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Viper Commander
06-02-2005, 09:33 AM
Dear Diary,

We waited on the beach for something to happen, but the trouble came right to us! Earlier, I was on my Joe-comm speaking to my JSDF contact, we agreed on a plan. They will run airstrikes on Recluse, hitting his major strategic weakpoint, a Command HQ with zero air defenses. Why did he set up camp in an ancient castle? Why not stay in one of the bases that we built here?

After the airstrikes, I will push forward from the beach and sweep this island. Well, it was the plan, before I got reports from a Greenshirt officer that patrol 3 is not reporting. All of a sudden, we were ambushed by Black Dragon and Red ninja! We are holding the beach for now, my men are fighting with all their might against this unnatural strength we feel in our enemies. Something better happen soon though, Im getting reports from the West beach that Recluse is single-handedly tearing thru my left flank. I tried Snakes on my Joe-Comm but no answer, where is he?

Conrad S. Hauser

06-07-2005, 10:00 AM
Log Entry:

Snake Eyes and Stormshadow have gone over the plan with us. My only job is to use the medallion to get close to recluse and place the crown on his head. Snake Eyes and Stormshadow will then read the scroll that will clear his body of the evil spirits.

Kamakura has been assigned as my partner. We will be locating recluse so the rest the clan can converge on him. We all meet up with Duke…

Duke: Snake Eyes, glad to see you made it. I see you have the whole clan with y….. * whips his pistol out* You captured Firefly!

Snake Eyes shakes his head no as Stormshadow says: He is here to help capture Recluse. I can not explain why, in fact no one is sure why. But he has the Arashikage symbol on his arm, so we have to trust him for now.

Duke: I hope you know what you are doing, I can’t believe we have him and he’s not in custody.

Firefly: Ahhhh how sweet. I didn’t know you cared Duke. Trust me IF I didn’t have to be here to finish this mission I would not. You think I want to be seen running around here with a bunch of goodie goodies. It’s bad enough I have Kamakura following me everywhere, well he’s trying. We will not be on the same side for long Duke. Then I can get back to doing what it is I do best.

Duke: Trust me Firefly when this is done I will hunt you down personally for what you did to Flint.

* Smack * Duke threw a right cross I was not expecting. As I get up off the ground I flip the switch in my pocket * Boooommmmm* A small cloud of Smoke and fire raise from the JSDF camp.

Looking Duke right in the eye, " Wow they should be more careful over there. That place is dangerous, maybe you should go play hero." I start walking away " Duke we will have our time."

Duke: I can’t wait.

Everyone goes to do there job. Finding Recluse was easy. With all the odd stuff going on around him. As the Arashikage clan closed in on him his forces stopped attacking the Joes near us. It got eerie quiet on the field as the combatants lined up. The Arashikage Clan to one side and Recluse and his minions on the other. In a flash the fight had begun. Ninjas from both sides falling like flies. Most would live through it. It was like watching a symphony in action. The attacks, counter attacks, defenses, and the occasional odd power surges. I almost forgot what I was doing. The battle raged for ten fifteen minuets. The smoke a dust kicked up was blocking my view. Then it got quiet again, a wind blew through leaving Recluse facing Snake Eyes, Stormshadow, Kamakura, and Tiger Claw.

As the moved to surround Recluse he split into 4. Each now had a foe to contend with. The dance started again. I was just waiting to see which was the real Recluse. Tiger Claw used a power that caused a quick flash. As he did 3 of the copies went transparent just for a second. I activated the medallion “Recluse” As I appeared next to him it must have broke his concentration. All his clones disappeared. He turned to strike me, I deflected the blow with my sword as Stormshadow grabs him from behind. Snake Eyes jumps in tackling them to the ground. Kamakura and Tiger Claw join in. Recluse starts chanting as his eyes turn dark purple. Tiger Claw also starts chanting as his eyes light up like the sun. I was not to sure what I had gotten myself into, but I had a job to do. I placed the crown on Recluses head. A shockwave rips through the group sending everyone in different directions. Snake Eyes and Stormshadow start chanting the words from the scroll. Recluse’s body looked like it kept trying to split, but would reform. He open his mouth and a sound came out that gave me the chills. As I looked around I could see the battle had stopped all eyes were on Recluse. Perfect time to slip away.

I made my way back to the dock area. Just as I was about to enter a boat the world goes black. I felt like I am floating in air. Suddenly I am standing in the Arashikage sacred chamber to which I had found the artifacts. Looking around all the Arashikage members were there.

The Hard Master: I am glad to see this is over, the clan has suffered many losses, it has lost its home, it has no leader, it is in disarray, and it is ready to begin again. Snake Eyes, Stormshadow you are to take the remaining members from here and rebuild our grand dojo. Here are the plans from the original * a scroll floats to them. When it is complete a new leader will be found. He will have to pass the tests as set by our ancestors. Until then I am placing control of the Arashikage clan in the hands of Stormshadow and Snake Eyes. You have all honored your clan. The Elders became to excited over finding you Recluse. They did not take the time to train you better, so that you could handle the power that was given to you. That is in the past now. All wrong doings are forgiven, even yours Faceless Master. You will retain an honorary rank in the clan for what you have helped with. The Arashikage Clan is a great clan. It will be rebuilt to its former glory. Go forth and make it happen.

Everything goes black again. Next thing I know I am standing in my house. I look at my arm. The tattoo is all but gone, I can see a faint outline of it. I guess that is my honorary status. O well I must say the voices are gone, I feel better. Now to get back to business old cloth face wants a few Ex-Cobras killed……..


06-07-2005, 06:56 PM

DIGI-LOG: Snake-Eyes, SN:****** / 27MAY05, 1417 HOURS

The battle has not gone well, but better than hoped. Far better than expected. Tiger Claw and Kamakura conducted themselves in an exemplary manner. Both took a few wounds, but they gave far better than they recieved. The new medic, Extreme, is checking them over now.

Duke is a bit miffed about my letting Firefly go, but honestly... it's not like I had a choice. He simply vanished.

Recluse was cleansed of the demon that inhabited his body, but in the post-battle confusion, he somehow managed to get away, as well. But he has officially been stripped of the leadership of the Arashikage clan. Another leader will soon be chosen, and the clan will return to it's former honor.

The good news continues. It seems the Arashikage Mindset worked on Tommy, after all. He had been trying to fight Cobra's control over his mind, and just needed a little help. And the mindset is far more than a little anything. Speaking of my sword brother, here he comes. Beside him is another that I brought in with my Ninja team, Billy. I knew he would be a good asset, not only because of his combat prowess, but also his close relationship to Tommy. They both have their masks off and are laughing with one another. It's almost like old times. Unthinking, I remove my mask, as well, to join them. When I do, though, Tommy sees the scar that runs from my right temple to my left cheek across my nose. A scar he gave me barely more than a year ago. He closes his eyes and bows his head in shame. I know this to be a crucial moment in his healing, so when he again lifts his eyes, I wave my hand in front of my own face, and smile as if there were nothing wrong. He smiles to, although forced. I sign to him that I have healed sufficiently. He signs that the healing needed now is the healing of our family... starting with the relationship between he and I. It will be a long road. But the end result is far worth it.

I have my brother back.

Snake Eyes, out


06-07-2005, 07:15 PM
Tiger Claw

V/A JOURNAL: Johnson, CM27 / 27MAY05,2304 HOURS

Tiger Claw: Ow ow ow OW!! Watch it, will'ya!?

Extreme: Knock it off you big baby. Sheesh, you'd think a Ninja could take a little pain better.

Pain!? Man, this guy's a total pain in my @##.

Tiger Claw: Ow! HEY!!

Well, according to sensei, this one goes down as a win in our column. You ask me, though, this many casualties leaves a contest with absolutely no winners. Firefly and Recluse both got away, but we got that ninja magic crap out of him, at least.

Looks like Snake Eyes' plan worked. He and Storm Shadow seem to be ready to start the healing process. I look over to Kamakura who's bandaging his own leg, and he looks from the scene to me and smirks that cocky Irish smirk.

Kamakura: Now that's a vitory!

Exztreme joins in on the much needed laughter, and finishes up bandaging my chest and shoulder, and I pull my gi back on. Just then, Duke steps up to us and congradulates us on a job well done. But before he can go on, Dialtone runs up to him, his eyes wide with shock. What's going on here?

Dialtone: Duke, we got a problem. Generals Flagg and Hawk are dead, sir.

Duke: What!? How!?

Dialtone: Murdered, sir. Um... Covert, sir... Beach Head and Law found him in Hawk's office with the two generals around him. He confessed to it sir. He surrendered... and he's now in custody.

Duke: [email protected]##it!

Covert!? Man, I actually came to trust that guy! This is bad, bad news!

Tiger Claw, out!


06-07-2005, 07:22 PM

Personal Journal Entry, 07JUN05

Well, they finally let me have a pen and paper to keep a journal on. How do I rate? Now if only they'd get me a more comfortable cell. Nah, it's not too bad. Could be worse. They could stick me in a bamboo tiger cage like back in 'Nam. Now that's uncomfortable!

Anyhow, I've been told that Duke is on his way back from the Ninja Battles to overtake leadership of the Joe team until this is sorted out. Good. He's a good man and a good leader. Not sure what he'll decide to do with me, but no matter what, I know I did the right thing. And no one will ever convince me otherwise.

Col. John R. Stryker, US Army

06-08-2005, 09:00 AM

I am not sure what just happened. The battle was ragging all over the place, I was having the BATs attack targets of opportunity on all sides. Striking and disappearing. Then all the ninjas gathered to one side of the field or the other. I ordered all BATs to converge on my location. In a flash they all started attacking each other. Soon only five of them were standing. Recluse split himself into four to face Snake Eyes, Stormshadow, Kamakura, and Tiger Claw. The Joes gained the upper hand when someone appeared next to Recluse. From where I was it looked like Firefly, but I could be wrong. Then it was over, the whole battle all forces had stopped fighting. I decided it was time to leave. I made my way to the opposite side of the island, to our extraction point. I signaled to our Hydrofoils for pick up. As they were coming in the BATs report something moving towards us. I set them up to ambush the target. As the target moves in I send in BAT 3, With a series of blows 3 is laying on the ground in 2 pieces. I start to activate the rest when I see Recluse. I turn off my stealth * Stealth mode deactivated *

Wraith: Recluse what are you doing here?

Recluse: I….my mind……everything is spinning…….* Plop *

Well seems he needs a little rest. I pick him up and take him back to Destro. Bats 4 and 5 pick up 3 and we board our boats.

Till Next Time

06-08-2005, 04:59 PM

Dr. Mindbender's log:

Fantastic! Scrap Iron and I went to the dock in Destro's stead to greet and inspect Wraith's crew as they returned from their mission. James and Anastasia are spending time with one another getting things prepared for the coming of their child. Though Alexander seems a bit perturbed at the idea of having a sibling.

When Wraith arrived, he guided two of my Ninja BATs out of the sea-plane, one caryinf recluse, and the other carrying what was left of Number Three. Seems 'Three was the only casualty on our side. A more brilliant proving ground for my creations, I could not possibly have created on my own. I must later thank Recluse for starting this wa... hmmm. Where's Storm Shadow? I wait for him to exit the craft so that I can question him and Wraith together, but Thomas never steps out. This could be bad.

Wraith: Your androids performed admirably, Doctor. Only one lost. Quite impress...

Mindbender: Yes, yes, I see. My appologies, Wraith, for cuting you off, a report on my robots' performance can wait. I am pleased, however, that you were impressed with them. That speaks volumes in and of itself. But a more important issue presses just now. Tell me, my friend... where is Storm Shadow?

I turn so I can see him with the eye that my headset does not cover, and he returns my gaze. He looks back towards the craft, then at me. This can most assuredly not be good.


06-20-2005, 11:53 AM
Personal Log:

It has been rather busy here the last few weeks. Anastasia and I have completed most of the preparations for our child. Most of the doctors passed Mindbenders tests, the others became testing dummies for the weapons program. The section of the castle the Baroness is in is the most secure facility on this planet. I have a hard time getting in and I designed it. Hahahaha…..

Recluse is still in some sort of comma. When he was brought back by Wraith I had him set up in one of Mindbenders labs for testing and surveillance. Nothing has come back negative. He seems to be in almost perfect health, just comatose.

Cobra Commander and his lackeys have been quiet. He must have a devious plan brewing. I have sent extra operatives to keep an eye on him. I don’t need him interfering with us at the moment.

Alexander has taken most of the dealings with delivery of orders. It keeps him busy. He did not seem to receptive of a sibling. He will come around.

Wraith has been watching the Joes activities. It appears something happened at their headquarters while they were playing war with Recluse. He has not been able to find out what yet, but the Joes are at least staying out of my business.

All in all things are well, but I know that will not last to long.


06-20-2005, 07:13 PM
Dear Diary,

All has been calm here. I have almost been able to pretend that we're a regular couple preparing for the birth of our child. But then again, most regular couples don't have hidden labs, security guards armed for a war, and torture chambers. Dr. Mindbender was able to discover some of CC's henchmen posing as physicians so the torture chamber (or weapons testing Destro likes to call it) has no vacancies again. I have been feeling rather moody lately and so it helps for me to participate in the activities that go on in the dungeons.

The rooms Destro has created are secure....very secure. I can lock anyone out at any moment and not worry about needing supplies for a very long time. I have tried this out on Destro with very satisfactory and comical results. I do not think he finds it funny that he can be locked out of the safe rooms he has created. But, seeing the look on his face when he tries to enter is sssssoooooo worth it.

I am itching to get my hands on CC though. How dare he plant spies in my own home! I have been in contact with "Chipmunk cheeks" and accidently let it be known that CC is allergic to pumpkin pie and bleach. Knowing how much of a prankster he is, I'm sure CC will soon be going insane with all his discomfiture. I have not been able to focus any attention on Scarlet lately, but more important matters are at hand. I still owe Snake Eyes for the death of my brother, but right now, it is CC who will feel my wrath. My spies tell me that CC has purchased a deprivation tank so that he can meditate on his future strategies. This little info is most useful to carry out my plan.

Dr. Mindbender has asked to see me. He has been a very worthwhile asset.


06-22-2005, 08:17 PM
Personal Journal Entry, 23JUN05

Got a couple of visitors today. Must have kicked the investigation into full swing... got a visit from Mercer, one from Beach Head and one from the kid... make that Tiger Claw. I guess I really can't call him "kid" anymore after all he's been through. Besides he could probably kick my tail. Come to think of it... he did in the gym, didn't he?

He was real adamant about this investigation, about proving I didn't do anything worng. He and Mercer came almost together, and both seem to believe my story. Glad someone does. With Beach Head, though, it's hard to tell. Even without his mask, as he was today, I couldn't read his expressions. I am starting to think he was born without emotions. I just hope that is Tiger Claw goes to do his own thing, he takes Mercer along. I remember Mercer from when we both served as Vipers... he was the best. Still is far as I'm concerned. I just hope Tiger Claw doesn't go and do anything... stupid.

Also, got a letter from Recluse today. Came in through the window bars. Seems he's had some issues lately, too. Nice to see he's still alive. I'll go ahead and leave this with the rest of my stuff to be filed away, like all my other entries. Talk about anal.

Col. John R. Stryker, US Army

Viper Commander
06-22-2005, 08:49 PM

I have decided to abandon Cobra Island once again, due to the discovery of my high level Crimson Guard within Gi Joe I feel that my Island will be attacked soon. I've left a huge defending force here, with Venomous Maximous as their commander, the real Gen Flagg as their prisoner, and a huge thermo-bomb underground that will go off when invaders are gathered on the island! VM thinks that Im running away to leave him the leader, hahahahahaha!

In reality, I have gathered my most loyal officers and we are flying to a remote secret location, where construction ( of a new "Cobra City (" has been secretly progressing for months. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobar Commander

06-22-2005, 08:59 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

Everything has been quite complacent since the battle at Destro's mines. I have updated Wraith's stealth capabilities, and shielded the unit better, and also used the same upgrade on the Ninja BATs. Wraith has taken to leading them with a fervor. Any recon mission he is sent on, he always takes a few with him for support. I am proud to see my creations at work.

Now, though, I have created a BAT the likes of which I have never even contimplated before. This particular BAT has been such a trouble to program, but I believe it is finally done. I have now called the Baroness to my laboratory to review this new construct, for her own approval or dismissal. Ah, here she comes, now. Destro is such a lucky, lucky man.

Mindbender: Ah, Mistress Anastasia, welcome to my humble workplace.

Baroness: I thank you for the invitation, Doctor. Is it not liberating to be free of that fool Cobra Commander?

Mindbender: It is that, and so much more. Anyhow, I have not called you here to speak on such ill histories. I have called you here to present you with... a gift. Something I have worked long and hard on, and that I think you and James will be most pleased with.

I step over to the locker housing the new BAT and open it. The steam from it's stasis gas feeds out and dissipates, leaving the new BAT, painted in Crimson Guard crimson and gold. The head, instead of being the typical BAT head, is an animatronic head which I used one of Destro's own masks for. The arms and chest, instead of hard polished steel, are layered with padded crimson velvet, the Destro clan symbol embroidered on the chest in gold. I can see by the look in Anastasia's eyes, she knows immediately what it is. She looks on in awe as she reaches out to feel the padding.

Baroness: Mindbender... is this... what I think it...

Mindbender: A new BAT. I call it... as lame as this may sound... the Nanny CAP... CAP in this case meaning Child Android Protector. I assure you, should it come down to it, it is fully capable of the combat prowess of the other normal Infantry BATs... but that is secondary to it's nurturing programming.

She looks on in awe, barely giving me a nod in reply. I see she will be here a while, wondering what to think of this, so I leave her and step into my office to work on the schematics for my new line of BATs. Oh, Destro will simply love this one!


Viper Commander
06-29-2005, 05:13 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

After I woke up from a short coma, Destro's medical staff helped me recover my strength. I promised Mindbender that I would find the whereabouts of my cousin Storm Shadow, so I headed to Joe headquarters under the roaring cover of a rainstorm. I didnt find Storm Shadow, but I found Night Viper One sitting in a cell! I considered rescuing him, but decided to leave him a choice, a small microchip embedded in a photo with a note, sealed in an envelope with a well aimed throw and in it floats into his cell.

I made my way to Dreanok central after a friendly old 'Nok let me use his chopper for the long journey, I gave him one of my assault rifles as a gift before I left. The open road felt great, and gave me plenty of time to ponder a few things. In my thirst for power, I had lost control of my very being and let something else take over. I dont feel any weaker than before, but Im sure the impossible moves I learned before are lost now. I guess Ill have to figure out another way to achieve my goals, make the right friends and keep the right enemies at bay for now.

When I arrived at the Dreadnok's Main Compound, my remaining loyal ninjas awaited at the gates as instructed by my encrypted text to their comm-links. They informed me that the Red Ninjas chose to go with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and they are all currently at a Gi Joe dojo in Canada. I only have a handful of Cobra Ninja Troopers and all remaining Black Dragon Ninjas under my command at this point, but Im sure they will be enough help for me. When I walk in, only Zartan is waiting for me, but I know Zandar is watching too, Im sure he will make himself known when the time is right, lets see what the older brother has to say for now...


Viper Commander
06-29-2005, 05:21 AM
Dear Diary,

I am in command of a Mobile Command Center right now, roaring to the West Coast. After Lifeline ran extensive tests, it was revealed that the two dead Joe leaders had the exact same DNA as one of the Siegie "Freds"! This alone gave me enough dirt to get a warrant for a raid/rescue mission on Cobra Island. I will be gathering my forces in San Diego, and the call has been sent out for any Joes that want to come on this one, Covert has been released and is with a team of our best guys frowning over a blueprint of Cobra Island, how did Covert get that?!? I guess trusting him was a good thing, Yoooo Jooooe!!!

Conrad S. Hauser

The Faceless Master
06-29-2005, 11:08 PM
June 29
After a multitude of drama, from unsuccessfully resurrecting the FLAGG carrier,
to battling BATs, chasing Dreadnoks, even Ninja Battles, and assassination of
Generals, i am finally able to locate my journal to make an entry.

Covert was FINALLY cleared of the bogus assassination charges of
the faux Generals Hawk & Flagg, so NOW we can focus at the task at hand -
REVENGE. Duke & I are organizing a massive attack on Cobra Island.

We are just waiting for authorization from top brass to finally strike.
Details of this attack are classified so I am prohibitted from entering any info
in my journal just in case yet another shadow ninja or something steal it.

Lt Col Sure Fire is calling a meeting for all the team leaders right now.
I will make an entry hopefully before our assault on Cobra Island.
~ Mercer, out

The Faceless Master
06-29-2005, 11:25 PM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 7
*Deep in the inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

I have returned to Cobra Island to report back to Cobra Commander about
Destro's activities. For the passed 3 weeks, I have been posing as one of
Destro's Iron Grenadier physicians, in the hopes of obtaining any information
as to what Destro, M.A.R.S. & Mindbender are up to, along with 7 other
Crimson Guards but unfortunately there was a massive shakedown & 6
of the CGs were captured, one was fatally wounded trying to escape.

Destro's fortress is very heavily fortified & all personell are very secretive.
The ONLY information i was able to obtain was that there was word of yet
another soon-to-be-former Cobra employee to become under IG Payroll.
An anti-armor specialist of some sort. Something about Destro needing his
services due to him being unable to "open the rooms that were supposed to
keep enemies out, not him". Marital problems from what I gather.

After relaying this near useless information to "Cobra Commander", something
was not right. My guess is this is a Fred Clone that I am speaking with and
the real Cobra Commander is no longer on the Island.
Venomous Maximus is gathering all hybrid troops preparing them for battle &
pretty much sending out regular human Viper troops & specialists for other
unspecified duties instead.

Uh-oh, someone is coming...

Agent Faces, out

The Faceless Master
06-30-2005, 12:24 AM
Dreadnok Knuckles = Journal Entry #7, day 278

The Dreadnoks became overly suspicious when our last hideout was raided
by the Joe team so I decided to lay low for as long as possible to deviate
any attention from then suspecting me as the mole.
I finally was able to sneak away due to the hulaballoo of the return of that
Dreadnok-slash-Ninja-slash-Cobra-slash-Destro operative named Recluse
to the Nok Encampment.

The Z-Siblings are keeping to themselves for now, and any plans are only
revealed hours before partaking them. I would not be much use to
Lt Col Sure Fire for now, but I will report back in when anything comes
my way. Deng, i am REALLY thirsty - YO Roscoe!! Toss me a Grape Soda!!

OOPS!! um, Undercover Chuckles aka Dreadnok Knuckles signing off

The Faceless Master
06-30-2005, 12:38 AM
Log 22034

Very emotional week.
First I find out that Clayton & James are killed by a former Cobra Trooper
whom i authorized myself to join the GIJoe team.
After several sleepless days with hours upon hours, minutes upon minutes of
blaming myself for the two general's deaths, I am then informed by thorough
investigations & autopsy that the persons killed were not the REAL Clayton
& James, but were actually undercover CGs.
I then get grilled by pentagon C.I.D as to how two high ranking officials get
kidnapped & replaced by Cobra operatives when I was incharge of security
of this facility. I am facing possible court marshall at this point & the stress
is really getting to me.

I am going to be requesting a leave of absence soon as Psyche-Out can give
me clearnace for this.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
06-30-2005, 12:54 AM
Iron Anvil Trooper #1

Being the first Iron Anvil Trooper promoted from the Iron Grenadier ranks,
my Laird Destro mentioned something about me leading a small team of
Iron Anvil's over to Russia at 0300 tomorrow to meet a General Mayhemovski.

I was going to ask Mindbender about instructions of how to use his new
Iron Mechs ( since we will be required to use them tomorrow, instead I
catch him in the room with Lady Anastasia talking about some strange
Nanny-BAT??!! Hmm, bad timing, i decided to just bother him tomorrow.

Also the weirdest thing happened. After eavesdropping on the Doctor & Milady,
I was on the way back to my bunk and I could have sworn i saw the Baroness
sneaking around in another hallway?? Hmm, must be the excitement of this
mission for tomorrow...

Iron Anvil #1 logging off

06-30-2005, 05:11 PM

Finally, back in action. Time to get back to work. Some people tell me I should take a break, but I have been sitting in that cell taking nothing but a break for far yoo long.

Seems Duke has got a mission for us. I produce a map that seems to awe everyone except for Mercer. The two of us trade off laying out what all is on the map of Cobra Island... him laying out the security aspects... me laying out the covert-related ones. Between the two of us, the Joes headed to the island have got all they should need. Let's hope that's right. For this op, I have requested Low-Light and Cross Hair for the snipers. I will be taking an SMG, and going in with the guys... probably on point, if I get my way.

Covert, out


06-30-2005, 05:27 PM

Oh, now, this is gonna be good. Ah get t'lead a squad of Greenie Weenies onto the beach via amphib, right after the SeAL boys clear it. Ah'll be flanked on my beach by Rock and Roll and Repeater, while Stalker leads the landin' on the opposite beach, with heavy Duty and Roadblack as his cover fire. He'll also have Rampart for surface-to-air coverage, and I'll have the rookie, Bombstrike. Both will also operate as the eyes and targeting scopes for our air-to-air cover, which'll be flown by Barrel Roll, Slipstream and a couple of rookies in the teams new F-22s, which'll all be led by Ace in an updated F-14 Sky Striker. Wild Bill will be bringing in Mercer and Covert, closer to the mountain, along with Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and their Ninja Force.

Ah don't know how them boys in Cobra sleep with what's on their collective conscience, but tomorrow mornin', before first light, them boys are in for one heck of a rude awakening! Yo Joe!

Beach Head, out


06-30-2005, 05:44 PM

Looks like the Joe SeALs are back in action. Tomorrow morning before daylight, Eddie's leading me, Shipwreck, Depth Charge, Tracker, and about twenty black shirts (Joe SeAL newbies) onto the beach at Cobra Island. We gotta do the forward assault thing, and take down advance sentries and any traps that may stop our amphibs before they get our boys to the beach. Then we lay and wait until the assault begins in full, and get in where we fit in. This is gonna be tough, but the SeALs are goin' in first. The way it should be.


You heard the man. Gotta go. Hoorah!

Wet-Suit out.


The Faceless Master
06-30-2005, 06:31 PM
June 30

a little under 5 hour before deployment, Hi-Tech unveiled the vehicles we'll
be using. the main attack force led by Duke will be in this new Mobile
Command Center called the R.O.C.C. - looks awesome & more mobile than
the last MCC we had... the main operator will be Long Range, hmm he
looks to have lost some weight.

Our vehicle will be the RHINO - and before anybody could say anything,
good ol Covert called dibs on driving it. He didnt know about the gyro copter
that detaches so that would be MINE!! Hehehe

Gotta finish up ironing out the battle plans...

~ Mercer out

The Faceless Master
06-30-2005, 06:35 PM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 8
*Deep in the inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

I passed by the prison barracks, and heard a groaning. I went to take a
looksy & found General Flagg III beaten up so badly he looks almost
unrecognizable!! Interrogator looks like he enjoyed torturing the general.

Knowing the Joe High Commands M.O., they will be strategizing an attack
within the next 24hrs. I planted a homing device behind Flagg's ear so that
whoever the extraction team is would be able to trace him thru the endless
maze of hallways.

I bumped into some CGs who have changed the color of their uniforms into
pitch black, calling themselves Crimson Shadow Guards?? They arent even
wearing crimson for crying out loud!! First the Crimson Guard Immortals who
wore greyish blue, then Range Vipers calling themselves Imperial Guards,
now this?? Sheesh

Agent Faces, out

06-30-2005, 09:31 PM
Dear Diary,

Destro believes that this exile he has forced upon me will keep me "safe and out of trouble." Little does he know how well connected I am. In fact, I seem to receive more details now that I've been in one place for longer than two weeks. I finally let him back into the baby room. I wonder if Dr. Mindbender has shown him our new nanny.

It appears that the Joes are planning to attack Cobra Island using the map that was "provided" for them. I'm sure they will find all different nooks and crannies that we were unaware of. Unfortunately, CC has already fled and started up a new base of operations. No matter. The longer they keep themselves busy, the easier it will be for Destro and I to continue with our plans. I sent out my final message today to help clue them in as to who CC left in charge and where Flagg will be located. Its up to them to make this work.

It was good to see Nikoli again. Destro did hire the finest physicians, but nothing is more comforting than an old friend. He has also removed a chip he found embedded in my skull as well as Destro's. I can only guess who could possibly have planted them. All is well with the baby.

Now to speak to my contacts in Athens.


07-01-2005, 04:32 PM
Log Entry:

It has been a while… Cobra Commander has had me very busy recently. I was instructed to lay enough explosives to make the main bunker on Cobra Island to implode on itself. Not really sure why, but he paid in cash as usual, and even provided the explosives. All I had to do was to set it up, so that no one else could find it. It took me a few weeks, but it is done. Oddly all upper Cobra personnel have left the island, except for some basic troops. The longer I was there the weirder things got. Some half man/monster thing was running around ordering Vipers around. I just stayed away from him. I was also told to remove any belongings I had on the island. Cobra Commander left me a couple of his new blue hydrofoils. Copperhead was my driver. We had just loaded the last supplies and troops to take with me to my next assignment.

Warning, Warning. Unidentified aircrafts approaching. All units to your defensive positions.

Warning, Warning. Unidentified aircrafts approaching. All units to your defensive positions.

On that note Copperhead fired his Moray up and we headed out before the blast doors closed. No sooner did we clear the opening. * Beep*

Firefly : Yes Cobra Commander, they are set and we are leaving.

CC: Good, Hahahaaaahhaahaha.. That animal, Venomous Maximous will never know what hit him. You and Copperhead move away from Cobra Island. When I give you the signal, move in close enough to set the explosives off. My satellite feed shows the Joes will completely landed within the hour. Once all of my enemies are there you will take care of them.

Firefly: As you wish.

Copper head looked like he was about to explode as he was driving away.

Copperhead: This baby has been modified to do almost double the speed of the regulars. It does not carry as much armament but doesn’t need it. Come look at what I did to the engine…..

Firefly: Not now we need to get clear and await our signal.

He scares me sometimes. I headed to the back of the boat and prepared my getaway vehicle should things go wrong. After that I put together my sniper rifle. Should one of my 2 targets present themselves. I can do my real job. I swear if he polishes that engine one more time he’s going to wear a hole through it. Now just to sit and wait.


07-01-2005, 09:01 PM

Well, let the games begin. We were well onto the beach at Cobra Island, and almsot to a point where we could lay low, when Tracker comes back to Eddie, and starts explaining something. Eddie looks back and waves me up, so I stick Hector in my rear-guard position. I moved up and knelt beside the other two, and Tracker explains what he found... some sort of wiring on the oputside of the building. Being the team's chief demo guy, I go on ahead with him to check it out. Sure enough, det-cord. Primacord to be exact. Nasty stuff. I follow the cord, unbusying it as I go, till I find out what it's attached to. I have a feeling I already know, because I know this style... unfortunately, fate decides to make this one of my few times to be right: SYMTEX. Only one man could do work of this calibur, and on this scale... Firefly.

I tell Tracker to move the other guys back, and send me up three of the newbies... Hollister, Colt and Reyes. All of them are top demo guys... I know, I tauight their class before the Joe team was reinstated. All passed with honors.

Once my three students arrive, we set to work, uncovering the rest of the bombs. We know we've got precious little time to work with, but that's why Navy SeALs were created... to work under extreme conditions. Finally, though, after about an hour's work, it seems we're good to go. We have found all of them, and disarmed all but these last four.

Warning, Warning. Unidentified aircrafts approaching. All units to your defensive positions.

As we're working on these last few, the sirens go up, and a speaker inside the compound begins shouting out a big ol' warning about our fellow party crashers. We have got even less time now. I hear a noise and turns to the side to see a Moray, driven by Copper Head roar through the channel and out to open water. On the back of the boat is our fellow demo-man, Firefly. So he's runnin' before he starts the party. That can only mean one thing.

Wet-Suit: Come on, men, Get'er done! our time just ran out!

As I yell this to them, I look at the one I am working on... as a red light goes on. Without thinking, I yank the final cord free. So do Hollister and Reyes on either side of me. Colt, on the other hand, ain't so lucky. I hear him yell a split second before the explosion.



Hollister: COLT!!

The charge blows, taking Colt and a large section of wall with it. Good news is that it gave us an opening, and left a bunch of Cobra grunts exposed to us. Bad news is, well, the obvioous... and that it left us exposed to a bunch of Cobra grunts. Convenient, don't you think?

Wet-Suit: Torpedo, the is Wet-Suit... the wall is openm, the bombs are down, and we are under heavy fire. Move your men up.

Torpedo: Recieved, and moving. Stalker, Beach Head, this is Badger-1, begin your landing and assualt, the beach is clear!

Eddie, Hector and the rest catch up to us, including Extreme, the new Medic. He's a pacifist, like Lifeline, but he knows that sometimes, a gun is a necessity... like now. Time to cover him, and take out the trash. Yo Joe!

Wet-Suit out.


07-01-2005, 09:07 PM

Man, this is what always happens when I get sent in with SpecOps units. Stay at the back until something happens... then up to the front. never like up to the front... it always means someone's been hit. Like now.

Just as I suspected.

Extreme: Medic's log: BM2 Colt, David, SSN: 473-44-3273. KIA, zero-one-July-two-zero-zero-five, 0447 hours.

I make the entry, then move to the next wounded... another rookie. These kids have no ideas what thery signed up for. To be honest, I believe I am just learning, myself.

Extreme, out


Viper Commander
07-02-2005, 08:46 AM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

As I mark the last ASP on the beach with a IR device for Owens and his NAC, I get the signal from Forrest, the Cobrats are on to them! Dr. Talbot, Alexander, Langdon, Delgado, and I silently creep to Forrest's position.

Another rookie got hit!!! Cobra is going to pay for this! Get this kid back! Give Frost some major cover fire, now now! I Joe-Comm Hauser with an emergency request for a Tomahawk pickup at the beach we just cleared, right in time for Langdon and Delgado, who just emptied their magazines. Alexander and I opened fire with our Benelli and M4 while Dr. Talbot helped Frost with Colt. The Cobra infantry massively outnumbered us, but they were mostly trying to stay clear of the hole in their building. Once it was clear enough, we tossed some flashbangs into the hole.


We clipped bayonets onto our weapons and rushed the snake's nest, quickly seizing control of the whole wing within a few minutes of brutal but controlled violence. I ordered everyone to regroup at a security control room I found. Here I got some Blueshirt officers barking orders for me with .45 Glocks to their heads. Hauser's gonna wonder why he's meeting such light resistance from the human Cobra troops...

I ordered the Cobra officers to announce a surrender command coming from up top, all good and dandy, but the animal hybrid troops wont just give up by being ordered. They only listen to Venomus Maximus, who we know is most likely Gen. Abernathy. Ok, better to just keep going forward and try looking for Gen Flagg and the rest of the bombs in the other sectors of this huge facility. Ive relayed the info to command, they'll know what to do about the V-troops. Dr. Talbot and one volunteer will try to find the Genetics lab for this place and get some intel. Lets move people! Yo Joe!!!

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out!

Viper Commander
07-06-2005, 06:32 PM
Dear Diary,

We thought the Cobra infantry were going to surrender, but something happened with Torp's team, we lost them on the Joe-Comm and minutes later the Cobras started shooting at us again! For the first time in a long time they caught us by surprise, it was chaotic to say the least. Luckily Cobra infantry cant shoot for spit, so not even one Joe or Green Shirt got hit, only a graze here and there.

I moved around with Sgt. Airborne and Spirit in a NAC piloted by Major Altitude. The R.O.C.C. with Falcon in charge is doing laps around the whole island, bringing ammo and cover so our troops can keep moving forward into the jungles. Cobra Commander must still be here somehow, theres too many troops here! We went around to any squad that needed assistance, helping turn the tide of the battle in our favor. I have a M249 SAW with 100 Rds of Armor piercing ammo, going full blast at Cobra sniper positions right now as a distraction for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, who are climbing up the face of a cliff with their Red Ninjas. Airborne and Spirit are using this oppurtunity to bring some face to face punishment unto the snipers trying to blow my brains out with no luck.

I still cant find our SEAL team, so Im going inside the the mazelike underground complex to look for myself. Ill get them out of whatever jam they're in, YOOOOO JOOOOE!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
07-06-2005, 06:46 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

We quickly made our way up the side of the cliff, and I ordered two of my Red Ninjas to take defensive positions by the hangar built into the face of the cliff, since we might need to make a quick exit. I signed to Snake Eyes that we should split up to look for CC and VM, and Ill take CC since he owes me some blood. A quick tap of the knuckles between us and up into the dark rafter we went, making our way deeper into CC's home.

What do we have here, a Crimson Guard sneaking around. Ill bet he knows where the Commander is hiding, so Ill just ask him nicely with a katana to his throat...

SS "Where is the Commander?!?"

Agent Faces "Storm Shadow?"

Thomas S. Arahikage, Logging Out.

Viper Commander
07-06-2005, 06:58 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Leialoha, Edward W.

Thanks to a sudden reading from our Joe-Comm, we found Gen FLAGG! He had a small beacon on him, so I guess we got someone here on our side after all! I wanted to Joe-Comm Hauser with the good news, but we were too deep underground to get a clear signal, no wonder this tracking beacon didnt alert us until just now. We had to get close to it. Something strange happened, alarms sounded and these vents opened...

Within seconds the whole underground area looked like an Arctic cave, icy blowing with freezing wind. Off in the distance we heard some cages rattle open and the howling of Wolves. Snow Wolves, I remember Seward telling me that regular 5.56 ammo wont stop these ferocious beasts with razor sharp teeth and claws. I turned to my team, "Incoming! Get your arms covered and put your guns down boys, I think we're gonna need our knives for this fight."

CHIEF Torpedo, Over And Out!

Viper Commander
07-19-2005, 04:56 AM

Hahahahahahaaaaa, it has been more than a week since Firefly sank Cobra Island into the Pacific Ocean, the Joes have been busy all week trying to find survivors in my mazelike underground facility underneath the island filled with the last of my abandoned V-troops. General Colton has stepped in to guide the pesky do gooders in this time of turmoil! Reports from my spies at the Pentagon are saying that the some Joes, including a few heavy hitters, are stuck underground with no way to get out. They include: Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Kamakura, Duke, Beach Head, Rock & Roll, Heavy Duty, Bombstrike, Wet-Suit, Torpedo, Shipwreck, Depth Charge, Dr. Talbot, Lifeline, Covert, Lt. Falcon, Jinx and Extreme. These Joes have been MIA for a week inside Cobra Island's buried underground maze, I wonder how they are faring against Venomus Maximus, hopefully they are not breathing anymore, HAHAHAHAHahahahahaHAHAHA!!! Cobraaa!!!

Now that I have cleaned my hands of the whole V-troops debacle , I can rebuild what made Cobra strong in the first place! I have decided to impose strict new regulations for the training of my Viper Corps, and raise the limit of Neo-Viper qualification trials. I am also reinstating some old troop divisions, such as the Range Vipers and Snow Serpents. Zartan and his Dreadnoks are back on the payroll as well, they think I do not know their new gang member is Recluse in disguise, pitiful fools, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHah!!!!!!!

Destro and Anastasia have been too quiet lately, so I sent a small present to gauge their reaction, I heard nothing back. How dare they ignore the mighty Cobra Commander!!! Well, no matter, Raptor and the Crimson Twins have been slowly sucking his company dry with shady tactics and underhanded dealings. Whe it comes to Corporate takeovers, no one can do it like those three! Zartan has also been raiding MARS armory outposts (, I now have a full battalion of Iron Grenadiers and Iron Anvils who Interrogator has "reprogrammed" for me with help from my Dr. Venom clone. I have also manage to plant one of my Russian Crimson Guards into Destro's inner circle, General Mayhem! HAHAHAHAHAHAH


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

Viper Commander
07-19-2005, 05:48 AM
(This is a video clip sent by delayed email, originating from one of Destro's weapons plants) Laird Destro! Laid Destro! This was the only way to reach you! They cut off all other communications (gunfire is prevalent in the background) We're being attacked by Zartan and a large group of Cobra Vipers! Please send backu.......szzzzzsssshhhhhhhhh (Cut to a few days ago, Armor-All finishes recording the email as a Viper shooots the vid recorder.)

The Viper behind me had a G36, so I knew he couldnt hurt me and my custom MARS armor. I spun around and smashed his face into the monitor he just shot, picking up my gatling cannon as the Viper shivered and expired. I kicked down the door with Vipers trying to ram in and scanned the place, all my comrades dead, all so I could send this last message to Laird Destro. A small tear drops from my eye as the hydraulic braces extend from my backpack, big metal rods so I dont fall over when my Gatling cannon starts to fire. Die Vipers! (Gunfire erupts from both sides!)

Viper Commander
07-19-2005, 06:29 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

While Zartan is off appeasing the Commander's demands to make a boatload of cash for the Dreadnoks, Zartan has ordered Zandar and I to finish taking over the American underworld. This is something the Dreadnoks have never quite accomplished yet, although we are feared from Hawaii to Miami.

We bring a large gang of Noks to the San Diego chapter, and I gather info on our adversaries. Gangs and "Families" of every color and ethnic background are thoroughly studied, We sure didnt discriminate in our choice of victims, hahaha! Soon the Dreadnoks will be the only choice for our violent disenfranchised youth! Dreadnok For Life!


07-19-2005, 09:52 AM
Destro Personal Log:

I have just left a meeting with some of my top advisors. Some disturbing events have taken place over the last few weeks. The Joes finally seem to have underestimated Cobra Commander. He coaxed them into a nasty trap. And now there are quite a few members of the Joes under the sea. I give them a week or so before they have extracted their members. They will be looking for revenge on Cobra Commander. This bodes well for me, the information I have on Cobra Commander’s new location will be of great interest to them. And seeing as that FOOL has decided to start a war with me, I will have no problem leaking this info out, * SMASH *……… (To an Iron Grenadier) get this console replaced.

Cobra Commander has started hitting my assets on multiple levels. Extensive Enterprises and its dummy companies are trying to take over my M.A.R.S through some devious tactics. My accountants are already working on reversing the damage. I have also sent Wraith to lead a strike of Extensive Enterprises main towers. He will sneak in through the bottom with a squad of Mindbenders new Stealth B.A.T.s. A squad of Iron Anvils will be ready to assault the top should Wraith need the help. I figure the Twins could use a wake up call, I am not some Idiot company that will just sit around and let some delusion fool take me over. * SMASH *…(Same Grenadier) have that one replaced also.

We have also just received a video log from Nullifier 68. Apparently Cobra Commander has decided to further my demise by taking out some of my warehouses. Retrieval teams have been sent to salvage what is left and pick up survivors. I have decided to “leak” info on a warehouse that has my latest weapon technology in it. Scrap Iron and General Mayhem are setting up a trap for when Cobra Commander sends his goons.

I am now headed to the States to meet with General Colton. He doesn’t know he will be meeting me, just that it is somebody he needs to meet. We have a few things to discuss about our favorite Hooded FREAK * SMASH *…Iron Grenadier: I will have that one replaced also Laird Destro.

*Beep * Wraith: Lord Destro your plane is ready

Destro Out.

07-19-2005, 11:59 AM
Dear Diary,

Something big is happening, but Destro has ordered all to keep silent. He keeps insisting nothing is wrong and yet Wraith and a small army have been deployed. When I asked Wraith what his destination was, he just said all that mattered right now is to keep the baby safe and that all will be taken care of. Destro has been on the phone almost nonstop now for several days. If he's not on the phone, he's in a meeting. Well fine. If he won't share with me, then I will have to find out on my own.

Destro may have his way of dealing with "events," but so do I and no one will get away with threatening my family. No one!

I should be getting a report from my spies and connections in just a few hours' time. Once I find out who has threatened us, nothing will stand in my way of revenge. What fools! Do they honestly believe me to magically turn into a nice domestic housewife just because I carry a child within me?


07-20-2005, 06:42 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

I knew the Commander was stupid, but this beats it all. Trapping that many Joes, possibly even killing them... he is simply begging someone to launch an ICBM at him. The Joes probably won't, but if that hooded moron's twin lackeys continue to mess with the MARS corp, then I have no doubt that destro will!

Speaking of those empathic ninnies... cripes, did I just say "ninnies"!?... anyhow... it seems they are in for a bit of a shock. Unlike the Commander, Destro has treated me with the respect I deserve, and has made a habit of rewarding me appropriately. Now, it is time to give yet another gift to him and his army... enter, the Assault BAT. All the combat knowledge of the original but slightly bigger, and with much heavier armor plating and equally upgraded weapons. Each is also equipped with an EMP pulse-blaster. It is a temprary attachment, as it is not a true EMP device. It's frequency is set only to effect a certain target. And that target is where they are heading.

Several months ago, before my defection, I desigend and built a series of BATs strictlky for use with the Crimson Guard... they were painted Crimson and Gold, of course, and dubbed the Crimson BATs. What those fools did not realize, is that I only had a few regular BATs repainted, and their security frequencies were changed. The EMP blasters on the Assault BATs are not programmed to shut the Crimson BATs down, really, so much as they are designed to turn anything with the Crimson BAT frequency to side with them. The ABATs are programmed with orders to use non-lethal force with the Crimson BATs, and to only use the EMP untis on them. The Crimson BATs also had another, rather minor, bit of hardware that will serve Lord destro quite well once they are brought here.

I have no assigend the ABATs to join the Iron Anvils and follow the orders of the troop that is leading them. With the SBATs following Wraith, and the ABATs following the Iron Anvil troops, nothing will stop Destro's Iron Granadiers. All hail Destro!


07-20-2005, 06:48 PM

Man, could this possibly have gone any worse? We went in with Covert and Mercer, and joined up with the SeAL team. Since these two were the only ones with any workiong knowledge of Cobra Island, they split up, Covert coming with us, and Mercer with the SeALs, who i think teamed up with beach Head, but I can't be sure. In the fighting, Covert, Snake Eyes and Kamakura were all taken down, and Extreme, who is with us, is seeing to them. All that is left of our original team, now, is Storm Shadow and myself, and we've been joind by our inside guy, Agent Faces, who's been here disguised as a Segie.

We're trying our best to get out of this maze and back to the surface, but we haven't got a clue as to how far under the water we are. But from the slow flooding we recently started experienceing, we are figuring we are definitely under the water. I'll add more when I have more. Extreme needs my help for now.

Tiger Claw, out


07-20-2005, 06:56 PM

Aight, this could be worse. I got a broken hand, a busted air tank, and I'm waist deep in seawater. Which, last I checked, we left outside this mangy deathtrap. Shows what I know. mercer is with us, now, and it seems he's almost as good with the demolitions as me. Since the island... I dunno... sunk?... we've lost contact with the other team. I sure hope they were able to find Wayne's team and get with them. Or at least find that inside guy we were lookin' for. Water's gettin' deep in here, though, and we're left with not much to go on.

Eddie's unconscious, probably a good concussion to go with that goose egg on his head. Hector's too mad to be of any good use to us... nothin' new there. We lost Link and Langdon in the cave-in that got us stuck here. We were hopin' that maybe we just got seperated by the fall. But after a bit of diggin', we realized there was no way. We've got their dog-tags, but there is no way to dig their bodies the rest of the way out. So a team member and our medic are both gone. Just... gone. Which leaves Hector to do the gunnery work... he should be good for that if we ever get outta here. Mercer to do the comm work... man watched way too much MacGuyver back in the day. And me to make us a door... if Mercer can find a place too make one.

This Op started out good, definitely tilting in our favor. Now, though, I'll just be happy to see the light of day again. I'm gonna see if I can help Felix out with the searching for a way out. Let him tend to Eddie for a while. I'll be on again when I have more. If we last that long.

Wet-Suit out.


07-20-2005, 07:01 PM

WELL, AH'LL BE... !! We come in! We kick butt! We shake them snakes up, and rattle 'em around like my granny used to do us when we were on the darker side of good! And now... now... NOW WE GET STUCK IN THESE @#$%&^[email protected]**#$%*& TUNNELS UNDER THE ^%[email protected]#*&^ OCEAN!!!

Aight... now that that's outta my system... Don't look at me in that tone of voice, repeater. Where's Rock N' Roll? Craig, git over here! Aight, boys, here's what we're gonna do. Repeater, you watch the right flank. Craig, you watch the left. We're goin straight down this tunnel in the center. You see somethin' ain't ours, you blow it back under the rock it came from! Now, let's go find our boys and get our team back t'gether! And then let's git on outta this dump!

Beach Head, out


Viper Commander
07-21-2005, 10:05 AM

Excellent, excellent excellent!!! Everything is falling into place, by the time Gi Joe and Destro are ready to strike back, it will be too late for them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahhhhaaack!!! (CC leaves the room choking on his hood, half an hour he comes back with his battle helmet on.)

I've been having a grand old time! First, my Siegies blew up Extensive Enterprises main towers while Destro's invaders were inside. The twins long ago advised me that our paper trail was getting too long, so we decided to abandon Extensive and start a new off shore corporation based in a Cobra "sympathizer's" country. The main towers of Extensive were going to be demolished to destroy evidence and collect insurance money, who knew that Destro's pet spy would show up unannounced! Watching the inferno and hearing network news reports that MARS is to blame for the explosion is very satisfying indeed!

The twins have also activated a few of their Crimson Guard agents in various government departments and financial institutions in the US and allied countries to facilitate the freezing of MARS assets in said countries due to account "irregularities"!!! I have been using two decoys ( of rust head and Anastasia, to unfreeze the assets in person at each bank, then transfering the funds into Cobra's front companies. The two decoy have also been diverting more and more of Destro's troops to my command, by tricking them into brainwashing facilities with false promises of promotion and fake orders. Destro will never guess who is behind the Iron Mask working for me, lets just say that someone felt very neglected and came to me only to be brainwashed into my slave!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahah!!!!!

I also got good news from my Dr. Venom clone today, Techno Vipers have finished turning all my remaining BATS into "Robo-Butlers" for sale to Walmart, they can be seen on store showrooms at this very moment. Not a single BAT is left in Cobra's new arsenal. Dr. Venom's production of my new Crimson Cobra ( battle suit has been completed, these new mechs are much larger and faster than anything Destro has in his toybox, including his new "Iron Mechs". Heavily armored, jump flight capable, and adaptable to many different types of armaments (auto-cannona, rail guns, missile launchers, giant machine guns), these huge battle armors will be piloted by my Cobra CLAWS corps. A squad of these new behemoths have been deployed to Trans Carpathia with orders to destroy Destro's castle, they will be supported by Zartan ( Merc teams from Heckler and Koch, Stryker, and various other defense companies in competition with Destro are also going to help me on this raid! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

As for the Joes, Firefly has been sent to go around and blow up any remaining Joes that aren't stuck underground, first starting with General Colton! Firefly has been promised a shot at Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes if they survive Cobra Island. He tells me that working with them for a while almost drove him to lose "himself", so he must killl them no matter what! HAHAHAHAHAHAHa What a psycho, but a rich one with lots of explosives thanks to me!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

07-21-2005, 12:26 PM
Log entry:

As I accessed Extensive Enterprises from a underground entry, things did not seem right. There was only a small crew working around the building. I blew it off and headed to the Twins offices. I scattered the Bats around the towers to cover any resistance I may encounter. I took 2 of them with me. As I entered the main office area, no secretary, no busy bodies going around. I quickly moved to their office. Not there. I started digging through their files they had laying around. Only thing of interest was something about a structure off the coast of……

Every screen and speaker in the building comes on.

Cobra Commander: Greetings, not so loyal citizens of Cobra. Yes all you wage slaves have secretly been working for COBRA!!!!! To repay you for your generous contributions, I have decided to give you warning the building you are in is about to explode in 5 seconds. Have a nice day. You too Wraith

5. I instructed one BAT to move to the window and detonate. 4. I order the second bat to fire its grappling system at the adjacent building once the window is blown out. 3. BOOM window out. 2. The BAT fires its grapple. 1 I push it out the window and hold on for dear life. 0. The whole building implodes. I am hit by debris and glass as we fall. The adjacent building was 10 stories shorter than this one. As I am freefalling down I secure myself to the BAT. When the line goes taught its arm almost rips off, but held. This caused us to swing down and in towards the building. I swung the Bat around as we smashed through one of the levels.

I must have blacked out on impact. When I came to the BAT was destroyed and a family was starring at me. I stood up, grabbed the BAT and looked at them. “You didn’t see anything.” I made my way down to the sewers and headed out to contact Destro.

Till Next Time

Viper Commander
07-22-2005, 12:54 PM

I have just finished speaking with my IG captain, the one who is in fact a Crimson Guard, he just eliminated ( some of Destro's spies in Cobra that showed up in Trans Carpathia to report intel, a Night Creeper and two Alley Vipers who were assigned to security detail at one of my Terrordromes ( recently. The IG captain has been mentally programmed to go catatonic if interrogated by Destro.

It seems that Dr. Venom's research with Scalpel ( is really paying off, the original designer of the Brainwave Scanner and my new chief medical officer have invented a new mind control device that is unshakable and irreversible! HAHAHAHAHAHahahah For example, my "Destro" ( genuinely believes he is the real Destro, although that is not far from the truth. He is "a" Destro after all......... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH He has just returned from taking over all of MARS Middle East assets, and I have just ordered him to lead his own IGs and destroy the real Destro's Trans Carpathian Castle ! He will be joining my Crimson Cobra Mechs and Zartan's Neo Vipers, who are already in the midst of battle at Destro's castle!


The Supreme Ruler Of The World,
Cobra Commander

07-22-2005, 03:09 PM
Personal Log:

I am in position to meet with General Colton. We will just happen to bump into one another.

* Beep* Wraith: *panting heavily * Lord Destro…the towers…blew up…barely escaped….no….others made it. I am headed back to..

Destro: No. You need to head to San Diego now. I am transmitting your assignment now. This must be accomplished. There is no room for failure.

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro

Good that will give me an edge I need. The general is coming out. As his car pulls up and he slips inside, I slip in the other side. I had his driver, replaced with my own. As soon as our doors close the driver takes off.

Colton: What is going…..Destro!

Destro: I do not have long. We need to talk!

Colton: Let me out of this car now!

Destro: I know where Cobra Commander’s new base of operations is located.

Colton: 5 minutes, no more.

Destro: * Hands a disc over * I give you this in good faith. Cobra Commander has escalated our little tiff we have had to a full war. My intel has informed me a large force of Cobra’s are headed to assault my Castle. I will defend my Castle at all costs. What I have inside it now is one of my greatest treasures. Should something happen to it. Well lets just say no one wants to find out. As odd as this sounds I need your help, and you need mine. I can get to your men trapped in Cobra Commander’s sunken Island. I have a small fleet of submersibles ready to move in and save those still alive.

Colton: What do you want in return? Not sure I really want to hear this.

Destro: I want a force attacking the Cobra’s they are not expecting. There are to many spies in my ranks. In fact there are reports of whole squads of my own men coming to attack. There are few I can trust at this moment, and the Joes are the only force capable of putting pressure on Cobra right this instance. It will take to long to amass my forces to repel this attack. My castle defenses will slow it down. Not that I trust you much more then Rag Head. The choice is yours, the longer you wait the longer your Joes stay trapped under the water, and the closer I get to doing something the world will not forget soon.
Colton: You have not left me with any options. I warn you if you try anything the Joes will not stop with the Cobra forces.

Destro: So then we have a deal.

I extend my hand to seal the deal, he looks at me, pausing a few seconds, he shakes. I am having him record the message to play to any Joes that have survived the collapse of the Island. I order my troops near Cobra Island to begin excavating the Joes, along with there second set of orders. We drop him off at the next intersection and head to the airport. My personal Bodyguard and 4 squads of Iron Grenadiers await me. We pull directly on to the plane as it takes off for home. I have sent orders to Scrap Iron on what to do should I not make it in time. He almost smiled when I told him what was buried under my castle. He has reported the first wave of troops are assaulting, as I expected Cobra Commander has sent in my own troops first. They will be dealt with as any other enemy. I have geared up my troops in my latest inventions. Cobra Commander wants a fight, he has one.


07-25-2005, 03:16 PM
How very easy it is to manipulate people when using the one emotion that blinds us....hate. Cobra Commander believes he has me duped. He believes that he has me under his control when all this time I have gathered intel about him and have started an auction to the highest bidder for this information. Yes, I will plan on leading my father's troops to assault Trans Carpathia. That much Cobra Commander knows. What he doesn't know is that only 1/8 of those troops are actually going to attack the castle guards. They will just cause a diversion to distract those fools in the castle from my true objection.......destroy that abomination that is otherwise known as Baroness. The rest of the troops will turn around and unlease their fury on Cobra Commander's men after "realizing" what they're doing. How dare that imbecile believe that he could turn our loyal subjects against father.

Since I am supposedly under the control of Cobra Commander, father will not unleash his anger and vengeance on me once Baroness has been killed. I will then aid father in destroying Cobra Commander at my rightful his side. With the money I have taken from my father (which will of course be returned) and what we will take from Cobra Commander, MARS will dominate all!!

The assault has begun. The small force that is actually supposed to attack the castle have charged with full force. The rest have been "awakened" and at this moment have turned around and started decimating Cobra Commander's unwitting troops. Catching them unaware, the IG have had no problem slaughtering those fools. The leaders of Cobra Commander's forces have ordered a retreat.

Now to get to Baroness. No one is to touch her. Her death will be at my hands alone. I have disposed of the double Baroness that Cobra Commander had created to appropriate funds from father. That was just practice. Its time for the real thing.

The One True Heir

07-25-2005, 04:45 PM
Dear Diary,

The assault on the castle began not too long ago. I was in the lab with Dr. Mindbender who was showing me his new inventions when the alert rang out. Almost instantaneously, eight IG guards appeared and "escorted" me back to the saferoom. I have tried to open the doors, but it seems that Destro has put a locking mechanism that can only be bypassed by himself. So, here I sit unable to do anything! At least the monitors give me some idea of what is going on.

CC's troops (he will regret invading my home) attacked aggressively trying to gain ground and access to the castle grounds. I can see Zartan urging his misfits on. Then, out of nowhere IG guards appear and fight side by side with CC's army! Not even five minutes later, more IG guards appear heading toward the castle. At this point I started to get up and arm myself with as much firepower as I could carry, but then I realized that those IG were attacking CC's troops. CC's men were trapped.

Destro was on the phone with me when the banging on the outer door began. After checking the monitors, I can see who my uninvited guest is.....Alexander. He only said three words," You die today." I was prepared to face vipers, drednoks, B.A.T.S., and even my own IG guards, but this I never expected. I did not tell Destro who was trying to gain access to my chambers even though he could hear their attempts.

There is much to do before Alexander gets in. I must prepare.


Viper Commander
07-26-2005, 12:24 PM

All Hail Cobra Commander! I have made my way past the guards, secured an excellent location to pick off Destro's troops from a tower of his own Castle. Everyone thinks we are only adept in desert enviroments, I think we are Sand Vipers because we can infiltrate any place on Earth. I see the 'Nadiers firing on our Vipers (, request clearance to engage on my comm-link...

CC(over the comm-link): Fire you idiot! Kill all of Alexanders troops, then kill all of Destro's troops, kill them all!!!!! NOW!!!!!

I aim my PSG-1 (, four quick shots and the IG squad is reduced to one ( The last IG fires wildly with his MP5K, not even close to hitting me. He didnt even try to run, just stood there while I shot him right between the eyes. He fell straight back ( Ok, moving on to the next nest of IGs...

Logging Out...

07-26-2005, 12:39 PM
Cobra Commander has his troops attacking my men now. Little does he know that my spies have infiltrated his ranks also. As I am recording this, "his" men are attacking anyone who does not fly IG colors. There is also an army of mercernaries flanking Cobra Commander's army decimating his numbers to almost nothing. My men are flooding the landscape with dead Cobra troops. None shall escape my wrath!!!

This inner chamber was well thought out. I have brought my demolitions expert to help blast our way in. I am not sure what the Baroness is doing inside, but her time in this world is not long.

I have sent a "special present" to Cobra Commander and I have received word that it is now within the confines of his base. 5...4...3...2...1....and my present is delivered (the mushroom cloud floating above Cobra Commander's base is such an exhilerating site). Reports are coming in of heavy casualty and total loss, but alas I think the hooded wonder escaped this time.

The One True Heir

Viper Commander
07-26-2005, 01:09 PM

My squad and I have been here in Trans Carpathia even before the battle started, hiding in the shadows, Cobra Commander's insurance against any of Alex McCullen's troops turning on us. Turns out he was right. ( We have also been blowing up Anti-Air and Artillery installations in the surrounding forest around this Castle for the Crimson Cobra Mechs, yet to make their appearance. We are waiting for all the Vipers to retreat before unleashing the fury of Cobra on them all. Our second mission is to place charges around the structural supports of this castle. The Night Creepers will stay on the battlefield as a human buffer zone, the Commander feels they are expendable after failing to kill some freak named Recluse.

I watched as the IGs finished off ( some Night Creepers and a rookie Alley Viper, man, he was just a kid. I crept up silently ( behind the IG, slipped my barrel under his helmet and blew his face off. The other IG, the one that murdered the kid Alley Viper, slipped over the bodies of his victims and tried to fire ( at me in vain. I finished him with a single shot, taking off the top of his head. The other members of my squad comm-link with news (, they have finished taking care of Destro's basement defenders, and I see the Crimson Mechs inbound over the horizon. Ok, time to get my sorry butt underground...

(Down in Destro's huge underground bunker, deep under his Castle) Ok, finished placing explosives, alright Siegies, lets get out of this musty dump.

(Above ground, The CG Commando squad watches as the new Mechs who share their color annihilate Destro and Alexander's forces. The tide of battle turns again to Cobra's favor.) OK, now, detonate!

BOOOOOOMMMMMMM (The ground rumbles and shakes as Destro's Castle starts to fall apart, bricks and old parts fall off to reveal a massive metal fortress built low into the ground under the Castle, but all of a sudden it starts to split in the middle and open up. Destro's angry voice booms over the PA system with a thunderous fury!) I am recording Destro's words before we try to infiltrate his bunker as it opens up, the Commander has given us new orders to help our leader, Master Firefly, while he proceeds deeper underground to locate and terminate Alexander and Destro himself. Master Firefly is already down there and we need to clear an escape route for him while he is on his mission.

Destro: You insane maniac! You have pushed me to this! Now you will know true fear Cobra Commander! Grenadiers, your sacrifice will not be in vain!

(End Of Transmission)

07-26-2005, 02:02 PM

I have located Zarana. She has holed up with one of the local chapters in California. I see no sign of any other leaders for the noks. This location will be easy to infiltrate. Just an old warehouse. The 2 perimeter guards never knew what hit them. First one just gargled enough to make the second turn as the blade penetrated his neck. I quickly, moved inside and took out the door guards. One almost set off an alarm, but his hand detached, preventing it. Before the hand hit the ground he was dead. As I moved in to the office area. A Nok spotted me and yelled for backup before his chest burst open. I cloaked into the shadows as fire erupted in my last location. It sent grape soda spewing all over. I circled to the left behind the Noks. I climbed up some pallets and jumped down in the middle of them. Two quick strikes dropped a Nok. From there it was a flurry of gunfire, slashing knives and blood. Luckily very little blood was mine. A round or two grazed my arm. As I gathered my bearing Zarana turned the corner and unloaded with a shotgun. The Blast knocked my back 20 feet. Good thing this armor stopped the rounds from penetrating. She threw it down and said “I don’t know who you are but no one messes with the Dreadnoks.” She pulled a large knife and came in for the killing blow. I managed to move just in time. I popped my blades out and we danced for a good 15 minuets. I must say she is as good as they say with a knife. As we both back off to catch our breath. My Comm. beeps. I look to see who, seeing the opportunity she charges. The knife plunged into my side as I spun to avoid it. It went clean through. I fell to one knee. She charged again, but I was ready this time. I caught her blade and disarmed it as I raised my other arm and fired a round through her shoulder. As she fell I stepped back and fired a tazer. She’s out. I tied her up as Destro had ordered and set up the camera. I sent word to Destro it was done. I stitched my side up as I saw the light activate on the camera. The show was about to begin……..

07-26-2005, 02:27 PM
Dear Diary,

Alexander is still trying to break through the defences of the my chambers. They have tried everything from demolitions to code scramblers, but have yet to breech the outer doors. Alexander is getting more furious by the minute and is starting to take his frustration out on his own men. This may work to my advantage if they do get in.

Meanwhile, I have been using the monitors to clue Destro's faithful IG where the infiltrators have hidden themselves. The tide changes from minute to minute. It all seems to be nothing more than a chaotic mess at every battle point.

I have tried to contact Dr. Mindbender, but he's not replying to any........

*An explosion rumbles through the whole castle including the security chamber causing the structure to fall in upon itself. Baroness is thrown across the room into a control panel and blacks out.*

07-26-2005, 03:09 PM
Personal Log.

Wraith has sent the signal he is ready. We have a 10 min ETA to Trans Carpathia. The Nullifier flying the transport reported that 10 incoming aircraft were headed on an intercept course. As I barked orders my comm. Channel opens up.

Ace : This is Ace from the GI Joe team. We have direct orders to assault Cobra upon your territory, any resistance will be met with full firepower. Do I make my self clear.

Destro: Yes my good man, it is very clear. Destro out.

Good Colton has lived up to his end. My excavators at Cobra island have breached the innerworkings on the island, but have not come across any Joes. Nor any Cobras for that matter. No bother to me ether way. I just ant them to complete their primary mission. Finding the joes is secondary.

The screens flicker on as we line up for our drop point. The battle is ragging heavy on the eastern side of the castle. The castle itself seems to be holding, most of the outlying defenses have been overrun or destroyed. Cobra Commanders new toys are tearing threw my forces to easily for my tastes. Now to implement phase 2. get me Zartan on the screen now.

Zartan: Destro I was wondering when you would show, not like you to ignore guest visiting your home.

Destro: No time for pleasantries Zartan, I want you to pull your forces back immediately or face the consequences.

Zartan: HAHAHAHAA…What are you going to bleed on us more. We have beaten you. Your forces are retreating as we speak.

Destro: Now * a live feed is sent to Zartan of his captured sister * Do as I say or you will never see her again. You attack my family I attack yours. Your choice, when I arrive I expect to see no Dreadnoks near my castle.

Zartan: You can n….* feed terminated*

Our ETA is now 5 minuets. On the screens I see the joes have arrived. They are concentrating on Cobra’s new battle suits. With all the commotion they will not even notice us coming in. It appears Zartan’s forces have started retreating. All of a sudden my castle explodes. It took me a second to realize what had just happened. As the smoke cleared I noticed my fortress still stood. I checked on the safe room. It has not been compromised, but someone or something has taken out the first bulkhead. Cobra Commander has decided to push me too far this time. I calmly open my forearm data pad and enter the code……..

Destro: You insane maniac! You have pushed me to this! Now you will know true fear Cobra Commander! Grenadiers, your sacrifice will not be in vain!

It has begun. Scrap Iron has been waiting to put this into good use. I send off one final speech to the troops.

"My fellow warriors. I call upon you to defend your home from the invaders that are trying to destroy us. We are at a position that we must use extreme force. All troops are ordered to fall back to the new Fortress. You are asked to give all you can, to give that which is dearest to you, your lives. Next we speak it will be in the ancestral burial grounds or when we celebrate those who gave their lives. You shall not be forgotten. Go now, defend your land, defend your home, defend yourself. All be rewarded when the enemy has perished."

"Destro, Destro, Destro" I could almost hear the chant up here.

I send a message to Wraith to head here. I have lost contact with the Castle. I am taking my bodyguard and heading into the depths to the safe room. Metal Head has been ordered to take the remaining troops and finish up any outside threat.

The light goes green we are at the drop zone. I jump first leading my forces………

07-26-2005, 04:06 PM
It has begun. Destro has sent me the codes to activate the weapon. As I called for a replacement at my position. I could barley control my excitement. I was going to get to use the weapon first. As the dust was settling from the castle falling down, Mindbender came running in. He told me numerous enemy were headed towards the weapon doors. I quickly jumped into my Iron Mech. Mine has been updated from the standard model. It has an upgraded weapon system, thicker armor and jump jets. As I strap in 5 Grenadiers strap into theirs. We move onto the top of the weapon platform as it raises up. As we clear the roof point small arms fire ricochets off the armor plating. Seems some Sand Vipers and Crimson Guardsmen are trying to penetrate the fortress. I open fire reducing them to a fine mist. I hear the other mechs doing the same. One of the mechs fall over. No apparent damage except the pilot’s head exploded. I start scanning to see from which direction it came from as a round almost penetrates my side window. Before he can get off another round I launch a seeker missile at him. It locks on and boom no more Sand Viper Sniper. More fire erupts from the left as a group of guardsman does a concentrated push, with A Crimson Cobra Mech behind them. Me and the mechs lay down all the fire we can muster. Guardsmen are falling left and right, and so are the other mechs. I cant seem to scratch that Cobra Mech. It closes on me and decides to crush me. As I am about to hit the eject I see something glint in the sky. Its Destro and his bodyguard. He lands on the Crimson Cobra Mech’s shoulder and fires a missile at point blank range. It disappears as soon as it touched the armor. Then the battle suit explodes from the inside. As it falls to the ground Destro rides it like a wave unleashing more missiles into the other Crimson Cobra Mechs. He jumps right before it hits the ground and lands next to the Crimson Guard leader. He quickly subdues him. Destro strides over to the eastern side of the fortress and holds the Crimson Guard over the ledge by his head.

“ Look and see what happens to those who dare oppose me” with a quick move he pulls his saber and beheads the Crimson Guard Leader. He then turns and heads into the fortress. “Scrap Iron lock the weapon into position and fire at will”. I turn and head back in the hanger before the doors close. I jump out and run to the elevator and head to the top of the tower. It scans me for verification. As the door slides open I can feel myself shaking with anticipation. I strap into the rotating chair. I engage the generators, activate the defense systems. The screens come on showing me the whole battle raging around the castle. The green light comes on weapon stabilizers have locked down. The floor drops off the top of the tower. I am now locked into a fully rotateable ball for maximum firing arcs.

The targeting screen comes on. I find a nice group of Vipers dug into a defensive position. I fire the first pulse. As the bluish light hits the Vipers they look around and up at me. Hmmm nothing seemed to happen. All systems checked fine. Then I noticed it. All the foliage around them was shriveling up. Then they started grabbing there throats and drinking their canteens. With in a minute they had dried completely up and looked like mummies in Viper uniforms. The W.A.V.E (Water and Vapor Energizers) as Mindbender calls it literally boils any liquid it comes in contact with and super heats the affected area. Leaving the target with no liquid substance as seen with the Vipers and foliage around the area. Suddenly the ball starts spinning around as the defense systems activate to take out in coming missiles. The generator is almost powered up for my next shot…….

07-26-2005, 04:25 PM
NO!!!!!!! Everything is going wrong! My men have failed me! A door still stands between Baroness and I. My time is short. Father has arrived and I am sure is on his way here. The only forces I seem to have left are the four near me. I offer an extra reward for the one capable of blowing down the last door. I have to get in before Father can reach her.

My men are working frantically to open the last barrier. I cannot tell if it is because of the reward or the fact that I am holding a gun to their heads.

The One True Heir

07-26-2005, 07:46 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

I do hope that Anastasia will forgive my inability to answer her pages. They did seem most desperate, but as soon as I heard the message, I knew I had precious little time to act. Alexander attacking that poor woman... I know her and I do not always see eye-to-eye, but she is with child, and this is quite dispicable on Alexander's part. Destro will be most displeased to hear about this. The question remains, though: will Alexander be alive to see his father's wrath? That, of course, will remain entirely up to Alexander.

My contengint of ABATs and I round the corner to the Baroness's chambers. As promised, there stand Alexander and a band of troops serving him. A shame. They do seem diligent workers. Once we stop, I give two final steps, quite loudly, to announce our arrival. All of the men turn and face us... and the shock on their faces is almost too much to bear. I smile. Honestly, who wouldn't? To see the doctor... not even a soldier... who you have grown to see as nothing more than a techno-nerd, standing before you inb this awsome machine of destruction.

Ah yes, the machine. To the casual observer, it looks nothing so much like any other of my Assault BATs. Except, well, between two and three feet taller, and a foot or so wider, and, of course, the center of the cace, instead of being chromed, it has a transperant blast resistant shield, so the driver can be seen. I call it the MACH-1: Mecghanized Assault Construct; Heavy... Version 1 . I originally created it for either Destro or Scrap Iron to use to lead troops into battle personally if and when the time comes. But I suppose I have had to use it myself before presenting it to the two of them. That's alright... I have recently finished the paint job, and a little buffing will make it good as new again. Besides, I just couldn't resist.

As Alexander watches on in horror, the ABATs and I open up with shoulder mounted mini-guns, decimating what is left of his troops to nothing more than torn rags of human flesh and uniform material, and bloody smears and splatters upon the walls. Alexander remains, completely unharmed, in the center of the hall. I see him look to my left, then right... there is nowhere for him to go with me in the way and ABATs to either side of me. It is time to make a few demands. I open up the channel to the external PA on the machine.

Mindbender: Alexander. Your troops are decimated. Your weapons are useless. You have nowhere to run. Your battle is over. Surrender... or force me to present a dead son to our Laird. The choice dear boy... is entirely up to you. Choose... your destiny.

It is in his hands now... as I wait, I patch the video from our arrival until now into Anastasia's quarters, so she can see she is safe. I also open a communactions frequency to her, in case she wishes to speak. A glorious day for science, indeed.


07-26-2005, 07:54 PM

Looks like Zartan has decided to call the 'Noks back. Didn't really take too much prodding from destro. He tried to warn ol' Rag head against this idea, but that man is a buffon, nothing more, nothing less. What no one knows, though, is that I have been here through the whole battle. Good thing too. The IGs are making a good comeback, but that blasted Sand Viper keeps poppin' 'em off with that Sniper rifle. In this uniform it weren't nothin' for me to get close to him. He never knows what hits him as my combat blade goes deep between his shoulder blades. The breathing stops within seconds... the shooting stops for good. Well, as done by the dead Sand Viper, anyhow. The gun, on the other hand, is a different story entirely. I take it and drop to a knee, taking aim at Scrap Iron. Poor bloke sees he's got nowhere to go. I fire... and the Crimson Guard commando behind him drops like so much wet s#!t. Scrap Iron turns and looks then back up at me, as I remove my helmet. He smirks, as I toss the headgear aside, and run down to join him.

Zandar: I been on Destro's payroll for a couple of weeks now, through recluse. Let's do this then go throw a few back, aye?

The ol' Scrapper smirks and slaps my shoulder, then we run off, his contingent of troops in tow, and start the clean-up process. It's gonna be long... but who says we can't have a bit o' fun with it, aye?


PS: Oh, nice touch on Destro's part, kidnapping Zanya. He told me she wouldn't be harmed, so I gave him the info he needed to get her. She said she'd play along, too. That's me neice. And daddy never has t'know.

07-27-2005, 11:42 AM
Well this is an unexpected turn of events. Dr. Mindbender coming to the aid of Baroness? Father must be paying him well to have earned his loyalty. Did he come here on his own choosing or did Father send him? Either way, no one must know that I am acting of my own accord. Time to play Cobra Commander's stooge.

Alexander: You were a fool for betraying Cobra Commander! He is a wise and generous man! And he knows my worth. He sees the potential in me that my own father does not see. Cobra Commander has shown me many things and holds me as one of his most prized confidants. He told me of my father's plan to cast me aside one the child is born. That I am to be a servant to the every whim of that child! I will not allow that to happen! You have won for now, but I know that Cobra Commander will retaliate with vengeance once he has discovered you have captured me!

*Detonates the charges on the saferoom door*

07-27-2005, 12:30 PM
Dear Diary,

I'm not sure how long I have been lying here, but not one part of body doesn't feel battered and broken. The room looks worse for wear, but at least the door is still up. I just tried to raise myself to see the images on the monitors, but the room became blurry once again so I laid back down. I can hear voices, but nothing is coming across clear to me. My head hurts, but worst of all I have a stabbing pain in my abdomen. I need to get to the controls and get help, but I can barely even raise my head without almost losing consciousness. I have activated my bracelet so that Destro will know exactly where I am. Another explosion has just gone off. The door is still up, but I am not sure for how much longer. Luckily for me, I have been able to reach two pistols that I had been carrying before that first explosion...or was it the second?

Where is everyone and what is happening outside?


07-27-2005, 05:24 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

Interesting. It would seem that all this time Alexander has been operating under Cobra Commander's control. I really shouldn't be surprised. I mean, it was I, after all, that created the Brain Wave Scanner. Of course, that also means that I can check for the symptoms there of, and make certain he is not simply trying to save his own skin. It does seem his style.

The ABATs move forward, two of them grabbing an arm each of Alexander's unconscious form and lifting him between them. I gesture for them to move him out of the way, and I head for the protective door. Amazing! I really did withstand that blast. Both of them! Scrap Iron really outdid himself this time. My compliments. We shall speak later. Now that we are in the employ of Destro instead of the Commander, I have come to learn that he is quite the intellectual when it comes to arms and armor. As is Metal head... if you can believe that.

Two of the other BATs, along with myself in the MACH-1, work together to force the door open. Both of them, it seems. Um... all three... four?... YES!! The man put four blast doors in place for this room. No matter, though, for we are through. In front of me, I see the Baroness, lying on the floor, and she seems in quite a bit of pain. And she is holding twin pistols. Better stay in the armor for now.

Mindbender: Anastasia, it's me, Mindbender. Put the guns down, woman, so I can help you.

baroness: My stomache, Mindbender. It hurts...

She drops the guns, and grasps at her abdomen, and I realize it could be a problem with the child. I press the release button on the MACH-1's control panel, and the egress hatches slide aside, letting me out. I call for a team of SATs (Surgical Android Troopers), then I send a message to destro.

Mindbender: James, we have a problem.

Destro: I am a bit busy this moment, Doctor! Can it wait.

Mindbender: Perhaps this conversation could.

Destro: Good, Destro ou...

Mindbender: But...

Destro: You are testing my patience doctor!

Mindbender: This conversation can wait, yes... but I am afraid your unborn child can not! I believe it is time. We are headed to my laboratory, if you wish to meet us there. Mindbender, out.

He will either rake me over the coals later or he will thank me. Either way, I have a job to do. The SATs and the ABATs carry Anastasia and Alexander to my laboratory. Anastasia gets a nice comfortable table, while Alexander gets locked in testing cell. Now to get to work.


07-27-2005, 05:54 PM

Well, looks like I'm in charge of this Op, now, seein' as Duke took off. Kinda gettin' used to that, though. Me and Stalker just got done conversin' over a new idea we had, and it's time to organize th' troops. Just got the radio from the sub pilot, and he's told me that all my men are listenin'.

Beach Head: Aight, guys, thgis is Beach Head. Looks like Duke split on us, again...

I hear a groan, and look at Stalker. He mouths the word "Ripcord", and I nod. Poor Weems and a group of troops got screwed by Duke a while back trying to trap Destro.

Beach Head: ... so me and Stalker are now in charge. We just got word from the commander of Destro's naval troops that rescued us from Cobra Island that destro has made a deal with general Colton. I know, I know, I didn't buy it either. But they have a recorded message that plays as coded on the JoeComms, and he did use all the right key-words. Me and Stalker are convinced and satisfied. Now these guys are under orders to take us to safety, but they also say that destros forces are not faring well. Some of our guys are in the area helping, and they have a better medical facility at destro's mountain than we have available to us right now. They can treat our wounded, and I say we let 'em. Me and Stalker have come up with a battle plan to back Destro's forces up, but I will scrap the whole plan if there are any objections.

I pause, and me and Stalker wait while we hear several different murmered conversations. Then come the rplies.

Torpedo: This is leialoha. The Jos SeAL team is in.

Covert: Covert, here... the Sniper corps is ready. We have myself, Cross Hair, Barrel Roll, Mayday and Low Light... that gives us five shooters. We're green.

Rock and Roll: This is Craig, Wayne. Me, Roadblock, Rampart, Heavy Duty and Mirage are locked, cocked, and ready to rock some heavy cover fire! Give the order!

Mercer: This is Mercer, Beach head. I got a group with me that wants nothing more than to rip some snake heads off. Although I think Ripcord and Recondo just wanna rip Duke's head off, but they said they'll settle for this for now. We're a go.

Storm Shadow: This is Tommy, Sergeant Major... the Ninja Force is in, as well. A vote has been taken, and with Snake Eyes down, I will lead the unit.

I give Stalker a nod, and he claps my shoulder before moving off to inform the guys hangin' with us. It's time for us to turn ol' Rag Head's surprise into a surprise of our own.

Beach Head: This order is coming from Destro's navcal commander directly to his fleet. Our battle plan is being transmitted to each of your vessels. Signal when you have them, and begin the assault. MOVE!

All Joes: YOOOO JOE!!!

That was a little loud inside this sub, but the look on Destro's sailor's faces weas worth it. Time to rock.

Beach Head, out


07-28-2005, 01:57 PM

After mapping out the lower levels of Destro’s new fortress , I started to head up and out. Seeing as my entrance is now blocked by debris from the castle coming down. On my way up I heard a few explosions. I headed that way. There are almost no troops down here, making it easy to move around. As I get to the section I heard the explosions, there is a commotion going on. I peer around the corner and see some oddly large BATs hauling, I think, Alexander off. Then 2 regular BATs come around the corner carrying a gurney. They quickly roll out of the hallway with Mindbender right behind them. I do believe the Baroness was on that gurney. Hmmmmm…wonder what’s in that room. I move towards the hall and into the room….For a second I thought I had lost my mind or teleported somewhere else. Ducks and frogs on the walls, baby furniture all around, I started to twitch. Then I notices the control panel, it was smashed up. Not sure what to make of this. I started to head out, then I saw it. One of those new larger BATs with its cockpit open. I quickly grab my tools and go to work. About 10 minutes later it is laced with most of the explosives I have left, and I have wired into its remote system. I figured it could come in handy. I make it lead the way out of the fortress. We have not run across any opposition. After a few minutes, I find a room with a roof hatch. No aircraft in here but it does have a large hydraulic ram extended to the roof. This could be a good use for my last bit of explosives. As I am setting them I hear something in the hall.

Destro: Move!!!

I grab my remote. Sure enough it’s Destro and his guards. I set the BAT to attack. It start firing at them. They dive for cover in doorways and return fire.

Destro: Mindbender why is your BAT attack ME!!!!!!!

Mindbender: I am attending to your wife and child. How should I know. One sec I’ll shut it down. * click * It is not responding Laird Destro…..I…I…don’t underst..

Destro: Return to your work Doctor I will take care of it.

Mindbender: No you…Yes Laird Destro.

Destro: Guards take it out!!!!!

As the guards move in on it I make it walk forward. When it is close enough I set the explosives off. *BBBOOOOOOMMMMMMMM * I finish setting my last explosive and go into what’s left of the hall and see whose alive. The only person I can see is Destro and he is trapped under an “Iron” beam, how fitting.

Firefly: Destro how nice to see you again. Too bad I can not stay and help with the clean up. I wonder how much would Cobra Commander pay me to kill you right now. It will be a sum even I can not imagine. * I pull out my pistol and screw on the silencer * So do you want it quick or slow.

Destro: Firefly I will see that you are killed in the worst possible way. You may kill me now, but my heirs will hunt you down till the end of the earth.

Firefly: If you are referring to Alexander he was hauled off by Mindbender in cuffs, and your dear Baroness did not seems to be fairing well. * Destro vainly tries to move the beam * Don’t worry your self. I’m sure Cobra Commander will take good care of her.

I lower my pistol to finish him off when to BATs turn the corner and start laying down fire. I barely got back in time.

Firefly: I guess we will meet again Destro. Haahahhaah….

I start climbing to the roof access. The 2 BATs follow me and start firing. I hit the button for the explosives. The blast knocks them down, as the hydraulic ram topples towards them. All of a sudden the roof starts caving in as a tower that was being supported by the ram falls in. I quickly jump out the roof hatch. I run towards the closest side pulling my grapple out. I hook it and dive over the top just as it explodes. The explosion shook the entire complex. As I hit the next level I take a second to survey the surroundings. Most of Cobra’s forces are defeated, There are Joe aircraft in dogfights with Cobra’s. From the water I see Destro’s subs have emerged and Joes have gotten off? I must head back and get into my deprivation chamber. Things are not at all right. I see my escape route. Back to see Cobra Commander.

Firefly out.

Viper Commander
07-28-2005, 02:28 PM
Dear Diary,

I am now heading to a top secret medical facility with a sleeping Venomus Maximus in restraints, the real Gen Flagg is also with me. When I saw that it was Destro's Grenadiers that came to rescue us, I didnt feel right about the whole situation so I kept the most important players out of sight. It would not be very good for three of GI Joe's top leaders to be in Destro's hands and at his mercy. Once I reached the surface, Washington sent Black Ops agents to pick me up in a Stealth Attack Chopper. An excavation team was sent back down, to retrieve something I found, Serpentor's body soaking in a vat!

I got word that my Joes went straight to Trans Carpathia, I wanted to lead them into battle myself, but Gen Colton ordered me to go somewhere else. Im going to infiltrate Cobra Commanders new hideout by myself, and take him into custody. Gen Colton has sent me the co-ordinates provided by Destro. We are not sending in a large force like last time, if its a trap Rag Head will only be able to get me. My only backup will be one of Destro's "contractors", not one of his sub-ordinates, I wonder who it is? I have my Night Force gear, ready to deploy. The Commander will be arrested before dawn, Yooooo Joooooe!

Conrad S. Hauser

Viper Commander
07-28-2005, 03:26 PM

(Cobra Commander looks at the monitor in front of him, a Techno Viper has just finished broadcasting fake reports of CC's demise and destruction of CC's new base.)
Very good, the first round of testing for my new Crimson Cobra Mechs are very successful. If one squad of these robots can do so much damage, once I have built an army of these metal beasts, Cobra will be unstoppable. Even though my troops are losing the battle, I have succeeded in my main goal, Destro is so busy defending his castle that the final step has been completed in our corporate takeover of MARS. All of his assets are mine except in his homeland of Scotland, the government there has close ties to Destro and a takeover was not plausible. We broke aprt his company by using Anti-Trust lawsuits to force the cutting up and selling off of all his assets to various companies all owned in secret by Cobra! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAh

At every court hearing, Tomax and Xamot stole the show, while Destro's lawyers waited for him to show up in vain. Raptor is also in Switzerland pulling strings at the world's banks. Orbac Industries is now the world's largest defense contractor, we even have contracts to build weapons for Gi Joe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

(Cobra Commander truns around to find Firefly in front of his face!) Ah, Firefly, I see you have returned! Well? What happened? (Firefly tells him about the whole battle, including Destro's secret weapon.) I assume you had enough foresight to steal specs for this weapon?!? Good! And you also set a bomb under Scrap Irons toy? Good! (Firefly tells him about Zandar's betrayal) Ah, I see he has once again decide to take up arms against me, well Im sure Zartan will take care of his own family problems. If not Im sure you would like a shot at the 'Noks too, right?

(All of a sudden, someone drops down from the ceiling and knocks out Firefly with the blunt hilt of his Katana, as he steps into the light, the Commander sees who the intruder is...) No, not you, not Recluse! Vipers, Siegies,kill him!!!!!!!...

07-28-2005, 05:30 PM

Firefly's not so bright, these days. After Destros North Tower started cavin' in, I saw Firefly makin' his getaway. I looked back to see that Scrap Iron had already forgotten I was even there... big surprise, that... so i took off after the ol' firebug. He took off in a Cobra Firebat, so I latched on and held tight. Seein' as I was already in an IG uniform, which seems to be fairly wind resistant... gotta love that poly-kevlar... all I gotta do is pull the survival mask back on, and voila!... I'm good to go.

The trip is a short one, and I make a quick change from my IG uniform to a Python Viper uniform. This bloke won't be needin' it no more. Makes me think of Rampage for just a tick, though. Kinda miss that crazy bastich.

Anyhow, I make my way past the Segies outside the Commander's chamber and find Firefly giving him a report. Zartan'll take care o' me, aye? Heh... this was set up by his daughter. He'll understand just fine. 'Sides... Destro pays alot better.

Just as I am making ready to make my move, I see the shadow drop and knock out Firefly, then turn on the Commander. Rag head recognizes Recluse at the same instant I do, and calls for the Segies... who are looking at me to lead them in with my newly aquired heavy assault rifle... hey, this thing is made by MARS! Well, I decide maybe I should show them what I am capable of.

As I turn back, Recluse and the Commander are both looking at me and the now perforated Segies with questions on their faces. I remove the helmet, and their questions are answered. The Commander's eyes go wide in the eyeholes of his hood, and from Recluse's eyes, I can tell he's just a'smilin' away. I give a brief casual salute to the two.

Zandar: G'day, gents. Tell y'whot, Recluse. You finish up here, and I'll go set the charges. Then we split... I'll also get a Night Raven ready... I can fly it.

Recluse nods, and turns back to the Commander, and I casually head for my destination... taking up Firefly's demolitions pack as I go. This oughta be a blast!


PS: I have got to stop hangin' around the other 'Noks. Stupidity, it seems, has become contagious.

07-28-2005, 05:35 PM
Today has been a profitable day indeed! We have "acquired" MARS from Destro and so Cobra Commander has showered us with gifts. Little does Commander know that all the paperwork has been dummied up. The true owner of Orbac is Alexander, along with the various other companies that bought up shares of MARS. Commander is now the proud owner of several zoos and sugar factories across Europe. Raptor has been empyting out bank accounts that he believes to belong to Destro, but actually are funds belonging to the Cobra organization. We really have nothing against Commander, its just that Alexander offered us so much more. Besides it was rather amusing to "steal" from Destro just to put the money back into the hands of his son. Commander will throw his fit as usual, but then he will have some pie and come up with another scheme that he can't do without us.

The Twins

07-28-2005, 09:41 PM
Dear Diary,

It is hard to imagine that only a few hours ago, everything was normal. Well, as normal as I can expect. Now, my home has been destroyed, my darling Destro is unconscious on the bed next to me, and our son is in an incubator on the other side of me. Dr. Mindbender says that even though he is a month early, everything is normal.

My list of walking corpses seems to be getting longer and longer. Snake Eyes is no longer at the top of my list. Alexander has assured his position with his actions. He is being guarded in the testing cell, but not even Destro will prevent me from questioning him. I knew there would be sibling rivalry, but this is just insane!

Dr. Mindbender, on the other hand, has proven to be one of our best assets. He will be rewarded for all that he has done. He will definitely be a consideration as godfather for my son. I am sure that he will be most willing to join in my interrogation of Alexander. This will be done as soon as I can stand.

An IG has brought me Alexander's laptop. It seems that there are some encoded messages from the twins along with some Swiss bank account information. I think it is time to share this with Dr. Mindbender. I have to have absolute proof of Alexander's betraying. Destro will not be in a generous mood when he wakes up nor will I be in the mood to put up with his defending his son.


Viper Commander
07-28-2005, 09:55 PM

As Zandar left to procure transportation for us, I turned back to the Commander, who by now was on his knees sniveling for his pathetic life. He offered me money, power, even authority over his whole army. I only laughed in his face, while I unsheathed my sword. I turned around and swung my Katana in a wide arc... stopping a millimeter away from cutting off the Commander's head. I had a idea, to get the Joes off my back once and for all. I grabbed some of the rope I used to climb up here (CC's tower is very high up) and secured the Commander. I left Firefly in dreamland, he can do whatever he wants when he wakes up. I also took a quick look at some of the files on the Commander's computers, hmmm, I think Destro will want to see this.

On my way to rendevous with Zandar, I ran into the Crimson Twins! They were carrying cases of cash and scurrying off with most of their male harem in tow, most likely to escape. One tap of my Katana blade on the metal floor, and they all turn around, dropping to their knees begging for mercy. I see my reputation precedes me, hahaha.

Once we got to the Night Raven, Zandar came up with a funny idea to interrogate the Commander and his two flower boys. We stuffed all three of them bound and near naked into the Night Raven's small detachable spyjet with nothing but underwear on, well, the Commander still had his hood. Zandar thought it would be a riot to leave his hood on. Once we were in the air, we started with the questions. We threatened to detach the small jet if they didnt answer our questions, letting them fall and drown in the Pacific Ocean. Naturally they confessed everything, and I recorded it. The Joes are going to want some proof if they are going to agree to my little deal. What the twins gave up was much more interesting, Im sure Destro will want to hear this...

Turns out Alexander has been secretly running Cobra for a while now with help from the Crimson Twins. Cobra Commander was merely a figurehead set up to take the fall. In some deluded way he thinks that stealing MARS and Cobra, killing the Baroness, and destroying the Joes would make his father happy. Man, this guy seems more like the Commander's son than Destro's thats for sure. Oh well, once I get back to Trans Carpathia Destro can deal with them anyway he wants to. But, Im keeping the Commander as a bargaining chip, I'm going to pop in on Covert and ask him for a favor. My full and complete exoneration in exchange for Cobra Commander, giftwrapped with all the evidence the Joes need. I hope this goes well.


07-29-2005, 02:46 PM

I start to come around. There are dead soldiers everywhere. I appear to be the only one alive in the room. As I get off the floor I realize my Pack and Gun are gone…… NOBODY messes with my gear…I ...I ...I will slowly pull every hair on their body out and smear honey on there head and bury them neck deep in sand and watch the ants slowly eat them. Yes that sounds good. Now to see what happened. I move to a control panel and call for some Medi and Tele-vipers to report to the command room. The Medi-vipers attend to those they can as the Tele-Viper shows me security footage. I see Recluse and Zandar working together have captured Cobra Commander and the Twins. They then loaded them into a Night Raven Drone. Then I noticed it, Zandar had MY BACKPACK AND GUNS. He will pay dearly for that when I get hold of him.

Firefly: Televiper135 Does the drone on the back of the Night Raven have an auto pilot.

TV135: Yes it does, I can try to access it from here… Sir they have it manually turned off in the main cockpit.

Firefly: Good will be working soon, be prepared to take control of the drone and send it back here.

I pull out a remote from a chest pouch. See how Zandar likes my backpack now. * Beep *

(Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean)

* Beep * * Beep * * Beep *

Recluse: What is that beeping?

Zandar: Not sure the instrument panel shows nothing is wrong.

Recluse: Sounds like its coming from your foot area.

Zandar: I sec mate……* head snaps up * HIT THE EJECT BUTTON NOW IT’S THE BACKPACK.

Recluse hits the eject as the canopy blows off and him and Zandar are flung into the air. The cockpit explodes. Disengaging the locks for the Drone. Televiper135 Takes control and fly’s it back to base. Wild Weasel has scrambled available pilots to intercept the drone and escort it back to base. Cobra Commander is not going to be in a good mood when he gets back. I have dispatched his personal guards to insure no one sees the state he is in. As for the Twins they are to be taken to the dungeon upon arrival. I on the other hand requisition a Fang and head back to gear up. I’m sure Cobra Commander will want some revenge.

Firefly Out

07-29-2005, 03:05 PM
Log Entry:

When I returned to the castle...well what’s left of it. I wasn’t sure what was going on. The castle was gone, the Iron Fortress could easily be seen. The new weapon system was burning in shambles on the roof. The oddest part had to be the Joes all over the place. As I landed on the airstrip, not an easy task with all the blast holes and damaged vehicles. Scrap Iron and I believe Beach Head met with me. Odd times indeed. Scrap Iron gave me the rundown of what had happened, looks like I got off easy with the stab wounds. He then hands me a gauntlet and tells me I am in command till Destro can be revived. I contacted the Doctor and he assured me everything was being done to revive Destro. I had Scrap Iron round up all available troops. I gave each squad a specific area to cover and clean by priority. I had temporary Med stations set up outside due to the damage inside and not really wanting any joes inside the Fortress until Destro okays it. I have a rough count on the Joes that are here. Soon things are running smoothly on the recovery effort. I let the Joes keep an eye on the Cobras till their transports arrived. I hope they hurry I do not care to have them here. They seem civil for the most part, but I have not been able to locate Storm Shadow. He was seen leaving a sub, but no conformation after that. Metal Head and Scrap iron are getting what we can salvage working in case someone else assaults. I double the guards at all entrances and go in to make a sweep of the castle myself. Maybe Ill find someone……

Till Next Time

Viper Commander
08-01-2005, 02:50 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

As I packed up the weapons I needed from Destro's armory, I sensed a presence behind my back. Sensing no intent to kill, I finished taking what I needed and walked into one of Destro's AGP docking bays.

SS "If you want to know whats going on, why not simply ask?"

Wraith "Where are you going in an AGP?"

I tossed a UMD in his direction, when it landed in his palm the ripple revealed Wraith's stealth suit like a liquid illusion.

SS "Recluse sent this video to me via wireless broadband, requesting that I make a hard copy immediately, I also saved a copy of the first part on one of the Hard Drives in your facility."

SS "The first part is detailed evidence and a recorded confession, showing the offspring of your boss to be the culprit in starting this war between MARS and Cobra. Now, Recluse had the Commander and the Twins secured, was on his way back here but his Night Raven exploded. While making his way back thru the dense tropical jungle, he captured this footage."

(Duke ( appears on Wraith's small wrist monitor, he appears to be infiltrating ( a Terrordrome with some success ( But a large gathering of troops sent out to hunt for Recluse surprises ( him and captures ( the Joe leader.)

SS "Recluse is going back for the Commander, I am going to rescue Duke, and Im sure you want the Crimson Twins for interrogation. No more talking, lets roll."

It took 3 days for us to show up, the AGP ran out of fuel and we had to abandon it somewhere in Florida. We each stole a Dreadnok Swampfire from Zartan's home, since not many people were there, the rest of the trip to the Pacific Ocean was uneventful.

When we arrived at CC's new home, we left the Swampfires off shore and swam to the rocky jagged cliffs, less guards to run into this way. Surprisingly no Morays patrolled these waters. Cobra Commander's base was still a few miles inland, so we climbed up the cliff and made our way into a dense jungle. The encrypted tracking signal from Recluse is getting stronger...

His comm-link beeped on a small clearing in the middle of the trees, Wraith blinked out of stealth mode and picked up the small device. All of a sudden, Vipers ( popped out all around us!

SS "Dont make a move for now, They have us covered ( too well, and I think I know what Recluse is planning."

My guess was confirmed when I saw one of the Pit Vipers as we were being taken to see Cobra Commander by his Shadow Guards. Recluse and someone ( dressed in a Python Viper uniform are going to reveal themselves when the Commander shows his hooded face. I signalled to Wraith thats when to make our move. I wonder who is under that Viper helmet though?

Thomas S. Arashikage, Logging Out.

08-08-2005, 06:12 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

The Baroness and her child have returned to the newly repaired and refortified nursery, where they are under the constant care of several Iron Grenadier medics, who were trained by myself, personally. While Anastasia rests, however, the child is cared for by my Nanny BAT, so is in quite the safe hands. Not to mention the half dozen Stealth Ninja BATs, the four ABATsand the score of Iron Anvil and Iron Grenadier troops constantly patroling the halls and walls outside. That room is as safe as if it were buried under a mile of marble... only much more comfortable, I am sure.

Since the miraculous event, James has spent all of his work time overseeing the repairs of his ancestral home. All of his off time he has spent watching over his love and his newborn child. Needless to say, we have neither one had much contact with the other, except in the rare moments when I happen to check in on my patients, and he is either coming or going simultaneously. And the conversations are genrally quite brief... a simple nod, followed by a brief "Doctor," to which I reply just as cordially, "Destro." No offense is taken on my part. He is quite the busy man.

Yesterday, he did take a break from the construction to go to the docks and see off the last of the members of the GI Joe team that were still here. I was almost suprised to see Destro and Beach Head, standing off to one side, talking as if common allies. They even appeared to share a genuine laugh about something. Most surprising... both men had removed their masks to have this little conversation. When they parted, they shared a gentlemanly handshake, and the Ranger was on his boat and away, while Destro and his guard returned to the castle, and the work was resumed once more.

He may be angry with me when he wakes, but I do not believe so. I could see that he was exhausted, but he would not admit it. So, I slipped him a sedative. Nothing serious, just something to help him sleep for a few hours. He should be waking soon, and he has Scarp Iron and Metal Hea... um.... well, he has Scrap Iron to oversee theings for a few hours. He was provided a comfortable sitting couch to sleep on in the nursery. That should give him quite the peaceful awakening. And Iron Grenadier has also been stationed nearby to make sure no one wakes him until he wakes himself... except for Anastasia, of course. The IG has been given a message for Destro... he is to tell him about the sedative. It's not like I was plotting or anything. And I do hope he wakes soon. I have a dilemma.

I have completed my analysis of Alexander's blood and brain scans. There is absolutely no sign that he was ever under the influence of the Brainwave Scanner. But who will Destro believe? His own, flesh and blood, living breathing, long lost son? Or the man who is telling the truth, and can prove it? It is always hard to tell with these royalty types. Ah, well, I may as well go and wait for him to wake, and tell him what is going on myself.


08-08-2005, 06:19 PM

Just frakkin' great. Who's bloody side are we on, now!? I mean, I know we ain't on Cobra's side. But at the same time, ol' Tommy went back to the Joers, and I'm guessin' we ain't on their side, either. Of course, Recluse ain't said squat 'bout it, so we may very well be. I really don't give a flyin' wallabe's arse, so long's I get paid.

Come on, someone bloody do somethin and give me a blasted target, already!!


08-08-2005, 06:30 PM

Man, is it ever good to be back at home base. Most everyone's headed out on R&R, especially our SeALs. They've got a team mate's family to inform. I don't envy 'em. That's a tough job. I been there.

Got a few folks laid up with injuries, too: Covert overstrained himself on that last battle; Wet Suit busted up his left arm and about twelve ribs and punctured a lung; Snake Eyes got a concussion that would'a killed a rhino, but now he's playin' Chinese friggin checkers against Kamakura, Jinx and Tiger Claw... and he's winnin'!!

I also got the rare treat of seein' a side of Destro I never knew was there. Instead of the spoiled rich guy, I got to see the military leader. The ruler of a nation. Deep down it seems he's really just a guy that wants to look out for his people... but he's too ticked off at the world to do it the law-abidin' way. Too bad. He'd make a good soldier. I just couldn't believe he told me a dirty joke! "In the trash can." HA! Man, that was good.

Well, I'm headed out to grab a few brews with Craig and Repeater. Gpotta wind down after two consecutive major ops.

Voice: Beach Head!

Beach Head: What is it, Firewall?

Firewall: Just got a signal from Duke's comm patched through Storm Shadow's. Duke's been captured by Cobra!

Beach Head: GAH! Call Hit and Run and Low Light. I'm gonna need them for this.

Firewall: Gotcha!

Beach Head: And have Ace warm up a jump plane!

Well, guess I'm gonna have to skip that beer after all. Better let the guys know. Then it's time to suit up. Crud! Beach Head, out!


08-09-2005, 05:32 PM
Locked in a cell in my own home. The only thing worse is having Mindbender poking and prodding like I was just some chattle! I am sure that he has discovered my little charade, but none of that matters. I am still in control of MARS and more importantly, I know that my father will never turn his back on me. Once I have convinced him of the Baroness' plan to take over all that rightfully belongs to me, I am sure he will allow me to get rid of her and that abomination. Just in case he isn't totally convinced on eliminating those two, I know just the right person to do it. A man with no conscious and who incidentally seems to be abhored of duckies and frogs. I have been able to slip a message through to Tomax and Xamot via a less than wary IG guard. Once they have contacted Firefly and Firefly takes this contract (which I am sure he will not be able to resist), Baroness and her child will no longer be a threat to my father and I. Then, we can concentrate on rebuilding MARS to her former glory!

The One True Heir

08-09-2005, 05:38 PM
We have paid dearly for our indiscretions. Nonetheless, it has just convinced us more than ever than just anyone can take over Cobra.......all thanks to Alexander. He has been able to send us a message (even though he is supposed to be heavily guarded) requesting that Firefly eliminate Baroness and her child. The sum he offered for this contract almost made us take it....almost. The message has been forwarded to Firefly. All this is working well for our plans. With Destro busy with Alexander, he will not be able to come to the aid of Cobra Commander and with the Joes busy trying to recover Duke from his imprisonment, we will be able to carry out our little plans.

Viper Commander
08-10-2005, 03:57 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

Storm Shadow just left with Duke freed and Cobra Commander in captivity, thanks to me and Zandar. Ill let Zandar tell the tale later of how the hooded maniac was finally captured, but to say it was bloody would be an understatement. Duke has promised to keep the Joes off my back as long as I stay away from Cobra.

We decided to open up the Commanders safe, found cash in the amount of 3 Mil and we got us a couple of happy Noks. I decided to grab some of the more exotic looking weapons too, while Zandar snagged some new blades for his collection. We packed our loot into a Hurricane VTOL and headed back to Florida, after checking in with Zartan we get in touch with Wraith. Havent seen him since he took off with the Crimson Twins at gunpoint...


08-12-2005, 08:59 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

As I sit in my laboratory, pondering the events of these last few weeks... come to think of it, last few months tends to seem more accdurate, really... I realize that I have not once pondered my decision to leave Cobra and side with Destro. It seems this is truly where I am meant to be. And this makes me wonder what would make Alexander, the heir apperant to the McCullen-Destro empire, would choose to side with a raving lunatic like the Commander. Unless, of course, he were truly under the influence of the Brainwave Scanner. But all of the tests have come back negative, leaving that theory a virtual impossibility. It baffles the mind to think what could be going through the cortex of that young man. Unless...

Yes, that makes perfect sense, now. He even said as much when I apprehended him. Although at the time, I ignored it as the rantings of a man brainwahsed. But now I see. He truly believes that the new child would take his place in his fathers' eyes. I believe I should speak to him on this, and see what comes of it. Tell him what I know. What harm could it bring? But first...

Mindbender: Sixty-eight? Armor-All, I believe it is?

Armor-Al: Yes, Doctor?

Mindbender: Now would be a good time.

I simply gesture to one of the Grenadiers standing guard near Alexander's cage... the one I have learned is carrying private messages from Alexander to the Corsican Twins... and Nullifier 68 does exactly the job I expected of him. He raises the arm of the new modified Nullifier armor I currently have him testing, and fires the 12-gauge gatling slung under the arm. Luckily, the laboratory is sound-proofed, and the kevlar worn by the Grandier is bullet-proof kevlar. But un fortunately for him, the rounds Armor-All is using are high-grade flechettes... tiny, razor-sharp bards that cut through kevlar like a Destoyer cutting through wet toilet tissue. The poor Grnadier never stood a chance. Not to worry, though... I still have the recording of him playing messenger that I learned this from. Destro will not be too upset when he sees this.

I now approach the thoroughly startled Alexander, as a couple of other Granadiers... who had been informed of this beforehand... begin cleaning up the remains of the former comrade. None of them seem too overly concerned with the matter.

Mindbender: Alexander, my young friend, that was a foolish... foolish mover, hiring that man to run your errands for you. He was none to subtle about the whole a matter of fact, he seemed quite proud. A pity. He would have served you well.

Alexander: Served me? Old man, I will never be served, thanks to you and your mechanical monstrosities!

Mindbender: Poor, poor boy. You have no idea do you?

Alexander: What are you going on about?

Mindbender: I now recall you actually telling me what your treachery was all about. Now it all makes perfect sense. Hindsite twenty-twenty and all that, you see. You see, your father and I had already discussed heirs. Your father's plan, you see, was to begin grooming you to take over his empire when he retires...

Alexander: Retires?

Mindbender Yes... within the next few years to be exact. So he could try and live a normal life... and raise your sibling. Do you really believe he would wait until the new child is old enough before retiring? Look at the man, Alexander. He has more money than GOD! He has a new child and a loving companion. And he is certainly not getting any younger. James McCullen Destro tires of the constant battles and intrigue, and wishes some semblance of a normal life. And he had... has... plans to groom you for that, your rightful position.

Alexander: But...

I believe he is beginning to understand.

Mindebender: But I have proof that you were not under the influence of the Brainwave Scanner? Yes, I do. But your father does not. Nor does he have a need to, so long as you come to your senses and see what is laid out before you. You will rule this empire in a few short years, and that will make your father quite proud, indeed. But to find that you are a traitor to him... hmm, I do not believe he'd ever forgive that.

Alexander: And what is in this for you, old man?

Mindbender: Simply this. I have come to enjoy a certain lifestyle in the employment of the McCullen-Destro clan. A lifestyle that, fates permitting, I would rather enjoying a continuance of in the future. I am not a soldier, but a scientist. A builder. A designer. A giver of life, as it were. All I wish in return is to advise you, as I have come to do for your father. And of course, a raise in payment and benefits every now and again wouldn't hurt, either. I will leave you to think of this, now, Alexander. We will speak more on this another time. Good evening.

As I turn to leave, I see I have planted a seed. Now to seeif that seed grows and blossoms... or is crushed and smothered to death under the oppressive heel of arrogance. Only time will tell.


Clutch II
08-13-2005, 12:08 AM
Dear Diary:

well as it goes they have officially gotten rid of my Vamp,and i worry that i might be next,they have not called me in the rolls or given me a new vehicle,or even a new uniform to wear,sometimes i worry.


08-14-2005, 11:15 PM
Well it seems that all will work out after all. Dr. Mindbender has just finished paying me a visit with a very intriguing offer. It seems that the old man has become quite fond of the Destro empire and wishes to remain with us for the longevity of his life. He will not inform my father of my deception in exchange for a life long contract complete with amenities. Who am I to resist such a tempting offer? My father's hatred of Cobra will grow along with his protectiveness of me. United father and I will be unstopable!

Dr. Mindbender may have eliminated my messenger, but not before I received confirmation that Firefly has accepted the payment on the contract I offered him. I am sure any day now Baroness and that child will be disposed of.

Everything is falling into place. Father and I will run MARS, and Baroness and "Logan" will just be an unplesant memory.

The One True Heir

08-16-2005, 08:18 AM
Dear Diary,

The past few weeks have been a mixture of great joy and great sadness. I cherish every moment that I am with Logan. Who would have ever thought that such a tiny being could erupt such a tirade of emotions? I never thought that I could truly feel again after losing my brother, but now that black part of my heart seems to be alive again. I will never forget him, but the pain of his loss has lessened considerably.

After seeing the surveillance tapes, it seems that Alexander has been under the spell or should I say curse of CC. Dr. Mindbender has been running some tests on him to make sure that his actions were not of his own free will. If Alexander had been anyone else's son, I would have made sure his death would be at my hands. Whether or not Alexander was coerced, he will never be trusted in my eyes. I have ordered for Alexander to never come in contact with Logan unless I am around.

My "friends" at Cobra have informed me that CC has had one of his imposters posing as him for the last month or so. Apparently, he needed to get away for a bit. I really doubt that. In fact, I am pretty sure he is actually working on another project of his and just does not want to be bothered. No one is sure where he really is.


09-01-2005, 09:25 PM

Now this is what I was trained for. Dangling fifty feet above the floor from the skylight of a flooded and half destroyed casino to check for any survivors. Man, the devistation here in New Orleans is unbelievable. I can't fathom the idea of there being as many survivosr as there are. But then, I guess these people have come to expect this kind of thing.

"Braver folk I've never seen."

That's what a surgeon I used to work under back at ICARUS (International Crises And Rescue UnitS) once told me about US Marines. He was a British surgeon, and served in Her Majesty's Royal Navy, and even helped start ICARUS, to help people that the world governments said couldn't be helped or rescued. There were several times I helped pull Special Ops guys... Navy Seals, Marines, Mossad, CIA, SAS, name it... out of places where their governments left them in the name of anonimity and keeping their hands clean. People don't understand, especially people like Beach Head and Duke... it's not the government I don't like... it's the politics. I just don't trust the government. Well, looks clean down here. Time to head to the next site.

Extreme: Okay, Evac, haul my sorry butt out of here, and let's move on.

Extreme, out


09-01-2005, 09:41 PM


I don't get it. After all we been through lately, and Hawk had to [email protected]#n near threaten the President to let him send us out here. I mean, this is cake compared to everything else. Sure, we got guys in the infirmary and stuff, out healin' their battle wounds, but the rest of us are fit to go. So here we are, after much debate, doin' our part to help out where we're needed. Me and Dusty have a group of Greenshirts in Iraq, helping the guys and gals here with their patrols. Man, this place is mean, but it's what we're trained for.

Wild Bill and Lift Ticket are here, too, helpin' relieve the chopper pilots some. Speakin' of which, we gotta rendevous with them in another ten minutes. Seems quiet out here so far. Looks like we may just have us a rather hot vacation spot he-...


Greenshirt: Daniel's is hit, everyone down!

Crud! I always speak too soon. Me and Dsty drag the kid back behind cover. He smiles and gives us a thumbs up, and shows us his wound. Sure enough, we're under attack, but they havn't gotten around our cover yet. Dusty examines the wound and chuckles, then looks up at me, giving me another thumbs up. He replaces me at the corner for cover, while I check the wound. Wouldn't you know it: kid's got the luck of Angel's with him... got hit square in the watch... and the blasted thing's still workin!! Let me just check somethin'... HA!! Figures!Timex!

Daniels is back on his feet, and the kids are ready. Me and Dusty split 'em into teams, and we flank the enemy position. Time to get down to business, so I get on the radio.

Beach Head: Wild Bill, one of my guys is painting a tearget for you... You wanna knock that do-do bird outta his nest for me so we can mop up his little do-do friends? Thank ya' kindly.

Time to go to work.

Beach Head, out


09-01-2005, 09:53 PM
Dr. Mindbender's log:

It has been a few weeks since the child was born. Anastasia is simply radiant, and James has finally gotten back to the task of leading his empire.

The BATs that I reprogrammed for construction work have operated tirelessly around the clock, and the outter castle is nearly complete. The inside is still rough, but livable. When it is finished, the entire castle will look as it did when the Destro clan originally built it, over 600 years ago... only newly reinforced... of course.

Instead of just brick and mortar, as the CATs (Construction Android Troopers) rebuils the walls and such, they are supporting them with treated titanium rebar driven through them. The blocks themselves are a mix of high-grade concrete and iron ore, instead of simple concrete, which, coupled with the rebars, makes the entire structure so solid, that it would take not one, but a series of atomic blasts to break through.

Destro has left me to design the new materials, but he hasn't really seen what they are, yet.


There, I have finally sent him the specifications, so he knows what is being done. I believe he'll be pleased. As I await his response, I believe I'll have myself a glass of wine, and listen to some Tchaikofsky. Life, so far, is looking up.


09-09-2005, 02:18 AM
The Diary of Big Boa

Dear Diary

I finally got around to making an entry in you. My sister in law sent me this diary for my birthday. It's called "A Young Ladies Journal" and it has a puppy on the cover and a padlock to protect it from nosy siegies.

I would have written in you sooner, but I lost the key, and then I threw you under my bunk because it made me sad. I was looking for another book (How to Stop Hating and Start Loving) when I found you. I could not open the lock, so I just hit it over and over and over. The lock came off, but some of your pages fell out too. Sorry.

Mindbender is making a big deal about something involving the Baroness. I tried to hang around and get involved...but I guess they figured I was just trying to be seen.

I decided I would cheer myself up by drawing a picture of Bazooka on my punching bag. I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM!!!!!! I used the "Magic Rainbow" felt markers I got (it was a good birthday.) but the picture stank! I got so angry I snapped one of the felt pens and started strangling the neck of my punching bag.

Uh oh, gotta go. Chow time.

Viper Commander
09-09-2005, 07:06 PM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

(On a rooftop of a barn, somewhere in the Hurricane disaster area) I think Zartan and Zandar want to kill me by now, but it wont matter if these people get to keep the food and supplies they need. I finish loading the damaged Hydrofoil with essentials and send the formerly trapped family toward a safe direction where they can be evacuated, away from the 6 approaching Dreadheads in Air Skiffs. When I turn around two small missile are already flying right at me, I manage to flip away a split second before impact, as the rooftop explodes I get thrown right into the path of an oncoming Airskiff. I throw Vance off of his purple Airskiff distracting the others to chase me instead of going after the evacuees I just sent off.

The Dreadnoks have been taking full advantage of the chaos, stealing anything of value and recruiting armed mobs into the Dreadnok's growing army. The news have been ordered to keep quiet about this, but some areas are completely overrun with 'Noks. They finally have the anarchy they wanted, and Zartan made it very clear to me he planned to keep this chaos going indefinitely. Somehow Cobra Commander has convinced Zartan to build his own Dreadnok empire with enforceable borders and territories. Not just in the disaster area, but a handful of other small southern communities have been silently seized by the Dreads. Nobody realizes it yet, but Zartan is slowly building an army to takeover the South. He has even built a giant Pirate ship out of a Casino boat he captured and is using it as a base to plunder all the other Casino boats.

As The Dreadheads tail my Airskiff, I lead them deeper into the swamps, into a narrow area with dense vegetation on both sides. I set the Airskiff to keep powering forward and climb to the back area of the skiff perched on the top of the seat like a gargoyle. As more missiles destroy the Airskiff Im on, I jump toward my pursuers chopping of each Dread's head with my Katana as I hop onto each crashing Airskiff. As I get on the last Airskiff, Otis jumps into the water in terror swimming away. As I leave the scene in his red Airskiff, I yell to him "Tell Zartan he can send anyone he wants, Im not helping him take advantge of this disaster!" Now, where should I go?


09-13-2005, 08:36 AM
Dear Diary (afternoon)

Well, today didn’t start off so good. This morning I went to open my new packet of protein powder and the whole darn bag ripped open! It spilt everywhere! Then later I was strolling down one of the hallways when I passed two vipers. I heard one of them pass a comment...I think he was talking about the new uniform designs...but I really think he said something about Boa and Roid Rage. ROID RAGE!!! THAT’S SUCH A FRIGGIN LIE!!! I just got so mad, I made him lick Raptors floor clean. WITH HIS TOUNGE!! I mean, I don’t suffer from Roid Rage...GAH! Just thinking about it makes me want to smash something...

Dear Diary (Evening)

Well, I put in a request for a new locker, I hit my one so hard, the door fell off the hinges. I tried to access the central computer so I could find a photo of Bazooka. But the stupid thing is just so stupid and dumb! IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE! What the heck is a Shift? Or a F7??? I was about to headbutt the screen when a Tele-Viper ran in to stop me. He said tomorrow he would get that picture for me. I said thanks and butted him instead, just to keep him on his toes.

Viper Commander
09-14-2005, 08:47 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

I was apprehended by Storm Shadow, not long after my scuffle with the Dreadheads, I was ambushed by a Joe arrest team. Shockwave had a large net launcher that ensnared my Airskiff, and Storm Shadow dodged a short burst from my SMG to shoot me with a blowdart.


Viper Commander
09-15-2005, 02:10 PM
(Sorry fellow players, been busy lately so I dont wanna hold up the game. The following characters are now open for the taking:

Nullifier #68 (Armor-All)
Cobra Commander

I am only keeping two characters:

Cobra Ninjatrooper (Codename Recluse)
Storm Shadow AKA Thomas Arashikage

The next entry for the open chracters will claim that character, thanks! :D:D:D)

09-16-2005, 02:14 AM
The Journal of Big Boa

Dear Diary

Bah! When I got out of my bunk this morning, I stepped on my favourite whistle. Just for that, I decided to drill those Viper punks extra hard. So, at the crack of dawn I kicked down the door of the first Viper bunker I saw.

Well! EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME! I just got a reprimand! I mean...come on, how was I supposed to know that it was a Night-Viper bunker? Apprarantly, a squad of NVs went blind this morning when I kicked the door open. DAMN PANSIES!

So...ANGRY! When I got back to my room I was so mad I threw one of my boxing gloves out the window. It hit the Tele-Viper that was on his way to help me with the central computer. The horseshoe inside it gave him a brain haemmorhage. What a wimp...first thing I'm going to do tomorrow is go to the hospital and P.T that little nancy.

P.S: Remember to tape Desperate Housewives!!!

10-10-2005, 12:51 PM
It's been a long sleep. I'm not sure exactly what happened, except that there was an intruder. A brief battle insued. I was injured... grievously. Whoever the assassin was most probably believes he left me for dead, his mission accomplished. He was wrong.

Unbeknownst to others I work with, I still possess the DNA device Mindbender had been working on. I still had the files he he had given me on it's operation. And the source subject was still in place. All I had to do was have Tomax and Xamot hook it up... then hook me up. The end result is a rousing success.

I have no idea what my state of mind was before the attack. All I know is that I am having to clean up a mess I appereantly made during a brief period of rather flamboyant insanity. I forced out my greatest allies and backers. It is time to begin anew. To rebuild an empire worthy of the name Cobra. But first, a little house cleaning to do.

*Gunshots issue in the distance as if from another room. A brief bout of screaming can be heard, but is suddenly silenced as thre shooting dies down.*

Well, that takes care of the "male harem" someone must have thought would be amusing.

Segies: Commander... your pink lemonade, sir.

*another pair of shots ring out in unison, and a body is heard falling to the floor, as well as a sound of shattering glass.*

Good... that takes care of the lemonade probelm as well... I hate lemonade. I hate the color pink in general. And I hate... no, I loathe... whoever did this to me. I have changes to oversee... ammends to make... and empire to rebuild.

Tomax! Xamot!

Tomax: Yes sir!

Xamot: What would you ask of us?

Find me Dr. Mindbender, Destro and Zartan. Do not make the mistake of attacking them this time... inform them that I wish an audience. It is time to rebuild to what we once were.

Tomax: Your wish...

Xamot: ... is our command...

Tomax and Xamot: ... COBRA COMMANDER.

Oh, but youre wrong, boys... this is not my wish... this... I Command!

The smiles on their faces tell me they believe in me once more. Cobra is about to begin a new age, a new era. Things will be different this time.

Oh, and deliver two extra messages to me... one to Destro and the Baroness: Congradulations on the addition to your family... perhaps this one will not fail your family name. And to Mindbender... tell him... tell him "it worked", and that Cobra's leadership is now a "single embodiement"... as he had planned.

Tomax and Xamot: Yes, Commander.

They leave to go about as they are told. No doubt news such as this they will carry themselves. I trust those two about as far as I could throw a Dreadnok Thunder Machine... but it's a start. And it seems they kept a wonderful eye on my accounts while I was away. Now I must plan. I must organize. I must practice my katas. Hmm... must be something in the DNA. Heh heh heh.

Soon I will meet with all of my former associates. The following day will begin a new age for Cobra. This... I COMMAND!


10-11-2005, 03:29 AM
The Diary of Big Boa


I did a run around the base this morning, almost bumped into a siegie carrying some lemonade. Then I stopped by the medical to pay a visit to the Tele-Viper. Apparently, he is in coma or something...BAH, sounds like commie-nancy bs to me! I gave him a shot in the gut, then this machine he was plugged into started beeping real loud so I got the heck outta there.


Pretty good day...cleaned my helmet while watching my collection of Idols videos. Got so into a cleaning kind of mood that I decided to make Viper 237 clean the head.

With his eyebrows.

10-13-2005, 12:12 PM
Personal log.

It has been a while. I have been busy with many projects and have not had time to reflect. It had been a few months sense the events that shook the M.A.R.S. foundation. Although in the aftermath M.A.R.S. has become more stable than ever before.

Wraith has proved time and again to be a true leader in out time of need. Scrap Iron and Wraith have recaptured all but one of M.A.R.S.’s testing and manufacturing facilities. The other befell and unfortunate accident when some of its ammunition exploded turning it into a pile of scrap. As for the countries that turned on me, most have renegotiated contracts for weapon purchases. At a higher price. The few that stayed defiant will have to deal with their enemies new found weapon stockpiles. I made them offers they could not refuse. All in all M.A.R.S. is back to operating efficiently.

Here in the “castle”. I was saddened upon waking up and seeing the original walls destroyed. Although I was pleased to see that the Iron Fortress I have built withstood the assault. The new exterior of the castle will look the same as before, but with a new technology Mindbender has come up with, it will be stronger.

Speaking of Mindbender. His loyalties to me seem to be unwavering. He captured Alexander trying to break into the nursery to kill my beloved Anastasia and then unborn Logan. Upon interrogation and testing it seems Alexander was brainwashed by Cobra to do his biding. Alexander is slowly being allowed more freedoms as his progress is watched. I have has a long discussion with Alexander. It seems we see eye to eye now.

While on the subject of family. We have a new addition, Logan. He is doing well along with Anastasia. The Baroness seems to have taken to motherhood very well. Although I believe she is getting restless here in the castle with her new “duties”. Mindbender has created a few BATS to help out. Now that things have settled down I will have more time to spend with them.

I am still looking through all the security videos. Something just feels wrong. I have not been able to place my finger on it. But I will find it.

Destro Out.

Viper Commander
10-15-2005, 02:47 PM
Taskforce Delta V/A Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

It has been a while since my cousin was taken into custody. The trial and sentencing didnt take long, but afterwards Recluse was taken by some men in black suits. Duke sensed something amiss, so we tailed them.

Surprisingly, the black suits took Recluse to a small airport in a resort town and handed him over to the Baroness! She immediately unlocked his restraints and handed him a large metal suitcase. Right at this time, brother Snake Eyes shows up with Scarlett. We decide to stop the Baroness then and there.

Tommy Arashikage, Logging Out

Viper Commander
10-15-2005, 02:55 PM
Dear Diary,

We ran into the Baroness stealing our prisoner! Right before us Joes made a move, the Baroness looks right at our hiding place and cracks an evil grin. Scrap Iron steps out of the chopper behind her and aims a big launcher type weapon right at us! As a rocket flies at us, we scramble out of our hiding place. The Baroness, Recluse, and Scrap Iron leave without a worry and we are left with more questions than answers...

Conrad S. Hauser

10-16-2005, 12:22 AM
Dear Diary,

I had quite a nice change of pace today from the normal routine of the past few months. It seems that Recluse had been tried and found guilty. Seeing as how invaluable he is to our cause, Destro quickly arranged for his "release."

Scrap Iron and I met Recluse at the appointed drop off point. Nothing too exciting about that, but luckily some Joes decided to play hide and go seek with us. Scrap Iron had been itching to try out one of his new toys and they gave him the perfect opportunity to do just that. I was able to take a few pictures of the Joes scrambling around trying to find cover. It will go quite well in my scrap book. Afterall, isn't it said a picture of worth a thousand words?

Once we were safely on our way, I called back home to make sure that Logan is alright and to let Destro know everything went as planned. Dr. Mindbender has made the cutest nanny to take care of Logan when I'm off doing my "thing". I've put my own little program in the that will make sure that Alexander will not be near my son.


10-16-2005, 03:42 PM
I awake and find myself surrounded by Crimson Guardsmen. Not a comforting thing, as I instantly remember Destro's son, Alexander's treachery as he abducted my organization and had me arrested by my own personal guards. For some reason, in the thrall of my insanity, I had these manaquines dressee in CG uniforms and aligned in my chamber. Foolish thing if it invokes that sort of reaction. I will have them removed immediately. I am sure the wepons and uniforms can be put to better use in the field.

As I dress, I recall today's appointments. Tomax and Xamot should be along soon...


Cobra Commander: Yes, what is it?

Intercom: Sir, the Twins and Major Bludd are here for your meeting.

Cobra Commander: I'll be out shortly.

Intercom: Yes sir.

Comfortably early, as usual. I expect nothing less. And I will accept nothing less. Cobra has been far too lax these past few years. It has cost me one of the greatest scientific minds on the planet, the largest arms dealer in the wrold, and the best spy in the business. I aim to have Minbender, Destro and Baroness Anastasia at my side again. And soon. These clowns had better have good news for me. Some impulse yesterday had me order a gallows erected. That must be something from my new DNA, and I am not entirely sure I want to know what, but it looks interesting. The Constructo-Vipers did an excellent job on such an ancient device. I may even stop fighting the eurge to order a guillotine built, just to see what they can do with it. But that... is for another time.

Ah, that's better. The dark blue of this suit really does exude power. Tomax and Xamot were right. And the tie of the same color is exquisite. A black shirt instead of a white one? Hmmm... I see what they meant about catching attention. As I lift my hood, though, and look into the eyeless holes in it's center, I wonder... it is the same color as the suit... but if I am changing things...

I set fold the hood and tuck it into an inside pocket in my suit-coat, then retrieve my shades the ones being used by my new Cover-Vipers and slide them on. Looking in the mirror, I see excellent version of what I wanted. This will do nicely for the day's events.

Ah speaking of Cover Vipers, here is the report from one I have in the field now. The one I had tailing Recluse. Complete with photos of... oh... what's this? I see. Seems the Baroness has reclaimed her profession... and Scrap Iron is back to working for destro as well. And on US soil, at that. Perhaps my agents were able to get a message to destro and his people. Good.

Now I go to meet with my current top officers... at least until they contact Destro. And contact destro they will. This... I command!


10-16-2005, 04:11 PM
Mindbender's log:

Early morning in Trans Carpathia. I have just finished my morning cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the mountains. A truly wonderous site... inspirational even. I love this place. I also checked my bank account... looks like yesterday was payday, and I forgot all about it. Not to mention, it seems my latest development... the plasma launcher... must have passed it's field testing. My bonus for it was in as well. I told Scrap Iron he'd love this one. Obviously, so does Destro. Life... as they say... is good.

AsI enter my laboratory, though, things get interesting.

Computer: Good Morning Carl.

Mindbender: Good morning computer. Anyhting I need to know this morning?

As the computer begins rattl;ing off the goings on of the night, I decidee on a cup of tea to calm me from the coffee. Can't be jittery when working on delicate circuitry, and I have work to do. But, as I get the water brewing, the mint smell already filling the room, the computer says something that catches my attention.

Mindbender: Computer.

Compnuter: ... at approximately zero-four-twenty-si... yes Carl?

Mindbender: Go back to zero-two-twenty-three.

Computer: Yes, Carl. Zero-two-twenty-three: Alexander McCullem Destro enters laboratory with Techno-Grenadier #116... slices into comuter system... removes evidence of Alexander's lack of brainwashing at the hands of Cobra Commander.

Ah, so it seems Mr. Alexander wishes to go back on our bargain. What he doesn't realize, is that my thinking was not for his benifit, but the benifit of the Desrto... and therefor the MARS... and therefor my own... future. This organization can run just fine with or without him. As a matter of course... it can run much smoother without. Good thing I know about redundant backups.

Mindbender: Computer.

Computer: Yes Carl?

Mindbender: Open the file I had you pause and hold that was sent to destro.

Computer: That file has been deleted, Carl.

Mindbender: Has it now? Computer, open the backup redundant file, codenamed A-Brain.

Computer: That file has been deleted, as well, Carl.

Mindbender: Ah... #116 is a good one, isn't he? He may be salvageable, yet. But let's see just how good he really is. Computer... pull up file "The Mental State of the Warriors of the Scottish Highlands"... open file "Clan McCullen"... open file "Linneage"... open file "Alexander"... open file "SOM"... encrypt twice, and decode.

I wait and smile as I know no one could have found this one. The file must be encrypted twice, and then decoded, and then and only then... can it be read for it's proper contence.

Computer: File:: TO: Destro, FROM: Mindbender, RE:Alexander's Brain Wave Scanner results... retrieved and ready to send.

Mindbender: Good. Computer... send the file, please.

Computer: Yes, Carl. File sent to Destro's personal desk. Would you like to send a copy to the Baroness?

Mindbender: Yes... yes that is a capital idea.

Computer: Copy #2 sent to the files of the baroness.

Mindbender: Good.

I pour myself a cup of the minty tea, and take a sip. The tea mixed with the euphoric feeling I get from my current goings on work to calm me. I sit at my workbench, with the table to my back, and smile behind me cup. Yes. Life is very good indeed.

Mindbender, out.

10-17-2005, 07:40 AM
Dear Diary,

After I arrived home, I made sure that Recluse was shown his quarters. I am not sure just how long he plans on staying here, but his accomodations were set up for a long term period.

Logan is doing well. I caught Destro playing with him when he was supposed to be having a meeting with some "customers." The nanny stood silently to the side taking in the surroundings. There has been no sign of Alexander, but then again he usually stays out of my way. He may have been brainwashed by CC, but I will never trust him again.

After laying Logan down for a nap, I sit down and catch up on my correspondences. I have quite a few....this will take some time. There's even one from Dr. Mindbender.


10-17-2005, 08:01 AM
The Journal of Big Boa

Dear Diary

An announcement was made over the P.A system about a possible assassin in the Viper Legions. They said he was attacking incapisi..sleeping guys in the hospital.

Man! That's some sick stuff...better watch my back. Which reminds me, must pay a visit to that Tele-Viper.


SO ANGRY! When I got to the Tele-Viper, his appearance was so damned sloppy. I could see he hadn't shaved in days. So I started yelling at him...the sissy just lay there. I was about to strangle him with his catheter when a Medi-Viper ran up to me. He started talking all this crazy gibberish...something about a coma and disturbing the other patients. I got sick of his backchat so I hit him.

He fell down after that and went all quiet. Gotta talk to someone in the High Command about the lack of discipline in the ranks lately.


Aaah, nothing like some hand-to-hand combat drills to cheer me up. Me and Alley Viper Squad 0-14 had some sparring matches. Alley-Viper 27 told this story about Frag-Viper 642 and a runaway donkey did we laugh.

You really had to be there though.

10-18-2005, 11:58 AM
From the data files of Felix Straton, aka Mercer, CO: Mercer's Marauders...

CUT! I can't believe this. The team goes out of their way to find me and jerk me back into this whole mess. I help organize... and even participate in... a major assault on Cobra Island, which ends up with Serpentor out of the picture... again! And now I'm one of the many cut from the team. Hawk says the jugglers are behind this. I really hate those guys. They have started downsizing the team, and they're using whatever means they can to puch us out. It was easy for them to ace me and Covert... former Cobra officers that we are, it was just a matter of time. Sure, there's Storm Shadow, too, but he has Snake-Eyes to vouche for him. We've got squat. But that's okay. Hawk and I had a long talk about this, and I think things are gonna work out just fine.

Ah, here we are, Of course, before I can knock on the door, it opens, and there stands Col. John "Covert" Stryker, all ready to "take a hike, snake", as the jugglers' messenger so eloquently put it. He and I had already known this would come eventually, and started talking about rebuilding my merc unit. So far we have me in charge and him as my second. A silent nod is all that's needed as we head down the hall towards the tarmac where my Humm-V's parked. When we reach it, I see most of the new team... perhaps all, depending on how things go... are already waiting.

Elija "Extreme" Frost... cut from the team because of his "unorthodox" battl;efield techniques. Said he was more a danger to the person he was rescuing and treating than a help. Funny. They must not have seen him in New Orleans.

And a new guy... cut from the team for the same reasons as me and Covert... former cobra... Chico "Gecko" Torres, a former Cobra Jungle Viper. He was kind of forced into joining Cobra when they took out his village. He survived and did his own guerilla raids on the new regime until he was caught. A master of camouflage, though, Gecko was no easy catch for Cobra's Ninja Vipers... he took out all but three of their unit before he slipped and twisted his ankle on a muddy embankment. He had only been with Cobra... forced into service at that... for about three months when me and Covert met him and captured him while doing some recon on that base. Thanks to him, Covert and I were able to make sure there's now no sign of a Cobra base in that area of the rain forest. Alot of scortched earth and debris... but the jungle reclaims it's own fairly quickly.

As we are loading the Hummer, John tells me he is going to meet with our other "hopeful", and heads off. Sure, old man. Bug out just when the manual labor starts.


10-18-2005, 12:04 PM
From the data files of John Stryker, aka Covert, XO: Mercer's Marauders...

I knew this was coming. Those Jugglers that I overheard Hawk and Duke talking about were late, in my opinion, when it came to giving me the axe. But here I am. And heading out on a new endeavor, yet again. Turns out Hawk plans to keep our number for future use, though. He's a good man... I'm proud to have worked for him. That little weenie, Duke, though, I'm not to sure about.

Anyhow, Mercer comes to my door just as I am opening it to go find him. He looks as if he thinks I'm psychic and already knew he was there... let him... adds to the "mystique", or whatever. We get our gear to the Hummer Mercer recently bought, and greet our two cohorts. I leave my gear with them while they all get better aquainted, and I go to find our next possible recruit. The Jugglers have just as much reason... maybe even more... to drop Storm Shadow as they do us. Let's just hope he doesn't want me to spar with him again. I'm getting too old for this.


Viper Commander
10-18-2005, 04:47 PM
V/A Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

While meditating in Brother Snake Eyes' dojo this morning, I was intruded upon by Gen. Gibbs, who brought a full arrest team to protect him. First he asked me if I was feeling the controls of the Brainwave Scanner, and then things took a turn for the worse. He accused me of arranging for Recluse to be freed and terminated my active status. Then, he handed me an arrest warrant while his men began to surround me with SMGs drawn.

At this time a flash blinded everyone in the room, for one such as I sight is not a weakness to be exploited, so in the ensuing confusion I disarmed eveyone silently and jumped up to the roof thru an open skylight. Just as I thought, Snake Eyes was waiting for me.

After signing to me to take off and find the other Joes who were cut from the team, he assured me that he still trusted me and will handle things on the Joe side. As I left the dojo in the shadow of the trees, a Humvee appeared down the road. A few seconds later I was latched onto the passenger door of the moving vehicle, tapping on the window for Covert to let me in.

Tommy Arashikage, Logging Out

10-18-2005, 08:10 PM
Dear Diary,

Luckily Logan has chosen to take an extra log nap today and Destro has been in meetings since my arrival back from freeing Recluse. I needed this solitary time to digest all the information my emails have provided me with. As far as my course of action goes, that is still undecided.

The first email I opened was from Dr. Mindbender. Its seems that my suspicions about Alexander had been correct all along. Although I had always known Alexander to be ruthless and ambitious, I never thought he was just plain stupid. What fool makes CC and Destro an enemy? Did he really think he could control both factions successfully? I cannot begrudge him for wanting to take over Cobra. Everyone has thought of that at one point or another. But, I cannot and will not over look the fact that he planned to murder my unborn son and I.......all of his own free will......just so that he would have control of MARS. Its a shame really. If only he had spoken to Destro about his fears, all this may have been averted.

My next email filled me with such loathing that I had to go down to the kitchen and help "tendersize" the veal we were to have for dinner. Once I had vented my frustrations and anger, I went back up and took a nice long shower. One of my most trusted contacts had just forwarded to me the contract Alexander had set up with Firefly to eliminate "the abomination" aka Logan. He paid a sizable amount to have it done. What surprises me though is that the contract was sent just a few days after the attack on the castle. It has been several months now and nothing has happened. Firefly is not one to refuse a contract and once he takes the contract, he always pulls through. My contact has tried in vain to locate him and he has eluded all efforts successfully so far.

The final email that was of consequence was from a confidante that not even Destro knows of. According to her, the GI Joe team is being down sized. Pink slips have already been given to those who were thought unworthy to retain the status of being part of the Joe team. She is still unsure why exactly this is being done, but knows that the "outcasts" are forming up on their own.

After the shower, I check the nanny to see who has had recent access to her. So, far there has been only Destro, Dr. Mindbender, and I who have helped in her programming. She now has orders to sound the alert if Alexander even comes within viewing distance of Logan. I need to gather my resources and plan what needs to be done just in case my beloved Destro does not handle this satifactorily. I have also alerted my other contacts to keep an eye out for Firefly. My confidante assures me that she will be discrete, but will get the help of those she trusts most to aid me in this.

The baby is starting to stir. I forwarded my emails to Destro. He must have time alone to digest this all too. Time to switch from Hunter to Mother.


10-19-2005, 05:05 AM
The Diary of Big Boa

Dear Diary

One of the headshrinkers suggested I take a little Arandare today. I had no idea what the heck he was talking about.

Weird thing though, when I reported for duty this morning, a siegie said that according to his roster, a Psyche-Viper had recommended that I be given a few days leave. Heh...must have been some sort of mistake, but I didn't argue.

Me and Interrogator decided to go catch a flick at the Cobrascope. (Oh cool!!! Interrogator has like, the coolest helmet!!!) Wasn't much showing though, some stock footage and propoganda reels. At the Cobra Club, Interrogator tripped a Viper carrying a crate of beers. (HE IS SO COOL!!!)

He told me that Bombstrike is such a hottie and that he wouldn't mind strapping her to his special chair sometime. We both laughed and I said "yeah"...even though I didn't really get it.

It was a good day.

10-19-2005, 11:02 PM


You gotta be $#!%%!& me!! After as long as I been with this team, and now they go cuttin' on th' [email protected]#& roster... again!? We got a country to defend, a war to wage, and an enemy that's doin' God knows what out there, and their cuttin' our manpower down! AGAIN!!! This can't keep happenin' Either Hawk needs to do somethin' 'bout these juggler morons, or there won't be a Task Force Delta no more! Thank God, at times like this at least I got greenshirts to take my frustrations out on.

Beach Head: You!

Greenshirt Watknis: Yes, Master Sergeant?

Beach Head: get that sorry pile of worn out dish rags you call a platoon and get them out on the tarmac in full gear. NOW!! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!

Greenshirt Watkins: YES MASTER SERGEANT!!

God truly does work in mysterious ways. I'm feelin' better already.

Beach Head, out.


10-20-2005, 12:48 AM
Personal Log.

I have just returned from a long assignment in Trans Carpathia. After infiltrating Destro's castle while he was rebuilding. I blended in with the rest of the Iron Grenadiers. Numerous test run by Mindbender trying to find any Cobra operatives. I am so use to Cobra Commanders machines these where no match. Seeing as they were all built by the Dr. For the last month I have infiltrated all but two rooms in this castle. One which I assume is Destro's, being the only one seen in or out of it. The other is my targets room. I must say Destro does have a good system, but its only a matter of time before I got through.

But yesterday I got a surprise. Another message from Alexander canceling the hit. Hmmm almost kept on, just for the challenge. Heading back to the barracks I saw Alexander and so tech guy come out of Mindbenders office. They seemed in a hurry so I followed Alex. I approached him in his room revealing my cover. After a short explanation of what was going on, he paid me to smuggle him out. HAHAHA he paid a fortune, getting out was simple. Destro's not trying to keep people in. We split ways once we got to a train station.

Well time to spend some of this hard earned cash. *beep*

How does Cobra Commander seem to know when I am free. His e-mail seems different....something about restructuring..blah blah blah. He wants me to come meet with him. Could be interesting. *beep beep* Ahh seems hes serious, my fee has arrived and its doubled with no talk of a job. Lets go see what Rag Head wants.

Firefly Out.

10-20-2005, 01:02 AM

I have been very busy taking care of matters for Destro. Between covert missions and helping around the castle, it has taken all my time. It's about midnight here in the castle. I am in charge of the night crew. Usually its quiet. I had just kicked back with my coffee...

Comm officer: Sir we have an unidentified aircraft on radar. They are not responding to hails.

Radar operator, SIR ITS A COBRA NIGHT RAVEN!!!!!

I spilled coffee all over me trying to stand and move forward at the same time. Just as I reached the view screen..

Tomax/Xamot: Greetings Wraith, good to see some one is up at this moment.

Wraith: Closed Comm Scramble the AGPS, Alert all missile crews to get to station, get me a line to Destro NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Opens Comm. What do you want?! You have 10 seconds to speak before the first missiles are fired. Closes Comm.

Tomax/Xamot: We are here on behalf of Cobra Commander. Destro should be expecting us.

A second screen lights up with Destro on it.

Destro : Wraith Stand down the missiles I was expecting their arrival. Have the AGP escort them into hanger 3, meet me there in 2 minutes.

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro!!! * his screen goes out* You heard him relay the orders!!!!

As I turned to head out Scrap Iron runs in relieving me of command. I can see he was dressing on the way here his ammo belts where inside out.

Till next time:

10-21-2005, 03:55 AM
The Diary of Big Boa

Morning and Interrogator had a blast last night! I was so wasted, I must have had like 3 beers!!!

I got sick in my helmet and fell in the mud on the way to my bunker, then I passed out...when I woke up this morning my wallet was gone. I hate this place sometimes.

Today is the second day of my leave, I had the Alley Viper division 6 Sergeant drill the troops. Right now I'm gonna do a bit of thinking.


An idea just came to me! I finally know what I've been missing in my life. Big Boa needs a woman! I'm very couth and swave...and my mom always said I was cool. I'm gonna do it!

Kind of scary though...the last date I had was when I took the neighbor girl to the prom. I didn't even want to go but my dad made me. I had to wear my grandads blue suit and she ended up running off with the quarterback. I stuck that tire iron so far up his anu...uh oh! Time for lights out!

The Faceless Master
10-22-2005, 05:49 PM
I apologize for not actively participating in this game the passed several months
i will make a conscious effort to keep this game going

the only thing i would like to ask of all of you participating right now
is to PM me the characters you are using so that I can clear up PAGE 1
of this thread...

thanks!! and plz, continue on & have fun!! :D

The Faceless Master
10-22-2005, 05:57 PM
Iron Anvil #1, audiovox journal entry #2

Wraith just requested to scramble the AGPs, time to get my... uh wait.
Apparently the Crimson Twins are here. Hmm I wonder what they want?

*knock knock* scrap iron: COME WITH ME, ANVIL... NOW!!

I help Scrap Iron with his knee pad, should i inform him that his ammo belts
are inside out?

The Faceless Master
10-22-2005, 06:05 PM
Log 22035

After a 3month leave of absence, I was ordered by General Flagg to return
to the GIJoe team, but now as the Urban Defense Commander, as well as
GIJoe's C.I.D. - Criminal Investigations Department, from what I have been
told, this is similar to the Internal Affairs Department of a Police Squad, so
I am non too thrilled about that.

First order of business would be to contact my deep cover operatives in
the major cities in the world. There is Agent Mace in New York,
Agent Bulletproof in Los Angeles, Agent Jinx in Toyko, Daina in Moscow,
Agent Quarrel in the UK, Agent Claymore in Brazil & Lady Jaye in San Francisco.
There are murmurs in the streets that a Crime Organization calling themselves
the Black Dragon are being somehow linked to Cobra. We'll soon find out.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing out
ps - its good to be back.

*edit = added Agent Quarrel*

The Faceless Master
10-22-2005, 06:40 PM
Crimson Guard #197709 Log 9
*Leaving the deep inner sanctum of the Main Cobra Terrordrome on Cobra Island

Our highest ranking Crimson Guard who we jokingly called Overlord cuz of his
eerie impersonation of Cobra Commander, actually ordered us to refer to him
as Overlord from now on...
A lot of the Crimson Guards are mumbling about a new leader being "created"?
Everybody is hush hush about this project, however. Only the hierarchy are
being discussed with at this point.

I am currently piloting the Crimson Command Copter with the Twins in the back
& was ordered to head towards Destro's Castle. Hmm, i expect a luke-warm
welcome on our approach.

Agent Faces, out

10-23-2005, 12:14 AM
Dear Diary:

Some of the guys were making fun of my shirt again today. Let them try to get a football jersey with these stripes, it costs me a fortune in personalization costs. Made me so mad I wanted to spit, so I did.

P.S. That reminds me, I need to buy some more bubble gum.


10-23-2005, 12:38 AM
Dear Diary:

I knew it they hate me. Destro said I would get my own Battalion, and CC said I would be on the front lines like Napolean, than they gave me my new assignment...Ice Cream Soldier...I can't take I am going to jump into one of our guys gun fire. Knowing their aim they will still probably miss. Who am I suppossed to scare except myself in the mirror. I'm not even a viper just a soldier I feel so abused. Even the tele-vipers make fun of me, and they're geeks. HRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAuyyyyfvytdcyyyyyyyyyyt. Sorry diary I just lost it there for a minute, well at least I am not an Eco Warrior. Bwahahahaahaha!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly

MB a.k.a Ice Cream Soldier (blak it just makes me cringe)

10-25-2005, 06:59 AM
The Diary of Big Boa


Dear Diary

Woke up feeling lucky today! I'm going to go cruise the Cobra Club tonight and find me a lucky lady. First off I hit the showers, I whipped a couple of Viper recruits with my towel. Haha, we all laughed, well I did anyway. One of them ended up with a broken arm. What a mary!


Used two cans of Brut as well as a bottle of cologne. (Taking a spare just in case.) Interrogator says it's a better af...afro...afrodizzyiac than chocolate.

What does 70's hair have to do with anything? Haha! He's so crazy!

I polished my helmet up so good and got out my white polyester suit. I wore a couple of gold chains and medallions and some do I look sharp. Interrogator says you gotta show a lady who's boss. So I'm taking a picture of Cobra Commander with me too.

Wish me luck diary!

Viper Commander
10-26-2005, 07:10 AM
Dear Diary,

I am to deploy in one hour, this time to Thailand. The Thai cabinet recently approved the purchase of 20,000 M-16s and seven U.S. made Attack helicopters. All the weapons are going to the security forces for the three southernmost provinces, where daily shootings, bombings, and arson have killed 1,000 this year due to separatists and organized criminals with ties to local police. Intelligence was intercepted about a plan to hijack these weapons, and my CIA contacts have asked me to help. This time Im not going as Duke, but simply Agent Hauser. When I get back, Im going to check up on Cobra and MARS, things have been too quiet over there lately, ever since we found out the Cobra Commander we captured was only a decoy.

Conrad S. Hauser

(Duke starts to type some emails of encouragement to his buddies stationed in Iraq, and to some of the other Joes out on missions around the world right now.)

Viper Commander
10-26-2005, 07:22 AM
V/A Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

We have been driving in this Humvee for a long time, but Covert has not said a word since he let me in. I am perplexed as to my next move, but I think all will be explained when we reach our destination.

Tommy Arashikage, Logging Out

10-26-2005, 10:50 AM
Snake Eyes' Digital Journal.

I am currently on a "plain clothes" mission with Duke... for now operating under his real name, Agent Hauser... and we are escorting a very large contigency of military hardware to Thailand. Duke brought me along as another Agent, with the military not knowing any difference as it is, except for myself, Duke, and Hawk, back at HQ.

Of course, the Agency and these guys don't know my real name, so Hacker put together a file for me, in which he improvised a name: Agent Plissken. My... he's a funny man. Of course, Duke took one look at my ID and fell over laughing. Hawk, on the other hand, simply shook his head and replied, "I don't get it." Anyhow, looks like Duke is ready to brief us on the rest of the mission's parameters.

Snake Eyes, out

10-26-2005, 11:07 AM
From the data files of John Stryker, aka Covert, XO: Mercer's Marauders...

I've been silent for most of the drive here, and although Tommy is doing a great job of hiding it, I'm pretty good at reading people, and he's getting uncomfortable. Not to mention, we'll be at HQ before too long, and he really needs to know what's going on before we get there. Time to break the silence.

Covert: I'm sure you're wondering what's going on.

Silence. Figures. I worked close enough with Snake Eyes during my time with the Joes to expect that.

Covert: Several Joes have been cut from the team due to their former ties with Cobra, or just because the higher ups don't like them.

Storm Shadow: The Jugglers.

Well, at least he's abreast of the politicians.

Covert: That's what we're all thinking. So the first people cut from the team were, of course, me and Mercer. You, of course, were a logical choice as well, but they didn't find out about you until later. They thought you were still on the run. But when they found you... well, let's just say I was almost too late. But thanks to Snake Eyes, you got out just fine, anyhow.

Strom Shadow: Yes.

Covert: Anyhow, Mercer has begun putting together a new merc unit, formed from those of us that were cut. Mainly the former Cobra agents, such as myself, him and his new friend. Plus we have Extreme.

Storm Shadow: The medic? Let me guess... he was a danger to himself and anyone he attempted to rescue?

I simply nod. He laughs, and shakes his head, which I think to be a good sign.

Storm Shadow: Well, I certainly agree that he has earned his codename. But he has put that recklessness to alot of good use too. Is that where we are going, now? Mercer's new headquarters?

Again I nod. He returns it with one of his own, and we go silent again. I really wanna trust this guy, but I have seen him in action too many times for Cobra. He and Mercer worked together as Joes for a long time, but I get the feeling he feels the same about me as I do about him. Neither of us completely believes the other has left the snakes. Guess we'll just have to see.


10-26-2005, 11:30 AM
Word has now come back from Fire Fly. Seems I have his interet piqued, at least. I figured that "down payment" would do the job. He should be on his way, as we spoeak.


Cobra Commander: Yes, what is it?

Televiper: Sir, message from the twins.

Cobra Commander: Patch it through to my office.

Televiper: Yessir!


Tomax: Good morning, Commander.

Xamot: Commander We hope you had a good breakfast.

Tomax: It appears you're going to have a busy day.

Cobra Commander: If I needed a nanny to wake me up, I'd have had Mindbender make me one! Speaking of which, what do you have for me?

Xamot: *mutter-mutter-mutter* wrong side of the snake-pit *mutter-mutter*...

Tomax: Shhhh.... Ah, yes, we are inside Destro's castle now, and awaiting his availability. It seems he is still making a few repairs from the attack Alexander had carried out in your name. But to be honest, even with repairs going on... it already seems quite the impregnable fortress.

Why do I even put up with these two!?

Cobra Commander: IF I WANTED INTELLIGENCE REPORTS, I WOULD HAVE SENT A COVER-VIPER!! Perhaps you forget that I am trying to get Destro back on my side! And perhaps you forget that you are within Destro's own walls, where he sees and hears everything you say, do, and even THINK!!
Especially if the reports are true that Mindbender now works for him.
Silence. Well, I suppose that answers that question. Of course, where else would Mindbender have gone? The Joes?

Cobra Commander: Well?

Tomax: Ah, yes... about that, Commander...

Xamot: ... it seems this is indeed where the good Doctor has vanished too. He was with the contingency of Grenadiers and... um... BATs... that greeted us here.

Cobra Commander: BATs?

Xamot: Yes sir...

Tomax: ... Ninja... BATs... to be precise.

That was my idea. He was supposed to build those for me. But the ones he made for me had bugs he needed to work out. Why didn't he... ah... in my mental state, I cut his funding!! I have alot to atone for. And alot of rebuilding to do. But my new best friend is going to help me.

Tomax: Sir? Oh, sir, the Grenadiers are coming back. I believe Destro is ready for us.

Cobra Commander: You two had BEST be on your BEST behaviour while in Destro's presence. And boys...

Tomax and Xamot: Yes Commander?

Cobra Commander: While you are in Destro's home... he is LAIRD Destro. Because if he is not pleased with what you have to say... Big Boa will not have to worry about his Everlast bill for a while.

A moment of silence before the inevitable.

Tomax and Xamot: Yes... Commander.

Tomax: Tomax...

Xamot: And Xamot...

Tomax and Xamot: ... Out.


Wonderful. Things are proceeding as I have forseen. I had best dress. Fire Fly should be dropping by for a visit according to his S.O.P., and I want to be ready to make him the offer of a lifetime. One that will benifit us... mutually, in many... many ways.


10-26-2005, 12:03 PM
Cobra Commanders chamber……

Firefly: So I see we are patching things up with LAIRD Destro.

Odd he didn’t jump like he normally does when I surprise him…..

Cobra Commander: Firefly so good to see you. You arrived sooner than I expected. How did you get in her….never mind

Firefly: Was in the area. Your request caught my eye.

Cobra Commander: Good, we will discuss our business soon, you know your way around. Ill contact you when everything is ready.

Firefly: You have 1 hour then I’m gone.

Hmmm… something seemed different about him. This may turn out to be more interesting than I thought.

10-26-2005, 12:26 PM
Hanger 3…

Iron Grenadier: Laird Destro Tomax and Xamot are awaiting your arrival in hanger three. We have gone through their helicopter. It appears to be clean. All but two Crimson Guard are being detained in hanger two as requested. The two with the Twins have been thoroughly searched and are clean. Everything is secure and awaiting your arrival.

Destro: Good we will be there momentarily.

Destro: Wraith get into position, If something goes wrong no one leaves the hanger except in a body bag.

Wraith: Yes Lord Destro.

He fades away.

Baroness: Darling we should not keep our guests waiting, they look nervous.

Destro: I have never seen those two twitch so much, be on your guard.

Baroness flashes Destro a wicked smile.

Destro: Mindbender!

Mindbender: Yes Laird Destro, all BAT units are in place.

Destro: Good lets go see what Cobra Commander wants.

The entourage steps into the hanger as the Iron Grenadiers snap to attention. The Twins stand up as Destro approaches the table.

Tomax and Xamot: Greetings Laird Destro,

Destro: Sit down, motioning to the Twins.

As the business men they are the Twins get right into it.

Tomax: Here are the contracts for the new weapon and vehicle order Cobra wishes you to fulfill.

Xamot: Everything is as we discussed.

Destro looks over the contracts, hands then to a Grenadier.” Everything looked to be in order, my Grenadier will have it confirmed in 5 minutes. If everything is good, most of your order is sitting 50 Miles off Cobra Island and will be delivered immediately.” Destro pauses for a second’ “Why is it Cobra Commander sent you two to handle a simple contract signing?”

You could hear a pin drop at that point as the room tensed up. The Twins look at each other………….

10-27-2005, 02:57 AM
The Diary of Big Boa

What a night!

So, I get to the Cobra Club and it turns out it's singles night! The place was crawling with the new Female Viper Division recruits. I tried to strike up a conversation with some of them, there was this one cute one in the corner, turns out she was in the Intelligence Branch. She asked me what good books I read lately, I told her books were for sissies and losers. For some weird reason she got all pouty! Women eh? Who knows.

I showed a couple of others a photo of Cobra Commander, they just looked at me funny and then, she walked in...

The new drill instructor for the Female Viper Division, I'd heard she was around but I had never seen her before. Her name is Diamondback, she has massive biceps and a mean looking helmet...what more could any single guy want???

I walked up to her and gave her the line that Interrogator told me to use. (I wrote it on my hand), so I say to her: "Hey, wanna find out why they really call me Big Boa?"

When I woke up in hospital this morning, I found out she had bruised 2 of my ribs, fractured my skull and knocked out 3 of my teeth.

I think I'm in love.

10-27-2005, 08:53 AM
Dear Diary,

After brief conferences with my network of "friends," no one still had any whereabouts where Firefly could be. That worried me quite a bit and so I made sure that surveillance was strictly adhered to on Alexander. It was only because of this that we were able to see him escape. Actually, it was more like see one of the IG help him disappear. Once interrogation had begun, it seems that a certain IG was not accounted for...his identity or his origins. Luckily for us, Dr. Mindbender had placed a tracking device inside of Alexander while he was unconscious. We have been tracking him now and noting all he comes into contact with. Those people will be dealt with accordingly. If Alexander thinks he can hide from me, he is sorely mistaken.

Destro has not had anything to say about the matter of Alexander, but has not objected to any measures I have taken to track him down. As far as what I will do to Alexander once he is back, we will just have to see. Death is such an easy way out and Alexander does not deserve that leniency.

There are more pressing matters at hand. CC, or at least the person we believe to be CC, has sent the twins to confer with us. All are on the alert and Logan is tucked away safely. I wonder what they have to say.


11-01-2005, 02:24 AM
The Diary of Big Boa

Dear Diary


I decided to check myself out of the hospital, one of the Medi-Vipers said that I had to stay for another day or two, I told him he looked tired and threw him across the room.

On my way out I ran into that Tele-Viper again, lying around as usual. So I says to him: "HEY SCUMBAG! IF BEING A LAZY SACK OF PUKE WAS A PAYING JOB, YOU'D BE A MILLIONAIRE!" He said nothing as usual, he said even less after I beat him over the head with a bedpan.

Doctors, pfft! What do they know, I don't have any head traaaaaaaaaaaammuhlnl...

Wow...felt kinda funny there for a second.

Doctors, pfft! What do they know.


SCORE! I got a date with Diamondback, she told me she does not usually date retards, but in my case she will make an exception. I knew she liked me! I think I will take her for a walk on the beach tomorrow.

I went to go ask Interrogator for some advice, he asked me if Diamondback had nice jugs, I told him I had never seen her place or any of her cutlery. He shook his head and said something about me being a cherry...I AIN'T NO FRUIT!!!

But then he laughed so I laughed too. That guy's so crazy! Haha.

11-01-2005, 02:39 AM
Evening. Time of the shadows. Time of the ninja. But also... time of Zartan. As I stood in my personal training room (what was once Storm Shadow's own dojo), I finally felt what Thomas must have felt when he was here. No one bothers you here. Not a thing in the world can interrupt you. It must be the way he built the place. Now I am glad that I surrendered the area to do so. It now serves me just as well as it once did him.

Fire Fly is still around. By his own word, he whould have left a few days ago. But for some reason, he sticks around, staying to the shadows and himself mainly, but every now and again, such as meals, he graces us with his presence. He sits and studies me... he knows things are different. He knows something is coming. This is why he stays. Well, that... and the money. He evn stands in the corner of this very room, I believe... always hard to tell with him. But it's not hard to tell that Zartan, hidden by his chameleon abilities, was stalking me at that very moment. He, too, has been here for a couple of days. Unannounced and unseen... by all but me, that is. Perhaps it is time to give them a demonstration of what they are to expect from here on out.

I allow Zartan to get a little closer, then snatch the samurai Katana from my waist. Down I go, and up it comes, blocking the downward striking blade that Zartan holds. I leaned forward and struck back, taking his foot out from under him. His surprise at my own movements was surely the only reason he went down so easily, but as always, he was quick to react and rise. As he came up, though, so did I. By the time he turned, the finely-honed edge of my blade rested on his sholuder, the edge drawing a fine line across the outter layer of his skin along his juggular. So easily, I could have taken his head.

Cobra Commander: Biker leather, swamp muck and the oil you used to hone your blade, Zartan. You should be more careful.

I straightened and sheathed the blade, then removed it and tossed it to the Ninja Viper in the corner. That reminds me of some of the business I have with Fire Fly. But for now, I will leave him to what Zartan, with but a few parting words.

Cobra Commander: I have all confidence that the others will be arriving within the next few days for the meeting. Enjoy your stay. The Ninja Viper will show you to your quarters. Oh, and Fire Fly is on the grounds as well. Put your differences aside while you are here, please.

As I exited, I paused out in the hall, out of view of those inside. I couldn't help but smile as I heard Zartan's rather uncharacteristic comment.

Zartan: Bloody 'ell.


11-01-2005, 02:45 AM
Snake Eyes' Digital Journal.

I can't believe how quiet this mission has been so far. We've already passed through Australia on our way to Thailand. I took the time to find one of those Internet Cafes and brought up my civilian line messenger. Found Shana, Chad and Sean all online, which was good. Wanted to see how they were all doing anyhow. Of course we all used pseudonyms to protect ourselves, but I don't think it was neccessary. Cobra doesn't often keep an eye on the civilian chat messengers.

As it turns out, Jinx has also headed to Thailand, and Kamakura, having worked for Duke before joining the team, is headed there to help her recon the place. Both will be undercover, and if it turns out we need them, they will be joining Duke and I with our Joe gear in hand. I know Duke didn't think of this before, but one of the mottos of anyone trained in the art of ninja is "always have a fallback plan".

Well, looks like this leg of our journey is almost over. I have things to do while we're on the ground.

Snake Eyes, out

11-11-2005, 04:52 AM
The Diary of Big Boa

Wow...what a perfect date.

I got to Diamondbacks quarters ten minutes early. (To make a good impression) I picked some flowers and got her a box of chocolates.

When she opened the door she made fun of my clothes, she's pretty witty! I gave her the flowers, she looked at them and chucked them behind her (I guess she is going to put them in water later.) I gave her the chocolates too, she said she doesn't eat junk and stamped on them. Wow! She's really into keeping fit!

I took her to the beach, I set up this table and candles there, real nice. Packed a picnic basket too. We had some protein shakes, she likes them as well! She said mine tasted like puke though.

A trooper came over and played the violin (I organised that.) I guess Diamondback is not a fan of classical music though, she broke the violin over her knee and kicked sand in the troopers face. Man...when she did that I got a funny feeling in my stomach, it was a good feeling, you know, like the kind of feeling you get after doing a set of 500 pound barbell curls.

I walked her home, she said that she did not need an escort, especially one that was a wimp. I said "Yeah, so it's a good thing you got me." she sighed and shook her head...I think we had a 'moment.' there.

I tried to kiss her goodnight and she kneed me in the good stuff. I had to wait about an hour before I could get up and walk again. I think it's sweet that she wants to take things slow.

12-07-2005, 01:07 PM
Snake Eyes' Digital Journal.

Over a month since Duke and I returned from our little courier job. Nothing much happeneing since then, mission wise. I know the war with Cobra goes on, but so far we are unable to attain thw whereabouts of their new base or what their next move may be. According to our contacts, the Dreadnoks, Destro and all remaining Cobra cells have all gone to ground, all vanishing at about the same time. We are preparong to send a team to Cobra Island to do a little recon there, and I am hoping to be chosen for it. With any luck, they'll let me lead the team and choose it on my own. Here's to hoping.

Snake Eyes, out

12-07-2005, 01:26 PM
Everything is going according to plan. Destro and the baroness seemed impressed... yet curious and aprehensive... concerning my changes, that much was evident, even over the hundreds of miles between us. The video conference the twins had set up was a wonderful idea, especially since Mindbender was able to block out any chance of interception or interference. He is remaining in the employ of Destro, and who can blame him? But he is at least accepting requests and commissions from me, now. Of course I am well aware that anything he makes for me, he will duplicate for destro, but just as well. Better to have more than less, I always say.

Speaking of the twins, they are in the process of training a new group of Crimson Guardsmen... the Crimson Shadow Guard the creme de la creme of the elite. Where as all Crimson Guardsmen are businessmen of some sort, these are the ones that also served the various mafias and yakuza families... the ones that knew how to fight before we ever thought of recruiting them. Bludd has also returned to my side, and is anxious for action. Fire Fly has gone back out on his own, but I believe he is making his own move to further my plans, as he actually told me he'd be reporting back. And zartan, vowing the same, returned to the Dreadnoks to begin his part. Evrything is moving along as I planned from the beginning. A pity it took this long and this much trouble and failure to get it right. Oh well, I suppose it truly is as the old saying goes...

"To make an omelet..."