View Full Version : Rare Thundercats, rare MOTU and some Super Powers

10-15-2004, 12:52 AM

Im really looking forward to sell these figs. This is what I have from MOTU:

2 Tung Lashors: both of them are the Argentinian variants, arms with no stripes and light pink. They are both in great shape and one of them has the cane with the snake.

FUERZA T: Tekno and Destructor MOC C9.

Here are some rare Thundercats:

Astral Moat Monster complete in great shape

Linx O - Argentinian variant (ultra rare!)

Bengali - Argentinian variant (ultra rare!)

Super Powers:

Delta Probe One Space Ship - Complete in very good conditions

Monsters In my Pocket: I have a large lot of these figs. These were produced in Argentina and differ from those made in America.

So, in case you re interested, send me an email so [email protected] to see pics. The ship is complete and in good conditions.