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10-10-2004, 04:03 PM
The first thing I need to say is:
THANK-YOU, BRANDON. Chats can be a scary thing and that’s just for the individual asking the questions. Answering them? You are a brave, brave man, Brandon, and apparently one with fast typing fingers, as well. Heck, you even worried about typos, something I PERSONALLY placed on the far backburner lo, those many months ago. You know, back in the day. As well as … well, Today seemingly.
But I digress….
What a splendid chat. Leo and eagle eye should be held in high regard, as well. Way to seemingly keep control of the proceedings and in a friendly non-2x4-utilized kinda way. I, myself, missed the original live back-and-forth (both nights) but I did read the entire transcript for both this morning. A couple times.
So, of course, I have my own “important” questions/opinions/crap to spew.
Is crap no longer considered a curse word?
If it is, let me know, and I shall utilize my delete option.
The following is directed to Brandon, devil’s due, and/or anyone that will listen (ie read) my non-thoughts.
First off:
DEVIL’S DUE: DO NOT LOSE THE TALENT KNOWN AS BRANDON JERWA. Why? Good stories, foreshadowing, characterization, sub-plots, an extremely useful knowledge of past continuity (which, contrary to popular belief, is more important that using fancy words and violent character actions and is very appreciated by at least three people in Neosho, mo—for whatever that’s worth), and an overreaching epic that pushes the over all storyline forward. Not to mention, his interaction with the fans, or his talent at making these characters ever-changing and god forbid, surprising… yet still true to the personalities larry set up even in those late 130’s and 140’s. I just hope he remembers that dojo talked ALL the time. Maybe someone girl-dog slapped him in 96, though, and told him that contrary to storm shadow (late marvel run)’s actions, ninjas need to shut-up occasionally. Diatribe, sorry. Back to this moment’s focus: His (brandon’s … not tommy’s) mark has ALREADY been made on the mythos. He messed with the status-quo and did so in a great and very real way. Progress on a toy tie-in comic. Who woulda thunk it? Though, there are still past marvel moments I would enjoy seeing better explained in the future. After, Brandon throws the story into the FUTURE, of course, which is the priority, I would assume. But colton circa vol.1 152 and transformers circa 142 are things I would like to discuss but I will wait out the colton storyarc that is currently p[laying before bugging everyone with that one.
I’ll get to in a minute.
And yes, it involves the liberation of Millville, mutt and spirit getting out from under house-arrest, etc.
But like I said, in a minute.
And kiss-up comes before pain-in-the-arse fan-boy continuity/contradiction questions.
Summation to first statement:
Devil’s due keep the jerwa or you risk losing many a joe-fan.
At least three hot individuals in Neosho.
But i’m repeating myself.
So moving forward:

I liked seeing clutch more than pathfinder. But I know that’s part of the problem Brandon deals with on a daily basis. But hey, clutch is super-cool. And I STILL want to hear more about his past with women, cars(I hate cars), and whatever else you can show us. I remember a chat and/or message board discussion that explored the possibility that he may now be divorced. I, person ally, would love this to be real-fact and subsequently, explored in a one-shot or, if we have the time, in the regular series. Clutch counted in those early days. And he counted in style.
David Addison style, anyway.
Flagg, jr?
I missed the hint given during the serpentor arc. But as soon as I find that comic-box, I will check it out closely. I do vote for this man’s appearance.
I’m in the minority. Yes, I’m intrigued by this character’s backstory. It’s only been hinted at. And how emotionally rich could this be? I love the pyramid scheme angle. I love the secret-nazi towns that dot the American landscape (though, I thought gi joe DID get hard intel from their attack on delhi hills during the serpentor arc), and I love the telemarketing aspect of cc’s approach. Heck, I liked the sitcom dumbing down of America thing. Though, nowadays, that would have to include reality tv. God, I miss the days when sitcoms were the bad guys. Thank god for lost.
Ahem. Yes, digress.
but if the MAN known as billy (William, please?) is given a fond-farewell, Brandon is the man for the job. Let’s make it emotional and important. If this happens, I’m cool. I just don’t want a skidmark ending. In fact, think how powerful this could be. If my memory serves, which oftentimes it does not, I 6think it was swivel-arm (?) that said an emotional moment between cc and billy, before he dies, would mean a great deal. I HATED how hama was forced to negate all that good stuff from the mid-fifties where cc was actually touched by his son. And not in a dirty way. This is a HUGE emotional opportunity and I would assume that Brandon could kill William if he wanted. Cool, but if this happens, why not make it emotional. Please. I, against the minority, believe he deserves it and and the same time, believe it would add to the emotional resonance this mythos deserves… and is currently experiencing.
Again, digress…
Maybe I need to get to the point(s)…
But it IS Sunday and everyone is at church and the cats aren’t talking so…
For now I will continue….
I can’t wait for the 12 member team and the characterization that will accompany this not-so-prestigious position in the government.
Though, as a geek, I hope that later on down the line we will still get to see pathfinder and colonel courage…
Okay, maybe not courage but …
Then, again…
Cobra babies?
Cool. But this leads into that dreaded age-thing.
Sean has aged as has billy BUT
If the joes and cobras and dreadnoks have been given an age-defying government sanctioned/cobra stolen age-reduction something-or-other, this all makes sense and Vvietnam can still be included in the mythos. Which, after a great deal of considerable and drunken consideration IS a part of the joe mythos and should not be ignored.
Desert storm does not work for me.
But neither does my drunken landscaper.
But been there and done that…. To death… so again, moving on…
Stream of consciousness
“that never happened”
okay, I., too, have trouble with the transformers crossover that was forced upon out poor characters during those early and quite horrible 90’s.
BUT a great deal of important things also occurred during that arc that cannot be ignored.
Or, in my opinion, shouldn’t.
Millville was liberated.
Mutt and spirit were relieved of house arrest.
Mindbender returned.
I don’t want this book to contradict what has come before.
Even if it was stupid, misinformed, and/or plain stupid back IN THOSE DREADED IMAGE days.
I love back issues and I want to believe they still count as reality in this fictionalized universe where Vietnam may or may not have occurred in the late 70’s, early 80’s.
Gi joe, more than other titles, is a continuing serial where every back issue counts in a way that super hero comics could never comprehend. For me, that is the charm.
Brandon, I hope your retelling of mindbender’s resurrection is one of perspective. Perhaps, 138-142 were from a messed-up individual’s point of view.
I would love to have those big robots taken away. They come out of nowhere, narratively speaking. BUT other important things occurred during this arc. If megatron was not the cipher, what was?
Perhaps, one could go the fight club, spotless mind route.
Brandon, I know you research. Really. And I trust you. But I have to throw in my -1 cent here.
If the pov is skewed and this is the reason for negation, and mindbender and scarlet would seem to be key players in this, a ret-con could work and in a very creative way.
I’m just tired of readers forgetting the past all the time.
And I hate retconning in the traditional form.
But I’m also a freak that enjoys my joe continuity too much.
For me, these events happened. But “happened” is subjective( I remember chris carter saying circa x-files season four that certain scenes are seen through the main character of that scene’s eyes). But if you could not invalidate these issues but make them a messed-up pov narrative that was well researched…
I would be happy.
But, that is not your job to make me happy. My mom is still trying, as lenger can attest.
So do with this what you will.
But for me, the gi joe mythos has been written in stone and that includes those horrible 116-151, 153-154 issues. Oh, and even special missions 24. but I truly believe fred/cobra commander was doing some hardcore acid that placed his focus on exploding hotdogs and that we, as readers, shared this very messed up point of view.
Hey, I loved x-files until the end, and that’s because I love making excuses for “supposed” mistakes. The finale, however, did suck. But the movie will fix all that, right?
Digress, I know.
But I’m open to “this came from this individual’s pov” type explanations as long as it explains things a bit better than zartan and firefly’s exchange during the serpentor arc.
Which I enjoyed as a side-note in conversation.
Again, I’m sure I’m in the minority here.
But hey, I have to be truthful as it is god’s day.
In closing (the wine is taking affect and effect):

Brandon: thank-you! You have made gi joe a comic I love on a month-to-month basis for its story and not just because I grew up with it.

Devil’s due:

Please keep the man. I don’t care if grant Morrison or neil gaiman want to take over, give them a frontlines, but keep this man on the regular book. It will pay off if you get these books in the right reviewers’ hands.

This is the best joe has been in a while.
And I’m talking mid-seventh grade here.
And hey, even Hasbro seems to notice.

Let’s continue to make canon.

I can’t think of a better team for the job.

Which is my way of saying keep tim as well.

Because he’s fun and draws cool out-of-continuity creatures as well as hot chicks.

And in the end, that’s what ,matters.


That and getting dick cheney out of office, of course.

Okay, I’m sorry.
But, there you go!