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02-21-2005, 03:47 PM
I just want to make a few comments on the board over the last few days. I am also locking the thread so if you want to comment, do so to me privately.

This board has become a very ugly place.

Hasbro decides to have the 3 3/4 line take a break - not cancelled - and try something else.

We told you this was going to happen. That kids weren't interested in the line so this is Hasbro's attempt to get kids interested before bringing back the 3 3/4 guys again. There were several threads that the 3 3/4 line supported by collectors only was not enough sales to keep it alive. How can you blame Hasbro from wanting to make an attempt at keeping the brand alive for kids?

So now we have a board full of hate. Multiple threads of all the same thing. People yelling things like "poop!" or "Hasblow" because it is the quickest thing out of their finger tips. There is not even much thought in some of these rants.

I understand why some of you may not like the Sig 6 but you don't have to buy them either. That is the ultimate message to Hasbro.

I understand you don't want 3 3/4 to go away but it will be back. And I think with 200+ figures released in 2004, we could all use a breather.

The flaming and over all hate here needs to stop. It isn't this bad on other Joe boards. We should be able to articulate our opinions a little better. We should strive to make this the premiere Joe board/collector destination.

Instead of working out our issues with the line, all we are doing is driving away other members and making this board seem immature.

I am personally ashamed of some of the stuff I have seen on this board over the last few days. It makes me not want to come here either anymore.

My 2 cents.