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oLd ScHoOl ToYs
12-18-2004, 01:37 AM
Ok, so as most of you, I was living GI Joe as a kid. They are now part of who I am. Living over in Germany in the 80's was hard....1 TV channel, no McDonalds, and 1 small toy store. Luckily that toy store was always stocked with Joe's. I was forced (thankfully) into Cobra by my older brother who always had to be the good guys.

So now to my random thought....I am a big fan of video games to boot. I like strategy and 1st person shooters. I would love to see a game designed around titles like Command and Conquer and Delta Force to encompass the GI Joe legacy. It would be so cool to build cobra troops, hiss's, and the like to fight the joe's. Or even play as a viper (1st person) and walk around shooting things up. There was a GI Joe mod for BF1942 that got stopped by Hasbro, but I got the small version of it and I must say it was sweet. Roaming around in a stinger as a Cobra Soldier beats the crap out of hunting for umpa's in the land of icarus as a little elf (sarcasm). Even better would be to mod a game like GTA SA to fit the cobra/joe set. I don't think these designers know what kind of market's out there for that stuff.

The Transformers game bombed, that was geared toward 8 year olds, when most players are in their 20's. Anyway, just had to get that off my chest...

12-18-2004, 07:19 AM
yeah a joe game would be sweet as long as it wasnt to cartoony

the gi joe mod for BF42 had a lot of potential, i checked it out when it first started and flew around in a FANG, that was cool!