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The Faceless Master
10-08-2004, 04:18 PM
- Write a post as if a GIJoe, Cobra, Dreadnok etc was writing in his/her diary or journal. It can be funny, serious, it can be related to other posts on THIS thread...

1> Keep it clean, Keep it fun
2> Once a boardmember calls dibs on a character, NOBODY ELSE can use him/her... ALTHO a boardmember CAN use multiple characters
3> Keep this going!!!! You dont have to limit yourself to ONE Character & ONE journal entry, update us on what YOUR character is doing!!

**NEW RULE AO 04.19.05**
4> If a character hasnt made an entry for 90 days, he/she/it will be up
for grabs again to be used by anybody currently participating in this game.

Characters Used:I will try to keep track of characters already used in alphabetical order to avoid any conflicts

- Agent Faces aka Crimson Guard #197709 = by Don
- Alexander = by NightTerror
- Baroness aka Anastasia = by Ny'Katia
- BeachHead aka Wayne Sneeden =by NightViperOne
- Big Boa = by Stampede
- Big Brawler = by James Strickland
- Breaker = by zark1976
- Chief Torpedo = *see Torpedo*
- Chuckles *Undercover as Dreadnok Knuckles = by Don
- Cobra Commander =by NightViperOne
- Cobra Ninja Trooper - codename RECLUSE = by Viper Commander
- Cobra Viper Python Patrol - codename RAMPAGE *RIP
- Conrad Hauser = see Duke
- Corporal Travis R. Flint - Greenshirt rank - new name Stoney? *RIP
- Crimson Guard Abernathy series #0005 = by Viper Commander
- Crimson Guard #197709 *see agent faces*
- Crimson Guard Commando # 000007 = by Viper Commander
- Crimson Twins <see Tomax &/or Xamot>
- Destro = by EXZ
- Dial-Tone = by James Strickland
- Dr Mindbender see mindbender = by NV1
- Duke aka Conrad Hauser = Viper Commander
- Dusty = by James Strickland
- Extreme = by NightViperOne
- Falcon = by James Strickland
- Firefly = by EXZ
- Flash = by zark1976
- Flint *RIP*
- General Flagg aka James L Flagg = by Viper Commander
- Golobulus = by Don
- GrandSlam = by zark1976
- Ice Cream Soldier = by ttfndude
- Iron Anvil #1 = by Don
- Jinx = by Saphyrea
- Law & Order = by Don
- Lightfoot = by Don
- LowLight = by Zark1976
- Lt Col Sure Fire = *see Sure Fire*
- Lt Falcon = *see Falcon*
- Meredith Bremmerman = *see Ice Cream Soldier*
- Mercer = by NightViperOne
- Metal Head = by NightViperOne
- Mutt = James Strickland
- Night Viper 1 aka COVERT = by NightViperOne - natch!! :D
- Nullifier #67 aka Porcupine per Baroness = by graz73
- Nullifier #68 aka Armor-All = by Viper Commander
- Nunchuk *RIP*
- Sand Viper 000006 = by Viper Commander
- Scrap-Iron = by Exz
- Spearhead & Max = as FLAGG Security
- Storm Shadow aka Thomas Arashikage = by Viper Commander
- (Lt Col) Sure Fire = by Don
- Tele-Viper 697 = by zark1976
- Tele-Viper 698 *RIP*
- Tomax = by NightTerror
- Tommy Arashikage <see Storm Shadow>
- Torpedo aka Edward Leialoha, also see Chief Torpedo = by Viper Commander
- Wetsuit, aka Brian Forrest = by NightViperOne
- Wild Bill = by James Strickland
- Wraith = by Exz
- Xamot = *taken over by NightTerror*
- Zandar = by NightViperOne

Finally... let the entries begin!!!

The Faceless Master
10-08-2004, 04:27 PM
Dear Diary,

Duke is wearing his 17th different uniform in the passed 6months. Getting kinda sickening actually seeing him dip his beak into every single sub-group... Night Force, Tiger Force, Anti-Venom, Star Brigade... sheesh, WE GET IT, you're our undisputed leader.

What about me? The only sub-group Hawk ever assigned me to was the unpopular Eco-Warriors, what the heck does an Eco-Warrior do? Scare away the Cobras with my neon suit?

Then I finally get a chance to prove my worth by being a Ninja Commando, but they scrapped those plans of expansion before it came into fruition.
Oh well, at least I still have my Lady Jaye!! ... or do I??


The Real Destro
10-08-2004, 08:58 PM
Dear Diary...

As respect to my family history, I share my thoughts so one day the world will be able to read about me and know me not only as Destro but as a great and powerfull man in which the Baroness loves so much of.

I was up for a full 24 hours selling AK-47's on the black market. Was so stressed over the fact that the Joes rerailed my cargo shipment of weapons to Africa. They will pay for that with every once of lead I have in my possession.

But I was so stressed that the baroness decided I needed a break and made me dinner in my castle. She wore this dress that could of made me rust. Her charm eludes me most of the time. Before I close this for the night..

Cobra Commander wants to have a meeting about the attack on Joe Headquaters. Seems that a storm is coming in with a thick fog.. I can not wait for this storm. Even now as the Baroness calls my name ever so softly I can not rest well till I get my precious cargo back.


10-08-2004, 09:10 PM
Dear Diary,
Another bungled heist this morning, remind me to have ripper flogged. And the family is as ungrateful as ever with Zandar never even bothering to thank me for saving his forgotten self a few months ago, my daughter won't bother to use a little foresight, maybe I should let her Aunt teach her a few things. Oh, and Roadpig... Donald, Whatever he calls himself today... God is that annoying. It's bad enough I lose the dreadnoks train of thought in mid-sentence, But I can't even be sure he was present for the entire sentence. I wish he'd just make up his mind already. On the plus side though, Torch and Burn out are almost though with my new custom bike. Oh, got another contract from Cobra Commander today. It seems I should become a general in the joe army and remind flint He to was part of tiger force, Then (just for fun) promote Duke to General. Oh, and steal the plans for their new thing-a-ma-bobble. What's he planning to do with that thing anyway? Sometimes I wonder why I work for that moron, then I look at my bank account and remember. I remember it's time to see how much Destro pays.

10-08-2004, 11:34 PM
Dear Diary,

Today I continued my work as the director of the private security force that people think is a terrorist organization, and made progress in my dream to become a world-famous rock star. For the first time, Gnawgahyde didn't threaten to shoot me two seconds after I started playing. He waited for five this time. Grandma sent me some cookies in the mail, but they all had bites taken out of them. I wanted fingerprints taken, but that's not necessary since I could see the crumbs on Cobra Commander's hood. Why are they so mean to me? I make this team work! They've gotta know this, because I'm in every cobra plan out there! I even got some field time in when we tried to take over that kindergarten that one time! I reprogrammed my missile launchers to only respond to my voice, but now they fire no matter what I say. I had to turn them off. I'm trying to work up the guts to ask Zarana out, but I don't know if she'll say yes. She spits at me every time I see her, so maybe that's a good sign. And Road Pig wants to bash my brains in. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow!
-Metal Head

10-09-2004, 12:30 AM
Dear diary,

Another rough day here on Cobra Island. At breakfast the Kitchen Viper burned my eggs, so I shot him and ordered a croissantwich instead. I then attended the morning troop rally, where I noticed Destro and the Baroness playing footsie before excusing themselves for a "strategy meeting". Riiiiight. Visited Dr. Mindbender's lab, where baldy showed me some kind of genetically altered cybernetic plasma powered something or other that will "Destroy GI Joe once and for all!!!". God I wish he'd stay dead. Some new experiment called Venomus Maximus crapped all over the floor and I stepped in it. Met Serpentor in the hallway on my way to get some new boots, tried to duck away before he saw me, but didn't make it. If I never have to listen to the "Frozen Pizza" story again it'll be too soon. One of these days I'll have Zartan put an arrow in him or something. At lunch the Kitchen Viper burned my grilled cheese, so I shot him and got a whopper instead. After lunch I attended the afternoon troop rally, where I noticed Tomax and Xamot playing footsie before excusing themselves. Eeeeeew. Cesspool filled me in on Cobra's middle eastern operations. He used his Star Wars action figures to represent Cobra forces again, but he used Oola as me so I assigned him to clean the Terrordrome toilets instead. Met with Raptor to discuss Cobra's finances. Apparently Croc Master has been making thousands of dollars worth of calls to Miss Cleo. I swear diary, I don't know where we find these people. Then the mail came. It seems that Firefly, Black Dragon, and the Night Creepers all want payment. Fat chance losers! Always collect your pay up front. At dinner the Kitchen Viper cooked my steak to perfection, but I shot him anyway. Settled in to watch some TV, but Zarana and Vypra were having a cat fight in the hallway outside my room. Schwing! Eventually I did have to have it broken up, but not before they tore each other's tops off. Schwing schwing! Tommorrow I've got a meeting scheduled with Big Boa, God I hope he doesn't hug me again. It's just soooo creepy.

Talk to you tommorrow,
Cobra Commander

Richard J.
10-10-2004, 01:16 AM
Tonight's raid is over.

The Commander's orders before I left were clear and concise. Surprisingly so. I was ordered to a GI Joe forward surveilance post in Afghanistan. Filthy country, but perfect for concealing a man of my singular talents.

I watched from several kilometers back as Joe Greenshirts laughed and joked, as they prepared a simple satelite comlink for transmission. This was my mission. Yesterday, the GI Joe desert expert Dusty captured one of Cobra's less savory associates, a man whose name I didn't bother to learn. He doesn't matter enough. What matters is the information the Joes may have learned from him.

The sat dish is proof. They know something of our operations here.

I moved closer, sliding along my belly, moving withen the shroud of rough desert sands, a dervish on a mission. The surveilance post is small and poorly guarded. Dusty has left and these Greenshirts are no true GI Joes. They lack the discipline of even the Commander's Viper battalions. They think they are alone. They think they are America's hope.

I think I will disabuse them of such foolish notions.

I entered on silent feet. I set my charges. As I disappear back into the sands of the star-lit desert, I see that the Greenshirt Communications officer is yelling at his troops to finish setting up the satelite dish. They must send their information to Joe HQ. I chuckle in the darkness of my heart.

Just outside the blast range, I take cover. I thumb the controls of my detonator. I breathe in life and exhale death.

The bomb goes off. Perfectly set, the Commander will be pleased.

My orders were clear, my mission went well.

Death was my mission, my mission was met.

Firefly out.

The Faceless Master
10-10-2004, 03:02 AM
Journal entry 100904

Strange day today...
Went to the mess hall to get some grub, but Heavy Duty was up to his strange experimental food again, so I decided to follow Snake Eyes diet of eating just an apple.
One of the tables that seats the techies, ie Breaker, Mainframe, Tripwire - all became silent as I passed by, as if I was the topic of conversation. Why me?
I headed over to Alison's table, and she seemed more irritated than anything to see me... cold... distant... All just one word responses...
Man, i feel like i'm back in highschool all over again...

On a serious note, another one of our temporary base camps setup in Afghanistan was bombed again. So far nobody is claiming responsibility. Gadd, Dusty was supposed to be head of security over there... slacker... He really SHOULD shower more often, might help his alertness factor.

Flint, signing out...

The Faceless Master
10-10-2004, 03:12 AM

Cobra Commander wishes that... journal entry or... our daily events.
Kind of difficult to... your brother always finishes... you.

Am REALLY irritated at the fact... lighter hue for the new... they are wearing PINK!!! For crying... to be a symbol of dignity in the Cobra Regime... Queer Eye.

...XAMOT!!! Queer eye is on right now!!!


The Faceless Master
10-10-2004, 03:13 AM
... Diary,

... we start some sort of... diary to keep track of...
... keep the sentences or trail of thought going when... your sentences for...

... that Baroness insisted on a... Viper uniforms. Now most of the uniforms look like... OUT LOUD, the color CRIMSON is supposed... and NOT the byproduct of watching too much...

OOh!! Which reminds me!! TOMAX...


The Faceless Master
10-13-2004, 11:59 PM
... *sigh*...

You'd think that women would take one look at me & I'd be busier than Wilt Chamberlain... no such luck tho...

...*sigh*... Haloween is coming up soon tho, the one day a year that me Nemesis & my Royal Guards can stroll thru the City Streets without being stared at...

til then, Golobulus

james strickland
10-17-2004, 02:10 AM
dear diary,
We lost a comunication from afganistan and the generals were not happy with that. They had me call some joes off leave. I hate to do that. Next, I had to call all the officers to the confrence room for a confrence.I had to make a satelite link to LT. Falcon and Capt.GridIron so they were in the confrence as well. I was training a new joe recruit on the com system this afternoon.I like this recruit just wish he pay more attention to what I was showing him then his gum. At lunch we had to eat heavy duty's cooking experiment, boy I can't wait for Road Block to come back from the jungle training center so we can have some great food around here.
Dail tone out

james strickland
10-18-2004, 02:01 AM
entry 50001
Today I returned to what I thought was camp after I herd a big explosion from my walk around the premeter to check on how things were looking. when I made it there was nothing but a chard tent and satlite dish. The crew are all dead including the prisoner I am dreading the return home. This being my first assignment with out any higher rank individuals here. I am just glad my journal was in my pack because I would fill lost if I didn't have it. Those two rookies are the ones who were expose to be gaurding the comunications officer and prisoner so, since they are dead I probly will get blamed, stupid rookies. At least, I can still call hq from the desert stryker, just hope it well get through.

james strickland
10-21-2004, 01:49 AM
log entry199999999
today I got to bring out my old trusty dragonfly for the air show at the air base. I miss flying that helicopter, because of the new night attack chopters,they are great but some thing about the dragon fly just makes me fill good inside, because of all the missions I have flown in, or the memories I have in this chopter, but it felt like getting on a old horse and riding all over texas. I have also been put in the new tanks I hate when I am signed to these I am a pilot not some dang armor soldier like my good friend steeler. I do really enjoy the new thunder wing jets I have flown them for two missions and I swear they are like flying in the conquest even though I have only flown them maybe once. I have also flown our little attack chopters called tiger storm they are like flying a fang. I really don't like when I am flying a tiger storm and I can fill the wind on my face if I flew into heavy fire I would be a deadman in my opinion. Airborne told me of his first mission in a sky sweeper today this makes me fill proud to know such a great guy and it is about time. I also wish I could see us use the good ole tomahawk and dragonfly for our air support again, for know they are just rusting away just like a dead horse on the open range.
see ya all later
wild bill

The Faceless Master
10-21-2004, 02:01 AM
Journal Entry 100905,

Abernathy is calling for an urgent meeting... no doubt that this is regarding that obliterated Afghan outpost that Dust Bunny was supposed to be supervising. Wonder if he's ok tho...

logging off, Flint

The Faceless Master
10-21-2004, 02:13 AM
Dear Diary,

Stupid Tomax... kicking me under the chair during lunch... not to mention good ol Cobra Commander giving us a disgusted look, what was that about?

Tomax knows I bruise easily... Not to mention that he feels my pain as well. Like I always said, I guess I'm the twin that got all the brains...


The Faceless Master
10-21-2004, 02:16 AM
Dear Diary,

Stupid Xamot... was kicking him under the table so he'd notice Cobra Commander's fly was open & his shirt tail was sticking out!! Tee Hee!!

I ended up kicking Xamot so hard cuz he wasnt looking at me, that I ended up bruising myself!! Not to mention the really disgusted look Cobra Commander gave us, what was that about?

Well, dear brother - its true you DO have all the brains, but due to your unfortunate scar, now I AM the only one in the family with the looks...


The Faceless Master
10-21-2004, 02:28 AM
I tried to shoo away Venomous Maximous from eating a stack of pancakes I had prepared for Croc Master, when i turned around, the eggs were burnt. Before I had a chance to stir up a new batch of eggs, Cobra Commander was at the doorway, grabbed a pistol from a nearby Seegie & shot me in the arm...

Using my other arm - good thing I am ambidextrous - I was prepping some Cajun-Style grilled cheese for myself... I guess CC thought it was his cuz he was staring at me from the kitchen doorway & yet again he grabbed a pistol from the same nearby Seegie & shot me on my other arm...

after visiting Scalpel, I was able to jot down a recipe for Mushroom Stuffed Filet Mignon from the Food Channel. Too bad I had no arms left - and so much for being ambidextruous - , so when I attempted to move the Steak with my chin & upper chest, I ended up dropping the slab on the kitchen floor several times, even "accidentally" tap dancing on it. Its amazing how big a splash it made when it "fell" inside the unwashed & unsanitized mop bucket filled to the brim with dark brown kitchen scum before I finally slid the steak in the oven.

CC came in, grabbed the steak, and had no complaints about the dinner, but grabbed the Seegie's pistol & shot me in the leg anyways... whew, at least I dont have to attend Big Boa's PT tomorrow!!

- Kitchen Viper

Richard J.
10-21-2004, 02:36 AM
Cobra Commander will be pleased when I report in.

Per his request, I have remained in Afghanistan. Although I am growing weary of this sand-choked nation, my sucess rate has been high.

Yesterday I met with a local arms dealer and Cobra agent. After enduring a lengthy request that I put in a good word with Destro about him, he finally provided me with blueprints for two government buildings. One currently houses American diplomats, the other holds something much more intriguing.

My first priority was the diplomats. The Commander has plans in motion here. Cobra must disrupt all American operations and distract GI Joe from our true purpose.

Chaos comes from destruction.

And I am the seed of destruction.

As I approached the diplomat's housing, I took a moment to admire the armed guards and hidden security devices. Truly the politicians withen must have felt safe. So many guns to protect them, so many cameras to see threats coming. I could picture them, sleeping like innocent children. Certain of their invulnerability.

Fools. No one is safe from Cobra's fangs.

I used a specialized tool of Scrap-Iron's to loop the camera feeds. Then, it was all too easy. Only one guard noticed my approach. Few ever hear me coming. I almost regret having killed him.

While setting my charges, I overheard something the Commander will find intriguing. To boost morale, there will be a USO show for the troops. Ah, such an opportunity for mayhem. Such chaos I could cause. I may attend, if the Commander allows. Perhaps Dusty will be there.

When I finished gathering intelligence, I quickly returned to the welcoming darkness. In my hand, the detonater. In my hand, the fate of a few politicians.

In this moment, I am Fate.

I cut the threads of their lives short.

A firey plume rose toward the star-filled heavens. It was beautiful, like a sonnet or a smphony. It danced for me.

As Afghan civilans came running from their homes, some to stare, some to cheer, but most to try and put out the flames, I faded into the darkness from which I had come. I will make my report to the Commander soon.

My orders were clear, my mission went well.

Death was my mission, my mission was met.

Firefly out.

10-21-2004, 03:47 AM
Dear Diary,

Scarlett needed a shoulder to cry on, so she popped by yesterday night. She has been seeing this guy for a month now and for no reason at all he dumped her over the phone! She had always thought they really "clicked". He was a real cool dude all dressed in purple and silver. He knew all about powertools and the two of them could talk about it for hours and hours. Anyway, Scarlett really felt bad, so we opened a bottle of wine and talked all night. She felt better when she left at 3.00 a.m. I hope she is OK now. As far as I know she is on the morning-shift and I know how she is when she doesn't get enough sleep.

Not feeling all that well today. A little hang-over, plus it is that time of the month again. I think I will cuddle myself in the sofa and watch Briget Jones' Diary. That will be the 25th time by now. I just love that movie! This afternoon Cover Girl will be taking me to the mall for some serious shopping and chocolate ice cream.



10-21-2004, 04:11 AM
Dear Diary,

Over and over I have told management that I feel like a sitting duck when on patrol. Orange and blue is cool for picking up ladies, but it does NOT camouflage anything. They refused to listen. Half the platoon got shot today when patrolling the suburbs. Our medieval shields really protected us. For crying out loud mine looks like *&&$&##@#@ Swiss cheese.

Alley Viper Platoon Leader

10-21-2004, 08:44 AM
Dear Diary,
I seem to have a problem, but I'm too embarrassed to ask the other Joes for help...
How do I get these big pegs off of my arms and legs??! All of the other guys seem to have no problem wearing uniforms without these pegs, but why can't I?!

I think Snake Eyes is laughing at me behind my back...

Hi-Tech said that these pegs would "Allow me to interface with my new BTR chopper".What a load of @%#*! What does he expect me to do? Have a propeller stuck to my arm?


james strickland
10-21-2004, 05:02 PM
entry 50002
called hq but no answer guess I will head to the base in afghainstan That way I can try there radio and get a better range. before I left camp I destroyed what was left of the satle lite and took down our tent and buryied everyone that took all week. I just hope I don't run into any trouble on my way to the US base here. Boy, I wish I could go home and get some of road blocks good meals these rasions are driving me nuts. I also hope too get some info on these chard pieces of the satalite and tent from the techies. I wonder how many at head quaters now what happened. I also have to much time on my hands now that I have no one to talk to. I just wish I would have been a lot more careful when I was at camp instede of wondering off like I always do. I do like these destert nights though. the stars glesen off the sand and the smoke off twards the south doesn't look good.guess I better head that way all well I probly mess up agian if I go but I f I don't go I probly be in more trouble well got to go.

james strickland
10-21-2004, 05:31 PM
dear diary,
today I had to assist hightech with fixing up the comunication wrist bands these thing make the joes look like they are wearing a bomb or something any ways the one we were working on was broken by Duke. That is why they shopuld always have a communication soldier with them. I also heard that we still haven't heard from Afghainastan yet. Hard drive and mainframe were trying to get the vehicle identy chip on dusty's desert striker to work don't now if me or hightech can help but we were called in to the communication center to see. I think I might be sent with the rescue mission for dusty which will be the first in a month or so. I was also working on the comunication consol today because of breaker spilling his coffee all over it. I hope no body was trying to contact hq at that point because communications were down for an hour or two. general hawk has been back and forth between the com room and his office for the last 5 hours wonder what he waiting for. guess I better get some shut eyes who knows when I leave.
dialtone out

The Faceless Master
10-21-2004, 09:13 PM
Dea Doireey,

Whoiy dos Zo'an weh' a weeg?

- Torch

james strickland
10-22-2004, 12:13 PM
today, I get to take a group to Afghainastan to check out some recent explosions. They are requiring me to take the night attack chopter because it has more armor than the tomahawk. The only problem with that is the night attack chopter is only able to carry five joe three up front two in the back plus weapon space. I guess it will be okay though It must be a small force I am taking to Afgainastan. I also herd it might be a rescue mission but not sure if that is true. I got the chance to talk to Airborn he told me that he has gotten a mission the rockies to help locate a hidden cobra base. He also told me about a sniper who fly a glider like vehicle who can hit a soeda can from 5 miles and be acurate. This guy I will have to meet sometime right now though I have to prepare for my mission to Afgainistan. There is a chance I will have to stop on the flagg for refuel so I hope I can see my good friends Liftticket and ripcord. They were last assigned to the flagg.
see ya all later
wild bill

10-22-2004, 01:00 PM
Dear Diary,

I'm really annoyed. I finally met Wild Bill today at Hawks briefing. He said he heard about what a great sniper I was, and asked about my "glider"!? I said, "I don't have a glider. You're thinking of Barrel Roll." And he said "So who are you?"

"I'm Hollowpoint! The Marksman Instructor/ Recon Coptor Pilot!!!"

We're being deployed to Afghanistan to find Dusty and some of my recent Greeshirt marksmanship students who were on a mission there. I hope Zigzag and Lefty remember what I taught them about leading their targets and using appropriate ammo...

My BTR Locust is all packed up in a crate. I guess it's going to be winched under Wild Bills chopper. That's a good thing -- I'd rather assemble it once we arrive, than try to fly that rickety thing 5000 miles.


james strickland
10-22-2004, 10:42 PM
entry 2000001
Today I met a funny looking out fitted guy with pegs on his arms and legs. He told me his name was Hollowpoint I didn't now we had two new snipers. My mission tomorrow morning is to take Hollowpoint, Dailtone,Flint, Hit and Run,Tripwire, and Big Brawler. I have to use a night attack chopter to take them. The fact that we are taking that big headed big brawler makes me cringe he always tries his psycology onme that eirie tates me.I don't mind Flint being in charge of this mission, I just use to fling Duke all over the place. I hope trip wire can be a big help on this mission I also hope we find Dusty I still have some chopter stuff show him. I hope I get to met this Barrel Roll guy Airborn told me about. I hope me and Hollowpoint can become good friends. I got to get my night attack chopter ready for flight. I hope that creat we will be taking will be filled with useful stuff.
Wild Bill

10-25-2004, 10:50 AM
Dearest Diary,

Since my daring escape from prison Cobra Commander has seen fit to post me in Tasmania tending to his opium fields. While honored to be serving under such a noble leader (with such a noble purse), i do no think this assignment is fitting for a man such as my self. I need to lead a blood thirsty army. Not a group of peasant farmers.

i have been contacted with several temting offers from other camps ... but my loyalty to the commander (and his purse) remains strong. Atleast I am far away from that idiot Mindbender and his silly little death rays down here.

Yours in struggle,
Sebastion Bludd

P.S. i did score three excekllent condition micronauts on ebay last night. Cheers.

james strickland
10-26-2004, 01:02 AM
entry 50003
today I made it to were the explosion happened there were a lot of us troops and afganistan officals there when the LT. there saw me come over a dune he told his men too stop that man. Then I pulled out my joe Id and he then lookeed surprized that a lone gijoe was in a vehicle in hostile territory I told him it was a secret assignment and I lost my comunication system. I then got an armed escort to the damaged area and I notice it looked very familiar to a cerian cobra explosive expert but I didn't want to alarm the Lt. because if fire fly was in the area he would take regular solders to a blood bath so I told the Lt. That I had to get ahold of my hq so they could get a special team in so we can get the problem taking care of. I also got told about a uso show I would have to get the gen in the area if it is a target for cobra to have more gaurds on duty the they normally have even though the Lt. iunformed me it was okay I just could see a huge ball of burning soldiers in the desert. Of corse the less rank soldiers once they found out I was a joe they wanted to here my war stories so at dinner I told a few. I hope they don't get back to hawk or flagg because I would be in huge trouble.

10-26-2004, 09:36 AM
Dear Diary,

It was quite a flight. Wild Bill got me to fly this Tomahawk for a while, so he could take a nap. This think handles like a bus compared to my little recon choppers. And midair refueling over the Atlantic? I didn't even know we could do that in this helicoptor. Kinda freaky...

This guy in the back, "Big Brawler" is really annoying me. He keeps pointing out to everyone that he is the highest ranking officer on the mission. I think that annoys Flint...

And what's with his uniform? Hes wearing a tshirt with his name on it? Who does that? And does he think this is a tigerforce mission? Why the stripes?
Don't even get me started on the bullets that he painted to match his pants...

We just flew across the border into Afghanistan, so I'll sign off for now.


10-26-2004, 11:02 AM
Dearest Diary,

It has been three days since my last entry. In that time i have travelled to Brisbane to visit my mum. Its been a long time since I saw her... I still havnt forgiven Zartan for impersonating her for 3 days last Christmas. What a slimey freak. To think how many times i pecked him on the cheek thinking it was my sweet mum. Bleahhhhhh.

Any way she is old and frail, but mean as ever, Kicked me in the goodies for getting myself locked up again. Parents....

Well im back to the island to look after Cobra Commander's precious poppy straw concentrate. Maybe i can find some citizens to torture en route. Hmmmmmm.

Sebastian Bludd

james strickland
10-27-2004, 01:06 AM
entry 200002
today we actually flying a tomahawk to Afgainistan do to cargo and troops. We had to re fule in the air oh well geuss I will see ricord and liftticket on the way home. While on our way I let Hollow point fly while I got some shut eye but the problem with that was big brawler keep bragging about him out ranking everyone I told him to get Quet. He got queit for a wile but I am sure flint is in charge of this mission.during this point I saw flints face look like all those tiomes when lady jaye refused a nite out. got to prepare to land so I am out
wild bill

james strickland
10-27-2004, 01:24 AM
dear diary,
today we were on our mission to Afganistan. I got my trust radio unit and my favorite gun and what ever else I needed. Trip wire who is normally quiet untill we arrive at a target was getting angry towards big brawler who was bgosting about his rank. FLint also was getting angry with him I am sure once we land he going too get an ear full from flint. any way i never been on amission were we refueled in the air was quit an experince. any ways besides big dumbo we had a good trip. I was surprized at hollow poiints flying of the tomahawk I thought it was great. boy I hope dusty and every thing is okay well got to go
dailtone out

10-27-2004, 06:20 PM
Oy vey,

Sorry it's been so long diary, been busy moving my Star Wars collection to our jungle citadel so I haven't had time to write. At breakfast the Kitchen Viper served me raw eggs and untoasted bread. Something about having no arms and only one leg. . . He was delicious with some fava beans and a root beer, a little tough though. I skipped the morning troop rally and had Fred VII take my place, he was a little too eager to replace me though. I'll have to watch him. Hot Wire and Over Kill were having an argument in the hall about the new BAT model. Something about purple biker shorts? I think it's time to cut off Over Kill's cable again, too much "Queer Eye". Raptor informed me that Wild Weasel requisitioned 1000 gallons of K-Y this month for a "Special Project". Yeah it's called Copperhead. With that cheery thought I went for lunch in the cafeteria. Mmmm fruit cups. After lunch I went to see Destro. Walked in on him and the Sargeant Major. Wonder if the Baroness knows? Scalpel filled me in on the state of our sickbay. Did you know we only use needles once before we throw them away??? Such waste just can't be tolerated diary. Blackout came in complaining of voices in his head while I was there. If he calls me "Dwight" again he's a dead man. Interrogator stopped me in the hall to chat for a while. HE'S A GOOD EMPLOYEE AND DESERVES A RAISE. After dinner (Mmmm meat loaf) I decided to catch a movie in the rec room. Major Bludd and the Dreadnoks were so loud I couldn't hear so I left. Frickin drunks.

Good night diary, I think I'll hold a purge tommorrow.

10-27-2004, 10:52 PM
Dearest Diary,

It has been 2 weeks since my last entry.

In that time i have traveled back to Cobra Headquarters. I attendended many meetings of the Cobra Inner Circle. " World domination this... Take over the world that..." Very informative. Except that i still am overseeing Poopy fields. Drat.
I did attend several important confererences with the dreadnoks. Lotsa drinking involved as you might expect. Those boys can party. And that Zarana... mmm. We had that one special night in Mongkok. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Anyhoo, im back off to the fields. However i did win the service of Monkeywrench in a hand of blind man's luff with Zartan. He will be coming back to the island with me.

Sabastian "Major" Bludd

10-28-2004, 03:00 PM
We made it here in one piece.
The first part of this mission ended up being pretty simple. Dusty greeted us when we arrived. So he wasnt missing. His men were all killed though! He thinks it was Firefly who ambushed them while he was on patrol. It seems Firefly and Cobra have an agenda in this dustball of a country. So it looks like we have a new mission.

I swear that I'll find Firefly and avenge Lefty, Zig-zag and Hoover!!

Well, I'd better get back to the hanger and start rebuilding my coptor.


P.S. I don't belive what Brawler did this time! I can't even discribe it! I was laughing so hard!!

james strickland
10-28-2004, 05:08 PM
entry 50004
Very happy day for me I got to see some good friends. flint was the only one that seemed not happy,but wild bill and the rest were. I told Flint and the others about what happened. I showed them the fragments and damage meterials from my camp. I also met the guy who trained the two who were expose to be helping me and the communication officer. He was dressed in a funny outfit. he had pegs all over his arms and legs but needed a shave if he was going to be in a desert. I can't help laugh a what big brawler did to tripwire as they came off the tomahawk. I also told flint about the buiding several miles away that got destroyed by firefly. I had just arrived a few dayts before the rest of the guys did but glad now that there is a force to take care of cobra here.
dusty out

james strickland
10-28-2004, 05:16 PM
dear dairy,
we arrived to a grand welcome from dusty and a unknown to me general of this base were the tomahawk will be held until we get ready for it or leave.
The stuff dusty showed me and tripwire were pretty bad but with the equipment both me and tripwire brought should help I dentify what this is. before I can help tripwire I have to make sure all my communications equipment didn't get tampered with by big brawler because of what he did ealier. I sad to here about that new communication officer Hoover he was my greatest student hopefully we can pay cobra back for it.
dialtone out

james strickland
10-28-2004, 05:25 PM
entry 200003
It was a safe landing. I swear one of these days big brawlers joking going to get the hole unit dicovered or killed. but I was laughing so hard I can't remember what he did. As I disenbarked from my tomahawk I found that Dusty's been waiting for us and I was glad to see him alive but felt sorry for those recuits he was with. I am to stay here with the tomahawk for our search for cobra in the morning so I guees I 'll try to finish my nap in the hanger after I see hollow point put those parts of a chopter back togather
wild bill

10-29-2004, 01:26 AM
I LUV ZARANA SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! SHE LITES UP MI WURLD!!!111 SEH HIT ME AGEN WEN I TRYED 2 TEL HUR MI FEEELINGZ, BUT I SWARE SHE;LLL COM ARUND SUMDAE. Gah! I Hate it when he does that! I spent the day in a vain attempt to gain the affections of the light of my life, the dear mistress Zarana. Sadly, however, she rebuffed me once more. Oh, how my heard does yearn for her, for the flower feminine beauty. To hold her, to kiss her, to feel her SHUT UP DONALD!!!!11 I WUZ TLAKING! NEWAY I SED HI TO ZARANA 2DAY N THEN I GRABED HUR BUT N SHE SLAPED ME N I WUZ SAD That's exactly WHY she's been denying me lately! It's not my fault, it's HIS! My debonair charms, finely-honed wit, erudite knowledge, and perfervid passion are enough to gain the favor of any kind lady, but that insufferable brute always U ALWAYZ RUN IT, DONALD!!11 I KAN FART THRU MY NOSE N NE GURL WUD LIK THAT!!!!111 THIS DIRY ENTREE IZ OVR!!!!!!11


P. S. I think that I shall write my dear beloved a poem. A haiku, perhaps, would capture my heart's truest flame.

Your hair is a winter fire,
January embers,
My heart burns there, too.

No, no! it is all wrong! It sounds like something that Stephen King would write! Oh, the misery of my torturous, blighted existence! Well, at least I got the last word in.




10-29-2004, 09:18 AM
Dearest Diary,

In a box of treasures my mum made me remove from her house when I visited last month, I have found something very fun... my journal from the early 80s.

I have found some entries i find particularly funny. For example:

March 16, 1981

"Several weeks ago i met a young woman named Anastacia while playing baccaratt in a private casino in Cuba. She was a lovely thing but she insisted on being called the Baroness. So needless to say i blew her off. The wanna be aristocratic thing does not work on this lad. However i did give her my phone # before splitting to hit the beach.

So diary, she called me this week and said that there was somebody she wanted me to meet. A mysterious man who had amassed quite a fortune through the smuggling of illicit weapons and drugs into the U.S. A man named Cobra Commander. I know it sounds like something out of a comic book, but being under employeed at the time i took her up on the offer.

So yesterday i attended a troop rally on the island of Normans Cay. This island is owned by Carlos Lehder who is apparantly a good friend of the Commanders. The rally was like nothing i had seen before. He used his iconic snake imagery to engulf the minds of the young men and women in attendance. He was a fantastic speaker. Any way i am inspired and have agreed to lend my mercanary skills to this militia. I am sure we will rule the world shortly."

james strickland
10-29-2004, 08:42 PM
dear diary,
I know its been a big three weeks scince my last entry. I just got one of the greatest missions other than the tiger force missions I have been on. I know I am the highest rank officer on this mmisson and its my chnace to lead but acording to general hawk's briefing I am not in charge of this mission but flint is. Any whay while on the way to Afganastan I was explaining my point on the fact that I was highest rank individual on this mission Tripwire who was my friend about three months ago ona mission with the tiger force, made me mad when he told me that flint is a senior officer and that I need to respect Hawks wishes. That when wild billwho was napping in the co-pilot seat told me to get quiet so I took his advice knowing I could not win when the hole group was against me. Any way my miscef side came out right before we landed and I took and rewired tripwires mine thingy to go off when he dienbarks I would of got dialtone too if the fasten seatbelts light didn't come on. As it goes we start to disenbarking an tripwire has his gear on and the mine thingy starts going crazy. tripwire turned so red he look like he could boil out of his suit. Every one laugh so hard I think we almost wet our pants.
big brawler out

james strickland
10-29-2004, 11:27 PM
entry 50005
today I take big brawler with hollowpoint, tripwire, and flint in the rear with his locust behind my desert striker to the destroy building. dialtone and wild bill were told to stay behind to finish the scanning of my camp left overs. As we were ariving at the debris site I notice that the building is well gaurded from all sides. I talked to big brawler who told me not to be worried when we get back to hq he will try to talk to general hawk. Anyway that was a relief well got to go.

The Faceless Master
10-29-2004, 11:49 PM
Journal entry 100906

Finally found my journal, apparently the big dufus Brawler was sitting on it during the flight to Afghanistan... ugh, gadd now the pages smell like *sniff* mayonaisse?? what the?? He kept bragging about being the highest ranking officer on the chopper,<?>... Guess he was trying to get a rise outta me, but still cant shake the feeling that LJ is seeing someone else...

Wild Bill, or was it the newbee <?> landed the Night Attack Chopper and I made sure the whole crew: Hollowpoint, Dialtone, Hit'n'Run, Big Brawler & Tripwire had their gear ready to get going.
BB kept singing "The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers a wonderful thing~ ~..." Stupid song is in my head now. I guess its his obsession with the Tiger Force missions. He immediately got quiet tho when Dialtone had some strange problems with his seatbelt, but was concentrating most of all just when Tripwire's mini-explosives went off that caused TW to let out a really loud fart out of sheer terror??
Am pretty sure BB was behind all this todfoollery... I have to admit even that made me smile & forget about LJ at least a second.

On a more serious note, met up with a very exhausted Dusty at Check Point Charlie... Six heaping mounds of freshly dug up earth with miniature flags signified where Dusty laid to rest the new recruits killed by who we assume is Firefly.
We held a moment of silence, then I sent Hit&Run to check the area for any clue as to where we can find this cowardly assassin. Dialtone setup the communication outpost, Tripwire checked the area for landmines & secured the perimeter, Big Brawler still kept singing that idiotic song while Hollowpoint unloaded huge blocks with pegs that match the ones on his arms & legs from the chopper <?>... what is that about?

I need to get a statement Dusty now, logging off...

10-30-2004, 12:03 AM
Dearest Diary,

I found another particularly funny entry in my old journal.

July 17, 1987

"I think the commander is getting high on his own supply. Today at a breifing he talked about how the "cobra La force was coming". Says the are giant insect men... I dont know what he is on...

he then intoduced his new recruits. A joker with a swirly shield to hypnotise people. A bird man complete with wings and all. A bondage freak in croc skins for security. Then he told me he was thinking that Gi Joe was going to sign up the wrestler Sgt Slaughter and footballs william Perry to take him on. Because of this he hired a muscle head named Big Boa to protect him. No he walks around in this silly armoured suit and his new vehicle ...the Pogo?

Things are strange."

Sebastian Bludd

10-30-2004, 12:06 AM
I've almost got my Locust chopper assembled, from it's "High tensile modular units" or as I call them, "blocks"...but I seem to be missing one piece

Brawler better not have taken it....
I'll go find him


The Faceless Master
10-30-2004, 12:14 AM
Log 1

Last month, i get fired from my job as a tele-marketer for berating a customer cuz he was breathing thru his mouth while talking to me & it got quite irritating. So asked him if he only breathed like a neanderthal or did he look like one too? Apparently I was talking to the wife but was calling her mister the whole time. Hmph, prolly has a uni-brow anyway. Needless to say my boss overheard me & I got canned.

Two days later at a bar, some really odd twins who irritatingly kept finishing off each others sentences offered me a job at some place called Arboc Inc
Since i had nothing better to do with my time, i checked the place out. Some guy in a chrome faceplate holding a serpentine staff kept talking about either World Domination or Burl Coronation?? I couldnt really hear cuz I was way in the back, plus the Sergeant Major was really distracting me with the way her um hair bounced around when she moved. Yah, thats right her hair.

After several weeks of rigorous training with some guy who likes to call himself Big Boa <whats with the snakes obessession?> & gun handling training with some crosseyed guy named Black Out <how he became a sniper is beyond scientific explanation>, I get promoted to Squad Sergeant.
I then get assigned to accompany some guy named after a bug to Afghanistan for some mission called - The Big Hit.

Today, I am just waiting in the hangar to escort this "Bug" man from point A to point B = something about him liking to work alone. Whoops here he comes now, Mercer out...

james strickland
10-30-2004, 02:03 AM
entry 20004
today I had to help my new friend hollow point chase big brawler around the hanger. I also had to help dialtone out after lunch. I notice my hat was missing earlier tonight when I found it that big dork brawler had it in the trash that irratated me so I gave him a peace of my mine then he freaking told me he was just joking thats when I told flint that If big brawler don't quit I will show him what a brawl is expose to be.

boy we are lucky that those mines on tripwires backpack didn't damage the tomahawk. Then Hit and run, flint, dialtone,tripwire, and me played a game of cards I lost the first but won on the last game so I guess I came out even. We would of asked hollow point,dusty,and big brawler to play but they had to have the early mornig watch so they hit the old hey early I don't think dusty has sleep this secure in days. Thier is one concern I do have we all know firefly is here but were I don't know If even the stuff that is on the tomahawk can find him.
wild bill out

james strickland
10-30-2004, 02:16 AM
dear diary,
my day started with big brawler putting a stupid tune in the rasio eguipment which took me thrity minuteas to take out then I had to call joe hq let them know what we had and who we think is behind it.I almost think big brawler is just as bad as any cobra agent. I am not sitting next to him again he did something to my seat belt. I think I wold perfer having a clown here than big brawler.
any why every one at hq is fine. At the card game tonite flint told us how he was afraid that lady jaye was seeing another person I told him to not worry. then for the first time I played cards with wild bill he won and cleared me out because I lost all four games. It was not a very lucky day. what's that smell it stinks got to go after big brawler
dailtone out

The Faceless Master
10-30-2004, 02:50 PM
Journal entry 100907

I assigned Hollowpoint, Brawler <why does he have his name printed on his shirt?> & Dusty to the graveyard shift, as WB, DT, H&R, TW & I played some cards. I kept thinking about LJ the whole time, nobody seems to care tho.

Dusty looks like he hadnt slept for days, shoot i wouldnt be able to neither if I had to live with the fact that 6 recruits got killed on my watch. I just cant figure out Firefly's motive tho. There isnt a huge military outpost nearby, why target a mere checkpoint? Sure wish Nunchuk were here so he could at least give me some sort of insight to how Firefly operates.
Anyway, gotta get some shut eye, early day tomorrow. Gotta anticipate Firefly's next move.

Flint, logging out...

11-01-2004, 08:50 AM
I'm almost too tired to make this entry!
I'ts been such a crazy day, where do I begin?

OK, I'll try to reconstruct what happened today...

We now realize that somehow Cobra must have recognised Hit-n-run on one of his survailance patrols and followed him back to our base. I wish we'd know that then...

Most of the Joes were asleep last night, after playing some cards. Brawler, Dusty and I were on sentry duty.

Dusty let out a yell at around 04:15 hours.

Before I could figure out what he was saying, we were being strafed by a squadron of Fang Mark IIs, those strange little twin rotor gyrocoptors!

From the east side of the base, which was only defended by some concertina wire and fencing, I heard a call of "COBRAA!!" From my look out tower, I could see a squad of some type of cobra troops advancing on our main hanger. Maybe they were sand scorpions, it was hard to tell.

I picked off a few of them with my sniper rifle (and my favorite Hollowpoint .40 caliber shells) They caught on soon enough and found cover. They began taking another route to our hanger that I couldn't see from my tower.

I figured that standing here was pointless if they'd already bypassed my position. Brawler should have been able to shoot them from his tower, but I didn't know where he was at this point.

OK, so then I ran back to our hanger, and entered the west hanger door. By then, a couple of the off duty joes were in a fire fight with these cobras who were in the dark just outside of the hanger's east door. Dial tone was laying down some supression fire from behind an empty barrel, and he didn't even have his boots on! Flint was diving behind different pieces of equipment, getting off fancy shots with his little shotgun.

But the Joes couldn't hold these guys off, seconds after I arrived, a grenade went off in the Night Attack Chopper/Tomohawk. Igniting it's fuel supply and creating a big explosion cutting me off from the other joes and the cobras with a wall of fire and smoke..

My little Locust chopper was in the back of the hangar. It was ready to take off, except for that last block that I'd never found. I hoped that it wasn't a vital piece of the air frame!

I hopped into the chopper and fired up the rotor. All fo the systems showed green lights and I roared out of that hanger as low and fast as I could.

I made a hard turn just as the Fangs flew over again. I got a lock with my missile and took out one right away. That evened the odds a little bit. There seemed to be 9 of these things in the air at this point. I noticed a few small fires off to the north that were probably the wrecks of a couple more of these choppers.

Now was the hard part. Besides the one missile, my Locust was only armed with 2 small .25 calibur gattling guns. That is enough armament for my usual reconmissions, but this was a special not a "USUAL" mission.

Wanting to retain their air superiority, these snakes all turned around and came after me! I took that bird down to the basement, skimming the roof of every bombed out building and mosque in the area. I led them in a chase that they would never forget. One clipped a minarette and spun out of control. I was able to reverse my guns to aim toward my pursuers. I think they took out another chopper too.

As I approached our base, they hit my tail assembly with a missle. I was going down and lost control.

BUt, then the choppers started exploding around me!! I realised that someone was masterfully manning our stationary gun emplacement!! Whoever it was, saved my life. He kept these guys off of me long enough to bring the chopper down into a date tree and pass out!

I don't know how long ago that was.
Now that I'm awake in the infirmary, I want to find out what I missed!!!


james strickland
11-02-2004, 01:11 AM
dear diary,
today,I had a chance to be a hero. our base fell under heavy attack today it lost us our ride home but at least we ran them off.
It started with a yell from dusty when I looked I saw a scodron of fanks mark two. That when I wish I had my gun station instead of my three big guns and my ammo pack but I did get two of those I think with my guns. As the battle went on i saw hollow point tower get destroyed and him running into the hanger and comming out of the hanger with a small chopper. He flew it like it was an air craft but I wass too busy defending off all types of cobra troops. but after awile I saw hollow point dive under a building with six or seven of those vehicles but his chopper on the way out had one going in for the kill thats when I took my m-16 with franade laucher and lauched it ath the fang and hit the engine thats when it blow up and hollow point crashed. thats when the bas medics ruahed over and did thier job we also had the rest of the team help us round the rest of the woundeed or dead cobras up.
got to start clean up here soon so I ll go.
big brawler out

james strickland
11-02-2004, 01:22 AM
entry 50006
I have my first night shift and excitement all in one time. I saw a scudron of fangs to the right side of the base. They also had a attack force on the ground. Boy I am glad I got the chance too get pleny of rest all day. I took my rocket lacher (law rocket) and fire it at one it took out one then I took my m-16 with ganade laucher and used it to take as many as I could down I saw alot of explosions but I could not tell were they wqere well got a lot of clean up to do so I am done for know.
dusty out

james strickland
11-02-2004, 01:35 AM
entry 20005
Got arude awaking this morning. Flint told me to head for the tomahawk that him and dial tone had me covered so I grab trip wire and start running thats when one of those claws threw a ganardein to the chopter igniting it and thts when it blew lucky though hollow pioint chopter made it out boty Iwas hoping to get som air fights on but I had to use my six shooters instedad but did a good jobfwe were able to force them to retreat lucky I didn't have too get in the chopter to fight them but I was very lucky though too survive the fight. trip wireewas okay aftert ward so was dialtone, flint, dusty, hit and run, and big brawler I saw hollow point go in to ambulance I hope he okay I also heard flint tell dial tone to call up hq and call for more help I hop it arrives soon or we are all dead meat. I hope they bring me a chopter to fly because I don't like this fighting on the grouned much.
wild bill out.

james strickland
11-02-2004, 01:47 AM
dear diary,
I got to fire a gun for the first time in months. I now I am a radio man but when it comes to a gun fight I like that as well just hopefully I can have my boots on next time. also I was wondering how cobra was able to get behind the camp to the hanger. I was woken up by flint yell "we got troulble boys". Thats when I grabed my gun and start laying down some cover fire that was until they blew up the tomahawk. then I grab my boots threw them onand followed flint with guns blazing to the front door of the hanger met up with dusty and bb for some good joe fun. they are gone now but after wards I was told to get joe hq on the phone reguest for more help and fresh supplies hopfully they answer well got to go I have to find some clean sock.
Dial tone out

james strickland
11-04-2004, 01:00 AM
dear diary,
I was talking with hq for the last three dfays trying to get some help. I was told that they were working on it, that's not enopugh to keep flint happy he wants some more help now. I wish I knew when we would get a yes because right know we have this gen. at this base is all over flint wanting to know why he has not recieved help. I do know that tripwire is setting his mines out along a premeter of the base, hit and run is keeping alook out in the rear , wild bill has the second tower and flint took the third tower, while I am trying to get hq in the communications room to tell us an answer about the renforcements. dusty, big brawler and hollow point are still on night duty. I have tried to explain to the general we are a special unit not soldiers like he has here but like all the officers he will not listen to me on that, I just hope they get us some hel0p soon.
dialtone out

james strickland
11-04-2004, 01:15 AM
entry 2000006

This hole three days after our little battle we had has been rough on flint. Inow flint is trying to keep his cool but this edotic general here keeps presuring flint to get some help here. I do know that me and hitand run have been on day patrol. while flint is trying but no luck because he is constantly bothered by this general who in the attack lost ten of his best solders who were helping us at the time any ways the tomahwk remains were towed out of the hanger yeserday I have never felt so bad in my life about any thing except for this tomahawk I guess I had a sentalmetal value any ways I have gotten some luck with not finding any cobras but that cold change by morning, I know cobra is out there but were. well got to get up early tommorrow so I am out w
wild bill out

james strickland
11-04-2004, 01:34 AM
dear diary,
I have been on three night already and no action I have taken the look out point of the back this is the larges area of the base were at but I at least have the desert striker here to help but we have had nothing.
I was hoping for some action soon. I keep flint (the guy in charge) on what goes on at night which has been nothing. My problem is why are there five in the day aned tree at night. I guess ether dusty (wish he would take a bath) or hollow point is enough for the night patrol I geuss we shall see though.
I also want to know were are help is I get no answers from Flint. but thats okay because he has probly enough troubles as is. I was also reminded last night of a mission I had when me and the tiger force raided a small village and we found three cobra flight pods,sixor seven diferent types of vipers and a cobra officer who left in a fang. that came up when I was looking at the building were hllow point flew his chopper under why that remioded me gives me no idea. Well I start my shift soon so I got to go. before I go I think I will explain to the guys why my name is on my shirts. the reaso is so I now which way to put them on .
big brawler

james strickland
11-04-2004, 01:44 AM
entry 50007

Another night shift gon and no action I juast wish I was driving the desert striker last night but I lost in drawing straws all well at least I have all my desert experenices to rely on, I hope I see som action but hope we don't too because we were lucky last time bnut next time we won't. I was re reading my last entry and though that I could have described the battle better but I can't remember much oh well.
dusty out

11-04-2004, 12:04 PM
We just discovered something big!

I was on my day off, and hanging out with Dail Tone. After a day of constant patrol and guard duty, he finally found time to examine the transmitter from the Greenshirt camp that Firefly destroyed.

Apparently, the main storage/transmission component is missing!!

I realized that the cobras must have taken it during the attack! The rest of the invaders were just a diversion, and once they'd taken the component, they all retreated.

Well, the joke is on them. Dialttone explained to me, that this component was set to recieve and transmit data on a specific frequency!

I was like "so what?!"

He explained to me that we could set up some gizmo to home in on this signam and lead us right to the Cobras!

Load up the Awe Striker boys, it's time to go snake hunting!!!


The Faceless Master
11-04-2004, 09:08 PM
Journal entry 100908

Where do I begin? So much has happened in the passed 3 days.
I havent had any sleep that I cant even properly decipher what is real & what
isnt anymore...
Shortly after I logged off my last journal entry, Dusty & something that looked like Hamburglar & Grimmace started yelling that we were under attack!!
I grabbed my shot gun & told DT to do the same, didnt have his boots on yet, but that was <hehehe> besides the point <hehehe - it was funny tho seeing DT tiptoe on the sand while giving suppression fire>.
I shook a heavily sleeping WB to head for the Tomahawk cuz the NAC is most likely inoperative after Mayor McCheese got to it.
DT & I gave WB some cover fire & BB flew up to the watch tower & gave coverfire to HP & his supersized lego KNEX machine, who was scrambling around trying to avoid a bunch of FANGS & CLAWS - nope, not Lady Jaye on her "time of the month" - oh sweet mother of abraham I miss you LJ...

As quickly as it began, the firefight ended. Oddly enough, this was such a messy attack I highly doubt that Firefly was involved in the operation.

HQ still refuses to help me, help us, help my team. Flagg just keeps repeating himself over & over & over & over & over & over that they are working on it. I swear I am about to lose it over here... LJ where are you???

Dashielle - logging off

The Faceless Master
11-04-2004, 11:33 PM
2nd Log,
"Bug"-man returned from his top secret spy mission, sheesh yah whatever. Dunno why he's sneaking around all secretive acting like he just committed mass murder of some sort.
He called the Sand Vipers into his command tent for a quick de-briefing of the next mission, and says that the aerial squad of FANG II pilots would be next, then the CLAW Pilots. Anyways, just waiting for my turn in the tent for my assignment.

Mercer Out.

The Faceless Master
11-04-2004, 11:37 PM
3rd Log,
Quick log entry again, I know, but basically "Bug"-man assigned me just to sit in a Cobra Night Stinger right outside the perimeter of Checkpoint Charlie.
So here I am, with some spare time on my hands so why not make a quick journal entry again? WHOA, i hear explosions close by, i guess the Sand Vipers & the FANGs are attacking, wonder who tho?
Uh oh, here comes Bug-man hauling something under his arm, I guess we're outta here!!

Mercer out...

The Faceless Master
11-04-2004, 11:42 PM
Journal entry 100909

After WildBill reminded me that if I dont keep sane during this mission that Big Brawler will actually assume command of this team, I decided to forget about LJ & focus on the task at hand.

Hollowpoint & DT made a fantastic discovery that whoever it was that swiped our mission storage/transmission component & thought that it was a vital piece of GIJoe equipment, is actually now a tracking device leading us straight into the heart of Cobra's outpost.

Since Flagg & HQ refuse to send us rienforcements & supplies, we're going rogue = TEAM, ARE YOU WITH ME???? *Revenge will be sweet...*


FLINT, logging off...

james strickland
11-05-2004, 12:59 AM
dear dairy,
today I mad an very important descovery when me and hollow point were cleaning up, I found that cobra acrual took a transiter used to transmitt and not to store infor like we think theywere after. who ever sent those troops the other night is going to be very mad at them seves when my little trasiter tracke wakews them up in the night like us. well go to pack what we have in to dusty's stricker so I am out.
dailtone out
ps I am glad flint is finally getting back too his sinces.

james strickland
11-05-2004, 01:03 AM
today I got orders from flint to grab all the amo and gear I got to go on a snake hunt. I can't wait to kick some cobra butt again. well got to go we are packing what we can carry and going after those snakes in the desert.
dusty out

james strickland
11-05-2004, 01:17 AM
today flint looked like he was lost in a another world so I told him, if he did not find himself. He was going to loose command to big brawler. A few minutes after our little talk, flint ask if I would mind the driving of the striker while dialtone and tripwire try to locate a transmitter that those cobra took. I said yes. We also will have some form of vehicle from the blocks from hollow points chopper. I don't now what he has planned but it got to work. I just hope it ain't seven joes against the whiole cobra army. Stupid gen. flagg won't let us have any help so I STILL HAVE TO FIGHT ON THE GROUND WELL WE SHALL SEE WHO WHEN THIS LITTLE BATTLE. I would at least like to get my hands on a fang from a cobra so we can have some air sopport.
Wild bill out

james strickland
11-05-2004, 01:29 AM
dear diary,
I was all set to take charge when flint said he wanted us to start packing our gear because we are going snake hunting. I am know glad he is the leader of this sucide mission and not me but I had pleny of those in tiger force. This also reminds me of a mission with tiger force when I had to take wrekage and myself to a hidden cave and blow it up. this was one of two sucide mission I was on as a joe. I hope we can give those snakes a whole lot of trouble.
I also gave hollow point the missing block I had hide from him so that if he didn't have all the pieces then he could have that. I wish hq could have had given flint his back up like needed but he didn't. Oh well I glad holowpoint survived the other night after the attack.
big brawler

james strickland
11-05-2004, 01:40 AM
entry 100
This whole week with just me and flagg in charge of the pitt. We were stuck trying to get flint help but with out general hawks okay, we couldn't give him an answer. I just hope general hawk is enjoying his time at the pentogon, because I have been thinkng of getting a group of joes togather. To help flint out but I don't think it going to happen.
On a lighter note I am glad dusty is okay but the last transmision from afganastan is we are going after cobra with or with out you. That is what I reported to flagg so Hopefully we get something off the ground.
Falon out

11-05-2004, 09:15 AM
Well I did the best I could.

We just loaded My rebuilt Locust into an old supply truck.

After throwing away all of the broken components, and getting back the block that Big Brawler hid from me(that idiot!), I was able to build a fan driven sand skiff. It's still armed with twin mounted gattling guns and moves pretty quickly, but it's got no armor at all and kicks up a lot of dust.

I offered Brawler the chance to drive it. He claims that he's got a specialty in just about everything, so I'll stick to my sniper rifle and let him take a turn with pegs strapped to his limbs...

Besides, I'm a recon chopper pilot, not a "sand skiff operator"!

So here is what we've finally come up with: ..., Flint, Dusty and Hit-n-run will drive ahead in the Awe striker. I'll drive this truck with Dialtone and Tripwire in the back using their tracking gear to lead us to the Cobras. Brawler will be ready with my BTR in the truck bed waiting to launch if we need a diversion or something.

Flint is saying that it's time to go, so I'm signing off.


james strickland
11-05-2004, 11:06 AM
entry 101

We were finally able to get hawk to okay a second team to afganastan. He told us over a comunications line from our under ground facility at the pentgon, still under construction though. He told flagg and me to get the team ready to go. I was told that updraft and wind mill will fly two of the night attack choppers there. We will have a cago plane with a patriate tank and two more strikers headed there with us. The team will consist of me, outback, beachhead, snake eyes, scarlett, switch gears,crosshair,rock-roll, downtown, ambush,and sgt.stalker. On our way, we will be followed by ace, slipstream, and dog fight, in tigerhawks, painted in desert camo. We will have the U.S.S.Flagg headed that way so we can have a reload and refuel station. I was told that flint has already left out post charlie. Then they added hightech to my team,so we can track flint's team with the vehicle transsponders location device. I got to go so I am out.
Lt. falcon out

The Faceless Master
11-05-2004, 05:32 PM
Journal entry 100910

After 4 hours of rumbling thru the harsh Afghanistan desert, DT alerted me that we were within 10miles of the source of the trasmission signal, which means Cobra scouting outposts will be nearby...

I ordered all men to strict radio silence as I drew up a plan to capture the murderer of the six greenshirts.

If we are successful, then I will be making another journal entry soon. If not, then at least I shall die knowing that I did all i possibly could to avenge those poor souls. May they rest in peace...

Rogue leader, Flint - logging off

The Faceless Master
11-05-2004, 10:32 PM
Journal entry 100911

1102a: I distributed the stategy to the Rogue Unit & set up temporary base camp just outside of radar detection of any Cobra Sentrys.
H&R did a quick scouting run & detected pairs of Sand Vipers spread out all through the terrain.
Tricky thing about Sand Vipers, their vision is absolutely flawless during the day, and even more lethal at night. Which leaves us with our last option, attack at dusk. For some odd reason, Dr Mindbender's vision enhancement technique comprimised the Sand Vipers ability to see during that 30min cusp between daylight & night time. THAT is when we strike. Boy would it be good to have Snake Eyes right about now. But since top brass wont authorize any rienforcements, so be it.

Flint, logging off...

james strickland
11-05-2004, 11:39 PM
dear diary,
Flint has told me to take the desert skift at dusk to make as much sand dust as possible for cover so the striker and the team can go in. I am told to follow the striker in.Since,we have to have as much fire power as possible. I hate these little pegs on my limbs. They are making me a laughing stock. I guess that's why hollow point gave them up.
The plan goes like this tripwire and wild bill has the striker. I am following them in for back up. Flint, Hit and Run, and Dusty are the front attackers. Hollow point and Dial tone are providing cover fire. This would be great if Road Block was here to provide coverfire. I was thinking even having stalker being here would be grand as well. Well its just about time to cause some trouble with cobra, so I am gone. I hope we all survive.
big brawler out

james strickland
11-05-2004, 11:45 PM
dear diary,
I have been givin' the chance to cut off my radio which is great for me, because I get a break from all the static on the radio. I been told to take the cover fire position well I know I can do it. I would feel better if rock-n-roll and road block were providing cover fire. I know I can't be them, but I am going to dop my best.
dail tone out

james strickland
11-05-2004, 11:51 PM
I am ready to get my hands on those stinking snakes for what they did to those recruits, so know I can let them have it. I really like flints plan to do what he wants to do. Just wish I had foot loose here to back my back, well we got to do what we are delt with. so I hoping we demolish the hole group of cobras here.

Dusty out

james strickland
11-05-2004, 11:58 PM
I am in charge of the awe stricker for know. I hope we can get these snakes by there tall. I know I am the best of the chopper pilots I just hope that I can fly a chopper again . I sitting here under this date tree writing this entry. just wishing I had my dragonfly with me. I also prey that the all mighty god will protect us.
wild bill out

james strickland
11-06-2004, 12:11 AM
entry 102
we are half way to afganastan now, and I just found out that dial tones radio got shut off before we started refueling. Ace, Slipstream, and Dogfight are going to go on ahead. To see, If they can help flint until we arrive. I didn't notice snake eyes had his ninja cycle with us, but it will probly help us. I just recieved report that ace and his team are almost to the border of afganistan. We are two hours behind them, they are in a much faster craft. I now we are escortig the cargo plane to a Half a mile of our last detection of the awe striker flint has. I also know the flagg is ready for casulties and have a tomahawk and dragonfly on deck to head in for attack and recovery. the flagg is in the persion gulf as I write this. They have been there helping in the war in Irag. I just hope we are not to late.
Lt. falcon out

The Faceless Master
11-06-2004, 08:35 AM
Journal entry 100912
My team is growing impatient. I must remind them the be cautious, especially that big dope Brawler. One Sand Viper that detects our unwanted presence here and we'll be dust... The plan seems to be clear enough, but every hour we wait is grueling, every minute torturous, every second - nervousness mixed in with much bated anticipation of revenge so sweet.
I must avoid movement now, a scouting troop of 4 Sand Vipers appears to be approaching the cloaked AWE Striker. Intentional? Accidental?
we shall know in a minute.

Flint = logging off

The Faceless Master
11-06-2004, 08:40 AM
Log 4

Well, Bug-man refused to say a word to me on the 4 hour trip back to Cobra Outpost Gamma. He DID seem confused as to what exactly he should do with that doo-hickey he had with him when he met up with me at the Night Stinger.

When we got to Cobra Outpost Gamma, he headed straight for his command tent & ordered a Techno-Viper to meet him in there. This organization is so damned secretive!! Wish I had a bigger role than just Bug-man's driver. *sigh*

Mercer, out for now...

The Faceless Master
11-06-2004, 08:50 AM
Entry #758

Well, General Hawk just authorized an extraction team into Afghanistan led by Lt Falcon. I got Beachhead, Scarlett, SnakeEyes, SwitchGears, Crosshairs, Rock & Roll, & Sgt Stalker with me.
Not really looking forward to seeing Big Brawler tho. He denies it but I swear he hums the song "downtown" everytime I am within earshot just to get a rise out of me. Cant wait to see my buddy Hit&Run tho. I dunno anybody else who is into trigonometry as I am.

Hmm, just been informed by Lt Falcon that Dialtone aint responding anymore, I guess they are on radio silence. Man, I hope Flint knows that his rogue team are gonna be in a huge heap of trouble once they get back to HQ!!
Ugh, the ride is getting really rocky, am gonna log off for now.

- Downtown

11-06-2004, 10:37 AM
I'm recording this AS we attack, in case none of us make it...

Flint, against orders, is leading us in an assault against a cobra outpost. This outpost appears that it was once a small walled Afghan town, though it doesn't show up on our maps. That means that there will be plenty of places for these Cobras to hide.


XangZip! Ting!!

Sory, Like I said, this is live....

Anyway, at dawn, Brawler took the BTR sand skiff and kicked up a big cloud attracting the attention of lots of hidden sand vipers. I picked off a bunch of them as fast as they could poke their heads out of the ground.

The assault team in the Awe striker charged right in their front gate before they could close it! (cobra has lowsy security in some ways)

They secured the 2 watch towers near the gate and the rest of us met them there, just inside the town.


Pop Pop POP!!!

We're currently slowly advancing to the "town hall" which appears top be Cobras headquarters.

Here comes a Hiss tank!! I'd better sign off.

Hollowpoint out!!

james strickland
11-07-2004, 12:36 PM
entry 103

we have just made it to the last location know by flint and the rest. My plan is to get the the two strikes in front of the patriot grizzly tank. I want beach head in the second awe stricker. Snakes will take point on his ninja lighting. Switch gears will drive the tank with hightech and downtown in it. the first striker has me, scarlett, rock-n-roll, and ambush. the second awe stricker will be beach head, stalker, out back,and cross hairs. the two night attack choppers will know fly a head of us to make sure we are okay. ace and his team made it and haven't picked up any thing yet but they had to refuel at the flagg so they wiil had that way again, High tech said that his gear tells him they are south of our present location, so that were we will head.
falcon out

11-07-2004, 03:40 PM
Excerpt from journal entry 139
Our base had been attacked by an unknown assault force.
When I was given the green light, I led my group of HISS tanks against the invaders position. As I approached, I recognised these invaders as members of the GI Joe team!! They must have tracked some signal from that doo-hickey that Firefly recovered!

(It apparently takes a genious like me to realize things like that)

I instantly reported to our com center for the televipers to begin jamming on all frequencies!! That should prevent anyone else for tracking us here!!!

I don't want any surprise reinforcements finding us here...


james strickland
11-08-2004, 02:11 AM
entry 104
We have ran in to a dust storm. It lasted a few minutes, but my gut is telling me were almost there. Do to the dust storm the nac's lost site of us, and flew on ahead, so we are now with out air support, but I have trust in my team to get us threw to flint. I just hope his rogue actions don't hurt his military career. Snake eye's just signal us we must be gitting close, so I will stop here.
falcon out

Richard J.
11-08-2004, 02:24 AM
Cobra Commander is a military genius.

Or extremely lucky. Regardless of which way is ultimately the truth, I have to admit that this current scheme is brilliant. The Joes have attacked our base and seem to be making Tank Commander Rip-it earn his hazard pay. Perhaps he will retire on this day's work alone.

With the help of a Techno-Viper, I have led the GI Joes here by converting components from their own surveillance post. Were they evaluating my actions with cold logic, rather than being blinded by a desire to avenge their fallen comrades, they might realize that I am no fool. Who would dare claim that Firefly, master of sabotage, would steal something that could be used like a homing beacon without good reason?

The Joes are here, as the Commander wanted. They are bogged down against Sand Vipers and Rip-it's reliable Hiss battalions. Our Tele-Vipers are disrupting enemy transmissions. And the Techno-Vipers are with me.

They don't know anything. The Joes think I bombed their pitifully guarded surveillance post for a handful of wires and circuits? Fools.

My actions have greater purpose.

Afghanistan holds a secret. When the Soviets invaded, they brought with them a weapon. They had intended to test it's destructive capability in Kabul itself, to insure their conquest. Taliban warriors captured the weapon.

The Soviets retreated. They were afraid.

If the Joes had any clue what waits under an Afghan school, if they knew what the Taliban had been mere hours from selling to Bin Laden and his rank amateurs, they would surrender to Cobra.

It is my destiny to find the weapon for Cobra Commander.

It is my hand that will set the world to burn with it.

Soon. Hold fast Rip-it. Our time is almost at hand.

Firefly Out.

11-08-2004, 09:12 AM
Mission Journal for Afghan rescue mission,
Entry #1
I'm known as the "silent master" But I've got a lot to say! This journal will give me a place to put down my thoughts. No one gets to read these journals as long as I write them in shorthand. (Who uses shorthand any more??)

I was just assigned on another desert mission. Why do they always send me to deserts? I wear black! Don't they know how hot I get wearing a mask with no breathing holes??

Kamakura is back at base training with Ninja Force. I hope they dont convince him to wear one of those yellow hooded outfits.

end for now...
Journal entry #2

On my new motorcycle, I've been leading several vehicles toward a cobra base where Flint and a small team need backup. We can't be more than 35 clicks away. Suddenly everything went FUBAR.

First, the signal we were following vanished from my tracking screen. Normally that would be no serious problem, if I just keep driving straight, I'd see it soon enough. BUT, we're also in a major sand storm.

I can't even see the guys following me, let alone where I'm going. This bike keeps getting stuck in sand too. I may have to ditch it.

I stopped to see what the others want to do. Falcon thinks that I'm telling him that we're close... (Being mute can be REALLY frustrating!) How would I know? I'm a ninja, not a beduin!! I wrote him a note explaining that we might be stuck until this storm clears. He is getting some of the other guys to help figure out where we need to go.

I hope Flint and his team can hold out for a while longer! There is no way we will get there in the next hour. Even if we find them, we're going to need to clean the sand out of our guns...

11-08-2004, 09:22 AM
Journal entry 140

My tank group had those joes trapped!! There was nowhere for them to run and they were surrounded. Another sand storm started blowing into the gates. That's no problem in my tank, but I'm sure that these Joes won't like that.

BUT they got away!! I don't believe it. some sharpshooter took out the gunners in our front three tanks, including MY gunner!! (I'll miss Putter!) The other tanks couldn't get off a clear shot because the streets here are too narrow.

So, I figured, lets just run them over!!

I smashed my tank right into the building where the joes were hiding, but when the rubble cleared they were gone!! All that was here was a pile of some sort of blocks...

-I'm not giving up yet. I picked up another gunner and I'll find them yet!

11-08-2004, 09:29 AM
I'm still holed up here in this town, trying to get to the city hall building. I though.

Here come those tanks! Lets go around this side street. I don't think they can see us on these roof tops.


I'm hit!
I'm hit in the side of the arm!

If I'd been wearing those arm pegs that I loaned Brawler, the shrapnel would have been blocked.

Here take my weapon Brawler. I'm not much use now.

Hit-n-run found us a way onto the roof!

Gotta go. Argh!


11-08-2004, 09:15 PM
Dear Diary,

-Snake Eyes

james strickland
11-11-2004, 06:28 PM
entry 104
This week has been rough for my team. We have to put the patriot tank in front of us, as it was the first vehicle to get out of the sand.We used it to get the rest of the vehicles out. After that I had high tech to fixs our tracking system, he was able to do it with the patriot tank. He told me that the patriat tank had more up-to-date equipment in it. so he fixed the tracking system into the tank. We had to tie snake eye's bike to the patriat tank, because the sand messed up the engine. The other vehicles are still running good. Beachhead has just recieved word from hightech that we have a beep. so we are going twards the beep. I have just decided to go with the patriot tank, and let downtown ride in the awe striker I was in. I also have snake eyes with the tank do to his bike being damage.

today, we have found a cobra potrol fang two miles away ,so we decided to following it, thinking it would take us to were flint and his team is.
Lt. Falcon out

james strickland
11-11-2004, 07:04 PM
Lt. Falcon's entry log

entry 105

we have arrived at a cobra out post we have found a tent just past the premeter. We are heading in with snake eyes, scarlett, beachhead, rock-n-roll, and stalker in front of us.They are on foot, with my awe stricker behind them ,then awe stricker beachhead was on,and finally the patriot tank. We have all our weapons cleaned out and ready to fire. I don't now were our air support went, because our communication are still jammed. Our communications have been jammed since we reached this out post. I will have hightech try to get the com-system up. So,we will be able to contact our air support.
Lt. Falcon out

james strickland
11-11-2004, 07:34 PM
this is the audio log for dialtone. Later written.

We are surronded by hiss tank's. We are just lucky that thier gun men have been taking out. Even though the sand storm left thier fangs burried by sand we must have lady luckon our side I have done my best to bandage hollow point's wound I am not life line but I did what he taught me.
bang, thwang.
watch out flint!

yaw! it gotten crazy out here they are statting to ram thier hisses in to the buildings. so we have to jump to the next building.(dailtone's catching his breath) I think I am seeing things I see a guy wereing a black suit, and a patriot tank. No I am not seeing things, it is a patriot tank I see. They have just taking out two hiss tanks. and heading this way.(dialtone on his radio equipment.that he has designed for non jamming) This is dailtone to patriot tank come in. psshhhss(static) hightech AM i GLAD TO HERE YOUR VOICE. (Hightech responds with were are you guys at ) we are two blocks down from your current location.( stay there we are on our way).okay dialtone out.(log got damage)

11-11-2004, 07:38 PM
Croc Masters log.

Today was one of those days. Sigh... the weirdness and stupidity I encountered today ranks second to the last day Major Bludd oversaw Beach Security on Cobra Island. That was the day the whole Island went into red alert because of an explosion on the beach. After hours of investigation and general uneasiness of the forces and not mention the Commander. Bludd finally confessed and told us the real story. Turned out he was wearing all those blasted grenades on him. As he was walking in the beach trenches a treeroot got tangled up in one of the pins. Before Bludd knew what was happening the pin went out, Bludd finally realised what had happened and tossed it to the shore where it detonated. Fortunatly nobody was injured. That's when CC promoted me to Chief of Security of the whole Island.

This log is long enough as it is so I will gather up today's events later. Now I have to go see to the K-Viper I saw hobbling about in the kitchen. Poor guy was injured on both arms and one leg.

Croc out

11-11-2004, 08:12 PM
Dear diary -- note to self "don't ask Cobra Commander for a raise" I did so and recieved guard duty on the watch tower for a month.

from on top of the

james strickland
11-12-2004, 11:47 PM
We have found flint and his team. I had to help give hollow point wound's some new bandages. I know flint team need to go back but we are five miles from thier main comand center for cobra. I going to help flint finish his rogue mission even if it puts me and my team in the same amount of trouble flint is in. Flint told me that the command center is the city hall building, so I had dialtone radio the flagg for our air support, so hollow point can get his wounds taking care of and I going to send wild bill so he can get a chopper and help from the air. I hate to send wild bill away with hollow point, but thier is no way I am going to send the whole team back into retreat this far into the cobra compound. I have put flint, big brawler, stalker, snake eyes, scalett, dusty, beach head, and rock-n-roll on foot. While the rest take up what vehicles we have. I am sending Hit and run and hightech with wild bill and hollow point in one of the awe strikers, so they can get to the base camp flint set up. Flint said it probly the safes place for evac. I been told from dialtone that they will have the two nacs and ace's team head our way along with a tomahawk so hollow point and wild bill can get back to the flagg.
Falcon out

james strickland
11-13-2004, 12:14 AM
finally help arrives, I am so glad to see help. My friend beachhead and rock-n-roll are with the help. Anyways I been put on the comando team. Which is the first time I have been put on this type of team. Anyways we are going to leave in the morning to attack the city hall building. I don't understand why hit and run has to leave with that smart guy high tech. We need all the help we can get. I know we have to get hollow point out of here because of his wounds. I just think we should put hollow point in a vehicle so all he does is drive it but Falcon thinks its a bad idea to have him with us. if his wounds get in fected then he is no good to us. I have to get some sleep so I am out

11-13-2004, 01:52 AM
Mission Journal for Afghan rescue mission,
Entry #5

After finding Flints team, they med-evaced one of our guys, Hollow-something, He was just hit in the arm! I've had missions where I kept fighting when part of my face was missing! These new guys are pansies!

Anyway, they plan to launch an offensive into the cobra headquarters building later, but I want to know whats going on first.

So I signaled Scarlett that I wanted to check things out and hopped onto a nearby rooftop.

Besides a few disabled tanks, I hadn't seen any enemy action yet.

I snuck past a few small cobra choppers that had been damaged by the recent sandstorms.

Still no sign of anyone.

I silently entered the main building in town and still- no one! At this point I didn't know if I should be freaked out, or dissapointed.

I proceeded like this, sword drawn, until I got to their command center.

No one. They'd flown the coop during the dust storm. All sorts of maps here. It looks like they must have been searching Kabul for something. But they probably took any vital files with them.

Thats when I heard a tiny "click"...

I realized that the floor tile I was standing on was a mine... If I moved my foot, I would set off something....

Oh $#&*@#!!
Firefly is really toying with me. There is a string of mines attached to the stone ceiling in this control room. Attached from the floor where I stand, and attached to a timer on the other end...

the timer is counting down...


At times like this, i really wish I could talk and call for DOE backup...

james strickland
11-13-2004, 02:03 AM
dear diary
I am able to final right in you. I has been a rough two weeks. I had the chance to get in and talk to my tech buddie hightech. I have put my nonjamming freguncy radio into the patriat tank so we can call out to the flagg in the pursian gulf. If I knew it was out there earlier I would have less trouble being in a tough spot. I do know now, we have the equipment to take on all cobra has for us ,so I am ready for some good old fashion joe kicking time. I just hope we can survive this long attack against our dangerous foes. I also know I am taking hightech's spot in the patriat tank. I have not been in one of these since we first got them.
dialtone out

james strickland
11-13-2004, 02:16 AM
this week help finally arrived,I was releaved at the fact that we had a huge group of joes now. I was put on the commando team. My only vehicle I had was destry in our little attack getting as far as we have into this cobra compound. After sand storm, It seemed that cobra has vanished because we have not seen any snake for awile or so. scalett has just told me snake eyes has went into the command building and not returned yet this is not good. We probly have to send tripwire in to make sure there are no boobie traps because he would be the best at this with beachhead and stalker behind him they also have had bomb training.
dusty out

james strickland
11-13-2004, 02:28 AM
entry 2000008

I am riding with my good friend hollow point and at the controls are lift ticket and ripcord, boy I am glad to see them. thjey told me that they have a missle attack chopper ready at the flagg for me. I am not to upset about that, but I am getting to go back and help my buddies in the cobra compound. I just hope they save some action for me. I just don't understand why I was sent back to the flagg for an aircraft. It one of those you do our you get into more trouble than I probly am in now. Well we are now landing at the flagg they have lifline and strecher standing thier waiting for hollow point I guess so we are done now.

wild bill out

The Faceless Master
11-14-2004, 03:34 AM
Journal entry 100913

I... managed to grab... Downtown's audiovox log...
Ughh... vision fading fast... losing too much blood... slipping into shock...

Shot from the back... Sounded like Firefly's... signature submachin... gnuhh!!!

Good ol snake eyes found... bomb... defused, but... ugggggghhhhhhh...

LJ... Lady Jaye... Know THIS - I love youuuuuu...


* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *
R.I.P. = Dashielle Fairborne
Born 1968, Died 2004
* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

The Faceless Master
11-14-2004, 03:50 AM
Entry #759

Just before this mission began, Hard Drive issued some of us Voice Audiovoxs so we can document our happenings at the moment. And that is what I am doing.

Right now, all I can say is that I am stunned beyond belief. Where do I begin?

Well, our delayed rescue team arrived at the Cobra Outpost right in the midst of a tense stand off between over 50 Cobra troopers, and only 5 or so Joes. The Cobras were closing in real quickly, and if we werent there Flint's Rogue unit woulda been hamburger. The troops retreated into some sort of underground facility. Wild Bill was ordered back to the FLAGG with Hollow Point, teams split up, and Snake Eyes & Scarlett found some sort of bomb setup by Firefly. Tripwire defused it with no problem, but apparently that was just a diversionary tactic, as a sniper bullet hit Flint in the back.
We dont know where it came from, but Flint asked for an Audiovox log just before he... gadd this is so hard... with his dying breath, he... pretty much just said that he loves Lady Jaye.
This wouldnt be so difficult for me if it wasnt for the fact that LJ & I were seeing each other behind his back.
Why?? Why'd I have to fall in love with LJ too??

*long long pause*
**Audiovox automatically logs off Downtown after idle for 5mins**

The Faceless Master
11-14-2004, 04:09 AM
Log 5

This isnt right, this really isnt right. I just witnessed "Bug-man" put a bullet in the back of one of the Joe's commanding officers, the one with the beret.
Thats just plain cowardice. You dont shoot a man in the back!! Especially when he isnt expecting it... That sickens me. This whole organization makes me sick to my stomach.
All bugman told me was that all is fair in love & war. He then shot me in the chest & abandoned me in the tower. Luckily i was wearing non-regulation Kevlar, but his bullet was aimed right in the heart.

As of this moment, I am surrendering to the Joe team right now, turning myself in. I dont want to associate myself with such lowlifes any longer, and since one of them tried to kill me, now its personal.

I wonder if the GIJoe team would accept a former employee of a world terrorist organization that they are battling? Hmm, guess there is only one way to find out. UH OH, i hear them coming through the door right now!!

Mercer, formerly Viper trooper #7605, signing out.

The Faceless Master
11-14-2004, 10:31 PM
Log 1 - (NOT with a surfer dude accent, please)

Not my first log really, but since I lost my journal plus this is my first Audiovox log so technically yes this is my first log. We are all now back on the USS FLAGG, including Flint's Rogue unit - may he rest in peace - are now being questioned by Lt Col SureFire.

Let me begin with todays most traumatic event.
We arrived at the Cobra outpost where Flint's rogue team was under heavy fire. Cobras cleared out soon enough. Snake Eyes found a bomb, Tripwire defused it, then before we knew it, Flint was assassinated by whom we assume was Firefly.
Hit&Run & I ran up towards the point of origin of the shot that killed Flint, which was the tower as quickly as we could, but all we found was a semi-conscious Viper who was shot in the chest.
We took this Viper back to the FLAGG for questioning, HotSeat is working on squeezing as much info from him right now.
According to Lifeline, the slugs in the captured Viper's kevlar matched the ones taken from Flint's back.

I will try to update my log more often, but unfortunately I am not really a talker.

Hmm, Downtown has been really distraught & seemingly inconsoleable since Flint's death. I'll check up on him later.

BeachHead out...

11-15-2004, 12:11 PM
I was just issued a new audio log. My arm still hurts a little, so this is a great way to keep my records.

I apparently dropped my original log when I got taken out of the combat with my wounded arm. And... Flint found it. I still don't believe that he -he didn't make it. Why did they med-evac ME? It was just my arm %&$^*# !!!! Maybe Flint would still be alive if we could have gotten him to a doctor more quickly??

I just got back from our post mission debreifing.

We shut down that cobra stronghold, but many of them seem to have escaped. We thought they might have some kind of underground base, but what our guys found was just a secret garage that the Cobras used to escape during the confusion.

We did take out a few cobras though, and captured one viper. We also captured and disabled a bunch of their tanks and Fang Mark 2 coptors.

Snake Eyes located their command chamber and, somehow, was able to get Tripwire to disable the boobytraps in the command center before it was destroyed.

That allowed us to collect all of their maps, hard drives and files.

Our tech guys worked overtime and have come up with this:
Cobra is searching for something in Kabul. They seem to be systematically searching the city in a circular grid pattern. We don't know what they are looking for, but we suspect that it is some new WMD.

We'll get our new mission assignments soon. My arm is fine as long as I keep it bandaged. I hope they let me go back in there!

Hollowpoint out!

james strickland
11-17-2004, 02:01 AM
We made it to the flagg, boy I did hope flint would have lived from this hole insident, but I blame the generals for poor responced to my hails. I know Hollow point blames falcon for him being sent back here, but I think falcon was trying to prevent him form getting an infection. On another note I just found out that when we get back the rogue team will be put on kp duty for ten weeks and we are to also be stuck at hq for those ten weeks. Thats a small price to pay for having a friend be taken away by firefly or who ever.
Cobra will pay for taken flints life I swear firefly is going down.
dailtone sadly signing out

Richard J.
11-17-2004, 03:40 AM
The Joes have grown soft.

With Flint dead, they have become sloppy. My Techno-Viper troops are searching Kabul and expect to locate the weapon soon. When Cobra Commander first told me of it, I doubted him.

I doubt no longer. Such a brilliant man. Undisciplined, but brilliant.

When I find the weapon, I will present it to him personally.

Though this mission has cost Cobra a small fortune in troopers and tanks, I am pleased to note that Tank Commander Rip-It survived. Even more important, he somehow mananged to severely damage the Joe's Patriot tank while falling back. He deserves respect. Once all the survivors had gathered, he gathered the survivors of his tank corps together for a moment of silence for their fallen comrades. He spoke eloquontly of his own gunner, a man named Putter.

But the costs of this mission will be overshadowed by the benefits of gaining control of the weapon. If Cobra scientists can reverse engineer it, we will be on equal footing with nuclear nations.

Someone managed to switch off the bombs I left behind to destroy our abandoned base. I will take time away from the mission soon.

My submachine gun craves more revenge.

A final note: I need a new driver.

Searching the sands, awaiting my hour.
Cobra will conquer and hold ultimate power.

Firefly Out.

11-17-2004, 11:38 AM
We're on a NAC being sent into Kabul...

Here is what we learned in the breifing...

This mission is "simple". Based on the cobra maps that I discovered, we've discovered a search pattern. The Joes will locate and track any CObra operatives that we can find. We think that their search will be faster, now that we are on to them, so we're hoping that these searchers have become sloppy. We want them to lead us to either their new base, or maybe their main objective.

For this mission, Hawk has created a new Sub-group of Elite Joes...

"Desert Patrol Squad"

Members so-far include:

Gung Ho
Dusty (who had his punishment postponed to be sent on this mission)
Tunnel Rat
Switch Gears
and Me(Snake Eyes)

james strickland
11-18-2004, 01:12 AM
I am on a new team called desert patrol squad, though I hate my new uniform guess It will do as my punishment. I just wish I could do what the rest of the rogue team has to indur. when I found out they were not going to have me qaurtmarshal for letting the communication camp get destroyed, but I have two more weeks than the rogue team has.
I hope we find those dirty snakes, and get our revenge for flint and my crew.
I know stalker is a good leader for the team but I wonder who is second. Any way I wish I could go to flint's funeral next week but It won't happen I am on this mission until we find what ever cobra is after and stop them at all cost.
dusty out

11-18-2004, 06:11 PM
So I'm out around the base today, and I meet this new greenshirt. Anyways I introduce myself to him and he starts laughing. He heard some stories about me, qouting "I can't be beat when I neat." Then he starts given me a hard time about wearin' a tie. When I tried to tell him it was regulation for my administrational duties he stated making fun of my combat helmet and how that's got to be a real hoot around the office. Of course I didn't tell him it was my fashion savy (which obviously he didn't get.) way of concealing my bald spot 'cause that would kinda defeat the purpose. Anyway I finally got tired of his crap and shoved him. I though since I was a colonel he wouldn't do anything' but he actually fought back. It was so embaressing the entire mess hall saw what a pansy I actually am. Well now I'm in the infirmary while Doc stitches me up. Apparntly Flint was killed on a mission, which is terriable news, however I tell you about that when I write in you tonight and cry myself to sleep, not so much over Flint as much as that greenshirt bully.

Colonel Courage

The Faceless Master
11-18-2004, 11:58 PM
Log 8782 - 103a

After 72 hours of interviewing the 7 members of the late Flint's "Rogue Team", which included Dusty - who is now re-assigned to the newly formed Desert Assault Squad re-sent into Afghanistan to search for Firefly;
Also interviewed were "second in command" Big Brawler? Wait a min-- Is that his real code name? Hmm, gotta ask Law to verify the pentagon files about that. Wild Bill, DialTone, Hit&Run, Hollowpoint & Tripwire round out the pack.

All their stories remain consistent. Basically Wild Bill lands the DAC at Check Point Charlie & meets up with the only remaining member of the - what we assume was Firefly's first - attack, Dusty.
A second attack ensues whom we assume is led by Firefly again & a component is taken from the new base camp set up by Flint. Flint then repeatedly attempts to contact HQ requesting for reinforcements, but is repeatedly denied due... hmm according to Falcon's statement - Classified Need To Know Information. I will need to look that up later.
Dialtone lost the clearlink signal to HQ, mm hmm, and Flint was "forced" to lead the team into more civilized territories, and coincidentally it was where Falcon's extraction team found them. Several bombs were found & successfully defused by EOD specialist Tripwire, but on the final explosive, that is when Flint was shot from behind by a sniper in the tower, whom we once again assume is Firefly. All assumptions at this point because we have absolutely no visual proof that it was him leading the Cobra team all this time. Beachhead & HitnRun rush up to the source of the shot & find an unconscious wounded Viper in the tower, his Kevlar loaded with slugs that match the ones that killed Flint.
That same Viper is being interrogated by HotSeat in Level 6 right now. Let me go down there in an hour & see what we've come up with.

I will type up a formal report & hand it to General Flagg in the morning.
Based on what I have found in this investigation, I dont think any Court Marshalls need to be handed out. Hmm, well maybe I will suggest to have Big Brawler suspended for choosing a code name like that.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off...

The Faceless Master
11-19-2004, 12:09 AM
Log 8783 - 235a

I had just finished typing up the formal report to be handed to General Flagg in the morning, when General Hawk informs me that the higher brass in the Pentagon want GIJoe to assemble an Urban Defense Unit ASAP?
Something about word of Cobra planning a mass urban invasion sometime soon has turned from rumor, to a very loud whisper. Hmm, concealing HISS Tanks, Rattlers, Rages etc in a city environment would be kind of hard to sneak around, but I am not in a position to argue with 4-stars. I will contact my snitches in the alleys for what they can come up with.

I would expect Headman - i swear, is it just getting late or are these code names just really lame? - or Gristle to be leading this Cobra Urban Assault Unit.

I will draw up a list of potential Urban Defense Unit team members, most likely to be led by Beachhead or Cutter. Hmm maybe even Colonel Courage? That tie really has to go tho.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

11-19-2004, 09:26 AM
Journal entry 149

I Found it!!!

My men and I are undercover (I feel like an idiot under this Burka) searching southwest Kabul for this "mystery weapon".

And all of our efforts finally paid off!!!
I Found it. Hole-in-one for me!!!

Under an old police station, there was a small basement which had a large steel vault-door hidden behind a piece of plywood! I planted some charges and blasted the door open. (Firefly would be proud of this blast!) I didnt even wait for tmoke to clear. I ran inside... Inside, there is a large lab of some kind....

Wait, I hear some commotion outside. I'd better sign off...

Rip-it... on the edge of Victory for Cobra!!

The Faceless Master
11-22-2004, 12:44 AM
Log 8784

Well, the Viper we captured was more than willing to spill the beans about the latest operation of Cobra, or at least what he knows which unfortunately isnt much. Basically all we know at this point is that there is some sort of top secret Cobra weapon component under a Police Station southwest of Kabul.
We are scrambling the Desert Patrol squad to head there right now.
In exchange for this vital piece of information IF it leads to the capture of Cobra's plans, I have agreed for now to let the Viper get his voice-corder back in his prison-cell & even quite possibly recruit him into the GIJoe ranks.
Hmm, a former Viper as a Joe? This I will have to see. Maybe throw him into the impossible 6-month back breaking, ball busting program with that maniacal wrestler Sgt Slaughter. That will definitely make him think twice about being a Joe IF he's really genuine about a change of heart.

As for the urban uneasiness, our snitches arent getting much info. Something about an old group, possibly established even before the Cold War, that is re-emerging and making its presence felt again in the city streets of the United States calling themselves the Black Dragon Clan.
Origins unknown but there are rumors of possible links to Cobra, maybe even their headquarters on Cobra Island.

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
11-22-2004, 01:02 AM
Log 6, First log of Mercer, possible future GIJoe Trainee

The interrogation took long enough. The LtCol, after much deliberation & convincing finally granted my request of letting me have my voice-corder in exchange for everything I knew about Cobra's next op, which wasnt as much as I woulda liked to give.

They are saying that they will consider & propose to the top Pentagon officials about having me train as a Joe recruit IF my testimony proves helpful. Thatd certainly be a first in GIJoe history, a former Viper in the Joe ranks.

Man, it'll be difficult making friends here, but after what I saw what Cobra did to that team leader in the beret back in Afghanistan, and then leaving me for dead in that tower, making friends is the last thing on my mind.
I want Justice.

Mercer out.

The Faceless Master
11-22-2004, 01:07 AM
Entry #760

I just attended Flint's wake at the base chapel. I feel like such a hypocrite by being there. So many people loved & respected him, yet there I was sneaking around his back secretly seeing the love of his life.
Not much to say. Nothing left to say.
Lady Jaye wont even return my calls, she wouldnt even look at me in the chapel. Why wasnt it me instead?

- Downtown

james strickland
11-25-2004, 08:11 PM
I was finally get off my punishment today when some dumb col. starts treating me like a rookie. I couldn't help but laff at his out fit.He had a dress greens with tie with and combat helmet on . All I know is now I am in the stockkade and I am not happy about this. I Hopethe bloody nose I gave that col. will tough him up while I get two more weeks of kp thanks to col. chicken. Last time I wear this green shirt of mine.
Brawler out

james strickland
11-25-2004, 08:42 PM
Today I take a team to the rockies. I am taking alpine, Jinx, SGt. slaughter, the rengades, spirit, dart, footloose, hollow point, and barrel roll there with me. We are going to check the mountians for a possible cobra base hidden the range. I will be glad to work with the renagades and sgt.slaughter. we are going in a A.P.C until we get to new mexico from thier we will hike the rest of the way. I now some were In northen new mexico people have said they seen wierd snake emblems show up on the mountians. I just wish we had gung ho or leather neck to go with us so I could have a good gunner with the crew but guess I don't. I do have two good snipers with me I sure hope hollow point is up to this after his last mission.
Lt. falcon out

james strickland
11-25-2004, 09:04 PM
we are north of kabal and we have ran into cobra this small unit can hold up pretty good. All I now is snake eyes took ten vipers out with what looked like a single move. Scarlett took out a gunner with her crossbow. Gung ho laid down the cover fire. Stalker also laid down cover fire. I snoke up and blew up a hiss. Ambush snipered for us. Switch gears was his cover. tunnel rat help me. I just can't wait to see what that cobra came running out with to his hiss tank. Just don't now were he ran off too?
dusty out

james strickland
11-25-2004, 09:11 PM
today I finished my kp duty and was having a thanksgiving turkey when big brawler and col. courage got into a fight. I had to get in the middle of the fight and help law and mutt break it up. I sure got lucky that I don't get injured in the fight.
dial tone out .

Richard J.
11-25-2004, 09:59 PM
Today Cobra has reason to be thankful.

Tank Commander Rip-It has found the weapon. He arrived at our Kabul facility a few days ago, grinning and boasting. I've spoken to Cobra Commander about his excellent work here in Afghanistan. He's earned a medal here.

So have I. Killing that Joe. . . I forget his name, the one with that ridiculous beret, has pleased the Commander greatly.

As I write this, the Techno-Vipers I brought from our last base are examining the weapon. There was some concern earlier about a possible leak in the containment casing, but they've assured me it was a false alarm.

All that remains now is to get the weapon out of this miserable dessert, before the Joes find us. Perhaps if they weren't so busy changing uniforms all the time, they'd do a better job of searching for us.

Well, I'll write again when I have a chance. For now, there is a late turkey dinner waiting for me.

Firefly Out.

The Faceless Master
11-26-2004, 12:22 AM
Log 7

Taking a breather!! A 1st Lt named Falcon is leading a team that includes me - I am now included into a rowdy group of three called the Renegades which include a former Circus Strongman & a former Football player - plus my direct commanding officer at the moment Sgt Slaughter, plus two trackers - Spirit & his eagle Freedom who seems to have taken a liking to me, at least I know ONE joe trusts me - & Dart, plus a sharpshooter named Barrell Roll = i guess to take me down if i decide to escape, and a strange dude with pegs on his arms & legs calling himself Hollow Point. Strangely enough, i think this is the same guy who accompanied Flint - yes I found out the name of the brave soldier in the beret whom Firefly cowardly assassinated in Afghanistan.

We passed by a small town in Northern New Mexico & witnesses say they saw snake emblems of some sort up in the Rockies so were hiking up there right now. Was getting cold glares from the rest of the team as if they expected me to know Cobras next move. What they dont realize is as a Viper, ahem should I say former Viper, Cobra Commander & his hierarchy dont divulge one iota of their future plans to us - only to the elite Crimson Guard.

Uh oh, L-T is informing us 2min break is over, will log another entry soon!!

- Mercer

The Faceless Master
11-26-2004, 12:33 AM
Journal log 50

Baroness strutted around in her new bubblegum pink outfit, calling it her Crimson Strike Team outfit?
The twins Tomax & Xamot finally peeled off their Extensive Enterprises suits & sported red outfits of their original 1985 ones & bragged about their new vehicle of choice, the Crimson Command Copter.
This weekend Cobra Commander informed us that we will truly be giving thanks to a new type of mission called, Operation Crimson Sabotage? Hmm, curious...

Well, spending thanksgiving back at CobraHQ is good, but not as good as instigating the Enron heist two years ago!!

Crimson Guard #280

james strickland
11-28-2004, 01:48 AM
We have gotten orders to pull out and head to the flagg stalker is not happy about this but we are headed for the base and leaving in a night attack chopper. This kinda of disappoiniting to me I have to leave the desert the thing I call my home to go to the flagg.well, If they want us to leave it to cobra guess we will.After we attacked the small hiss batalion we lost the head hiss team. I think we lost this round to cobra guess our next round is up to them.
I am so disapointed in this order I al most want to go rogue again but all stalker and gungho said "we are sorry but orders are orders." I guess we are planning on going something bigger for cobra.

dusty out

james strickland
11-28-2004, 02:14 AM
today we started our hike. I have alpine,spirit,and dart in the front; behind them is me, barrol roll, and footloose,next is the renegades followed by jinx, hollow point,and slaughter. I am proud of my little team I don't mind that I am not leading a big team this time. I just hope they don't do what they did to flint's team and leave me stranded with no back up. so far nothing to report except for the locals giving us a good starting point. We haven't found any thing yet, but spirit said" not to worry we will find them here if they are here." I have trust in him like duke and hawk have so many times before this mission. I just don't now about this mecer guy, who was once on our enemy's team guess we will find out. I have informed hollow point if he moves on us or something agianst us to shot him dead. I do hope mecer becomes a good joe like sgt. slaughter says and not a dead tree. okay time for us to go so this is good bye for now.
falcon out

james strickland
11-28-2004, 02:29 AM
I am use to training regruits for the joe team with fridge and beachhead, but not this time I am being sent on a scouting mission for the joes. I will be with my renegades and two of my old meraders. I am also proud to be with a former officer who I gave a some help to in the past. I am not much for writting but since I am second in command of this mission guess I have to have a written account of what happens on this mission I just hope we can pay cobra back with all they have done to us. well falcon has given us the sign to go so we are gone.
slaughter out

11-29-2004, 09:13 AM
(Dart's Audio guide)

Look Spirit! I've found the edge of a tank track! They tried to disguise the markings, but the great spirit has allowed me to see through their trickery.

Mercer: Great Spirit? What are you? An old movie steriotype?


end audio file....

james strickland
11-29-2004, 01:19 PM
today I am at the new baase under the pentagon.It not going to be our base of operations yet it still under construction I am hear to make sure all the radio and com eguipment are installed poperly. Mainframe is hear too. His job is to install all our computer software. We also have this young kidd calling him self sgt. hacker to make sure we are safe from hackers or techno vipers. General hawk has in formed me that this facility is mainly for statigic operations. There is only room here for offercers, support staff, and small vehicles, but like I said before It still under construction. The main base is still the pitt. This base is mainly so we have a group here to protect the nations capital. So far, all the com eguipment installing is going good. The radio eguipment is being installed after lunch. I guess I better go get something to eat well I am out.
dail tone

james strickland
11-29-2004, 02:03 PM
we found cover up tank tracks today. I also got to enjoy a soldier being corrected by dart. I would of said something but slaughter took care of it. we have stoppd for a short lunch right now. I have asked spirit what he thinks these tracks are from he says he not sure. I guess they aren't very recent, anyways I have gotten the chance to see dart tracking ablity it is pretty impressive. Spirit and dart seem like they are uneasy.I guess they have some insite or something about were cobra is. I just hope we can surrvive on these rations. I forget how beautiful Jinxs is. The only problem I am having with this mission is being around her right now. Two years ago we broke up and ever since then she has never said two words to me. When we broke up she told me it was my fault. I still Haven't figured it out yet,but I probly won't. Well anough rambling I am also Impressed with spirit and freedom they seem to work togather like one team. Hollow point has told me so much about the btr program we have. the renegades pretty much keep to themselves. barrol roll has told me about his brother who has vanished after he didn't make the team due to his mental problem. According to barrol roll he not sure what his brothers mental problem is and that he is just as good shot or even better than he is. Footloose is a great guy who seems to be more at home on the beach as he is in his uniform that is what surprizes me about him. Sgt. Slaughter remains me of a great drill sargent and mentor way back when I first joined the team he was the one who put me back in to perspective. That is why I respect this individual so much. Other than his tracking ability, dart is a great soldier last night he stopped a bear with his bare hands. All he did was wave his hand and the bear leaves. That also amazed me. I really am going t0o enjoy having this team.
falcon out

11-29-2004, 10:28 PM
Falcon keeps staring at me.
What's his deal? We broke up years ago.
Is he like, still in love with me or something? Like, as if! Doesn't he know I'm seeing Budo now?

I know I look good in my new uniform and all, but, get over me already...

Oh, and the 2 indians now say that the cobra base is right in front of us behind some big rock. They're like, such freaks!

james strickland
11-30-2004, 01:08 AM
we have ran on a cobra base. I know that the first part of the operation is to locate the base that is done know what is the second part I wonder. I hope we get through this alive. I don't know whats going on here but the cobra armies looks have changed since the last time I have saw them. I guess it time for me to help falcon make teams. We made it here with no patrols spotting us guess we took the unscenic root.
Sgt. slaughter out.

james strickland
11-30-2004, 01:18 AM
I was talking to duke today. He told me that after my little alteration with Col. Courage doesn't help me much. He also said that I was not going to get in any trouble for what happened just don't let it happen again. I am also going to be part of a team headed to D.C. to help set up a base there. I asked what base he said he would fill me in later about it. sure fire keeps looking at me funny I wonder why.
big brawler out.

Richard J.
11-30-2004, 03:11 PM
After searching the sands of Afghanistan for weeks, after being relentlessly hunted by the GI Joe team, we are preparing to withdraw back to Cobra Island. Cobra Commander is sending the Crimson Brigade on a mission. Their operation will help distract the Joes from the Urban Strike Team's work.

With Scrap-Iron's help, I will place the weapon in a major American city.

The devastation will be breathtakingly glorious. It will be Cobra's finest hour, my greatest achievement.

Soon all the world will know what the Soviet's created and lost in the sand.

With everything going so well, I'm not taking any chances. I've sent Rip-It and the rest of our Hiss forces out to keep the base safe. If the Joes are around, they will also have to contend with a unit of Desert Scorpions the Commander detached from one of our prison camps.

If the Joes come, my submachine gun is loaded and ready.

I'm sure they'd like to visit Flint.

Firefly Out.

The Faceless Master
12-01-2004, 12:11 AM
Log 8

The right side of my face still stings after that big tracker, DART smacked me for my lame attempt at humorizing his culture.
The left side of my face still stings after Jinx's nunchuk whapped me when i was trying to get a peek of her in her tent.
Somehow am not getting any sympathy from my new teammates, but i did get a few chuckles. Maybe i should grow a beard cuz my face is really still red.

The bald renegade insists on opening beer bottle caps with his nostrils, while the ex football jock just runs into trees all day long. Man, and i thought the crimson twins had weird tendencies.

We are nearing the Cobra headquarters. If it is a terrordrome like i suspect, then I will finally be of some use to the GIjoe unit.

Mercer out

12-02-2004, 05:41 PM
I found out the new guy I got in a fight with, his name is Big Bawler or somethin. Just what I need some guy named for crying alot having beat me up. Man, I'm never gonna live this down, that is if I ever get up the nerve to leave my room again.

12-02-2004, 05:54 PM
At first I was really excited about going on a mission with the team. Untill now I've spent most of my time in the desert with the Sarge and Taurus. But now that I'm out here I don't seem to fit in with everyone I mean the Sarge is always talking about ol' times with Mauraders, Taurus keeps oogling over this Jinx girl (he might improve his chances if would take his finger out of nose once in a while), everyone else seems to have thier own little cliques. The only guy I can really talk to is this Mercer fellow, but seein as how he is an ex cobra I'm not really sure I trust him just yet. Besides he's always giving me wierd looks when run headlong into trees. How else am I supposed to practice running from cobra soldiers and pretending to knock myself unconcious. I mean I'm a Joe and I'm ready to fight but it never hurts to have a back up plan.
-Red Dog

james strickland
12-03-2004, 12:56 AM
I have figured out a plan to get in to the base and find out what they are up to. Alpine,jinx, spirit,Sargent Slaughter, mercer, footloose, and hollow point are going to be team A. My team will be dart, red dog, tarus, barrol roll, and myself is team B. Team B is going to keep the peremeter while team A goes in and finds any information on cobras plans. I am send mercer in but I hope he dosen't switch sides in there. I also hope he knows his way in there.
I wonder if we have a way to contact hq when we need a quick out. I have to tell the team the plan so red dog will stop hitting trees.
falcon out.

james strickland
12-03-2004, 01:07 AM
I have been on all types of chopters and now I been told I will be part of a back up team to LT. falcon. The prolem with that is duke is leading the team in I am in a patriat grizzly with hightech. How many times do I hafve to pro test I hate not being in a helicopter. for god sakes I am a pilot not a heavy armor pilot. Why not have switch gears or somebody else driveit huh.
well I goping to talk to flagg about this and see what he says.

wild bill out

few muinutes later
Flagg told me he understands but I am out of luck. I just have to go with it.
weild bill out

The Faceless Master
12-05-2004, 06:54 PM
Log 9

<Talking to Team A, but recording on AudioVox>
Just like all Terrordromes, their blue prints & schematics are all the same. The north wing swerage has a direct entry way right into an unguarded corridor which a female Sgt Major & I used to sneak off to during curfew hours <*hmm, Jinx is giving me a dirty but curious look. Interested maybe?*>.
The time is about 1715 which means Golobulus & the Toxo Vipers busy are cleaning the toilets at this moment. We need to hold our position for now, <*they are giving me beady eyed looks as if they still cant trust me*> but you gotta trust me on this one guys. I AM on your side now.
Lets wait 7 more minutes here & then we can enter the hole.

*voicelogs later added on*

- Mercer out

The Faceless Master
12-05-2004, 07:05 PM
Log 8784

<Audiovox turned on while reading a submitted report>

Hmm, General Flagg just informed me that Lt Falcon's team has just located a Terrordrome & are about to infiltrate it. Hopefully we can find a clue as to what exactly they are planning to do in regards to forming an Urban Assault Team, as well as where & when.
The ONLY thing I heard from our intel is that it will consist of high-tech Ninjas called Night Creepers - wow, i thought they were obsolete - , another new version of Alley Vipers, a bunch of new Robo-cop looking troopers called Nullifiers - hmm thought Nullifiers were Destro's pilots?? - Hmm, this is interesting Scrap Iron is going to be part of this team PLUS Firefly as well. I havent heard Scrap Iron's name since the early 80s

Altho another intel source is saying that a drug dealer named Gristle & some troopers he likes to call Headhunter Stormtroopers will be invading the streets.

Now, I cant scramble a team of Urban Defense Specialists without fully knowing where & when Cobra will attack. I hope Lt Falcon's team gets info quick.

Lt Col Sure Fire, Logging off

12-05-2004, 07:56 PM
Hollowpoint's Log # 237
I'm on the infiltration team... I'm not sure why I was assigned to this group.... I'm a chopper pilot and Marksmanship instructor. I'm not really a specialist at infiltrations. I'll do my best though. Hopefully Falcon knows what he's doing.

Hollowpoint's Log # 238
We're in!! Mercer carefully snuck us in, but something is NOT right here... There is no sign of anyone!! We've already secured over half of this place. There is blood on the floor and the signs of recent struggles, but we've seen no bodies. It's creapiing me out!!!

james strickland
12-08-2004, 12:54 AM
Every things is odd here, as far as we have gotten in here, we should have at lease had a scuffle or two but nothing. It is likme a animal or somethink killed all of the cobra foces in side here. mecer has given us an okay we are now heading in to the control room mybe there will be answers.
slaughter out

james strickland
12-08-2004, 01:03 AM
Evbery thing is quiet. we have been around this peremeter six times and no shots fire at us. last check in from Sgt. slaughter has told they have found the control room door and are going in. they have also secured the first thru fourth floors of the terrordrome inside this mountian.
(falcon reports findings to flagg)
my report to flagg is that all is going good and we are about to head in to the control room.
Falcon out

The Faceless Master
12-08-2004, 11:45 PM
Log 10

We reached the main bay, all systems were on standby.
Some signs of struggle, obvious markings of chaos & frenzy went on in here.

But... that still does NOT explain why this Terror Drome is seemingly abandoned.

A cold chill... a faint stench of death resonating from the air vents...
Coming maybe from Mindbender's lab? Will suggest a team of 4 go to
investigate right now.

Mercer out

james strickland
12-09-2004, 01:44 AM
I sent four joes towards the lab.they were jinxs, mercer, footloose, and myself. spirit, alpine, and hollow point will try and get as much info as possible out of the computer banks. I also advise them to see if they have any video's of what went on here. All we know is all the support staff is dead.
I know falocon has started in thru the motorpool and headed to the coommand center so maybe we will come up with something.
Sgt. slaughter out

james strickland
12-09-2004, 01:55 AM
All is quiet on the perimeter so I decied to head in an see what the Sarg was talking about. When my team enter the facility we entered thur the front door thanks to a code mercer gave us. The First area was the motorpool. There we saw bloody bodies of tech vipers and motor vipers just thrown all over the place. there were no survives here. Then we move on to the fire bat and other air craft area of the motorpool thier we saw cobra soldiers,cobra avacs, and stato vipers every were. We found a cobra officer locked up in a closet he told us about the russian weapon turning all the toxo-vipers into zombie. He also told us to destroiy the russian weapon before it gets changes us. At this point we took him prisoner,He asked me if he help us find our friendthat we could shorten his sentence. I responded wwith I am not sure,but I will see.
Lt. falcon out

12-09-2004, 09:27 AM
Excerpt from Hollowpoint's Audiovox journal #241

Diie you Zombies!
Go back to **** you freaks!!
Blam !


Damn, I'm out!
Close that door Alpine!


thump thump
Huh huhh huhh(heav breathing)
That should give us a few minutes.

Can you contact the others?


Communications are down... I'd better record a log about what has happened so that if we don't make it, this information might get out.

Spirit, Alpine, and I were headed to the lower level of this Terrordrome to investigate the computer center.

On the way there we, passed through the research labs. And we found it! The Russian super weapon, our goal from that last mission, in the desert. Cobra got away with this thing and must have taken it here... And I found it! I recognised the Russian markings. I figured that it was some kind of bomb,...
...but I was so wrong...thump
I looked closer and saw that it wasn't a bomb at all. It looked to be some frozen storage container. Like a cryogenic thing...

And suddenly, they were everywhere! They swarmed on us out of nowhere. They must have been hiding, waiting to draw us down here! And our bullets barely phased these things. Spirit took one down when he cut off it's head with his big knife, but most of then didn't even seem to feel...
thump big-bore hollow-point rounds.
We can't be sure, but we're guessing that whatever was in that russian case, infected the people in this base! That's why most of these Zombies were dressed like Toxo-vipers. or should I say Toxo-zombies!thump
I only hope we're not infected too.
Spirit's been bitten, and we've all been breathing the air in here...
Maybe it won't matter anyway. The three of us are all out of bullets....


james strickland
12-09-2004, 01:18 PM
We made it to the lab we found zombies. We fought them off. I also found some diagrams of a russian weapon. We also had some help from some type of ninja viper that was hidden in the vents. He told us he would help us out if we could get him out here away from The zombies I said okay but we need to find the rest of our team. Now we headed to last location of spirit, and the others. When we finally met up with them. They told us they had a fight with a bunch of zombies. Then spirit showed us his wound and he said we need to get him out of here to a place were we can find a medicine man. so we headed for the motor pool last location of Falcon's team.
Slaughter out

james strickland
12-09-2004, 01:32 PM
I got power to the control room of the under ground base at the pentgon and made a call to breaker to see If I had every thing set right. As far as I know hacker and Mainframe havwe all the computers working. Double blast is here hooking up the electrical componets the rest of the construction left behind. Hawk told me. In two days we will have twenty rams, twenty vamps, and twenty mirages in the motor pool here. We don't have any air craft room here but we were given a space at washington,dc airport.At the airport, we will have night attack chopters, missle storm and tiger hawk planes In a secure lock up. Got to go General Hawk is bringing some brass down here in an hour so I got to clean up.
dial tone out

Richard J.
12-12-2004, 02:35 AM
I am still alive. Barely.

The Russian bio-weapon's casing was cracked. Virus leaked out, infected the Toxo-Vipers. Others just died.

I contacted Cobra Island. Cobra Commander ordered me to abandon the weapon. His dissapointment and rage was terrible. He ordered me back to home base.

I'm in a Hiss III. Rip-It is driving. He's uninfected.

My luck didn't hold. The Russian virus is in me. I can feel it working at my mind, trying to destroy me. It will not win. I am strong. I've killed thousands, brillantly sabotaged many more thousands of vehicles and equipment. I will not surrender to a germ.

Scalpel is my only hope.

I will survive.

My mission will continue,
Until the very end,
Where Freedom falls,
And Cobra ascends.

Firefly Out.

james strickland
12-19-2004, 01:22 AM
we are running from hollow point who is now a zombie with spirit and slaughter after us too I don't think we can survive. If I don't get away from hollow point and the other zombies I think we are in big trouble there are six zombies in front of us- look out alpine-boy that was close now if I knew how to get out of here with out getting zombie fied

12-19-2004, 04:42 PM

ust eat brains...



end audio file...

12-19-2004, 04:58 PM
What a mess!

Falcon and a few others made it out of the Terrordrome and were able to barricade the door behind them to keep everyone else from escaping.

Apparently, that Cobra weapon was some sort of "Zombie" virus...

But just locking the Zombies in there might not be enough to stop the spread of this plague.

We don't know how this spreads! Airborne particles? Blood? Sweat? How do we know if we've ALL been infected??

So, for now, Falcon says that we wait here until our Hostile Environment specialists, Airtight, and Ozone show up to study this problem.

I sure hope I'm not going to turn into some mindless brain eater!!!

AND Cobra is apparently planning some Urban attack. It they plan on unleashing this plague in a city, I shudder to think what will happen...

james strickland
12-20-2004, 01:10 AM
we made it out alive we got six joes that were un effected out with us. the survivers are dart, barrol roll, mercer, footloose, jinxs, and myself. I hope air tight and ozone get here soon so we get a handle on the situation. I just wish doc could come too

james strickland
12-21-2004, 12:52 AM
It's day two we are still waitng for airtight and ozone. we can here the zombies banging on the side of the terror drom I guess they can sence us out here. Right now I just fill like this is all a dream but I am not sure any more. I have lost half my team to that virus I just wonder how much more will suffer before we can get out of this dang hole we are in.

12-21-2004, 09:06 AM
I see the Tomahawk with Airtight and his team finally arriving!!

It took a while for them to get here, but I guess that is good in a way--
None of us on the outside have turned into Zombies after 2 days, so I don't think we're infected.

Now can these guys do somehting for the poor Bastards in there??

12-21-2004, 09:09 AM
Everyone asks me why I opted to join the lime green HEAT vipers. I try to explain to them that these uniforms are more "High Tech" but they never believe me...

ANYWAY, I was walking down the hall to the target range, when I crossed paths with Firefly. His eyes looked all bloodshot and he was muttering something about "brains". I took a side hallway to get away from him.

james strickland
12-28-2004, 01:03 AM
Airtight and ozone arrived with light foot ,lifeline, big bear, char boil, wreckage,and blowtorch.acording to air tight he said if they cant find a cure then we are to destroy this place. I told the surrviving team members to wait for airtight's okay before we start helping put out explosives. According to big bear the russian virus was made by the kgb and all there files are ether destroyed or well krypted. I used the radio in the tomahawk to call hq, and tell them to have hard drive and mainframe,go in to the cia data banks and see what we have on file about kgb secret weapons. Hawk responded by he will talk to his contacts at the cia as well as the president so we can get the virus taken care of before this virus get's out of control. After my conversation with the hq's I saw the eguipment they pulled out. Then, light foot sent his remote control robot, he called bot 5, it to one of the airducts that was to the right of the landing zone. I then was poked and proded by lifeline as he took blood samples and skin tissue so they could make sure we were 100% safe to help out big bear and wreckage.
falcon out

12-28-2004, 02:16 AM
I was running threw the jungle and heard strange noises.i kept running until i got to the swamp and there he was croc i ran a diffrent direction he followed me .a mystery man jumped out and said raggle fraggle and i hollerd help me somebody the croc master shot him then me.i escaped baerly .i found the swamp agian i went threw it and found my joe friends sgt.savage and sgt.slaughter.we left in the thunder clap.and lifeline stitched me up and gen. hawk gave me a purple heart medel.

james strickland
12-31-2004, 01:41 PM
The six survivers are okay we pass with no virus. light foot's robot showed us that all the zombies are still in there and they're looking for a way out. Air tight took a sample of blood off jinx's blades. He hopes there is something there to find a cure. Boy, I glad we are able to help set up the explosives now.
falcon out

Two weeks later
ozone and airtight Have finally found a cure for the zombie virus. They used a portion of the virus found on the swords of jinxs and a portion of a plant native to the rockies and made a gas that blow torch and char broil have to shoot down the vents. they haven't tested the gas, so they decided to go and test it on a section in the terror drome to see
falcon out
24 hours later
the test proved a success the cobras who were in there are human again now we have to fill the hole terror drome with the gas. and wait a holed day and check.
charbroil and blow torch are nopw headed to the main ventgs and lounching the gas now. falcon out
after 48 hours
WE have tons of cobra prizoneras now and we have my team healed the night mere is over we are now leaving the area fast we are going to destroy the terror drome we got to takeour prisoners and joes to the bottom of the mountian and to the apc. the terror drome goes up in two hours according to wreckage.
falcon out

Richard J.
01-01-2005, 01:23 AM
For: Eyes of Cobra Commander
From: Scalpel

Subject: Russian Virus, Code Name "Dark Crimson"

After putting in far more hours than I expected, I have completely cured Firefly. However, he will require some time to recuperate fully. You will be interested to learn that, unlike the other vipers at our base who were infected, Firefly did not show symtoms of becoming a "zombie" for some time.

It appears that his immue system was unusually resistent to the virus. This fact is important, as it resulted in "Dark Crimson" mutating.

Cobra now possesses a far more dangerous strain than the original.

On a side note, your annual exam is coming up.

Scalpel: Head Cobra Medic

james strickland
01-02-2005, 12:42 AM
Today we maded back to the pitt III there I was debriefed by Gen.Flagg and COL. Courage. After debriefing, I was sent to the pentagon by tomahawk with spirit and dart. Once there, we met up with hawk and he wanted us to help finish setting up our secret under the pentagon base. Dart was put on the security check point. Spirit was put on security protection team. I was told to take over the command here while hawk goes attend a special arms meeting at the White House. Looks like I will be in charge of this whole operation for now.
Falcon out

james strickland
01-02-2005, 01:11 AM
Finally off of kp duty. I never got to lead the back up team because of something. Any how I was training with Duke and Gung ho today at shooting range. Duke had a m16,m14,and two pistols he used. I brought my m14, an m16, a .50 cal. machine gun, and pistol. Gung ho had a six shooter with a site on it, a laser rafle(he called an old friend) Granade launcher and m16. Also there was a guy called crosshair who was one of our sharp shooters. We were praticing our firing when we were called to the sure fires office. He told us he was going to hold try outs for a urban team he said we were able to enter it but warned us to be careful what we do.

Brawler out

james strickland
01-02-2005, 01:20 AM
I have been flying people and surples to the new base for the last month or so. Well tommorrow I will start my leave I will be headed to see my kin folk in texas. I heard my neices and nephews have grown up so much I probly won't reconize them well I gone for a while.
Wild bill out

01-02-2005, 11:11 AM
I just came back to base from training with Ninja Force. Nunchuck rewarded me for my progress with a lighter green uniform with a yellow mask. Yellow! What was he thinking? I'll stick to my old gi and black mask.

As I walked back to my locker, I overheard some guys calling me the Green Power Ranger...I swear to god, if I hear this old joke one more time I'll crack some skulls! ... Jinx was right I should watch my temper. "A ninja is not ruled by emotion".

I heard that many joes, including master Snake Eyes are going to Afghanistan. I can't go, Hawk told me he has something for me to do...

Kamakura out.

01-02-2005, 11:44 AM
A ninja is not ruled by emotion... Still, how can I go on with all the confusion in my head. Even my meditation can barely keep me focused. What happened today at the dojo isn't something to help...

I was practicing the kuji in when an arrow arrived just before me. A scroll was wrapped around it.

" I challenge you for the leadership of the clan and the name Storm Shadow, signed: the Camo Ninja."

I rose, grabbed my swords, put my mask on and walked outside. He was standing there with some red ninjas behind him.

He was wearing a camouflage pattern ninja uniform similar to my gray stripped gi that I wore while I was with Gi joe.

He had the Arashikage tattoo on his right forearm.

"I challenge you to a duel, the victor shall be the master of the clan and be the Stormshadow." he said in a defying voice.

He grabbed his crossbow and shot towards me. I catch the arrow in mid air. He did according to the ninja law, he dropped the crossbow on the ground and he took some metal claws. He starpped them on his left arm and he unsheated his sword. He dared me to attack. I took out my swords and walked slowly towards him. The red ninjas all spread away. The wind was gently blowing through the bamboo trees surrounding the dojo.

I made a step forward and dashed to his right. He slashed away in empty air while his claw met my kodachi. We both step back. He grinned under his mask and he ran to me with his claws while his sword was behind him. I ran to him as well with both my swords behind me and lept at the last second over him, time seemed to slow down as I pass over the Camo Ninja.

As my left foot hit the ground, I kicked him hard behind the head with my right. He took the full blow which unbalanced him and made him roll in the dust. He got back on his feet. His eyes were now unfocused. I changed my stance, at the same time he launched his metal claws at me. I barely dodged them and they scratched my left arm.

He grabbed his sword with two hands and held it above his head. Left foot slid lightly forward. I switched my left sword's blade as to hold it under my hand and not over it. The wind had stop and one bamboo leaf was gently floating and twirling in the air.

As the leaf touched the ground we both attacked. In one short moment we ran passed eachother, each a few meters passed the other, facing away. The wind started to blow again as if he held his breath to see who would live and who would die...

I sheated my swords. A splashy noise. Blood splattering the stones. The body of the Camo Ninja fell hard, face down on the ground. A small red spring was running away from his body.

Who was he...

Thomas, out.

The Faceless Master
01-02-2005, 06:15 PM
... Is ... bzzt... on??
Hmm, hopefully... bzzt... to work...

Here's keeping my fingers crossed. AHEM, Log 11... Possibly my last entry... assuming i am able to get out of here without being digested...

Currently i am in a dark corridor still inside the *bzzt terrordrome. The power is completely *bzzt now. One hand is clutching a partially repaired audiovox unit and am just *bzzt the walls with my other hand & walking thru the hallways based on memory since *bzzt Terrordomes are basically built the same. I will make sure to stay away from Mindbender's *bzzt.

The Joe team pretty much evacuated as quickly as they *bzzt when a small squad of leaky suit brigade vipers, or at least what is left of them since they *bzzt to have mutated into *bzzt sort of zombie type *bzzt.
I could hear the whirring of possibly *bzzt Tomahawk evacuating I guess the remaining surviving Joe troopers. I *bzzt that they know I am still alive.
Hmm, a flashlight.

Since I am still a Joe, whether *bzzt the Joe team knows I am alive or not, lemme find out exactly what Cobra Commander is planning to do. I have a *bzzt that what happened to those Toxo-Vipers *bzzt there was no accident.

- Mercer, still alive logging out...

james strickland
01-03-2005, 02:11 AM
I am on my way to the pit with the desert potrol in a desert fox and Skidmarks. I hope I can get out of this silly looking monkey suit. I just not happy in it. This suit is a lot hotter than my new one and the hat makes me look like lifeline. I also fill our first mission was a failure but I am not sure that is how Stalker fills. I just seen to much death in the last year or so maybe I can just sit back for a while and talk to Psyc out about all this. I miss Flint and those rookies already. I know Flint and me were not the greatest of friends but I know when we were on desert mission to gather he trusted me and my knowlege of the desert. I know I also got to start kp as soon as I get to the pitt. I just hope the 2 weeks I have left after the week on the flagg will work.
dusty out

01-04-2005, 02:01 PM
I've been recovering in the hospital wing for weeks. Finally my hands are recovered well enough that I can write again. (And hopefully still shoot)

The whole zombie thing was like a nightmare. I can remember it all but it seems like a blurry movie. Not quite right.

I know it's over, but I can't shake the4 feeling that it's not over yet.

I'll be discharged today and will soon get a new crop of trainees to teach.

Hopefully these guys turn out better than Dusty's crew...

The Faceless Master
01-05-2005, 02:41 AM
<audiovox almost fully repaired>
I have found my way to Cobra Commander's throne room.
Hmm these seem to be maps of some sort... inner city maps, wait blueprints?

They look like they are subways, no wait its the sewer system of New York City... that has, hmm a really long pipeline... that leads straight to...

I took some technoviper training so just a basic link up from the power generator to the comm system should give me what I need to contact HQ...

Hello? Breaker? Dial Tone? Mainframe? Can anybody hear me??

- mercer out

james strickland
01-05-2005, 11:20 AM
We got an urgent message from Mercer today. He has been on a secret mission since the Rockies incident. I had to tell Falcon about the information that Mecer gave me. Falcon then had me send an urgent message to Hawk and Flagg. They reponded by having me call all joes off leave and everyone to the war rooms in 48 hours. This caused Mainframe to hurry and finish the satilite link to the computers in the war room here. I had to set up a camra so that we could send Hawk to the pitt from here. With all the info from Mercer we got looks like we are going to need every one we got. Hawk told me also that we will probly need a temporary base set up in every major city in the U.S.. Well got a lot of prep to do here so I hoping this is the first and not last time we have the this facility at full capacity.
Dail tone out

james strickland
01-05-2005, 11:30 AM
I just got an urgent message from Hawk telling me my leave is over. I got to go back to work. It hard to go to work and leave my family in the middle of a reuion, but that is part of my job.
Wild Bill

The Faceless Master
01-05-2005, 09:35 PM
<audiovox still on, using cobra telecommunication device>

Hello? Hello... is this on? Can you hear me Breaker?
General Hawk, General Flagg, this is Mercer. I found Cobra Commander's throne room & i discovered maps of every single sewerage system in all the Major cities in the United states and Europe!! Whats worse, is that from this very Terrordrome, you will be able to access every single one of them!!

From what i can tell on these half-burnt blue prints & schematics, it looks like Cobra was planning to launch some sort of virus via the sewerage pipeline. One single spilt drop could infect anybody within a 100mi radius!!

Thing is, its a binary liquid, so both liquids on its own are harmless. But put them together & within seconds it evaporates forming some sort of thick cloud & who knows what kind of sick plague this will unleash?? Prolly turn the citizens of the world into walking corpses, kinda like what our team encountered here with the Toxo-Vipers turning into Toxo Zombies.

I was able to patch up some tracking devices. As we speak, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Paris, London, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, New Delhi, and countless other major cities ALREADY HAVE several of the 100gallon chemical liquids stationed in the sewers!!
Battle Android Troopers are being used to drag the other 100 gallon canisters thru the pipelines and based on the launch time, cross referrencing that with the speed of the crawling BATs, we have exactly 4 hours to either stop the BATs, evacuate the cities, or BOTH!!!

- Mercer out

james strickland
01-06-2005, 02:21 AM
We have less than four to stop a plague, Ladies and Gentalmen. The presdent has already giving us some backing from all local and military help for the cities in the U.S.. Big Ben and royal military will take care of london. We will have three teams of joes. I will take a team to the east cost, Flagg will have a team on the west coast, and Falcon and Courage will have the third team located in both chicago and St.Louis. The U.S.S. Flagg will take care of Hawaii and Alaska. We are getting help for other Special groups in other countries. Our First Objective Is to stop the plague here in the states then we go else were. I need all you joes to were the Special Gear our enviramental team made so we don't get in fected. We also will have to use the special weapons for us they made. Now I think we will have some words form Flagg then you will have thirty minutes to find your gear and your team. YOJOE!!!!!

james strickland
01-06-2005, 02:30 AM
Okay Joes,you heard Hawk we now have very little time to work. We will be facing cobra bats so we will need to use have ordanace, but not to expolsive. We also going to have to use well protected vehicles. I now this mission will be tough on all of us because we have so little time to prepare you guys, but I trust you guys skills and abilities to get the job done.Team asignments are located on the back walls as you leave. Now let's move. YOOOJOE!!!!

The Faceless Master
01-08-2005, 02:41 AM
Log 8785

Immediately after the Generals's brief speeches, I was dispatched to my hometown of Los Angeles to coordinate with local law enforcement about how to properly handle this unprecedented event.

Less than an hour remaining before the Battle Android Troopers carrying the 100 gallons of the 2nd of the toxic binary liquid is scheduled to arrive. Not enough time to evacuate a city this huge.

I just got word that most of the other Joe teams already arrived at their designated areas here in the US, as well as Big Ben & his SAS Troopers in the UK, Budo & Quick Kick in Tokyo, Tunnel Rat in Beijing, etc

Good thing is no sign of BATs yet. Well, no sense in waiting for the battle to come to me!! I'm gonna meet them head-on in the sewer systems.

- Lt Col Sure Fire, signing off

The Faceless Master
01-08-2005, 02:43 AM
Hello?? HQ?? Um, anybody gonna come get me?

- still stranded in the abandoned Cobra Terrordrome, Mercer

james strickland
01-08-2005, 12:16 PM
I been flying around the Extreme Enterprize building in Chicago to see If there were any thing going on, but it is quit. Well I better land this dragon fly in the park and see what the next plan of action is. Lt.Falcon and Sgt.Savage are talking about something. I just hope we can find these b.a.t.s because they seem like actual bats.
Wild bill out

james strickland
01-08-2005, 12:42 PM
I am following Genral hawk into the sewers of New york city. As far as I now we are headed under the Extreme Enterprizes building here in New York City. To find away to cut power to the androids If they are here. I do know that we have help from the local city sewer maintance and police department so I think we should now whats going on. It is amazing how many national gaurd troops are helping us here in new york city. I hope Flagg remembered to stop and pickup mecer on his way to LA. I know here on the east cost we have a team here in new york. Then we have Sgt. Slaughter,mutt, barque, and Wide scope in boston. We have Duke, Grunt, Zap,and Rock-n-roll in Alanta. We have Big brawler, Crossfire, Sidetrack,and Leatherneck in washington, DC. We have Lady jaye, Downtown, Scarlett and Snake Eyes in miami. In New York City it is Hawk,Boozoka, red dog, and me. As far as I now nothing to report from the other teams. So I guess I bettter get off the audio box aand listen up for them.
Dailtone out

james strickland
01-08-2005, 01:05 PM
Okay I sent Wild Bill up to see If he could see anything in the Extreme Enterprize building. He reported he didn't. Sgt. Savage told me he has A team ready to go to Indiapolis and I told him he needs to hurry we have less then three hours when he told me this. He didn't like the orginal team I gave him so I ket him chose his own.My team right now consist of Lifeline, Charebroil, The Fridge, and myself here in Chicago. I sent Savage, Roadblock, Nunchuk, and Sideswipe to Indiapolis.Grid Iron,Spearhead, Scoop,and Recoil are in Detroit. Col.Courage has not told me If he needs any help. I sent Wild Bill, Hard Drive,Hacker, and Strecher to Kanas City.
Falcon out

james strickland
01-09-2005, 12:51 PM
I am in Pheonix,Arizona. I was wanting to be posted in Las Vega. I figured it was just because Flagg was wanting me to be on my toes or bored stiff. I also have beachhead, Scifi,and Outbackhere with me. I just wish we had time to know what we are looking for in these sewars because I don't like this monkey suit I am wearing. Beachead head has put me at point and I am followed by Outback and Scifi. well beach head is signaling to go left so that were I am headed.
Dusty out

01-09-2005, 01:25 PM
Hollowpoint: I'm here on a rooftop in Little Rock, Arkansas. My new Greenshirt snipers are here with me.

We're scanning the city looking for anything unusual.

Spikey: Hey Hollowpoint!! Look at that school bus??

Hollowpoint: Hmm... I've never seen grade schoolers sitting that still in a bus?!
Look at that driver.... His eyes are just plates of red metal!?!?
I think we have contact!!!

Wheezy: WHat can we do from here Hollowpoiint???

Hollowpoint: Don't panic... I have an idea. See that bridge... Once they are on it, over the river, I'm going to take them out!!

Spikey, you have to shoot out the tires when I say it's time.

Wheezy, you contact Hawk. GET EVERYONE looking for school buses!!

james strickland
01-09-2005, 01:25 PM
I have sent Sure Fire,Airtight,hightech,and Footloose to L.A. I am in San Fransico with Clutch, Kamakura, and Dart. I sent Iceburg, snow job, Frostbite, and Blizzard to Denver. I sent Sub Zero, Alpine, Short fuse, and Steeler to Portland. I sent Sgt.Stalker, Mainframe, Jinx,and Crosshair to San Diago. I sent Breaker, Freefall, Hit-n-Run, and Claymore to Las Vegas I hope I chose right for team for this city. I sent Beachhead, Dusty, Scifi,and Outback to Pheonix. I order each team to do thier best and to get the job dune.
Flagg out

james strickland
01-09-2005, 01:34 PM
This Is a message from General Hawk.

We are looking for school buses with children card board children inside stop these buses at all cost.

that all
Dailtone out

01-09-2005, 02:22 PM
So this is the assignment, San Francisco huh. My orders are clear, Flagg pointed me to this bar, the yellow Moon. I'm supposed to meet this character named Parasol. He should have some info to help us in our mission. I'm supposed to meet the rest of the team later. I just hope this solo meeting won't turn into an ambush.

Second entry of the day:

What a mess... the whole bar... this is how it happened:

It was 22 hundred hours when i set foot in the joint. The air was heavy with smoke. I walked among the crowd. Punks, preppies, young and old alikes were hanging here, what an ecclectic group. The bar was tended by two cute looking girl and one big bald guy with an eye patch. The guy looked like he came out of a bad action flick.

The eye patch man welcomed me as I sat on a stool. "What's it gonna be, mister?" He asked? I ordered an orange juice with a grin. He brought it up. He asked if I wanted anything else. I answered that a small paper umbrella might cheer up my humor.

"So, you want a little parasol, boy?" he said.
"Yeah, that would be nice." I answered.

He grinned like a bulldog would and he signaled two big guys in business suits from behind me. " These gentleman will help you chose one." THey cracked their fingers and smiled. "Follow us." The more brilliant looking of the two said.
I grabbed my juice and followed them.

We left the crownded main room of the bar for a small loundge. Jazz music was playing softly in the background. We crossed a room where guests were playing cards and roulette. Who'd knew such a crappy bar would have such a nice gambling salon.

My two new buddies stopped before a red leather covered door straight from the seventies. "Leave the glass here. Open your jacket" I did like I was told. They were expecting a gun or something, finding none left them disappointed, maybe they were looking for a fight, like goons tend to do. The talking one knocked three time. The door opened and another goon appeared in the opening.

"This gentleman wants to see Parasol, he knew the code phrase." The guy let me in while my two companions remained outside.

The new goon led me to a chair while he stood near the door. The room looked like a comfy office with a huge oak desk in the middle, leather couches in a corner. The floor was covered by a thick orange carpet. I was in the seventies. The walls were covered with paintings, black and white pictures of celebrities that gambled in the salon.

A door opened. Two huge goons entered followed by a beautiful black woman and another goon. The woman fitted the office, with her huge earings, her boots and her afro.

"You wanted to see me, mister...?" she asked in a sweet voice extending her ring filled hand.

"O Brady, Shaun O Brady." I answered shaking her delicate hand.

"I never heard of you, mister O Brady. How come you knew the password? Those who know are either vip here or close friends. I don't think you belong to those categories, young man." The goons closed slowly on me. " Maybe you are someone who stole this might be a cop too..."

I raised an eyebrow. "I can assure you that I'm no cop. I did stole this information. I stole it to meet you because you might have information that I'm looking for." I said calmly, hoping she would call back her bodyguards.

" Mister O Brady, I don't give information to thieves. I don't know you well enough to even sell you information, this meeting is over. Boys!" she concluded snapping her long fingers.

The closest gabbed my sleeve. I grabbed his wrist and twisted it making him scream in pain. I used the movement to turn him around and pushed him against one of his pal. As Parasol hid behind her last goon, he put out a .45
from his jacket. I took a shuriken out of my belt and throw it in his hands making him drop the weapon. He grabbed his wound and fell on his knees.

The other goons grabbed my arms so I backflipped and made them lose balance. I kicked one in the stomach very hard. He lost his breath and fell down on the rug. The remaining goon put out a jackknife.

"C'mon kung fu boy! C'mon!" he dared me. As he came forward to stab me I kicked his armed hand and broke his nose with my right punch knocking him as well.

Parasol push some button under her desk and the two goons guarding the door barged inside holding .38. I threw my last shuriken into the first's forehead while jumping aside. The second shot three rounds. All three bullets hit one of the luxurious couch. I roll on the other side to dodge again.

" Get him Joey!" Parasol screamed over the shouts that came from the salon.
Using this distraction I kicked his left knee, braking it. he screamed in pain and dropped on his other knee. I kicked him in the face, braking his jaw.

To my suprise, Parasol didnt try to get away during the fight.

"I must say mister O Brady, you impress me. You just knocked down 5 of my men. You must want this information pretty bad to fight like a tiger like this. Let talk..."

This was such a long night...

james strickland
01-10-2005, 01:37 PM
I am in Washington potroling the streets for yellow school buses It had to do with all these tour buses that are here. That wired I just saw something In that wierd bus over there at the white house.
brawler out

01-20-2005, 04:28 PM
Fred XXXVIII File #8435

Returned a week ago to Cobra Island after finishing my "business trip" to Las Vegas. While there, whined and dined bigwigs from both major political parties and made many useful contacts. Cobra Commander was very pleased with my results and give me an extra 500 shares in Extensive Enterprises. Must remember to update my portfolio later tonight.

I am now perfoming my yearly obligation of guarding Cobra Commander for two weeks. Spent all of yesterday in Dr. Mindbender's lab as he shrieked about how his latest project "WOULD ENSURE COBRA DOMINATION FOREVER!!!" I don't know why the Commander puts up with this nutcase. None of his experiments ever pan out in anything remotely good for Cobra. Mabe he has sordid pictures of the Commander. I don't know. His new experiment includes taking over an electronics company that I unfortunately have stock in. If Mindbender touches anything, it goes to garbage. I must dump my stock later tonight after I get off duty. Oh well. The only real fun I had this week was when a kitchen viper burned the Commander's grilled cheese sandwich and the Commander had me shoot him! :) It's the small perks that really count. Time to go, chrome-dome is flying in with some new equipment he wants the Commander to purchase. I hope it's an upgrade to the Crimosn Hiss. We'll find out.

Crimson Guard

End File #8435

james strickland
01-27-2005, 01:14 AM
It been a rough few weeks here in boston thier hasn't been any luck in finding any type of bats besides the ones in the baseball stadium. It's just driving me nuts. We went thru the subway, the sewers, and every Extereme enterprize building in the area all we found is emptiness. Well I guess not even the local swat or firedepartmen can find anyh thing eather. Well I guess this is my report will continue too look.
Slaughter out

01-27-2005, 10:06 AM
Shipwreck here,
I was just sitting on the bough taking in the sun and a few asperins this morning after a hard night and I noticed this scratching sound coming from below the boat.I followed the trail of what seemed to be crackers down the steps and to a door where the scratching sound got louder.I opened it up and there was polly with one of my dirty socks stuffed in his mouth and duck tape around his head.I tried to gently remove it,but I had to eventually rip it off.(I never heard a bird say the things he said).He did look funny though with no feathers around his neck.I asked him why I found him like that and when he told me I realized exactly why I did it.HE NEVER SHUTS UP.I thought yeah sure shipwreck get a bird they don't say much and they never talk back.RRRR was I wrong I should have stayed with my woman in the bahamas and left the bird there.
(P.S. Diary.......I HATE THAT BIRD)

james strickland
01-29-2005, 12:03 AM
I have been chasing bats all night and day for the last two days we finally stoped them from dumping the virus here in pheonix. We are now headed for salt lake city, utah to help a team out there. I just hate the fact that I am on my way to the salt capitol of the United States, but It could be worse I could be in the lousiana swamps like gungho and musk rat are. I glad we were able tostop them here but thier is more trouble on the way.

01-30-2005, 01:25 AM
Hollowpoint's journal.

It's been weeks now. These bats were fewer in number than we anticipated, and we seem to have caught most of them when we started searching for those school buses.

Also, it seems that this toxin may have damaged the bats that were carrying it, so most of them didnt' even work correctly when we found them( let alone function to correctly carry out their missions)

Luckilly this threat seems to be averted.

The end?

james strickland
02-01-2005, 12:47 AM
We stopped all the bats in new york and all the eastern teams reported the same. Nothing from the international seen but we well know soon. we are reporting back to the new base under the pentagon so we will now the other teams then.
Dail tone out

Viper Commander
02-04-2005, 02:38 AM
Dear Diary,

Sensei Storm Shadow is really getting on my nerves!!! Why do I need to meditate and do boring training when my Neo Viper gene mods give me all the power I need, all I need to learn from him are techniques!!! He says that he has big plans and ambitions for us beyond Cobra, but we are to hide it from the Commander. I dont know why, but I am compelled to follow Sensei's wishes even when they defy the Commander's orders. Only when I am not around the Sensei, do I feel the animosity I have towards him, but for some reason I wont let myself betray him! I promise I will show him one day, I have the stronger mind and I have the stronger body, Ill show him what us Neo Vipers are all about, and the Commander will promote me to be his body guard, then I can start on my real plans......:mad:

Filled With Rage,
Cobra Ninja Trooper

james strickland
02-06-2005, 02:03 AM
All troop have reported backm to bases for debrifing. Acording to airtight the virus had a strang affect on the bats circuits. Hacker back up Airtight story. We have burned all the bats and other contaminated stuff.

02-11-2005, 06:35 PM
Journal entry, one-one-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:
My unit is field weary, and needs more rest than we are being allowed. We track by night, and hide by day, leaving only twenty to thirty minute intervals for sleep at a time. The commander has had us out here in the South American jungles for too long, in my opinion, but we are the elite, and we can handle it.

We have been inforemed of Joe activity in the area, and have even seen minute signs of such from time-to-time, but no direct encounters as of yet. Just as well, though, We are currently under strict orders not to engage the Joes under any circumstances. Strictly recon mission. Photos, footage and the like. Strange orders coming from the Commander, but, as he continuously points out, he's the boss. I just hope our orders change soon. My men need someone to kill... before they take it out on one another.

Night Viper One, out.

james strickland
02-11-2005, 07:26 PM
I am at the pitt. I have been here for two weeks. I am tuning up my airborn skills in the morning. I am to meet Airborn and a new recruit called halo-jumper. I will be working on my vehicle driving skills in the afternoon. That night I been invited to a pocker game at Wild Bill's hanger. I guess Wild Bill is filling lucky. Today I went to Flint's gravesite to pay my respects. I met up with Down Town and Lady Jaye while there. We talked about Flint and several missions we went with him on. His Tombstone said here lies one of the greatest joes known. This brought a tear to my eye. I know he did what he had to do in Afganistan to help us and it costed us one great man. On a lighter note I found out that Foot Loose has been put on a special detail with Sgt. Slaughter. Not sure what that is. I also going to help with some rookies next week to do some desert trainning in death valley this will be fun.
Dusty out

james strickland
02-11-2005, 07:44 PM
I been running supples to the pentagon for the last two weeks. Boy, I hope we don't go thru another fiasco like we did two weeks ago. It put this facility at the pentagon a day or two behind. I am going to play some poker with some friends tomorrow night. About a week ago, I stopped by Fint's grave I was the only one there. The whole cemetary was quiet. I went there to see If I could have get the image of his death out of my head. It didn't work. I swear if I ever get a chance to get the coward who shot Flint in the back I will kill him with every weapon on my chopter. I got a big delivery tomorrow. I hope It doesn't take to long.
Wld Bill out

02-12-2005, 04:41 PM
Journal entry, one-two-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:
Another night of Recon. Another day of hiding. Can't wait to get back to the new Cobra HQ, and crawl into a nice warm rack. After a nice hot shower that is. My body armor is sticking to me THROUGH my uniform. The rain here is constant, which makes hiding a bit easier on us, but still not easy enough to get sufficient sleep.

Almost got caught last night. We had finally found a place we could hole up during the day, and actually get some sleep time in. A little cave just big enough for the six of us, overlooking a waterfall and a small lagoon. Fresh water, plenty of fresh fish. Could have turned this little outing into a working vacation, to be honest. But our two sentries fell asleep while everyone else was dozing, too. Around about midnight, four Joe Greenshirts wandered into the cave, obviously looking for shelter from the torrential downpour the rain had become. They stumbled over our sentries (quite literally, I might add), and decided to fight instead of flee. Luckily, we're all light sleepers (a requirement to join the Night Viper ranks), and woke up as soon as they un-safed their rifles. Big rifles too. Too big to use in cramped quarters like that. But our SMGs were just fine. The Joe rookies never even got off a shot, and ours were silenced, so there was no way the fight was heard. But we did lose the two sleeping beauties in the resulting fracus. Ah, well, the spoils of war.

Bad news is, we're two men short for the watch roster. Less sleep than before, now. But there is good news, too. Now we have spare ammo and supplies, and only have to find a secure place that sleeps four. Speaking of which, my time as sentry is up, and I need my beauty sleep.

Night Viper One, out.

02-13-2005, 02:05 PM
Journal entry, one-three-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

My comms seargent woke me early this morning. In our current state, that nearly cost us another trooper. Can't afford that right now, though. He told me that I had a communique from Cobra Command. Great message to wake up to. Anyhow, turns out Destro suggested to the commander that they send us fresh supplies. The commander, of course, wasn't too keep on the idea of spending more than absolutely needed, but Destro, as usual, got through to him. I should have taken him up on his job offer when he made it.

The new supplies included not only fresh uniforms and rations, but also fresh weapons. Good ones, too. Designed by Destro's own ordenance manufacturers. Targeting dot can only be seen through our own NV gear. No give away prior to shooting. Also, they're water proof and extremely durable. These should go a long way. Mind bender also had experimental new armor sent to us. It looks just like the old stuff, but he says it's supposed to be more resistant to detection via most NV equipment, except our own. If it works, it'll give us a major advantage in night combat, in addition to what our training has already provided us. Like I said, though... "IF". I strongl;y believe, though, that Mindbender originally put the "Mental" in "Experimental". At any rate, troop morale is back up several notches, and we're on the move again.

Night Viper One, out.

james strickland
02-14-2005, 01:53 AM
I am at the underground pentagon base wich is finally finished I got put on the third shift with low light and a few new recuits I did meet this new recuit named bombshell eailer this week I thought she was pretty. To bad I met her at my last morning break before I hit the sac. As I was talking to her I said something I can't remember but she started gigling and I turned three sheds of red. I am a Survivalist and I can't even say the right words to a girl, boy do I fill pathatic.
I wouldn't mind this night shift if I had sombody to talk to but it gits lonely here in the comunication rooms when your the only one awake. I am the only highest rank person I think except for Low light I don't now why he's here I thought they would have kept him at the pitt so he could go on night mission whenever they needed him. But I guess having him here on security deatal at night is just as good. He really doesn't talk much just kinda keeps to himself but I could be wrong. I haven't had any time to talk to him.
I wonder why I am here sometimes I mean duke is here, mercer is here, and alot of brass comes in and out constintly so I am just here for back up or something. Well I got to check on the recuitas in the mess hall they were expose to be done cleaning it now and starting to get it togather.
brawler out.

02-14-2005, 03:48 PM
Journal entry, one-four-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

How do I love this job, let me count the ways? Hm... okay, that was brief.

My three remaning troops and I have been on the move for nearly twenty-four hours straight, now. The jungle hates us, I'm sure of it. We seem to have stumbled across an area inhabited by primitive man, and they don't like intruders much. And that means us. During a brief rest period, though, I was able to spot something that might be of interest. A few of the savages making contact with the Joe codenamed Rcondo. I really hate that guy. Every time a jungle mission falls apart, it seems he's somwhere nearby. Anyhow, it seemed he spoke their language, and quite fluently, too. I am thinking they are Aztecan. Going to see if the Commander still has contact with Raptor, and see if we can't get his feathery @## down here for a little pow-wow of our own. These guys are really going to get on our nerves if we don't find a way to shake them.

Wait, one of the guards just told me we've been spotted again. NV-4 just got hit with some sort of dart. If that's all they have, then this should be a breeze... but I'm not in the mood to test that theory. Gotta move.

Night Viper One, out.

02-16-2005, 06:52 PM
Journal entry, one-six-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

No time for a journal entry yesterday. No time for rest. My one remaining trooper and I have been on the run since my last entry. Four ended up dying from a toxin in the dart he'd been hit with. It wasn't a preety death. Peacful, either. The toxing began eating him from the inside out, caving in his flesh as it went. That left me with Three and Five. Now I am down to just Five, though. Last night, while Three was on watch, he decided to see what his sidearm barrel tasted like. Seems it didn't agree with him. Pity, that. He was a damn good shot. Obviously.

Five and I are taking turns on watches, now. We have found a cave to hole up in, to reserve resources and ammo. We've salvaged what we could from the fallen, but seeing as how taxed we've been, it hasn't been much. I plan to continue keeping this record in the event I don't make it back. We have lost communications with Cobra Command, and there was no previously addressed plan of evacuation or extraction. I hate plan-as-you-go missions.

Just heard a gunshot nearby. Stand by.

That was Five. He decided to try Three's diet idea. That leaves just me. The natives would have heard that shot, so I have to move, before they come to investigate.

Night Viper One, out.

02-16-2005, 10:14 PM
My Unspachu friends have told me that they have seen another nightviper.
I wish I could have figured out what they want here!

This is so frustrating!! I can't believe that I'm sick! I have malaria... Stupid flies... Some Jungle expert I am! *%&$#!

My Med-evac is on its way. I hear that Big Brawler is being sent here as my replacement. I'll wish him luck...

Viper Commander
02-17-2005, 09:49 AM
Journal Entry 2/17/05:

I cant seem to get my stealth training down!!! I am on the verge of being promoted to Red Ninja Viper, but I just cant seem to get it right, why cant I just take out my target with speed and power, I cannot stand this hiding around!!! Sensei Storm Shadow has called me in today, it seems he has a special mission for me. He wants me to go play student and learn something about tracking and stealth from some Night Vipers that are in South America right now, they have lost contact with Cobra Command and they might need support. Sensei thinks that my CQC training will be helpful to the Night Vipers in the jungle, and they can show me why its important to my survival that I slow down. Cobra Commander likes the fact that our Neo Viper genes shield us from most poisons and diseases, as the natives are known to use powerful poisons in those jungles, I think he wants to see just how strong my immune resistance really is. As soon as the Tele-Vipers can make contact with the CO of that Night Viper squad to asses the situation and get his confirmation, I will be air dropped into South America...

The Faceless Master
02-17-2005, 01:47 PM
Voice Log 22025

I received a short list of new recruits from Flagg today.
He wants me to use my connections with the FBI & other resources to conduct background checks on these newbeez to make sure they're clean.
Hmm, i guess they dont want another Mercer on this team.

Lets see, A veteran? no wait, veteranarian?? Hmm, thatll be interesting.

WOW, Bombshell?? I mean Bombstrike, hmm her file says she hasnt decided
on a definite codename yet. I guess she can replace Covergirl. Wonder
why Covergirl dyed her hair red anyways, i always found her cute in her
blonde locks...

Lt Col Sure Fire, signing out

02-17-2005, 08:41 PM
Journal entry, one-seven-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

I spent the time since Five checked out making my way up a mountain, the highest one here. I want to see if I can get a clear signal out to Command. About half-way up, I thought I was made, when a Joe Night Attack chopper flew over at *TFA. Luckily, it was before sunrise, and it seems Mindbumper's new addition to our armor really works.

Made it to the crest of the mountain just before sunset, tonight. The view up here is astounding, even after the sun is gone. I find myself sitting here, my NV gear switched off and sitting beside me for now, while I enjoy the view. Got through to Command a while ago, and talked to Scrap Iron. Probably the only person in Cobra Command that has any respect for us grunts. He informed me that they were sending one of Storm Shadow's ninja students to back me up in completing the mission. Copper Head will be bringing him in via the river at the base of this very mountain sometime tomorrow. Plus, he gave me new mission perameters.

1) Find GI Joe comm tower.

2) Set charges at strategic places on the tower.

3) Retreat to safe position and detonate charges.

4) Retreat to river at base of this mountain, and rendevous with Copper Head.

Also, as a side job, I'm supposed to teach this new kid a little about stealth. That's funny. A disgruntled US Marine teaching a ninja about stealth. I'm thinking the demolition job is going to be the easy part.

News is even better, too. Found another small cave up here, and no sign of footprints anywhere. Who knows, maybe this is considered holy ground by the native savages, which means I should be safe for the night. At least, I hope I am. If I don't sleep tonight, I'll be no good tomorrow.

Time to put the NVs back on, and hit the make-shift rack, then. Tomorrow we rock, then I'm going home.

Night Viper One, out.

james strickland
02-18-2005, 01:21 AM
I am on my way to a jungle area in South America I think.I am going with six new recuits. One of the Recuits is snake eyes newest puple tiger strike.The letter, he had from Snake Eyes, wants me to teach him survival skills in a jungle. Thier is this guy Dialtone trained called Radio he carring a pack like the one Dialtone always carries. Gunner is one of these new recuits he is brothers with Rock-N-Roll he the machine gunner for this mission. Then I have two snipers trained by hollow point hopefully they don't mess up. Then thierthis young kid calling himself lucky shot, When I ask him about his name he shruged and said "I am not a marks men, but when you need me to git the shot off I am 99% accurate". Thats my team. We are to get all the joes out of the out post and find The cobra base of facility in the area. I hope thier are no problems with this mission, the last on I was in I ended up coughing up dust for weeks. I guess it's better than sitting up all night Bored.
We also have Lifeline with us, to give Recondo a vacine to help with his melarea I am glad I got the shot before we left from doc.
Big Brawler out

02-18-2005, 10:24 AM
I can't believe that master assigned me to a mission led by Big Brawler! I don't think he's even sure where we are going! He's just sitting here in the back of our chopper painting bullets to match his pants. Who is this guy?

He also doesn't know my name. I'm "Tiger PAW" not Tiger Strike!

With us are 5 "Greenshirts". I hope they are competant.

We're almost to our secret remote transmitter base...

Viper Commander
02-18-2005, 02:13 PM
Journal Entry 2/18/2005:

I am writing this while riding in a Water Moccasin, Copperhead manning the controls. On my way to rendezvous with Night Viper 1, it turns out hes the only one left in his squad. I dont think this will be a cakewalk like my usual missions in Tokyo, I think this will be vastly tougher than dealing with Yakuza. A lot has happened since my last entry, it turns out that while opening my parachute, I also pulled my swords loose. Now my only weapon is a Sai which I use as a sidearm, I hope the Night Viper has an extra pistol, I've always preferred guns anyway. As soon as I found my way to the Water Moccasin, Copperhead handed me a PDA with mission parameters, so now I know we're supposed to track and blow up some GI Joe comm tower. So many elite troops just for a comm tower? I have a feeling the Commander and Mindbender are somehow watching us, trying to gauge our abilities. I feel like a guinea pig now...... if the Night Viper is using experimental gear then my suspiscions will be confirmed. Hope we're not walking into a death trap, but I have confidence, Sensei believes that I can help complete this mission, I will not let him down. I better get into combat mode, I see the mountain on the horizon...

james strickland
02-19-2005, 12:30 AM
Now that we have landed, The team and I will start to fan out and destroy any of our vital intelgence here before. The chopter comes back at sunset Tuesday. I had tiger paw search the peremeter with one of the snipers. I went along with Lifeline to check on Recondos health. I just wondering How com I got chose and not my pal Outback. If It wasn't for outback I would still be in the army special forces and not Gijoe. Well I getting off here.
Brawler out

Ps. I hope tiger paw does find the fake snake in his dagger pouch.

james strickland
02-19-2005, 12:48 AM
I am competing with every single joe to meet this new lady joe bombstrike. She has all the male joe going after here like shark bate. I see scarlet, lady jaye,and cover girl giving her the evil eye. I feel sorry for here when she goes to talk to one of them and they give her a cold shoulder. I do now one thing, she said If I would wash up a little more she go out with me. I hate to be clean I am a desert trooper I love the sand and dirt. So I left it at that. My Airborn training is almost complete. I should get my wings in a week That makes me glad. Then I can do more here than desert patrol. I Also notice duke wearing a green outfit the other day. I ask him why he was wearing that green he said he likes the color. I also met up with hawk, who was wearing his ould gijoe out fit, which was a bright green I was shock at the hair colr being blonde. I ask about that he just shug and went on talking to Falcon.
I am off to get prepared for my airborne exercize.
Dusty out

02-19-2005, 01:17 AM
Journal entry, one-eight-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

The new guy from Storm Shadow's unit arrived an hour ago. He brought with him the Symtex plastiques we need for the demo job, and a fresh uniform and supplies for me. Watched the kid while I was getting things ready, and so far, I'm impressed. He's exactly the kind of troops I SHOULD have had to begin with.

He came here without a codename, so I have decided to nickname him Recluse for the purpose of this mission, a name that both, he has earned, and fits him well. He's quick to action, and deadly as can be. I haven't seen him in combat yet, but, after this many years of field experience, I can tell. Seems he's unhappy with his current status, though. Which is good for me. Maybe, if I can teach him a little patience, and help him with his stealth, I can recruit him into a new Night Viper squad. Here's to hoping.

Time to get moving, now. We have an antanna to blow up, and a group of Joe greenies just arrived in the jungle today. Looks like the party's just getting started.

Night Viper One, out.

Viper Commander
02-19-2005, 04:55 PM

We are on the move, man this guy is fast!!! Even with my Neo Viper gen mods I can barely keep up with him, well, unless I want to make noise that is. Judging by the sun, its still not yet noon, but a lot has happened. NV1 does not know this, but I somehow got detected by a native and a "Greenie" that NV1 had shown me how to slip by first, he thought I was taking my time, but I actually had to go back and take them both out before they could alert one of the main GIJoe agents. I was much faster then both of them, I had to take out the Joe recruit first, since he had a loud M16, but that gave the native a chance to hit me with a dart!!! Afterwards I had to just leave the bodies there, didnt have time to hide them, had to catch up to NV1, hope nobody finds them. I still feel fine, but I feel an almost uncontrollable rage boiling up within me, could this be how my body metabolizes the poison? NV1 says that we should be able to track this comm tower if I follow his lead, Ill save my rage for the Joes that are unfortunate enough to be guarding this place, hopefully I can stay quiet, its the natives Im more worried about, they seem to know their own martial arts. The one I took out almost stuck his shiv into my eye, but my sai was faster...

james strickland
02-20-2005, 12:03 AM
I am a little concerned about patol group three. They have not reported in for thier hour report. I am now going to change it to thirty minute reports from all teams until I find out what has happened to Lucky shot and his companion. We have been here trying to give these native people a chance for fresh water and food for the last six months.
I just hope that Recondo pulls out fine and the Lucky shot is okay. I was going to send a patrol party out but the native tribe here said they will look for the two missing. I then decided to get the rest of team a chance to rest and eat under the com tower here.
Big brawler out

james strickland
02-20-2005, 12:16 AM
All queit here on the east coast, but the Joes are kinda of split in several directions. We have the majority of our team in the pitt. Then another half of the team here under the pentagon. Then what ever else scatter around the globe looking and tracking cobra move ments. I have been stuck trying to sort out all the radio traffic due to this scattering of the teams. Well I got some reports for hawk to read later. I also got some stuff for sure fire to read. I was wondering if Sparks could help me get the reports ouit to the people they need to go top well got some more to sort out.
dialtone out

02-20-2005, 01:29 AM
Journal entry, one-nine-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

Here we sit, Reluse and I, waiting for our pick-up by Copper Head. I decided to make one last mission entry before we head home.

When we arrived at the com tower, just before nightfall, the Joe known as Big Brawler had assembled his unit under the com-tower we were supposed to blow. With just two of us, that makes placing the demo-packs I set damn near impossible. So I came up with a new idea: air strike. I called back to command and got ahold of an old military buddy of mine, a former Air Force Colonel now code named Tele-Viper One. He talked me through what I needed to do.

Taking the laser targeting system from my rifle, I attached it to the comm-pack I collected from Three when he ate his sidearm. I set the site to aim directly at the com-tower, and sent, via encrypted radio signal, the frequency to Wild Weasel who was in-bound in a new Rattler Mark-2. Once he arrives, he will launch two smart missles, pre-programmed with the site's coordinates, at the com-tower. I just watched Weasel fly over, keeping NOE (Nape Of the Earth), so he should be delivering our liuttle present soon.

Copper Head just came around the bend, and is getting ready to hit the shore, and we're on our way home. First order of business when we arrive at command is a shower. Second is getting this ninja, Recluse, or whatever he decides to be called, assigned to my new Night Viper unit, if he wants to except. All-in-all, I call this mission an "explosive" success.

Night Viper One, out.

02-20-2005, 10:06 PM
Come in Big Brawler... THis is Tiger Claw reporting.
I repeat: Come in Brawler... Tiger Claw reporting!
I found Lucky and the other guy!! They are both dead. It looks like it was a while ago. And based on their location, whoever did this, could DEFINATLY be in your vicinity by now. Get everyone on full alert!!

I'll be sprinting back to the tower as fast as I can!

Viper Commander
02-20-2005, 10:08 PM
After the mission with NV1, I was offered the Red ninja promotion. I decided to bid farewell to Sensei, he took it well, only saying "You shall do my bidding when the time is right..." sure, like he knows mind control or something, after the poison wore off from the jungle dart, I dont feel compelled to follow his orders any more..... At Cobra HQ, I bumped into an old buddy from my Infantry Trooper days, seems he's joined up with Python Patrol as a Viper now, man, that gold mask looks wicked. We talked about where in Cobra our place was, and both of us feel like we joined Cobra for action, money, and the freedom to execute missions without traditional military rules restraining us. I am a mercernary before I am a ninja, it says so in my file. I came up with this idea, why not gather a squad of elite troops that can handle high-risk, low-profile missions, but mix up the type of troops in that squad? Each soldier could bring his specialty to the table, so the faults of one trooper wouldnt doom the whole squad. For example, my ninja training allows me to fight without needing my sight, so if NV1 is ever blinded by light, I can cover his back. If we ever need to see in the dark, shoot without making noise, or raw combat experience, we can count on NV1, and if we get found out by some slim chance, my Python buddie is a straight savage with his G36 and his AK, I heard his bayonet is permanently stained with blood. Still, we are all stealth oriented troops so we could work in a cohesive squad. I nominated NV1 to be Commanding Officer, since he seems to have seen most combat time, with me on CQC, and Python Viper on heavy weapons, since he can fire both of his assault rifles at the same time with deadly accuracy. Its been a couple weeks since Ive heard from NV1, hes been trying to get approval from HQ via Scrap Iron, or maybe hes deciding to form this squad or not. Oh well, in the meantime my new weapons have arrived, I decided to get a few guns since parting ways with Sensei Storm Shadow. I ordered a MARS modified Bushmaster Pistol (, this baby has been upgraded with a short integral silencer/flash hider, and the chamber has been switched to titanium to handle the high velocity 556 ammo that Destro developed, I kept this baby at Semi-auto though. I also got a HK Mark 23 ( fitted with a MARS silencer and a MARS extended clip giving me 16 rounds, just so I have something with a little more punch. In addition to that I got a new Sai, since my old one is still in the jungle, stuck on a native's throat....

02-20-2005, 10:23 PM
Journal entry, two-zero-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

It's good to be back in a clean uniform with clean skin under it. I left the armor in my state-room for the day, opting for just the body suit and basic gear, even went with just a sidearm for roaming the halls. Just finished watching the after-mission recon photos Destro had delivered to my room. Turns out, he had a couple of new stealth equipped T.A.R.G.A.T.s do a few flyovers after Weasel dropped his load and bugged out. The tape shows both good and bad news.

Good news is, we got the com-tower. Joes shouldn't be able to communicate from there to long range areas for quite some time. Bad news, though, we didn't take out any Joes with it. Seems they got a communique just before Weasel launched his payload, and scattered. Oh, well, the file is still marked 'Complete'. "All objectives achieved," is how the post-mission eval reads, and that's just fine by me.

Also heard from an old student of mine who went to train under Storm Shadow today, He trained with the ninja I called Recluse. Seems spider-man left the dojo today in search of other things. I recieved an e-mail from him shortly after I found this out, from the kid. He's talking about forming a merc team, kinda like a Cobra backed Delta Force, best I can tell. Wants me to head it up. Sounds like a good idea, but I want to know about the execution of the idea. I'll have a sit down with him sometime, maybe buy him lunch for the back up in Brazil, and talk this idea over, kick around some rough drafts. I have to admit, though, this same kind of notion has crossed my own mind a time or two. Maybe it's time to explore it. Time for dinner, now, though. Steaks grilled to order. It's good to be home.

Night Viper One, out.

Viper Commander
02-20-2005, 10:55 PM

I just got a comm link from NV1, it says to get back to him so we can flesh out the details of our proposed squad. Im trying to send him a message to his private box, but the system is telling me that his box is full, Ill keep trying until I can reach him...

james strickland
02-21-2005, 12:48 AM
Boy I am glad we had Tiger paw along today he gave me a good chance to save the remaining team today. If it wasn't for him we would have been all dead. Well I have to rely on Radio's training now. He said he could use the remasins of nthe comm tower to get info to the Flagg. The only joe base in this area. Hopefully Admiral Keelhaul gets a clear messege. If not then we will have to hike to the nearest military base. We might have to wait for the chopter to return. We will never be able to know when they come if the comm tower is down. Today is sunday two days until the chopter returns so I guess. It would be better to wait I think I better get a group opinion because I don't know if cobra has thier assigns or more troops after us. I do know I don't want to end up dead Lucky Shoty and his companian. I also don't want any more harm to happen to these natives living in this jungle. I shall call the rest I just ran in to Tiger paw.
Brawler out

james strickland
02-21-2005, 01:00 AM
Every thing was fine until I saw that we lost comm tower 40 today. I imidatly sent word to general Hawk about. The he asked if I had any contact with Brawler and his team. I responed not yet but with the comm tower down in that area they have no way to respond. General then had me call Up Airborne and skypatrol to ge5t brawlers team out. I started that imedeatly and sent a tomahawk to pick up the team.
I hope Radio don't try to link up the remains of the comm tower because He could give cobra thier's and the Flaggs location. I know that If big brawler has any intuition in him he doesn't let him do it. Well I have more stuff to give to sure fire so I am out.
Dailtone out

Viper Commander
02-21-2005, 04:20 AM
Voice Entry #818:


Testing, testing, ok is this on? Man, I am psyched!!! I might be part of an experimental squad with one of my old Infantry buddies, he says our CO will be a Night Viper vet, this should be interesting to say the least. No more getting hazed by the Red Masks anymore, that part will be good. Im cleaning my rifles as I am recording this, Ive got a HK-G36 fitted with a AG36 40mm, and a AKS-74 with a bayonet that fits on both of my rifles. I dont have anything for my sidearm except for my knife, but hey who am I to question Cobra Commander's choice of weaponry for us eh:rolleyes:? Well, at least our weapons are modified by MARS. The mods arent much just the standard upgrades, better chamber, HV ammo, improved accuracy, etc. but I aint complaining!!! I hope the comm link with HQ's approval comes soon so I can deploy, being stationed in this small Cobra-controlled township is making me complacent, I need to sneak around and shoot something!!!:mad:


02-21-2005, 09:32 AM
I am so Mad that we were not able to stop these attacks. Should Brawler have taken a different strategy? I'm not sure. I guess that it's not my place to judge.

I really want to track down the guys who did this and get revenge!! I guess Master Snake Eyes would be dissapointed that this is not the Ninja way...

Still... There has to be SOMETHNG that I can do...

When we get back to base, I'm going to get Dial Tone to analyze the satellite images and see if he can pick up anything...

Maybe the cobras are based in a town within striking distance of that tower?

02-21-2005, 07:08 PM
Journal entry, two-one-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

I took Recluse's idea to Scrap Iron today, and he liked it. He's known the Commander for a long time, and knows what he does and doesn't like. Apperantly, the Commander likes this. Scrap got me in with the big man just after lunch, and I made my propsal.

My time as a Marine field officer really payed off in the presentation, and I guess it went pretty well. I was approved the funding for the unit, and the personnel that I requested, being Recluse, his Viper buddy, and a Televiper from my old Air Force buddy's unit, personally recomended by him. That gives me a four-man strike team to work with, counting me. I have also been authorized to recruit as I see fit, with final approval rights by Scrap Iron. He's easy to work with, so this should go smoothly.

I have sent a message via 'Codec', our Tele-Viper, to Recluse, which he is to pass on to his Viper friend. We are meeting in the morning for breakfast and PT. Thanks to our location in the Adirondacs, we have ample opportunity for several different training scenarios.

Also, we have been approved for special equipment sanctioned from Destro and his MARS developers. Some equipment being shipped via Extensive as well. I try and deal with those guys as little as possible, but they do have their uses. For now, I am on my way out for a night-time jaunt to the shooting range. Have to keep up on my sniper skills. This will also help me learn to compensate for the glare snow causes on NV gear.

Night Viper One, out.

02-22-2005, 08:34 AM
We took all of the forensic evidence with us could back to the central crime lab at Quantico for analysis. And it seems that it was worth it!

One of the dead natives had a Sai sticking out of his eye. Even after being in a jungle, that weapon still had fingerprints on it!

Surefire, himself, ran the prints through the CIA and FBI fingerprint databases.

We came up with a US Army Vet named James L. Hughes. He has no known criminal record at this point, so no one should be looking for him. But, we've put out an APB for this guy to all of our operatives around the world. Where ever he surfaces, I'll be there!!

-Tiger Claw Out!

james strickland
02-22-2005, 11:02 AM
I got some satilates photo's from Tiger Paw. I analyzed them and check them to well known corba instalation, but nothing to indicate that cobra is there. I informed General Hawk of this data. He called the Gijoe ninja team in to his office. I also had to pull Scarlett and Snake eyes off thier leaves. Lucky they didn't get to mad at me. I know they needed sometime Alone but I guess this mission with cobra attacking the radio tower has irritated Hawk. Ealier today Big Brawler had arruived with his team and they had all type of crates with debre and the papers form that base.Genral Flagg called from the pitt yesterday. He wanted to know when the pitt is going to be inspected by the Gijoe heads. Then, I conected him striaght to hawk because they were happy with our new facility. They are also thing of renvating thee pitt soon. We ll I am out.
Dailtone out

james strickland
02-22-2005, 01:10 PM
I am at the G.I. Joe Training area at the PITT. I have been watching our new green shirts that arrived last week. I was wondering how they stack up to the ones we got two weeks ago. I was talking to Hollowpoint last night about the two Snipers he trained. As far as I know they have had an extounding record of completeing assignments. Two days ago I was talking to SGT. Slaughter he said he has been busy training new recuits and hasn't heard anything from the renagades since the rockies mission. I was sent by Sure Fire to lacate and find the renagades so I can contact the Mercer for his name change. I was told by Sure Fire that Cobra Commander has assissins out for Mercer. I hope we find him before the cobra assissins do. I have to continue my search.
Falcon out

02-22-2005, 07:07 PM
After they flew those two guys off I had hoped for a new assignement soon. It came immediatly. In four hours I am supposed to take off and leave this base for good. Command thinks we might have been made and doesn't want to take chances, they say we can always come back when things cool down. I need to get the troops started on loading our two Moccasins and two Morays we got here. We are supposed to go down the river to the sea where a converted oil tanker will pick us up.

The only road through this jungle follows the river for a little over a mile. My spies tell me a caravan will be on the road at the same time we're moving out, most likely local rebels since the Joes have taken off as well. This place is just 15 minutes downriver from our base and I plan on destroying this caravan to give my boys a little fun before we leave.

Viper Commander
02-22-2005, 10:32 PM

Just had a sitdown with my new squad this morning, planning and funding are in top shape, and all the "soldados" are razor sharp. NV1 was his usual self, all business, no BS. During breakfast, I was also introduced to our link with Cobra Command, "Codec", turns out he and "Gold Mask" undertook Python Patrol qualifications together taking the top two spots for their graduating year. Things look good for our squad. One thing of note, "Gold Mask" being the thug that he is, almost got in a fight with one of the deer hunters at the table next to us. Luckily NV1 defused the situation before our cover was blown, "Gold Mask" didnt see the big table of deputiess at the other end of the diner. After PT "Gold Mask" and I went back to NYC to gather up some loose ends before returning to squad. NV1 seems to have taken to calling me "Recluse", since joining Cobra thats the closest Ive had to a name, my Neo Viper procedure blurred a lot of my memories before joining Cobra. After getting back to my hideout in Harlem, I logged in to Cobra's database and ran my daily security check. Turns out I need a new dermaseal for my hands, my latest cover ID has been compromised. I hate when that happens!!! Must be that Sai I left in the jungle, I gotta be more careful next time. I decided to round up "Gold Mask" in Queens and head back up to the mountains where we would rendezvous with the rest of our squad, on my way out two agents were already at my door, since I was in my civvies and all my weapons were packed away, I had to make do with snapping their necks. I hope NV1 has new orders to head out, I dont think we should stay in New York for long...

Viper Commander
02-22-2005, 10:42 PM
Voice Entry #819:


Oh man, things are getting good fast! On our way out of NYC, Ninja Trooper's Escalade was flashed by a patrol car!!! He told me to kick back and let him drive, but I wasnt having it, I hopped back and kicked out the back window. Since my gear was already on(I never took it off since getting back to NYC), I pulled out my G36 and popped off a few grenades with the attached launcher, thats gonna make the evening news... We are almost to the rendezvous point now, Ninja Trooper seems mad, but he says thats why we need to be in a squad with "NV1". Why does he respect that old man so much???


02-23-2005, 12:32 PM
My target's been found! Some local NYC Cops spotted him! I thought this this would take longer!

I'm in a cramped rapid insertion pod in the bottom of a Skysweeper Jet. We're heading to New York at Mach 2.

3 other Skysweepers are with Ace and me, in their pods are a couple of those Ninja Force guys and Dusty. (they were the only guys who we could gather together for this mission quickly!!)

We'll be able to get from our Pentagon headquarters to NYC in record time... But will it be fast enough?

Apparently that Cobra we've identified is VERY dangerous. He has so far killed 2 FBI agents, 2 patrol cops and ran over one civilian!

But maybe we're in luck. The latest report I just heard says that their SUV is stuck in traffic on the lower level of the Brookly bridge. It's too high for them to jump into the water so they are sort of trapped.

OK, there is my launch light! Here I go!

Pod... Release!!


Viper Commander
02-23-2005, 02:10 PM

This is not acceptable!!! I really need NV1 to knock some sense into "Gold Mask", or else we're not gonna survive too many missions. I dont care how good you can shoot, a Python Patrol Viper should be more discreet. We've ditched my rental car, and we are very close to the rendezvous point. I've made it almost impossible for anyone to track me for a while, that little "present" I left in the car should suffice, after the boom they should find the BBQed corpses I stole from the county morgue. Good thing Ive had experience at covering my tracks. Even if they do catch on and realize two Cobra agents have given them the slip, we will be long gone. Normally I would stay and fight, but after the mission with NV1, seeing how we blew up that comm tower and extracted without making any noise, I know that regrouping is the most important thing right now. The body count is getting too high, so Ill make them think that "Gold Mask" and I are among the dead...

02-23-2005, 03:36 PM
Ugh... That insertion pod was a wild ride. Unfortunately, those pods are hard to stear. The other team members didn't land on the bridge like I did.

As soon As I stepped out of that pod onto the bridge, an SUV EXPLODED!!!

After getting off of my butt, (luckilly I was unhurt)
I ran to see if anyone was in there.

Before taking 5 steps, a local guy who looked like some kind of off duty cop ran up to me between the parked cars with his gun raised saying. "Halt!!" "Put your hands up!!". I did, but pointed to my GI Joe patch. saying "Officer, I'm here to STOP these terrorists!"

Another guy sitting nearby in a convertible, with a bleeding head wound, pointed toward the other side of the river. "I can see them! They're getting away!!

The cop looked toward where the man was pointing.

I sprinted away between the cars before the cop could look back.
I pulled off my mask (which was probably not such a great thing to wear in a city like this)

looking over the side of the bridge, I couldn't believe it! A cobra hydrofoil was coming right up the Hudson river!!

They're not getting away this time!

I remember a maneuver what Tj'Bang calls the "Bats reach" Using my belt's grappling hook I secured the hook onto the railing on the edge of the bridge... Then I hurled myself AWAY from the hydrofoil ....

Falling falling falling....

The rope went taunt in my hands and I kicked back changing the direction, now swinging at high speed toward the boat... But I was still very far away.

at the peak of the swing, I let go of the rope and was sailing over the water toward the boat.

Then I let loose my handful of grenades... before I finally completed an awkward dive, smacked into the water and was stunned....

02-23-2005, 08:52 PM
Journal entry, two-three-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

I am currently posting on a pier, crouched in the shadows, waiting for Recluse and Gold Mask to reach us. Codec has been trying to reach them, but it seems the radio in Recluse's SUV is down. Not a good sign. I am awaiting their arrival, due to a report of recklessness from Gold Mask. It seems he's drawn way too much attention to himself, meaning the rest of us, as well. Extremely not good. Somehow, this matter has already gotten back to the Commander, as well. I'm not sure how, but I'd hate to find out it was because of Codec. He seems like a good guy. Former Navy Crypto-tech, worked in the Pentagon directing SeAL intel. I'd really hate to have to put a bullet in the back of his head this early in our little experiment.


Just recieved another transmission from Codec. He says there's a disturbance up the river, at the drawbridge. Seems someone in an SUV shot up a couple of black-&-whites, killed the cops, then the SUV blew up. If my guess is right, that would explain the comm-failure from Recluse. I don't like how this is going. Report also states that a government officer from Task Force Delta has showed up to assist with the apprehension of the two perps from the SUV. That's good and bad. Good news is, they got out of the SUV and are on the move. Bad news is pretty obvious. Task Force Delta. Codenamed GI Joe.

After a moment's thought, I have decided this is a perfect evaluation scenario. I am going to let the two of them go this one alone. I do, however, have my PSG-1 sniper setup assembled, and I now wait for them to get closer to here. If they make it this far, then I'll assist them. If not, then I have to get clearance to bust them out of captivity. But all I can do now, is wait. It's going to be a long night.

Night Viper One, out.

Viper Commander
02-23-2005, 09:53 PM

I should have known, Storm Shadow warned about this before, just when you think everything has been covered, GI Joe always seems to crash the party. I think that without my genetic enhancements, our Moray would have been destroyed, remember, my initial training was based on speed and power, not stealth. I tossed enough grenades out of the boat to jump out in time while dragging Gold Mask, but one that landed in the Lamprey's cockpit did its job, the Moray exploded within seconds. With all those unused munitions onboard, it was another banger. One good thing came out of this, I finally know who is on my tail, he is one of Snake Eye's pupils! I would have taken him out right then and there, but dragging "GM" was enough to make getting away the #1 priority. Two things are in my favor though, this Tigerclaw still has no idea who I am, and we have left a very big mess for him to clean up, provided he didnt drown when falling into the water. Im sure when he wakes up he'll be busy helping the locals with casualties, maybe get chewed out by his GI Joe superiors for not putting out our lil inferno from the blasts and coming after us first, dont they always help civvies first? hahahahaha I mean they are the good guys right?
After a while we made it to NV1's location, I think he expected me to come floating upstream, and not drop outta the sky like Batman. He did look relieved but ticked off though. Gold Mask was just walking along the shoreline, there was no one there but us Cobra. By now the authorities should be busy with media and onlookers too, so the that buys us a large chunk of much needed time. I hope our next mission takes us far, Im not coming back to the northeast for a while..........

james strickland
02-23-2005, 11:55 PM
I have crashed my pode in central park after I was hit by a unknown claw from a near a extreme enterprise building Lucky now one was hurt. I also recked my radio gaulet. I have no way to in form slipstreem of my were abouts. or the rest of the team. I hope I can get hq on the pay phone. I will have them send a vehicle to pick me up. I wish I was better prepared. I hate being thrown in on mission with out knowing what we are doing.
dusty out.

james strickland
02-24-2005, 12:07 AM
I am flying a sky sweeper jet in a formation with Ace and slipstreem. At least I can say I am flying even though I have very little experince with fixed wing aircraft. I think, I am doing a great job. I just don't now what happened to the podes I lost dusty's and tiger claw's over the city of new york. I had nunchuk in mine I haven't lost him yet he is on the hudson following a small raft heading up river. I guess that were weare going I just saw a tomahawk heading towards the city I hope they are going to get the guys.

02-24-2005, 06:21 AM
Journal entry, two-three-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

We are on the road, now, in the back of the unmarked van that picked us up from the docks. Gold Mask doesn't seem real happy. He still seems kind of confused. Recluse can't stop laughing, though. I think it's the first time I've seen him crack more than an evil grin. I suppose he has a reason to laugh, now, though.

When Recluse came down a rope beside me (had to smile behind my visor... should have expected that... I remember Fire Fly used to do that all the time when I was working with him, before joining Cobra... damn ninjas), he informed me that Gold Mask (we gotta get him a new codename) was right behind him on foot. While we waited, Recluse gave me a full SITREP, finishing just as Gold Mask was walking up. Just as the Viper reached us, I asked how he was feeling, and told him to remove his mask. After looking around to make sure it was clear, he did so... and I layed him out. That started a slight chuckle from Recluse, after his initial shock. When Gold Mask asked me why, I told him that he's lucky that's all he got, and not dead at the Commander's hands. I told Scrap Iron I'd handle it. It's handled. I think we understand one another now. And that set Recluse's full laughter off.

We'll be arriving at the local Alley Viper hang out soon, where Codec is waiting with the low-down on our new mission. This one promises to be interesting.

Night Viper One, out.

02-24-2005, 01:17 PM
Cough! Cough!!
Well, at least I didn't drown!

Luckilly, Tj'bang found me and pulled me out of the river. I'm going to need a really long shower after being in that water! Ugh...

But the real question... did my mission succeed? Judging from that scuttled attack boat, those operatives escaped again, as I expected.

Checking me wrist-com... I have to tune into the right frequency... Hmmm.., I'm getting a clear signal!! Yeah!!

I had thrown special grenades containing tracking nanites. Although most of the nanites probably ended up in the river right here, some must have landed on their clothing!! Hi-Tech tells me that these nanites are nearly undetectable, but we can still use them to keep tabs on these murderers.

Next time we see them, it will be on our terms... and I'll be ready!

I'd better get back up to the bridge to see if there is anything left for me to help with...

02-24-2005, 04:11 PM
Journal entry, two-four-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

Codec met us at the pick-up point with the rest of the info on our first mission as a unit, and with the new gear I sanctioned. Gold Mask and Recluse (who I am currently refering to as "Laughing Boy" since he is still laughing at Gold Mask every time he looks at him) both needed new uniforms anyhow. Clothing soaked in Hudson River water can only have two effects: One... to give away your position to any enemy within twenty miles of you... and that's if they're upwind! And two... it' good for making you a walking molotav cocktail.

Anyhow, their new uniforms look like their current ones, but black, and fitted with the "Chameleon" gear that my new Night Viper armor was fitted with. When Codec asked me what to do with the old uniforms, I told him to burn them... from a distance. "A tactical airstrike would not be out of the ordinary in this case," I told him. But I had to stop him when he took me literally. Going to have to keep an eye on that kid.

We are currently aboard an unmarked 18-wheeler hauling products for a hidden subsidiary of Extensive Enterprises, en route to a hidden airfield. From there, we are off to Louisiana to handle a group of Cobra defectors that have decided to take the property and resources of Cobra and create their own power base. They've been claiming to be Cobra, alright, but direct decendants of Serpentor himself. First mistake. Then,m they started hasseling the local Drednoks. Second mistake. So that forced Zartan to hire us... their last mistake.

The mission is to get into their BOOP (Base Of OPerations), and see if there is a way to salvage the place and the hijacked gear. If so, then we secure it, and move on to the second objective: the total annhialation of the rebels, and the capture of their leader. If we can't salvage the place, though, the orders change to one simple order: Complete Demolition.

Personally, I'd rather be shooting at Joes than our own people, but this is almost as good. Besides, our missions come with pay bonuses. As I was saying... let's roll.

Night Viper One, out.

Viper Commander
02-24-2005, 05:18 PM
Voice Entry #820:


(sounds of wind whistling and whipping with thunder in the background) We are about to be airdropped into the Louisiana Coastline along the Gulf Of Mexico, who has a nice little storming brewing in her cradle right now. I love this kind of mission, as soon as we make sure the loot is okay, its open season on those unlucky Cobrats. The storm ensures that no one will hear the ruckus we make, so we are all armed to the teeth for this mission, this is gonna be a good party. We are all getting our final gear check ready before deployment into their BOOP, an underground bunker with a docking bay in an underwater cave. Ever since getting socked by NV1 I've decided to check myself, so Ive been paying extra attention to mission details that he prepared, I dont know why, but I think either NV1 or Ninja Trooper will kill me if I mess up again, I cant believe Ninja Trooper only laughed after all that bloodshed, no wonder Storm Shadow used to train him. I've got a Beta-C magazine attached to an MG36 ( this time, NV1 made me take off the grenade launcher for this indoor mission. Ninja Troooper is strapping his weapons into their holsters, since we had to destroy all of our gear last time he got new guns too, he's packing a suppressed MARS custom PP-2000 SMG ( 50 rounds of 7N31 ammo in an extended clip. Our whole squad have been given experimental HK UCP pistols ( further enhanced for our night and stealth missions as sidearms. NV1 and Codec are calling us, its time to man up...

Viper Commander
02-24-2005, 05:46 PM

We are inside the traitors' storage level, one floor up from the docking bay that we infiltrated to get into this base. So far things have gone our way, its seems that the rebels had gotten wind of an impending attack on their nest, they decided to gather up what they could and bail. Too bad for them we got into the docking bay as they were loading some of the last crates into a barge. As Codec and GM looked on, NV1 and I took out all 16 men in the docking area. First we took out all the lights with a sonic grenade, that deafened and blinded our targets for our picking. NV1 picked off the ones that had any chance of pressing alarms or reaching their weapons, while I, from rafter to rafter, took out any threats to NV1 that had their pistols drawn. Codec told us later that it only took us about a minute and a half to clear the whole docking bay, but I say that it was a minute too long. We are now reloading our weapons in the almost empty storage level, while GM covers us and Codec signals Zartan's men to begin their diversionary attack on the outdoor access level of this place. From here we are to secure the last but most important piece of our mission, a stolen computer chip and data disc that Destro wants back, its been marked as top priority by Cobra Command. After the merchandise is in hand we are to stage a massacre for the returning traitors who will not be on their guard after foolishly believing the Dreds are retreating out of fear... thats the part where Gold Mask can redeem himself, Im pretty sure he can take out the remaing troops alone with us covering his back, man I love this kind of mission.

james strickland
02-24-2005, 11:50 PM
I have been picked up in a tomahawk and flown to the underground base at the pentagon. I was in debriefing for two hours today, but Afterwards I got the chance to talk to Falcon about the getting some new desert weapons. He said he would look into it. After this conversation I ran into Footloose who told me he was at Pearl Harbor, checking up on some cobra theats of stealing The Battle ship Missouri. He told me that him and shipwreck had no luck in locating any cobra agents in the area. We then we started talking about our other missions. After about two or three hours Footloose had to run and get ready for another mission. I went to my Quarters and watch some news. Then Sgt. Stalker came knocking. I answered the door. Stalker told me about the mission Desert Patrol has in two days. The team is headed for Baja mexico. There has been sightings of cobra scopions in the area. This is a mission Stalker accepted for the team the only problem is snake eyes won't be with us he been assigned to a mission with kamakura,tiger claw, and the remains of the ninja force.Even though he is on of the major parts of this team we could survive with out him or scarlett who will also be going. I just hope this isn't a diversion tractic by cobra commander to see if we would send a whole force down or not.
Dusty out

02-25-2005, 09:47 AM
After returning to the Pentagon I went through a debriefing with Dusty and the others. Hawk wasn't too impressed with our performance. The others never even saw the enemies, and I basically took myself out of the fight.

Hawk was pleased though, about my use of the tracking-nanite-Grenades . He reported that Widescope and Shockwave had been sent to an old warehouse where the signal was coming from. Unfortunately, it just contained burned up clothing.! They were surprised that there even still WAS a signal...

$#!*! All that effort and they got away again...

After the debriefing, I went down to Hi-techs lab and told him about the burned up clothing.

Apparently, just burning clothing is not enough to get rid of these buggers. If the terrorists breathed these things in, or had any still in their hair, nose or skin, then we might still be able to track them down! Unfortunaltly, with probably just a few of the nanites left on the target, we would have to be very close to pick up the signal. Well, it still might be useful somehow...


Later, Snake Eyes "chewed me out" through sign language. Which is a strange thing to see... I can barely read his signals, but I definately got the message. He was MAD that I was seeking revenge. Apparently that is not the way of the Ninja or something...

Just then, an arrow flew into the room! The master caught it, and prepared for an attack... Nothing came. He looked at the arrow and saw a message written on it in Japanese!

It said, in very small characters:

"Sword Brother, although we have had our differences, I must ask for your help, one more time. One of my recent students with Cobra, has turned away from my training. He is a dangerous man, a US Army Vet named James L. Hughes, and must be dealt with for rejecting my teaching and my Arashikage mind control.

Cobra Commander has just approved a mission for this man and his Special Ops team. They will be at these coordinates XXX at XXXX hrs..."

Snake Eyes seemed very disturbed. He gave the arrow to Nunchuk who translated it for me, and told me that it was from Storm Shadow! I guess we have a new mission!!

Viper Commander
02-25-2005, 04:49 PM
Voice Entry #821:


(Sounds of cheering and glasses clinking) We are celebrating our victory with the Drednoks that helped us earlier, everyone is having a grand time drinking and carrying on. First I wanna record how we finished the mission while its still fresh in my mind! After we moved up to the R&D level of this facility, Codec deactivated the security system from just a random terminal, man that guy is good! He then deactivated the power grid, making this whole place pitch dark and completely silent. Codec also picked up three heat signatures on his visor, they were in the innermost control room of this level, which was next to the armory filled with custom and exotic weapons, the best of which had yet to be moved away(I guess this leader wanted to keep the best goodies for himself, but it looks like we get them now). Im starting to understand why the Commander wants this base back rather than destroyed, it looks like a lot of money went into his little toybox. We slithered down the narrow hallway, and made our way into the control room, Codec and I stayed in the hallway to cover our backs. NV1 picked off the bodyguards that were protecting their leader, two blueshirts decked out in full Coil gear(Im guessing they were told to destroy these but decided to have a costume party with the gear instead). Ninja Trooper used a Jiujitsu move and subdued their leader, an overzealous blueshirt officer with a big scar on his face. Later as he was being carted away by the Commander's clean up crew, everyone could hear him yelling "Ive been with Cobra since the beginning!!! Why am I still a blueshirt???? Its not fair, curse you Commander!!!!!" After we secured the leader of this ragtag bunch, I went into the armory to see if there was any toys left for us, we had a welcome home party to set up. NV1 forced their leader at gunpoint to call the troops back for a speech on a job well done. While Ninja Trooper stayed with our cashcow, and Codec reactivated the control room to make contact with Cobra HQ, NV1 had me follow him into the main garage level of this place. He place himself into the best vantage point from the ceiling, picked off three incoming blueshirt officers and five SAW vipers with the AS50 Sniper rifle ( that we picked up in the armory, while I was on the floor mowing down the rest of their infantry troopers and vipers with an old AA dual MG3 ( that was on the back of an old pickup truck in their garage. Codec just told me that we can keep the guns and gear that we want to, that is if NV1 lets us, since we recovered the chip and data disc in perfect condition. NV1 is calling us all into the control room for debriefing...


james strickland
02-26-2005, 12:08 AM
I been trying to see if I could figure out what too do about this small team of cobra's I also got assigned to a team to help stop this little group. It consitst of me, hightech, Spirit, Dart, mutt, snake eyes, Scarlett,and tiger paw. We are to stop these two at all cost. We leave at 0600 hours. tomorrow morning. If the info Tiger paw gave Hightech and me. We should be able to stop The cobra team before they get to dangerous. Got to prepare so I'm out.
Dailtone out

Next day at 0800 Hours

We have stopped our Hammer at the warehouse they were last spotted. Mutt and Junkyard found some weapons in a corner of the warehouse. Hightech scanned them with a scanner he made to pick up the tracking particles. He found some and also some footprints that lead to a loading platform, that is were we found some truck tracks in the mudd. I pulled out my digital camra and took a picture of the tire print. Then, I hooked my camera up to the hammers computer using it to see if there was any specific detail or what ever to help us locate the team of cobras. I found out thaat the tread patten awas the same pattern as the pattern of any other big rig tire out thier on the road. All that lead us to a dead end. Spirit suggested that we take a look at the name on the company that owns the warehouse was a filiate of Extreme enterprizes. I looked up the company name in the computer and found out it was linked to extreme enteprizes. Now we a have to think of a plan to get to the cobra hideout were this team was.
Dialtone out

Two hours later
I had a radio transmition telling us that we are headed for lousiana once thier we will meet up with Gungho and he will give us some info on our little team of cobras. So we all got in to the hammer and headed south. I am not sure What we are going to do but I am off for know.
Dailtone out

02-26-2005, 03:09 PM
Journal entry, two-six-tac-zero-two-tac-zero-five:

Too busy yesterday to make an entry. Mission in Louisiana went smoother than I could have possibly hoped for. Seems my little "talk" with Gold Mask had a positive effect. He was more efficient than I expected him to be, and his knowledge and expertise with heavy auto-weapons was perfectly utilized and timed. Recluse and Codec pulled their fair weight as well, but their level of good work comes as no surprise to me. I have come to expect that of them already. The team also worked as a cohesive unit, pefectly, right from the beginning.

During the post-mission celebration, I recieved a call from Mindbender, through Codec. He informed me that he had recieved odd signals when we were re-gearing for this mission after the Hudson River FUBAR. When he tracked it back, it came to the clothing we had burned of Recluses's and Gold Mask's. I had to laugh. Nano-tech. The Joes using our own tech against us. That's classic... back in the hay-day of our little war, it was the other way around. I applaud the Joes on this success. Or, rather, near success, I should say. After he gave me the transmission for the nano-tracers, I relayed it to Codec. He, in turn, rigged a sensor set to the nanite freq. Turns out only Recluse still had the nanites on him, as he wasn't covered by his whole uniform. The eyes and surrounding area were left open, as were the bicep to mid-forarm. Gold Mask's Viper gear coveres every inch, so he was in the clear the moment we switched gear. The cure was simple, enough, though. The EMP generator that Codec had rigged to help with the locks and security countermeasures, made a great nanite killing machine, too. These little bugs may survive intense heat, but they aren't EMP protected. Better luck next time, Joes.

After clearing it with Command, We cleared the celebrators from the base, and set demo charges. We figured that if the Joes still were tracking us, even if we left before they arrived, they'd still find the base. The demo charges we set won't destroy the base, but it'll sure look like they did. The entrances and accesses will have te be redug and re supported, but everything inside is fine.

While searching the place for any hidden resistors, Gold Mask came across something he decided to claim for the unit. A vintage Cobra Mamba, suited for night-ops and two man pilot/gunner cooperative operation inside the cockpit. Good thing, too. This model carries a heavier armament that the originals. After clearing it with Command (I'm am so tired of having to do that), we have claimed this copter for our unit officially, and renamed it the Night Mamba. They asked if we needed a pilot, but that's a negative. We already have one... me.

With the place looking dead and deserted, we loaded the NM, me at the controls, Codec at the gunnery station, and Gold Mask and Recluse in the assault pods. After lift off, we stayed low, holding to an NOE flight path, to avoid radar. Supposedly, the choper already is equipped to negate it, but why take chances? We are now headed back to the Cobra base in the Florida Keys, five-by-five and nanite-free, where Zartan will be waiting with our payment, and the Corsican Twins are waiting with our next mission.

Night Viper One, out.