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06-14-2004, 06:08 AM
For Sale or Trade List

Pictures upon request.

Prices negotionable - For E-bay Feedback check out ID Kunimitsu.

All Prices include regular shipping.

File Cards.

Night Creeper V1 -Great Condition. - 4.50

Astro Viper V1 - FC along with card back displaying available figures. Great condition. 4.00

Dog Handler V1 - Card is worn - 1.50

Figures. Make offers on these poor *******s.

Airborne V1 - Comes with FC. Airborne is missing crotch. Some paint wear. Joints are tight. FC is worn also. Picture is best for this one. - 4.00

Mirage V2 - Loose Mint condition.

Footloose V1 - ok joints some paint wear missing crotch.

Jungle trooper V1 heavy paint wear, No band, Missing right thumb and crotch, Great for cutoms.

Major blood. - Played with condition.

SEAL V1 - Played with condition.

Ace V1 - Yellowed missing thumb

Slip stream, V1 Some paint off of knose. Not bad.

06-15-2004, 09:18 AM
For Sale or trade.
Picture upon request. I have an 80's Corps sticker. Back with the original Corps figures in the 80's the figures came with a sticker depicting the branch of army they were from. I was going through my file cards last night and found one still unapplied and great condition. Any Corps fans out there that want to see a pict or make an offer it's up for grabs.