fact I can read the thoughts of the entire televiper corps. I have tremendous power!!!! I know what every televiper is thinking. They're all thinking the same thing now, let's see "Televiper 697 is an idiot?!?!?" They'll all pay for this. I'm going to help Serpentor win his pickle eating contest!

05-13-2005, 10:51 AM
Log Entry:

Cobra Commander has paid me a nice bonuses for Hawk. Then he hands me a new folder with my next job. I take it along with the suitcase of cash he hands me. I have another priority that will come first.

Recently I have had these visions of an army assembling. Ninjas. They are in Japan at the Arashikage Dojo. At the head of the army I see Storm Shadow, but he is not in charge. Another figure emerges from the shadows, everyone bows to him. He turns around and his eyes are on fire, but not like normal flames, these are dark purple and seem to radiate pure evil. I almost feel like he is trying to remove my soul. I wake up with weapons in hand in a cold sweat. Seeing as Iíve done it before with less members around I will easily infiltrate the ranks and find out what is going on. I overheard some Cobra Ninja Vipers talking about leaving back to Japan. I will disguise myself and head back with them. Hopefully I will find out why I am having theses dreams and put a stop to it. It also seems to be pleasing the voices in my head. This Must Stop!!!!


05-15-2005, 11:37 AM
Dear Diary,

It seems that CC is aware of my condition. He even presented me with a "gift" and a promise to leave Destro and I alone until our child is born. I have run several scans on the gift to make sure there are no surprises hidden deep within it and everything turns up negative. As far as his promise goes, does he really think I would believe him? If nothing else, he will try to use this to his advantage. No matter. I will make sure he will not succeed if he does try. What worries me is if CC knows, does that mean that Destro knows also? Up until now, I thought that I had done a good job hiding it (besides of course my increased appetite). I still have one more errand to run before returning home. Then, I will have a serious talk with Destro.

Once the after dinner entertainment ended, Nullifier 67 informed me that one of the Televipers...I think it was 697.... thought I was fat and called himself my chipmunk cheeks. I wonder if he's related to CC. I plan on "visiting" him tomorrow morning to allow him to explain himself.

I have asked Nullifier 67 to get chummy with as many inconsequentials as he can. Everyone loves to gossip and perhaps he will learn something that would be of some use in the future.

Recently I have been feeling catty. Today I have sent off a gift to Scarlet.....two matching full faced porceline masks (one for her and one for Snake eyes). If only I could see her face when she receives it.


Viper Commander
05-16-2005, 05:54 AM
Dear Diary,

Everyone of my Joes are fully rested and recovered, and Ive gotten all the intel out of Metalhead I can and forwarded it to my superiors. Problem is I haven't heard anything back from them for a week and nobody has new assignments?!? Something's wrong and the top wont tell me what's going on. Whats even more rotten is, right after I left Guantanamo Bay Destro's lapdogs got sprung by an "invisible" man!

One good thing happened this week, the USS FLAGG is back in operation and fully upgraded with new weapons and sensors! Its even larger than before, and the flight deck has sections that flip to convert the ship into a fully armed battlestation! I hope something happens soon, I know Cobra Commander and Destro are up to no good!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
05-16-2005, 06:28 AM
Digital Entry:

Whooooooo, we got saved by Wraith! Metalhead looks nervous caus he knows that I saw him squealin to the Joes, and I already told Wraith about it. I dont even know how Wraith broke in and got us out, but all I know is that when I woke up, I was told to grab a gun and start shooting out of the NAC Wraith was piloting. We managed to get away and back to Laird Destro in one piece, but I lost my Nullifier armor. Hope I dont get demoted to IG...:(

Logging Out..............

Viper Commander
05-16-2005, 06:37 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

Its good ta be back onna SEA!!! The FLAGG is finally fixed so me, Delgado, Forrest, Langdon, Talbot, and Alexander are tagging along as they take the ship for some test runs. Ive gotten to know this new lady top to bottom. Wow, the new weapons are incredible on this thing, I eagerly wait for our next mission. (Knocks on a door) Any new orders Admiral Keel Haul?

Chief Torpedo, Over And Out!

Viper Commander
05-16-2005, 07:07 AM

Serpentor produced pickles out of thin air and began to crunch away, joined by a Tele-Viper being chased by female Tele-Vipers with .45s trying to shoot him. I shudder to think where those pickles came from...

(CC snaps his fingers, and a mass of Vipers and Siegies wrestle the two arena fighters into zoocages. He orders them to be soaked in the pickling chamber after some "adjustments" by the Interrogator)

The next morning I put on my Battle Armor and bid the Baroness adieu, handing her a folder with an offer for Destro. Inside contained an offer to buy all the stock in my defense company very cheap as a gesture of goodwill for his upcoming arrival. I also request a working relationship once again, and place new orders for various Cobra vehicles.

I head to Interrogators "workshop" with a band of Siegies and oversee Gen Hawk's intel being extracted. I inject Serpentor with more mindnumbers to keep him off kilter, and have my Siegies beat him up and toss him in the pickling vat. Hawk joins him shortly, and we seal the vat. General Flagg is still in the third phase of his Brainwave Scanning, by the ninth phase he will be an unshakable Cobra agent! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Im such a genius!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

05-16-2005, 04:59 PM
Cobra Commander thins he has defeated me. He thinks he can steal my pickles, but he is not a man. Or was once a man, or something. A little confused by the random lights. When I was Alexander, the lights told me who to attack to win. Or was that as caesar?

Curse these pickles, so delicious though. My liege Golobulous told me to hide them in the pits of my arms. Mmmmmm, so warm, just like fresh made.

I can see Golobulous, the viper serum I have injected into my neck allows me to communicate with him telepathically. We will crush these human worms. But first I must bathe. Bring my briny bath! This I command!!
P.S. I like Unicorns.

05-16-2005, 05:13 PM
I have decided that Serpentor is a nut job. At first I thought it was just the drugs CC's been pumping him full of, but now I'm pretty sure he's nuts. All of these crazy female televipers were chasing me earlier. What's their problem? Thankfully I was pretty smooth and talked them out of lynching me. I offered them all CC's credit card # to do some online shopping.

Maybe Destro could use a good televiper. Between CC, Serpentor, the twins and the rest of high command I'm pretty sure my time here is limited. But first, I have to wait to get my Vipers gone wild DVDs. I'm not sure but televiper #752 may be in the one on Broca Beach. She got really mad when I mentioned those.

A nullifier came around to ask me about something I said about Baroness. I had no idea she noticed me like that. Obviously she remembers her chipmunk cheeks. Another incentive to try to work for Destro. Although lighting him for a communication would be difficult, all that stupid chrome, you know? But I could spend hours lighting Baroness. I have all of her calendars.

televiper #752 isn't melting to my charms the way I thought she would. She's nowhere near as fun to talk to as 698. In fact she never wants to do those practical jokes like 698 loved. So I crosswired her console so that everything she sent out would show up in CC's email box 150 times. I think I'm going to email croc master, raptor, and crystal ball about an exciting career opportunity to be had if they meet in CC's bathing room tomorrow morning after he gets up. Those fools will probably show up too.

Viper Commander
05-16-2005, 08:21 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

The Elders have been pleased by my accomplishments, Cousin Storm Shadow and I have been rewarded with their knowledge of more and more ancient techniques and forbidden arts. Cousin Storm Shadow has focused on wind techniques and I've been concentrating on shadow techniques. Training my soldiers during the day, and being trained by the Elders at night has greatly enhanced me and Cousin's skills, I know he also feels the power coursing thru our bodies. Ive also been teaching some shadow techniques to Zandar in secret, a plan to execute the Arashikage Elders has almost been formulated, its only a matter of time before I will be able to eliminate my "restraints"...

Destro arrived at Yokosuka ( the next day with a fully loaded freighter. Crystal Ball also met me here like I requested, while Destro organized the unloading of my weapons and vehicles I talked a little with Crystal Ball. He handed me a shield, made of titanium alloy with built in hologram projectors.

CB "I have studied some of your battle data, and made this shield to not only enhance you offensive and defensive capabilities but also to work in conjunction with some of your "ninja arts". This will confuse and disorient any foe, no matter how strong their will. To anyone who says that their will is strong enough to withstand my shield, I Crystal Ball, say NYET!"

Recluse "Thank you friend, tell Zartan that I appreciate this help and that Zandar is still at my dojo, things are progressing as planned. Soon I will have complete control of this clan and my own fully armed legions."

CB "Your welcome comrade Recluse, I will be sure to pass your words to Zartan, until next time."

Now to see what Destro has brought...


05-17-2005, 01:43 PM
Log Entry:

I have successfully infiltrated the ranks of the new Arashikage Ninja army. With so many members it is very easy to move around undetected. On one of my outings I noticed a familiar face Zandar. Odd to see him here. I have found out who the one who is in my dreams, Recluse. But I have not been able to decipher the meaning yet and what this has to do with me. I have found a room full of old scrolls. As I entered it I felt like I was being watched. After a thorough search nothing to be found. After hours of reading I have found mention of Recluse and how he was to take over the Clan upon becoming a Master of the Clan. Other events have prevented this till now. I was just about to leave when the lights went out. It grew very cold, and I felt as if I was levitating. I finally touched the ground again. I was no longer in the Dojo scroll room. Suddenly numerous Arashikage Elders appeared. I thought it was over for and prepared to take a few with me. Then one of them spoke.

Elder: * bowing* Faceless Master I am glad you have come. *I bow in return * We are aware of your present dream sleep. We have created it to lure you here. We have found the proper heir to take control of the Arashikage Clan. Recluse. He is more than ready to assume his role. We may have a problem though. It appears he may not be wanting to do things as we have for so many years. We believe he is plotting to kill us. * I started to say something* Do not speak, listen. Soon he will be powerful enough to do so. At this stage there are only 2 people who can stop him. Snake Eyes and Stormshadow, but they cannot do it without retrieving and ancient artifact. This is where you come in. Its location is so remote, so uninhabitable, so deadly that no one has ever reached it. You have had enough Arashikage training to pass the tests once there. You are also known for being able to get anywhere you want. You must retrieve this artifact and keep it hidden until it is needed. At this point you must convince Snake Eyes or Stormshadow to use the artifact on Recluse. It is useless for anything but removing the corrupted power of an Arashikage Clan member. Do this and you will be rewarded, fail and death will consume all.

The Elder then produces 2 scrolls, one is the location of the artifact, one is a list of tests I must do to gain the Artifact. As I look at the scrolls the elders slowly disappear, In one voice they say ď Firefly do not fail us, Faceless MasterĒ As their voices trailed off I realized I have heard them before. They are the voices in my head. I quickly make my way back to my room and grab my belongings. I easily dodge the guards and head out to the airport.

Firefly out

05-17-2005, 02:05 PM
M.A.R.S. Inventory Log 4905834938096K234

I have just docked near Tokyo in Yokosuka. Recluse, Stormshadow, and a few dozen clan members where there to meet me.

Destro: Greetings gentlemen. I have brought an assortment of weapons, armor, and small vehicles for you to choose from. Should you require anything bigger or more specialized feel free to ask. Follow me and Iíll show you some of the merchandise. Here are the weapons I have aboard. * opens 3 lockers filled with rifles pistols, MGís, Melee weapons, and everything between. * Hopefully you can find what you need. We have enough ammo to accommodate anything you choose, and if I donít it will be air dropped within 6 hours.

After they made their selections I started off loading the weapons and ammo.

Destro: Down here we have a small assortment of vehicles. We have Fangs, Claws Trouble Bubbles, gliders, Ferrets, Sting Rays, and a few refitted Joe vehicles like the A.W.E. Striker, Coyote, and Vamps. I also have a selection of different motorcycles. All can be upgrade and fitted to your specifications. Take your time and look over the vehicles, I need to take care of something . Please excuse me Gentlemen.

* Pause *

Viper Commander
05-17-2005, 10:08 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

Some of the bullets we got had black tips on them, Destro told me it was for a special rifle. He pulled out an anti-material rifle with a small computer attached to the firing chamber, this was the only thing I still needed besides the weapons he had already given me before (

We picked quite a few vehicles and requested some from Destro that he didnt have on-hand. By the end of the day they arrived, we amassed a small arsenal of:

8 Stinger Night Attack Jeeps

8 Blue Cobra Tread Fires

8 Cobra CLAW gliders

8 Cobra Air Assault Gliders

8 Cobra Sea Rays

8 Cobra FANG

8 Cobra FANG 3

8 Gi Joe Night Attack Choppers

3 Cobra APC Transports


Viper Commander
05-18-2005, 05:31 PM
Password: *****
__________________________________________________ _____________________

While we loaded our weapons and vehicles into big rigs ( provided by our Yakuza allies, the JSDF ambushed us! They rushed up in APCs and Swat Vans, while the less experienced ninjas just watched in shock. The JSDF soldiers fired without warning, and killed a few of our shinobi within seconds. By this time Recluse and I regrouped with a few Ninja Vipers on top of a large crane used for lifting vehicles.

We dived down into the fray, I let loose with a barrage of shuriken that spun like they had little tornadoes to power them. Recluse somehow got off a shot with his huge new rifle while diving down behind a large metal crate. My shuriken shredded the vans but caused no exposion, while the APC simply stopped. Its open hatch glowed and started to pour smoke, but the vehicle itself didnt explode. Our troops dispatched the rest of the JSDF easily. We looked up, three JSDF Kawasaki choppers ( rushed to our location...

Recluse smiled and aimed his rifle, three shots later, the choppers simply fell into the ocean with no explosion, as if the pilots somehow died in the cockpit with no damage to the helicopter. We cleared the scene and set a firebomb to clear any trace evidence. Hopefully the nearby US Navy base has no Joes stationed there.
__________________________________________________ ______________

LOGGING OUT T. Arashikage ......................

Viper Commander
05-20-2005, 12:18 PM

The ninth phase of Gen. Flagg's Brainwave Scanning is complete! Interrogator has also extracted all of the classified intel from his brain, now I head to my inner sanctum to plan my next evil plot! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We have set it up so General Flagg will show up back at the GI Joe Pitt with Serpentor as a prisoner, the General will then stay on as my ultimate informant!

My Hydra tanks are still being manufactured, so far I have 30 units deployed to Terrordromes around the world. Soon, soon all the pieces will be in place, and I can finally conquer the world!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

05-20-2005, 01:37 PM
Dear Diary,

I left Cobra Island alone to complete my pilgrimage. I had sent Nullifier on vacation with a generous bonus. He was able to give me some information that might prove useful. I have given "chipmunk cheeks" a special com to contact me for when he's feeling troubled. He has assured me that its the fault of his visor that I look fuller. My vanity has accepted this explanation, but my mind knows he's just trying to be nice.

There was one person I had to tell about my pregnancy before anyone else. I had thought that talking to a tombstone about the baby would feel odd, but I have grown so used to communicating this way that it feels almost second nature. I have poured my heart out to this stone many times before and have always walked away comforted. It is the same way even now. I feel more calm about all that I must face. I know he would have made a wonderful uncle to my child. My plan for destroying Snake Eyes is well under way. An eye for an eye.....his love for the life of my brother. We will see just how strong Snake Eyes can be when he is all alone!

I am almost home. In my mind I keep going over and over how to tell Destro about the baby. I am still not sure how he will handle this news.


P.S. I have sent Scarlet another "gift." This time I was able to get a protrait made from one of her photographs. In it, she is depicted as Frankenstein's monster's bride (complete with scars deforming her face) with Snake Eyes as Frankenstein's monster.

05-20-2005, 07:31 PM

Dr. Mindbender's log:

Finally! I have finished the complete reprogramming of the Ninja B.A.T.s, and am ready to test them. All I need is a target... hold on a second... Scarp Iron seems to have spotted something on the monitors... ahhhh, yes... perfect.

Scrap Iron: Destro! We got intruders... a squad of Morays on the southern slopes... I count twelve... a full squad. Orders?

I feel it is time, and I step up to Destro before he can give an order.

Mindbender: Laird Destro, a moment, first. I have completed the Ninja B.A.T.s, and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to test them. Allow me to send a contingent of them out to deal with the interlopers. Allow me to prove my worth to your organization.

I wait as he ponders the idea. He turns to me and nods, then returns his attention to Scrap Iron.

Destro: Scrap Iron, hold for now. Have a team ready, just in case. But for now, let us see just how worthy of our time the good Doctor really is. Doctor? Have one of them brought to me. Make examples of the rest

I can't help but smile as I touch the switch in the palm of my glove, thus activating my communications link to the Androids.

Mindbender: As you command. Units One, Two and Three... engage the intruders on the southern slopes. Bring the leader to the control room, alive. Destroy the rest.

Destro: Only three, Doctor? Confidence, or arrogance?

Mindbender: Oh, confidence, my Laird. And a great deal there of.

We watch as the Moray's make their way up the back side of the slopes, attempting to make their way into the fortress in secret. Suddenly, the back three simply seem to vanish. As the others turn at the screams of their companions, the new last three are subsequently sliced to ribbons. The Ninja B.A.T.s the uncloak themselves, seeming to fade into existance. I turn and nod my thanks to Wraith for the use of his cloaking technology. This may displease him at first, but I believe my plans to have him placed in charge of this unit will appease his anger. In mere seconds, every Moray is decimated, their torn bodies thrown back into the sea from whence they came... except for one. One of the Androids drapes the beaten frogman over his shoulder, and starts his way up the mountain. The other two vanish, but I know they are making a recon of the area in case their are more.

Mindbender: Your prisoner will be delivered promptly, Laird Destro. And Wraith...

I toss him and Destro each a small chip.

Mindbender: ...Install this into your communications gear, gentlemen... and the two of you will have complete control over the Ninja B.A.T.s. I trust the agreed amount will be wired into my account my Laird? If you'll excuse me, I believe I'll retire for the evening. I believe I have a prisoner to interrogate in the morning. Good evening sirs.

As I turn and head out of the command chamber (rather smugly, I might add), I catch a smrik from Scrap Iron. I've known him a long time, now, and I know the smirk and the "thumbs up" he gives me to be signs of approval. He has a rather morbid sense of humor, but he undeniably has his good qualities as well. Come to think on it... that may well be one of them.


05-20-2005, 07:42 PM


Man, what hit me? Last I remember, me and Depth Charge was on a mission with a bunch of Greenshirt SeALs, doing a little recon on Destro's Trans-Carpathian mountain/fortress. Oh, yeah, and we were dressed as Cobra Morays. Figure if anyone saw us, we'd be mistaken for Cobra troops. Sow a few seeds between a pair of rather unfomfortable allies.

Next thing I know, something invisible's tearing my team apart. I hear Depth Charge yell out behind me, and I turn just in time to watch him get skewered by some sort of blade. All I can see is the outline covered in blood, though. That is, until the thing decloaks. It's one of those Ninja B.A.T.s like we fought a couple of weeks back. Only these ones are bad!! The two I see completely destroy my unit, and I try to open fire with my MP-7, but something clocks me hard enough to rattle my brain inside my helmet. Even manages to shatter my visor... on the complete other side of the helmet from the blow!!! I turn to defend myself, but the world was spinnin'. Next thing I know, I'm taking a tazer jolt, and believeme, when you get hit with one of those things, and you're soaked in salt water... man, it feels like you got eels in your skivvies. And I ain't talkin' Cobra swimmers, I'm talkin' shockin' sea creatures.

Now I wake up, my helmet, weapons, and all other gear except the Moray Wetsuit are all gone. My head's still ringin, but I manage to get to my feet. It's dark, but I feel along a nearby wall. It's stone, so when I come across metal, I figure it's a door. Great, I'm in a cell. I tap on the door, twice, and a peep whole slides open. Looking out, my eyes adjust to the light, and beyond the door I see... aw, crud...

Metal Head: Wakey, wakey, GI Jakey!!


05-20-2005, 09:02 PM
Log contiuation.

On the ship's bridge.

Scrap Iron: Destro! We got intruders... a squad of Morays on the southern slopes... I count twelve... a full squad. Orders?

Mindbender: Laird Destro, a moment, first. I have completed the Ninja B.A.T.s, and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to test them. Allow me to send a contingent of them out to deal with the interlopers. Allow me to prove my worth to your organization.

Destro: Scrap Iron, hold for now. Have a team ready, just in case. But for now, let us see just how worthy of our time the good Doctor really is. Doctor? Have one of them brought to me. Make examples of the rest

Mindbender: As you command. Units One, Two and Three... engage the intruders on the southern slopes. Bring the leader to the control room, alive. Destroy the rest.

Destro: Only three, Doctor? Confidence, or arrogance?

Mindbender: Oh, confidence, my Laird. And a great deal there of.

As I watched the BATS make quick work of Cobra Commanders Moray's. Another call comes in,

Baroness: Destro Darling, I am on my way back home.

Destro: Good, we have much to discuss. I will see you soon, have a safe trip. A squadron of AGP's are in route to escort you home.

Baroness: And just why do I need an escort?

Destro: Just a precaution. CC is up to his tricks again. No need to take undue risks.

Baroness: Very well then I will see you soon.

I have the ship head back to pick up the remaing order and have it delivered to our associates Stormshadow and Recluse. I take my personal craft home to make sure everything is ready for Anastasia's arrival.

Destro out.

Viper Commander
05-21-2005, 05:28 AM
All Hail Cobra Commander!

I have returned to the PITT, bringing Seprentor bound and gagged with a .45 cocked to his head. My official story will be like this, Serpentor captured me with a band of Destro's men but I freed myself by taking Serpentor hostage, finding my way back to base.

When I arrived back home, the cheers and applause almost deafened me! Duke and General Abernathy looked extremely relieved, while the rest of the Joes each came by to salute me. I handed Serpentor to Heavy Duty and Roadblock, who carried the would-be conquerer into a maximum security detention cell. After arriving back at my office, the first thing I did was execute Cobra Commander's plan, he received some juicy intel from one of his Crimson Guard spies and wants to put it to good use...

(The General gets on his Joe-comm)

"Snake Eyes, I have reason to think that one of our Joes is being held prisoner at Destro's Castle in Trans Carpathia, assemble a striketeam and rescue our bretheren, you also need to find out what he's up to, get as much intel as you can. Yo Joe!"

I will serve Cobra Commander well, then I will rule the world at his side!

All Hail Cobra Commander!

James L Flagg III, Over And Out.

Viper Commander
05-21-2005, 05:52 AM

Excellent! My plan of brainwave scanning General Flagg is working out perfectly! With him in charge of my Crimson Guard faction within Gi Joe, Cobra will be unstoppable! My Crimson Guard are more apt then anyone will ever know, when the red Cobra strike their fangs, it will be too late to turn back for my enemies...

The Arashikage: Some of the Red Ninja are in fact deep cover Siegies reporting the foolish ninjas' every move to me, Recluse will be dealt with for his amibition. When my plan is successful the Night Creepers will decimate his clan! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

MARS: My deep cover Siegies are IG officers and Nullifiers who have reported seeing Mindbender groveling at the bald fool's feet. If Destro thinks taking one of Cobra's top scientist will have no reprecussions, he is dead wrong. Scalpel has managed to get some of his Medi-Vipers onto the staff who will be caring for Baroness. I also have intel reports detailing the capture of a Gi Joe agent, General Flagg will make good use of it, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

My Seigies have also been spying on my various Viper corps, there will be screening and interrogations, those who do not pass will be "reconditioned" without delay. I tried to reach Firefly but he is not answering, I hope he completes his job soon. For the excellent work from my Crimson Guards, they are all given pay raises and nosejobs with college scholarships for their children. Cobra will control the world even if Im not around!!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

Viper Commander
05-21-2005, 06:08 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

Langdon came back all cut up! And Collins just came in saying that Snake Eyes is infiltrating Destro's castle with orders to extract Forrest! After getting Langdon some medical attention, Delgado, Alexander, Talbot and I rushed to see Snake Eyes, while I petted his wolf-dog, we requested to go with him on this operation as a diversion for him. Once our resident ninja master can let us know the plan of attack via O'Hara, I think we'll be good to go. Ive already sent a Joe-comm to Hauser asking for his greenlight, Yo Joe!

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out!

05-21-2005, 12:26 PM
Too much has been happening these past few weeks and I am afraid that if I don't write it down, I will forget something.

For starters, we have been inactive for almost a month now. All of a sudden General Flagg returns with Serpentor in tow. As great as our general is, something just doesn't add up. Kamakura thinks I am being too paranoid, but Snake Eyes sees the the validation in my point. We are only letting a few select into our misgivings. Snake Eyes has ordered us to keep aware of everything around us and to not dismiss anything.

Scarlett is looking much better. She will have to undergo several more surgeries to remove the scars from her face, but she should be back to her old self soon. She has been receiving very odd packages. The first was of two masks. She was more puzzled by this gift than upset. The second was a portrait of her and Snake Eyes dressed up as Frankenstein's monster and his bride. This one really upset her and she locked herself up in her room allowing only Snake Eyes in. Who could be so cruel? And why to Scarlett? The origins of the packages have been traced back to Cobra Island.

The weirdest thing happened just a few moments ago.....which is the reason I decided to start writing things down. I received a hologram picture from an old friend. When looking at the picture straight on, it is a portrait of Cobra Commander standing in front of GI Joe Headquarters. Beside him, kneeling in adoration, is a televiper. When you tilt the picture slightly, the televiper's face shield disappears and General Flagg's face is revealed. I have shown this to Snake Eyes. He was very still after looking at it. I left the hologram with him. If anyone knows how to proceed, it is Snake Eyes.

That's all for now. At least I hope. :(

05-21-2005, 12:48 PM


Decisions, decisons. I've been asked to accompany Snae Eyes and his strike team to Trans-Carpathia to rescue Wet-Suit. I have area knowledge there, from time served under Destro's command... he requested a Night Viper battallion to do recon and security a few years back while he ammassed his army... but I also have another priority. I was talking to Snake Eyes about this when Jinx showed up and told us of Flagg's reutrn an her suspicions. Snake and I went into sign-language mode. Not to keep Jinx and Kamakura out... they're the best you can get... but rather to keep prying ears out.

I explained that in all the time I served Cobra, never... and I reiterated Never with a capital 'N'... would Serpentor be leading Destro's forces. Not possible. Heck, not even plausible! Destro would never submit his men to Cobra's lead. Snake Eyes took the advise as sound... looks like I'm finally starting to get some trust around here... and we worked up a new plan.

Snake Eyes is going to take Kamakura and Tiger Claw with him to Trans Carpathia. Jinx and Scarlett are staying here with me. Because I'm the most experience with Cobra's tactics, I am in charge of this one... it'll be mainly Intel gathering, but as I said, Shana and Jinx are the best. This also ought to take Scarlett's mind off of this sick game that whoever is playing with her. All they have to do is say the word... I'm an expert tracker, and I have a .50 calibur round with "whoever" written all over it. Looks like it's time to prove my worth to the Joe team, yet again. I wish Snake good luck, then take Jinx and we go find Scarlett. I take the two of them to dinner (off-base of course), under the guise of "getting to know my team mates," and let them in, verbally, on what's going on. Alot of people pass Jinx off as wreckless and untrustable in combat... but Snake Eyes and Scarlett know better... and I know all-too-well the part of the untrusted sidekick. I guess it's time we showed what a couple of renegades can do.

Covert, out


Viper Commander
05-22-2005, 02:23 AM
__________________________________________________ __________________________

After we returned to our Grand Dojo, I proceeded to the Arashikage Elder's temple. A grotesque sight greeted me, one of the old man's gnarled corpse stared blankly as the other Elders looked at me with anger burning in their eyes. We called Recluse into the temple right away, but he came in with a strange shield on his arm...

"FLASHHHHH" (Recluse activates the hologram projector with his dark energy, entrapping Storm Shadow but not the Elders)

The Elders killed one of their own, they are trying to destroy our clan! Recluse and I must kill them! We draw our Katana, gathering "chi" while preparing to unleash our ultimate move "The Storm of Kage"! A pitch black tornado starts to spin and destroys the elders temple, the Elders try to escap but the twister sucks them in, razor sharp kunai and shuriken are spinning rapidly inside too, but cant be seen, only felt in the dark wind. The whole area around our Grand Dojo turns black like the dead of night, the only sounds are the death screams of those unfortunate enough to be sucked into the ever widening tornado.

After the wind stops, most of the Elder's temple is destroyed beyond repair, and some of the other structures are badly damaged too. With out a word our troops strt to clean up and rebuild. Recluse in the meantime is laughing morbidly while looking at some scrolls exposed from a hidden floor compartment by the wind.
__________________________________________________ ______________

LOGGING OUT T. Arashikage.............

Viper Commander
05-22-2005, 03:28 AM
Dear Diary,

I think the plan to insert Gen Flagg as our field commander is almost complete, most of the Joes truly believe their leader has returned. I have been here posing as Gen. Hawk ever since the mighty Cobra Commander sealed his real body in a pickling vat ( back on Cobra Island. The four Abernathy Guardsmen before me failed their behavior adjustment to act like Hawk, they went loonie from all the Brainwave Scanning.

Agent Covert was given permission to take Agent Scarlett and Agent Jinx off base, but for precaution I sent some of my undercover Siegie agents to tail them. Seems General Flagg's logic is still messed up from being brainwashed, so he slipped up his cover story. Ill have to deal with this somehow, why wont Firefly get here already! I thought the Commander hired him to take out all the Ex-Cobra agents in Gi Joe! I hope everything works out...

Abernathy #0005

05-22-2005, 03:56 AM
Log Entry:

I have found the entrance to the artifact chamber. It took me nearly three days on this sheer cliff to find the entrance. I have had to kill beasts I have never seen before. Men that should have died but kept getting back up, untill I blew them into pieces. As I stepped into the entrance I was greeeted by three warriors. One I know as the original Founder of the Arashikage. One is The Hard Master. The third was odd. He was almost transparant. He is faceless. I am told he is a Master from the future. But he will never be if Recluse's actions are not stopped. Recluse will not be the next Clan Leader. That Honor belongs to Stormshadow. Recluse is a great warrior, but lacks the ability to honor his clan back as it honors him now. He has degraded the name of the clan by allowing these unworthy individuals to claim our name as there own. The Arashikage Clan is not to be thrown around to anyone willing to follow the leaders ways. It is to be earned, and proven that one deserves such a honorable title.

I am a little confused as to why the Elders have sent you Firefly. We know you have studdied under our ways before, but you are not Arashikage. It appears the Elders in there hopes of a new leader did not take the time to ensure Recluse was the one for the position. And you, Faceless Master, must have been their only choice in times of desperation. We have discussed what to do with you should you make it here. No one has made it here and left alive before. We are inclined to continue this tradition, but the Arashikage Clan depends on you now. First things first. Hold out your right arm. *smoke sizzles from under my sleve* The mark of the Arashikage Clan is upon you now. I will now teach you the rules you must follow as handed down through the years. *A flash and my head is spinning, cluttered with these rules. Then it is all clear* Also you will need your own sword, * a wall opens revealing numerous swords* Listen to your mind and the right sword for you will present itself. * As I clear my thoughts a sword apears in my mind, I open my eyes and it is floating in front of me* The last 3 items you need are these. * He hands me a medalion, a scroll, and a crown.* The medalion will transport you to any Arashikage Clan member you wish, The Crown will need to be placed on Recluses head, and the scroll read by Stormshadow or Snake Eyes. When it is complete you need to bring the artifacts back here. You may have problems getting them to believe you, show them the medalion. They will listen then. Do not fail Firefly, death will not save you.

They vanished into thin air, the room goes dark and I am standing in my safehouse. I gather what I beleive I will need for this trip. Guns, explosives, my sword, the artifacts and my wits. The voices have stopped. That may not be good for I have not finished my mission. Lets do this.

I grab the medalion and concentrate on Snake Eyes....... A flash.... I am siting next to Snake Eyes, Kamakura, and Tiger Claw in a helicopter. In seconds evreyone has scrambled to their feet weapons in hand, to include myself. I slowly set my gun down and show them the medalion. Snake Eyes asks to see it. I toss it to him. He motions to the others to place their weapons away. He points at me and holds up 5 fingers. Well better get started I think I have only 5 minuets before this gets ugly. * I was approached by............................


05-22-2005, 10:07 AM
Dear Diary,

All has gone well. When I first arrived home, I was apprehensive (not that I would ever admit it) about the discussion Destro and I were about to have. Destro was there to greet me as my plane landed. The butterflies in my stomach seemed to be doing a frantic dance, but that soon went away as Destro approached holding his arms out for me. It felt so right to be in his arms again. The saying is true. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

After that we went back to our room where he sat quietly while I told him about our impending visitor. I also told him that CC somehow figured it out also and showed him the diamond encrusted pacifier that was his baby shower gift. Destro took me in his arms and said that all will be well and he had something to show me. He led me to the "baby's room." While I had been gone, he had this room created with security features that impressed even me. He had filled the room with baby furniture that had been passed down his family from generation to generation. The actual decorating part was to be my decision. I was quite overwhelmed with everything. Here I thought that he would shun the idea of having a child. Instead, he has gone to great lengths to ensure our child's happiness and safety. He truly is the love of my life.

Once we finished inspecting the room, Destro filled me in on all that had been going on. It seems that some Joes decided to disguise themselves as cobras while trying to spy on us. One of them was kept alive and was being held prisoner in our dungeons. We were also supplying armaments and vehicles to the Arashikage clan. I then told Destro what Nullifier 67 was able to learn while befriending some televipers. I also told him about "chipmunk cheeks" and what information he had been able to provide me about CC's plans (despite his promise to leave us alone until the baby's birth). Destro's spies also had information on some of CC's recent activities. After our debriefing session, we agree on our course of action. I will be quite busy tomorrow getting in touch with all of my contacts.


Viper Commander
05-23-2005, 06:27 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

I assembled all the ninja under our command into the main hall, while Storm Shadow guarded the main gate, I unleashed my shield in a ghastly display of mind-numbing fear! The ninja became entranced and their eyes also turned black, as did Storm Shadow's. As I inspected my troops, my cousin walked back into the hall...

I unleashed my "Shadow Clone Technique (" once again, but this time they didnt attack. Each of my clones stood in front of a ninja, even one stood in front of Storm Shadow, my clones started to vaporize into mist form. All the Arashikage Mercernaries opened their eyes and mouths, and the black mist poured into the deepest reaches of their brain.

I've never felt power such as this before, I decided to test my newfound strength. I unleashed the tornado of death again, this time it originated from everyone of my clan members! The resulting wind detroyed the whole mountainside, the Arashikage Grand Dojo was no more. By an unexplained answer we knew where to go for shelter. We headed to our new home, a grand castle in Ryukyu, Shuri Castle ( The vengeful ghosts of the ancient Ryukyu ( will be avenged, the descendants of Satsuma will die!


(note: Recluse hasnt been feeling quite "himself" lately;))

Viper Commander
05-23-2005, 09:22 AM
Digital Entry:

Ive been assigned to guard Baroness Decobray's baby room!! :D I am with a squad of Nullys, we are reporting to Destro and Baroness for exact instructions and mission parameters...

Logging Out........

Viper Commander
05-24-2005, 09:44 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

(Recluse is addressing his troops) The reclaimation of our homeland is at hand! We have spread from our castle to the rest of the island, taking over nearby military installations and "hijacking" their soldiers. The Ryukyu kingdom is finally under the rule of its rightful king, but I know there will be invaders coming, no weapons shall be put away this time my bretheren. Peace will come when we wipe our attackers from the face of the Earth!

Storm Shadow: " I feel something in the wind coming this way........ Cobra Night Creepers! Recluse, prepare the troops, the Joes will be coming to reclaim their Okinawa Bases too. Its only a matter of when."

I send a commlink to Destro, requesting backup, should the invasion force start to overrun my island defenses. I also send him some designs for a battle armor I want. Something with cloaking tech, a shoulder mounted BHER sniper rifle, HEAT missiles, and a portable hand held artillery cannon would be nice too. My dark-energy augmented strength can handle large weapons with ease. I also send a commlink with my request to Mindbender, Im sure he can come up with something too...


05-24-2005, 08:08 PM

V/A JOURNAL: FROST, EX5729 / 23MAY05, 1927 HOURS

Well, can't say we didn't try. Lifeline, Evac, Talbot and myself have been in and out of the OR here at the base trying to save Langdon (aka Depth Charge) but his injuries were just too much. It shocks me that the guy made it back from his mission to give a report. Well, sailor, it was your last. He punched out last night at about 7:30... my bad, 1930 hours.

I know I should have made this entry last night, but I decided to go out for a while, get away from the base... from the military. When I was with I.C.A.R.U.S., there were alot of losses... we dealt in severe tragedies that no country wanted to take responsibility for. But this was different. Most of the people I used to deal with were defenseless. It became expected for them to need us like they did. But these are soldiers and sailors... special forces types of every kind make up this team. They're all trained to fight, to survive, whatever it takes. And they're trained to die. I knew that when I signed on. So why does this one hit me harder than any of the iviliaqns I wasn't able to save?

This little war just got a little bit more real for me. Everyone I've helped on the team has come through fine until now. It was bound to happen, I guess. Time to get Hawk ready to go see Langdon's folks. Now there's a man I have absolutely no envy for.

Extreme, out


05-24-2005, 08:38 PM


Alright, [email protected]##it, I been here long enough. That idiot Metal Head is sitting outside my cell with that ghetto blaster screaming some death metal crap. Man, what I wouldn't do to have Beach Head and his Johnny Cash CD around right now.

I've been working on a plan, albeit not a very good plan, but it's still a plan. Metal Head comes to check out my condition every now and then. Considering he's always singing (if that's what you wanna call it) with his music, I always know when he's coming. Now, this idea wouldn't work with most of Destro's people. But this guy's a few braincells too shy of Dreadnok status... I have no clue why Destro took him in. Wait, here he comes... so here I go.

I stand and move silently to the far wall, right beside the door. Man, if this was anyone else, I'd be dead before I even started the plan. I press up against the wall, and see light beam into the room as Metal Head opens the observation slot to check on me.

Metal Head: How we doin', GI... huh!?

I hear the beep of his key card being used, and watch as his shadow moves inside. I had taken off my wetsuit, and stuffit it under the bunk, with just the left foot sticking out, for bait, and it seams he took it. (Man this cell is cold!) As he comes into view, ducked low, his head tilted to the side to look closer under the cot, I make my move.

Metal Head: How'd you get yourself up under th... OOF!

I slam both fists in the base of his skull, and slam my knee into his face as it comes down. I make contact with his visor, and smash it against hsi face. Sorry, buddy, but let's be honest... you can't really get no uglier. Before he can cry out from the shock, or raise an alarm, I grab him around the mouth and nose, and slams him back, head first, into the stone wall. He grunts, and tries to give some resistance, but he's severely dazed. I slam his head into the wall twice more in rapid succession., and he's out.

Quickly, I slip back into the Moray's wetsuit, and head out, grabbing Metal Head's gear belt and M.A.R.S. sidearm. Nice piece of equipment here.
Wet-Suit out. I slip out, and start down the corridor. I have no idea how this place is laid out, but right now, I am going for luck.

I make my way around a few corners and up a set of stairs. No one's around so far. Then I come to an open doorway. I peek inside, and what do I see? My Joecomm, being looked over by a figure in a purple labcoat with absolutely no hair. Ol' Doc Braincracker's got my salvation in his little grubbies. He's no soldier, so sneaking up on him is a cinch.

Wet Suit: Ehhhh... What's up, Doc?

He turns just in time to get clocked with the M.A.R.S. pistol. I'd really rather not kill anyone if I can help it right now. If I get recaptured, it may look good on my behalf that I let everyone live. Or stupid. Never know with the global terrorist types. Anyhow, I try my comm, and get nothing... must be jammed inside the tower here. Suddenly, I hear running footsteps and step out into the hall. A couple of Nullfiers and a squad of Grenadiers are coming down the p-way, and they all spot me. Great.

Turning back inside the room, I look around for escape. Only one way... a big window that shows out to a starry sky. I take the ledge, and look back just as they all take aim. The lead Nully has his visor raised, and smiles, like he thinks he just caught me.
Armor All: Where you gonna go, GI Joe? That's a 300 foot drop onto rocky shoreline. Laird Destro is most unforgiving of those that turn down his generosity, and leave early. Why don't you just come down and come with us now?

Looking back, then down, I check the time on my unit's chronometer. Heh, what a maroon. I hit a switch and activate my homing beacon, now that I have a signal, and turn around, with my hands up.

Wet Suit: Okay... okay, you got me. Just one thing though.

Armor All: What's that?

I can't help but grin.

Wet Suit: High Tide.

With that, I push back, and start the longest fall of my career without a chute... and pray for water all the way down. I think they're all stunned... none of them fire a single shot. I close my eyes and wait, and finally... I hit.


Cold, clean sea water. I'm a little dazed right now, but instantly I push off of the rocks I landed near, and begin swimming out to sea. I boost the signal on my Joecomm, and hope for the best.

-Wet Suit, out.


Viper Commander
05-24-2005, 09:36 PM
Digital Entry:

Oh crap, I didnt think that Joe would really jump! I ran to the edge with my guards and looked over, the sneaky Joe survived! We started firing, but he dived into the water before we could confirm a kill, I kept shooting until my magazine was expended. I told the IG officer behind me to call for Undertow back up, we gotta take care of this before Laird Destro finds out! It''ll be all our heads if he knows...:(

Logging Out.............

05-25-2005, 03:16 PM

I have been sent to take a small squad of IG's to help out Recluse. He seems to have sarted a small war. He has taken over a castle and a few military basses. He Seems to expect heavy retaliation and we are to help if needed.

The whole squad has been outfitted with standard weapons and vehicles. So as to not be noticed as Destro's forces should the Joes arrive. Each man has a device installed that will fry his brain should he become captured. The vehicles are all stock off any military base so they are common.

I have my own mission. Recluse seems to have gained a few new powers, but he is not himself. I am to gather as much data as I can. I have also brought 10 of Mindbenders Stelath Ninja B.A.T.S with me. I may need them in a crunch.

I'm off to get ready.

Till Next Time.

05-25-2005, 03:59 PM
Personal Log:

Destro: Mindbender my office now!!!!

Mindbender: * gasping for air * Yes Laird Destro!!!

Destro: It appears your former employer knows about Anastasias condition. I want all medical staff to be thoroughly scanned to make sure they are not working for Cobra Commander. Then I want collars installed on each of them that block all transmitted signals. The collars should be fitted with explosives so that if they are tampered with they will remove that persons head. Further I want each of their bio signatures stored so that I can find their location at all times. If any of them are working for Cobra I want to know. That imbecile has to have his hands in everything. This will be no different. If he so much as thinks about doing anything he will wish that GIJOE had gotten hold of him.

Mindbender: I will get on it immediately.

It seems my colleagues, Stormshadow and Recluse, are stirring up a few feathers over there. I have sent Wraith to keep my abreast of the situation.

Metal Head: Laird Destro, the prisoner has escaped.

Destro: You fool.. how did heÖ oh never mind. IGís, Nullifiers we have an escaped prisoner in section C level 4. FIND HIM.

I grab my weapons and head in that direction. I hear gun fire around the corner near Mindbenders lab. When I turn the corner I see a small group reloading looking out a window.

Destro: Report!

Armor-All: Laird Destro, the prisoner has jumped out the window into the water below, we open fire on his position but we can not confirm he is dead. Surely no one could make that fall and live.

Destro: Do not underestimate theses Joes. They have lived through more situations then I care to count. * Beep* Undertow take a squad and search he southeastern area for our missing prisoner.

Destro Out.

Viper Commander
05-25-2005, 04:15 PM
__________________________________________________ _____________________

My mind is clear. If I can break Cobra Commander's mind control, this was no problem. Ive managed to break the hold Recluse had on my mind and expelled his clone from my brain, the doppelganger ninja tried to fight me but I killed it. I gather he knows that one of his clones died, so I better get moving. Im standing on the roof overlooking some artillery cannons being loaded. I remember what he told me now...

I duck into the ventilation system of the artillery base, the last thing I remember was Recluse telling some of his troops to start shelling Japan's mainland. He aslo sent the Black Dragon to deal with Cobra Commander's Night Creepers. All my my loyal ninja are now possesed by the "King of Ryukyu". What did the forbidden scroll have inside it?

I need to decide right now, do I call Cobra Island for backup or do I call my sword brother?!?
__________________________________________________ ________________

LOGGING OUT T. Arashikage .......................

Viper Commander
05-25-2005, 04:35 PM
Dear Diary,

After confirming everything from my spooks and getting orders from Cobra Commander, I now put his plan into action. Cobraaaaa!

I send the Joe SEAL team to pickup Wet-Suit, who just lit off a rescue beacon not 10 minutes ago. After they bring him back Ill decide where to send them next. Duke and Falcon are going to lead an invasion force and retake Okinawa, they can take anyone they want to. But orders are to take Recluse dead or alive, if he wont go willingly he will be terminated. As requested by Cobra Commander, I order Covert to go on a black ops mission, infiltrate Okinawa while the battle is raging and assasinate Recluse! No one starts competition for the Commander and lives! Cobraaaaaa!

As for Destro, I have secretly started the paperwork to obtain a warrant, charging him and his corporation for the death of a US serviceman KIA while investigating allegations of terrorism. While Destro is busy with us, Cobra Commander will begin his goal of swallowing MARS!

Abernathy #0005

Viper Commander
05-25-2005, 04:47 PM
All Hail Cobra Commander!

I'm authorizing some heavy guns for my boys to take down to Okinawa. Everything from Mean Dogs to Rolling Thunders have been authorized. Cobra Commander wants the Joes to completely destroy the Arahikage Ninjas, his wishes will be carried out at once...

All Hail Cobra Commander!

James L Flagg III, Over And Out.

05-25-2005, 08:52 PM

Dr. Mindbender's log:

Never a dull moment at "Chateu d' Destro". First, I recieve this absolutely absurd request from Recluse (which I am inclined to deny), then Wraith (a walking work of art, that one) requisitions a squad of the Ninja BATs (a request I am more than happy to agree with), then I am struck over the head by an escaping GI Joe, and I wake up to Nullifiers and Grenadiers littering my laboratory floor with spent ammunition casings.

Now, Destro has issued me orders to seek out and discover anyone in the installation who may be working for Cobra Commander. This will not be too difficult. As for the collars he wishes made, that can be considered already done. I had already made something such as this for controlling the Commander's Venom Troopers. But, since they never worked out, I still have a stockpile of these items. I send two messages. The first to a contact of mine that owes me a few favors. I ask that he deliver those crates to me as soon as possible here in Trans Carpathia. The second goes to the Grenadiers and Under Tows at Docking Control.

Mindbender: When Copper Head arrives, inform me immediately, please. I should like to meet with him and oversee the offload personally. Thank you.

Undertow 472: As you command, Doctor. U-T-4-7-2, out.

I have made many modifications to Copper Head's little combat boat, and he still owes me for them. Now I place one more call... one to a contact I have at Extensive Enterprises. Ah, yes, lovely Michelle. Not only a willing accomplice to my deeds, but also a wonderful person to have inside the Crimson Guard ranks. I will not have to seek these people out. I will have that information handed to me on a digital platter. Her devotion... and a litytle time with the Brain-Wave Scanner... assure that.

Now all I have to do... is wait. Oh, yes...

Mindbender: Stealth BAT numbers 3 through 12, rendevouz with Wraith at the dropship on platform Beta, immediately. As of time of contact with Wraith, you are under his command and control.

BATs 3 - 12: Roger, Roger.

I know, it's been used. But I can't help but smile... those Battle Droids were my favorite characters in the Star Wars movies.


05-25-2005, 09:00 PM


This is not right. Hawk just ordered me to carry out an assassination. Of course, with everything else that's going on, I agreed to carry it out. But the gears were already turning. I have never heard of the Joe team carrying out an assassination, so I went to the people that would most likely be given a mission of that sort. Of course, I find them all at the rifle range. After a brief conversation, and much dodging of the direct situation, I gather from Low-Light, Mayday, Vorona, Cross-Hair and Barrel Roll that this is an order that is never given, because it goes against American military laws. I figured as much... I knew that much couldn't have changed since 'Nam.

Next I go to Scarlett... she may not be who they'd call, but she has contact with who they would call: The Ninja Force members. She says they have never, and would never, performed such an assignment. I beat aroiund the bush, but she's sharp... I think she get's what's going down.

After a while, I concoct my own plan. Gathering the gear I'll need for such a mission, I go ahead and board the plane that is assigned to drop me off. Barrel Roll is flying it, and I talk my plan over with him along the way. Here's hoping for a miracle.

Covert, out


05-25-2005, 09:05 PM


Well, freedom almost didn't last very long. After I hit the water, I went back towards the land. Gopod thing, too. I think they got a Grenadier Siper, because they started pelting shots exactly where I had landed. Soon, the Undertows came lookin' for me. I waited 'till they were all passed, and jumped the last one. Now I have an oxygen supply and a scooter, so I am good.

Now, even more luck. Here comes Copper Head. I hitch a ride under his Water Moccassin, and latch myself in. Yeah, he's going back to the island, but I bet they won't look for me there. I'll just stay hitched until he leaves. Which, knowing his and Destro's dislike for one another, shouldn't be long.

-Wet Suit, out.


05-25-2005, 10:50 PM
Log Entry:

After about 15 minuets of pure silence Snake Eyes turns around and hands me back all the artifacts. He then nods a yes and sticks out his hand, pulls up his sleeve and points at my arm. I pull up my sleeve. As do Tiger claw and Kamakura.

Kamakura: Snake Eyes says because you bear the mark he will trust you for now. He has not forgoten what you have done in the past. He will put that aside to conquer the greater evil. When it is all over it will all be back to normal and we will be enemies. He wishes for you to go to Stormshadow and explain to him what you have told us. We will head back and gather the remaining ninjas and meet you in Japan.

Firefly: That works for me. You think helping a bunch of Joes is going to help my rep.

A monitor on the wall flashes on.

Scarlett: Snake Eyes I must spea....IS THAT FIREFLY!!!!!!!!

Sanke Eyes asks her to be quiet.

Kamakura: It is a long story we will inform you when we land. Snake Eyes wants all of the Ninja Force assembled and ready to go on a covert ops to Japan.

Scarlett: Does it have to do with the orders Hawk gave to Covert?

Snake Eyes shakes his head no and shrugs.

Seeing an oppertunity I speak up, " Its truley none of my buisness, but you may want to check who gave those orders. I can confirm Hawk and Flagg are both locked up in Cobra Commander's basement."

Everyone just stares at me in disbelief. : "What?" I say

Scarlett: How do you know this?

Firefly: Lets just say I was there recentlly.

Snake eyes motions to Kamakura and Tiger Claw.

Kamakura: Scarlett talk to Duke before he leaves to Okinawa. If this is true he will know how to handle this.

Firefly: Seeing how this soap opera is getting juicier I must be off.

Scarlett: You can't just let him leave.

*poof* I am gone.

As I gather my senses I realize I am in a small raft in the middle of night with Stormshadow.

SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHK 2 swords are drawn as fast as I level my guns.

Firefly: We need to talk now!!

I hold up the medalion. Stormshadow takes it and looks at me and says " you have my attention." So I tell the story again.........


05-25-2005, 11:36 PM
Dear Diary,

After making all the necessary calls to my contacts, I go downstairs to find out what all the commotion is about. I find Armor All literally shaking from fear. After a few questions, he fills me in on what has been going on. It seems that Wet-Suit has tried to escape. Even though this may anger Destro, his escape plays well into my plans.

I gear up and head out. The IGs are searching the coast and the Undertows are searching the surrounding waters. No sign of the Joe is found. A few are sure that he is dead, but that would just be too convenient. Just as I get to the docks, I see Copper Head's boat approaching.

I slip quietly into the water and wait for Copper Head's boat to approach. Sure enough, there is the Joe clinging to it. It only makes sense that he uses this boat as camoflage. After all, it is probably one of the few boats that will only dock for a short time here.

I fire off an underwater net gun, and he gets tangled up in it. I quickly turn on my water sled and drag him away towards open water. Once we reach a safe enough distance from the nearest Undertows, I pull him towards my water sled and break the surface. I release the net and he gets free. As he watches me closely, I inflate a little self powered raft and throw a sack filled with food and water into it. I tell him that the food and water aren't poisoned and the raft is not bugged. If he wants to live, then he needs to get in. At first he just sits there with this idiotic look on his face. So, I pull out my pistol (a sidearm that Destro built to my specifications). It only takes him a second to decide what to do. As he jumps into the raft, I tell him to say four when he speaks to Jinx. He had a blank look on his face as I drove away, but no matter, it really isn't any of his business anyway.

Once back at the castle, I pull Destro aside and tell him what I have done and why. He just sighs at me. He says I need to be more careful and that if only I had spoken to him earlier, he would have taken care of it. I quickly remind him that I don't want to be coddled and that I am perfectly capable of handling myself. He just shook his head, gave me a hug, and went off to Dr. Mindbender's lab muttering something about collars.

Now, I have to complete one of the most difficult search missions I have ever faced......finding maternity clothes that aren't covered in flowers and nauseating ducks!!!!!!


P.S. For lunch I had a tuna fish and strawberry preserve sandwich on a toasted bagel. Destro kept looking at me strangely. I think he went off to talk to the physicians about my choice of foods. If only he tried it, he would have realized just how yummy it actually was.

05-27-2005, 12:10 AM
A few months ago, I subscribed to this movie thing. Every two weeks, I get a new movie in the mail. So, it didn't surprise me to receive a DVD in the mail this morning. That is...until I opened it up.

Inside was "Televipers: Swamps and Gaters." At first I thought it was a joke from Gung Ho, after all he is from Louisiana. But, after closer inspection, I find a disk inside the disk. After I insert the disk into my computer, all types of intel comes flashing across. I find a 3D map of Cobra Island with details on the structures and what is contained within. There is also a list of Cobra operatives who have infiltrated Joe Headquarters.

I quickly remove the disk and place it back in the movie case. Thank goodness Snake Eyes is heading back here. He will know exactly what needs to be done with this information and who to turn to. I'll hand it over to him tonight. The quicker I get this to him the better.

After safely hiding the disk, I look more carefully at the packaging. It seems that an old has come through for me again. Now, we just have to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

My next mission is disturbing. We are suppposed to destroy the Arashikage in Japan. I need to meditate to clear my thoughts.

05-28-2005, 01:51 AM
I have too many real world concerns right now to participate in this story. (My life presently really sucks)
Maybe I'll catch up with this sometime though.

If any of you would like to take over one of my characters, I'd be honored.

Currently I write for:

Snake Eyes
Nullifier #67
and "my main ninja" TigerClaw. --I'd love to see how Viper Commander or NightViperOne would develop this guy...

They are all up for grabs. If you want one, just write him an entry, and he's yours.

P.S. I'll later try to come back and delete this post so it doesn't interrupt the story...

05-28-2005, 07:30 AM

DIGI-LOG: Snake-Eyes, SN:****** / 27MAY05, 1417 HOURS

"Strange" is the only word to sum up the last few days. While en route to our destination, Jinx, Kamakura, Tiger Claw and I were paid a visit by Fire Fly... in flight! Kamakura wanted to start the fight there, but Tiger Claw saw the wisdom against that course of action... though he, too, looked more than a little itchy. It is fortunate that Scarlett interrupted our conversation with the baffling news about Clayton and his secret mission he had Covert undertake. Afterwards, Scarlett sent me a copy of Covert's mission objectives over my commlink. An assassination. Covert has become a trusted and welcome ally. I cannot believe he would carry this out, or even trust in the order itself. It also says that instead of taking the transport and pilot he was assigned to, he "commandeered" Barrel Roll and a Sky Striker. Two snipers with a fighter jet. Covert is up to something, I can feel it. I only hope his plan will not interfere with our's.

Firefly was sent from here to meet with Thomas. This will be the first time the different factions of the Arashikage clan have worked together in quite some time. This is also my chance to help Tommy break free of Cobra Commander's programming. I have Kamakura and Tiger Claw move to a different section of the cargo plane to prepare for battle, while I isolate myself within my own mind and prepare the greatest weapon I can put to effect in the coming battle... the Arashikage Mindset.

Snake Eyes, out


05-28-2005, 07:45 AM
Tiger Claw

V/A JOURNAL: Johnson, CM27 / 27MAY05, 1633 HOURS

Okay, see now, that... was weird. We're cruising at 25,000 feet, and suddenly... we get a visitor. Firefly, so it's almost understandable, from what I hear of him, but still... 25,000 feet!? This guy's got the animes I used to watch beat. Anyhow, he and sensei have some words... er, well... you know what I mean. They come to an agreement, then Snake Eyes sends Firefly on his merry way. Kamakura and I were then sent to prepare for the coming battle, wheil sensei put himself into some sort of trance, and appeared to be preparing for something himself. By the look on Kamakura's face, he knows exactly what, too.

Tiger Claw: Hey, Sean.

Kamakura: Yeah?

Tiger Claw: What's Snake Eyes up to?

Kamakura: About 6 foot 2, why?

Yeah, he's a funny guy. We commonly refer to him as the Jackie Chan of the group. Look at him, sitting there all smug. I can tell by his eyes that he's chuckling over there.

Tiger Claw: Laugh it up, funny boy.

Kamakura: No, seriously, it's called the Arashikage Mindset. It's a special technique that has many uses. But the most common is to break any mental hold that an Arashikage Ninja is under. Say like, if one of us were to get hypnotized... sensei could use the Mindset to break the brainwashing.

Tiger Claw: But why us he... oh.... ohhhhh!

Kamakura: Yeah, that's what I think to. Which means we better be ready... 'cause we're gonna be doing most of the fighting abd watching his back.

We get back to our meditations and our comms beep. Scarlett just addendumed us to her message to Snake Eyes. Now, I'm not the big commando superspy that Sean and sensei are, but I know bad news when I see it. I don't understand alot of this message, but I do know my old buddy Covert is up to something. I learned real quick that he is far more trustable than alot of Joes give an ex-snake credit for, but that just causes me more worry... what's he up to?

Tiger Claw, out


Viper Commander
05-28-2005, 08:24 PM
Entry XX/XX20XX:

While my US military and Cobra Ninja prepare air defenses and ground fortifications, I am leading Black Dragon Troopers to head off the Commander's Night Creepers. I've entrusted a special mission to my Red Ninja, they will be hiding at random spots to strike from the shadows when targets of opportunity present themselves!

Shadowstrike is following Stormshadow for me, he reports Firefly is joining the fight too! The traitors will die! For now I turn my attention to the task at hand. The Night Creeper's new leader is now euipped with bionic arms and metal claws instead of hands, isn't Aleph still imprisoned by Destro?!? Who is this new Night Creeper Leader?

We have the high ground in a Chinese style courtyard (, looking down upon the invading Night Creepers who keep flashing into ancient Samurai, whats wrong with my eyes!?! This must be the enemie's mind tricks! Arashikage Ninja! Destroy the invaders! We start with a barrage of kunai and shuriken while jumping up onto the roof ( On my orders the Black Dragon drop frag grenades down into the courtyard, we flip back a few paces and brace. After the explosion, 6 Black Dragon scouts hop down to get a sitrep.

While on the roof I sense something in the wind, forces strong in both Yang and Chi, a very powerful combination. They conspire against my ambition, little do they realize my power is nothing they have ever seen before, its already too late for the world...

3 of my Black Dragon Scouts hop back up, and one of them has a slashed neck, he topples over the edge screaming. A split second later the remaining Night Creepers are in the air! We open fire with our rifles, I am packing my FN SCAR-H while my Black Dragons are using AK-74 carbines, the well placed gunfire shreds most of the Night Creepers to bits. When the remaining invaders land on the roof to face us in melee combat, the numbers are matched evenly 1/1. A rooftop battle ensues, technology versus mystic ninja arts, the new Night Creeper Leader against me...

He comes at me with furious combos, faster than any prize fighter alive, his metal claws barely missing my evasion. As soon as he commits his first mistake, I make him pay with a solid right hook to the jaw! While stunned he gets a jab to the nose followed by a straight kick into his knees. I ended my attack with a roundhouse kick, following into my "Death Tornado"! While my soldiers stand still unaffected, the invaders are finished off once and for all. We leave the bloody rooftop and head to the beach, I have a feeling the Joes will be here soon.


Viper Commander
05-28-2005, 08:43 PM
Dear Diary,

While preparing my gear with a heavy mind, I thought back on Hawk's orders a few minutes ago, he wants us to retake Okinawa, but he wants no prisoners?!? Gi Joe has never operated like this, and I'm considering my resignation so as not to deploy on this mission. Im not a killer, Im a defender of peace and freedom. A Joe-comm from Scarlett?

Now I know why Hawk's acting like that, its not Hawk at all but a deep cover Crimson Guard! Gen Flagg seems to be a clone or brainwashed too, until we can run DNA tests we wont be sure. Ive decided to land my Joe strikeforce on a beach and wait for Snake Eyes or Covert to give the signal, I dont want to be in their way, but I want to be close if they need help. Godspeed everybody, Yoooo Jooooe!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
05-28-2005, 08:50 PM
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

After Firefly told me his story it was clear who I needed to work with this time, good thing Firefly brought an extra Joe-Comm with him. I transmitted our exact location to Snake Eyes, everyone will rendezvous at a temple rooftop where Recluse might still be at, where Snake Eyes can tell me his plan in person...

__________________________________________________ _________________

LOGGING OUT: T. Arashikage ......................

Viper Commander
05-29-2005, 04:45 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

The Joe SEAL picked up Forrest in a Tomahawk chopper, he looked a little cold but nothing a sip of Ol' Jim wont fix. Hauser came in on the Joe-Comm, it seems O'Hara found some juicy tips from Stryker, she gathered the evidence and presented them to Hauser. He wants us to meet up with O'Hara and Sneeden back at the PITT, arrest Gen Flagg and Gen Abernathy (well the suspected fake ones anyhow), and hand them over to Rich. Sounds simple enough, but I get bad news from Sneeden when I reach the PITT via Joe-comm. A swarm of Vipers showed up at our doorstep riding HISS tanks and Fang choppers while everyone is away at Okinawa! For now, all we can do is fight and defend our base! Yoooo Joooe!

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out!

The Faceless Master
05-29-2005, 11:24 AM
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05-29-2005, 11:25 AM


I just put in a call to Torpedo to let him know how my mornin's goin' I'm stuck here at th' PITT to watch over things here, such as Flagg and Hawk's mid-life crises'. I think these two just need a major furlough and some time at th' bar. 'Course, if either of 'em had ever been through Ranger trainin' they wouldn't snap like this.

Anyhow, I told Torp my feelin's on that... then I told him about wakin' up just in time to have the doors slammed in the face of an advancing HISS and FANG army. 'Course, then I had to have the roof armor closed, which took a bit more time. Three FANGS got in that way, one of 'em piloted by Bludd himself. 'Soon as he saw the roof closin' over his head, though, he shot dopwn his other two guys to cover himself, and skipped back out. It was close, though, so I don't know where or how he landed since half of one of his rotor blades is layin' in the courtyard. Greenshirts arrested the two vipers piloting the downed FANGS without further incident, and I questioned why the PITT was wide open anyhow. Law, who was at the doors at the time, said the order from Hawk came down that a shipment of vehicles disguised for use by the Joe team, in a second coming of Operation: SpyTroops (ugh!!) was headed our way, and he was told to let 'em in. Once we saw Bludd, though, we knew somethin' was up. Me and Law are now headed to Hawk's office to take care of...

Beach Head: What the he... !?

Law: Madre de dios!! Is that... !?

Beach Head: Yeah, it is. I ain't sure what's goin' on here, but drop your weapons. You're comin' with us. Law... arrest him.

I ain't sure what's goin on here. I was finally startin' to trust this guy.

Beach Head, out


05-29-2005, 12:32 PM


Barrel Roll should be well on his way to Japan by now. When I had him take off without me, he was a little skeptical, but he saw the logic in my insanity. The method to my madness, if you will. I told him there were just some parts of my training he wouldn't understand.

While I was training for the first exeperimental Night Viper unit, the Commander used Zartan, Zandar and Zarana to disguise themselves as other members of Cobra, to teach us to tell a person by their IR and UV signatures. Seeing as we were Cobra's first snipers, as well, this was an invaluable ability. Luckily, it's something that I held to as a precious ability second only to my ability to see, hear and smell. This kind of "second sight" became another sense to me... the ability to tell people apart simply by the amount of heat or passive radiation their bodies gave off. When I join a new team, I always make it a point to learn all of my team mates' IR and UV signatures. And the Joe team was no exception. And having a photographic memory helps that a great deal.

I spent the last couple of nights scouting the terrain and watching Flagg and Hawk. Just as I thought. Neither their IR or UV signatures matched up with what I know of Hawk and Flagg. But they do seem familira. I just couldn't, at first, gather why. But then it hit me, just before sunrise this morning. Those signatures belonjg to a pair of Fred units... Fred XVII and Fred XVIX. I should have known!! Jus as I am getting ready to line up my sites on "Hawk", I hear the speaker for the bug I placed on his phone line click inside my helmet. I hit the button to liosten. The conversation is brief, but informative. Looks like our ersatz "Hawk" and "Flagg" are going to have a meeting. Two birds... one shot.

Momentarily, Flagg arrives at Hawk's aoffice. I can't make out what they are saying... never learned to read lips... but they both seem to find it humorous. That's right, funny boys... laugh it up. Just as I am lining up my shot, though, something odd happens... the blast shielding begins sliding down over the window. Looks like this is going to take a little less finess than I had hoped for. So I opt for plan B... which, of course, I end up having to make up on the fly.

With one hand I reach back and tear the grappling gun from my pack, with the other I take my shot with the Haskins .50. With only one hand controlling the big gun, I of course miss both targets... but the plexiglass window is crystalized. The grappleing hook from the line-gun blasts throught the ruined glass, and the repelling coil quickly zips me into the room. As the upper half of my body is passing the edge of the window, I let go of the line-gun and drop to the floor in a roll. Good thing, too, as they both unleash a .45 calibur barrage in my directin. Had I kept coming straight on, this would have been a mighty short op. I roll over and hit the ground on my back, facing up at "Hawk", both of my H&K .45s in hand. The laser sites light up the soft space under his chin, and I double tap both weapons. His head explodes across the upper wall and cieling as 4 .45 hollow-points tear through it.

Just then, quickly shaking off the shock, "Flagg" leaps over the desk, aiming down at me. As he is moving, though, so am I. I do a kippup... yeah, suprised me, too... and I turn. I don't have time to get my guns up, so I settle for a spin kick, knocking his out of alignment as he fires, striking a picture of the real Hawk's family. Whatever, I'm sure he has more. With one hand, gun still under it, I vault over the desk, and knock "Flagg" back with a kick. As he stumbles back, he brings his Colt to bear again, but as I land, I drop both laser points from mine onto his face... one on either cheekbone. I let loose another double tap from each gun, just as he fires as well. His shot was good... a direct hit to the side of my head... but although it left my head ringing, the deadly round simply zinged off the side of my Kevlar helmet. My four rounds, though, we're much more sure. It's a good thing these guys are going to have to have DNA work done on them. Because no facial recognition or dental records are going to halp this poor sap.

Just as I step over the body, and look down to ensure the job is done, the door bursts open... and their stand Beach Head and Law. Beach Head quickly levels his assault rifle, and Law draws his own sidearm, both taking aim at me.

Beach Head: What the he... !?

Law: Madre de dios!! Is that... !?

Beach Head: Yeah, it is. I ain't sure what's goin' on here, but drop your weapons. You're comin' with us. Law... arrest him.

Of course, I was somewhat expecting something of this nature. I drop both of my guns to the ground, and pull of my helmet. That, I let fall to the blood and glass covered floor, as I clasp my hands behind me head, keeping my gaze locked with Beach Head's while Law moves in and begins "clapping me in irons" if you will. I can see it in Beach Head's eyes. He's confused. He wants to be angry... to believe I'm guilty of murder here... but he's too smart for that. I guess we'll see how many people really do trust me now. They're taking my Joe-comm now, so I guess my journal entry is over. For now

Covert, out

Beach Head: Take him down to the brig, Chris. Lock 'im up.


06-01-2005, 09:06 AM

Wraith: Lord Destro, the castle Recluse has taken over is under siege from numerous enemies. The Joes, Cobra forces, and the JSDF. The Joes have concentrated on taking the military bases back. They seem to be waiting for something before pushing on. Cobra had sent some Night Creepers to deal with Recluse. Losses were heavy on both sides but Recluse came out victorious. The JSDF are not fairing well against Recluses ground troops with the armament and vehicles we provided. We have taken out a few choice targets of opportunity

Destro: Good news Wraith. I want you to get near Recluse. Should he need help escaping I want you to bring him here. My sources tell me that the [color=black]Arashikage Clan are assembling to take care of Recluse. I want a full report on the situation.

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro!!!!

BATS 3,4,and 5 are watching the Joes for their next move. 6 and 7 are near the battle with JSDF taking in information. I am taking the rest and scattering them around the Recluseís castle to watch for the Arashikage Clan. I will get as close to Recluse as I can. I have also requested an extraction team ready to get us out of here if needed.

Till Next Time

06-01-2005, 10:01 AM
Log Entry:

We are near the coast across from Recluse's stronghold. Most of the available Arashikage members have arrived. I canít count how many members have drawn down on me as soon as they realized who I am. Well at least my reputation has not diminished recently. Snake Eyes and Stormshadow are busy planning their attack. I can tell some of the members have been given orders to keep an eye on me. So I try to lose them and then sneak up on them. I get a good laugh out of it, but they donít find it so funny. Although my nerves are twitching, I need to blow something up. Apparently the final plans will be given in the morning. Good I have time to take care of some business.

It is Kamakuraís turn to watch me. It takes me about half an hour to lose him. I Ďborrowí a bike from a local and head towards the JSDF base of operations. I have had a harder time breaking into a bag of M&Mís. These guys are very disorganized. Their supplies are not guarded well. The two soldiers guarding it never knew I was there. Soon I find some explosives. I set up a simple bomb to take out their supply tent. I was just about to leave when I passed the command tent. So I stopped to listen. It seems they are gaining no ground on the island. They are calling in a major air strike on Recluseís forces. I guess I should let Stormshadow know so we donít get caught in it.

I make my way back to our staging area. I had to sneak past three members searching for me.

Kamakura: Firefly where have you been.

Firefly: Took a stroll fro some fresh air.

Kamakura: I donít know why we donít have you in handcuffs.

Firefly: Because you are not capable of placing them on me

He looks like he is about to strike when Stormshadow and Snake Eyes walk up.

Stormshadow: He is just egging you on Kamakura.

Kamakura: If he wishes to fight we will.

Firefly: Listen little one, we will have our time, just not know.

I could see him turn red under his mask. Snake Eyes took him off in the other direction.

Stormshadow: You should not pester them.

Firefly: All this sitting around is killing me, well speaking of that. I overheard the JSDF are going to call in a major air strike on Recluseís forces in the morning.

Stormshadow: How did you finÖnever mind. I donít want to know. I need to go discuss this with Snake Eyes. You need to stay here we will be moving soon.

Firefly: Ok, ok Iíll try not to lose your members that are watching me. But we had better move soon. I canít sit here much longer.

As he walks off I pull out my remote. I can almost feel the explosion. The smell of the burning. Awwwww must wait, not now. The time will come as soon as we leave I will set it off. I canít wait to get this done so I can get back to business. I still need to take care of a couple of Ex-Cobra operatives working for GIJOE Covert and Mercer. Maybe I will have a chance when we go after Recluse.