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03-29-2005, 02:55 PM
Kinda odd...I just went to Tuesday Mornings and found a Spytroops Recondo/IG 2-pack. It seemed very randomly put out, just sort of set in the middle of a shelf with no other joe items anywhere to be found. The oddest part is that it's a dual language pack, which I've never seen before. It has the usual English and then under it, French. Also, unlike the American packs I've seen, the little character portraits on the insert card are gone and instead those spaces are just white fields with the figure names written in red. Also, there are no battle points (just a proof of purchase). Anyone know anything about this?

03-29-2005, 04:38 PM
It seems Hasbro sold some of their overstock to Tuesday Morning. That's why your seeing the multi-lingual packaging. Hasbro sells their leftovers to odd places and this is just an example of the bizarre things that happen with overstock merchandise.

03-29-2005, 05:11 PM
Those are the Canadian Joes we get here, Spytroops was "Les Taupes" here in Canada... there's a law here that toys must come with packaging in both languages since English/French are the 2 official languages of Canada... or some crap like that.

So of course we don't get a tenth of what you get out there in the USA because of the packaging (we don't even get the Toys'r'us exclusives even if there's a LOT of Toys'r'us around here... ), Valor vs Venom was looking good until Wave 3 (where they used the same translated backer card as Wave 1 until Wave 3... yes we had promo for Wave 1 figures even on Wave2/3 cards)... we even had the figures faster than in the USA for wave 1-2-3... but since Wave 3 I haven't seen a new pack on the shelves for months... I sent pics of the Valor vs Venom Canadian package to a while back... it never showed up in the international section.

GIJoe is dead in Canada since at least 8-10 months...