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02-16-2005, 10:12 PM
Heya guys. I want to finally put together a "database" for WI area Joe fans, to include the Michigan UP, Northern IL, and Western MN & IA (i.e. Rochester, MN, the Cities, etc). I think its high time that we got something organized (like those dern Joe-hioans have done! lol) & the first step in doing that is getting a "head count" and/or contact list together. Once we have that, anyone will be able to go to the database & put together any Joe meeting they want (for whenever or wherever), be it a toy swap, mini Joecon, TCG tourney, etc.
So here's where the database has been set up guys (note.. you may need to cut this & paste it in your browser's address bar to get it to work):

If you're a WI or WI area Joe fan, please sign up.. even if you can't make any meetings for a while. We can at least keep you in the loop if you do & perhaps eventually you will be able to attend a WI area event. :) Thanks guys, Peace.


02-16-2005, 11:11 PM
I'm waiting for my ezboard info to get e-mailed to me, guess I have a gobal account and didn't remember I did.

Anyhow, while I wait for that to arrive, I'll cut and paste the info into this thread for you. Once I get that ezboard info I'll log in and post there too.

Name: Tanner
Area: Madison
E-mail: [email protected]