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03-17-2005, 03:17 PM
Sorry, I gotta go on a little rant here.

We try hard to give you the users specific catagories to post threads in. This is in part to keep the boards organized and also so you the user can find a certain type of thread in a quicker and in more efficient manner.

The toys catagory becomes more or less a dumping ground for a lot of posts that don't belong there. That catagory is meant for GI Joe toy discussion - not about Marvel Legends or Star Wars toys but GI Joe toys. This does get stretched from time to time with other similiarly scaled military toy lines but that seems ok.

The common offenders include regional posts. Regional posts really need to go into the regional catagory. I know some of you believe you need to put it into toys because it gets the most traffic but it also gets the most threads. Let's say I start a thread in toys about my toy finds in Missoula MT. That post is going to get buried in a half of a day and gone practically forever for most people in a couple of days. If that same thread is in the regional catagory, it gains more of an inpact. People are going into that catagory for that particular type of information and they are much more likely to find the thread there. Also by posting in the regional area it can reduce duplicate thread topics as there might already be a Montana finds thread there for me to add onto.

Another common offender is the status of the business life of a store chain like KB or TRU. While discussing these subjects impacts our toy buying habits, they are an off topic thread IMO. They aren't really about GI Joe toys specifically but of a particular chain's business model.

So if you see that you have had a thread moved, closed or redirected, please don't take it personal. It is just a moderator trying to do a little housekeeping in order to make this board easier for you navigate and find that information you are looking for.