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11-03-2004, 10:07 AM
Well I was surfing through the board as usual and I am with you mods 100% on what happens when someone breaks the rules. My only problem and opinion is this. Now i read one where a person got warned and then he made a comment in what I would call a useful thread. Now we all know we have threads that just start a flame war as soon as you see the title but in this case its a bad trader or seller. Now they said they could see this thread being closed. Now in a case like this i do see some bad. Now number 1 there was a warning then a warning of closing the thread. My only problem with a bad seller thread getting closed is its only searchable and not postable anymore. So lets say this same person does a bad act again the other thread can not be posted on. I had a problem with people before and sometimes the victim does not have his pm or email turned on so the only way to contact them is the thread and a lot of times when you group together it can be very useful as far as getting your money back. Now my opinion is this how do you guys feel about this and instead of closing a thread that is useful like stated above can the bad parts be edited out and you stick like edited because of rules violation and the person be punished accordingly?

Jeff Bohn
11-03-2004, 10:50 AM
The thread in question is staying open. It really depends on the tone and subject matter of the overall thread. If the thread is in violation of the rules, then we'll close it. If the thread is getting very ugly, and not just one person messing up the thread, then it'll probably be closed. If it's just one person as an aside comment, it will just be edited out and the thread remain open.

If a thread about a bad seller is closed, and the seller does something again, I would suggest searching and cross referencing the previous post in a new post describing the new problem.